Thursday, December 29, 2011

Kate's Ice Skating Fun, Slams Dating Rumors AGAIN, Not Jealous of Jon's GF

PHOTO: GATHER,COM: Kate Gosselin is always looking for something fun to do with her eight kids. Today she hosted an ice skating party for the family. Many fans feel like a private party for no reason might just be a bit too much. Kate went to her Twitter account to let fans know about the fun they had today.
Guess what we did 2day? Our fam& friends hosted an ice skating (private) party at an ice rink!Had SO much fun! Kids can't wait2skate again!
She doesn't mention that it was anyone's birthday so the party sounds like it was just for fun. What do you think the cost of a private party for the Gosselin family would be? Kate even told a fan that she doesn't actually skate so it must have been just for the kids. Here is what she had to say about her fear of the ice.
ha. I didn't skate tho- cant break a leg literally. What the heck would I do??!! Scares me!
It sounds like this mom of eight just sat back and let her kids have all the fun. It would be a great day for the family. She probably really enjoyed watching them on the ice. Do you feel like a private ice skating party is too extravagant just for a day of fun? It is possible that with Kate's reality TV background this is the only way they could get peace from fans and paparazzi.

Kate Gosselin Slams “Completely Fabricated” Dating Rumor:
Kate Gosselin is taking an active approach to silencing rumors about her personal life by creating a “Kate + Rumors” section on her website.The reality TV mom, who has been the victim of several tabloid rumors since rising to fame, has already used her new weapon to kill one rumor before it gained momentum in the mainstream press. That rumor is that she has a “new boyfriend” that she’s been seeing “secretly.” As you probably imagined, Kate says that’s a complete load of bullocks.
“Unless my running shoes, kitchen utensils, or wrapping paper are considered ‘dates,’ I have not been on any dates and certainly no ‘blind dates’ set up by friends … Sorry Hollybaby, you lack credibility and are lying, as usual,” she writes.
“Once again, if you read something about me (or most other people in the media) in a tabloid where information has been provided by an unnamed ‘source’ you can assume it to be completely fabricated and totally false.”
Looks like the tabloids are going to have a fight on their hands from here on out if they try and mess with Kate.

Kate Gosselin Is Not Jealous Of Her Ex-Husbands Girlfriend:

KATE Gosselin is not a happy lady! The reality star is said to be furious that her kids adore their dad’s new girlfriend Ellen Ross. “Kate’s kids are starting to ask about Ellen and talk about her to Kate,” a source told HollyBaby. “They think Ellen is so funny, and they ask Kate if their dad is going to marry Ellen.“Kate can’t stand that the kids like Ellen. “Kate wants the kids to not think of Ellen as a stepmother, it drives Kate crazy. Kate doesn’t like the kids getting close to her and she refuses to accept Ellen.”
Recent reports claimed the former reality star’s DVR is filled with episodes of Kim Kardashian’s reality shows but she won’t let her kids watch it with her! “Kate watches reality TV all the time, especially the Kardashians,” a source said. “But she doesn’t want anyone to know about and she won’t let her oldest daughters Cara and Mady watch it when they beg to with her. Kate just shuts the door and goes in her room and watches countless episodes.”

Where do they get this rediculousness? How do they know she goes ot her room and slams the door? lol BM PURE CRAP!


  1. Even the article that is Pro-Kate can't get their facts straight. Kate plainly says on her twitter that her friends/family hosted the party; so Kate didn't host it, they just attended. Lots of skating rinks rent out for parties before they open to the public. And I don't think it's all that expensive, so why even ask what the cost would be? I am so over everyone (anti-Kate message board, anti-Kate blogs) worrying about her financial situation. It's none of anyone's business!!

  2. I agree 100% Kris. I only copy the articles, but so many of them are just made up lies yet people are still picking this woman apart. I feel for her, and thats why I'm still doing this blog almost 4 years later.

    I'm so happy ot hear that she has enjoyed the Holidays with her kids who are obviously very well taken care of and happy.

  3. Thanks for the new post, Baby Mama!! Love the picture of the kids and Kate. Don't you just love how Kate directly addresses hollybaby?--Good for you, Kate!!

    ER wearing a haters cap--how sad/lame to associate with that group--speaks volumes about her character. Kate has nothing to be jealous of--never did/never will.

  4. OMG!! BabyMama!! I just saw the post about HOLLYBABY. PLEASE KNOW THAT I AM NOT THAT PERSON. HolliDay is not that person!! I don't want any confusion about it. I have nothing but admiration for KATE and her beautiful kids. Just want to be sure you know that HolliDay is still reading your site but not spreading rumors...

  5. lol ohh Holli, I knew that was not you at all. I get so fustrated with that blogger, i had to show everyone how Kate put her on blast. is run also by Bonnie Fuller, and her sources are made up completely to get readers.

  6. GossipCop and RumorFix websites says HollyBaby is on some bull.

  7. Wavin hello to everyone! Nice to see a new post! So good to know that you are committed to supporting Kate despite all the personal attacks you have endured BabyMama!

    We all know that another pro blog has just closed because of hateful people going after Sage's personal info, kids and mocking the death of her husband! How cruel & sadistic these people are!

    And Ellen "hearts" the haters! Does she realize what a crazy, no boundaries group she has aligned herself with?

    I'm so glad Kate uses her twitter to immediately debunk the crazy rumors & lies! Hollybaby stand 1st in line as one of the worst! Kate pegged her right when she said she has "zero credibility"!

    We all know that when one of these stories appears...someone is needing some quick cash!

  8. I have no idea what Kate has on her DVR, but, as a 36 year old, she might, just might, want to watch something that be a bit more mature in content than she thinks is appropriate for children. So what?

  9. Peggy, I agree. I also don't think kate has a lot of time for tv, she's got a right to enjoy something. I personally applaud parents who make decisions based on what's best for their kids instead of what other kids are doing or taking the easy way out by just giving in.
    I also think its something how on one hand Ellen wants to allign herself with the haters, but on the other, she tries very hard to be Kate (something she fails miserably)
    I hope everyone has a pleasant, safe, and healthy new Year.

  10. People are still taking time to hate? Amazing.

  11. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone; just returned from a great week of visiting and merriment.

    What complete rubbish. How can they continue to write such crap? It reminds me of people who are stuck repeating stories from high school. Kate has moved on haters, you should too.

    I feel sad for Ellen. If she believes for a minute that none of this Karma will come back and bite her in the buttocks, she is not only extremely immature but also naive. In addition, seeing that Jon condones Ellen’s support for vile hatred against Kate is even sadder. One day, his children (if not already) will see their dad supporting such anger towards their mother and become angry with him.

  12. HollyBaby and ShowbizSpy have got to be two of the dumbest trash blogs ever. Yuck!

    Hi all!!! I'm here and reading (keeping an eye on things, lol) just not posting a lot. Trying to keep up with family during holidays as well as get better is about all I can manage.

    Rest assured though, if I can't post, I email or text Baby Mama.

    The haterz AKOs use the same tactics over and over and it's just sad and sick. I just don't "get" their need to hurt other people.

  13. Corrina - No I didn't get that email and trying to email you back keeps bouncing. So sorry! :(

  14. Kate has mentioned how the tabs' madeup stories don't bother her at all, and most just are so dumb, she doesn't 'have time for dumb', LOL. Always thought she didn't mean that until I started getting targeted by haters with some of the most hilarious, ridiculous, stupid, made up garbage on the planet. Seriously, if these folks wanted to make money, they should try the science fiction field or something! :-)

  15. Linda--Well this email thing is just perplexing--I resent my emails to you to a different account. Maybe it will work. I won't give up--Oh! :) I heard that from you. :)

  16. I don't twitter so i hope you don't mind I that I bring this here:

    AskBabyMama Rocked my sick baby to sleep now at 5am. Realized that because I'm happy both with & within myself & so blessed, nothing can bother me. :)

    I love this!! Isn't it great when you get to the point in your life when you can just realize you've found happiness in the quiet and simpleness of life? I know I have. :)

    New Year everyone!

  17. Thank you very much for your comment about my quote. My little ones cold is now in her chest, so she has not been sleeping. Getting on Twittwr in the middle of the night and seeing all the horrible things written to attack & hurt people is down-right depressing. It's not until you step away from the computer and put yourself back into the "real world" do you realize how stupid it all is. That is not what is important.
    I have spent over 4 years in the blogging world. I'm still here laughing off all that has been written and said about me BECAUSE I'm strong within myself, and perhaps more blessed than those that try to mock me or put me down. It was in that and many other mOments that I realized how great my life is. I wish to those like CJ & Sage who are the current targets to be strong, because they are just truly miserable within themselves.

  18. You are right Baby Mama and it isn't until you step away that your realize how ridiculous it all is. Will it ever end? I don't know but all I can do is pray that it does. When you cut past all the bull it all comes down to the fact we are just being supporters of a mom and her eight kids. Why can't people just agree to disagree and leave it at that? To go to the lengths I've seen some go is like a nightmare you wish you would wake up from and none of it has taken place. In the end what is accomplished? Nothing that I can see. Is anyone going to change their minds? I sincerely doubt that. Sometimes that best way to handle it is to simply walk away from it for awhile and renew your faith in mankind.

    I have some bad news to pass on. Our friend msgoody2shoes lost her dad today so please keep her in your thoughts and prayers because losing a parent is one of life's most cruel realities and toughest pain to bear.

    For the Gosselin family for the New Year I only wish peace and happiness for all members of the Gosselin family. It appears that some kind or peace has been made and I pray that it continues and only improves during the New Year for all of them.

    I also wanted to stop by and wish you Baby Mama, Linda, and all the members of this wonderful blog a healthy and happy New Year for all of you, your families and your friends.

  19. Help!!! I have reported and blocked people on Twitter. WHY do I still SEE there posts?? They are horrid posts, I don't want to see them. Help!!!

  20. Tiggerfan are you trying to read someone's timeline? If you are even if the people are blocked you will still see their tweets on someone else's timeline. If you have them blocked you shouldn't be seeing them on your timeline. I don't know whether you are using a computer or cell phone or some other device but I only know about Twitter on a computer. Maybe on cell phones or other devices like an IPad, etc. you might still see the tweets. I hope this helps. It is very upsetting to see people's comments that you don't wish to see. I wish that Twitter would block out those we don't want to see on other people's time-lines but so far that hasn't happened.

  21. I block the rude people who post to Kate. I had hoped that if I did that, I wouldn't see them in her timeline, not in mine is a bonus. lol.

    I just hate seeing the responses from them.

  22. I understand that tigger and I hate it too but there is nothing that can be done about it unless Twitter comes up with a way to block the people you choose from other's time lines. I doubt that will happen though as much as I would love it.

  23. Kris,
    You've got it and thats related to one of the hard lessons that I have learned recently. Happiness comes from within yourself. A person has to want happiness. If a person is set on being unhappy, no matter how we try to fill their happiness bucket it will leak and eventually cause ours to leak too. We can't blame ourselves for their unhappiness or fix it. Depending on who they are in our lives, we either can just be there for them accepting them for where they are at while not letting it encroach too much in our lives, or get them out of our lives.

  24. I hear ya Tiggerfan! Same problem! I like to watch Kate's twitter feed to see the conversation and support from all her fans!

    Well, when you do that...there's no getting around the fact that the hateful comments are there too! I try to just skip over it all...ignore as best I can.

    Kate does an excellent job of keeping her words positive and helpful tips and occasionally addresses someone who attacks her and gives them the "twitter boot"! A quick..."you are blocked...see ya"!

    I love it when she does tactfully stand up for herself. She does it with careful, well chosen will never see her stoop to their level with vulgar, rude language.

    Let's all hope next year brings Kate more opportunities to financially take care of her kids...and give her self-fulfillment as well.

    Also...for all us "sickies"...LOL...Linda, Lexxi...anyone else on the list?...let's hope by some miracle we all start to get a little better! Thanks to everyone here who has been kind to me and supportive of Kate and her beautiful little eights!

  25. FiredUp & Lexxi - good get well wishes right back to you!!

    Miss Goody - Heartfelt sympathy to you.

    On Twitter - What many don't realize is that if you block somebody, you no longer see them on your own Twitstream. If you go to somebody else's Twitstream, you see all the comments. What often happens is that a person responds to the haterz Twit. Then because Kate doesn't have the non-hater blocked, she is then forced to read garbage that she had blocked. The haterz love this because it is a way to try to force Kate to read them even when they were blocked.

    So..... if you want to respond to the person being attacked, hit reply and then REMOVE Kate from the reply. That way you can say what you want and it doesn't force Kate to read it.

    As for me, I quit responding to any of them many moons ago.

    Happy New Year All!!!!!

  26. Hello everyone" Yes I will brag that we are now going into YEAR 4 of blogging and of my Gosselin Family Fan Site. What a crazy year it's been for me. I wish for all of us TRUE DIVAS a year of success happiness & prosperity.

    I wish for haters to get a life and for Kate to find happiness & success for the new year. Cause if they ain't talking about you then your not relevant! Lol

    Love to you all, my parents are finally here and my hubby and I are going to P.A.R.T.Y!!!

    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! Xoxo IM STILL HERE!! lololol

  27. Happy New Year's Gosselin fans. I am amazed that it has been four years.

    I wish everyone the best. May all your blessings be revealed to you and may the haters see the light and get a life. LOL

  28. stopping by to wish everyone here a Happy New Year!

    Ditto to fascinated comment - lol.

  29. Baby Mama-although I am not a fan of Kate, I do want to commend you for running a site that is a "fan" site, not a "bash the haters" site.

    I have read your recent twitter feed, and I applaud you for not joining in with other "fans" in attacking those who are not fans. You show what taking the high road is all about.

    Hope you and your family have a very Happy New Year.

  30. What a busy day this has been for our family! Hope it is a prosperous, healthy, and happy year for all. Xoxo

  31. Thanks Linda I second that. I'm still recovering a bit today! How is everyone? Went on Twitter just now and Kate was on. Is excited to talk about some fun things she did. I hope the kids had a great day and we get to hear all about it soon! xo

  32. Kate's Christmas pictures on her website are beautiful as are her posts. I hope TLC gives her a special pretty soon like maybe spring break so we can see them. This seems to be a sickie house like many of yours. I just pray its not one of those long drawn out sickies because we plan to travel in February and need to be well for that.

  33. Good evening everyone! Having some laptop battery issues so I haven't done a new post. I know this one is getting a bit stale. But check this out! Hollybaby used my Kate conversation to start a new article. So funny! Check it out! Thanks Schmecky lol!
    The mom-of-eight has been working nonstop to get back on TV and she might have finally found a way in — would you take fitness advice from Kate?

    Kate Gosselin says she loves being a “stay at home working mom” but she’s still crossing her fingers for her own TV show! The former TLC star took to her Twitter over New Year’s weekend to tell her fans that it would be a “dream come true” to have a workout show.

    “@AskBabyMama a fitness show would be a dream come true,” Kate tweets. “Not for me only but a way to reach ALL moms who desire fitness but don’t know how!”

    Kate spent all summer training for her recent marathon and she’s always blogging about eating healthy. We think Kate looks great but would you watch a health show hosted by Kate?

  34. New FRESH Paper ladies! Sorry it took so long! Hope you will come and post on the new thread. Scent of the day, is hot chocolate and yummy marshmellows! I haven't written anything personal in a while, please go and share your thoughts! xo