Saturday, May 23, 2009

Welcome To The New Fan Site! The Gosselins On A Bike, US Weekly Crosses The Line

Hello Gosselin Fans! Happy Memorial Day! I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend! Please feel free to comment here, as all healthy debates will be welcomed. I hope that you will continue to give me any suggestions you would like to make this new site better. Tonight is the "Walk Down Memory Lane" as TLC is airing the big Jon & Kate Marathon before the new episode. Who IS going to watch?

The National Enquirer is reporting that Jon & Kate have signed up for marriage counseling—and the sessions may be broadcast on the new season of the show.

According to an insider, Kate was initially reluctant to undergo counseling, let alone let the cameras roll whole doing so, but she's strongly reconsidering it.

"The big question is whether they'll allow cameras into their therapy sessions. TLC would want to film at least portions of the sessions, but obviously Jon and Kate would have to agree," says the insider. "Jon was all for counseling, but Kate thought their marriage might be too far gone," notes a source. "She would do it for the sake of the children, if nothing else."

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US Magazine: Crossing The Line?
(They show Pregnant Kate and call THAT the transformation?)

The latest issue of Us Weekly goes to great lengths to explain why this reality star is pretty much the worst mother on the planet. According to traitorous nurse Angela Krall, who gladly accepted lots of cash for turning on her former employer, Kate...

  • ... has spent 21 of the last 30 days on the road at various speaking engagements;
  • ... fired 40 employees in three months;
  • ... chose to remain at a restaurant during her son's trip to the emergency room;
  • ... and is obsessed with money and fame.
So lets discuss that everyone including Kate's brother Kevin can basically be bought at this point. Lets also discuss that we all knew for months that Kate was doing this long month book tour, so this was no shocker. Lets also discuss how they are talking about the ONLY month that Kate was already obligated to be traveling. How about the fact that Kate is a mother who is letting strangers into the home of her newborns and is allowed to get rid of as many as she sees fit? Money and fame....can anyone get obsessed with it? Who else was disgusted by this cover??