Saturday, August 28, 2010

WATCH VIDEO HERE: Kate Gosselin SHINES At The Emmys! Stop The Bodyguard Rumor Already,

Kate Gosselin, Tina Fey sing in Emmy opener:

"Glee" stole the show before winning even one Emmy. Jimmy Fallon opened up Sunday's show with a "Glee" skit that featured the Fox show's stars -- and Tina Fey, Kate Gosselin, John Hamm, Betty White and "American Idol's" Randy Jackson, among others.The clip opened with Lea Michele, Cory Monteith, Amber Reilly and Chris Colfer telling Fallon they couldn't afford the $1,200 for four tickets to the Emmys (the show and its stars are nominated for 19). Fallon decided they'll make their own "Glee" group to win regionals, and they run through the high school looking for members. They first encounter Tina Fey, who joined the group.

Next they see Kate Gosselin, who was wearing the red dress and long hair extensions she donned in her Lady Gaga "Paparazzi" dance on "Dancing With the Stars. "They turn her down, saying, "We already have way too many people!" The group also ran into "Mad Men's" John Hamm, who is getting dance instructions from Betty White. As Colfer lingers, White snaps, "What the hell are you looking at?" Jane Lynch, who plays cheerleading coach Sue Sylvester on "Glee" (and earned an Emmy for outstanding supporting actress in a comedy series early in the show), then gets in the group's way by throwing a slushee on Fey and Fallon -- a typical slam on the show.The gang danced through the high school in a taped scene and then burst into the stage live. (Click on the image below) Maybe this gig will lead to her replacing Mary Hart, who knows!

Kate Gosselin, bodyguard went on a 'stroll' for work:

The "Kate Gosselin is dating her bodyguard" stories went ahead for about six months, but now we are starting to get them again on a daily basis. However, the response to the rumors is pretty much the same it has always been -- they're not together in any sort of romantic way. This new report comes courtesy of Us Magazine, who claims through a source that Gosselin and bodyguard Steve Neild "looked at each other like they were an item" while taking long walks on the beach in North Carolina. However, this isn't the full story of what was going down. The family was actually at Bald Head Island shooting the next installment of "Kate Plus 8," and the paparazzi were starting to sniff around the family's home where the kids were staying. It's possible that the two were walking around to make sure the area was safe for the kids, or simply to get away from a few minutes as friends. After all, the two are friends -- Kate has said this on a number of occasions. Kate is also friends with Steve's wife, and the families have done multiple things together over the years. Even though Neild may very well be a "father figure" to the Gosselin kids in some ways (as a bodyguard, he is often around), there is still no substantial evidence to prove that anything romantic is going on here. Rather, for now we just have a case of the same story popping up repeatedly, with the exact same answer coming in response.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

OFFICIAL: Kate Gosselin EXCLUSIVE Emmy Correspondent For Entertainment Tonight, Kids off to School, Jon Gosselin Writing A Book

Hello Gosselin fans! This post will be updated today and tomorrow. But the BIG news needs to be reported now is that our Kate Gosselin will be on the red carpet interviewing the STARS! Yes, the big announcement on Entertainment tonight was Kate WILL not only be walking the red carpet but she is the officialcorrespondent for ET. She will also be one of the hosts of the Entertainment Tonight Emmy Party! You heard it here first. Once more press comes out about it I will add it. They stated the stars want to meet Kate! The big Jimmy Fallow/Kate Gosselin sketch for the beginning of the Emmy Show looks to be revealed tomorrow!

Kate Gosselin Sends All Eight Kids Off to School:

Thursday will be a quiet day at the $1.1 million Gosselin family home in Wernersville, Pa: All eight children are now in school. Kate Gosselin sent the kids off Thursday morning. The six-year-old sextuplets -- Aaden, Joel, Collin, Alexis, Hannah and Leah -- all wore matching sweatshirts (boys in black; girls in white) and jeans. Nine-year-old twin sisters Cary and Mady also boarded a bus. Though dad Jon was M.I.A., Kate's bodyguard, Steve Neild, was there. Kate, 35, recently blogged that she was in "awe" and "amazement" as all her kids headed to school fulltime. Said the famous mom, "Reaching this milestone is a privilege."

Jon Gosselin hasn't found publisher for his parenting book:

Looks like Kate Gosselin has some competition in the literary world. According to, the reality star's ex-husband, Jon Gosselin, is teaming with leadership coach Dr. Sylvia Lafair to write a book about his trials and tribulations as a father of sextuplets and twin girls."Jon is still deciding what exactly the book will be about, but knows he wants to focus on his parenting skills," a Gosselin pal told the gossip website. "There is no deal yet or timeline, but the [interest] in Jon from publishers is huge right now, so he's going to strike while the iron is hot."

The Gosselins shot to fame during their time on TLC's "Jon & Kate Plus Eight," a reality show that chronicled the couple's daily life trying to raise eight children. Though the volatile couple divorced in December 2009 after a very public separation, Gosselin believes parents can relate and learn from his situation. "Expect the book to include Jon's journey from high school to father of sextuplets by age 27," the insider added. "What the book won't be focusing on is how quickly he moved on, after Kate, with two much younger girlfriends, his partying nights in Las Vegas or his new huge tattoo that covers his entire back."

Despite previous reports which linked Gosselin to several high-profile work opportunities – he was once rumored to be working on a children's clothing line with Ed Hardy – the reality star has-been is reportedly set to begin work with Dr. Lafair, whom he met a year ago to help with overcoming the difficulties in his life. While his ex-wife is already a successful author with three books under her name, Gosselin appears to be in good hands as well. Dr. Lafair is the author of the award-winning 2010 business book, "Don't Bring it to Work.".

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Why do so many want Kate to "dress her age"? Kate Gets Ready For The Emmy's!

Kate Gosselin's NYC Road Trip with Steve Neild:

Hitting the road alongside one another, Kate Gosselin and Steve Neild were spotted making their way to New York City, New York on Monday (August 23). Departing from Reading, Pennsylvania, the TLC reality star mom and her bodyguard pal stopped by Dunkin' Donuts for a coffee pick-me-up before making the drive to the Big Apple's ritzy Essex House Hotel. The trip comes as Kate and Steve continue to battle rumors that they are having an affair - which the NYC adventure surely won't help calm down. (FYI: She is prepping for the Emmy's)

Meanwhile, Kate has been readying for a big upcoming weekend - during which time she's scheduled to display her “not-so-serious side” alongside host Jimmy Fallon at the start of the Primetime Emmy Awards telecast on Sunday, August 29th.

Your New Wardrobe Looks Tarty! Isn’t This Too Racy For A Mom?:

Here’s the question – when we give birth or adopt, do we also take on an obligation to dress with more decorum than before we had little ones who should be looking up to us as role models? And does that mean we ditch the minis, short shorts, halter-tops and heels? Are plunging necklines still OK, but only for a night out on the town? These are questions I can’t help ponder when I look at Kate Gosselin’s latest get-ups. It’s not that the individual fashion items are objectionable on their own, but it’s the combination – high heels plus loads of leg, lots of bare skin on top and then long, bleached blonde hair. It all adds up to a look that just doesn’t reassuringly say “mom,” especially for a woman who sets herself up as a role model for other moms. She’s not just the star of Kate Plus 8, she’s also the author of advice-giving books, Multiple Blessings: Surviving to Thriving with Twins and Sextuplets, Eight Little Faces: A Mom’s Journey and I Just Want You To Know: Letters to My Kids on Love, Faith and Family.

Furthermore her new TLC show, A Twist of Kate, has Kate traveling the country giving help and mommy advice to families.So one of the country’s most infamous moms has decided it’s OK to be a role model and go shopping with her kids for back-to-school clothes, in short, tight, skin-baring looks. But maybe I’m being a big prude.“She’s sending a message out loud and clear that she’s available,” points out Suze Yalof Schwartz, a Today Show regular. “Do I think it’s chic? Absolutely not. But do I think it’s appealing to many men? YES! She’s not dressing for her kids. She knows she’s being photographed and this is better than It’s the ultimate profile.” Yalof doesn’t think Kate is actually being overtly sexual, but she is trying to be fashionable and just isn’t quite getting it right.“She’s wearing all the big trends – animal prints, satin and leather low cut boots/shoes, but it’s just too much,” Yalof says. “Tight, tight and tight high heels – just doesn’t do it.”

On the other hand, Yalof applauds Kate as a mom of eight for not just wearing scrubs all day.“It’s amazing, she’s putting in the effort – it’s better than wearing elasticized pants, baggy t-shirts and flip flops.” OK, those are all good points. However Joanna Douglas, fashion and beauty editor of disagrees to a degree. “It wouldn’t be fine for her to dress like this if she was going out at night with friends,” Douglas says. “She’s 35, she’s got a great body and is in good shape but no kids want to get an eyeload of their moms cleavage. … Going out with her kids in the middle of the day like this, just makes her seem attention-hungry.”

Or is she just not being practical? That’s the concern of Susan Crenek’s executive online editor for fashion and beauty. “It’s very difficult to run after and take care of a kid (much less eight) when you’re worried about necklines dipping into scandalous territory,” she says. So what do you think – am I being too harsh to expect Kate to dress in a way that won’t provoke the eww factor from her kids? She has said she’s lonely, and what single mom with the burden of raising eight kids wouldn’t be? She has a right to long for a love partner again. Hey, she’s 35! But are tight, short clothes the right way to telegraph it? Or is Kate right to throw her hands up at me and any other critics and just dress the way she wants – mommy-appropriate or not? Let me know what you think!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Gosselin's Buy At Boscov's, Jon Gosselin Finally Gets A Gig, But Is It The Right One?

Hello Gosselin fans! Yes once again, BabyMama is on FIYA (fire) with the rapid amount of posts in the last few days. For a family that is keeping low before school starts, how is it that there is so much to talk about? Yesterday we had someone in our comments section speak about how unhappy they were that this was a Gosselin site, yet we have no much negative to say about Jon. To be honest, I did already stress my sadness at seeing Jon spend the last year doing absolutely nothing. And I also was very upset at the way he went through girlfriends in the past year like articles of clothing. And just like those hate sites that attack Kate at every breath..this is the place recently where the other side came to vent.

Bottom line, Jon's name is at the top of this page because he is forever a part of this family whether married to Kate or not. And someday I hope to have a site just as devoted to the both of them as my OTHER site was for 2 years. I give somebody loyalty and respect until they show me a reason I shouldn't. And as far as Kate, I continue to give her that respect because I still think she is a wonderful mother to her kids, and I wish nothing but amazing thing for herself. Jon, well, as you see below, every day he gives me a reason to just lift my hands & say "I give up" just like Kate...

JON GOSSELIN AT A BAR?? PoP Presents: Jon Gosselin TV Personality at Ultrabar Friday, August27th.

WASHINGTON DC: Jonathan Keith "Jon" Gosselin is an American television personality, known for his appearances with then-wife Kate Gosselin and their eight children on the American reality TV show Jon & Kate Plus 8....Panorama Productions is celebrating 15 Years in DC Nightlife and Nightclubs, by introducing a new concept. The creators of GLOW, DC's biggest Electronic Dance Music Event, now bring you POP. Popular Culture and Nightlife at its finest! Featuring 4 Floors - 4 DJ's With the best in Pop, Hip-Hop, House & International Main Floor: DJ Geometrix (Mashups, Hip Hop, Top 40) Doors open @ 9pm

Kate Gosselin: Boscov's Back to School Family Shopping: Photo: Splash News
Getting ready for another school year, Kate Gosselin was back out with her brood of eight children to load up on supplies and clothes in Reading, Pennsylvania on Saturday (August 21). According to a paparazzo source on the scene, bodyguard Steve Neild drove the family van as the group pulled into the local Boscov's retail center for their bulk purchases. With a film crew from TLC was there to capture all of the action. Kate quickly popped over to the driver's side so the cameramen could start shooting scenes.

The back to school efforts follow a recent family trip to Bald Head Island, of which Kate blogged, "We not only returned [to Bald Head Island] this year, but also hope to return each year and have decided to make this our Gosselin summer tradition ... To match our many Gosselin winter traditions. To me, there is nothing like a well-made tradition to help us reflect on the years past as well as project forward to the years ahead!" She added, "Thanks Bald Head Island for providing the rest, relaxation and connection this family -- as well as so many other families we've had the privilege of meeting here -- needs year after year after year!"