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Kate Gosselin Works out, Jon Gosselin's Alleged Extortion, Twist of Kate - Finally in November?

Hello Gosselin fans! Hope you all had a wonderful Labor Day Weekend! I wanted to start off by saying a million thanks to my friend Linda, who has done an amazing job of keeping the site going while I was away. I thought I would be able to get online but no such luck. I got juicy tidbits here and there about the latest Gosselin News, but was not able to reply. Remind me never again to plan a vacation at the end of the Summer! You spend the whole 2 months wishing for it and it's over in a flash! Also please be patient if you sent me any e-mails. I have some sick amount on both my Facebook Account & Twitter. Also I know that I am going backwards with this Kate Plus 8 episode, but since it was never posted I want to make sure it's on here because it was my favorite for obvious reasons! I missed you all and brought my computer to every pool I went to but running around with the kids just never got to respond. Ohh and I HATE to fly, and spent the end of my trip freaking out about that! And finally, I shed a tear as my baby who is now 2 started her first day of pre-pre school! I know it's only 3 hours, but it's been an emotionally exhausting day for me! xoxoxox

"Just call it Kate Plus 6...6-pack abs, that is. Kate Gosselin showed off her amazing shape when she went out for a run near her home Sunday. Kate was dressed for the hot weather in a sports bra and running shorts, which gave on-lookers a chance to see how fabulously fit the mom of eight is. Kate is still winning accolades for her funny turn on the Emmy Awards last week, spoofing herself during Jimmy Fallon's opening number and looking chic-as-a-movie-star on the red carpet. On Saturday though, we caught up with her doing something a little more mundane -- buying supplies for her chickens! A new episode of Kate Plus 8 airs on TLC Monday Night at 9 pm."

Jon Gosselin Threatened To Report Kate To CPS Unless She Gave Him More Money, Ex-Girlfriend Says:

Jon Gosselin threatened to report his then-wife Kate to Child Protective Services unless she gave him a large sum of money. It is the ugliest chapter in what was a brutal divorce and had remained a secret until now.
Jon's ex girlfriend Hailey Glassman revealed the details to and provided documents to back up her claims. The blockbuster documents are Jon's hand-written notes that he used to keep track of points he wanted to make during phone conversations with Kate. Hailey told that Jon often refers to himself in the third person, and the notes reflect that. In one of them he wrote: "Jon giving Kate ultimatums. He privately extorts Kate. If you don't do what I want, I'll do this..."He also wrote: "24/48 hours or I'll go to DA (district attorney)"."He always referred to himself in the third person," Glassman told exclusively. "I found it so strange. It was almost like he thought he was still on camera." Hailey explained that Jon hatched a plan to get money out of Kate by threatening to report her to Child Protective Services, claiming Kate hurt daughter Mady's arm. Mady did hurt her arm, learned, and Jon saw it as an opportunity to cash in, according to Hailey. "We were in bed and Jon called Kate on speaker phone," she told exclusively. Many of Jon's personal notes are damning when it comes to his dealings with Kate.

In addition to the excerpts referenced above, another note says, "Need 50k or 100k now. 24/48 hours go to DA."In another note he wrote: "I'm not your child. I need my money." Glassman said that Kate fought back during her conversations with Jon. "Kate would just say, 'You're sick Jon, you're sick. How could you do this to me? You need help," Glassman recalls. "I just remember thinking at the time that if he could do this to the mother of his kids, what would he do to me?" And Jon did it more than once. "There were so many times I witnessed it," Hailey said. "That's how he works. We would literally be in bed and Jon would call Kate, or Kate would call Jon to talk about custody and he would put her on speaker phone. She didn't know I was there. "He'd say, 'I'm going to go public with the way you treat the kids, I'm going to call CPS and the news and tell them everything unless you give me what I want." The notes were kept in a file in Jon's NYC apartment during the time he was dating and living with Glassman.

"Jon would do sneaky things like that and then play the victim card," Glassman told "That's what he always did. It was all an act. The man has no boundaries for doing what he needs to do to get what he wants." And Hailey says that as mad as Kate ever got, she always backed down to Jon's threats. "Kate would get upset and scream at Jon but she'd always give in, because he'd tell her, 'I'm going to go to the news and tell the world how you treated Mady," Glassman said. "I would say to him, 'How can you do this to people?' I'd say, 'What are you doing with TLC? Just do what they want, stop hurting Kate, stop blaming her. "Hailey continued, "I felt like he was going to snap and I didn't want him to snap on me. But his response was always, 'I love you, you're my soul mate. I went on GMA and told the world that you're my soul mate', but I just knew that if he could do that to the mother of his eight kids, he'd do the same thing to me." Wednesday morning, Jon took to Twitter to deny our story, saying "Radaronline has been duped again by Hailey Glassman, who is apparently without a job and desperate for money. This article contains so many lies, they are too numerous to count. It is completely false and without any merit." In his Tweet, Gosselin did not offer any explanation for his hand written notes.

Kate Gosselin Talks At Discovery Upfront About Twist of Kate - Will it air in November?


  1. Welcome back, Baby Mama, I'm sure all are mega glad to have you back. The NY episode was posted but yours looks WAY better than what I posted (on the 10

    Again, soooooo glad you are back. Off to next meeting. Thanks to all who were patient with me. Say a big Welcome Back to the head Mama, y'all hear!

    Hugsxoxoxo to Baby Mama, and byeeeeeeeeee for now.:)

  2. Welcome back Baby Mama! Hope you had a fabulous trip!

  3. Welcome back! I'm still on the fence about the Hailey notes. What do you all think?

  4. Welcome back Baby Mama!

    Maybe I missed it, but why/how does Hailey have these notes? I can't make a judgement until there is more information out there. I always need to know a motive.

  5. Heeeeey everyone! Welcome back BM. :)

    Just popping my head in to say hello -- crazy busy summer it was for sure! Can't believe it is SEPTEMBER!

    I think there's been so much insanity behind the scenes that it's ridiculous. I can't even imagine all the yuck that may be coming out in books - Jon's, Hailey's etc. The motives? Money and what THEY perceive to be 'fame'. It's sad.

  6. Welcome back BabyMama, even though it is great to get someplace, it is great to get home to your own beds. Linda did a great job coping with one of the heaviest Gosselin news weeks in ages. I kind of felt bad for you though because you missed soo much of it.
    I really don't put a lot of credence towards Hailey's claims for several reasons. I do believe however that in anger or in palling around with friends that Jon could have vented something about this.
    The reasons I don't think that this actually happened.
    1. The pages that Hailey showed Radar have differnt handwriing on them, some even look written by a woman and now mention of cps is on them. They look more like notes about what to discuss with divorce attorney or something.
    2. The events would have taken place last September during the time that Jon was on the media rampage despising Kate and such, if he had any ground of truth to the kids being mistreated, he would have used it as a pity play.
    3. He would have done it when or before Kate took him to court.
    4. Both Jon and Kate have commented about rarely talking to one another and communicating custody issues through texts. In one of the interviews with ET or insider, Hailey confirmed this
    5. The timing of Hailey releasing this information is very fishy since it came right after his radio interview with Rabbi Schmulley.
    I do believe that Jon would fantasize about blackmailing Kate and vent in anger, I also believe that if he had a foot to stand on he would have actually done it at several points during the last year and a half.
    BabyMama, you and Hailey e mail so maybe she has more information to bring all of this together, but as of now I am skeptical.

  7. WELCOME BACK!! Hope you had a great time. Linda did a great job though.

    I tell ya, looking at those pictures of Kate running gives me some motivation to get out there and run expecially now that the weather is gorgeous and the trees are beauitful to look at as you run through the fallen leaves.

    I dont know either what to make of these notes from Hailey. I (as most know) have absolutly nothing good to say about Jon. I hope for Kate's sake this isnt true cause I can not imagine the insane amount of stress this would have put on her. If this IS true, my oh my oh my, someone has some serious explaining to do.

  8. Hi all my friends! My trip was super fantastic but my flight home was super delayed, bumpy and overall horrible. Me hating to fly always seems to put a damper on a wonderful vacation.

    Yes KatherineDenise, Linda did a wonderful job in my absence and yes I missed so much Gosselin info, it was crazy to get stuff on my IPhone only to not get service in so many supposed "hot spots". It seemed like people in all of Reality TV had one thing or another going on. But that always seems to happen when you are away. I left Linda in charge and honestly I have not read anything yet. I am so tired and our luggage is STILL all over the floor in various places. I just need to go to bed early (for me 11pm is early) and just start off fresh in the morning.

    This post was more of a recap for me, and to also get on the episode this week that I promised to get on that just didn't happen. I realized that when it came to a family vacation with small children, sitting and chatting on the computer wasn't going to happen. But Tashapork is so right when you finally get into your own bed, you sleep so much better than even the nicest of hotels.

    My blog has always been more of an tabloid timeline than anything else. Linda preferred to create the posts on more of a family-friendly discussion arena. If you would prefer to continue with more of that than we will definetly continue on that path. Just know that my Tweets are my own thoughts and may not always contain the PG rating that we have here ;) And if I'm pissed about something your gonna see it. Just cover your eyes ;)

    As far as Hailey. She has chosen to make her Tweets private now. I will respect her wishes not to re-post them. As far as the proof that she has, they speak for themselves IMO. Hailey still maintains that Jon never paid back the money he owes her and she says she has proof to back that up. The purpose for releasing all this was to get him to pay back what he borrowed from her. Personally I would have never been with a man in the first place that needs to take money from me. But that's another story and I feel because she is young she may have had to learn this lesson for herself. I just wish she would have brought all this out sooner. She need to just sick her father's lawyer on him and get this done with already. Seriously, who in their RIGHT mind loans anyone $200,000????? Hailey, Id settle for 20 bucks at this point if you can spare ;)


  9. Welcome home Baby Mama - I hope your little one enjoys her pre pre-school program. They can be very good for socialization with children of their own age.
    Now on to the Hailey stuff. I am just going to say that I like the way SG and Tash explained the letters. Hailey seems so desperate for attention and pr to get a job. She needs to either go back to school or just get a regular job, and this applies to Jon also.
    Her last statement saying Kate always would give in. Now that's interesting, does she mean Kate gave him money on the side. That would be like Kate admitting guilt. I don't think she would do that, or admit to it at least??????????

    As far as I'm concerned, this is old news and I for one do not want to re-hash issues from their Divorce or anything in 2009.

    It's old news and everyone needs to move on. J&K+Ellen are moving forward so we should too. JMHO!

  10. Welcome back Baby Mama. I am so glad you could get away for a bit of a holiday.

  11. Good morning all! Thanks for kind words. Have a great day!

  12. Has anyone heard anything from tlc about how long we get these nice weekly specials. I hate to get my hopes up.

  13. Just a reminder--Kate will be on Regis and Kelly tomorrow.

  14. File this under Q's I could ask Kate:

    Now that the "little kids" have reached age 6, are you prepared for the seemingly endless, almost daily visits of the Tooth Fairy?

    How much do you pay for a front tooth?

  15. Corrina - Thanks for reminder about Regis tomorrow. I had completely forgotten.

  16. Baby Mama, first of all welcome back. That is a breathtaking photo of the twin towers; thanks for posting it. It's hard to believe how long it's been.

  17. Good evening everyone! As you can see, around this time is very bittersweet for me. Most of my extended family know someone who was lost on 9/11. It's hard for me to go through this again losing 2 close friends that day 9 years ago. Remembering the weekend after 9/11 seeing empty spaces at our child's Christening of 2 families that lost their husbands and did not partake on a day that was supposed to be so special for us all. Remebering the panic of not being able to contact or find my parents. And the devastation and hopelessness of not knowing where my friends were.

    And yet this weekend we have not one, but 2 kiddie parties to attend. Both my close friends had children on that day. So I'm glad to be taking my mind off scar that is still so fresh, and focusing on securing a Super Mario costume and a cotton candy machine instead. :)

    So I made sure to DVR Regis & Kelly tomorrow, and excited to see Kate and hopefully hear some great news about her possibly competing the NY Marathon or any new info on Twist of Kate. Of course since this was a slow week we will probably just try to rework this post instead of creating a new one. Will figure it out tomorrow. I am getting great feedback on the translator as well. It's new and I got to see what my posts look like in Finnish. lol

  18. Baby Mama, it's anniversaries like this that remind us that whether we're Kate Fans or not, we're all somebody's mother, daughter, sister, wife, or friend.
    It puts things into perspective. I will think of you as I do so many others whose stories I know on 9/11, and wish peace to you all.

  19. Baby Mama - My thoughts and prayers are with you and all families this weekend who lost family and friends on that tragic day. We had meetings there the day before and flew home on 9/10; people with whom we worked were not that fortunate. For the families who shared the loss from that tragic day, our heartfelt prayers be with you all.

  20. Baby Mama--When I looked at your photo of the Twin Towers, a gust of wind blew through the window and just howled through the house. I got
    goosebumps. That day, after work, it was just silent--no traffic on the road and clear skies.
    Everything seemed to stop. It was eerie.

    My prayers are with you and all those who lost loved ones.

    Linda--I am so thankful you flew home the day before.

  21. Did anyone watch Regis and Kelly this morning?

    Kate really slammed Jon. She basically called him a deadbeat dad.

    She claims she's the only finacial provider for the children and said when Jon has custody she basically sits at home waiting for the phone calls telling her they just want to come home.

    Were all those negative comments necessary? I thought she was a "high road taker." Why did she feel the need to slam her children's father on national tv?

  22. Baby Mama! So glad you're back! Things weren't the same without you!!!

    Yes, Sept 11th is always a solemn day around here. But it's also my wedding anniversary and we don't apologize for celebrating. 17 years this Saturday! I feel for those that lost their spouses that day and can no longer celebrate anniversaries. Very sad.

    All those that lost there lives that day will forever be in our minds and hearts. My condolensces to anyone that lost someone that day.

  23. Babymama, please post the regis & kelly video if you can get it! (I know you would anyway, I didn't even know she was going to be on, I hadn't checked back w this post since it had been commented on! I found out from a baby center board, someone made a post about it, saying Kate bashed Jon. Ha.

  24. SG - While you are entitled to your opinion, IMO, that was not what was said.
    She said, "I am the sole support of my children."
    SarahRDH - Baby Mama WILL have the interview posted very soon. Judge for yourself.

  25. LindaOriginal said...
    SG - While you are entitled to your opinion, IMO, that was not what was said.
    She said, "I am the sole support of my children."

    So what's the difference? She meant the sole "financial" supporter. Anderson Cooper asked her a clarifying question and she repeated it. She was saying she was the sole financial supporter. It's not my "opinion." It's what she said.

  26. SG - Jon Does Not have a job. She did not call him a deadbeat dad, that is your interpretation,

    Being the sole support is what it is.

  27. Kate could have given Jon any one of a number of labels.
    She did not.
    I'm sure Jon can get Lafair to do a press release again to tell Jon's side of it.

  28. Being a deadbeat dad is entirely different from not having a job at present and no money.
    "Deadbeat Dad" is the term you chose to label it.

  29. Actually Linda I felt that Kate's comment were very negative. She related everything very negatively. I really did feel that she made him out to seem like a deadbeat dad. I did not choose that term to label it. While she didn't use that phrase (and I never said she did) she sure implied it. That term refers to a father that leaves all the financial support to the mother.

    deadbeat dad on the Web:

    •a father who willfully defaults on his obligation to provide financial support for his offspring

    •Deadbeat parent is a term referring to obligor parents of either gender that have freely chosen not to be a financially supportive parent in their children's lives. ...

    •A man, especially one who is divorced or estranged from his partner, who fails to provide monetary child support when he is legally required to do so

  30. Not for anything, Jon allowing his children to be filmed by TLC is pretty much just as much "financial support" as Kate allowing it. That show supports the children.

  31. Good Morning Ladies,
    Sad to think about 911, so terrible.

    BM, LO, & SG - What Kate actually said was "I am the sole provider".

    It does slam Jon, but I look at it like this: She just admitted to having let Jon off the hook for child support because she is working and making more money then he is. That is probably how they settled their dispute out of court.

    TLC gets to film the kids.
    Jon doesn't pay any support.
    Kate gets her show with and without kids.
    Jon has Liberal visitation time set up and a small stipen from TLC.

    Orrrr, being the sole provider means that she buys all the groceries and clothes. LOL?
    Depends on how you want to look at it.

  32. #1 caregiver said...
    She just admitted to having let Jon off the hook for child support because she is working and making more money then he is. That is probably how they settled their dispute out of court.

    She never admitted that. If she had expanded on her statements and said something like that it would have been different. That's just an assumption. All she said is that she's the sole provider. She didn't say why. She made Jon look bad.

    Also, coupled with the other negative things she said about him in the interview regarding the visits, etc it was all one big slamfest on Jon. There was nothing positive about it. It just wasn't necessary. She could have said she doesn't discuss their financial and custodial affairs in public.

  33. There is not a signed contract for next season, at least according to TLC.
    IF, and that's a HUGE If, given Jon's waffling, that he truly believes the kids should NOT be on tv, then he should have enough freaking BACKBONE to stick to it. If it's another ploy for him to get either alimony from Kate, or more money from TLC, then what, pray tell does that say about Jon? Or his ethics, or his morals?

    Why, why, why do you watch Kate when you dislike her?

  34. Linda said...
    IF, and that's a HUGE If, given Jon's waffling, that he truly believes the kids should NOT be on tv, then he should have enough freaking BACKBONE to stick to it. If it's another ploy for him to get either alimony from Kate, or more money from TLC, then what, pray tell does that say about Jon? Or his ethics, or his morals?

    I totally agree with you there. I do wonder why TLC has such a hold of Jon that he gave in to their filming again. I do wonder if it was for money. I wonder if he used them as a bargaining chip. However, Jon claims he's working to get them off tv. I wonder what TLC has over Jon to make him consent to filming them again.

    If Jon did it just for money then he is using his children and exploiting them and is no better than Kate or TLC in my opinion. Again, he's claiming he's trying to get them off tv so I will support him if that's what he's trying to do. I do wish we knew more.

  35. Also, those kids did film "throughout" their summer vacation. Not every day, but they filmed a lot and it was throughout their break almost right through to the end of it. I think TLC was misleading when they said it was for "specials" or special episodes. It seems like regular filming and regular episodes.

  36. From Star Magazine online:

    Kate Gosselin: The Kids Don't Want To Be With Jon

    Kate Gosselin is still spewing hate for her ex husband Jon Gosselin, claiming that their eight kids prefer to be with her.

    Kate, appearing on Regis & Kelly on Friday morning, says that during Jon's scheduled visitation, the kids call her asking to come home. "I basically wait for the phone call from how many of them to come home," Kate told guest host Anderson Cooper. Asked if she picks them up, Kate said, "As much as that is allowed... I'm there for them and bring them home."

    The kids are torn, Kate explained. "This is very new to us. It's only been three months that he's actually been spending time with them and taking them." The 6-year-old sextuplets say, "It's hard, Mommy."

    Unfortunately for the children, the animosity between Jon and Kate is palpable. Asked how they are getting along, Kate said, "It depends on the day. I do try to keep it as peaceful as possible. I'll speak for myself."

    Notice she says "I'll speak for myself." Yet Jon isn't allowed to speak for himself.

  37. What do you call "a lot?" We have the paparazzi photos of every time they filmed. As well as every time Jon had visitation.

    Add the days.
    They did the chicken coop and we have two days of documented filming (but not full days.)
    They did Alaska. (Paparazzi reported kids doing tours without filming part of that time.)
    They did 2 & 1/2 days in NY
    They did 6 days at Bald Head and did not film first day there or last day there, and even Silly Badz reporter did not have them filming all of that time.

  38. What? Now we're using Star Mazine as a reputable source instead of the interview itself?

  39. Linda,
    Actually I haven't watched anything with Kate in it for a long time. I tuned in today for three reasons. I was home today and had the time. I was interested to see how she and Anderson Cooper interacted after the last time. I am still very much interested in the whole Gosselin saga. I'm intrigued by it. I have been for the past year and a half (aside from being a fan of Jon and Kate Plus 8 also). I've said it many times that it's better than any soap opera. If it weren't for the children I'd actually enjoy all the back and forth, etc.

    I'm not so much interested in watching her on her show (but I do enjoy watching the kids) but I'm interested in her statements in the media because I like to hear for myself her versions of the truth and her version of taking the high road. ;)

  40. Linda, I watched the interview. I read the article by Star and it was accurate. Also, I think it matters how the media is interpreting the interview. I think it was accurate.

  41. Linda said...

    What do you call "a lot?" We have the paparazzi photos of every time they filmed.

    How do we know we have footage of "every time"? We don't know that.

    I also just wrote that they didn't film the entire time. I said "throughout". They filmed at various times throughout their summer break.

  42. Linda,
    Are you saying the quotes by Star are not accurate? I think they are accurate.

  43. Baby Mama - I am so anxious for you to get home and get that interview posted,

  44. On Friday 10th September 2010, @jongosselin1 said:

    As much as I want to respond to numerous LIES recently claimed on Regis and Kelly, I will refrain. I have learned from the past that it’s a waste of my time and energy. I am “rising above”, and refuse to engage in any sort of public argument that could potentially harm or upset my children. My children and the people in my life know the truth, and that is what’s important.

  45. Welcome home Baby Mama! So happy you and your family had a good time.

    If I had a blog I'd try and steal your sitter away. Great job Linda:)

  46. So SG does this mean you are not blocked on Jon's twitter?

  47. I am at work and didn't get to watch the interview yet but just by reading here alittle I get the drift and all I can say is 'its about freaking time Kate tells it like it is. We all know Jon sits on his behind and does nothing so all of a sudden its so aweful when Kate points it out. Truth hurts people and yes I would call him a deadbeat even if she didn't. Going on national TV and saying how much he despises Kate was necessary too right? Yeah right.

  48. momsby,
    I am not blocked on Jon's twitter. Or Ellen's. Or Hailey's. I can be your eyes and ears. Oh wait, just your eyes...

  49. So it's okay for Kate to "tell it like it is" but not Jon? So it will be okay for Jon to write a tell-all book then telling the truth about everything? Their marriage, their sex life, their custody agreements, their contract selling their children and family to TLC? I thought everyone felt neither of them should be discussing all these things publicly? Or does that just apply to Jon?

    Jon was wrong to say he despised Kate. It doesn't make it okay for Kate to trash Jon now. What about worrying about what their kids will think when they hear it.

    Jon has not been speaking publicly about Kate or their marriage/divorce for a long time now. He's been quiet in the media. What was the point in trashing him now? I can understand if he was out there trashing her and she was replying to it and defending herself but there's no excuse for it.

    What happened to Kate being "classy" and "taking the high road"?

    I actually don't care if they both go public and "tell all" because like I said I would love to hear all the details and each of their versions of the "truth," however, I don't think it's good for the kids. Why aren't they worried about how what they say will affect their children? Actually, Jon said in his twitter he won't reply because of that so why isn't Kate worried about it? I hope the kids don't hear that interview.

  50. Kate might have been more direct than she has been in the past, but she certainly was not malicious toward Jon. Ugh! I get so sick of people excusing him for everything, and yet, she tactfully says a few things, didn't go into details, didn't slander, didn't expound unnecessarily, and she is trashed for "trashing Jon". Ugh again!

  51. Jon has proven himself to be malicious and mean spirited. He has said and done more than just “he despises Kate”. He has been proven to be dishonest in his dealings as well. Isn’t it interesting that Kate got the house, the children most of the time, and continues to work toward and receive jobs? Yep, because she is working, not only to provide monetarily for her children and herself, but she is the one trying to keep some semblance of normalcy and routine. Nothing she said in the interview will damage the children. In fact, as Jon said in his tweet, “his children know the truth”. Kate is not a stupid woman, I find it hard to believe that she would make public statements like that and not be able to back it up, whether she does to the public or not. I could go on and on and on, but I’ll stop. Rehashing Kate and Jon’s characters is old.

  52. Thanks, Schmecky, for tuning in to watch Regis & Kelly. The more people who watch the shows Kate is on the longer she will be around. For those of us who are fans of KATE's, we thank you.

    And I don't think anyone is condoning Kate slamming Jon. I don't know if she did as I was not home and did not catch the segment. The fact of the matter is, Kate is not a perfect parent or spouse or ex spouse. She will make mistakes, as we all do. Thankfully, when I make a mommy mistake or a wife mistake or a daughter mistake or a sister mistake my family and friends don't disown me. I'm not going to slam Kate for a mistake like slamming Jon. Lord knows he's given her enough reason! lol My point is, we can still be fans of Kate even if we don't agree with every aspect of her life and even when she's makes mistakes.

    And I am not buying the fact that Jon CAN'T speak. He can speak thru Ellen, or some family member. Maybe he isn't speaking because he has nothing to refute. Who's to say if he is paying child support. Does anyone actually KNOW? How do we know if he was regular in visitation prior to 3 months ago? Jon is a theif and a liar, according to the courts. That's enough for me to not belive most of what he says.

  53. That's funny you mention that Ali. I was just thinking that when Jon said he despised Kate he was all emotional over everything. He was very worked up and visibly upset. He couldn't even sit back in his seat. I think he spoke out of emotion. He was wrong and admitted it and apologized publicy. It doesn't take away what he said of course.

    Jon hasn't been speaking publicly about Kate of their divorce for a long time. There was no reason to go public now except maybe to refute what people have been saying on blogs and websites about how the kids always look unhappy with Kate and happy with Jon and that they were screaming in terror in the van when Jon drove them home.

    Also, how do you know she didn't "slander" him? Jon said she lied. If she lied (and I'm not saying she did) it is slander. We don't know if what Kate said was true. It's one thing to believe her over Jon but it's another to say she definitely didn't lie or slander Jon.

  54. It's always been one sided. Jon can do no wrong no matter what he does, but Kate has to be a saint. I think she took the highroad by not actually using the word deadbeat.

    Fyi no one is actually blocked on twitter by Jon. His profile is public. I am blocked but can still read it if I'm not signed in. I don't because I could give a crap what he says.

  55. arabella said...
    Thanks, Schmecky, for tuning in to watch Regis & Kelly. The more people who watch the shows Kate is on the longer she will be around. For those of us who are fans of KATE's, we thank you.
    You're welcome!

    I actually don't care if Kate is in the media and doing interviews etc because her children aren't on them. Although telling everyone about their private custody issues is exploitive also... Why can't they have any privacy? Why is she telling the world they don't want to be with their father? Why is she telling the world that their father doesn't support them. That's so personal for them.

    I don't watch Kate Plus 8. I don't agree with the children being filmed so no, I don't watch anything on TLC with them or any other children. Actually I don't watch TLC at all so I'm not keeping Kate Plus 8 on the air. Even if the advertisers think that she will get huge ratings based on all her other media appearances they won't continue to advertise during Kate Plus 8 if it's not getting the ratings.

  56. Crafty Mom,
    I think Jon has done a lot of things wrong and I've stated them at the time. I'm still not sure about Jon selling his children back to TLC for filming. I stopped supporting Jon when that happened but he says he's concentrating on being a better father and also getting them off tv. I'll support that. Jon has changed the past few months. He's living a private life and I agree that's what's best for him and the children.

    As long as Kate has her children doing the show with her I will not support her.

    Also, Jon can block individuals from viewing his twitter or at least commenting on it. I'm not sure... because I've never been blocked but others have complained about it.

  57. SG - YES, I am indeed saying Star Magazine was not accurate, beginning with the headline,
    What? While Kate was doing the Emmy's where the heck was Jon? Oh yes, he was on the Rabbi's show, dissing Kate. Why is it okay for him to diss her in his Twitter?

    He no longer gets a free "bye" to say and do whatever he wants, any time he wants, to then turn around, apologize and it makes it go away, poof clean slate.

    Heck, forget all of the 2009 garbage. Do we also just wipe out the 2010 garbage?

    It's time for Jon to freaking Grow Up, accept responsibility for himself and quit blaming everybody else for anything that happens. Say what you mean, and mean what you say. Hear that Jon?

  58. We don't know how or why "Kate got the house" in the divorce settlement. Most likely Jon received half the fair market value for it. Also, if the house is in trust for the children, maybe it doesn't belong to either of them and Kate just gets to live in it because she is the custodial parent.

    I do wonder how Jon supports himself and pays his rent/mortgage etc if he isn't permitted to work by TLC. I also wonder what limits he has in working by TLC. We don't even know for sure what kind of employment Jon is allowed to get while under contract. He is supposedly getting paid by TLC still. I wonder if that's true.

  59. He can block individuals only when they are signed in. As long as he keeps his profile public I can see it but can't reply.

    I know how you feel schmecky. I was responding to Jon's tweet. Sorry should have been more clear. There is a lot more behind why I am done with him. Its not relevent to this blog, but there is a whole slew of reasons behind why I am blocked from his twitter. Let's just say he didn't realize normal people can trace IP addresses and whois info. He lies and has serious problems he needs to work on.

  60. There's a clip on ROL of Kate on Regis and Kelly.

  61. I actually didn't hear the radio show with the Rabbi. Is there a transcript? How did he diss Kate? What did he say

  62. Linda, I asked you if the "quotes" weren't accurate. The rest was opinion. I was referring to the quotes.

  63. Schmecky,

    Jon used to have a link to the radio show on his twitter.

  64. Ali,
    Thanks! I just heard the clip. He didn't say anything negative about Kate.

    He discussed how he doesn't want his children filmed any longer. He also said that he stopped them from filming his kids during the divorce and that's he can't discuss what his plans are now for stopping them from being filmed.

    It was a short clip.

  65. SG - Rabbi Schnuley Boteach had the link on his Facebook and I think also on Twitter. Jon also had it on his Twitter.

    I cannot copy and paste from cell or iPad.

    I found the whole timing of his interview bizarre. Let's see Jon did the tv interview with the Rabbi and "filming was wrong." Then 2 months later, after breakup with Hailey, "filming was right," I think that was the Utah phase which followed the NY phase. Filming was still fine until what? The first of August when Jon's $$ contract was ending? Then he returns to the "filming is wrong."

    TLC said in January Jon could pursue ANY job he wanted except TV because he had a contract with them that ran until first of August.

    I hope to heck TLC says no more threats, big boy, and not one more red cent do you get from us again ever!

  66. Schmecky,

    It was about 15 minutes or so... that must have just been a portion of it. I tried looking it up and it doesn't go to the full thing anymore, rats.

  67. Linda, to what were you referring in the Rabbi interview that was negative? I heard the clip but didn't hear anything negative toward Kate. What did I miss?

  68. SG - I felt if you read between the lines in the interview Kate is seeming to infer that Jon does not have to pay support any more because she is working and makes more money then he does. I bet you they had some type of settlement because Kate always said she wanted to keep it out of court.

    I listened to the Rabbis program twice and even took notes for this blog. No place in it did I hear Jon diss Kate. Move on people, no one is going to win this discussion.

    OMG, but great PR for the show!

  69. You know, just dawned on me that 8 little Gosselins and Kate could indeed get SAG cards. I'm not sure that there's a thing Jon could do about filming then unless it interfered with visitation.

    Jon only wants TV as work, but doesn't want reality TV. Since he violated a contract, not sure if he can get a SAG card. But without one, he can't do tv other than reality shows.

    Hope to heck somebody gets Lafair a timeline. I wouldn't trust Jon's memory for a NY minute, since she says Jon told her Hailey was a "brief" relationship that ended more than a year ago. Hmmmm seems like on my calendar that brief relationship was longer than the present duration of his Ellen relationship. Let's see... Met Ellen mid April according to Ellen and three brief weeks later he was sure enough of it to have her with the kids? What kind of maturity is that?

    Oh wait, I forgot. Jon said everybody lies (all the women in his life lie or lied except his mother and the present Ellen?) oh please.Oh wait, didn't attorney List say that "Jon had rented a lovely, large at least two bedroom apartment that was very spacious."

    I WANT to respect Jon. It isn't there. Sorry, no "bye" in my book. Jon changes attorneys, spiritual and life counselors, his position on filming, not to mention girl friends as often as many men change underwear.

  70. Yes caregiver, great PR for the show. The rates go down every week. I guess she needed to bring back the drama into the mainstream media (aside from little blogs and online celebrity gossip sites) to gain interest for her show... but I still won't watch it. ;)

    Anderson Cooper seemed surprised that Jon doesn't pay child support or give financial support. He's probably not aware of all the goings-on behind the show and everything we as fans and ex-fans know regarding their custody and divorce and how much Kate makes per episode, etc.

    In my opinion, anyone watching that show that doesn't know everything that happened with the contracts and TLC and Jon not being allowed to work in the media etc would not be able to read between the lines, etc. They would just see a mother of 8 kids who has to work because their dad is a deadbeat.

    If Jon gets a "regular" job, compared to how much money Kate makes he's most likely not going to be required to pay child support.

    As for the Rabbi interview, how can it be compared to the Regis and Kelly show? Who even knew about the Rabbi's interview other than a few twitter followers of Jon? I didn't even listen to it!

  71. Yep indeed, Caregiver. Great PR! Every little time people go on ROL, etc. and make a comment, it just ups the demand for Kate.
    SG - I have a dat tape of the whole radio interview (I.e. Commercial quality.)
    Did you check Rabbi Shmuley's Facebook page. It was posted there.

  72. The Gosselin kids get a SAG card? For what? I thought they weren't working, weren't performing.

    If the kids get SAG cards TLC is in trouble...

    The Screen Actors Guild (SAG) is an American labor union representing over 200,000 film and television principal performers and background performers worldwide. According to SAG's Mission Statement, the Guild seeks to: negotiate and enforce collective bargaining agreements that establish equitable levels of compensation, benefits, and working conditions for its performers; collect compensation for exploitation of recorded performances by its members, and provide protection against unauthorized use of those performances; and preserve and expand work opportunities for its members.[1]

    The Guild was founded in 1933 in an effort to eliminate exploitation of actors in Hollywood who were being forced into oppressive multi-year contracts with the major movie studios that did not include restrictions on work hours or minimum rest periods, and often had clauses that automatically renewed at the studios' discretion.

  73. Yep, SAG cards!!!!

    TLC would not be in trouble at all SG. Not a bit.

    A new genre. "mommy's working, kids are playing. A non-scripted portion for the kids, just playing!!!!! We'll call it semi-reality tv. But they follow union guidelines, which I'm very familiar with.

  74. SG - Did you hear the portion of the radio interview where the good Rabbi asked Jon what part of his behavior should have been different? He responded the bars and the clubbing...just not a good environment for him to be in. Strange that he would say that since less than a week before he'd done the gig in the DC bar/cub?

    The man has a family history of alcoholism, he himself has problems, and where does he take a job? Oh wait, but that's where the job was so it's okay?

  75. Can someone, anyone, please answer how Kate is "working" on Kate Plus 8????

    She's just being Kate. The kids are just being the kids. If they aren't working because they ware just being kids playing and vacationing, etc how is it that Kate is working just being Kate, also vacationing? They are all just being filmed being themselves. Either they all work or they all don't work. One can't be filmed being themselves and that be considered "working" while the others are being filmed being themselves and they are not considered "working." They are all generating income.

  76. Linda, maybe he meant going to bars etc when he was still married to Kate. As a "married man" going to bars, etc. Or maybe he wasn't drinking when he was "working" there. I really have no idea but it's a good question. I too wish someone would ask follow-up questions to him and Kate both. No one ever does.

  77. SG - I have another question? Remember how I used the Webster's definition of single mom, but you disagreed? Is it jay for the rabbi to refer to Jon, noncustodial parent as a single dad?

    I don't consider Jon a deadbeat dad. I consider him a currently unemployed dad who has an ex wife who is supporting the kids.

    Before the tv series, Kate made more money than Jon then, too.We can go back to the episode, chair interview where that was discussed.

  78. It is Kate's responsibility to get film permits, clear schedules for shoot days, etc. Don't know, but Jon said on the show keeping up with the paperwork was a full time job. You tell me?

  79. I think Jon shouldn't be considered a "single dad" either. He's divorced and his children are not soley supported and raised by him.

    The difference though with "single mom" is the connotation, in my opinion. It usually refers to an unmarried mother that is soley raising and supporting her children with no help from their father. My sister was widowed at a very young age with four very young children. I did consider her a single mom because their father was no longer in their life. She was married but not divorced.

    Yes, technically they are both "single" now and can date, etc but even government forms usually differentiate between single, widowed and divorced.

  80. Good night all. I'm off to reality with family. Have a great weekend!!!

  81. Kate isn't getting paid by TLC to clear her schedule and get permits. Kate is getting paid to be filmed being herself, a mother and her children are getting paid to be her children. What Kate does behind the scenes to be able to be available for working doesn't count. When I got my first working permit my boss did not pay me for getting it.

  82. Hello everyone. I have put up a new Regis and Kelly post and would appreciate the conversation to be moved there. My fresh paper has the scent of the hambuger of just shoved down my throat in order to get this out. lol xoxoxox