Thursday, January 13, 2011

Kate Plus 8 Having Fun In New Zealand, Do you smile all day? Then STOP attacking The Gosselin Photos!

Hello Gosselin fans! The kids are having a fun, amazing time on their trip to New Zealand. But nothing is more upsetting or frustrating than to see sites taking pot shots at the kids. On hate blogs like 15 min. the moderator is allowing comments like "the kids look sick" "Cara is all swollen" "Collin looks miserable". And I literally have to laugh. Exactly how are you ASSuming this? By looking at a spit second photo? Why must these adorable kids pose for you? They're not WORKING right? They are having a normal relaxing day. So lets say you know how children actually behave on a normal day. Do they smile all day? Are they allowed to be tired? Does that mean that they hate being where they are and want to run home to daddy? NO! So please stop thinking you know how the kids are feeling just because poor Collin isn't giving you a grin from ear to ear. I know this family is doing things that most of will never do in our lifetimes. But please stop showing that jealousy in spades by attacking the innocent Gosselin children. We know you are not monsters, but you are not acting normal xoxox BM Getting a chance to see the beautiful nature of New Zealand, Kate Gosselin took her kids out to the natural springs in Rotorua today (January 12). The “Dancing with the Stars” babe led her brood around a park where they tried on hula grass skirts that are worn by the Maori people of the land. Ms. Gosselin also took her kiddos on a horseback ride through the New Zealand countryside where they saw all kinds of wildlife and scenery. It looks like the Gosselin clan will have plenty of footage for their hit TLC reality show “Kate Plus 8” by the time they go back to the States later this month.

Kate Gosselin allowed her ex-husband Jon to speak with their eight kids recently during their action packed trip to Australia and New Zealand, can reveal. That part of the world was hit with some freakish floods during the adventurous expedition which Jon did not want his family to take, leaving the infamous former reality dad on tender-hooks. So far, 16 people have been killed in the floods with a reported 43 people missing in Brisbane - which Kate and her family visited recently. Kate and her brood are about to return to America and thankfully it looks like the kids will be returned safe and sound to their father. A source told “Naturally, Jon was worried because his kids were so far away and in an area that was hit by the freaky weather.“But to her credit Kate kept him posted and he was allowed to talk to his kids on the phone - who saw the trip as a huge adventure.“Luckily, they missed the worst of the floods and they should return safe and sound to America shortly so that Jon can be re-united with them again.” Australia’s northeastern state of Queensland has been flooded by drenching rains that began in November sending rivers spilling over their banks and flooding huge areas.


  1. They are really stretching for things to snark about! I have a hard time getting everyone to smile on cue for posed pictures, let alone candids. If you smiled all day your face would hurt.

  2. twinkle777 apology accepted, what Linda says is true because I speak Portuguese, so when I write here the translation is not perfect. But even then you had said that Kate and the kids did not run any danger, and that it was unnecessary to what I said. whenever I do my research and I see something that perhaps nobody has seen before, I always put the link to see what you guys think, and so I can share, even if it is something of an untrusted source. And after each one has their own opinion.

    Welcome to the blog.

  3. I know my objective here is to have a positive fan site. But every once in a while I will need to vent on my blog when I am passionate about something, and this has always been the Gosselin chidren. I feel that people are negatively commenting about them as another way to THINK they are attacking and hurting Kate.

    Moderators are responsible for their content. If I do not agree with a comment or post its removed. I'm shocked that they would allow these kind of backwards thinking on their sitthat es are "supposedly" trying to protect the Gosselin children. To me it just clearly shows that that was never their intent, it was just a place to snark. So again shame on them!

  4. hello baby mama ...
    is a beautiful act on your part to worry about them
    there are still good people in this world
    those who have nothing to criticize and make your life ... let them know it has to take care of their lives
    and do not expose what they think or not around
    well ... people have different tastes
    but need not go criticizing
    especially on blogs like this
    let it be, we will defend what we think

  5. Baby Mama - interesting post! Remember when Collin and Alexis got made fun of because of smiles? I do! Some of those blogs questioned the kids intellect because they smiled so much!

    Was looking for a photo last night and noticed that in the candid shots, frequently there is one who isn't smiling, but it varies as to which child. These were photos from my childhood and family reunions.

    I've been away a lot. Fourth day of snow/ice here. Ugh!

    Sledding accident with another child so have two with casts now (although one comes off later today we hope!) Always drama!

  6. Linda O--You are so right--there always seems to be someone who either missed the request to smile or they maybe just weren't in the mood to have pictures taken--we don't know. It's just normal. Hope the drama lets up. :)

  7. Linda I hope the kids are ok and your little one is ok after the sledding incident. Casts are the worst & so itchy. Glad at least one of them are getting one off!

    Speaking of moderators who can't keep the lies on their posts straight, we get more pearls of wisdom from Werny Gal. Today's post talks about the Gosselin children being abused, and yours truly being the person in the Al Walentis toilet book...

    Someone posted on the site that yours truly, was the one Steve was referring to when he made that stupid remark on Tv about "overzealous fans". He really meant to say overzealous staplers like ol Polly but let's enjoy this:

    " Al is aware of the story/rumor about Kate having to get the first bodyguard (who turned out to be Steve) because of a fan, supposedly BM, who followed her around the country and repeatedly tried to ingratiate herself with Kate. I think Al's just talking about how it was at the house. There were, and still are, other bodyguards besides Steve, most notably a large black man who has been out at the house a lot and who has also been seen carrying Kate's bags while shopping."

    Wormy are you for real? Al knows me because I ave the best Dan site on the web. The stalker Steve was referring to was you, wormy of the corn! Let's check up on Cassie aka JW, who made up the biggest pile of untrue crap I've seen:

    Yes, the overzealous fan Steve was talking about was BM. And just because someone reads there and takes her word for anything is not proof of anything. I can't remember where the information was presented, but it was out there that BM was the one they wanted to keep away from Kate. Every piece of information pointed to her. And she has certainly proven over and over that she thinks she is Kate's number one fan and has a melt down when another fan site opens up.
    January 12, 2011 | Cassie

    "Cassie" a hate site made that up after I called them out on not being stable in the head. Every piece of information? Are you playing Clue today or just Blues Clues? Sweetie that was a joke they put on that site and tried to present as fact. You need to understand that Steve didn't want to scare Kate or the public by saying "jealous stalking haters" on National TV. Or for that matter call Werney Gal out by her real name. SNAP

    But again just more examples of random socks making stupid stuff

  8. BabyMama--Good Grief! Wormy admits to going to the corn maze to see Kate and the kids! She's not a fan--her book will show that too! Another wolf in sheep's clothing.

  9. Her last book with Al tanked. After working so hard to promote the book, it didn't sell. Who does she think will buy it? I don't think even fellow AKOs will buy it. Maybe she's donating any proceeds to Jon's charity. Who knows.

  10. BabyMama - of course the haters tell lies about you, they can't stand the fact that you have a fan site and support Kate so they try to make you look bad. All they have done is prove they have major issues.

    LindaO - ITA with your post on pictures. Sorry to hear your kids got hurt. Hope they have a speedy recovery.

    My word, Al Walentis is wearing binoculars in the picture of him at the Gosselin's fence on WernyGal's blog. Maybe that is why they get along so well, they are both STALKERS and EXPLOITERS. They don't think the family should be paid for a show with the kids yet they can try and profit from stalking the family?

    It is mind boggling that Al and WernyGal think they are an authority on the Gosselins when they have never spoken to any of them. How can she write a book about the effects of reality tv on the kids when she has never spoken to them? How can she accuse Kate of emotional and physical abuse at home when she has never stepped foot in their house? Why does she repeat as fact any comment that is left on a blog?

    WernyGal is guilty of libel as she is stating things as fact that portray Kate in a negative image and she has no proof of any of her claims. I wish Kate would sue so the people of Wernersville would find out they have a crazy, stalking busy body in their town.

  11. Ahh, hot chocolate. I need it. It is -21 C; – 25C with the wind-chill.

    Well again, I don’t understand this need to spend any energy on hate. If they don’t like Kate so much, stop following her and for goodness sake stop saying that you are trying to protect the kids. If you are spreading hate about their mother, you are damaging them. If you are reading, contributing comments, pictures, or stories to rag magazines, you are continuing to hurt the kids. If you stop and watch Kate plus 8 and then go online and discredit the show, you are harming the kids. Get over your hate already, sad, sad haters.

  12. Fascinated I could not agree more with your 10:33 post.

    Oh dear Linda hope everyone is on the mend! At least you can never say you lead a boring uneventful live!

    WG's true colours are showing! I don't blame you for being ticked at her nasty story. She's obviously trying to appeal to the underbelly of G blogging. Child advocacy & professionalism not so much

  13. Fascinated--well said. The worst in my opinion is when they state that Kate doesn't love her kids. Obviously, that is not true, but even if the haters believe that, what kind of "child advocate" publicly states that the child's mother does not love them? What if the children read these statements? Do these people really think these comments bring comfort to the kids? Even if the kids don't read this stuff themselves, their classmates might, and can you imagine being that age and having a classmate tell you that they read that your mother doesn't love you? If these people were really concerned about the kids, there are many ways they could express their displeasure with Kate without making such public hurtful comments involving the kids.

  14. Gee Whiz - ITA!
    Also agree with fascinated, Momsby, & Shirleynoname!
    fascinated - Brrrr!! That is really cold! OMG
    Momsby, Corrina, Gee Whiz - thank you. One cast off (just a brace now for a couple of weeks.) She's delighted. Roads clear enough for school today on delayed schedule. We don't get much fluffy snow; ours is usually mostly ice mix.

  15. hello
    seems fascinated that many if not all agree with you
    I agree with you
    the idea of "protecting children is a lack of creativity
    */ they do not realize they are harming Kate, and so end up harming their children? do you agree?
    let's see what lies ahead

  16. OMG Did RadarOnline feel mortally embarrassed when they wrote some stupid article "accusing" Kate & Steve Nield of GASP having a romantic dinner together? I laughed my behind off after the person that took the photos for $$$$ cropped it to make it look like they were all alone. With Kate bare shouldered it must be intimate right? WRONG!

    "Numerous online reporters and scores of fans were blinded by a Radaronline  photo and article entitled "Kate Gosselin and Her Silver Fox Bodyguard Dine in New Zealand."  Various stories popped up about the possibility of TLC reality star Kate Gosselin and her bodyguard Steve Nield, being caught in an intimate moment.  The photo is of a somewhat surprised looking and bare shouldered Kate Gosselin sitting across from the very married Mr. Nield. The article spurred numerous stories of evidence of a possible romance. Unfans, as they are called, reveled in delight and commented with unbridled nastiness at what they felt was obvious evidence of "the affair".

    Sorry unfans, this is not so. The thing is, at least two of the Gosselin Eight were with them! Radar fails to mention this one important detail as do other bloggers. Take a close look at the foreground of the picture and you can clearly make out the backs of two tiny dark haired children.  One of the adorable boy sextuplets is clearly visible. Anyone with children will tell you there is not much romance going on with the kids in the room. 

    The bodyguard affair rumors were started by non other than the jealous and wayward Jon Gosselin. This was right about the time he was getting allot of media heat for being caught red handed with his hand in the cookie jar of sin. Jon was snapped leaving a bar with Deanna Hummell the blonde PA school teacher. Later on, a video surfaced of Jon leaving her home in the early hours of the morning.  Kate tipped us off to Jon's media dalliances in a TV interview as she tearfully told us of her trials and tribulations as a newly single mother of eight.

    It seems Jon Gosselin is still up to his old tricks, as he faces contempt of court charges next month for allegedly going public with private information about his families’ child custody proceedings. It is also rumored that Jon's latest girlfriend is the media "source" spreading the news. 

    Will the judge haul both Jon and his girlfriend in for a legal spanking?"

  17. What cracks me up is saying Cara looks swollen? She is 10 years old and could actually be going thru puberty. Lots of young ladies start their menstral cycle at an early age. But instead of considering that fact, they need to make something up that makes her sound sick and Kate isnt taking care of her. I just cant figure out why some people are so willing to see the dark side of things.

  18. Short, I did not see those comments but when I saw the pics of Cara, thought the same thing. She has always been taller than Maddy so it makes sense she is going to hit puberty sooner. My DD did the same thing at 10, now at 11 1/2 she is 6 inches taller, slim & has a nice set of muscles due to competitive swimming and 2 hour a day workouts. Cara has always been athetic. She will shoot up & thin out here in a few months and then we'll be hearing the rumors Kate isn't feeding them enough again. sigh!

  19. Coming outta my coma to say hello!

    Every one stay warm and Linda TWO casts???? At least one's off. Life of a big family huh?

    Ok going back into my coma. Good night.

    BTW-do the other sites NOT see the kids heads in the picture???

  20. Good evening everyone! Linda loved the beautiful photo you sent me of your twins. My kids are growing up so quickly as well it literally brings a tear to my eye..

    Shortnsaszy~ you hit the nail on the head when you discussed puberty. My daughter is going through the exact same thing right now. I was so angry seeing people say such idiotic things regarding poor Cara. It just proved to me how ignorance can be that rampant over there. Or rather how someone can really stretch to make up the craziest story possible in the hopes of you believing it to prove a point.

    Craftymomof3~ whats going on with you and the kids, are you all sick? Ugh I know how that feels. Hope you feel better :)

  21. Hi all. Tried to post three times and it keeps getting lost. Will try to catch up tomorrow. Hugs & waves. ~ ~ ~

  22. Linda this is so unlike you! No post for me? ;(

    Natasha~ I had to agree with you about that being so true! If Cara has another growth spurt you watch people will complain she's not being fed! And for the record, I'm still begging my eldest to smile in pictures. Even when she's having a blast on vacation, she's too cool for the camera. Which is why I'm so completely in awe when I read what some people write about the kids being miserable because they aren't smiling in every picture? A re they for real? It couldnt honestly be that long since any of them had kids that age right? Or is it really about attacking Kate now through the kids? I thought it was all about saving them?? Lol

  23. BabyMama - Ok, I'll try again, lol. I keep hitting something and the whole screen goes blank. It was a special night for the Tweens with their first dance. They were ready to go back to school after the snow/ice, lol, because they didn't want to miss the dance. (In our house, rule is... If no school due to illness or whatever, then no after school activities.) With the girl, getting off her cast and moving to a brace was "just in time." Kids grow up so fast!

    Sigh... We get sprains, strains, and even the occasional broken bone because they're active... Really active, lol.

    Gosh, with Kate, the haters just can't get it straight with the lies. The worst lies are those threaded with a smidgen of truth. "Kate & Steve out at dinner together" sounds more titillating than "Kate and 8 had dinner out accompanied by their bodyguard, Steve." So... They just leave out any reference to kids, Even Though Kids ARE in the Photo!!! Then the lies just mushroom.

    Wouldn't you think a REAL child advocate would be overjoyed that the kids ARE being protected?

  24. Yes Linda you would think people would be happy Steve is doing the job he was hired to do!

  25. Kate Gosselin and her brood of eight from the American reality television show Kate Plus 8 have been in Rotorua this week.

    Rotorua International Airport business development manager Rhys Arrowsmith confirmed to The Daily Post yesterday the family was at the airport on Thursday afternoon - the same day The Daily Post published a story saying the family may have been in the city.

    Mr Arrowsmith posted yesterday on social networking website Twitter that Gosselin had enjoyed the Rotorua International Airport with her eight "very well behaved" children.

    Kate Plus 8 is an American reality television show produced about the Gosselin family, featuring parents Kate and estranged husband Jon and their eight children - fraternal twins and sextuplets. Mr Arrowsmith said he was not at the airport when the Gosselin family was there but airport staff had remarked to him about how beautiful and how well behaved Gosselin's children were.He said he thought the family was there with an entourage but he was not sure who, how many or whether any of them were film crew. He said he did not know whether the group was on a commercial flight but he didn't think they would have been on a private jet.


    Sorry I'm writing from my iPad and it's hard to copy & paste. The article I had above was just to show that the kids are already back at the airport. No doubt sad for their vacation to be ending... Above was the copies of the docket that someone asked me for. Apparently I keep getting emails that it was Jon who went to court first, not Kate. No doubt this wil be spun in any way possible to make Kate look bad. I thought Jon was taking a break from yapping?

  27. I've seen what claims to be a copy of a docket from Berks County Court of Common Pleas that shows the last filing as a request for a contempt finding filed by Jon but it's right after a request for special relief filed by Kate. Also, if Kate did file, it doesn't have been the most recent filing. If Jon is the most recent filing it could be an attempt to get around the prior ruling or just hassle Kate when she's supposed to be having a good time, especially with the kids. It wouldn't be the first time he filed out of spite, if that's the case.

  28. Hello.
    I would like to ask a questions
    I know that there are possibilities for jon gain custody of children
    *- Kate plus eight certainly would not order one?
    *- There is no scope for a program like jon plus eight?
    in good conscience jon knows that children have fans and they can not stop after the divorce agora.mas seems he does not agree so much with their children in the media!
    *- You guys think should win custody?
    *- Why?


  29. Whoa! Baby Mama - Those links are shocking. Are they real? It would seem to document Jon's taking her to court during Dancing WTS, etc. It would seem to document Jon's numerous attorney changes. (One named and date of change seems "off" but WTH do I know???) It would seem to document that Jon went back to court again (after he spent all his money?) to try to get asset distributions changed. It would seem to document the Attorney List assertion that Jon was trying to get custody declaring Kate an absentee parent. But wait, after List went to ROL with that, Jon said it was "without his permission and wasn't his intention." then List was fired and Jon got new attorney. Some of those things seem timed with every time Kate+8 are doing something fun, and is getting positive media, could that anger Jon to the point he goes back to court? Pretty immature.

  30. PeggyP - Since you practiced law in PA, would you weigh-in on the supposed docket. (I asked family members but was told it varies by state.)
    Are dockets maintained this way in PA? 
    How on earth is something like this released to the public? 
    The supposed printout date was 1/14/11... Would this be probable and who would print it? 
    As an officer of the court, can an attorney release this? 
    Not asking you for legal advice but just your take based on years with the PA legal system in an honorable and professional way (as opposed to other less honorable supposed lawyers who have a blog.)

  31. PeggyP - One more question...
    This "docket" purports to be a detailed and complete record. But, if you were calling up a printout of anything to do with Gosselins in that court, wouldn't it go back to the 2009 dates and not just arbitrarily start in April 2010? Does that seem "off" to you? (okay that's two more questions.)

  32. WooHoo...I'm back! My life and household has been a mess. We incurred some major winter storm ice damage...downed trees, power out for several days...had to pack up and go south and stay in motel for a few days!

    So my goodness...what all I have missed! Don't know where to begin, but I see much of the same ridiculous crap continues on against Kate!

    Regarding kids and getting them to smile for a picture....well, I have only two and I cannot begin to enumerate the many times one is smiling and the other isn't. So what? Kids often get annoyed when parents or others are always saying "smile" for a picture.

    Can you imagine trying to get 8 little ones to all smile at the same instant?

    Regarding Debora's questions: Jon has never been happy having the responsibility of caring for all 8 children.

    He truly seems to be unable to take care of himself...much less all the kids.

    He still seems to be struggling financially...has not had any steady employment over the entire course of his adult life.

    He only brings up custody issues to irritate and worry Kate.

    I don't think we will ever see a "Jon Plus 8" series. TLC has severed ties with Jon. Jon never abided by his contract before and has in fact bad-mouthed TLC many times.

    Jon only claims he does not want his kids in the media to hurt Kate and her "Kate Plus 8" series.

    Jon appears to have "leaked" many private stories to media outlets regarding his kids and has set up many "photo ops" with his pap friend Chris to take pictures of his kids.

    Jon makes money off these "stories" and "pictures" of his children that he sells to places like ROL, IN TOUCH magazine, etc.

    So his saying he wants his kids out of the media is a lie based on what his actions have been!

    Thanks Linda O for asking about me! So glad to be back home!

  33. FiredUp4Kate - So very glad to see you post!!!

    OMGoodness, that must have been a struggle! Hope the ice storms are over! My thoughts/prayers are with you! Snow is fun! Ice is only good for making life difficult! Melts a bit during day but freezes back in late evening. Glad you are safe!! Hugs!

  34. Linda O ...Thank you dear heart! What we experienced was mainly just an inconvenience compared to the many flood victims all over the world right now!

    So many people and animals have suffered!

    I am thankful that we had the financial means to just slip away for a few days til it was all fixed and cleaned up.

  35. Linda-I don't know if it's legit. I haven't been able to access it on the online docket sheets. Most of my work was done in administrative and appellate work and those dockets are almost all online. I haven't seen a print one in years. I checked and Berks County Court of Common Pleas has an online RAD (Remote Access Docketing) system but it has a $300.00 a year subscription fee. (PACER, the federal system only charges you if you use it and it's very reasonable; the Pennsylvania appellate ones are free).

    You'd be amazed at what's available to the public online but I've never personally dealt with a case with a sealed record.

    As for whether or not it's complete, even if it's legit, a person can copy part of a docket.

  36. Yes Baby Mama we are still sick. the girl's fevers just finally broke last night. Heck of a virus this one.

    FiredUp-so glad you are ok! Sounds like you had an intersting run of things lately.

    I don't know what to make of those documents. I have never been able to really understand legal documents and the way they phrase them. But what I did notice is what Linda said...lots of changes of attorneys on Jon's part and the dates do show he was trying to tie up Kate when she had documented things to do, like premieres and what not..but seriously who knows?? Anybody can make anything look legit nowadays with photoshop. I could type up something and scan it and have it look the same. I never believe the generic stuff they put up on the internet any more. I honestly believe wholeheartedly that Kate AND Jon need to tighten up who has access to their stuff any more. too many people feel privileged to their info now. After the small hits I have taken, and I know Linda has had to do this too, I have locked up my info a little more. Problem is I can't completely because when you work with brands they don't like to hear "well I can't give you my info because people that don't like Kate Gosselin might post it on the internet", which I also know Linda too has to deal with.

    Sad sad thing.

  37. PeggyP - Thanks so much for your input. My knowledge of the law would fill a thimble, particularly law outside of my very limited exposure in specific states and federal laws. It's nice to have a sane legal person weigh-in. Thanks!

    BabyMama - Hope you're having a wonderful day!

    CMo3 - You are so right!

  38. FiredUp4Kate~ I was so worried about you! Woman send me your e-mail again so the next time we lose touch I can make sure your OK! :)

    PeggyP~ So true. I'm planning on opening my own docket where I plant a can of whoopass on anyone that writes more false stories on this family! Im feeling all sorts punchy today..may be the paint funes..My parents are over painting what was my office and is now going to be my eldest daughters room. My scrapbooking dreams are coming to a crumble and Im not happy today...

  39. BabyMama - Never give up hope. Oldest girl wanted zero to do with scrap booking but now does it avidly. Tweener daughter asked me today is we could do scrapbook pages from her photos of dance last night & her first dance card. I almost fell out of the chair! (Yep, we still do it the old way, with dance cards... Can't dance with same boy more than twice, everybody dances with nobody as wall flowers, & you dance everything from old fogey fox trot, waltzes, electric slide, cha cha, meringue, etc. Sounds outdated but kids seem to love it.) She wants me to ask if I can flatten her corsage and add it. ??? Seems too bulky to me. Do you know? I can't find an answer on line.

    Watch out for those paint fumes! Don't want anything to happen to you!:)

  40. If something happens to me the blog is willed to you. So what if, lets say, at the end of this month something will happen to me? I wonder what the trolls will think seeing you in charge? ;)

    Better get your post ideas ready lol

  41. LOL I think you just gave Linda a heart attack.

  42. Babymama, I feel sad for you losing your office, we spend more time in ours than any other room, except for sleep. I'll pray for you to win the lottery and move to a larger place (and a maid ofr myself)
    I am surprised that Kate has time to get anything done, if those papers are correct, she spends a lot of time in court and money for that matter. No wonder Jon took so long to get a job if he has one. I am sure after a long trip Kate and the kids will be looking forward to being home. I know I do, it doesn't matter how great the trip is, there is no place like my own bed.

  43. Tashapork~ I feel sad for me too. I always dreamed of turning into my dream scrspbooking room but it never happened. Rooms like that always wind up being office clutter. But all my big one wanted for Christmas was a "tween" room of her own no where near the baby.

    Craftymom~ I've been asking Linda for months to take over the site. She has some ideas of where we wanted to go with it, but I don't think she can implement them just yet. She's busy w/work and the kids. I'm working her down though

  44. Well you know you can always "retire" to my site. ;)

    Linda would be an excellent choice if you really must insist on stepping down.

  45. BabyMama - So I go out for a date night only to return home to read ?????

    You must have inhaled paint fumes, lol. Good gosh, my friend. Your fans want only you. I can babysit, but don't think I'd be a good lead mama. I can be your support but don't have nearly the patience you have. There's always drama going on in my life and you know that. I've told you why I'd be a poor choice. Some of the same issues the trolls constantly recycle I have zero patience to discuss for the fourth or tenth or twentieth time.

    Again, your followers want only you!!!! Heavens, every time somebody follows me on Twitter, I send them a DM, tell them how boring I am, etc. and to perhaps rethink their "follow." I rarely ever talk about anything Gosselin related, it's messages to friends, recipes, and nerdy techie stuff.

    For the third time, your followers want only you!!! I'm going to be on the road a lot from now till spring. If the trolls are bugging you, make it a subscription/sign up /but free. It would drive them nuts not knowing what's being said.

    Hugs and love... I'm going to bed. PS I'm glad your Tween is getting the room she wants but completely empathetic to your losing your dream craft room.

  46. Kelly - I found your comment offensive and sent it to spam. Kindly return to your hater blogs where you can rant to your heart's content. It won't be happening here.
    If you truly believe Jon Gosselin qualifies for a Daddy of the year award, you can contribute to his legal fund. Better yet, I've got some swampland you might be interested in purchasing. But wait...there's about a quit claim deed on the Brooklyn Bridge? We can make you a special deal. Best of all... Don't let the door hit you in the rear while you make your exit. Bye now!

  47. Kelly....Don't let the door hit ya where the Good Lord split ya!!!

  48. Tiggerfan1965~ So happy to see you again ! How are you?

    When you Goggle "Kate" she is the number 2 search under Kate Middleton. She's rich and now famous and people hate her because of her sense of entitlement. It's fun for them to come on a blog and attack her because she gets what most moms wish they could get. After 3 whole years of "her 15 minutes are up" and "oh Karma she will get hers!" when will they move on? She's just a mom taking care of her kids and getting hers $$$. I suggest instead of griping about it they go out and try to make their own dreams a reality....

  49. Ohh and why all the snark on Kate's body? Seriously we need to see what these ladies look like in person because we all know they only wish they looked that good.

    So why is the only news right now that the family was spotted at the airport? In a day the big news will be that Jon finally gets to see his kids! Ellen will be making sure that getting press watch, Weren't they supposed to be away longer? Does anyone know what happened?

  50. Baby Mama and Linda--Love you both! You make a great team! That would be awesome to have it by subscription only--the nonfans could just sit and spin. LOL

    I thought Kate and the kids were going to be gone two weeks. Since this is the only site I visit, I think I heard it here?

  51. I'm hear everyday Baby Mama, just don't feel like posting. I'm okay though, don't worry!!

    I'm thinking of switching to a Droid R2D2, anyone have one? Thoughts on it?

  52. Good mornin' to all and a big southern "Rise and Shine" at ya!

    Sun is out and ice and cold is a gone for today! We are hoping to get into the low 60's this afternoon!

    Hoping my Brazilian girls are OK....lots of flooding in that country too! Please check in Jacque and Debora!!!

    I believe one site said Kate would be returning on the 20th of this month...that would be Thursday coming.

    Maybe she will take a day or two layover in California to handle some business maybe another ET gig or something. Never know with Kate, she may have something else cookin'!

    And whoever is a snarking on Kate's body...I challenge them to squeeze themselves into a bikini, take a picture and let us do a "side by side" critique of who "rocks a bikini"!

    Ugly's Kate the winner, hands down by a country mile! Bad girls just being jealous of a beautiful, successful lovin' mama and eight precious kids!

  53. Tiggerfan~ I always get worried when my regulars don't show for a while. Firedup4Kate gave us a heart attack! If anyone needs to talk you can always e-mail me.

    I'm going to put up my little sign like Lucy. 5 cents .. or sit next to her and you could all come to me for advice like Charlie Brown did. I wad going to start another site to give out advice, but sadly Ellen took that route. She's such a giver... :/

  54. Baby Mama - In honor of your daughter, and her great mom as troop leader, we just bought 4 boxes of Girl Scout cookies from an adorable troop taking orders door to door. Thank you for all you and other mom's do in sharing leadership to make this world a better place for the younger generation. The memories you are building will be treasured for a lifetime. You Rock!

  55. I often think of starting a blog......but not sure of a topic......

  56. Firedup4kate- Débora and I are good, the floods were more in the state of Rio de Janeiro and we are in the state of Sao Paulo, but here (not exactly in my town) but at other points, had flooding in these last days ... very sad it all.

    Good to know that Kate and the kids are at home, this means new episode soon.

  57. Thank you Linda. Moms were all up in arms that they went to $4 per box. Well I guess inflation finally hit Girl Scouts!

    Ok if I here one more stupid story how infantile Preesi s a super sleuth via the hate sites I'm gonna puke. Preesi dear, since I know fir a fact you sneak on this site as least once a day via proxy since we already banned you, let's break this down.

    1. You caught no one doing nothing. Yeah Kate hates certain "P " people, but she also tolerates some as well and will take a photo with a few of them who are FANS. So get over it. Yeah all celebrites have to deal with the paps& each handle it the best they can. The only liar here is YOU.

    2. TLC travels with the Gosselin's and they take photos that are sometimes sold or go to media outlets. That does NOT mean that Kate herself is selling photos of herself, or that Steve has a new job. It just means that you are not very smart.

    3. Steve did not secretly take photos of Kate from a balcony, and Kate did not sell a photo of Steve eating, And they are not secretly planning time alone when that photo clearly showed it was just dinner with that family!

    But all this once again shows that you and the Scooby Doo crew did not find out anything other than you spend way too much time with your vile buddy Tam in the Mystery Machine.

  58. And I forgot to say hi to all the international readers that enjoy this site. Please feel free to try the translator & post! We would love to hear from you :)

    TiggerFan1965~ you really just need to think about what you love chatting about the most. I wanted to do a blog about either scrap booking or Disney but there are quite a few of them right now so I just support the others. Someday I will just retire on CraftyMomof3's site :)

  59. First – Very glad to hear that everyone is okay, or relatively okay given the colds, flus, broken arms, and very bad weather. (Jacque, Linda, FiredUp, Debora, CraftyMom, and Tashapork).

    I Always enjoy the common sense posts from Momsby, Corrina, and GeeWhiz.

    Even if you posts briefly, Shortnsaszy, ShirleyNoName, Natasha, PeggyP, and Tiggerfan, I enjoy your perspective.

    Baby Mama – I would never have subscribed to this site if I had to. I was very cautious the first year and lurked until I felt comfortable enough to post. I think your positive message and your support for Kate should be kept public. I think you change a lot of minds that you don’t even know about. For every 1 person who posts, there are 10 that agree. You are a huge change agent and all of us are here to support you in your efforts. Even the haters are actually helping you. They force all of us to articulate clearly why we enjoy the Gosselins so much. This articulation helps others reflect on their values, beliefs, and feelings about the world. You are the best Baby Mama.

  60. Forgot to mention Tiggerfan, you could start a blog about women in the media. Commenters could post articles they read and their thoughts on how the women are portrayed or how people react to them. There are definitely enough stories about women that would keep your blog hopping.

  61. The amount of hate in this world is astounding.

    There's even a sicko blog now calling for Kate to be shot. This is just sick. Hateful comments have far reaching consequences. After Giffords and others were shot by a deranged person, how can anyone spew out rhetoric of shooting somebody else???

  62. fascinated - Hope you are staying warm! Are your temps in the pluses now. Those negative double digit weather numbers you had were incredible! You are one strong woman to preservere! I salute you.

  63. Thank you Jacque and Debora....nice to know all is well with you!

    Linda O...that is a disturbing piece of news...someone calling for Kate to be shot!!!!

    The internet and hate blogs have become magnets for screwballs and slime-thinking individuals.

    Their obsessive, daily hatred devlops a sort of "mob mentality" where normal, law-abiding individuals suddenly lose their sense of moral boundaries and feel emboldened to action and violence against their "object of hate."

    I don't take this lightly. I am becoming more and more concerned for Kate's safety and well-being.

    All it takes is one "unstable" person who has fed herself daily on the hate rhetoric to snap and do the unthinkable in seeking Kate out in public to do her harm.

    That's why I deplore these hate blogs...I lost all respect for Nina and her radio show when she openly welcomed the hate bloggers.

    How can one consciously participate in these things?

    I would feel dirty, unclean and certainly not refreshed from participating in such angry, cruel rants.

    If something, God forbid, ever happened to Kate like this....there would be "community responsibility" for every single one of these persons who posted on or encouraged the hate on these blogs and including Nina's radio broadcast.

    Everyone one of them will share in responsibility before God for having a part in this assinine, stupidity of hate and villification against Kate!

    You hateful posters...if you read had better look in the mirror and reflect on how serious this all could become.

    It's gotten out of hand now and it's not just internet fun and games here.

  64. Oh Linda, those temps are only our medium winter temps, in a couple weeks we will hit -30 and colder. Add a wind chill to that and we sit in the minus forties. Many people around here pull their kids out for two weeks between Christmas and March and travel to warmer climates. These include kids in kindergarten to post-secondary (University, etc). I like to take all of my holidays in the summer so I don’t pull my kids out, but don’t think that I don’t dream about doing it…. : )

    One year, the kids returned from Christmas break, went to school for two weeks, then were out of school for 10 days over a three week span because it was too cold for the kids to go to school. Yes, it can get too cold to go to school here. LOL. Then we had our Winter break (one week off in February). My kids are doing just fine even though they attended roughly 15 days of school from December 22 – Feb 22. The haters have no clue about anything outside of their little world. LOL.

  65. I agree FiredUP, hateful, violent rhetoric is not freedom of speech, nor is it intelligent debate.

  66. FiredUp - one can only hope that TLC and Steve's company remain on the alert! This situation has gotten way out of control. When you don't like or agree with somebody, change the channel, read a book, go for a walk. Get a life!
    fascinated - God bless you! I know I'm not even remotely tough enough to handle those temps. My bones ache just thinking about it. Not kidding. That's just painfully cold. You are one hearty mortal and your kids too! Just call me wimpy. I'm truly in awe of your stamina! And CMo3, and Corrina, and all of you where it's truly cold. Just in awe ....!!!

  67. Linda amen, thank you. I was really hoping people would have learned from the events of last week.

  68. fascinated--I really appreciate what you're saying about this site having a positive influence on others and I believe that's true--Thank You for the insight! And-my goodness you have the coldest temps of anyone I know. It gets in the teens/20's below zero here especially when there's a windchill.

    After the tragedy that took place a week ago, I don't see how the authorities can not investigate a site that calls for Kate to be shot. I'd really like to see people behind bars for posting such hatred. It makes no sense to me at all.

    You are so right, Firedup, that Nina's show can only make matters worse.

  69. Fascinated~ Ohh how I love your posts. It's hard to see me because I'm up in the clouds with my ego. It took Pressi & the Scooby Doo crew minutes before they re-posted my post. So uhh yeah, no one reads my site and I offer nothing...Is that it? Thats why they all read here right and they all re-copy my posts to discuss them.

    I must say I just love everyone that posts here. Many do not post everyday, but come back to say hi and for that I am so appreciative. And my regular gals, the true REAL divas, make me smile everyday. If I could only thank Kate Gosselin for one thing, it would be that she brought me together with you all. Binging me into just a fraction of your lives.

    I am so blessed and greatful to you all! xoxox

  70. I wanted to try to pick a part all these stupid LIES being spread as fact re: Kate because Super Sluths they are NOT! The last and latest I wanted to put to rest was the one where they said Kate's breast implant scars were in full in Australia. Please take a look at the link of her in that hot bikini. You clearly see her c-cection scar and the side of her breasts in her top. They are saying this CLEAR proof. None of these ladies have breasts then. Because today I checked myself in something similar and my cousin who was hysterical laughing who has implants. In no way does that photo show anything. I mean, I hate to drag this up for the millionth time, but I just HAD to see for myself how implants sit in a bikini vs. myself.

    Real breasts spread apart when you lie down which is EXACTLY what Kate's does when she's sunning herself. Also implants would have raised her chest higher and closer together in her top.

    Sorry again but I finally wanted to get this all out because I kept on being asked why I thought they were real if I had no proof. Carry on!

  71. Linda I got your messages, thank you. Please do not kill me for bringing boobies up again. It created such a mess the last time and I know it was me that wanted to put boobie-gate to bed, but I had to say my peace ;)

  72. Baby Mama - You are so funny. When they can't think of anything else, it becomes boobie-gate again. Check out that link I sent you on the woman who owns the lingerie stores. Rachael Ray called her the bra whisperer! (too funny!) she's also been on Dr. Oz. The women they had on reminded me of Kate. Some had considered implants butwhen she showed them how 80% of women wear the wrong size and style bra, they changed their minds.

    I remember my mom taking my friend to a lingerie store in NY on an annual mom/daughter &friends trip. I shop at Target a lot (good bargains) but I don't buy lingerie there. If I didn't have the money, I'd save until I could afford better lingerie! Self esteem, looking good in clothes, makes a huge difference! Your bra sizes change 4-5 times over your life and bra fitting needs to change too!

    Stacy and Clinton have also sent clients to that lingerie store on WNTW.

    You're right. Implants don't allow breasts to sink back into the rib cage when reclining. Natural breast tissue does sink back.

  73. Ok speaking of boobies, this was on a certain "site". Now you know I don't like copying & posting from hate sites, but when they talk about me it makes me laugh. Apparently 2 separate people saw Kate at The Jersey Boys this weekend. She finally gets a moment by herself without her kids and shes being crucified for it. Because moms in general and especially one with 8 kids that she is raising by HERSELF, is not allowed a break right? Anyway, lets see what they have to say about ME...

    "Robin XXXXX Jersey Boys and just figured out Kate Gosselin is in the seat behind me!!!She looks hot!
    Yesterday at 6:32pm via BlackBerry

    Gina XXXXX
    @Jersey Boys and just saw Kate Gosselin. She just gave my husband the eye! I'd better watch out!
    Yesterday at 6:29pm via BlackBerry
    Thank you. Please don't forget to 'share' at the beginning of a thread, when there's no article, pic, etc. Then for those lazy sheeple who don't read more than a few posts, they'll know we/you are on the up and up. Speaking of sheeple, has anyone seen that BM is looking like she's ready to 'ditch' her blog on Kate? Hmmm, could even she now be seeing the light? Nah, she's probably just pissed that Kate has yet to call/visit her. Her biggest fan."

    YES Iam Kate's number 1 fan (Paige your her real #1 fan sweetie I know). And always will be. So stick that in oyur pipe and smoke it. And you know I'm leaving? Becausae you don't read my site right? Why do all these people claim they don't read here, yet the second they think they are getting inside "clues" to something, they re-post it?

  74. Ohh and as Kate's biggest fan, I'm trying to recapture my love of all things Gosselin... I'm thinking of renting this place for our family vacation this year. What do you think? ;)

  75. Book it now Baby Mama. :) It looks "strangely" familiar. Go for it!!

  76. Baby Mama - The Outer Banks of NC took a huge hit in tourism last year so please book your visits here!, lol. If you want to see the places of First Flight (wright Brothers - Kitty Hawk), see outdoor drama (The Lost Colony - Manteo about Virgonia Dare and lost settlers), go Hang Gliding (Jockey's Ridge Sand Dunes), visit a great aquarium, see the wild ponies/horses, eat great seafood, etc. then come to the Outer Banks. (Of course it is where Jon stayed with K and the 8.)
    If you prefer the other end of the NC Coast, go for Wilmington and then Bald Head Island. You can often see movie stars filming tv series and feature movies due to movie studios. Eat great seafood. Enjoy history and garden tours. Take carriage rides. Enjoy the ferry ride to Bald Head, uncrowded beaches. With one completely UNnotable nosy exception of a rag reporter, you'll find that celebs get ignored while having their privacy respected.
    Come on down. Y'all come, we'd be glad to have you.

  77. By the way, published rental rates are often not what is really charged. It's akin to seeing the "published" room rates on the back of the door on hotels. (Which is always waaaayyyy more than what anybody pays! Nobody pays "rack" rates!)

  78. I realize you're kidding. Just wanted to separate my responses so they can say I'm an idiot for not realizing it. It's becoming fun at watching their stupidity, lol.

    Hopefully with an upturn in the economy, more NC beaches properties will be rented this year. We depend a lot on tourism. :)

  79. Just starting our own rumors!! lol!!

  80. Actually I can't afford the whole week, so I'm going to ask Linda if I can stay at her house for 6 nights. Cause I can just about afford 1 night right now lol. And sadly, even Kate Gosselin will not mess up our Disney vacation piggy bank. ;) So the money won't be coming from there. Dang, gotta start saving!!

  81. Of course you can! (We could even do cooking lessons! Just kidding about that part.)

  82. firedup4 hello ... thanks for the reply, just with my doubts.
    beautiful ... thank you for caring about us, has happened here in sao paulo, but has not hit us yet, it happens in addition to flooding and landslides in many areas is sometimes a risk.
    luck is that where I live and jacque are not bad places.
    God has saved us
    thanks for the concern
    the state is really critical
    even had a father who seems so lost his wife and mother, and managed to keep the son of six months living in the underground until help arrives.

  83. Linda Original wrote: Come on down. Y'all come, we'd be glad to have you.

    Linda, you forgot to say "We'll leave the light on for ya!"

    It so reminded me of the Motel 6 commercials. LOVE IT!!!

  84. TiggerFan - Hilarious! FiredUp can confirm, but that saying is probably where the commercial originated. Along with the, "Y'all come back real soon" whenever guests leave. We get teased a lot in the South. Sometimes I tease back and say, "So when have you ever heard of somebody retiring and moving up North, huh?"

  85. actually i have heard of north retirement. lol

  86. Tiggerfan - shhhh. Don't tell anybody. Our state needs those retirement dollars!

  87. I've also heard of retiring in the North. ;)

  88. Awwwww shoot! Okay, spoil my fun. Retire and move North. I gotta stay where it's a little warmer. Achy bones as it is, lol. I'm not leaving the light on then if you're heading North! Soooooo funnnnyyyyy!!!!

  89. Linda--If you find me a good deal south--I might take it. Now will you leave the light on?

  90. Absolutely, I'd leave the light on... I'd do that even if you just came for a visit. :)

  91. Of course she can! The more the merrier!

  92. Yaaaayyyy! You're such a good sport.

  93. Cool! I am over my fever and I find out I'm going on a cool trip. Score. Thanks for the ride Corrina!:)

  94. Good evening everyone!
    OMG Proof POSITIVE that all Bonnie does all day is read Kate Gosselin blogs. So FYI when I commented here about Kate going to see Jersey Boys, I took that comment from 15 minutes because they live to comment about me as you Anyway, this post she did is total proof that she goes through the hate sites looking to put some nasty spin on crap she reads there. Once it was posted here and I commented about it, HollyBaby put up this article like it was FACT. Meanwhile she would have never known this info had she not read it here and traced it back to there since there was only one place on the web this originated from.. check it out..

    What the heck is she talking about..that she HAS to stay home ot get the kids ready for school. How long does that take exactly when today is a Holiday and this was done a few days ago???

    "Kate Gosselin had a weekend all to herself! The mom-of-eight spent two weeks traveling with her eight Gosselettes for her TLC show Kate Plus 8, and clearly it was plenty of kid time! A source tells that right when Kate got back, she left her kids at their Reading, Pa., home and headed to NYC Jan. 15, to catch Jersey Boys!

    Instead of getting her children, ten-year-old twins Cara and Mady, and six-year-old sextuplets Joel, Collin, Aaden, Hannah, Leah, and Alexis ready for school, since they missed 14 days, she opted for a glam night on the town. We told you that Kate’s ex-husband Jon Gosselin didn’t want the children missing school so he filed a motion in court but was denied. Do you think Kate should have stayed home to get her kids ready for school?"

  95. Okay, obviously it is getting too late for me to post. I deleted my other two mistakes and I am going to try this again....

    How could the kids have missed 14 days of school. Did they return on Dec 28 from winter break? Does Bonnie even read what she wrote or is she just so entranced that she is writing like a possessed woman.

  96. Bonnie, who stalks Gosselin sites is an idiot who needs to do some research and/or basic math. The kids did not miss 14 days. School resumed on January 4. MLK Day is a holiday. Therefore the kids missed NINE days. I think she counted weekends and a holiday as missed days. Uhh Bonnie? (WAVING) School is not in session on weekends and holidays!

  97. And I forgot to mention, because this is for some reason sooo important to those that want to attack Kate for taking the kids out of school. No one knows what work these kids may have had to do while they were away. When my kids miss a week of school, I take their work with them so that we can do it on the plane and during slow time so that we don't miss anything. Im sure the kids did some of their work on the plane ride or did it while they were away. The school makes arrangements. Why they thinks this kids are missing so much for 9 stinkin days is beyond me. My daughter finished a week of her math homework on the plane ride to Florida and a week of her spelling and reading on the way back.

    So they need to get over themselves...

  98. Well, I doubt they'll be going to school on Tuesday. We're in the middle of a storm that is starting with light snow but is expected to into freezing rain Despite the weather, I'm staying in PA as long as pension payments aren't subject to state and local taxes.

    Anyhow, why is it that their father can't get them ready for school?

  99. Your right PeggyP. I guess I was wondering why Kate can't enjoy a show or some time to relax for one night in the city if the kids are home or with their father. Does that mean that no mothers are allowed to be away from their kids? Just wondering ;)

    Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

  100. PeggyP said
    Anyhow, why is it that their father can't get them ready for school?
    Thank you. Surely after missing two weeks of school, Jon would want to spend some time with his kids.

  101. 2am? Yup, this is what I do when my little one is crying in the middle of the night for a potty "accident". anyway..... New post! Hope you enojy. The fresh scent of the day, literally, is the smell of hazelnut coffee. Cause I need it! xoxoxox