Thursday, January 20, 2011

Kate Gosselin The E! True HollyWood Story! Jon Leaves His Job Weeks After Starting It

"E! True Hollywood Story: Kate Gosselin" Premieres February 2, 2011 @ 10:00 PM, ET/PT on E!

"Obviously, they [the Gosselin kids] are young. They don't completely understand what separation or divorce means. But as time went on, the kids would come to me personally and ask questions. 'Why is my mommy and daddy not living together? Why does mommy not have a ring on? Why does daddy have other girlfriends?'" - Stephanie Santoro, Former Gosselin Nanny, tells E! (Los Angeles , CA , January 20, 2011) -

The public image of Kate Gosselin runs the gamut from nationally adored mother to vilified tabloid target. But who is this mother of eight -really? The success of the show "Jon and Kate Plus 8" thrust her into the media spotlight and the glare only intensified when she and her husband went through a very public - and messy - divorce. As E!'s Ken Baker says, Kate is "quite simply the most famous mom in reality TV history." With exclusive insights from a former Gosselin nanny who claims to have had a romance with Jon, which Jon denied, and interviews with family, friends and neighbors, E!'s THS examines the life of Kate Gosselin - from her working class roots to her role as a one-woman TV ratings juggernaut.

The Gosselin's smash reality show caused America to fall in love with the couple's eight children, but viewers also began to notice cracks in Jon and Kate's marriage. "Who is to blame for the fate of the Gosselins? Is it the Gosselins themselves? Or is it maybe this appetite of American viewers to watch a slow-motion train wreck?" asks Paul Petersen, president of A Minor Consideration, a child advocacy group. Jon's friend, Brian Sep, adds, "If my wife was bossing me around and making fun of me on national TV, I couldn't deal with it." Eventually the couple reached a breaking point and separated. Jon was soon seen in public with other women. Former Gosselin nanny Stephanie Santoro sits down with E! and explains her connection with Jon and the toll it took, "I was looked at as the home-wrecker and what didn't make any sense to me was [that] I wasn't the first girl for him to have a relationship with." With their divorce finalized Kate moved on with her own life and experienced first-hand the challenges of raising a child as a single parent - multiplied by eight. "Kate has more than her hands full and is not a bad person. To have kids is the easiest job to get in the world. To raise kids properly is the hardest," Eric Roberts, supporter of Natural Child Project tells E!. Polly Kahl, author of "Jon & Kate Plus Eight: Reality TV & The Selling Of The Gosselins" adds, "Kate's fans admire her for being a working mom, having a lot of kids, managing a household and basically doing it all.when it's very hard even for the average mom to do it." From her early days growing up through present day with all of the joy and sorrow in between, the unique life of Kate Gosselin and her rise to celebrity status is explored in this brand new E! True Hollywood Story premiering February 2nd at 10:00 PM on E!.
Exclusive: Jon Gosselin Quits Job
Can you picture Jon Gosselin in a business suit, making a sales call to your office?
Neither could he. RumorFix has learned exclusively that Jon Gosselin has quit his new 9 to 5 gig with a eco-friendly company. The 33-year-old reality star was doing sales for Global Green Property Services, which helps businesses become more environmentally friendly.A source close to Kate Gosselin's ex-husband tells RumorFix exclusively, "It involved too much travel for him."[Jon] needed to be near his eight kids, that's why it didn't work out," the insider says.

Click here to find out more! Jon Gosselin NOT Going Back To Welding:
Don't expect Jon Gosselin to pick-up his blow-torch once again because he's NOT looking for work as a welder to augment his income. The website RumorFix is reporting that the father-of-eight is trying to land a welding gig after quitting his job with Global Green Property Services. But a source close to Jon has laughed-off these stories that he's about to get back into his former profession. "Jon used to do welding before he had his kids but he's definitely not trying to get back into that field at the moment." revealed the source. "He hasn't done work for Global Green for quite some time but that was never his main job and he was only helping them out."
Jon still has a job that he has been keeping under-wraps and he's not actively looking for any other work, that's the truth. "All these other stories are just false and made-up by people without any foundation." revealed that Gosselin had taken-up his latest job in the past few months which involves information technology and online marketing. Although it does not pay as much cash as his former reality show with his ex-wife Kate Gosselin he has told friends and family that he enjoys it more than being on television. He recently fought to prevent Kate from filming her new series Kate Plus 8 but a Pennsylvania judge green-lighted the show because it was work related. Both Jon and Kate are due back in court for a custody hearing later this month.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Kate Vs. The Haters: She Isn't Going Anywhere, Educational Vacations For Children, Leaving New Zealand

Hello Gosselin fans! Kate Gosselin has the ability to rally her fan base while simultaneously infuriating others who claims she has a sense of entitlement. She resonates with working moms BECAUSE she's flawed. Kate's not perfect, but she's trying hard to do her best. She represents both the good and the bad of what it's like to raise kids as a single mom: a devoted, if frazzled mother who provides love and financial stability to her family, and still wants to look her best in the process; and a woman under appreciated by those around her, criticized for both her parenting and fashion choices, and constantly attacked for stepping away from some perceived formula for what a good mother should be. Why do haters complain that Kate's a fraud for going from frumpy housewife to blonde beauty? They complain that she's exploiting the kids, then criticize her when she's seen without them. Now Kate is finally home with her family. But apparently she's not allowed to bring the kids to see their father and take off for a night to see a play? Rumors surfaced this weekend that Kate took a night off to see Jersey Boys. So what exactly is wrong with that?
Fact is, Kate is possibly the only mom at this point who will be vilified and attacked for every single thing she does if it's good or bad. Can't pump gas? Apparently not. Go to Target? Not if she looks good, or looks for that matter. And tanning? Well isn't that her own damn business? Can SHE help it if Chris Watts is raring to go after missing Kate for a few weeks? Hmm wasn't her 15 minutes up 3 years ago? Well here we are, the same people talking about Karma and how she will "get hers". Well sorry to those that wish to see her fail, because there are just as many that hope she keeps doing what she does. Cause after all isn't success the greatest revenge? lol xoxoxo BM

Family Learning Vacations

Learning vacations – hands-on educational trips - are one of the biggest trends in family travel. And parents aren’t waiting until the tikes turn teens to introduce the kids to foreign cultures and inspiring activities. Family vacations can give kids a broader understanding of the world and a greater appreciation of their home and family. The key is to find the right balance between education and fun and allow the learning to happen naturally. Select a trip that is of interest to all members of the family and be sure that the experience is appropriate for your child’s age. A multi-day expedition that resembles a family camp and includes fun extras such as rafting and work in a paleontology lab may be of interest to a primary school child with a penchant for the outdoors. Expose the kids to the destination or activity before you depart. Learning vacations are an opportunity to reinforce a child’s curriculum as well as an opportunity to introduce the kids to something new. Learning doesn’t need to be structured to create knowledge and understanding. Interaction with local children goes beyond making new friends; it provides kids with direct exposure to foreign language, culture, and customs. And it will add meaning to your trip in a way that an art museum or rafting trip cannot.
Organized family learning vacations from arctic adventures to wildlife safaris are offered by travel specialists in just about every corner of the world. Yet you need not mortgage the family home for your family vacation to be enriching and educational. A do-it-yourself family field trip is possible whether you travel to a major city, camp in a national park or head to grandmas for the weekend and they can be just as rewarding and fun.

Kate Plus 8 + New Zealand:

Kate Gosselin, famous for her reality TV show in the US, Kate Plus 8, about her life raising octuplets and two older children has recently arrived complete with entourage in New Zealand.
She just recently visited Rotorua and went horseback riding and we’ve seen images of her and her children trying on piupiu (which of course in Hollywood media were called “hula grass skirts”  that were “that are worn by the Maori people of the land”, we’re also told that she and the kids took part in a “native dance routine”. From the images, we think that she may have been to Te Puia (anyone see them there?)
She does have a link to Aotearoa New Zealand, from her bodyguard Steve Neild. It looks like the Gosselin clan will have plenty of footage for their hit TLC reality show “Kate Plus 8” by the time they go back to the States later this month, we’re hoping that they’ll be lots of cultural shots considering Tourism New Zealand’s recent decision to move away from Maori culture as a key promotional tool when promoting Aotearoa, I mean, New Zealand abroad.