Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Kate Vs. The Haters: She Isn't Going Anywhere, Educational Vacations For Children, Leaving New Zealand

Hello Gosselin fans! Kate Gosselin has the ability to rally her fan base while simultaneously infuriating others who claims she has a sense of entitlement. She resonates with working moms BECAUSE she's flawed. Kate's not perfect, but she's trying hard to do her best. She represents both the good and the bad of what it's like to raise kids as a single mom: a devoted, if frazzled mother who provides love and financial stability to her family, and still wants to look her best in the process; and a woman under appreciated by those around her, criticized for both her parenting and fashion choices, and constantly attacked for stepping away from some perceived formula for what a good mother should be. Why do haters complain that Kate's a fraud for going from frumpy housewife to blonde beauty? They complain that she's exploiting the kids, then criticize her when she's seen without them. Now Kate is finally home with her family. But apparently she's not allowed to bring the kids to see their father and take off for a night to see a play? Rumors surfaced this weekend that Kate took a night off to see Jersey Boys. So what exactly is wrong with that?
Fact is, Kate is possibly the only mom at this point who will be vilified and attacked for every single thing she does if it's good or bad. Can't pump gas? Apparently not. Go to Target? Not if she looks good, or looks for that matter. And tanning? Well isn't that her own damn business? Can SHE help it if Chris Watts is raring to go after missing Kate for a few weeks? Hmm wasn't her 15 minutes up 3 years ago? Well here we are, the same people talking about Karma and how she will "get hers". Well sorry to those that wish to see her fail, because there are just as many that hope she keeps doing what she does. Cause after all isn't success the greatest revenge? lol xoxoxo BM

Family Learning Vacations Kidscantravel.com:

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Kate Plus 8 + New Zealand: Tangatawhenua.com

Kate Gosselin, famous for her reality TV show in the US, Kate Plus 8, about her life raising octuplets and two older children has recently arrived complete with entourage in New Zealand.
She just recently visited Rotorua and went horseback riding and we’ve seen images of her and her children trying on piupiu (which of course in Hollywood media were called “hula grass skirts”  that were “that are worn by the Maori people of the land”, we’re also told that she and the kids took part in a “native dance routine”. From the images, we think that she may have been to Te Puia (anyone see them there?)
She does have a link to Aotearoa New Zealand, from her bodyguard Steve Neild. It looks like the Gosselin clan will have plenty of footage for their hit TLC reality show “Kate Plus 8” by the time they go back to the States later this month, we’re hoping that they’ll be lots of cultural shots considering Tourism New Zealand’s recent decision to move away from Maori culture as a key promotional tool when promoting Aotearoa, I mean, New Zealand abroad.


  1. Hazelnut coffee--YUM!

    Yes, success is the best payback to the naysayers. I can only wish Kate and the kids the very best. Those who do otherwise will experience their own Karma and don't even realize it.

    Has any kind of a schedule for new Kate +8 shows been published yet? Can hardly wait!

  2. Nice post Baby Mama!

    Corrina, I thnk those other folks are already experiencing their own Karma. Why else would they waste 3+ years following every inhale/exhale of a woman they profess to despise??? What?...

    I admire many things about Kate G, but I have no desire to be her. I'm a "fan" but I have no time and no desire to track her every breath 24/7.

    So there we have the "real" truth. These so-called khaters are obsessively closet Kate wannabes. When Kate retires the show, these poor folks will have their world implode. They'll be left with nothing.

    Oh wait! I can see it coming in my crystal ball... BKIA will sue Kate for stopping the show and denying her an opportunity to continue her "hating."

    ...WG will try to cash in offering her little group a discount on group therapy with her and will offer a bonus of minibus tours driving by the G's house complete with Al in the tree and Chris hanging on the fence along with a side stop in the parking lot of Target, a drive by of the dry cleaner that Kate used, an in-depth chat with the counter clerk at the UPS store, the corn maze, and the government worker who will drop by at lunch to offer dating, marital and wedding planning advice. What a deal!

  3. Yes Linda--I have to agree about the karma already. So true!

    Love what you see in your crystal ball!

    I could never keep up with all that Kate does! She has incredible stamina.

  4. Lest we forget ... Jon was the "original" government worker who was, I believe, introduced to the "attractive" government worker, by his "friends" who were also "employed" government workers.

    So.... With all the blogging, advice giving, Tweeting, etc... does the Commonwealth of PA have some system where employees get "on the job time" to pursue their after hours interests on paid job time? That's amazing! Most states are experiencing cutbacks and trimming excess. (Remember, those blog entries, Tweets, etc. carry time/date information.)

  5. Bravo Baby Mama, your blog intro was excellent.

    I was thinking the same thing and that the kids would want to go see their father as soon as they got home and Kate is free to do what she pleases, and this is exactly what happened. If Kate came home and stayed with the kids, people would have screamed that she wasn’t letting them see their father. What a double-edged sword she walks.

    Jon does what he wants when the kids aren’t with him. What do the haters think Jon is doing on his own time, sitting their lamenting about being away from the kids; wishing he had done things differently; focusing on how to get the kids back; focusing on how to get his kids off tv? NOT LIKELY. I think his past behaviour has demonstrated clearly that he goes out, has fun, spends time doing young adult and childish things, and plotting to disrupt Kate’s success. If the haters feel that this is healthy adult, male behaviour and what Kate is doing is child abuse, then I fear for the hater’s own intimate relationships and the lives of their children.

  6. Well said BabyMama...the naysayers will be after you again for posting such a "reasonable, logical and positive" commentary on Kate's life!

    Stale donuts to you idiots fussing about her going to a play! After over two weeks of constant time with the kids...caring for them and making sure they enjoyed the trip...and also working (for TLC), Kate deserved some alone time to herself!

    You all were clamoring for Jon having missed some visitation time...so she did the decent thing and took the kids to see Jon right away!

    The hater-nuts just can't be pleased. They will always see something negative or improper with every step she makes.

    So my advice to Kate is to march on, honey! Do your thing and strut your stuff and care for your babies as best you can!

    Your fans will always have your back...and BabyMama will always do you right here!

    Hello to Jacque and Debora...thanks for checking in again...you girls be safe and prayers are with you and your fellow Brazilians suffering those awful floods.

  7. Have to share this with you gals...I saw a funny comment from our former SG who posted here.

    She was commenting on my calling in on Nina Frye's show with BabyMama.

    What she had to say, of course, was not complimentary. One jab was about how awful slow I talked.

    So for SG and the fellow naysayers she was conversing with...the government worker being one of them....let me say this and type this real slowly...

    I....D O N' T ....C A R E !

    Team Kate...Firedup as always!

  8. FiredUp - Laughing so hard at your comments! (How nice to have a break and find your comment... You made my day!!!)

    This is what's important to them? That you talk slowly? Too funny! Well good! Given the apparent lack of mental faculties on their part, one needs to speak slowly so they can actually comprehend, not missing a word.

    Love ya! Who gives a rip what they think? You Rock!

  9. Debora - I saw your post didn't translate. Jersey Boys is a play on Broadway in New York. Kate went out for a night of theater while Jon had the kids.

  10. Here's a link for you.

  11. Hazelnut coffee from Einstein bagels, my absolute favorite.
    Why do people need to criticize so much that they focus on such silly trivial things such as how slow someone talks or how many scars are on their stomach instead of substantive debate.

  12. tashapork - ITA... Or how tall or short they are, their age, their ethnicity, their income, ... Some will hate no matter what!

  13. fascinated - flies are always buzzing in the background. ( I was a bit slow on the draw with swatter. ) Must be because they want everybody to be as rotten as themselves.

  14. Hi girlfriends...just swoppin' in for a quick check.

    Glad I gave you a laugh LindaO...imagine them trying to hurt my feelings about how slow I talk!

    Like I don't know that my southern drawl does slow my yack potential down! But it sure doesn't slow my brain down and seems like maybe even my slow talkin' was too much for them.

    The crazies never "listen" with their ears...they hear, but don't understand or get the sense of what we say.

    Poor Nina Frye sure didn't "listen"...now she is going to have to live with negativity and hateful, posters...the kind that leave you wanting to take a bath real quick.

    Nina had no backbone...no courage to do what is right and stand for something. We don't have a whole lot of respect for those kind in the South.

    If you waver on principle to please others...you might as well sit down in life and consider yourself "no count"!

  15. I think you handled that swatter pretty quickly, Linda. Well done.

  16. firedup--I could listen to you all day long!!
    Plus there was excellent substance in what you had to say!!

  17. Karma story for ya......

    I work in a Doctors office. Front desk staffer. Well we are open saturday mornings. 1 doctor takes a saturday. Well on Friday night I was chatting with this doctor prior to closing. I mentioned how it would probably fill up fast in the morning as Friday late afternoon is always a hint to how Saturday morning will go. She said, I hope not as I want to close early. I said how when I work a saturday I don't like leaving early as I lose hours. (They cut us a half day during the week so we don't go into overtime when working that saturday.) She proceeded to say, I'm not worried about an hourly perso, since I am salary, I get paid no more or less whether I work 20 hours or over 40 hours.

    Needless to say, as an hourly person barely surviving on the 10.50/hour I make, I was stunned and felt it a very rude comment. I just turned my chair around and pretended to do something while trying to compose my anger.

    Well found out Monday, that doc ended up there til 11:30 am. 1/2 hr short of a full morning. She ended up getting a rough case at 10am. A bratty child who didn't want their shots and caused a ruckus for an hour.

    Karma is a bitch! I seriously don't think she thought about what she said, but I was smiling on Monday when I heard.

  18. BabyMama your intro to this post is spot on. Totally agree with everything.

    Well sorry to those that wish to see her fail, because there are just as many that hope she keeps doing what she does. Cause after all isn't success the greatest revenge?

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!!!!I am one of those that will support her always and will continue to cheer her on as she does great things while laughing all the way to the bank at the haterz, hahaha

  19. Good evening everyone! Dang, I wish I had this blocker last year when I had to deal with my mess in Disney. They get in once or so, but sadly they never get back again. Funny, having to use a proxy makes them even more obsessed with seeing whats here.

    Lets continue to give them something to talk about! lol

  20. I wanted again to say how crazy it is for people to think that Kate sahould not be allowed to have something called a life. She has to be home and be with her kids every night doncha know! She has to make sure shes getting her kids adjusted to the jert lag for at least 3 days doncha know. Stupid-ass comments like the ones I have been reading has pissed me off. Remind me never to read!

    Ohh and Firedup4Kate~ I love your voice, and everyone else can go scratch. So there ya go ;)

  21. KatherineDenise I have missed you. Hope all is well xoxox

  22. firedup4kate I am going to say this VERY slowly. I......LOVE.....YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

    Your post made me laugh, I have your back 100%, why care what those losers have to say?

    I agree with Corrina, I could read your posts all day long!!!

  23. I know BabyMama, sorry I dont post more often. Although I do read everyday I am usually too mentally exhausted after work to even think, plus now 3 kids is every after school activity there is gets me home late. I am always around here, usually on my phone.

    All is well though :) I have 3 kids and it feels like I am spinning in circles contantly. I pray for a night to myself "someday". I cant imagine Kate having 8 how exhausted she must be. Heck yeah she deserves a night out, and how awesome to see Jersey Boys!!

  24. Okay...a big thank you ladies for having my back! Appreciate the support Corrina, Katherine Denise (you sound like some sort of celeb with that name!) and of course, special thanks to chief hater aggravator, BabyMama!

    These bones are headed for bed...been trying to do my New Year's thing of doing some jogging like Kate, except her stuff is firm and mine is flapping around too much and it is a wearing me out!

    But if Kate can do it with 8...dog-gone-it...I can do it with just the two snickerin' young ones I have!

  25. BabyMama - Great post. The haters continue to prove with their idiotic nitpicking that they cannot stand it that Kate not only looks fantastic but she and the kids get to go places they never will.

    LindaO - Your crystal ball made me LOL.

    Firedup - They make fun of anyone that supports Kate and gives facts they cannot dispute. I love your southern accent and enjoy your passion.

    BabyMama & LindaO - I read on wacko Werny's site that Nina Frye changed her mind because the fan sites are nasty and hateful and what the fans call haterz are really concerned about the kids. Maybe you should send all the hateful comments the haters leave on the site so she can see there really are haterz.

  26. I LOVE being the Chief Hater Aggravator! I wear this title with absolute pride. I am proud to have been the shield for the Gosselin fans for almost 3 years now. If I have an ego trip about that so be it!

    GeeWhiz~ Nina Frye is a complete f&*@ing liar. She and I spoke at length about her fear of loosing the great momentum she had with the stats on her show once I was on. She pulled out every trick in her book and lied to me that it was going to be a fan show dedicated to supporting Kate. Once she saw the vile haters trying to creep in, you knew she was going to first try to get us both on to get more more listeners. And then finally just get the haters on.

    It completely backfired. Her show is tanking and hardly anyone even listened when (??) Peterson and Wormy Gal was on. I did not listen, I refused to be included in the numbers. But I am happy in my own srarky way, that she didn't gain anything more that hurt friends when she dumped us all to swtich sides.

    Even some of the trolls have said that "something in the milk ain't clean" regarding her sudden change in views. They need to know that it's not because she suddenly changed her mind. But that she will do anything for listeners.

  27. BabyMama - I have only been following the Gosselin blogs for 10 months and sometimes have to step away. Kudos to you for staying and shielding the fans for almost three years. You definitely should be proud of being the "Chief Hater Aggravator".

    IMO, Nina is a disgrace to strong women. Oh well, since she is a liar she definitely belongs with the haters.

  28. The love and support and this site now is cup filling. The atmosphere is different and refreshing.

    Katherine Design, I laughed aloud, when I read your 8:38pm post to Fired Up. That was absolutely beautiful and I echo those comments. Or should I say … I…. echo…. those… comments…. : )

    Tiggerfan, I hope that doctor also appreciates the work you do. As the entry point person to the clinic, you create the climate in that clinic. If you do not address the clients quickly and with respect, they will be even more irritable when they see the doctor. I hope that doctor realizes the important role you place and realizes that the meagre wage you receive doesn’t do what you are doing justice.

  29. LOL Fired Up – Chief hater aggravator – priceless. And I love your accent and more importantly your posts.

    Excellent point Gee Whiz, if Nina changed her values and chose to be amongst haters, then let her learn what hate really is. I was reading the comments earlier today and how funny, thoughtful, insightful, and supportive they were and then whammo a fly. I can’t imagine anyone would want to spend any amount of time hating others. What a horrible existence for them.

  30. Gee Whiz, fascinated, FiredUp, Katherine Denise, momsby, Corrina, CMo3, Debora, Jacque, PeggyP, Ziggy, ShirleyNoName, and others I'm drawing a blank on at the moment ... What a special group ... What a special place that Baby Mama created for us here!!!

    Was reflecting earlier today on how things have changed along the way. When I first got brave enough to post, this blog was kept moderated 24/7 by Baby Mama. She swatted out those flies and we just never had to read their junk.

    After a lot of pleading, she agreed to let posts go up as they were made for the most part. I think a lot of us were amazed at how hated filled some of these people are. The marvelous thing is that we've come to know each other and support and keep not only Baby Mama's back but each other's. It's an honor to know you all of you, and to have Baby Mama as our friend.

    Friendship is uplifting... what a special group you are!!!

  31. Apparently the new lies and crap spread today was that while we origally thought Kate was filing court documents on Jom it was the other way around. Stupid Preesi thinks she's back in the Mystery Machine with her ascot on, because the situation is reversed..and they think Jon was filing court documents on Kate. They could figure out that mess because Kate & Co. were having too much fun on their adventure down under...

    "TLC's Kate Plus 8 - Gosselin custody documents surface on the web

    Court documents relating to the custody agreement and divorce of TLC reality stars Jon and Kate Gosselin have surfaced on the web. The documents from Berks County court house were put up by an unfan blog last week.

    Jon Gosselin's lawyer, Mary T. Vidas states that the documents are not from her office. Kate's lawyer Mark Momjian did not respond by the time of this articles publication. The documents contain a tgv watermark on them and could be documents regularly made public by the courts dockets.

    The documents list the dates of filings since April of last year and also include a divorce document where Kate's lawyers are actively working to seal all records of the divorce. It seems that because Jon left the state of PA foreign divorce papers were also filed in another state and Kate wants those documents sealed.

    TMZ reported earlier this year that Jon Gosselin may be in contempt of court for releasing child custody agreement information that the Judge has ordered be kept quiet.

    The documents have created speculation that Kate Gosselin was actually being held in contempt by Jon but if you read through the list you can see that it is Kate's lawyers filing to keep the documents sealed. The custody papers stem from Jon's original filing in April of last year in which Kate was a defendant against Jon's attempts to gain custody. Momjian called the original filing reckless.

    Examiner.com http://www.examiner.com/canada-celebrity-in-canada/tlc-s-kate-plus-8-gosselin-custody-documents-surface-on-the-web#ixzz1BSTzDzmv

  32. Kate raises her children, Jon has visitation.

    I don't know how soon Kate took the children to see Jon after they returned home from their Australia/New Zealand trip, but if it were me, Jon would have to wait UNLESS Kate needed Jim to watch kids while she went to the theater. My reasoning is the children could wait to see Jon is jet lag and winding down/relaxing at home after a 2 week trip!

  33. BM - I'm glad you finally decided to speak the truth about what happened re Nina. So many times I've wanted to say what really happened as you shared that with me, but it wasn't mine to reveal. But it got under my skin so much when it was stated over and over that it was concern for the children which swayed Nina.

    Nina didn't have the intelligence that there were several aspects which made your appearance on her show such a success. First, you have the personality & enthusiasm to keep the show moving.
    Second, you knew the subject matter. Thirdly, all the calls from the haters was more about trying to attack YOU, as much, if not more than Kate. There were ample calls & emails from your supporters as well.

    Nina has clearly shown she has no ethics and values. It is irresponsible as a media personality, regardless of HOW small, not to do one's research and homework into their subject.
    Even when Nina was taking a supporter stance, it was still clear she didn't familiarize her self with the subject matter as she should have.

    For the record, I e-mailed Nina the True Grit video with proof of where it came from as I also mailed the John Martin, CEO of Toginet the same.
    I fully understand Toginet is for free speech and let their host be unmonitored. But to promote those who created and support that type of action and behavior is not free speech, it is supporting hate mongering.

    I've learned a lot during my time as a pro-Kate blog owner & have changed my views on several things through that time as more and more has been revealed to me. As I've learned more, I have come to understand why you have reacted in the manner you have at times. I have also learned that you don't present one face to the world and another face behind the scenes.
    I respect you for that.

  34. Thank you Baby Mama for all the research you do to make this site the best. You stick to the facts and promote insightful discussions.

    The hate sites are just like a soap opera--if you miss a few months and go back--you haven't missed a thing.

    As for nonfans who say they have the kids' best interest in mind--well I think the Gosselins are just fine. They are loved and healthy. There are so many children/adults who don't have enough to eat or a safe/warm place to be --those are the people that need help. The so called G children defenders could surely use all that energy to actually make a difference for people that are struggling. But that would take compassion and empathy.

    What a special group of ladies I've met here. Women with a kind spirit and common sense and a passion to know the truth. Thank You!

  35. Good morning everyone! Yesterday the weather was miserable. I got soaked to the bone running around in the sleet. Today everybody is sick and I feel like it's coming for me!

    As you heard, Regis is leaving his show after 28 years. I thought he would stay there till he croaked. It was never my thing but he's such an institution to so many, so those will be some hard shoes to fill. I wish Kate would fight for that spot although I'm sure they want to replace Regis with another man. I think that show would be so perfect for her.

    Nobody could complain that she was using her kids which she doesnt, and would be finished before school ends. I know it would take the show in a different direction, but maybe thats what it needs! Wow, first Trya, Oprah and now Regis. Where have all the good ones gone.. lol

  36. Ohh and Ziggy thank you. Sometimes in the past my ego got the better of me. It was very hard to feel like all the "bigger and betters" came along and didnt want us here anymore! I am a real person that does take things personally.

    I respect you as a person, your views and your own private space in which you express yours. In the end it's just important to support each other and stand strong in our views together. Thank you for joining us here!

  37. I like the idea of Kate replacing Regis. Don't always watch the show since it no longer was broadcast in the afternoons--and that was a long time ago.

  38. Corrina~ I really like Sharon Osborne but whatever talk show she's on is absolutely horrid. I know there are alot of female talk shows out there, but I think Kate would be great! Live With Kate & Kelly has a nice ring to it. I'm nominating her. Now thats a show I would DVR and actually watch..

  39. Yes-- I like the sound of Live With Kate & Kelly-awesome!! Now I can hardly wait for them to announce Regis' replacement.

    Is there any word on when the new season of Kate Plus 8 will start again?

  40. Good Morning Kate Plus 8 Fans! Country sunshine and time to rise!

    Oh, I love it Kate and Kelly! Except Kelley would probably prefer ...Kelley and Kate!

    Either way, Kate adds so much personality and wit to every interview she does! Couldn't you just see those two smiling gals lighting up the morning!

    Nice points Ziggyflo about Nina...that woman still gets to irritating me, just thinking about what a turn-coat weakling she turned out to be.

    Agree with you all that this is a special place to support Kate, the kids and women who want to see the bright side of life!

    There's a plenty of bad, ugly, disappointing human behavior going on in this world every day...we don't need to focus on that.

  41. BM - It was never my desire to 'come on the scene' to be a 'bigger and better' and it still isn't. I just wanted my little corner. I like styling and designing, I wanted to learn html but I'm one who has to have an active project to learn. I was tired of shrinking from the haters and the experience on the DWTS message board during Kate's appearance there finished that for me. I was tired of moving on anytime I wanted to show support for Kate somewhere & it got mean. Those things came together in doing my own blog.

  42. Ziggy yours is up there as one of the best IMO. I love that you never waver. Your blog, IW & here is mostly where I read.

    Still recovering from this horrendous virus so I'm reading but can't always comment on my phone.

  43. Baby Mama - Hope now the rain/cold is gone and it's a butterfly afternoon with kids feeling better!

    Waves & hugs to all. (Was not my intention to leave out anybody yesterday, but of course I did. My apologies.) ~ ~ ~

  44. Linda we are all busy and have several things going on. But I always appreciate what you do for this site.

    Ziggy I was talking about another site when I made that comment. Just wanted to make sure you knew that.

    Corrina that show needs an overhaul after 28 years.. I think it would be a great job for Kate and I really think she should lobby for it!

    And as always, it's a little quiet this week in Gosselin Land. Now it's what you expect after this huge of a trip. But whenever it's quiet, something big is always announced. So hopefully it will be some good news along this topic. Anything but hearting about them in Court again! Lol

  45. Yes, as was I BM. As I said, I respect that you are the same behind the scenes are you present yourself.

    RE Kate on Regis and Kelly. Although I certainly think that they will choose another male (I have heard that Kelly and her husband made a good team although I've never been able to cathc them hosting together) as I think is the male/female still I think it could work. Although as fired up said, it would probably be Kelly listed first.

    I'd also like to see Kate filling in for Kelly.

  46. hello beautiful
    Thanks for the link.
    should be a very good play
    someone already watched?

  47. I atill think a Kate and Niecey show would be better. I don't know why though. I agree, that the show needs an overhaul, but I think there are too many talk shows in general, even the news is often a talk show format with everyones' opinions instead of facts. The more hate or controvesry and drama, the higher the ratings, I wonder if we are ready for a change. Talk shows are relatively cheap to produce and thats probably why they are so abundant.
    I would love to see Kate act in a movie, maybe with her kids. She and the older girls could do voices in a cartoon possibly called the sixpack where they do cool things, but have a religious foundation or learn moral values.

  48. Well chicklettes....been reading around since all Gosselin news is kind of slow right now...where in the devil is our Kate...seems she has eluded the paps for the a change.

    But guess what...there's a link to an article over at the IW place where Jon has quit his job again!

    Aw, geesh...what a surprise that was!

    Now I do hope that daddy Jon had enough sense to not quit the job he had without first securing another one?

    Taking any bets?

  49. Baby Mama - You are welcome.

    Long day in and out of meetings, followed by dinner meeting - at least the food was good, lol. Hope all that have been sick are feeling better.

    Delighted that Regis is retiring. Not one of my favorite shows. Not one I'd record to watch later. He's been pretty out of touch for a long time IMO. So just change the channel.

    tashapork - Talk shows are relatively cheap to produce, celebs always willing to appear to tout their new designs, new song, new show, new book, new love, whatever. Any more though, it's got to be variety (eg cooking, exercise, audience involvement etc a la Rachael Ray, Martha, etc. Again, just MO.)

    G'Night all!

  50. Excellent post Baby Mama! I enjoyed the FLV article as well. Family vacations also teach very valuable social skills..things like how to order, & behave in a restaurant, being curteous to others staying in a hotel.(IE Softer voices in the halls,no running wild or slamming doors etc. especially at night all the while learning about the places you see & people you meet.

    I actually feel worse for the families who are not given opportunities to vacation..even simple ones. There are many children who don't get to go anywhere ever, IMO that's sad.

    I hope Kate did get to see Jersey Boys, I've been & it's excellent. I went with other adults & was away from my kids for the whole weekend..I guess once again that would make me a bad Momsby? LMBO

    Nope, I don't think so..because every smart parent knows you don't have to be with your kids 24/7..in fact it's not healthy for anyone.

    I could blog for the next 50 years & I still don't think I could understand the whole hate mentality.

  51. If Kate is with eight children, the haters say she exploits her children. If Kate has some time for her, says she does not exercise its role as the mother. What the haters want ?????
    Do not even want to know. Cause after all isn't success the greatest revenge?. (I love that!)

  52. look how cute my avatar!

  53. Love the new Avatar! Gotta try some new ones myself ;) New Bonnie Fuller from Hollywoodlife.com crap. I guess with Kate Gosselin MIA she's now going after Jon to keep the Gosselin articles flowing..She has a poll asking if Jon is a changed man. So basically the haters will come a running for this one! :)

    "Jon Gosselin has gone green! There have been rumors for months that the former reality star was looking for a job in IT but Life & Style reports that he’s opted for a sales marketing job at an eco-friendly company called Global Green Property Services! “Hes much more content blending in and being able to live his life without the world watching,” a source (AKA ELLEN ROSS LOL) tells the mag. “Jon doesn’t long for fame at all.” (YEAH RIGHT!)
    The ex-husband of Kate Gosselin is now at a 9-5 job, going to different companies and making cold-calls — kind of like a door-to-door salesman! But the dad-of-eight is reportedly very happy with his new green mission!

    What do you think about Jon’s new job and claims HollywoodLifers? Has he turned over a new leaf or do you think he still yearns for reality fame?"


  54. Part 1
    You never know what you will receive in an email.

    Apparently, the government worker, who wants no publicity has done another interview! (In my opinion, wanting no publicity would mean doing NO interviews, but perhaps that's too logical.)

    This time the interview is with a sports blog. Ellen claims to not have played sports, so why they would interview her is truly a puzzle. The teasers in the into paragraph promise to reveal inside info about Ellen and Kate but then further down, change their mind. A video is included but has no Ellen shots, only an amateurish stand up of the "interviewer." (My guess, shot with a smartphone or one of the $100 sure-shot cameras.)

    The kicker???? The interviewer concludes with calling her ERIN not Ellen!!!


  55. Good morning everyone! Running around today but wanted to say sorry to anyone that has had problems posting. I don't know why it's always this site. I removed all the ads minus one and I don't know what else it could be. Will try to talk to Blogger today and see if they can help.

    Until then, please please continue to try to post! xoxox

  56. Initially, I thought that Jon and Kate should have stopped filming and tried to repair their marriage. As their separate lives began to play out, I realized that Jon wants what Jon wants. He tries to find support where people will serve his ego and beliefs. When they begin to show him reality, he drops them immediately, and then searches for the next person that will make him feel justified in his immaturity and victim stance. I do not believe that he has changed. I think that his current girlfriend has convinced him to lay low, I think the courts have forced him to lay low, and I think his finances have forced him to lay low.

    I don’t think he has changed at all. I would believe that he has changed when he acknowledges that Kate is moving on. That when people approach him to ask him how he feels about Kate having the kids, or taking them out of country, he responds, none of your business as opposed to “I tried” but “they” (the big bad guys) picked Kate’s side. If he doesn’t want his kids on tv, then he should stop responding to rag magazines and haters. If the external crap stopped, then Jon could focus on the children’s reactions to being on tv in a controlled environment, as opposed to all these other variables.

    If the haters think that his behaviour is exemplary of a mature, adult male, then I can understand why they are so angry. Kate has seen the light and moved on from an immature, broken marriage, whereas the haters are still stuck in theirs. Can you say jealousy. LOL.

  57. I Just like Kate plus 8 since the first episode aired and I like to see them grow up! I remember a while ago I watched a clip of them at a store where the kids were allowed to hold animals. When they did not want to go Kate called them via the loudspeaker. Does anyonen know where I can watch this again? I totally forgot it.

  58. Apparently the problems posting are related to some smart phones and certain browsers, not with all people trying to post. I can not find any problems in the script. If you are having problems, keep trying, or clear cache and try again. (Yes, you can also clear cache on smart phones and iPads via Settings.)

  59. I had tried to post the actual interview from the sports interview with Ellen, but couldn't get it to go through from smart phone. I've emailed it to Baby Mama. She may post it, or you can click on the link and read it yourself.

  60. Mia - That is from this summer, episode with dog's return and going to pet store to get new things. Kate was trying to get them to focus on getting things for the dog but they were more preoccupied with playing with all the animals in the store.

    TLC hasn't released this season's DVD, but there was a clip on the TLC website.

  61. Linda was so cute today nominating me for a Shorty Award on Titter for this site. I know she is STILL just trying to butter me up, but I would love it if you can vote for me. xoxoxox


    And if your on Twitter & not following me yet, well shame on you! lol

  62. What a bunch of idiots over there. They WISH they had a life as "mundane" as Kate's this is where the REAL jealousy rears it's ugly head. First photos?? Of course! Chris has been freezing under a tree with Werny Gal for weeks till they came back!!

    First Pics! Kate Gosselin Comes Home To Shopping, Tanning & Court Orders

    "Kate Gosselin and the kids are finally back home after their adventures down under. However, Kate doesn’t appear ready to give up the summer. INF Daily spotted Kate doing some shopping and she wasn’t wearing a coat! She had on a v-neck sweater, a tank top and jeans. It’s 30 degrees in her home town today. That’s freakin’ cold!

    In addition to Kate’s mundane life of shopping, tanning, and filling up the car with gas to go shopping and tanning, she’s also firing up her legal battles with ex-husband Jon Gosselin. Kate’s lawyers filed a petition for Contempt of Custody Order. Kate allegedly believes that Jon is violating the order that prohibits either of them from talking about the case publicly. Those tweets that Jon sent about being upset with the Judge are allegedly the culprits in this particular case. There will be a hearing later this month. Isn’t divorce just wonderful.

    Meanwhile, let’s hope the kids are back at school and don’t have too much trouble trying to catch up on all the class they missed."


  63. BabyMama - There are a few restrictions on the Shorty Awards for Twitter.
    1. You must have had your Twitter account prior to January 1. (To keep idiots from creating sock puppet accounts. i.e. dual accounts just to vote.)
    2. You can only vote once in a category. If you vote additionally, it just overwrites your initial vote!
    3. There are constant requests for nominations, e.g. The Cake Boss, Designers, Celebs, Chefs, Script writers, etc.etc.
    4. You must state a reason. e.g. I nominate @AskBabyMama for a Shorty Award for #fansite because it is a great blog.


    I do not own a blog! Votes should go to Baby Mama! Voting closes January 31st; awards ceremony in NY in March.
    (I also nominated @CraftyMomof3 for #crafts because she has great craft ideas for adults and kids.)

  64. Okay, now I realize why they use the picture of her filling her car, tanning, and shopping. They are trying to demonstrate that she is superficial and lives a “mundane” life. Okay, honestly, all of that may take 1 ½ hours. So, other than jogging, what does she do with her day.

    Well they don’t want to show that, because they would have to admit that she has a life and is busy. They would rather focus on the stuff they don’t allow themselves to do – get out of the house, run errands, work at looking good, and have a life.

  65. Welome Meg! Linda if you know the name of the episode she is talking about let me know and I will try to get it back on my site if I don't already have it so she can watch it here! I'm all about self serving and aiming to please!

    Fascinated~ I agree with you 100%. If you have issue with her going to my favorite store "TARSHAY" then stop following her just to get the "exclusive" pics then ya haters!

    Theres a few new interesting things going on and I think today I may end the thread here early & start a new post. So keep on chatting here and I will definetly get it on by tonight before I put my kids to bed for my Real Housewives. Then all bets are off ;)

  66. LindaO - I also agree Ellen does not want a private life. If the interviewer knew about her tweet and delete and how she talks to hate sites I wonder if she would still think whe was such a wonderful young woman.

    Fascinated - Excellent post. Your description of Jon is spot on.

    BabyMama - INF continues to prove how stupid they are. If Kate's life is so "mundane" what does that make INF's since they constantly stalk her?

  67. good point Gee Whiz (11:24 post).

    Meg - I loved that episode. I cry everytime I watch the kids see the dogs again. How exciting for them. If more parents were as responsible as Kate, then we wouldn't have so many animals at the SPCA. And so funny, to page the kids over teh intercom. I have wanted to do that many, many times.

  68. Meg~ I don't know if you are referring to The Gosselin, Goblins & Ghouls episode but you can watch it on my site below. There is a very touching moment at the 2:00 mark with Kate and Collin. When she tells him how much she loves him I started to cry when I first watched this. Very touching!


    If this is not the one let me know and I will find where it is on my site!

  69. And FYI..At this time the haters were spreading some crap about Kate sleeping in the car while the kids were supposed to be trick-or-trating. Exactly how were they supposed to know this. As you can see by the video she clearly wasn't. Apparently they were in the car with Kate and she told the kids to"be quiet". Dontcha just love re-living the BS that these people spew??

  70. The interview with Ellen not worth reading. The questions are very bad prepared, and the site does not even bother to by a photo of Ellen, but one of Jon. Does she like to be the shadow of Jon??. And talking about it, either way I'm rooting for him to be happy regardless of the job he is, just hope the best.

    I now saw the post of Inf Daily, he starts criticizing Kate, as if everything is an exercise in futility without limits ... amazing how they speak without thinking.
    - I agree with you Geewhiz, if the life of Kate is so banal, because they go behind it??
    - Fascinated also agree with you, Kate's life seems very easy in the eyes of Inf Daily, but we know it is not.

    Oh one more thing, I love that Kate&Kelly, it would be great!
    and I hope the court case is resolved once and for all soon.

  71. I know that Noh84Kate's videos were removed from You Tube for some reason so alot of my videos are no longer there because I only used hers. So I'm going to try to go back now and replace them. If there are any you want to see let me know and I will put them on my site...I think she will be back for me with a new name soon ;) uhh I hope!

  72. yeah I too find it interesting that there are no actual pictures of Ellen, just of Jon and the kids. How exactly does that fit with staying out of the spotlight? Oh well. Guess she should add the quality hypocrite to her list also. I wish Jon well. Seriously. At one time I was a real fan of his. That being said, he really needs to get a handle on who has info on him and what he lets people who are associated with him do. I will believe that they want to be out of the spotlight when I go a whole week with out seeing them in anything.

  73. Hello my dear Jacque! Please tell me all is still okay with you.....read today that more rains are coming your way and flooding in San Paulo area?

    Nice observations too Jacque! I agree completely.

    Well, which is it folks? Inf Dailey also is reporting that Jon quit his job, but ROL says he is still hacking it out there.

    All the stories are continuing in the same "how wonderful thy art...Jon and the government worker"!

    I saw the interview with government worker...what an indepth interview that was! Such intense, provocative questions! NOT!!!

    I think government worker gave the gal the questions and the answers verbatim.

    Strange that she wasn't willing to answer what school she went to? Maybe she has a not-so-good reputation there and didn't want anyone checking it out?

    What a rosy, picture perfect ideal these stories are trying to paint of these two. Meanwhile INF is shooting bull about Kate picking the kids up and literally putting them in the van. Like she never touches her kids unless Chris the pap is there to photograph them!

    Guess that court date has daddy and government worker a little nervous because they sure are trying to paint a squeaky clean image and I noticed that tweets have been cleaned up as well.

  74. CraftyMom said " I will believe that they want to be out of the spotlight when I go a whole week with out seeing them in anything."

    Great point. Why does Kate have to get out of the spotlight. Lets see if Jon can pull himself out of the spotlight. We really wouldn't hear anything about Kate if WienerGirl, Bonnie (not sure if that is the same person), the guy who follows them (Chris?), and Jon (AKA Ellen) stop talking about her. Imagine how the haters would spin out of control. They would have to actually watch the show to see what is going on.

  75. Firedup-am fine, luckily my neighborhood is far from clandestine locations like hills, but on the last Tuesday me and my family took a startled, gave a storm here and the wall that separates my house from my neighbor's house, barely falls and destroys the whole side of my house. and my neighbor's roof was blown and almost bursting the barrel of water from my house.
    The civil defense came here yesterday and today and are already removing the wall that is built to take their place. My garden is filthy! lol
    Debora told me that the roof of her neighbors flew across the street. And in my street the trees are still in the ground. Sometimes people who live in neighborhoods with no danger of flood (me for example). They think that nothing can happen, but rather may happen, and I saw that.

  76. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  77. I don't know if it is going to be that good Jacque.

    They interviewed family (I am assuming her brother and sister-in-law), friends (which friend would sit for an interview), and neighbors (the old ones that hated her or the new ones that probably won't do an interview because of their religious beliefs).

    Then they interviewed the nanny who slept with her husband. Then somehow managed to get a quote from Eric Roberts (who hates her for some unknown reason, displacement or projection, I am assuming). I can't imagine that this will be positive but more of an opportunity to make her look like a train wreck.

    I did find it interesting that the haters who commented about the show assumed that it would make her look positive. I am not sure why they would even care to comment if they don't like her. Bizarre as usual.

  78. Why the positive comment from Eric Roberts? And Polly Kahl? Those quotes seem almost positive. I like that Justin put a great comment on the bottom about interviewing positive fans also.

  79. fascinated - great comments here and on E!
    Wish somebody would ask Eric Roberts how he could ever comment on parenthood since he was and is a druggie estranged from his daughter.

    Then the comments about Polly and proKate blogs saying No.Duh, excuse me but it is a bit like asking Satan to write a book about Christianity when he is neither Christian, or believer, or fair! Do we get to ask Polly if she thinks it's ethical to stalk them at the fence, school drop off points, or through corn mazes, or publish her photos of the kids?

    Gee, I wonder if they'll do a timeline of Jon? I need a matrix diagram to keep up with his hairstyle, his flavor of girlfriend, his changing position on filming, job interests, his relationship with Chris the pap, his life coach (rabbi or Sylvia)... On and on and on.

  80. What the heck is up with the bruhaha over Jon's job? I'm hoping that he still has one for his own self-esteem. It can't be too great to have lost his past 9-5 jobs (fired), want his own show and not get it, to have a succession of women support him (Hailey, Morgan, and now the Government worker), blow through all your money, try to Tweet for a living and have to ask for donations, repeatedly loose in court... ??? At least his hair isn't falling out! Oh wait, the show but the hair plugs in... Does he have to give those back? To have even Michael Lohan turn down your friendship.... Gosh that's a lot of self esteem damage!

  81. Ack! Today has been so crazy! And sadly I lost my voice...

    Iv'e been yelling at Ellen Ross for standing on the freezing streets begging for someone to interview her some more.
    Then Ive been yelling ay Polly wanna Cracker because she's still stalking Kate hither tither and yon, and was caught going through her trash again. Then I was yelling at INF who needs to look at their own "mundane" lives before judging Kates daily habits that are her damn business.
    Then I have been yelling at Bonnie Fuller who scopes out every Gossselin site to get her stupid stories and then puts a hateful twist on them.
    And lastly I was yelling at Jon as to why he can't hold a job for more than a month..more to follow

    Dang Its amazing I was able to even type today!

  82. Hello guys. Even though the post isnt finished. I have some exciting Gosselin news I want to share so I'm putting up a new thread early. Please feel free to bring all your comments to the new post!

    The scent of the day is the scent of sweet strawberries that you get when you smell Lotso Bears belly. If you don't know what I'm talking about please rent Toy Story 3!

    New Thread still updating!