Thursday, December 29, 2011

Kate's Ice Skating Fun, Slams Dating Rumors AGAIN, Not Jealous of Jon's GF

PHOTO: GATHER,COM: Kate Gosselin is always looking for something fun to do with her eight kids. Today she hosted an ice skating party for the family. Many fans feel like a private party for no reason might just be a bit too much. Kate went to her Twitter account to let fans know about the fun they had today.
Guess what we did 2day? Our fam& friends hosted an ice skating (private) party at an ice rink!Had SO much fun! Kids can't wait2skate again!
She doesn't mention that it was anyone's birthday so the party sounds like it was just for fun. What do you think the cost of a private party for the Gosselin family would be? Kate even told a fan that she doesn't actually skate so it must have been just for the kids. Here is what she had to say about her fear of the ice.
ha. I didn't skate tho- cant break a leg literally. What the heck would I do??!! Scares me!
It sounds like this mom of eight just sat back and let her kids have all the fun. It would be a great day for the family. She probably really enjoyed watching them on the ice. Do you feel like a private ice skating party is too extravagant just for a day of fun? It is possible that with Kate's reality TV background this is the only way they could get peace from fans and paparazzi.

Kate Gosselin Slams “Completely Fabricated” Dating Rumor:
Kate Gosselin is taking an active approach to silencing rumors about her personal life by creating a “Kate + Rumors” section on her website.The reality TV mom, who has been the victim of several tabloid rumors since rising to fame, has already used her new weapon to kill one rumor before it gained momentum in the mainstream press. That rumor is that she has a “new boyfriend” that she’s been seeing “secretly.” As you probably imagined, Kate says that’s a complete load of bullocks.
“Unless my running shoes, kitchen utensils, or wrapping paper are considered ‘dates,’ I have not been on any dates and certainly no ‘blind dates’ set up by friends … Sorry Hollybaby, you lack credibility and are lying, as usual,” she writes.
“Once again, if you read something about me (or most other people in the media) in a tabloid where information has been provided by an unnamed ‘source’ you can assume it to be completely fabricated and totally false.”
Looks like the tabloids are going to have a fight on their hands from here on out if they try and mess with Kate.

Kate Gosselin Is Not Jealous Of Her Ex-Husbands Girlfriend:

KATE Gosselin is not a happy lady! The reality star is said to be furious that her kids adore their dad’s new girlfriend Ellen Ross. “Kate’s kids are starting to ask about Ellen and talk about her to Kate,” a source told HollyBaby. “They think Ellen is so funny, and they ask Kate if their dad is going to marry Ellen.“Kate can’t stand that the kids like Ellen. “Kate wants the kids to not think of Ellen as a stepmother, it drives Kate crazy. Kate doesn’t like the kids getting close to her and she refuses to accept Ellen.”
Recent reports claimed the former reality star’s DVR is filled with episodes of Kim Kardashian’s reality shows but she won’t let her kids watch it with her! “Kate watches reality TV all the time, especially the Kardashians,” a source said. “But she doesn’t want anyone to know about and she won’t let her oldest daughters Cara and Mady watch it when they beg to with her. Kate just shuts the door and goes in her room and watches countless episodes.”

Where do they get this rediculousness? How do they know she goes ot her room and slams the door? lol BM PURE CRAP!