Sunday, July 10, 2011

Fans Happy Kate Gosselin's On Twitter, Twist of Kate after Kate Plus 8? Plus New Spokesperson For AB Champ!

Hello Gosselin fans! Between 2 back-to-back weddings followed by a nice mini vacation, I'm so happy to be back on my site! That's one of the things about Summer, time flies, kids are home, works a grind. It's so nice to be able to come to a site and see familiar friends to talk to! I know the Casey Anthony Trial has become such a depressing hot topic, and just like Kate Tweeted, us mommies are just devastated over the guilty verdict. Justice was not served for little Caylee...And it was a hard thing to segway onto this page as I always like to keep this site positive. But all thoughts on the trial are always welcomed here. And as always I appreciate the support for this site, and hope that you will join us and comment soon! xoxo BM

Kate Gosselin: Star of 'Kate Plus 8' talks show on DVD --

The star of the hit TLC show, Kate Plus 8, Kate Gosselin now has an official Twitter account, and fans are thrilled over the fact that she has been answering the questions that fans have been asking her. Gosselin has attained a huge amount of fans thanks to the show, and Jon and Kate Plus 8 as well. There is no doubt that she also garnered fans during her time on Dancing with the Stars. According to a new update via the popular social network, Gosselin answered a question, and revealed that the new season of the show will likely be released on DVD at some point.

Gosselin answered the fan via Twitter, explaining: "@JeanneKaye IDK. Once a season is filmed and aired the DVD comes out. So it will be a while for season 6 to be on DVD I'd imagine." The follower asked Gosselin: "I have all seasons of j & K plus8, will new show be on dvd anytime soon? @Kateplusmy8"

Kate Gosselin continues to have loyal fans that tune in whenever there is a new episode of Kate Plus 8 to watch. Fans were a bit shocked when she and Jon Gosselin divorced, but they are happy over the fact that the show continued despite everything that took place. Do you follow Kate Gosselin on Twitter? If so, has Gosselin ever answered one of your questions? Are you a fan of Kate Plus 8? Do you look forward to watching the season of the show?

Kate Gosselin Hints at New TV Project on Extra TV--'Twist of Kate?':

Kate Gosselin was dropping hints on Thursday about "doing something else in TV." Is she involved in some new TV project her fans are unaware of, or could this be the TV series Twist of Kate, that is still under wraps? According to Extra, Kate--already into the second season of her reality TV's Kate Plus 8--feels she has what it takes to stay on TV, regardless of where that mind wind up being. As to whether or not it will involve yet another season of Kate Plus 8 or perhaps Twist of Kate--she believes she'll wind up somewhere on people's TV screens. "If it's not this show, I hope to be doing something else in TV. I've been given the gift of gab, so why not use it," Kate Gosselin says.

Could this mean that Kate Plus 8 is about to run its course, and that TLC is in fact looking for a new mode through which Kate Gosselin can appease her fan base? The whole idea behind Twist of Kate sort of came and went a few months ago, with little to nothing said about it since then. Perhaps it will finally emerge from behind closed doors and grace the air waves with yet another facet of Kate and her eight little Gosselins? It will certainly be interesting to see what becomes of Kate Gosselin in the next few months. If Kate Plus 8 doesn't survive, will TLC or another network give her another chance? Perhaps she would do better in another format. Fans were so used to seeing Jon and Kate Plus 8, that maybe some don't care for the new show sans Jon Gosselin.

What do you think? Will viewers soon be watching Twist of Kate? Will Kate Plus 8 go off the air? Will Kate Gosselin come back in an entirely different kind of TV show?

Kate Gosselin New Spokesperson for Ab Champ (at the 2:00 & 5:40 mark) & Extra Interview!