Saturday, May 23, 2009

Welcome To The New Fan Site! The Gosselins On A Bike, US Weekly Crosses The Line

Hello Gosselin Fans! Happy Memorial Day! I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend! Please feel free to comment here, as all healthy debates will be welcomed. I hope that you will continue to give me any suggestions you would like to make this new site better. Tonight is the "Walk Down Memory Lane" as TLC is airing the big Jon & Kate Marathon before the new episode. Who IS going to watch?

The National Enquirer is reporting that Jon & Kate have signed up for marriage counseling—and the sessions may be broadcast on the new season of the show.

According to an insider, Kate was initially reluctant to undergo counseling, let alone let the cameras roll whole doing so, but she's strongly reconsidering it.

"The big question is whether they'll allow cameras into their therapy sessions. TLC would want to film at least portions of the sessions, but obviously Jon and Kate would have to agree," says the insider. "Jon was all for counseling, but Kate thought their marriage might be too far gone," notes a source. "She would do it for the sake of the children, if nothing else."

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US Magazine: Crossing The Line?
(They show Pregnant Kate and call THAT the transformation?)

The latest issue of Us Weekly goes to great lengths to explain why this reality star is pretty much the worst mother on the planet. According to traitorous nurse Angela Krall, who gladly accepted lots of cash for turning on her former employer, Kate...

  • ... has spent 21 of the last 30 days on the road at various speaking engagements;
  • ... fired 40 employees in three months;
  • ... chose to remain at a restaurant during her son's trip to the emergency room;
  • ... and is obsessed with money and fame.
So lets discuss that everyone including Kate's brother Kevin can basically be bought at this point. Lets also discuss that we all knew for months that Kate was doing this long month book tour, so this was no shocker. Lets also discuss how they are talking about the ONLY month that Kate was already obligated to be traveling. How about the fact that Kate is a mother who is letting strangers into the home of her newborns and is allowed to get rid of as many as she sees fit? Money and fame....can anyone get obsessed with it? Who else was disgusted by this cover??


  1. wow that nurse sounds like she has a major chip on her shoulder. I think she should keep her thoughts to herself. She is just now coming out with this, why? probably for money because the tabloids just want to make money even if they have to lie and drag up anything they can. I think it is pathetic.
    If it was me and I had 6 little premies and had nurses coming into my home to help with my children, i would be making sure that they are doing what they need to be doing. Kate was a nurse herself she knows what is wrong and right in conduct of everything you do when you are a nerse. I trust her judgement. If i did not like something a nurse in my home was doing with my baby i would fire them too. I would fire anyone if i had to too. I don't think that they should complain about that. Obviously if the nurse was fired then she was doing something wrong. People in the medical field need to do things with presision,when they don't serious things can happen. good job kate for keeping your children safe and being the mom that you should be.

  2. I'm glad to hear that they're going to counselling. And if it's true that Jon initiated it, then even better.

  3. I'm not planning on watching the Marathon, but I can't wait to see the new show! I think it's wonderful that they are going to counseling. Counseling is good for all couples. I think that any couple with sextuplets (on top of that they're dealing with the tv show and becoming famous) should be required to go to counseling. As for all the rumors, I'm not listening to them, that's why I can't wait until Monday, so I can hear it from Jon and Kate!

  4. that magazine cover is ridiculous. The "before" pic was obviously taken when she was pregnant with the sextuplets or just after. Let's see how good anyone looks with six human beings inside you or just after having them removed lol. Kate looks fabulous and she shouldn't have to apologize for being in shape and having her hair done. Oh, my that monster went to the hair dresser! what a horrible mother! please give me a break.

    It's Kate's right as a mother to "fire" as many people as she wanted until she got a team of people she trusted with her six premature babies. She was fighting for her kids and she gets to say what strangers get to be in her home and handle her infants. I guess these "concerned" people just kept their mouth shut for five years until the Gosselins became big enough to warrent gossip magaize attention. Everyone's got their payday I guess.

  5. Here's my take. Everyone wants money, it makes the world go round.
    TLC uses the Gosselins to make money, sponsors use TLC to make money, the Gosselins use the fact that they had multiple MULTIPLES to make money. It is what it is.
    If the giant invasion of privacy didn't come with a nice paycheck; the Gosselins wouldn't be doing the show. If talking to tabloids didn't earn people in the Gosselin's inner circle some serious coin; they wouldn't bother sharing information.
    The problem becomes, as Kate mentioned: "the shrinking circle of friends". While they ARE making millions, they are changing their lives more than they could've imagined. I read Kate's blog where she said "the kids haven't been to a store in months" because of the media attention they're getting. How sad! Sure, they get free trips. But they can't go to the store without appearing in magazines. They meet Emeril and Duff Goldman and Paul Teutel Sr., the Globetrotters, etc etc... But they can't talk to a stranger without stories being buzzed about on the internet.
    Yes, everyone can be bought, it seems. What remains to be seen is the truth behind the allegations; and a larger issue looms:
    What price will the Gosselins ultimately pay, for their fame...and will it be worth it, when all is said and done?

    I feel like a broken record, but I'll say it again: I'm a fan of the show, it's fun to watch, I love the kids...but I feel Kate & Jon are BOTH using very poor judgement. .

    I hope this comment is suitable for your new blog. I'm hoping this site has honest discussion, and also doesn't view Kate with blinders on. That is my advice and hope for this site.

  6. I am completely for the Gosselins. I believe if they didn't do the show - like most people - it would be tight (money-wise). Without the show, they wouldn't get all those trips or anything like that and I think they should get those things because a) they're fun and b) so educational. I love the family - they are good parents and I truly believe it's all for the kids... AND IT IS... without TLC, they wouldnt have money.

  7. amen to that skirts! I feel the same way

  8. That magazine cover is completely disgusting. It's quite disappointing how low people will drop during these times. I use to somewhat enjoy reading US Weekly but can say I am very disappointed in the way they are exploiting this family. They aren't thinking about the children or Jon or Kate, it's like they don't even care they just want to sell magazines. It's sickening how cold people can be. I guess we can only support the Gosselins by not purchasing or buying into the junk that is on the newsstands. The article I read that I had respect for the writer was the People one because it was Kate. I am anxious to see what is going to happen tomorrow night on the season premiere and just hope by the end of the season we see a family that is happy and where they are meant to be, which preferably is together.

    Oh, and one more thing, LOVE the new site :) Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone!

  9. I love John and Kate! I feel so terrible for their family and all that they are going through. Their family is one great family in an absolutely bizarre world! They do everything that they possibly can for their children and it seems that they truly appreciate the opportunities they're given because of their popularity. I think that everyone has issues in a marriage and the Gosselins marriage happens to be under an enormous amount of scrutiny. Whatever their problems may be, I wish them happiness and continued good health and prosperity. Truly keep up the good work with your wonderful family!

  10. I do not doubt that Jon and Kate love their children.

    But it's all about priorities. Right now their children are not their main priority. It can't be. Not if Kate is gone 20 days in one month, whether it is planned or not. Not if Jon is out gallavanting while Kate is away. There is no defense for that.

    The show gave them the means to stay home with their children. Both of them. How many parents have such an opportunity?!?! They could have continued showing their daily lives raising the children. We could have watched them travel to great places as a family. That's what the show was supposed to afford them. Quality family time with their children.

    Instead Kate chose to do book signings and they both chose to do appearances together leaving their children at home. All for money. So NOT necessary.

    At 73,000 (so it is said) an episode, they could have lived a great life together. What I wouldn't give to be able to do that with my husband and daughters. Fine if they wanted the cameras to go along on their travels, etc.

    Kate gave all that up for the spotlight and the attention she gets from her adoring fans. Fine, do that when the kids are older and out of the house. No one would question it. But to not be there to greet your children when they come home from school... to feed them dinner... to tuck them in at night with a story and a kiss. For 21 days out of 30! Personally, I feel she would be out doing her rounds right now if so many people weren't making an issue of it.

    I truly hope they get the couseling they need. As much as Kate was annoying, and as much as Jon was a weakling, they seemed to love each other. They put up with the other's faults and always moved on.

    Watching the re-runs this weekend really let me see the family deteriorating more and more with each season. With each episode. So sad.

    I hope they take this as a wake-up call and mend their beautiful family. Kate needs to get to the bottom of her issues to heal her family. So does Jon. I hope for their children's sake they can do it. I love those little kids. They deserve to have two happy parents together as a family.

    I wish them all the best! I look forward to season 5 and hope I am not disappointed.

  11. I have a question. What is the story behind this:
    ... chose to remain at a restaurant during her son's trip to the emergency room;

    I've never seen anywhere that expands on that story. Which son? What happened? Who took him to the ER? Why didn't Kate go? Anyone know?

  12. I love your new site! I pray Jon & Kate stay together and work things out. All of this mess will die down soon enough and I bet this has helped them to see what they need to do for their family. I want to watch tomorrow night but I am pretty mad at T.L.C. for the way they seem to not care one bit about the children.

  13. The comment about a hospitalized child was said by a "source" that claims this happened. But there was absolutely no proof to back it up. Therefore the comment was basically blown over. I don't for a minute believe it to be true. I'm socked that they put that on the cover, but after calling any woman a "monster" nothing shocks me..

    And for those that inquired...comments on the other site are DISABLED. You can read old ones just not post any comments on the old site.

  14. The new site is awesome! Thanks for changing it. I became a fan of Kate Gosselin today on twitter. It's really cool because she makes comments on what's she's doing during the day!

    As far as US magazine, I think it's a disgrace to write that about anyone especially someone who is completely devoted to her children and has been since day one.

    Why is it that people think they need to come out with what they think is important now? To make the Gosselin's look worse than the media is making them out to be? This makes me sad because I'm sure that Kate and her brother are at odds now. I know I would be if my brother did that to me. What kind of money are these people making to be recorded and aired on television? It will only make them look like fools when the Gosselins set the record straight. I'm anxious to see what they say tomorrow night!

  15. It's nice to see a site that doesn't bring this family down. Obviously right now they have enough to deal with.
    I've watched bits of the marathon this weekend, and I don't see why people say that Kate is only involved for the cameras. A mom that isn't truly involved doesn't know which "lovie" each kid needs for an airplane (hairpane!) ride.
    It's true that Jon and Kate communicate their thoughts differently. Kate is more outspoken more of the time, and Jon holds his in until he blows. Unfortunately, people tend to go after the more emotionally expressive person, and this time it's Kate. Not all women are quiet, mousy, and subservient. Let's appreciate both of them for their differences!
    Good luck to the Gosselins and to you with your fan site. It's great!

  16. Very happy you are now up and running Baby Mama. I love the look of the new site.

    I do not know how all of you others feels about the counseling, but I have zero desire to see it. I feel that is the worst thing that they could do....opening their marriage up to the public opinion.

    I hope that they keep their core life private.

  17. Just a thought to those of us who have questioned the timing of all of these people coming out recently and "telling all". If you think about it, this is really the only time they have had where they could come out in public to speak their mind and be listened to by the media/public.

    I mean, how many of you would have honestly cared if Kevin and Jodi had come out and said what they just said sometime last year BEFORE all of this trouble. Like, if they had come out during the Hawaii episodes, would any of us have cared or even taken them seriously?

    Sure, they might be lying, or they might not, but had they done it when things were fine, we would have called them crazy, jealous, insane, etc, etc. So yea, while it might seem like they are being opportunistic of the times and getting some money, it's also the perfect time for them to share and be heard by others. Take what they say however you want, but still, my point is that if not now, then when could they say and be heard?

    And +1 to the comment about money and EVERBODY wanting some. Sure, some have reasons for it which seem more "legit" than others (caring for family vs money for the sake of having it), but still, we can't really call some people greedy w/o tagging everyone thats guilty with the same tag :(

    Love the kids as always!! hope they're doing fine through this mess :)

  18. All the stuff being reported in the tabloids is purely gossip and does not having any standing with me! That includes the Gosselins going to counseling. I personally hope that they do. However, until I see it on the show or here it from a reputable source I will not take it as truth but as speculation.

    When was the picture of Kate and Jon with Paul Tuetul? Loved it!!

  19. I just want to ask all these people who say "OMG she went on the road for 20 days for money" I want to know what there idea would be to provide for them, just as it is any parents responsibility to provide for your children. Go back to nursing and put them in daycare for 8-10 hours a day. Why does nobody talk about parents such as Gwen Stefani who tours for months around the world, and theres many more of them, why not talk about them like that. All they are doing is providing for there family like Kate is trying to do. All Kate is doing is sacarificing a few days so her kids can have an awesome birthday party and she can put food on the table. The days shes in New York she comes home in the evening just like so many working mothers. I just dont understand why this is such an issue to kick her in the face about. I think Kate is awesome and doing what it takes to take care of her children no matter what it takes just like every mother would do.

  20. The National Enquirer is in no way a respected sourse to what is going on in the Gosselin home, but if they are going to marriage counseling, good for them. I don't want to see it, however. The last thing they need is for all the world to be in on their every intimate thought in marriage counceling. Just because they live a public life, doesn't mean we "deserve" to see them go through the work of counseling and I wouldn't want to see them confront eachother that way. I highly, highly doubt that the story is true about TLC wanting to film their sessions.

  21. that's what kills me about this "she's away from her kids" bs. She's working. If she didn't have to do book promotions does anyone honestly think she'd rather be on the road than with her kids? It blows my mind. If it were Jon out doing book tours, would he be a bad father? A fried of mine is in the publishing biz, and according to her, these book tours are likely a part of her agreement with the publisher to promote the book in the first place. How on earth was she to know this circus would take place at the same time she was pre-planned to be promoting the book? She's out working and if she were a man, this wouldn't be an issue at all.

  22. Lesley, I agree with you. There is NO need for the rest of the world to watch as two people try to heal their marriage, the most intimate part of their lives. Marriage counselling is something they need to do for them, not for ratings. I pray that both Jon and Kate will fight for their marriage with all they have. God's richest blessings to you, Jon and Kate, and your 8 precious gifts.

  23. Love your show.........adore your kids..........hope and pray you and John can work out your problems. I too am the 'driving' force in our family and men have a hard time accepting leadership from a strong woman.....I pray you can reach a compromise for the sake of your kids. Looking forward to the new season.

  24. I think what everyone needs to remember is this family is not our family. Every family is different and does things differently.

    If my husband spoke to me the way Jon speaks to Kate, I would die a little inside. If I spoke to him the way Kate speaks to Jon he would walk out the door, pitch a tent in the front yard, and never darken my doorstep again; staying close only for the sake of the kids. But we are not Jon and Kate. It works for them. People seem to think it is only right if it is done the way they would do it. I have friends who speak very ugly - in my way of thinking - to each other. But they don't think it is ugly at all. It is just the way they speak to each other. When I cringe, they laugh! The dynamics of each couple is different.

    As for the counseling being part of the show. If they don't mind, why not? It might even help other couples, who are watching. When Oprah had that sex therapist on and they showed snipits of their sessions, my husband and I watched and talked about things we wouldn't have otherwise. I think we need to leave it to each couple to decide what is best for them.

    And if you are not interested in seeing their therapy sessions, OMG, don't watch! If you think the kids are being exploited, talk to someone who can change the laws. Talking about what you don't like about Kate does nothing to help the kids.

  25. If you need another reason to doubt US Weekly, they just called Julie Kate's SIL. Talk about not doing your research.

  26. Yay for the new site! I'm so excited for the show tonight! I'm nervous too - It will be the first time that we're getting the truth straight from Jon & Kate's mouths. I really don't know what to believe anymore. Should be exciting! I'm anxious to see what the ratings are too .. I'm betting really, really high :) From the new pictures the kids look like they each grew a lot. Collin's hair is buzzed! I'm excited to see how they've all changed since we last saw them. Anywho, I bookmarked your new blog! And Happy Memorial Day everyone! God bless our troops :)

  27. I totally understand that Kate and Jon have to provide for their family. If appearances and book signings were their only means of support for their children then it would be understandable.

    Even if they were only doing it a couple of times a month it would still be understandable.

    However, they make $73,000 AN EPISODE! They can make that much while spending time at home or traveling with their children. That is plenty enough to provide. They also need to provide stability and quality family life. Money isn't everything.

    They can also write books and live off the profits of their sales. They do not HAVE to do book signings. Not all authors do book signings. Nor do they have to do all the appearances they do. It is not necessary to provide for their children. Even eight of them.

    No one is saying Kate can't travel into NYC for a day. But there's no way she is just going into NYC for a day every time she travels. That is 6 hours commuting time alone (round-trip), unless she takes a helicopter.

    Again, I do not doubt that they both love their children. I can also see how proud they are of their children. I personally just feel that their priority should be their children right now. I know they say everything they do is for their children, but those children just want their parents home with them.

    Like I said, they have the means to do just that.

  28. I am so with you GosselinFan1. Why is everyone so bent out of shape for Kate working. All we ever heard was Jon and Kate need a real job. She has one. Any other author would have to do the same thing, go on a book signing tour. But, you don't see the media slamming them. The TV show will not go on for ever and Kate has the sense to find other avenues to provide for her family when the show is gone. Kudos to Kate!!!! If it was a man gone for 20 days out of 30 days, that is ok. My husband was gone for months at a time, but that was acceptable is the eyes of most. Lets face it, I like Jon, but he himself has said he is a fly by night sort of personality. He does not have the gumption to work hard and provide. IMO! I do hope their marriage will survive all the media hype and they will come out on top. But, I will stand behind Kate to prevail.

  29. It's all just sad. What I want to know that I haven't seen talked about is - how do Kevin and Jodi know all this stuff about Jon & Kate's relationship in the last 6 months or so, when they also say they haven't talked to them in a year? It does not compute.

  30. KatherineDenise - Agreed!

    I have a bit of a chip on my shoulder about the way that TLC is adding fuel to the fire. With words like "Jon and Kate face each other for the first time" and the images that they post of a seemingly scattered family (when I'm sure that these pictures were likely just captured between shots when they were getting organized). They all plant subtle thoughts in the viewers mind about the family's happiness to profit on it all. As I said before in other posts...JK+8 is TLC's hottest show and they should be protecting their best clients and their image. People tend to feel that TLC is reputable, but they too are after the mighty dollar and all the unethical choices that come with that pursuit.

  31. arabella said:
    But we are not Jon and Kate. It works for them.

    I think it's obvious that it's not working for them. Have you seen how miserable Jon is? Have you read what Kate said in her People interview?

    I agree... at first they were very cute together. Kate was a bit mean and Jon was a bit of a wuss but they both seemed to think it was funny and laughed about it and still seemed like a happy couple. It just seemed to go south somehow.

    My SIL and BIL talk to each other like that too and I stand there agasp sometimes but it works for them too. We all laugh about it too. But I'm sorry, unfortunately it doesn't seem to be working for Jon and Kate, at least not anymore.

    I tool wish they would get counseling and make their marriage work. Not just for the kids but for themselves too. What they had is just too precious to lose.

  32. Can we stop the speculation, please? How do we know how much they make per episode? We don't know how much they make. We don't know whether or not they have to do book signings. We don't know what their contract states. They are doing what they feel is best for their family. Not what the viewing public feels is best.

    And I do think their relationship is working for them. They are going thru a rough patch. They are dealing with a new career for Kate and a new position in the family for Jon. Growing pains. Who hasn't felt those?

  33. For those of you who wonder why Kate gets so much slack for being gone 21 out of 30 days, the answer is quite simple. Yes, Gwen Stefani (and others) tour for months on end, sometimes dragging their kids along, sometimes not. However, Gwen Stefani did not build her career on being a financially struggling, stressed out, stay at home mom who just wants to spend time with her kids. Kate Gosselin did. She continuously preached about how important it was to be with her kids and to be a family, which is great. However, being gone 21 out of 30 days in a month doesn't exactly constitute "stay at home mom". Yes, she does book signings which may be a part of her book deal, but those days were also filled with appearances and speaking engagements, which she is paid for. I know that they need to provide for their family, but the show is more than enough for their family of 10. I know that Kate really loves her children, but she obviously has money as her #1 priority right now.I believe that if Kate didn't try to portray this frugal stay-at-home matriarch on the show, she wouldn't have as much backlash about being gone so much. (i.e. yelling at Jon about not using a coupon for the showerhead, yet when the go to pick out the puppies, she has a pair of Dior sunglasses on, which cost a whole lot more than a showerhead). You've got to practice what you preach. I love the show and love this family, and genuinely hope that everything works out for them.

  34. MSN is my home page and in the entertainment section it reads "Kate's sister in law asks viewers not to watch the show", they are reffering to Julie! Talk about bad reporting. Believe me I set the record straight on that LOL! :)

  35. Hey BabyMama,
    Just wanted to let you know that I love the look of the new site. Love the mauve and grey. The Gosselins certainly need a positive site these days.

  36. Yes, they make 73K an episode, but how many episodes do they do? 12, maybe 16 at most a year? Does anyone know? When you factor that in, plus the money they need to pay their expenses, plus pay for people that help them (lawyers, publicists, help for the kids, etc.), it doesn't come out to as much as people think it does. Sure, they make way more than you or I, probably, but they give up alot for that. And it's not going to last forever. They need to make the money while they can to provide. Just college will probably be around 640K for those kids.

  37. Season 3: 31 Episodes
    Season 4: 41 Episodes

    It's pretty much known they make about $75,000 an episode. They paid for college already in less than 10 episodes.

    TLC pays for most of their expenses since it's all show related. They get all the freebies. Including shampoo and conditioner and clothing, etc. AND anything they pay for their home and travel is TAX DEDUCTIBLE because it is all used for the show that supports them.

    I don't blame them for making a lot of money. Kudos to them. But I stand by my feelings that they don't have to chase after anymore by being away from the children.

  38. Kate built her career on being a financially stuggling, stressed out, stay and home mom? What? I thought when she went speak she was simply telling how it was when the tups were born. People would ask what it was like, she would tell them. She tells them WHAT IT WAS LIKE, not what it is like now. Anyone who watches the show can see that they are no longer struggling financially. Nor does she say they are on the show.

    And how does anyone figure that money is her #1 priority, above her kids? Because she works outside the home? If that is the reasoning, then there are a bunch of money hungry parents in this country, considering that most parents are working parents.

    I wish come of the naysayers could stick to facts and not just spout off what has been said and regurgitated on the hate sites.

  39. FYI Maria, season 4 had 41 episodes.Season 5 is scheduled for 40 episodes, last I heard.

  40. Wow, that "other" blog is a joke! I posted, scratch that, TRIED to post there last night. I commented on why Kevin and Jodi were coming out now with these videos. I also asked how, if they "have not spoken with the Gosselins in over a year," did they know about this secret contract that said it was okay for Jon to cheat. And how did they know Kate came to Jon and said it was over. If they feel so bad for the family and for the kids, why do they continue to fuel the fire by putting my crap out there about them? I think Kevin and Jodi should be ashamed of themselves.

  41. I am sure if I bought a 1.3 mil house for my 8 children (which they need the space) I would be alittle paniced about money too. And I agree with Maria, make it while you can because its obvisous Jon wants to end the show and then what? We all know Jon doesnt hold a job down that well. How are they suppose to pay for this house. So I think Kate is being extemely smart and considering other options for income. And who are we to judge, oh you make enough money you shouldnt make more.

  42. There is a lot of speculation. How do we know those Dior sunglasses weren't provided to her for free? How do we know how much they really make?

    And those TV appearances. How do we know they weren't already scheduled prior to the rag mags stories on Jon?

    I do question her choice to keep the show going on at this time, but, again, I don't know the facts. Were they legally obligated to do another season? I just don't know.

    All I can do is just hope for the best for the family.

  43. That's another point. People critisize Kate for wanting the show to go on, but how does anyone know what the Gosselin's contract with TLC is? If she decided tomorrow that she didn't want to do the show anymore, they'd likely still be obligated legally to continue out the duration of their TLC contracts.

    P.S. I think the 73,000 an episode is rumor unless you are Jon,Kate or TLC. Unless you are the Gosselins, their accountant, lawyer or work for TLC, you don't know how much they make.

  44. I wanted to congratulate you on your site relaunch and for continuing to being a positive voice in the blogosphere for this family. Thank you so much for your support in my efforts to promote 24/7 prayer coverage for them on my blog. At least a couple days ago, that coverage was established! Praise God!

  45. I would just like to see Jon and Kate focus on their family mission. After watching many of these episodes this weekend I kept thinking of the mission statement they prepared. Hang in there Jon and Kate, many married couples go through the storm, and make it through with lessons learned. Ignore the taboids and examine your heart. Keep God in your marriage and things will appear much clearer.

  46. Thanks for the clarification on the number of episodes. I had no idea it was that many!

  47. I love the Gosselin family. I think they are inspirational. The kids are too adorable.. it was fun to watch them grow up.. I hope nothing but the best for them.

  48. Looking forward to the new episode/season. Love the new site Babymama!

  49. This isn't working, it's a train wreck. I hope this young couple get their lives in perspective and get back to taking care of their marriage and their children.

  50. Dear Jon & Kate,

    I have only recently started watching your show. I happened to be at a relatives home when I saw your last series there, so I popped it in. You can basically say I was hooked. What intrigued me the most was your acknowledgment of God. I began watching and came under the assumption that you are Christians. Maybe I am wrong, but if not, you really need to think about some things. Before I get into that let me tell you a few things about me. I am a mother of 3 beautiful boys. My youngest was born with Hypo-plastic Left heart, meaning he was only born with the right side of his heart. His last surgery was February 11th of this year. I don't have eight children, but I am well aware of what a stressful time can do to a marriage. I have never had to face the media and there relentless actions to destroy all that God has called good. So far I have never had to face the questions of an affair. Right now my marriage is on the rocks. I have done an enormous amount of thinking and praying and I would like to share that with you both. 1st, 52% of professing Christians end up divorced! Why is that? When God created man, he gave him a woman. God ordained marriage. God has given so many ways he has planned a Godly marriage to look like. He has gave many promises to marriage. Jesus him self made it very clear that there should never be divorces. Right now I can not say I love my husband, but I can say I love God and that I want to be obedient to Him. God makes it very clear that He can heal broken marriages. Even if Jon did cheat, is that too bog for God to heal? What about forgiveness? What has God held against us? He gave His son for us, all we need to do is acknowledge him and repent. Why can we ask for forgiveness and yet not be willing to give it as freely as we receive it? I am here with my husband not because of love for him, but because of love for God. That and the fact that I know God for one can heal this marriage and take it to a level that only He can take it to, and for 2, I know that by honoring God as He commands us to, He will honor the fact that I chose to be obedient to Him. Jon & Kate, a marriage is like a job, you have to work at it everyday. Life is not easy. Jesus tells us that we will have trails and tribulations, but be of good cheer because He has overcome the world.

    My heart broke tonight as I watched you. I know the pain of not knowing where you marriage stands. Now is the time to step back and give it to God. If we as Christians choose to stand and not run when things get tough, if we choose to stand on God's word and not our feelings, not our emotions, not our understanding, we can beat the odds. 1 Corinthians 13 tells us what love is. The end of the passage it says love never fails. You two love each other, yes you are going through a lot. Think back to when you got married, how much you loved one another. Remember how you knew you would be together for life. Remember the passion and fire and fight you were willing to put into to make it work. Have that same passion and commitment now and watch how God can save your marriage.

    Kate I know you love your children more than life. I do as well, but God calls us to our husbands first and foremost. We can never be a better mother than we are a wife. God is a God of order. Him, your husband, then your children. Also remember this, your teaching your kids everything. What joy it would be if you showed your children how to love. Kate your daughters can learn how to be the Godly wives we were called to be and Jon, you can teach your sons to be the Godly men God called them to be. No relationship is perfect and we screw up in front of our kids, how blessed is it when we can come to each other and our kids and with humility ask for forgiveness.

    Don't give up. Fight this fight. You say you believe in God. Show this dieing unbelieving world how amazing God is and how powerful He is, how merciful He is. His grace, His forgiveness.

    I will keep you both in my prayers.
    Love in Christ Jesus,
    Leeanne White

  51. I'm just confused as to why so many people are siding with Kate's brother Kevin and sister in law Jodi? Why would anyone find anything that comes out of their mouths trustworthy? How can you be someones brother and claim you love them and their family and the talk about their private affairs so openly? I think all this came about simply bc they are peeeved off about being axed from the show. They can sugarcoat it all they want and say "we are doing this to protect the kids" but if that were true they would have tried to speak to Jon and Kate behind closed doors and not aired their "dirty laundry" all over the media. Although like I said I dont believe a word they say anyway.

    Also it seems to me like Kate is starting to believe Jon did cheat on her even though he says he did not. Maybe she needs to think about the accusations that were made about her and the bodyguard and how she says they were untrue and see how easily the media runs with the tiniest thing and blows it up. I understand he has 8 kids at home and being seen at parties and bars is not the greatest thing ever but sometimes people just need to get out and blow off some steam. Also adults can have plutonic friends. Why does it suddenly have to be an affair because you are hanging out with a member of the opposite sex? My best friend is a guy.

    I know, being myself a stay at home mom, that its not easy to be the one that is home all the time and you do start to get a little resentful. Sometimes you just wish you had something that is just for you and yours alone. I think Jon needs to get a part time Job or a really big hobbie. He needs some sort of an outlet so that he has something for him. Once you begin being defined as just a mom or dad you lose yourself a little. ITs great being a parent but people naturally need to have adult interaction and something that they themselves can own

  52. I thought last night's show was 'gut wrenching". I loved seeing the kids but the tension was thick enough to cut with a knife. I hope you will seek in on or off the air....whichever has a better chance of succeeding. I pray for you all.

  53. I highly doubt that Dior would give Kate Gosselin free merchandise. Angelina Jolie, yes. Anne Hathaway, yes Kate Gosselin, no. Not saying that Kate is any lesser than these women, because she definitely is not. But due to the fact that I have had experience in the fashion industry, they tend to give free items to A-list celebrities who would be able to promote their merchandise say, at a premiere, or at a party. Kate does not fit into that spectrum, not at all. Now, I am not saying that there is anything wrong with buying a nice pair of sunglasses. I have more designer handbags and shoes and sunglasses than I can count. However, don't yell at your husband for buying a showerhead without a coupon and tell him that he is "never allowed to buy anything in this house again." Kate's words. I am not a naysayer nor do I hate Kate at all. I am just saying that Kate needs to practice what she preaches. She comes off a bit hypocritical. And that came from my husband who watched the show for 5 minutes at the most with me.

    Kate tries to portray a certain image on her show. No one should be surprised or accuse me of lying, because it's a TV show. It's what has to be done. If you're going to reach a certain audience type, you need to appeal to that audience. Hello, it's called show business. Reality tv or not. This is the business of TV and in order to make money, they need to do this. Nothing wrong with it by any means. But please don't be so naive as to think that what you see is what you get. At the end of the day, it's a TV show, and they need ratings and money. Once again, let me reiterate, that I do not hate Kate and I do not get my information from hate sites. I know better than that.

  54. What I can't understand if how people can't wrap their brains around the fact that they say she is money hungry when all these "nurses" and "Family members" are telling lies to tabloids for MONEY!!! They don't do it for FREE! Kevin and Jodi DISGUST ME GREATLY FOR THIS. No wonder Kate didn't trust them the more money you get the more problems you get. I find it odd when they were struggling and poor people loved them but now that they have money ANY and EVERYONE is turning on them. Those children are healthy happy and extremely well behaved. This media crap needs to end. As soon as some other "Celebrity" does something major the parasite media will leach onto that and hopefully leave this family alone. Discussing divorce online when they have 9-year-old daughters who I'm sure is hearing this from class mates. I applaud Kate and always will be from DAY ONE she has said this was all for her children. Jon can't even keep a job so if she didn't sign up for this show then what? They'd still be in that bad situation they were in depending on back stabbing contradicting family members. Who if they have no contact with how are they able to know all this? I don't care what they get for free either none of our business. I can't believe this is even a big debate. Anyone with half a brain wouldn't believe a rag mag like Us Weekly. So what she talks to Jon "mean" is he a baby? Probably 95% of the women in this world argue and fight with the men in their lives. Jon isn't so nice either yet they show was always meant to make her the villain. Like I read somewhere else if they (Kate) are guilty of selling their children as a product them we including the media are guilty of buying. I'm sure the twins and sextuplets will not complain when they have presents under the tree and the option of choosing whatever college they wish to attend. Instead of staying in that smaller house they had when they would all be teenagers and cramped and struggling. I would never want to take food out of children’s mouths which is what the media is essentially trying to do all the while gaining financially themselves by selling garbage lying magazines. I don’t maybe a different and have a higher level of intelligence then most who hate both Jon and Kate.

  55. Also if Kate wasn't an attractive woman none of this would even gain attention. Her face sells magazines. If it were the mother from Table of 12 - NO ONE WOULD CARE. Leave them alone please.

  56. Kate was not Angela Krall's employer. The State of PA was her employer. The Gosselins never paid her. Also, the picture on the front of US was taken after the tups were born. Yes, it is an unfair "before" picture to use as she had just been pregnant with six babies, but she was not still pregnant just to set it straight. For such a big fan you don't exactly have your facts straight.

  57. Regarding Kate's #1 priority being money: 1.) I don't believe this is the case and 2.) SOMEBODY in that family needs to be motivated to support them.

    I feel Jon is very unmotivated. He is a college dropout. He stated on Mondays show that he has "always worked" which in fact has not been the case with him. And now that Kate is out there (very successfully) bringing in a lucrative salary for the family, he is again not happy.

    He states that he was married at 22, had twins at 24 and sextuplets at 27. It almost sounds as though he is rationalizing wanting to sow his wild oats now. Not acceptable for a man in his 30's with 8 children.

    Anyhow, my point is that I believe Kate to be the stronger of the two and sees this as her opportunity to make money to ensure their financial security. If she relies on Jon to do this, they may end up in a shelter.

    Regarding Kevin and Jodi, I am SO DISAPPOINTED in them. If they TRULY cared about this family, WHY are they not dealing with them in a respectful fashion, rather than speaking horribly about them to Radar Online? Horrible. I used to adore Jodi but that has completely changed.

    I do see that Kate has, over the years, not been as nice to Jon as she should have been. However, it was refreshing to see her blatant honesty on Monday in admitting this fact.

    I also agree with the writer who said that she is persecuted because of her looks. People are envious of her and people are also frustrated that she doesn't fit the stereotypical impish wife role. Why are strong women seen in a negative light. I feel at this point that she can no longer win and no matter how she portrays herself, what she does, or what she says, will be twisted to show her as a monster.

    I hope they can find happiness, as this is what they deserve. Perhaps a life of quiet and solitude might be good once finances have been secured. I wish the naysayers would use all of the negative energy in a more productive fashion and let Jon and Kate live their lives however they choose.

  58. I am honestly confused. I mean this with all sincerity though, so please understand that.

    You keep posting about people selling out to the tabloids for cash [the nurse, the brother/sil, etc.] but isn't it a bit hypocritical when the Gosselin family, especially the children, are on TV for the same exact thing, cash?

    I only ask because Mrs. Gosselin says repeatedly that the "Show is their life, their life is the show" and the family has benefitted enormously by exploiting every single aspect of their lives [potty training, parental fighting, etc.].

    I am asking, in all sincerity, what exactly is the difference? I promise I have an open mind but I don't see the difference, only the hypocrisy in calling out anyone that takes money for exposing the Gosselins, when the Gosselins themselves have been doing it for five seasons.

    Please don't flame me - I really don't understand. [PS - the new site is lovely :) ]

  59. I am sorry but how is Kate a monster? In Canada we have 2 people who kidnapped and killed a little girl. THEY ARE MONSTERS!! This is a woman who is a mother of eight precious children. We really need to keep things in perspective.

  60. Though I have started seeing this show recently I am huge fan. The kids are absolutely adorable and so cute.
    I really believe that no one is perfect. Situations make people do certain things, after all we all are humans not God. So, it is natural for us to make mistakes. But we must remember to learn from our mistakes. It hurts me to see those little kids going through all this at their age. From the depths of my heart I genuinely believe that they should work out their differences and put their relationship and kids as their top priority. And leave everything else to time. No matter what they should be a happy family forever. God bless them.

  61. I missed whomever said that Kate was a monster? Who would say that, here on a fansite? Could you point it out SMK?