Monday, December 19, 2011

Kate Gosselin Gets Ready For The Holidays Despite Jon's Hard Times

Kate Gosselin & Kids Enjoy Movie Night:

Kate Gosselin and her kids are enjoying a fun night in with popcorn and a movie! Since the brood doesn't have school tomorrow, they are getting to stay up a little late and have a little extra time with their mom.

"Ahhh...happiness is: Home sweet home... With my kiddies, popcorn and a movie.. Snuggled up watching together," Kate tweeted on Sunday night. It sounds like the whole family is having a relaxing night—even if Kate did forget to put a "treat" in the popcorn!

The kids presumably spent the weekend with their dad, Jon, and Kate Gosselin was busy-busy, getting presents wrapped and taking care of other things around the house—she is definitely glad to be relaxing and to have all of her kids back home. Last week, a couple of them were sick with the stomach flu, but it sounds like that has passed and they are all just excited to be together, waiting for Christmas! There really is nothing like a movie night with the ones you love, especially after a busy weekend!

Did Jon Gosselin Get His Car Repo-ed? National
Times are so bad financially for the former star of “Jon & Kate Plus 8” that his prestigious BMW M3 was recently repossessed, and the infamous skirt-chaser is now stuck driving his mother’s beat-up minivan, reveal insiders. The 34-year-old dad – who works in construction and instal­lation – missed multiple payments on the vechile, disclosed a friend. “Jon contem­plated selling the car a few times over the past couple of years, but he never did,” noted the friend. “He loved it and always scraped together the monthly payments.”
But the hard-pressed hard hat – who lives in a one-bedroom apartment in Wyomissing, Pa., with his 24-year-old girlfriend Ellen Ross and several rescued dogs – could no longer afford the upscale car.
Although he’s lost a lot, Jon still has time with his kids.

Fol­lowing his split with 36-year-old Kate two years ago, he shares custody of their eight children – 11-year-old twins Mady and Cara, and 7-year-old sextuplets Joel, Collin, Aaden, Alexis, Leah and Hannah.
Still, expenses are high, and Jon is running on empty. He was extremely upset to lose the car, but he’s been trying to put everything into perspective and realizes the minivan he’s borrowed from his mom is actually better for lugging the kids around, noted the friend. “And the money he’ll save will help him, Ellen and their dogs get a bigger apartment.”

Sound Bite....Kate Gosselin Talks Christmas With The Kids

“Each year following the gift-opening marathon, and the hours of clean up wage on for me, the kids run off playing happily with all their new stuff and I clean up alone in peace and quiet. This is probably my favorite part of the day. Not because of the peace and quiet, but because I have the most grateful kids in the world! They return often while I’m sweeping the floor to thank me again and truly the ‘thank yous’ don’t end until bedtime. The happy chortling that I hear from rooms all over the house really makes ME happy too! I so love Christmas… and I especially love the happy chaos it creates at the Gosselin home!”


  1. I stop in to read and there are no responses except mine and Goody's? What is up with that? Is everyone out shopping??

  2. I was going to post last night but got caught up with stuff around the house. Almost ready for Christmas... yeah.

    I love movie night with the kids. It just gives you that chance to connect without a lot of chatter... LOL

    I can empathize with Kate about the kids enjoying their gifts. I send out many Christmas cards. I don't care if I receive a card from everyone I send to, I just enjoy knowing that they received one. I just imagine them opening it and putting it on their shelf. It fills me with such joy.

    Now, about Jon's car. I heard that Kate gave Jon a vehicle. Is that true?

    Wishing everyone the best.

  3. Don't know about others, but our house has been busy enjoying having the kids home, no homework, and tons of family games & fun!

    Ms Goody, according to Jon, it was sold a year ago. Given the source of the news, I'd guess it's all a fabrication. Who knows????

    It's a lot like "Holly Lies" and her stab Kate and make up the rest.

  4. Oh, and Kate tweeted that she gave Jon the former BBB aka Big Blue Bus.

  5. Thanks Linda O. Where is the fact finding in journalism anymore.

    They say his car was repoed and now he is driving his mother's car. I swear someone sits at a desk and just fabricates stories until someone sitting across from them says - yeh, that sounds about right. LOL

  6. Kate tweeted that she got a new van for transporting the kids and gave the BBB to Jon for the same purpose. Predictably, the AKOs found fault with this act.

  7. Hello Peggy & everyone! Man you know Ive been so boiled with the way haters have been attacking her for nothing I needed to take a step back before I went mid evil on a few of them. I would like to know what's wrong with Kate being nice and giving Jon the old car? He's lucky he gets anything at this point.

    I try to rise above so much but it gets to a point where you just want to slap some of them. I mean how sad must your lives be that your still hating on someone whose show had been over for a while. We are here to continue to support strong women. What is their cause? They seriously need to move on! Lol

  8. I made up a kind of cute little song and accidently put it on the last page after this one was already started so I'll put it here. That way if you want to see it you don't have to go back.

    On the first day of xmas my network gave to me
    One Kate on TV

    On the second day of xmas my network gave to me
    Two books in the process and one Kate on TV

    On the third day of xmas my network gave to me
    3 sons a roughhousing, two books in the process, and one Kate on TV


    On the twelfth day of xmas my true love gave to me 12 new episode, 11 web exclusive, 10 talk show hotspots, 9 family members a adventuring, 8 kids laughing, 7 days of vacation, 6 sextuplets playing, 5 daughters having a girls day, 4 crew members a filming, 3 sons roughhousing, 2 books in the process, and one Kate on TV

    Happy holidays everyone, I hope all are healthy and able to be with loved ones this season.

  9. LOL...very cute wish list there Tashapork! Don't we all wish to see Kate and her adorable kids back on TV!

    I do miss them. Nice that Kate is on twitter...but even on her blog...very few pics of her kids...none recent!

    I so wonder how they are growing...what those lil ones are up to! They were a family I got attached to from the very beginning...and it is very hard to "let go"...not to see them anymore! :(

    Wish I could send some southern sunshine to everyone...but haven't seen the sun in days! Im a bit "cheerless" now...anniversary of my dad's death approaching. I never talked about it before...some how I've felt the need to speak about it on twitter and that sure back fired! Haters picked up on it and made fun of my dad's death w/dementia! Very cruel people some are!

    Hope everyone else is well! That particularly is directed to YOU...LindaO! I think you and are are about in the same boat with chronic health issues. Sure gets old, doesn't it?

  10. Linda - Hope you are doing better. Always keep you and fired up in my prayers. Linda, I found a site which has those special door hinges for the cheapest I've ever seen them.

    Son has been wanting two monitors but his bed tray won't support that so ordered him a baractic tray which has the ability to support the weight of two monitors and a dual monitor stand - far cheaper, even with shipping, than I've been able to find anywhere. The company assured me it was all new products, not seconds or returns.

    Firedup - don't let them get you down - that's what they want. If it was reversed they'd be raging about how cruel you were to them.

    You do what's right for you and just blow them off.

  11. Fired Up, you felt the need to talk because you are still grieving. Sadly, instead of receiving support and love you experienced the hatred that those haters live in everyday.

    I am wishing you the best and my prayers are going your way for both the chronic issues and the grief you are working through.

    You know Baby Mama creates a safe supportive site. Come and fill your cup here.

  12. Fired up :( feel bad for them and their miserable lives filled with hate and negativity. The sad thing is that what comes around goes around and one day they'll get what they have coming to them. I know I was called some pretty ugly names and needed to have a blockathon a few days ago. Take care of yourself and let your family take care of you. Holiday time is a hard time to lose a loved one because of all of the memories that come along with it.

  13. Thank you ALL for your very kind supportive comments. Last year at this time...I NEVER mentioned a word about what we were going thru!

    I hid it all inside...when daddy died I had a hysterical breakdown of sorts...then I suddenly just went about my business and never spoke of it again. We all did. He died a horrible death and we all wanted to just erase everything about it from our minds.

    But now suddenly as we near the anniversary of his all comes up ever so fresh in mind...he was so despondent...wouldn't talk or even blink an eye. But when I walked into the room...everyone noticed his eyes lit up and he tried to smile!

    Thanks for letting me talk about it and share it.

  14. Oh dear FiredUP--My heart goes out to you for the mindless abuse that you've suffered. That was wrong on so many levels. Karma is never far away from those who make light of other people's losses. That must have been a very very hard time for you and it's good that you can talk about it now. I am so sorry for your loss. I hope and pray you and Linda heal and feel better as each day goes by.

  15. Tashapork--I just love your song and I too miss the show and I wonder why they aren't even airing any reruns and actually missed a couple of the shows in the last season.

    Does anybody know if the last season is/will be out on dvd?

  16. FiredUp, you and your family are in my prayers. I lost my dad 11 years ago! It was real hard the first few years but then I realized that I wanted to remember the good times instead! I feel your pain & it is good for you to talk about sorry you got such a backlash for doing so! Just know that you have many friends here who understand & support you in your time of need!

    Linda/FiredUp...I also pray that you continue to see improvement in your health!

    Happy Holidays everyone! My daughter is flying in tonight & we will be all together this year so am every excited. I'll be back after the holidays to see how everyone is doing! Be safe & enjoy your holiday time with family & friends!

  17. Fired Up my heart goes out to you as I know how hard the holiday is when you are missing a loved one. I find it still extremely difficult myself and when I would rather just roll myself into a fetal position and lay in bed the whole day crying because I miss my hubby so much and it still feels like it was just yesterday that I lost him. Even yesterday my little granddaughter surprised and deeply saddened me by suddenly saying that Christmas is not the same any more and she is very sad that her Papa isn't here. I had to keep myself from breaking into tears for her sake so instead I put my arms around her and told her he is still with us and watching everything we do. I told her he wouldn't want us to be sad because I reminded her how much he loved Christmas. Thankfully she seemed to feel a little better and agreed she knows he is still watching over us especially when her little brother piped up and said "Yes sissy, Papa is here". So remember Fired Up he is still with you watching over you and wants you to be happy and enjoy the holidays like he did when he was here. It's been 20 years and I still miss my dad too especially during Christmas because he thoroughly enjoyed the holiday and made it magical for me growing up.

    Fired Up and Linda I will pray that your health will continue to improve and hopefully the new year will bring you much better health.

    I wanted to stop by and wish all my friends here at BabyMama's a Very Merry Christmas. May you all make wonderful memories this holiday with all your family and friends. ((hugs))

  18. I wish you all a Merry Christmas, much unity with many friends and family, much peace in all hearts and much love.
    And that all I said does not happen only at Christmas but always.
    There is a Brazilian song that says .. That Comes is coming Christmas because was born Jesus the Savior.
    Stay with God.

  19. Merry Christmas to you to Debora! We have a sign that says Jesus is the Reason for the Season. Love your song.

    Freespirit--So sorry about your father, mine passed in 2007 and it always seems that nobody sits in "his" chair on Christmas Day. He always sat by the window in the sunshine at my sister's house.

    Lexxi--When you said that your little grandson said "Papa is here"--that is a great reminder and I believe it's true with all my heart.

    FiredUp and Linda--I never stop thinking about you gals and my prayers are with you always.

    BabyMama--Thanks a million for this awesome site.

    Everyone have a Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year.

  20. Hello everyone! Miss you all. With young children, working and getting ready for the Holidays things have been insane! I want to wish you all from the bottom of my heart a very Merry Christmas! I be back in full affect after this weekend. I love you all you are the TRUE DIVAS!

    Lets continue for the new year to support strong women & each other as always! xoxox

  21. Hope everyone enjoyed their day and is able to rest. We had such a nice peaceful day. It is so nice to hear so many people enjoying how grateful their kids are, seemingly this year more than usual. It makes the day that much more special.

  22. Hello everyone! I'm back. Will be getting a new post up soon. Hopefully by tomorrow. How was everyones holiday? Hope you all got what you hoped for.

    Corrina sweetie thank you so much the lovely card. It meant the world to me xo How is everyone recovering? Miss talking to you all! xo

  23. I also forgot to mention, I havent posted on Internet Explorer in over a year, I could only post using Firefox. But for the first time today it worked! Those of you that had problems posting try it now. Would love it if this was working again for everyone!

  24. Merry Christmas (a day late) to all those who celebrated. I've been unable to get on via my smartphone.

    Thank you all for your kind words, cards, emails, thoughts and prayers. Most appreciated.!!

    FiredUp - my prayers are with you daily. It's jus beyond comprehension that there are some who are so small minded and evil that they just want to cause pain and hurt to others. I don't know what you're feeling -- only you know. I can empathasize in having lost both my parents in the last few years. There are so many times I wish I could share something with one of them and that heartache just sets in. Makes me sad that my younger kids don't have that set of grandparents.

    Gosh is everybody else's weather as weird as it is here? I'm glad it's not so cold, but it's really strange to have green grass around at the end of December and not brown grass or snow.

    Baby Mama -- hugs and hope we can talk soon.

    And, Happy New Year in just a few days.!! Xoxo

  25. FiredUp~ just wanted to share some love and support. Know that you can always vent here whenever you like!

    Recently I heard the other blog was having some issues with people posting her personal information. After the "fake" Linda Thompson aka Jibber Jabbers stole photos from my old classmates account and created a hate blog from it I had the police go after her with a cease and assist. she had the piss scared out of her and now is socking with a few other names and fading from view.

    I will be doing a new post, but before I do I will say this. Regardless of how I feel about other bloggers, taking it to that extreme where your staying up nights trying to find out who you are fir some sick satisfaction disgusts me. How mentally I'll are you that you need to get off on sick crap by hounding ladies on a fan site because you hate Kate Gosselin THAT much. I feel for you.

    I don't wish that on any of those turds what I went through when that slug of a human being posted a link to my personal info of my own young children on my site. I swore if she didn't pull that crap down I was personally making sure the police visited her. I'm sorry to the people who are dealing with this and know they have my support. And will leave it at that.

  26. Just wanted to drop by and say I hope everyone had a good Christmas and has a Happy New Year.
    Linda, hope you are feeling better.
    BM - enjoy the hetic - two blinks of an eye and they are grown.

    BM- You've gone through a lot & hung in there through it all. Thanks to you and Linda for all your support.

  27. Fired Up - My condolence to your. I've been there and the only thing that works heal your spirit is TIME. When my mom died I was depressed and it broke me. My dad is dying and it is like I'm watching a tear jerker movie.

    Linda - I'm assuming you were ill. I hope you're on a road to recovery and you are doing well.

    BabyMama - Good article but I thought Jon had visitation 4 days a month, not shared custody?

    The Khaters are a mean spirited bunch of characters that includes a self-rightious Pharisee, bullies that harass 24/7 and witches/warlocks! LOL

  28. BabyMama,
    Why are you approving comments before they're published? Did something happen?

  29. Ms Goody, the haters were up in full force over the Sage thing. I had to put the site on Moderation since it got crazy. I'm doing a new post today. Look out for it.

  30. Whoo hoo! Finally some fresh paper right? I know it's been too long, this Holiday Season has been the busiest for me! Scent of the day is yummy spicy Egg Nog!

    I would like to also extend a welcome to anyone from any other fan blogs that wish to post here. xo