Sunday, July 3, 2011

Kate Gosselin Relaxes Solo This July 4th, Vintage Jon & Kate Plus 8, New Episodes August 8th? When you think of Kate Gosselin, you automatically think of her eight children that are featured on their hit TLC series Kate Plus 8. But who is Kate without the children? This weekend, we are finding that out! Gosselin has been spending the Fourth of July weekend by herself and finding out what she really enjoys doing on her own.
Today is no different. The reality star mom woke up and immediately tweeted her plans for the day saying, “GM all! Just getting up! Glad to have a chance to sleep in! My list is very long today so I better get working! Have a great day!” We may have to wait to find out exactly what she does today, but sleeping in is definitely a winner in my book!

Kate Gosselin: 'Kate Plus 8' to return to TLC on August 8?

The fans of the hit TLC show, Kate Plus 8, which stars Kate Gosselin and her eight children, have been tuning in since her days on the former hit reality show, Jon and Kate Plus 8. The show has been a hit with the fans and viewers. Kate Gosselin is now on Twitter, she has over 19,000 followers on the popular social network, and the star has been interacting with her fans via the network, answering their questions and the like. According to a new tweet, Gosselin has revealed that the show will be making a return in August.
Kate Gosselin took to Twitter, answering the tweet of one of her followers writing: "@kassidy_baker We are! K+8 returns Monday aug 8 at 10pmEST TLC No worries! We aren't going anywhere!"
Fans are no doubt looking forward to watching the new episodes of the show when it returns to the network next month, and viewers are certain to continue to watch, as Gosselin has a large amount of fans that are looking forward to seeing what is ahead for the reality star.

"Vintage" Forth of July Jon & Kate Plus 8: What would you like to see them do next? Write us in the comments section!


  1. Love the old videos! I bet Kate was sad not having the kids home. But I'm hoping the kids are having fun with their dad. I may not care for his parenting but I do think it's important that they have a good relationship with him. Happy 4th!

  2. Hello Sugar! I agree 100%. I hope Kate gets to really enjoy her solo time and relax and do whatever she wants privately. It's so hard to watch these old shows now after all that has happened. But the kids were so cute..still are!

    I will start off with what I would like to see for new Gosselin episodes. Please can they go back to Disney? I would love to see them older enjoying it now. Kids don't appreciate I when they are little! What episodes would you like to see?

  3. I honestly would love to see Kate date lol! Her personality cracks me up. She doesn't always have the reaction to things that I would expect and I think that's what makes her funny. She has the ability to laugh at herself.
    I would also love to see them go back to Disney. The kids were so young when they went. They would love it even more now I'm sure.
    I like seeing them at home but I think it would be better for them to do some vacations throughout the year. Not tons, but enough to do a season and it would also give the kids a chance to travel and see the world.
    How funny would it be to see Kate in a country where they don't speak English? I think they would learn so much and I think Kate would have to go with the flow (which I think she is learning to do)
    What does everyone else think?

  4. Good Morning and Happy 4th!!

    It would be nice to see some Kate +8 reruns. They reran lots of shows when I first started watching in 2008. I look forward to another show of Kate answering viewer questions. Also, another trip to Disney would be great and so much fun for the kids.

  5. Happy 4th of July.

    Ahh, I am finally on holidays. Feels good. I will be in and out over the summer, but I will definitely be checking this site when I can.

    I would love to see Terri Erwin and family visit the Gosselins in the US.

  6. I agree that they need to do a Disney Trip, they even talked about it when they were little. It would be cool to see stuff from an older kid perspective. Also it would be cool if she would take them to Roloff farms during pumpkin season or if Matt Roloff would help her design a playspace for them.

  7. Oh these old clips do bring back memories! But as Kate tweeted herself...You can't go back & be bitter over the past...just have to look forward with a positive attitude!

    And that she does! Some times you can tell by her tweets that she gets lonely...I too would like to see a "love interest" for Kate. Would surely spice up her life! LOL

    I don't like the erractic type schedule TLC does with Kate Plus 8. They do a few shows....then nothing for a month or so...then they pick it back up...we get 3 episodes..then nothing now til August 8th! What kind of crazy programming is that?

    That erratic schedule is what causes loss of viewership in my mind! Of course, Kate tweeted that she has no say in programming!

    So as Kate says "we get what we get...and we don't get upset"! LOL

    Just staying here at the house today...hubby & kids are outside doin yard work...I better get my butt out there too...or they will be complainin! LOL Have a good one everybody!

  8. Have a great Fourth of July all of you folks in the US. xoxo

  9. I think it's nothing short of remarkable for Kate to have the viewership #'s for episodes that get pretty much no promotion from TLC. It says a lot for fans who keep checking, and checking, and checking to see when something will get an air date.

  10. Linda, ITA, especially since TLC has been showing a lot of shows lately that the K+8 crowd might not care for, so they may go a month without watching TLC and might not know about new shows unless for instance they coem on our blog.
    Maybe I am totally way off base, but sometimes I think that the spike in ratings from the K+8 divorce episodes caused TLC heads to move toward a shift in programming towards the extreme, controversial, and sensational. Shows like SisterWives, Sarah Palin's Alaska, and Toddlers and Tiarras fit that bill. Many people are drawn to that kind of sensationalism, they want to see Amber Portwood hit her boyfriend and go to jail, the problem is that the real Amber and her family have to pick up the pieces. It is different in a scripted show like a soap opera where Susan Lucci for instance goes home every night and leaves Erica Cane in the studio.

  11. I agree FiredUp with the programming issue. I don't watch every Monday night, because I don't always like what TLC has on.

    Having a few episodes here and there only confuses me as to when I should watch TLC, leading me to miss episodes. You cannot have reliable viewership when the program is on sporadically.

  12. Omg I love this episode!, this was one of the first episodes of Jon & Kate plus 8 I saw in my life.

  13. I agree too that TLC has programming issues. And sure don't understand their lack of promoting the show. It's not often that I watch TLC unless Kate is on.

    BabyMama--The old 4th of July episode sure brings back memories---was fun to watch and a little sad too. But Kate's not looking back and that's what matters. Thanks!

  14. Hello,Good morning.
    Sleep without a doubt is something that everyone likes,often do not want to sleep,
    but lifting is something that nobody wants to LOL.
    I think Kate likes to sleep because his life of mother and celebrity
    is difficult, and has eight children full of energy all day,poor Kate.

    I loved the nine words we women say (previous post)
    I laughed and agreed with they.
    I like it.


  15. LOL Debora & Jacque...You girls crack me up! So mature you seem to be for your age! You have common sense beyond your years and I always like how you put haters in their place!

    I watched these clips again and couldn't help but notice how impatient Jon was...barking at Kate early in the day. Also how he jerked the lil ones around trying to put them in line.

    Just those few examples showed his irritation with Kate and his children. Early signs of his not wanting to be there.

    Also on another note...I couldn't help but notice...Kate had a nice figure already back then. The stupidity of saying she had work done on her boobs seems so invasive of her as a mother!

    Also noted how Kate kept her cool thruout the day...even when leavin the parade and there were several melt downs! LOL Kate just tried to quickly move them along to get back to the car!

    I've always admired her organizational skills and her mothering of these 8 beautiful children!

  16. BabyMama dearest! Are you ever gonna let us fans know just a lil bit about what you and Kate DMed each other about when she followed you on twitter?

    Enquiring minds sure want to know! I know you've got an "Ace in the hole" on us! LOL!

  17. Firedup~ the trolls live and breathe hear trying to find out any little bit on their beloved Kate.. The one that they stalk and try to communicated with hourly. I would never ever give them the satisfaction of knowing anything. I'm just blessed that she followed me FIRST for a reason, and not any other person on any other fan site... ;)

    My heart is heavy with the verdict on the Casey Anthony trial today. The verdict was NOT GUILTY? How is that even possible? That this sorry excuse for a mother will be free making money off deals for her story after we all know she killed her precious daughter? So sad that people have the absolute audacity to attack Kate but these is wastes of space being allowed to roam free on this earth.

    I'm shocked and sad which is why I haven't written...

  18. FIRST: Haters "claim" paps don't follow Kate anymore. WRONG Then they are the gall to put Casey Anthony & Kate Gosselin in the same sentence. Haters are nothing but psychopaths in my opinion.....

    Kate Gosselin's Fourth of July Fun Run
    Posted Tuesday July 5, 2011 8:43 AM GMT

    Celebrating the Fourth of July holiday, Kate Gosselin was spotted out getting some exercise in Reading, Pennsylvania yesterday (July 4).

    The reality television star looked fabulous in a hot pink sports bra, grey shorts, and white sneakers as she worked up a sweat while the shutterbugs snapped up pictures.

    Kate also had an encounter with a somber-looking Jon Gosselin, who showed up solo to drop of their kids. Rumor has it that he and his girlfriend Ellen have split up.

    Ms. Gosselin recently assured one of her Twitter followers that her show “Kate Plus 8” is making a triumphant return next month. She tweeted, “K+8 returns Monday aug 8 at 10pmEST TLC No worries! We aren't going anywhere!”
    Hollywood Gossip

    Enjoy the pictures of Kate Gosselin out on the holiday (July 4).

  19. I must I am shocked to hear the verdict. But I wasn't in court. Why did the prosecution go fo first degree rather than another lesser charge?

    The difficult thing is that all those search hours... Knowing all along her daughter was dead... Putting the child away as garbage... How they failed to convict is beyond understanding but I wasn't in court. It must be with no forensic cause of death and no DNA ??? No notes taken bu jurists ... Just difficult to understand.

    Sorry... All this is totally unrelated to Gosselns.


    Poor Jon didn't look too good in those paparazzi photos from yesterday. Doesnt look like the hair transplants are working on top of his head. That's a shame.

    As for Polly Parrott??? HOW would she know what was in Kate's mailbox unless she went through it??? Isn't it a against the law to go through somebody's mail?
    ? I guess I'm wrong but I thought that was a felony.

  20. IF Jon and Ellen aren't together, it is what I always expected, one or the other of them probably outgrew each other. Jon needs to work on himself before he can commit to a healthy relationship.
    I really believe that Casey's killers will get their justice one day and it will be far better than anything that humans could do. I think there was more than just one person involved and we will never know the true facts. Sadly she is one woman badly in need of some intensive help that she will not be getting. I just hope she doesn't have any other kids, even if she didn't kill or abuse them, they would have to live under Caylee's shadow and that is unfair to them. I also ask myself what could prevent things like this from happening because sadly this is not the only instance of it by far. If some other kid is saved from a similar tragedy would be a way of providing honor for Caylee IMO

  21. I know this is off topic, but my family would like to go to Universal Studios and Disneyland in Florida at the end of October. I noticed many of you travel. I have a few questions. Should we go through a travel agent or book it ourselves. When are the best days to get a hotel (example sunday to sunday, wednesday to saturday). We are travelling from Canada and are thinking about a week to ten days. Is it a good idea to stay at the theme hotels or buy packages?

    I look forward to your responses.

  22. LOL Fascinated...that should be BabyMamas forte to answer you on that one. I have done both...stayed outside and inside.

    If you have the money staying inside is so less stressful! You are right there...don't have to worry abt traffic, getting parked, gettin inside.

    Accomodations inside are very nice, upscale when we went. But it obviously is more expensive. Food inside costs more too.

    On another note...probably many of us were shocked by Casey Anthony verdict. No justice for that little girl or many abused children and missing children in our society! Very sad!

    Kate struggled to bring to birth all her 8 children and continues to struggle to care for them. But never for one second of time would Kate ever decide her kids were a burden to her.

    I find it repusive and so disgusting that haters have stooped to new level of ugly in comparing Kate to Casey on twitter. There's no place for this...and they know it. Kate loves her children...they are her life...and she would die rather than see any harm come to them!

  23. That's my whole issue with the "Child Advocates". Kate's kids don't need an advocate, Casey's did. Amber and Leah do, half a million foster kids in this country do.
    Kate's kids have two parents that love and look out for them. As many issues as Jon may have, he's a better dad than many kids will ever hope to have.

  24. UGH. So I had to go read the tweets...I cannot believe that they even put these two situations together at all. Disgusting. And seriously, enough with the single mom debate already! I'm sorry, I used to say that some people were not "haters" but were "non fans" and stuck up for them, not anymore. I am not a fan of a lot of people or things and I demonstrate that by doing nothing. I don't even give them a second thought, which is being a "non fan". DAILY dissecting everything Kate does or does not do or says or does not say, is certainly something that only someone who was a "hater" would do. Disgusting.

  25. fascinated - I'm away at present and can send more info when I get home. Definitely stay inside the park if at all possible. You get into the park earlier each day, transportation is so much easier, and you can return to your hotel if you need a break during the day.
    Ali - ITA, those tweeters are vile. I block them and avoid reading them if at all possible.

  26. Thanks firedup and lindaO. This helps a lot. I agree that it is probably worth the cost to be right there. We will have small kids in our party and I am sure their parents will appreciate being able to go back to the hotel if need be.

  27. Linda,

    You are so right, I shouldn't even read them at curiosity got the best of me this time. What a waste of my time. And I honestly feel bad for the people who allow hate for Kate to consume their lives.

  28. Good evening everyone! I know I have been MIA. Mom & Dad treated us to a few days away. No computers allowed. Feel very renewed! Very busy day and I have missed you all! Always checking in at night to see how everyone is doing. Fascinated, e-mail me any questions you have since I'm the Disney expert. I definitely agree you must stay on property to have the best experience!

    Why are all the blogs fighting as to whether Ellen & Jon broke up? Did I miss something?

  29. Fascinated, the Puff family just returned from Fla vac 2 wks ago. We rented 5BR-4Bth house in Davenport w/private pool thru 15 min from parks. Our girls (2x4YO & 2x6YO)loved SeaWorld & Universal the most. We bought 2 day pass to ea park & VIP tour @ SeaWorld (VIP tour worth the $'s).It took 2 days to do Universal as they have 2 adjacent parks. The Islands of Adventure Universal park was fab & loved by kids and grandmom alike.Blues Bros free show was a hoot.Girls & G-mom had their picture taken with Hop and others. We ate at City Walk entrance to UnivStudios Margaritaville not so good, BubbaGump Shrimp very good & kids were catered too. Emeril stuffy & pricey food good but not worth $'s. At SeaWorld we ate at Shark's Underwater Grill great food & atmosphere,all enjoyed. If you go there be sure to share salads & entree's since high $'s and large portions. My girls liked but were not thrilled w/Disney so we didn't use 2nd day tickets. Puffman & I went to Disney Oct 2003 before the first girls were born & stayed at the Caribbean Resort in the Disney Park. Nice & so convenient to all things Disney w/bus every 15 min from resort to gate of park of your choice. Enjoy your trip.

  30. BabyMama, you have fabulous parents. I really think if J&E really broke up, it would be on ROL. He could have, but since when have we known him to be so quiet about something so big. If they did it would come as no surprise because I truelly believe that Jon needs to work on his own issues before being able to commit to a sucessful healthy relationship. Not one person in this world can fill his bucket of needs and voids. He has to do it himself.

  31. I was following Jon for a long time. I was able to read everything. The second Kate got on Twitter he either wasted days or got Ellen to delete anyone that was following Kate. And it was A LOT. Needless to say I have to rely on spies to tell me whats hes saying. Which apparently lately isn't much. I'm only assuming it was Ellen talking about depression that led people to believe they had broken up. Don't think they did though, cause Jon came right out saying him & Ellen took the kids out for the 4th.

    And Tashapork, I love my parents and I'm truly blessed. In 4 years they will be celebrating their 50th! My mother wasn't even legal drinking age when she got married & had me young. Do people even do that anymore? lol

  32. I agree that something is amiss in lala land of "government worker & Jon"...while they may hav still been together for the 4th...Jon needed a babysitter...I do think the "love interest" has soured a bit.

    Neither one of them is vehemently denying the rumors on their twitter accounts. Maybe it has dropped a notch to "just friends"...I never saw them as madly in love like he supposedly was with Hailey.

    Jon is probably on the prowl lookin for another young employed...preferably rich woman.

    On the other hand, our Kate, bless her soul was workin around the clock past midnight yesterday re-organizing the house.

    From her tweet this mornin, seems like she has more to do...another busy day.

    A fake Kate acct. was extremely abusive last nite...& I am losing patience w/twitter moderation. There were racial slurs about the kids and sexually abusive remarks toward Kate.

    This has to stop. When we see it, we need to report it to twitter and TLC.

  33. On a positive...I got me stitches removed yesterday. No more "frankenstein leg"! LOL

  34. FiredUp - glad you got your stitches out!
    It is my hope that one day Jon will find stability and happiness. IMO that comes from within one's own self and not from others.

  35. One can only hope LindaO regardin Jon. I do believe it was a judge who forced his hand into gettin a job.

    What has lead to the cooling off of him & "government worker" ...who knows? Someone tweeted a remark and apparently he responded about whatching "Teen Moms"...not a good sign that Jon is growing up any! LOL

    Boy when Kids are out of changes everything again. All my routines...out the window! LOL But they are a growin up so fast!

    Me boy not only has had a tremendous physical growth spurt...but now the deep voice is comin!
    Omg..and now he thinks a few hairs have appeared on his chin! baby boy is becoming a young man!

  36. Good morning everyone! WHERE HAS EVERYONE BEEN? haha yes this paper is stale so I got a fresh one up there for you. I hope you all come visit the new thread and tell me what you have been up to! Fresh scent of the day is yummy pound cake, and the sweet smell of Cool Whip! xoxox