Friday, September 10, 2010

Kate Gosselin Stands Up To Anderson Cooper on Live Regis & Kelly, Jon Gosselin Speaks Out

Hello Gosselin fans! Today was a very busy day for me but I got a chance to watch Kate on Regis & Kelly and she looked as always, fantastic. What upset me when I got on line was once again seeing people attacking Kate for speaking up regarding her children spending time with their father. No one seems to remember the war that Jon started publicly and how Kate refrained from attacking her husband. Yet she speaks up here about her thoughts on sharing custody and I am NOT happy that fans on my site that are supporting Kate are once again being challenged here. There are so many places where people openly attack and criticize Kate. I hope those that want to continue a positive debate here will do so and those that feel unhappy on my continued stance will post elsewhere. Period. Kate was being pressured and attacked by Anderson Cooper who was poking and prodding and obviously trying to still up juice and controversy. He was basically baiting her and she, as always, handled it with grace and class.

Any attacks on Kate regarding her appearance today or in the future will be removed. I thank everyone on this site for their continued support of not only Kate but my decision on continuing to keep this as pro-Kate as we can and for the future less debate. It only seems to upset those true fans that post here. oxoxoxo

Kate Gosselin: My Kids Hate Spending Time at Jon's Place:

A new war of words has begun between Jon and Kate Gosselin. During a Friday appearance on Live with Regis and Kelly, Kate, 35, told Kelly Ripa and guest host Anderson Cooper that tensions remain between her and her ex-husband, 32. "It' know," she said. "I do try to keep it as peaceful as possible." The level of tension "depends on the day." The biggest issue, Kate claimed, is the time their eight kids spend at their dad's nearby apartment. During those visits, Kate said, "I basically wait for the phone call from how many of them want to come home." Jon's residence, she explained, "is not [their] home; it doesn't feel like home to them ... they want to be at home -- in their house" in Wernersville, Penn. She pointed out that the latest visitation schedule (part of their custody arrangement) is still "new to us. It's only been three months that he's actually been spending time with them and taking them." Jon Gosselin caught his ex-wife's TV appearance and lashed out via Twitter: "As much as I want to respond to numerous LIES recently claimed on Regis and Kelly, I will refrain. I have learned from the past that it’s a waste of my time and energy. I am 'rising above', and refuse to engage in any sort of public argument that could potentially harm or upset my children. My children and the people in my life know the truth, and that is what's important."

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Kate Gosselin Works out, Jon Gosselin's Alleged Extortion, Twist of Kate - Finally in November?

Hello Gosselin fans! Hope you all had a wonderful Labor Day Weekend! I wanted to start off by saying a million thanks to my friend Linda, who has done an amazing job of keeping the site going while I was away. I thought I would be able to get online but no such luck. I got juicy tidbits here and there about the latest Gosselin News, but was not able to reply. Remind me never again to plan a vacation at the end of the Summer! You spend the whole 2 months wishing for it and it's over in a flash! Also please be patient if you sent me any e-mails. I have some sick amount on both my Facebook Account & Twitter. Also I know that I am going backwards with this Kate Plus 8 episode, but since it was never posted I want to make sure it's on here because it was my favorite for obvious reasons! I missed you all and brought my computer to every pool I went to but running around with the kids just never got to respond. Ohh and I HATE to fly, and spent the end of my trip freaking out about that! And finally, I shed a tear as my baby who is now 2 started her first day of pre-pre school! I know it's only 3 hours, but it's been an emotionally exhausting day for me! xoxoxox

"Just call it Kate Plus 6...6-pack abs, that is. Kate Gosselin showed off her amazing shape when she went out for a run near her home Sunday. Kate was dressed for the hot weather in a sports bra and running shorts, which gave on-lookers a chance to see how fabulously fit the mom of eight is. Kate is still winning accolades for her funny turn on the Emmy Awards last week, spoofing herself during Jimmy Fallon's opening number and looking chic-as-a-movie-star on the red carpet. On Saturday though, we caught up with her doing something a little more mundane -- buying supplies for her chickens! A new episode of Kate Plus 8 airs on TLC Monday Night at 9 pm."

Jon Gosselin Threatened To Report Kate To CPS Unless She Gave Him More Money, Ex-Girlfriend Says:

Jon Gosselin threatened to report his then-wife Kate to Child Protective Services unless she gave him a large sum of money. It is the ugliest chapter in what was a brutal divorce and had remained a secret until now.
Jon's ex girlfriend Hailey Glassman revealed the details to and provided documents to back up her claims. The blockbuster documents are Jon's hand-written notes that he used to keep track of points he wanted to make during phone conversations with Kate. Hailey told that Jon often refers to himself in the third person, and the notes reflect that. In one of them he wrote: "Jon giving Kate ultimatums. He privately extorts Kate. If you don't do what I want, I'll do this..."He also wrote: "24/48 hours or I'll go to DA (district attorney)"."He always referred to himself in the third person," Glassman told exclusively. "I found it so strange. It was almost like he thought he was still on camera." Hailey explained that Jon hatched a plan to get money out of Kate by threatening to report her to Child Protective Services, claiming Kate hurt daughter Mady's arm. Mady did hurt her arm, learned, and Jon saw it as an opportunity to cash in, according to Hailey. "We were in bed and Jon called Kate on speaker phone," she told exclusively. Many of Jon's personal notes are damning when it comes to his dealings with Kate.

In addition to the excerpts referenced above, another note says, "Need 50k or 100k now. 24/48 hours go to DA."In another note he wrote: "I'm not your child. I need my money." Glassman said that Kate fought back during her conversations with Jon. "Kate would just say, 'You're sick Jon, you're sick. How could you do this to me? You need help," Glassman recalls. "I just remember thinking at the time that if he could do this to the mother of his kids, what would he do to me?" And Jon did it more than once. "There were so many times I witnessed it," Hailey said. "That's how he works. We would literally be in bed and Jon would call Kate, or Kate would call Jon to talk about custody and he would put her on speaker phone. She didn't know I was there. "He'd say, 'I'm going to go public with the way you treat the kids, I'm going to call CPS and the news and tell them everything unless you give me what I want." The notes were kept in a file in Jon's NYC apartment during the time he was dating and living with Glassman.

"Jon would do sneaky things like that and then play the victim card," Glassman told "That's what he always did. It was all an act. The man has no boundaries for doing what he needs to do to get what he wants." And Hailey says that as mad as Kate ever got, she always backed down to Jon's threats. "Kate would get upset and scream at Jon but she'd always give in, because he'd tell her, 'I'm going to go to the news and tell the world how you treated Mady," Glassman said. "I would say to him, 'How can you do this to people?' I'd say, 'What are you doing with TLC? Just do what they want, stop hurting Kate, stop blaming her. "Hailey continued, "I felt like he was going to snap and I didn't want him to snap on me. But his response was always, 'I love you, you're my soul mate. I went on GMA and told the world that you're my soul mate', but I just knew that if he could do that to the mother of his eight kids, he'd do the same thing to me." Wednesday morning, Jon took to Twitter to deny our story, saying "Radaronline has been duped again by Hailey Glassman, who is apparently without a job and desperate for money. This article contains so many lies, they are too numerous to count. It is completely false and without any merit." In his Tweet, Gosselin did not offer any explanation for his hand written notes.

Kate Gosselin Talks At Discovery Upfront About Twist of Kate - Will it air in November?