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Fans Happy Kate Gosselin's On Twitter, Twist of Kate after Kate Plus 8? Plus New Spokesperson For AB Champ!

Hello Gosselin fans! Between 2 back-to-back weddings followed by a nice mini vacation, I'm so happy to be back on my site! That's one of the things about Summer, time flies, kids are home, works a grind. It's so nice to be able to come to a site and see familiar friends to talk to! I know the Casey Anthony Trial has become such a depressing hot topic, and just like Kate Tweeted, us mommies are just devastated over the guilty verdict. Justice was not served for little Caylee...And it was a hard thing to segway onto this page as I always like to keep this site positive. But all thoughts on the trial are always welcomed here. And as always I appreciate the support for this site, and hope that you will join us and comment soon! xoxo BM

Kate Gosselin: Star of 'Kate Plus 8' talks show on DVD --

The star of the hit TLC show, Kate Plus 8, Kate Gosselin now has an official Twitter account, and fans are thrilled over the fact that she has been answering the questions that fans have been asking her. Gosselin has attained a huge amount of fans thanks to the show, and Jon and Kate Plus 8 as well. There is no doubt that she also garnered fans during her time on Dancing with the Stars. According to a new update via the popular social network, Gosselin answered a question, and revealed that the new season of the show will likely be released on DVD at some point.

Gosselin answered the fan via Twitter, explaining: "@JeanneKaye IDK. Once a season is filmed and aired the DVD comes out. So it will be a while for season 6 to be on DVD I'd imagine." The follower asked Gosselin: "I have all seasons of j & K plus8, will new show be on dvd anytime soon? @Kateplusmy8"

Kate Gosselin continues to have loyal fans that tune in whenever there is a new episode of Kate Plus 8 to watch. Fans were a bit shocked when she and Jon Gosselin divorced, but they are happy over the fact that the show continued despite everything that took place. Do you follow Kate Gosselin on Twitter? If so, has Gosselin ever answered one of your questions? Are you a fan of Kate Plus 8? Do you look forward to watching the season of the show?

Kate Gosselin Hints at New TV Project on Extra TV--'Twist of Kate?':

Kate Gosselin was dropping hints on Thursday about "doing something else in TV." Is she involved in some new TV project her fans are unaware of, or could this be the TV series Twist of Kate, that is still under wraps? According to Extra, Kate--already into the second season of her reality TV's Kate Plus 8--feels she has what it takes to stay on TV, regardless of where that mind wind up being. As to whether or not it will involve yet another season of Kate Plus 8 or perhaps Twist of Kate--she believes she'll wind up somewhere on people's TV screens. "If it's not this show, I hope to be doing something else in TV. I've been given the gift of gab, so why not use it," Kate Gosselin says.

Could this mean that Kate Plus 8 is about to run its course, and that TLC is in fact looking for a new mode through which Kate Gosselin can appease her fan base? The whole idea behind Twist of Kate sort of came and went a few months ago, with little to nothing said about it since then. Perhaps it will finally emerge from behind closed doors and grace the air waves with yet another facet of Kate and her eight little Gosselins? It will certainly be interesting to see what becomes of Kate Gosselin in the next few months. If Kate Plus 8 doesn't survive, will TLC or another network give her another chance? Perhaps she would do better in another format. Fans were so used to seeing Jon and Kate Plus 8, that maybe some don't care for the new show sans Jon Gosselin.

What do you think? Will viewers soon be watching Twist of Kate? Will Kate Plus 8 go off the air? Will Kate Gosselin come back in an entirely different kind of TV show?

Kate Gosselin New Spokesperson for Ab Champ (at the 2:00 & 5:40 mark) & Extra Interview!


  1. BabyMama, thanks for the fresh scent of pound cake and Cool Whip..Funny--that's what we're having with strawberries!! :) I found a new pound cake recipe that doesn't include shortening. It's a little lighter than the usual recipe.

    I will watch Kate in whatever format the show's in. I'm getting used to Jon not being on the show and that's okay. It even took me awhile to get used to the new house.

    I wish the best for Kate and the kids in whatever path the show takes.

  2. I think ratings issues have more to do with poor advertising, lack of continuity in the season and poor choice of time slot for the show. Truthfully I would have liked it if Jon could have stayed on the show, but it wasn't meant to be. I would have LOVED to see them take the kids to Disney World, splitting up with smaller groups and staying in separate hotel rooms or something, but it wasn't meant to be and it doesn't make me like what is any less. One thing I'd like to see kate venture into is creating baby and child care products based on adapting things that have worked for her. An example would be a high chair similar to hers that is easy to clean and can be bought in a regular store or an easy to push stroller with plenty of storage. She could sure do it.

  3. Love ya Corrina & Tashapork! Feel the same way! Many fans have asked her on Twitter why there is absolutely no advertising, episodes all over the place ect. I know the fans will know when it's on, but how about everyone else? When the hater herd goes on and on about numbers I'm shocked. Shed lucky she gets the numbers she does when no one knows when she's on. Kate hustles on shows like Extra but other than that thats it.

    I wish that the episodes weren't so sparaticso that people know when to time in. well other than reading it here of course! ;)

  4. Also--I wonder why there are few to no reruns any more?

  5. Had Jon behaved appropriately and their divorce had been based on other factors other than adultery, I'd have been fine with Jon being on the show on occassion.

    But taking into consideration the stunts he pulled and his attacks against Kate, no I don't want to see his mug on the show ever again.

  6. I agree...since TLC got this new president..whatever her name is...they have done a terrible job of helping to promote the show.

    They are all over Cake Boss to the point Im gettin totally wacked over seein his mug & all the excessive commercials promoting that show!

    And yet they do zilch for Kate! In fact, she is having to hustle & promote show herself w/lots of radio interviews & promotional stuff on tabloid media sites!

    I have started sending tweets out 2 promote the show on Kate's twitter w/@TLC in the tweet 2 let them know we fans are promoting it more than they are!

    I'd personally like to see the show continue for a few more years. The kids are now so talkative and still incredibly cute! I'm still amazed at Kate's parenting skills and organizational abilities.

    Twist of Kate is such a mystery! Kate tweeted about a couple of months ago that it was still in the works...and she ended the tweet with "I promise!" So that sounded pretty definite.

    Octomon Naydeya Suleman (spelling ???) had an altercation on airplane w/some other actress about her kids acting up and making other passengers uncomfortable. Then she apparently make some smart remark back 2 actress. She went on to say she is making her living now by boxing!!!

    I different Kate is and how much better behaved Kate's kids have always been. It's a testament to who and what kind of parent Kate is! I'll watch & support Kate thru whatever media work she does!

  7. Baby Mama - I found this channel on youtube which has some of the new episodes of Kate plus 8, you may want to put them here on the blog ;)

  8. Hi all. Home now from a long work week out of town. We're all exhausted and glad to be home! Stopped to buy fresh peaches on the way home; kids are asking for homemade peach ice cream tomorrow.
    Interesting new post, Baby Mama!
    IMO Kate's #'s are remarkable considering the ever changing date and frequency of show along with very little publicity and promotion.

  9. Hard to believe but the local "paper" there actually posted something that didn't start out bashing Kate. Didn't take the two fruit loop loonies long to post there.

    They obviously spend 24/7 consumed with Kate & negativity.

  10. Oh my LindaO..a positive article on Kate! Will have to check that one out! Very seldom Kate gets a break..especially from the yokels!

    Im tryin to find pics of someone that was spotted at LAX that was purported to be Kate with new hair cut? Anyone know where that was?

    Kate got on twitter right away and cleared it up that it was NOT her!

    Haters are gettin bolder and bolder with rash ugly comments. They have taken to coming after me last couple of nites. LOL Taken a few for the team...diversion on me and off of Kate! are whining about getting out to go to ball practice. this heat! But they don't seem to mind a bit...oh, to be young again!

  11. Good afternoon everyone! OMG is it a hot one today! My cousin is in Disney right now with her family.. I'm so jealous!

    Jacqueline~ I missed you! Hope all is well! Thank you for the link I'll look at it and put some on hopefully soon!

    ZiggyFlo~ I agree 100% I'm sorry I have never seen anyone attack Jon more than the vicious attacks against Kate. We offer our opinions with respect vs. What the haters do!

    Linda~ I missed you! How was work? Thanks for the link! Did you hear the stupid mistake made? They thought Kate Gosselin was at LAX this mooring with her hair chopped and the trolls were all over it. Turns out Kate tweeted it wasn't her and they had to pull all the pics & the post. apparently it was Jennie Garth or something. Do they not know what Kate looks like?

  12. Firedup4kate~ seems Kate really likes your posts on twitter! You go girl! ;)

  13. BabyMama- Work was hard, long, hot!!!

    Yea, funny about CelebrityGossip. I sent an email early and said it wasn't Kate! They went on about how tired she looked, etc. So funny!!!

  14. I've gotten the biggest chuckle from emails about one site that is going on and on and on AGAIN about Kate's shorts and heels. Do these people never look at any fashion magazines, stores, etc.?

    Personally, I like sandals with shorts but that's just me!

    I got two online ads and flyers in the mail yesterday and every one of them had shorts paired with ... you guessed it ... heels!!! The Macy's online ad alone had 136 shorts outfits and in every single one of them the model was wearing heels: skinny heels, very high wedge espadrilles, gladiator strap high heels, etc.

    Who the heck are these morons who keep harping on the heels? Are they just dumb? Oh wait ... I get it, they have nobody in their lives that gives a hoot about them so they must spend their lives with every single breath attacking a woman they don't know.

  15. LindaO...remember we are talkin about the hater herd...cows in heels just don't work 4 me! LOL

    I guess you saw how I got myself in trouble again on Kate's twitter...created an uproar just because I tweeted Diane Sawyer about bullyin & referenced how well Kate dealt with it!

    The herd stampeeded and descended on me all day long! I know Kate was afraid to show up after that...I kidded her about leavin me all alone to deal with stompin cows! LOL

    Then they got themselves in a tizzy over Kate apparently promoting some exercise equipment. Leave it to the haters to find any tidbit of news about Kate...they truly stalk her every move!

    Thank you BabyMama for at least sayin hello to me last nite. I felt like the lone ranger on twitter...very few fans were on there last nite!

    Sometimes I think fans are afraid to even drop a comment because they know they will be attacked! Sad reality...but we all just need to develop thick skin like Kate & be there & support her irregardless of the herd! LOL

  16. FiredUp, I agree about the problem of people not wanting to start up the attacks by making a simple comment. The attacks come from things you would never even consider. One day I was having a fun Twitter conversation with some ladies about Jon moving to a house. Since I love shows like House Hunters, going to open houses, fantasizing about house remodeling and such that I'd some day like to have done, I made a couple of links for some inexpensive rental houses in the Reading area in fun and then I got off and carried on with my day. Later, when I got back, I felt so bad because the other wonderful ladies were left with a huge attack of the hater bees that we were attacking Jon's right to choose where to live, we had no right to suggest that a larger home might make the kids more comfortable, and on and on and on. Other times. It doesn't do any good to reason with them

  17. tashapork-I bet the hater bees were the same ones who, when Kate said that she hadn't been able to find a rental on Bald Head Island this year, went searching real estate listings and accused her of being a liar because they found 9, IIRR, listings. Of course, there's no indication that they took into account little things like size, layout, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, access to the beach, security (including not having snooping reporters with too much time on their hands while visiting family put them under surveillance). In hater land, what is sauce for the gander is grounds for public flogging of the goose.

  18. Hello Everyone! Firedup4Kate~ I always try to get on Twitter at least once a day to show my support in some way. Please always feel free to say hi ;)

    As you can see, everyone is talking about Kate's new spokesperson gig. Funny I don't see one troll talking about how amazing she looks. Hopefully we will he some of that sucking pride swallowing soon! lol

    just been very busy. But I'm always here and hope you all tell me your thoughts on this!

  19. Peggy you could be right, I've seen that double standard a lot with the bees. I do wonder though if maybe Kate's show has "backfired" on her a little in the sense that the episodes there were soo good that a lot of other families have been inclined to go there for their vacations. LOL and BaldHead has gotten great advertising out of it. The bees also don't consider Kate's schedule either, she has a lot of other obligations and can probably only go certain weeks.

  20. Can our mother of 8 look any "hotter"! LOL Hater herd can wear their heels & pearl necklaces & never come close to lookin like Kate! Moo Moo! Step over your cow-patties girls!

    The lady swimmer..oh forgive me, don't recall her name...LOL name recognition...that's one reason she got Kate! Anyway, this 41 yr. old swimmer sure has to be someone that Kate can admire for her drive and determination.

    Kate's getting back into shape as she has will always be a marvel. With 8 kids 2 deal with every day, she could easily get tired, lazy and get back into bad eatin habits. She's a heck of a good spokes person for this lady & her machine!

    Does anyone know if Kate will make any residual money off of machines sold?

  21. I love the way Kate is wearing her hair in the infomercial!

  22. Baby Mama - Thank you for posting the interview and the infomercial. I had not seen either of them.

  23. Good morning everyone & welcome Kris! Yeah the infomercial is pretty typical but Kate looks great. Why the trolls are trying to call her out on is stupid. Why is she not able to have other exercise machines as well? Because she's a spokesperson she has to love ONLY that one? Ridiculous, a gig is a gig, she looks great, get over it.

    What I want to know is, who got the info that Kate and the kids spent 2 days filming at Mount Ryshmore? how did that come about? Now that's something that would be fun to see! Any truth to it?

  24. Ohh and after all these weeks, I still cannot use Internet Explorer to post. could you believe it? I can get on and create posts but can't comment. It's the craziest thing. does anyone have that problem? I can only use my iPad or go on FIrefox. It's annoying. I've had such problems with IE that I'm completely going to Firefox. I really like it! was just wondering after all this time if anyone was still having the same problem.. Lol

  25. I hope she took them to mount Rushmore, it is soo neat up there. She's got a lot of Amusement parks in the area to take them to also, even though it's a challenge.
    I had misery with IE back when I first started coming to this blog. I lost soo many posts it wasn't funny. I use Google Chrome

  26. firedup the typical contract when you are a spokesperson for a product is that you will receive and upfront amount agreed to by both parties and usually the spokesperson like Kate would get a set amount each and every time the commercial airs. The more the commercial is shown the more residuals you make. It can make the person a nice sum of money. I had a couple I was friends with did a commercial for Tide some years back and that's how the wife described to me on how they got paid. Of course I would never ask something personal like how much were they making but if you go by their lifestyle before the commercial and after a year or so with the commercial still running a number of times a day they definitely made some good money as they could afford a larger home and new vehicles. They have eight children and the husband owned his own pool cleaning business which isn't typically very lucrative and the wife was a stay at home mom so there's no doubt that filming that commercial did help the family financially and I say good for them. Every time the commercial aired which was quite a bit I was thrilled for them they were able to financially support their family a little more comfortably. The parents and the children are such a wonderful family.

  27. Waving hello to all the Kate + 8 fans.

    BabyMama - Thanks for posting the infomercial. Kate looks awesome. So glad she is still given opportunities to make money. So sad the haters are so consumed with hate they have to spew negativity about everything Kate does.

  28. Lexxi - Several years ago before his death, Billy Myers aka Oxyclean spokesperson, and his partner did a show looking for new items to pitch. One person whose items they choose to pitch and was very sucessful got a cut from how much was sold. The more sold, the more the person made. So there is also that potential aspect as to how money is earned from infomericals.

    Of course, none of us know exactly how Kate is being paid for this, but how ever it is, I hope she makes tons and tons and tons of money.

  29. Re the infomercial - Other than the fact that for some folks, if Kate said "what a beautiful blue sky" and their comeback would be "WTH! She didn't mention clouds in the sky or jet trails, or how blue it was!" Their thinking is flawed to say the least!

    Kate is talking about her abs here. Not her overall fitness program. She says it is a part of her fitness routine. She never said it is the ONLY thing she uses to keep fit. In addition to running, bicycling, treadmill, swimming, etc., many people use other methods to target specific areas.

    Those naysayers are just talking potato heads! You know, not much inside, lol!

    They DEMAND that Kate pursue other options excluding the kids. Every time she does, they trash her on it.

    I'd like to DEMAND they get a brain or DEMAND they get a life! I realize that making demands of them requiring cogent thought is useless... Just as useless as their demands of Kate.

  30. Waving to Ziggy, Lexxi, Gee Whiz, firedup, Jacque, tashapork, Peggy, Corrina, BabyMama and Kris ~ ~ ~ ~
    Baby Mama - I'm still getting the occasional email about problems with IE. I'm hearing the same things on two other blogs about problems with IE. (That's blog on gardening and one on cooking.) I just recommend people use FireFox, Chrome, or Safari; or on a mobile you might try to use Opera.

    I only use IE when I am checking client info and using each of the different browsers to see how info will display. Even before the latest problems my concern with IE was security issues.

  31. I miss having CMo3 post! I'll be glad when she gets home from Girl Scout Camp. In the meantime, don't forget to vote for her blog! xoxoxo

    Okay, I'm off to work now. xoxo

  32. Even if Kate didn't use the product, she certainly wouldn't be the first celeb to sell a product they don't actually use. She provided a service (speaking on the product) and in return they paid her for that service. I'll assume it's a new product so of course it would be new to her routine (if she's using it). Are the haters going on blogs complaining that Bruce Jenner didn't use this product when he was training back in the 70's? lol Their main gripe is she puts the kids on tv for $$. Well the kids aren't in this so stop griping for heaven's sake! <> lol

  33. Right and furthermore, like she would expect people to believe that she only used the ab product. Hello, she often talks about running on twitter, in her blog (remember the one where she talked about the things she found along the road on her runs?), and how many zillions of tabloid pics are there of her running? You are all right, they just hate her, no matter what.

  34. I had never heard of an AB Champ before now, so at least Kate doing the infomerical is getting it talked about which will help the product. The haters are doing Kate's work for her.

  35. Happy Summer everyone,
    I am in the middle of holidays and thought I would say hello so that the haters don't think Baby Mama is losing posts. LOL.

    Love the post. So interesting how the comment is always - the Gosselin run is over. The viewership is down. People have moved on.

    In my opinion, I am shocked that the ratings stay high. TLC does a poor job promoting the show and it isn't on consistently.

    The fans and Kate definitely keep the show going and there is definitely no desire for it to end.

    Way to go Baby Mama and Kate.

    A quick hello to everyone else. I hope you get a bit of a break and enjoy this beautiful weather.

  36. Hey fascinated!!! Great to hear from you! Hope your holidays are wonderful!

  37. Thanks Linda,

    They are going well. I should have also also said that in addition to your posts, I extend my deep appreciation for the constant vigilence you have for this site and fixing blogger issues. It definitely doesn't go unnoticed.

  38. I finally got the ab video to work. Kate looks and sounds great!

  39. Good morning everyone! Peggy so sorry about the video not working, so glad you got to see it! Ive been working hard and had my daughters camp carnival last night so yes, I was a little MIA..But back now with a vengeance!

    I promise to have a new post up at some point today but until then please feel free to continue here. Whats everyone doing on this hot Saturday? xo

  40. Happy Saturday to all! We only have a high of 84 today so almost cool, lol. (Well, due back up to 95 on Monday.)

    We're doing our mid-summer "clearing" here. The top to bottom, clean out the closet, clean out the shelves. Bagging up all out of sie shoes, clothes, toys, etc. so we can take to Goodwill and the Church's clothes closet on Monday. Gotta do it now since in a few days short of a month our kids will be back in school.

    I just can't see buying back to school clothes and having them shoved into closets with clothes that are too small or that I know they'll never wear again.

    Monday is our top to bottom cleaning day... you know when you take everything out of pantry, cabinets, etc. and scrub, wipe, re-line, etc. Also Monday is trash pick up day so timing is perfect to get rid of all those games that nobody plays anymore or that are missing a crucial place.

    The reward is the anticipation of a Sunday filled with a day trip the kids voted for. Amazing how much faster everybody works when there's that old "carrot dangling on the end of a string."

  41. Happy Happy Saturday to you!!

    This morning I saw the AB Champ infomercial on TLC (early). Kate did a great job and looks fantastic.

    Today we're waiting for company and then will take the kids to the county fair and maybe a movie later. It just stopped raining and the temperature's expected to be in the mid 90's to 100 over the next week or so. Flowers and garden are doing great.

  42. Linda, you are soo right about cleaning the closets, an added benifit is that when you shop, you have a much clearer picture of what they actually need. Tweens won't for instance say, oh I already have 10 pairs of jeans if they see one they like. It's why I like to do a freezer cleaning before I do a major Costco shop. If during pantry cleaning, I notice food that looks like it will expire before we get to it, I get it to the food bank so someone can enjoy it before it does.

  43. tashapork - We have clean closets, lol. What a chore and it's not a favorite, for sure!!! Cleaned out mine too, lol, mom's need to shop also.

  44. Sounds like Kate and the 8 are having a wonderful trip seeing Yellowstone & Mt. Rushmore! That is such an experience! I wonder if they'll also do the Badlands and Sedona?

    How many of you have seen Mt. Rushmore? I had no idea the scale of how big they really are until seeing them in person. Yellowstone is a great learning experience for kids also.

    The Gosselin kids are so fortunate to have these experiences! Go Kate! Xoxo

  45. I saw Mount Rushmore a couple of years ago and it was awesome and a lot of education to it. One neat tidbit is that Carrie Ingalls lived and ran a printing press in Keystone, which is the little town that Mount Rushmore is right outside of. They also have some really neat gold mines that you can tour and try to pan a little yourself. We did a bucket list item when we were there and went on a helicopter ride. It was a little on the pricy and we are thankful that we were able to pull it off at the time, because the memories last a lifetime.

  46. Hello everyone! I'm exhausted but wanted to get some yummy fresh paper out today! Scent of the day is yummy apple pie. I had a peice of my aunts today and it was incredible! Enjoy!

    Feel free to talk about Kate's trip on the new post. Thanks!