Friday, May 20, 2011

Kate Gosselin Vs. The Crazies on Twitter, New Interview & File that Appeal!

Hello Gosselin fans! Its been a while since Ive personally written a post. With the end of the school year winding down there hasn't been the time, other than perhaps 2am, where I get to really be alone and relax before life takes me away. I think about how this summer will be my 3rd year with my blog about Kate Gosselin. I took a quick look back at how my blog has evolved and it's amazing how much has changed in both my life and Kate's as well during this time. Before I ever know what a Facebook or a Twitter was. When the both of us were even scared to go near a computer, much less "Tweet" on one. Since Kate got on Twitter things quickly changed both on this site on on Facebook. The new shiny "Toy" was what everyone wanted, and the next thing you know hundreds of new accounts opened up all wanted to talk to Kate. Unfortunately the crazies that were attacking the fans on Facebook quickly realized that it was much more fun to attack the celebrity personally that deal with Kate's supporting fans. Using her name they created their own  idiotic, sad chat room where they giggle back and forth like bored teenagers.

Recently someone took it upon themselves to create their own 5 minutes of fame by possibly pretending to be a pedophile on Twitter in the hopes of creating negative buzz about Kate Gosselin. The page was quickly removed, but not before our own celebrity book hawker Polly Kahl aka Werny Gal graciously alerted RadarOnline who printed the story. (Which by the way told you she was the author of a Gosselin novel even Shoka wouldn't even play with.) Which gets me back to Kate, who also loved the "idea" of Twitter but quickly realized even she didn't want to deal with the nasty roaches and slowed down her conversations with the masses, leaving many saddened that they couldn't talk to her like they all had hoped.

Jon's rent was due and boy did he need one last shot at that fame by giving an interview with In Touch Weekly. Huh? Yeah you got that right! He did an interview about not wanting to be interviewed. Before I loose my pizza, Jon got the dollars by fake posing with Ellen and gushing about how things are so "great". Meanwhile, Ellen Ross has now sniffed out her own way of getting freebies by setting up her site for anyone to "win" items that she has gotten free to promote. So Jon has convinced Silvia Lafar that Kate should be the one to pay their counseling fees (even though neither did get actual counseling) and Ellen has convinced people to give her free stuff. Sounds good to me.

So in this recent wrap-up I have learned this: Just because Jon & Ellen has been out of the media they are still going after the buck and there is nothing wrong with that. But Kate Gosselin is attacked for doing in publicly, and there is a HUGE problem with that. But Kate is a strong woman and regardless will continue to be fine. File that 30 day appeal and do NOT let them get away with you paying because you can! Let your haters be your motivators Kate! We still support you! xoxox BM


  1. Love the fresh scent of hot chocolate and buttery toast! --Thank You Baby Mama!!

    Too bad we can't just hit the "Mute" button on the negative Nellies in the world. Until then we'll just enjoy ingoring them.

    I am waiting for the day that we can all be happily surprised at truly positive news about Jon.

    Wishing Kate the very best and that truth prevails.

    Happy Friday!!

  2. The scent is yummy BabyMama.

    I wish there was a program I could run before I read any Kate Gosselin article that would black out all the hateful comments. I am still miffed by the things these people say. Kate joining twitter has really pissed them off.

    Still waiting for the day Jon is honest with the public. That is one thing I admire about Kate. She does what she thinks is best for her family no matter what the public says.

    Hope everyone has a great weekend.

  3. Mmmm... Like the scent of hot chocolate and buttery toast. Yummy!

    Some of us have been around this blog almost from its beginning ... wow ... almost three years ago! (Some, like me, read for well over a year before they ever posted, lol.)

    I didn't like the sharpness of Kate's tone with Jon, back in those early days. (Kate acknowledges that also.) I did, however, like her funny sense of humor and her dogged determinism to persevere in the face of adversity.

    She planned on "one" more child. Real life intervened to give her six more. She could have opted for selective reduction; she chose not to do so. I admire that.

    Having the Polly at her fence, Al in her tree, paps asking questions in front of the kids — month after month, could have made her angry enough to zap back. She chose to ignore and not respond. I admire that. I freely admit that I would have snarked back.

    The paps and Polly were there even through the period when kids were not filming. Stopping filming will not stop the mindset of "if they were only off TV" ... these are entrenched haters whose goal in life is to not only make Kate endure their venom, but to lash out at ANYONE who supports Kate.

    There is only one reason for selling a story to ROL, etc. That reason is $$.

  4. A person may not have any control over the adversities of life. But they sure as heck have control over their own response to adversity.

    If somebody does something wrong to you, that does not, in my opinion, give you the right or privilege of doing a "bigger" nasty back in kind. It may make you seethe, break your heart, etc. but I don't feel that gives you the right to hurt them back.

    Some look for excuses, shifting the blame, to make their own irresponsible actions "justifiable."

    I do not know Kate personally. I will most likely never know Kate personally. While I am a fan, I would never intrude in her personal space or that of her kids. I'd offer a smile, maybe a wave or a "have a good day" but that's it. FYI, I do that for most people I encounter daily.

    As I Tweeted yesterday, "I can be bitter over the sorrows of my yesterdays or I can rejoice that I have the joy of my tomorrows."

  5. Hi Baby Mama, thanks for your comment on the last thread. We sure can get riled up at times, can’t we :)

    I never meant to criticize the way you handle”stupid crap” Jon’s pulling, my intention was to point out how negative in spirit this site has become IMO. Anyone and everyone is up for grabs here (except for Kate). I pointed out that everyone (Kate included) deserves respect and someone commented back to me that I should look up the word “vile.” Talk about missing the entire point! Even when Jon isn’t pulling crap I still see little stabs at him here.

    And as for Polly, we don’t have a clue what’s in her head but we assume she’s a bad person up to no good. I heard that her book will be required reading for a college course, so taking an educated guess, I don’t think she’s on ROL to drum up sales for her book, but maybe she is. We just don’t know, but why assume the worst? Well that’s all I have to say. It makes me unhappy to see negativity for the sake of negativity. A couple of weeks ago FiredUp commented that she was upset about engaging a nasty person on Twitter. FiredUp said she felt like wringing her neck. It sucks to feel like that, that’s all I’m saying.

  6. Linda, I really liked your last post. That was lovely :) Have a great weekend everyone!

  7. Excellent comments BabyMama...we are on the same page there!

    LoriAnne, dear, I am a person of very strong convictions. I express myself pretty boldly sometimes...the expression "wring her neck"...was NOT to be taken literally.

    It was just a means to express my displeasure and irritation with the individual. I meant NO PHYSICAL HARM or otherwise.

    You have called me out several I gather my posting does not suit you. Like I said is not all daylilies, tulips and roses.

    Pointing out descrepancies, hypocrisies in other's actions are necessary at times. People should not be allowed to engage in such actions without any reprecussion.

    People should indeed reap what they sow. You can turn a "blind eye" to what Polly does and look for all the good motive you want...but her ACTIONS over the years speaks otherwise.

    Yes, it is good to look for positives in people...but we can not ignore and by such ignorance, condone the wrong people do.

    You have a great day LoriAnne...I lovingly send you some warm Southern sunshine we're having today!

  8. Hello,
    Here in Brazil we do not have this habit of buttered toast, eat until frequencia,but, I can imagine.
    The google translation is not very good, I did not understand the post, but whatever it is about pedophilia on twitter know that I'll be attentive .
    (@ debora_jacque)
    It's something that involves Kate in the middle?
    We are on alert.

  9. I heard that her book will be required reading for a college course, so taking an educated guess, I don’t think she’s on ROL to drum up sales for her book, but maybe she is ~ LoriAnne

    What college would use a book with gossip about a family that Polly has never spoken to? Very odd.

  10. Oh, firedup I know you were not being literal, just expressing how much your adrenalin (sp) was flowing and making you feel bad for Pete's sake. Just trying to express how I feel when I read some of the hurtful posts here. This genre of misunderstanding my comments is why I've stopped posting here. I almost think it's a ploy to get me to stop posting here altoghether. Ya can't all be this obtuse can ya? Off to walk my dog with my daughter.

  11. Maybe a college course called Lies, Rumors and Nosiness or one called Gossploitation in American Society, or in a journalism course as an example of not using factual sources might use PK's book

  12. I think the course should be called 101 ways to be a royal PITA.

  13. tashapork and CM03 - OMG your course titles have me LMAO with tears!

  14. Hello everyone! Happy Friday! TGIF! Yeah, I always come back when everyone is already fast asleep on these

    As you saw by the time on this post. Yeah it was actually almost 3am. My baby was up crying she wasnt feeling well and thats what mommies do. Rub the belly while writing a new post on the laptop trying to balance both.

    Looking back I have no idea how I was able to piece together a sentence and I noticed out of my exhaustion that I rambled a bit and Im sorry about that. Once more legit news like Kates appeal for this BS comes in I will probably replace this. It was just a few thoughts on how I felt about things right now. xoxox Hope you all touch base with me this weekend and let me know what you are doing! xo

  15. Hi BM and Linda,

    I try to catch up and it's late at night when everyone is off to sleep also.

    Firedup, you crack me up. Wring the neck is an old phrase my Grammy used to say!! Lori might have not had a Grammy that was cool like mine. She had one liners that would have us laughing our behinds off.

    I have a new title for Polly's book for a college course. Yes, some colleges are requiring a class on Reality TV, and I for one see no importance while this would be relavant to young kids in college, as most kids watch MTV etc. Kids that are watching Teen Mom's on
    TV probably won't be taking that class.

    Polly's Creepers!!

    Polly Seeks Fame!!!

  16. LoriAnne...Imma going to try and seek peace with ya one more time! I'm in no way trying to discourage you from commenting!

    You have an opinion...I tried to explain mine. I try for the most part to be upbeat and positive...just like Kate.

    But sometimes, ya have to call a situation as you see it...and sometimes it ain't pretty.

    Glad to see you walk your dog. I'm a dog lover and my dog Jack and I have some run/walk time every day. nice to hear from you and Jacque! Crazy stuff on Kate's twitter. Apparently someone who listed himself as a pedophile was following Kate (on twitter) and the haters were just foaming about it because they thought Kate was ignoring some great danger there. LOL She blocked the account and now whoever it was, has closed the account.

    BabyMama...I see you got a nice response from Kate this morning! Ewwww, the haters are going to be jealous about that! LOL

    Busy weekend...great weather...everyone enjoy!

  17. Sorry for being so abrupt last night. You know that feeling when you just want to pick someone up & shake some sense into them? (Disclaimer: shake = figure of speech.) Firedup, I was trying to empathise with you about the neck-wringing thing. I felt bad for you that you were driven to such frustration.

    Anyhoo, I came back out of lurkdom to give you all an important message. To outsiders, most of you look llike "the haters." In a sense, you're haters by proxy. You hate those you believe Kate hates (read that twice - it's a mind-bender!) I think you're being unfair to Kate. I doubt very much she'd ask this of you. Hate is hate and it's not attractive at all.

    That's it. If just one of you came out and said, "Thanks Lori, I hadn't realized how negative I'd been coming across" or "Maybe you're right, I'll give it some thought" I would have been so happy for you. But instead it's the standard defend & deflect.

    I officially give up. BabyMama thanks for the hospitality. Linda, thanks for all the patience you've shown me.

  18. That photo of jon is so cheesy! so glad kates on twitter

  19. Lori,

    Are you trying to confuse yourself with your post. No one hates anyone here. Dislike for Jons actions in the past makes people question him. Standing up for a Mother with children to support with her right to choose for her own family is not hate. I think maybe you will feel better at a hate blog that will think you are simply divine. I don't need for you to tell me how to think and post so that you feel better coming here to slap someones hand. When you can't win, you seem to be running from blog to blog. Who is deflecting now???

    Sorry BM and Linda, but this is a pro-Kate and fan site. Lori seemed to think we hate here. I hate no=one and for her to imply that to me or the other posters here, is wrong.

  20. Bubbles I agree with you. It is just like how a parent who loves their child more than life itself doesn't love everything that they do. They may yell, " I am sick and tired of you not getting your homework done, get your tush to your room until you finish, I am tired of this irresponsibility". they might also vent to friends and family, "I am aggrevated with J-- right now, his grades are horrible because he won't take responsibililty. This is not hating and this is similar to comments I see about Jon. Hating is abusive, it's saying things like " I wish your f------ A-- was never born. Looking at you disgusts me, my life is miserable because your principal calls me about your homework, You can't do anything right and you are going to be a Moron for the rest of your life. Your chest is too big and that means you are a whore. "

  21. I for one am tired of people who have never met me, shared emails with me or phone calls pick apart me, my life and my personality based on blogs I post on and people I talk to. I don't go on any blogs that I don't agree with, I talk to NO ONE but people I know, I don't tweet people swearing at them, calling them idiots and quite a few other nasty words lately, like has been done to me. I leave them alone to tweet to their friends and say all of their opinions because I don't care. They don't have to like the show. I have no right to tell them how to feel. It works both ways though. When they try to lecture me on how I can think, feel, who I can talk to and what I can believe, that's when it crosses the line. Unfortunately for them I am not a SHEEPLE. I don't do what other people tell me too. Ever. What other people think and feel about me has no consequence in my life.

    "They" think it's funny to try to make me mad, but it doesn't make me mad. I just block. I don't get mad. Drama's not my thing. Sorry.

  22. Well said, Bubbles, Tashapork and CMo3!!

    For one thing, Lori, we have no idea who Kate does or doesn't like and I don't need that info.
    And who are these "outsiders" you refer to? Party of one? The only defend and deflect seems to be in your posts.

    BM and Linda--if I have crossed the line, please feel free to delete.

  23. Okay, Lori Anne...I'm humble enough to say...if I ever gave you the impression that I HATE someone...then I was wrong!

    I do not hate anyone. It's a negative emotion that I have no place for in my life. I have indeed reflected on what you said...and I'm sorry what I said was upsetting to you.

    I can do no more than that. I can say "thanks LoriAnne for expressing your thoughts." But again...I am entitled to my view of matters here.

    No one on this site views themself as a "proxy of hate" standing in behalf of Kate. We do support Kate and we do speak out against the awful, derogatory things being tweeted day after day on her account.

    I have never seen any comments the nature of what is said against Kate said about Jon here. Just today someone referred to her as "a lonely, wretched witch" that they hoped would "shrivel up and die"!

    Now that's hateful speech LoriAnne. Those are the posters that I think you need to address your comments to. My best to you....and I hope you stay Fired Up 4 Kate and her 8!

  24. Hello everyone! Wait Im never around when all the good stuff is going on. Lets just first wrap up the comments about anything hateful being said on this site. It doesnt't happen here and will not ever. Period. Wont let anyone attack anyone, but this is a fan site, and those that post here have to respect it. The end, gift wrap the box, move on.

    So what the heck is the story about this Angela person. Who is she and why are blogs talking about her. This isn't some sort of PennMommy hoax again. Why do these fake people come on sites, making crap up and people believe it? I don't get it. Like one nasty idiot mades up a story that Kate Gosselin gives her kids old sandwhiches and people beleive it. Even Kate herself laugh at that stupid story.

    So now anyone can make up some random name, tell some fake "insider" stuff and people believe it? Or am I missing something. Ugh I'm always missing the good stuf.. lol

  25. Hi friends! I was pretty fired up yesterday and steamed this morning. Decided to just sit back and see what happened. You respectfully responded to Lori Anne, without becoming hateful, cursing, ranting, etc.

    To me that's the difference between fan blogs and hate blogs. We don't need to belittle physical attributes, background or geographical region.

    FiredUp - as a fellow Southerner, I completely understand the expression "wring your neck" as only an expression of frustration. To my knowledge no Southerner, even when obtuse, actually wrings the necks of anything except perhaps chickens on the farm, right before we Southern- fry them extra crispy for Sunday lunch. (Okay, those of you who've been around for years understand the four puns in this paragraph and are laughing away. Those who don't get it, it would take too long to explain, so just scroll on by.)

    I had a blast today and hope others did also. First day of summer vacation for our kids and it was an all-out pack in every activity type of day. I love my kids all the time. I don't like some behaviors some days, but today we had a glorious day where everybody was having so much fun that not a single kid got into an argument with each other.

    That's unheard of... and I've filed it in my memory banks as a reminder that there was once a day when nobody fought. Gives a mom hope for the world. :)

  26. Baby Mama - I don't get the Angela person either. Something just doesn't make sense in that saga.

    Some stuff just periodically recycles. Please, I don't think I could do another PennMommy drama saga. That was a nightmare. (:

  27. LoriAnne~ You have been on this blog for a long time. And I like you. You were blessed to previously have what I like to call the "Schmecky" shield & sword set. Meaning, because I liked you both so much I wanted you to stay but since neither of us can shake each other like you said or change each others minds and perhaps now it's just too fustrating. And you were able to kind of get your thoughts in behind her since she was a strong voice with thoughts similar to yours. Regardless if I agreed with you or not I feel I always allowed you to have your voice.

    I have never been able to be on a site that tries to "politely" debate. The hate sites are vile liars that attack you and Ive always wanted to be civil here. But if someone just doesn't share you views, you can politely agree to disagreE. But I will always step up and say that this site NEVER is or will become what those hate sites are. I never do what they do, posting peoples personal information, attacking people. It's insulting to me, because were better than that.

    I may snark on Jon here and there but your comparing fresh apples to rotten eggs. lol As always I appreciate your support and you can always chat with me private if need be. We will never be the vile haters, they are. We are the best FANS, supporters, real divas, and most importantly friends. The best if I do say so myself! SO LETS ALL KEEP IT THAT WAY! WE RULE!!! XO

  28. Ohh and remember when they were all talking about the informer that would "reveal" themselves? You know, the one that would betray us all and would devastate the blogging world? WTF?

    First of all this blogging world is small and over at Lisa's its the same 4 sad dirty socks that it's always been. And if the rat is here, what exactly do they think they are gonna get? Yes your right, every year we hear the same tired lies....

  29. Yay Linda! We have not been on line together in months! Again we have to have a private chat soon it's been to long. And I know that I'm all off creating this new life and have been really mentally MIA but I'm back hard core.

    Those idiots are still obsessed with me & Ziggy, what the heck? They still after 3 years live off copying & pasting. But I only caught bits of this Angela thing, who is she & what is she saying?

  30. Baby Mama - I just caught a tiny portion of it. I confess my BS detection meter started chiming and I thought I REALLY do NOT want to get caught up in more drama, lol.

    Today real life was just too busy to worry about smack. Decided I had enough real "drama" in my own life to worry about it. So, just started singing my kids' favorite song of the day, "Don't Worry, Be Happy!" they do the first verse and then make up hilarious extra verses.

    Woo Hoo! "My" horse won at the Preakness and I won the Pot! (it's for charity so nobody keeps their "winnings' just get this gaudy set of gigantoid fake pearls, golf ball size, that get brought back and given out the next year.) As we say in the South, it was a hoot!

  31. Hugs and good night all. Xoxo... Gotta go vote for CraftMomof3's crafty blog and then get some sleep. My little darlings will be up all too soon!

  32. Just one more thing, FiredUp, I am not on twitter so I don't exactly know what you're talking about, but I wanted to tell you this. That day you you were so upset you wanted to wring someone's neck, I wanted to send you a kind comment of support. But alas my Blogger account was giving me trouble. I had to go through several steps to get it to work again as I hadn't used it in quite awhile and I just didn't have the time that day. Too bad, eh? Had it worked we wouldn't have had our recent misunderstanding. You seem like a very nice woman. Good night Firedup, and all the rest of you nice ladies.

  33. LindaO--Congratulations on your horse winning!!

  34. Baby Mama without question they are obsessed with you and Ziggy. Too bad they don't have anything else in their lives to keep them busy. Strife wrought out from the effects of sheer boredom in their lives I say. LOL

    Linda congratulations on the win. No matter how much you make, the fact you won makes it so exciting. Way to go. I agree, Don't Worry, Be Happy. Have a wonderful relaxing Sunday everyone.

  35. Tyvm Corrina & Lexxi - It was pure, random luck 'cause I just picked a name at random. It was a fun way to raise money for Family Services and help send a couple of kids to camp who wouldn't have otherwise get to go. In today's economy, every little bit helps somebody.

    Finally made it today to the animal shelter to drop off money and stuff raised at son's birthday party; it was his idea and it makes me a proud mama. They get a family party with presents. At his party including friends, he asked instead of presents, kids would bring dog or cat food, supplies, or cash to contribute there. Shelters are having such a hard time it breaks my heart every time we go there.

    Monday will be here soon. Have a great week everybody! Hugs!

  36. BM, sorry I haven't been around in a while. You're welcome re video. You know you're always welcome to anything on my blog.

  37. Linda, congrads on the win. I think you should wear the pearls. It would be a conversation starter --- or a conversation avoider?

  38. LindaO--How awesome that you're helping two kids go to camp! And what a precious son you have for wanting to help the animal shelter! That's an awesome idea! From the heart of a child.

  39. Linda kudos to you for using your winnings to help through Family Services to send a couple of kids to came that normally would not have had a chance to experience that. It looks like you are setting a wonderful example for your son by your own example of giving to those either human or animal and it looks like you've done one heck of a job in raising your son and his wanting to help an animal shelter. Sounds there is some fantastic parenting going on in your home and your and hubby are to be commended for that. Can I give you and your son a gold medal because you both definitely deserve one?

  40. Baby Mama you are missed and make no doubt about that buy your wonderful choice in Linda to keep an eye on things was a great choice. It sounds as if you have alot going on and most of it good and creating some new adventures for you so it's understandable that your own life and family must take precedence when you have some wonderful opportunities coming your way and I must say we are all very happy for you. You go girl! xxxooo

  41. By any chance did the rumour about Polly's book being on a reading list.. start at her blog?
    Has it actually been picked up or is it still self-published?

  42. is self-published! And indeed it is a rumor started from her loyal child advocates.

    BabyMama...isn't it fun when Kate takes a few to tweet her fans! You received numerous "honorable mentions" from the haters again I noticed. Between you and Ziggy, they are changing targets for for Ziggy and one for BabyMama!

    Nice of you to always take one for the team! LOL

    Sure wish all this other silly mess would just die down. Nothin' worse than women gettin' all riled up at each other over bruised feelings.

    Sometimes you just are better off turnin' the other cheek so to speak. Unless, it is really a strong principle or matter of integrity...some battles just aren't worth the fight.

    Counting my blessings again...terrible unfortunate weather has taken the lives of many. It's been a rough spring! Everyone be safe and have a happy day!

  43. Hey Ziggy! Thanks for dropping in - Believe me, we know just how busy things can be with people like us who have a real life. :)
    Corrina - Some of my kids are more socially responsible than others, lol. Two of them seem to alternate helping at Animal Shelter and getting books for a library that doesn't seem to get much funding. I try very hard not to "guilt out" those who chose not to help and just praise those who do.

    This kid, though, will sit down and figure out things like, "Well, if everybody involved gave just 50 cents or a dollar, we could raise x dollars for the whole project." "Then, if everybody gave up 1 snack a week at school, that would be their contribution." Then, he'll call around until he finds a business that is willing to match what the students raise. The business gets the PR credit and the organization being sponsored gets the benefit. Win-Win.

    I wore the "Pearls" out on Sunday. It's such a hoot. Again, a fun night that helped out others. Nobody spent much, but it was fun, and others benefitted. Nobody's name goes on anything, so there is no "credit" - it's just doing it for the sake of doing it.

  44. Trust me firedup there is nothing that could possibly be more wanted and requested for it to be laid to rest,but some just won't let go and has to slide swipes in there & then takes it all to Twitter like some kind of campaign. Geez if people would read better instead of jumping the gun and go insulting people that don't deserve it, that sure would clear up alot of misunderstandings. Since it's apparent that one side wishes to continue it will be a one sided discussion because the other side is done with it and wanted it done yesterday earlier in the day. Just want to be friends, no hard feelings & want to move on.

  45. I don't know whether Polly's book has been picked up for a college course but there is one thing I can assure you after reading some of it. It will not be used in class as an example of a well written book. I'm betting it just might be picked up as an example of how to NOT write a novel, biography, fiction, etc. It's more likely to be shown how gossip and unverified facts should not be put out there. Who knows it could als have been picked up for a class in psychology dealing with stalkers and the behavior and psychology of a stalker. LOL

  46. FiredUp - Oh, you Southern Gal, you make me laugh so much! I get your Southern perspective and your humor too!

    I think Baby Mama or Ziggy would ever prefer to "take on for the team" again, but they are strong women who aren't going to roll over and play dead.

    I get some email saying, "Did you know they are after you again?" In the old days, I'd have gone and looked. Most of them are blocked from posting here so I don't have to see the garbage. They can use a proxy and copy and paste but they can't spew their words into print here. (Hurrah!)

    Doing my best to keep them blocked on Twitter, so I don't have to read it there. I wish Twitter would clean up the Spammy Queens, but I'll settle for not having to read it. Very young children have tantrums to get attention; if there isn't attention, they stop the tantrums. At least "normal" folks grow up to at least some level of responsibility.

    For me, I just choose to think those infantile women got stuck in a period of arrested development. Apparently they had neither good parenting examples nor grandmothers who'd wash out their mouths with soap for crude vulgarities in speech.

    We already know they cannot think for themselves, nor is their any creativity in their thought processes, so they are left to copy and paste, twist and pick, and live their lives in blog swamplands. What a truly yucky way to spend your life by choice!

  47. Shh.... don't tell anybody. They'll never get over it. I chose to deliberately use "their" for "there" above... I'm told they still just love to copy and paste and talk smack about how ignorant we are. Maybe it'll give them a bone to gnaw making fun of me. It's for sure I do NOT care.

    For those who are on Twitter, you can choose to just read what Kate tweets and avoid what's being sent to her. She ignores it; I'll do the same.

  48. Linda, I sure love your posts because they are always spot on and in a very nice way. Oh my you are taking the right path in blocking and not falling into the trap of emails. Does it do any good to banter about it? Most certainly not. The attention is what they seek. If you don't give it to them just maybe they will eventually leave you alone. And Linda, I too just love firedup's comments because the great sense of humor comes through in such a sweet Southern flavor that I actually treasure your comments firedup. It's too bad you can't teach a course passing on that fantastic sense of Southern humor all across that board. I tell you that's a college course I would be first in line to sign up for. I would much prefer to sign up for a course by firedup than a class in writing and evaluations of a fictional book being sold as facts. So if you ever decide to pass that gift on fireup4Kate please go ahead and put me down as one of your first students because it's a course I would thoroughly enjoy and I also believe that if everyone followed your course got a 4.0 or A grade in it, I am convinced the world would be a better and gentler place to live.

  49. Blocking on a gift on Twitter from the computer nerds who wrote the program and a tool I've found to be quite useful. It makes for such a much more enjoyable experience doesn't it? Now if they could come up with a way to block the spammers that would even be better. LOL

  50. Hello everyone! Sorry again, this week many things are happening with me so I will be in and out! Please don't think I have abandoned my baby. So not it. Just that I'm blessed with a new opportunity that I'm taking...and NO will not be sharing on Facebook or anywhere else because apparently thats what the haterz foam for.

    Lexxi~ What the heck is going on with the new Ziggy obsession? Copying & pasting every word she says everywhere. Why? I know she's great, but she's more famous than I imagined! Go Ziggy! Twitter is nothing but a snarky vile sewage of those idiot trolls and the fans that can't to communicate with Kate can't even do so. Why? Because Kate has to block and sift through all the grap to get ot the gems that really would only want a simple hello. Havent been on in a day, but some Nancy person & a few others have gotten so bad I just want to curse them out. Of course my Twitter account is not to jump into the negative attacks that they stoop to. So I will just continue to rise above them and show them that we are all better than that.

    I will be on tonight, but wanted to hear how everyones day is going today. Its cold and rainy here and Im trying to get the kids homework done now with major resistance! lol xoxox

  51. I know what turned the tides and sent the AKO's over the edge. When Ziggy posted a photo of Kate & a photo of Ellen side by side. Ever since then it's been a free for all on poor Ziggy. I mean that REALLY sent them over the edge. I can't imagine why. LOL

  52. It doesn't bother me as I very rarely read at the hate blogs and I have all the haters on Twitter blocked. It's such a nice peaceful world when you keep the negative out of your life. Awww life is good and sweet. Well most of the time at least.

  53. I got some stupid e-mail today asking me about this whole Angela thing and why a supposed "insider" went to a copycat blog rather thasn this fan site to give out "positive" insider information.

    I just today got from other people info on this whole thing. Funny thing is it wasnt even fans of the show really that had alot to say about this. Maybe because they know how I feel about Sages site. Or maybe they were thinking like me, that the whole thing is a bunch of complete BS and didn't want to waste my time with it.

    Either way, Sage is slick by drumming up business like this for her blog. I give her that. To say someone is this "inside" source to all things Gosselin will get anyone excited. Great way to get people flocking to your site. Maybe I should talk about an insider on my site? lol

    Its always a crapshoot to tell people that you cannot provide any proof about this person, for protection of course, but by all means believe what she says! I guess after we all got burned the first time I'm not gonna jump right in and just "beleive". Either way, anything positive thats Gosselin related, wouldn't you WANT to shout from the rooftops? I guess I will just hope that whatever this insider has yet to tell us is legit. Otherwise stop pretending like you know anything.

  54. Thought I'd be able to chat tonight Baby Mama, but real life interfered again.

    Don't know about the stuff going on and not sure I have the energy to read back and keep up. I thought the real inside sources only sold their stories to ROL and Star etc. Whatever ...

    Sorry... I just do not want to be part of that drama.

    I can't stay awake, so hugs all & sweet dreams.

  55. Hi all!! I know I don't post often, but I do lurk and
    As I told Ziggy, I personally think the best way to deal with all those negative nellies is the way she does it....just to keep them out....I think allowing them entrance will poison the looks to me like that's what's happened elsewhere. If you have to wade through the filth you're bound to get dirty, and that's all the AKO's bring with them is filth. Unlike the haters I do have a life and don't have time to spend hearing over and over again the lies they love to perpetuate. (Plus it's not good for my blood pressure when I get mad when reading a lie about something that supposedly happened 3 years ago and has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt to be a lie....and yet they continue to spread it!!)
    I'm counting on Ziggy and BabyMama to keep things real and honest!

  56. Testing - Since problems reported in logging into website

  57. I have no idea why some are having trouble logging in, since butterfly and I were able to log-in. Thanks for emails. I'll keep checking.

    Suggestion: clear your cache, restart computer, log into Blogger first, then go to site. This might help. If not, let me know.

    ~ From your wing woman, lol.

  58. FYI Blogger is having SERIOUS problems. Make sure you keep refreshing your pages. If you get an error screen always refresh.

  59. I had to refresh 5 times just to get here.

  60. I've been having problems all morning getting logged in. Looks like maybe I'm ok now.

    Haters have upped their idiocy another notch. Now they are all using Kate's picture for their twitter ID.

    Can anyone not see how ridiculously obsessed they are with her. I do believe they all have a secret crush on Kate! LOL

    I'm not about to involve myself in all this blog drama. It's very unfortunate that grown women sometimes get feelings hurt and then get to actin' worse than their kiddos!

    I say let's all just stay positive for Kate!

  61. Sorry so many are still unable to post. Most blogs have been fixed now. Nothing we can do. Just have to wait for Blogger to fix. :(

  62. Clear your cache, clear cookies, restart.
    Error is in redirecting link between blogger log-in and verification of your comment.
    Don't click on bookmarked or "favorites" link. Type in the URL not clicking on link.

    If it doesn't work the, sorry. :) I'm still having some problems too. Losing what I type.

  63. If you get the "404" or "About error" click back arrow and then refresh arrow.

    Goodnight all.

  64. Hello ladies! I am "commented out", so I just came over to read. Great article BabyMama. It made me laugh. So now I will go to sleep with a smile on my face :)

    Goodnight ladies. Sleep tight.

  65. BM, Linda,
    For those having trouble posting, trying Chrome or Mozilla, they are working fine with blogger.

    The issues seems to be related to Internet Explorer.

  66. LOL Msgoody about being "commented out"! I got myself going on twitter last nite funnin' with BlogHawg and the twits for about an hour!

    Had to be summoned by my daughter for some homework assistance. Lordy, it is addictive sometimes.

    Kate has been rather chatty and super pleasant last few days. I love it when she is relaxed like that and just havin' good time with the fans.

    Nasty tornadoes again...hope everyone is safe. Everyone have a great day!

  67. Thanks Ziggy. I don't use IE. Been trying all morning to log on via Safari, Chrome, and Firefox. Not sure if this post will "go" but at least I can see the blog again.

    IMO, Google/Blogger's last upgrade was a turkey! Just my opinion.!

  68. Okay, that one posted, so back to work I go. Have a good day all. :)

  69. Whoo hoo! I'm finally allowed back on my own blog! This is the first time I'm trying with my iPad, it's working fine now. So much has happened in the news for the past few days! My heart breaks for this affected by the tornados ESP. In Joplin, MO. Also I have been glued to the TV on my day off today with the Casey Anthony trial. This is the first time I have gotten so involved in a case like this & my heart breaks for the grandparents. At the end of this they will lose both their girls. It must be so devastating to hear that your daughter is accusing you of something so terrible. I don't believe it for a minute. I hope that there is Justice for little Caylee.

    Twitter so far has become a joke from the idiots from Lisa & Preesis site. How are these people possibly on all day & night unless they are retirees? It's just sad at this point that these people truly have no lives.

    Ziggy you are right with Internet Explorer, it's great for me now. MsGoody2shoex your all commented out? You have to come visit more ;) where's everyone today? Miss you all! Xoxo

  70. Hello everyone, Sorry that I haven't been commenting, spring is very busy for our family.

    I have been keeping up with reading. Just thought I would check in and tell you what a great blog this is. Take care.

  71. LoriAnne,
    Just out of curiousity do you by any chance remember where you read about Polly's book being used in a college course?

  72. **waving hi to momsby & fascinated!**

  73. Hi back CraftyMom ;0
    Spring is such a busy time of year! Hope you are on the mend CM! I've missed you ;0

  74. Can't logf in again. Just wasted the last hour trying to get through.

  75. Can only log in via iPhone, not via iPad or computer and only via Safari, not Chrone or Foxfire.

    Blogger is nutty right now.

    Just wanted to say hi to fascinated & momsby.

  76. It's a new day and things seem to be working fine on the blog, at least for the moment.

    For the idiot who felt it necessary to create a sock puppet to educate me that it was obsessive for me to spend 4 hours trying to log on to a blog ... My response is "GET a LIFE!" I wasn't literally trying non-stop but trying several times an hour. But, if I were trying non-stop, it's nobody's business but mine!

    Lord knows, your families must be overjoyed that you are spewing all that venom at somebody other than them. Geez Louise! I am a nobody. What is the point? it the fact that I Tweet Kate twice a week? She has responded to me I think twice. Big deal. I enjoy reading her positive responses and she's been very gracious to all but the haters whom she's blocked.

    Have a wonderful day! I certainly intend to have a glorious one. Xoxoxo

  77. They didn't think making the sock puppet was being obsessive? I'll have to look the definition up for them later.

    Have a glorious day. It's raining and gloomy here. Gotta go find some stuff for the kids to do at recess.....indoor again. Fun fun! LOL

  78. LOL LindaO...they accused you of being obsessive! On my phone twitter app, I can scroll back enlessly to look at public thread of #Kateplusmy8...there is where you will see obsessive to the 100th degree!

    I looked this morning because Kate never checked back in last nite. The idiot twits were on there literally ALL last nite....I'm talking thru the wee hours of the mornin'!

    And back around all thru today already...there they sit! Their butts have to be flat or square from sittin in their computer chairs all that time! LOL

    This is obsessive...this is stalking in cyber terms...this is sick...and this is mental instability.

    They truly must have very void, empty lives. Their only human connections are with their fellow stalkers and abusers online.

    It's a comradery of army of cause for villification of Kate. And in that cause they find some sort of pupose for their existence. What a truly sad bunch of human beings!

    So no mind to them Linda...we don't need a million potshots to support Kate. We just send a few bulleye tweets & comments of support and we get the job done!

    Sunny southern good day to all of ya!

  79. FiredUp said: It's a comradery of army of cause for villification of Kate. And in that cause they find some sort of pupose for their existence. What a truly sad bunch of human beings!

    Very well said. What the heck will they do with themselves if Kate leaves the entertainment industry?

  80. they'll find some one new to obsess about.....

  81. I spent a night or two going around with them during Derby days to see if they ever got tired. Nope. They can do this endlessly.

    I also learned from that experiment that they have the latest which hits the internet about Kate nearly the second it hits the internet, regardless of where it's posted at or how obscure (although I do think some of the more obscure one's were generated by them hoping the media would pick up on those 'reports'). The more vile comments they can make the more they high five each other. I seldom do twitter. I don't even tweet Kate every day. Many time I do topics that aren't about Kate.

    Yet they call me obsessive over Kate. Go figure.

    IE still isn't working for placing comments for me.

  82. Oh ladies, you are so right about that (Firedup, Gee Whiz, CMo3, & Ziggy) and the AKOs.

    I have Twitter friends from here, and we sometimes Tweet back and forth. I try to answer all (that aren't blocked.) But, like Baby Mama, CMo3 and many others, my Tweeting really doesn't center on Kate. I will look up her Tweets and enjoy reading them... but...

    I started on Twitter to share other interests and it mostly centers on just that, "other interests." Cooking, food, humor, etc. I have some regulars that I follow that always make me laugh. Some that I share similar interests. Some are just friends from around the world that we enjoy talking. Some send me inspirational things ... the point is - It's fantastic to talk "real time" to people from all over the world. The world includes Kate; it's just not my whole existence.

  83. Ziggy - I don't use IE (security issues) but do use and have working now: Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Opera.

    For a while it was only working on my mobile but only the phone and not the iPad. I had to clear all settings; cookies, cache, etc., and do a restart. For whatever reasons, it's working now.

    It isn't just blogger though. Some of my client's whose ".com" accounts though Google are still having issues. Thus, with no research at all, I suspect it is Google related. JMO and not based on fact.

  84. What do people (in the US) have planned for Memorial Weekend? I will now be working most of the weekend. :(

    We'll be staying home and doing things in the neighborhood; that way I can join in a little bit.

    Our whole neighborhood has small flags adjacent to driveways courtesy of one neighbor. It looks like a sea of patriotism looking in both directions.

    Our local red cross is collecting goods and $$ for those who are tornado victims — both in our state and across the nation. I'm sure you have agencies in your own areas doing the same thing. Please take a minute and help. Give as you are able.

  85. I also have ways to donate on my blog. F5's are horrible. I've seen how bad the damage is just from an F2. I can't imagine. :(

  86. Hi Momsby. Sorry to take so long getting back to you but I couldn't sign in w/Blogger.

    I read that Polly's book was being picked up for a college course on Polly's blog, in the May 5th thread. There was a comment from a poster on May 9th, congratulating Polly on this fact. Polly responded with thanks and that she was very happy about it.

    Hope this helps!

  87. Thanks for what you are doing CMo3, xoxoxo

  88. Had a rough evening! Tornado sirens went off twice! Yikes, the weather has been so unpredictable lately.

    We are all safe...had a pine tree uprooted, but fortunately it fell away from the house and missed my hubby's truck!

    From Kate's twitter she had some rough weather as well. is last day of school here! Kids are excited to be set free! LOL

    Freedom for them is more activity for me! Have to keep them busy in productive, useful endeavors. So will be lots of outdoor stuff...swimming, camping. Hubby wants to teach 15 yr. old more on the tennis court. We'll have some sleepovers for my 11yr. old. Thank God...I only have keep occupied.

    Another reason, why I admire and support Kate! LOL

  89. Hi all!
    Comments are going to moderation even though that is not turned on. Sorry Fired up - That's why it took so long for your comment to post.

    I am trying to "keep an eye" on the blog while I try to reach Baby Mama. Please be patient. Thank you.

    I'll keep checking back to try to figure out what is going on.

  90. This is totally off subject - but please pray for our dog. After trying to convince our vet that the dog has severe allergies and that the cortisone, nasal spray etc aren't working - and he keeps doing something called "reverse sneezing" that he assured us was no big deal... the dog now is bleeding profusely from his nose. We called the nearest veterinary school and we're in route there now. We love this little Scottie and hope something can be done.

  91. firedup - as much as kids need the break in summertime, there is no denying they DO get bored after a while just hanging around the house flopping around on the couch.

    I live in a neighborhood which is great for kids and during my daughter's 'heyday' of younger years, there was a group which hung out together, rode their bikes around the 'hood. One parent had a pool for them, I had other things, good skateboarding area, etc. They were very inventive but they still got bored after a while if not kept occupied.

  92. Firedup - glad you all are still safe!

  93. Ty Ziggy.
    FiredUp - So very glad that your family is safe. It is a very scary thing when those sirens go off. So many across the country have been so hard hit.

    I agree about those summer schedules. It takes major scheduling during the year to get everybody where they need to go ... Summer just about could use somebody just to keep up with who needs to go where and be picked up when.

    Trying to do all we can as a family this summer. I (as the family hold-out) have finally given in and both our Tweeners will be far from home for next summer (2012.) Scares me! One will spend summer half way around the world and one will be in NY state. It was physically hard when kids were babies, but more emotionally hard as they get older and you have to "loosen" the reins.

  94. hi all.

    why are all the videos trying to play when i go to the site? i use firefox.

    hoping it stops soon!


  95. Whhooo hoo! Yes I'm back. Sorry for the lack of new posts, but Ive just been way to busy. I'm off and running now on Firefox since IE would not let me in!
    How frustrating. Be back soon! xoxox

  96. Tig~ Still trying to figure out how to stop them from coming on right away. Please let me know if it keeps happening.

  97. FiredUp - So glad you and your family are safe!

    LindaO - I am praying for your pup.

    Hope everyone has a great holiday weekend.

  98. Fascinated & Tigger - It's the type of video. You can turn off your sound, or change your browser settings to stop "auto play" under preferences. I just temp turn off sound.

    When Baby Mama has time to put up new post, they will not be on new one, so it will stop.

  99. Thank you all for prayers for our doggie. He is sure a beloved member of our family. He's had a hard time with pollen and "reverse sneezing" <never heard of this till recently. Vet cauterized vessels, gave meds, and we have to pray it works. Kids still cried again at bedtime. Sherlock the Scottie will sleep with us so we can keep an eye on him.

    Pets are not judgmental, sharing so much love unconditionally! Again, thank you all.

  100. Linda~ As you know, my prayers are in for wonderful lovely dog.

    I'm closing this thread. Sorry I didn't before. Saw "Bridesmaids" tonight and it was the best most hilarious movie I've seen in years. Please go see it!

    Scent of the night in honor of my movie? Is the yummy scent of sugar you love from a wedding cake! Inhale while listening to Wilson Phillips tonight (those that have seen it already will know what I mean). And enjoy chatting on the new thread! xoxox