Thursday, February 14, 2013

Kate Gosselin Returns To TV On Celebrity Wife Swap! Kate Gosselin Thanks Hackers On Her Twitter Page For Becoming Her Cyber Bodyguards!

She'll be trading her eight kids for one!

USATODAY.COM Look who's back on the air! And she'll be getting a husband — for a week.
ABC has announced that its Celebrity Wife Swapreality series is returning on Feb. 26 (8 p.m. ET) with new episodes. Kicking things off will be Kendra Wilkinson, former Hugh Hefner girlfriend, and Kate Gosselin of Kate Plus Eight fame.
The show notes that it follows mothers in two celebrity families with very different values as they trade lifestyles, children and homes (but not bedrooms), for one week. So Kendra will get to be a single mom to Kate's eight kids — sextuplets Hannah, Alexis, Aaden, Leah, Collin and Joel, 8, and twins Cara and Madelyn, 12. And Kate will have it easy, playing mom to Hank Baskett Jr., 3, Kendra's son with hubby and NFL star Hank Baskett.
Kate, who was let go from her CouponCabin job back in November, penned an essay last week about adult bullying for In it, she thanks those who have stood by her, writing: "I am so grateful to the many corporations, family and friends who have chosen to see me for who I really am and know the truth and goodness that defines me."
And, she says, "I teach my kids to reach out and help others when they fall instead of stomping on them and passing by. I also teach them to feel happiness for others' successes, not jealousy. If only everyone could see it that way?"

Kate Gosselin Thanks Hackers On Her Twitter Page For Becoming Her Cyber Bodyguards!


r Kate Gosselin bizarrely tweeted a thank you to two alleged hackers on her Twitter page who had claimed to have hacked the reality star’s critics and haters.
Gosselin, 37, wrote: “It’s all about LOVE here today, (&everyday now) thanks to @MadBritishGuy and @Anonym0usNL !! Bring on the love, everyone! I’m feeling it:)”
To which, Anonym0usNL responded to Kate: “Have a very nice day <3 And if needed we you can contact us anytime :) .”
“no I don’t think that’s ok and would never dream of it lol,” Kate wrote back.One fan, Matt Herge, asked: “you really hunk it’s ok to hack peoples bank info and such just because they don’t like you? I’m a fan but WOW that’s illegal”On his Twitter profile, Mad British Guy calls himself a D0X Master, a boast about being able to retrieve personal information about people on the internet, often including real name, known aliases, address, phone number, SSN andcredit card numbers! This prompted some of Kate’s fans to question her association with the hackers – with one fan even suggesting Kate was thanking teenage boys who tweet about sex.
Herge replied, “but you thanked them & thats what they are doing! I’m confused. I hate haters as well but what your ‘friends’ r doing is wrong.”
Another fan, Marie, wrote: “…but when one of these anti bully people tweeted a terrible gay slur to a bully I have to question this method.”UtterlyDismayed wrote: “I think this is all going terribly wrong. Criminal threats, drugs, explicit sex talk and Kate says she loves them?”
Kate admitted that she hadn’t read all of their tweets – but when she caught up she later posted: “I hear you and I agree.” Kate originally thanked Anonym0usNL and Mad British Guy, who declared themselves her cyber bodyguards, after someone made inflammatory remarks about the mom of eight. She later tweeted Thursday night: “Hey @Anonym0usNL and @MadBritishGuy love u but can u tone down ur language on here 4 me,my crowd of moms&kids?(not trying 2 b UR moms,but..).” after she thought the pair were using vulgar language in her defense that could offend her fanbase.