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Gosselin Tree Unveiled! Kate's Knee Injury Prevents Her From Running, Jon Tweets About The Kids

Kate Gosselin Unveils Her Christmas Tree! (Shares Her Tale of Tummy-Bug Woe)

kateplus8tree 225x300 Kate Gosselin Unveils Her Christmas Tree! (And Shares Her Tale of Tummy Bug Woe) Here's hoping the Gosselins recover quickly enough to enjoy this beautiful tree. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas at Kate Gosselin‘s house. She proudly posted a picture of their tree on Twitter yesterday – a handsome pine aglow with white lights and an angel on top. She also set the record straight to followers who thought she might have had some outside help in her holiday preparations. “Do some people actually pay ppl to do their decorating?” she tweeted. “Unheard of here! Took us all day :(” Nor is the tree Rockefeller Center-sized, in case you were wondering. Kate, who bought it from a local nursery, describes it as “Tall enough, yet small enough that I didnt have to use the mop to put the angel on top – just a step stool, lol.”

But even famous reality-show moms are still moms, subject to the same kid-disasters as the rest of us. And as any mom knows, those disasters usually happen at the worst possible moment. Kate tweeted yesterday evening that she “had a vomiting child to clean up…Again!” When one of her octet said “No, thank you” to dinner, Kate had a feeling that something was up. And her motherly instincts were right. The appetite-less child – she hasn’t said which one it is – started upchucking soon after that and running a fever. “Yep, tis the season2 clean up vomit!” she joked. “If it hits all, wish me luck!” At last report, a second little Gosselin was down with the bug as well. Kate’s relying on an “old time trick” to get the germs out: turning off the heat, opening windows and bundling the children up. Here’s hoping it helps. Not even the most die-hard Kate-hater would wish an eight-fold round of stomach flu on her.

Kate Gosselin Knee Pain Preventing Her From Running:

Kate Gosselin is itching to get running again but she is still having some pain in her left knee after completing her first marathon last Sunday. Although she is an avid runner, this marathon kicked her butt a bit. She did have a really fun time—and is already looking forward to the next big race—but she is still sore from pushing her body.
Is Kristen Stewart 'Vogue' Photoshop too Much?
When asked how she was feeling, Kate tweeted "better every day. Itching to run but left knee still says 'no.'" This has to be really frustrating for the mom of eight, who runs nearly everyday near her home in Pennsylvania. Hopefully a little rest and maybe some icing will have her back in tip-top shape very soon.

As far as her next marathon goes, Kate has suggested that it will be within the next six months. She is excited to give it another go, this time with less nerves, and she is super motivated to beat her time. Once her knee feels better, she will be back at it, and ready to prep for marathon #2!

Jon Gosselin Tweets About The Kids.. What Do You Think?
Jon Gosselin
Good morning! I'm so proud of my kids today! I watched them at their Winter Concert this AM. They did great. Have a great day and weekend!
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  1. Some info I was sent apparently from The "Blogging Lawyers" That was a man that was bike support for Kate. Why are they still spreading lies that Kate did not run the entire race?

    "Mike Clark: I was the bike support for Kate, I think she she did a great job. At mile nine she broke stride, went for her Jelly Beans, drop them and I moved up to catch her. Her friend said something to her and Kate looked ahead and up and over the railroad overpass she went. She was right on time for a 4:30 finish until we hit the mass of walkers that jammed the downtown area. She was fighting her way and never show signs of weakness. At mile 24 she got some kick and picked up the pace to under 10 min. miles. I agree publicity is part of it, but that's show business. I was pleased to meet her and friends, they were fun, great attitude, thanked me several times and the next day texted me again to say "Thanks""

  2. Hello everyone, I hope everyone is healthy and wishing the best if you or your family members are struggling.

    I am so glad my kids are old enough to take care of themselves when they are sick. I am still available, but it is not like having young children sick.

    I think Jon should be allowed to tweet about his kids when he is proud of them. I know it is hard to not read into the message as something more self-motivating; but I wish him the best.

  3. Hmm, what does bike support mean? Do they set the pace or is this person implying that Kate hopped on their bike when she fell behind?

    I think they set the pace and tried to yack with her when they could because they didn't really say anything substantial. LOL

  4. Anyone follow Jon? What is he tweeting about his kids being sick??

  5. I was sent the Jon tweet so I have no idea what he has been saying. Does someone know if he mentioned the kids being sick?

    And kisses to both Tiggerfan & Fascinated. I missed you guys!

  6. It good to hear Jon went to see the kids concert.
    It's OK with me if he tweets about it as long as he's not using it to do a slam against Kate. Which according to your post he didn't.

    I also commend him for tweeting about it instead of selling it as a story to the tabs trying to use it as a way to slam Kate.

  7. Good Morning!! Love the new post, BabyMama. Thanks for the photo of Kate's tree too--kinda makes mine look sad. :)

    Linda--Awesome to hear that you're out and about and you have such thoughtful kiddos.

    I'm glad to hear Jon attended the kids' Winter Concert too. I'm sure that meant a lot to them.

  8. YooHoo everyone...wish I could send some southern sunshine...but the "smiling man" has left the land! Ugh...clouds, drizzle and cold!

    Kate has since said she has gotten back on the treadmill so seems that knee has mended nicely! She is strong, healthy and young....she recoups quickly!

    Jon tweeting something nice & positive is always good! I'm thinking tho that he is just working from home again...seems from other tweets he is not going to a physical job like he used to. For sake of the kids...I sure hope he is generating some income!

    Kate has her hands full now with sick kids and no sitter available! So that means, she can't get out to do grocery shopping and other necessary errands! People don't appreciate how difficult is it to have so many kids...several sick at the same time!

    LindaO...take care of yourself! I want to hear soon that you really are over the rough stuff and on the mend!

  9. For Jon's sake, kids' sake, etc. I hope Jon is employed and just Tweeting while on a work break.
    FiredUp - tyvm. I don't listen to doctors when they say negatives, lol, as in "you'll never ..." and tend to say back, "oh, yeah, well watch me prove that I can and will!" I'm just too stubborn to ever give up, I am doing the meds and physical therapy, but it's the "rest" part that gets me, I don't do idle very well. Hope you have gotten good news from docs.

  10. My power shopping online wasn't as successful as I'd hoped but everybody has one present to open and rest will be IOUs and gift cards.

    My middleschoolers are stressing over their first "exam weeks". Hard to believe they are growing up so fast. Each time we're faced with one growing up enough to do exams, I wonder how the "little years" could have flown by so fast! Seems like yesterday they were toddlers.
    Thanks for posting Kate's tree BabyMama! Xoxo

  11. Ziggy, ITA with everything you said. FiredUp, in an ideal world (one which I know doesn't exist) Kate would be able and comfortable to call her children's father to bring supplies for sick kids. I am happy that he's involved with their school events. That is so good for them. Linda, I hope you feel well enought to enjoy the celebration of Christmas, gifts are only one small part, even though the retail industry tells us otherwise. Wish the kids luck on their exams from me. Tell them that if they did what they were supposed to during the rest of the year and come well rested and focused, they'll be fine.

  12. This comment is directed to Ziggy. All I can say is-Are you serious? I expect this to get deleted, but I can't believe you actually said this about how to approach Kate about being a friend.

    "If this where a real person with honestly good intentions, just reading Kate's twitter feed would show them this isn't the way to approach Kate with the offer of friendship. A legitimate offer would contact Kate's manager, give her manager their info for them to be checked out as legitimate and take steps from there."

    So now, Kate's manager has complete say about who can be Kate's friend?

  13. Dawn - Did you get lost and post on the wrong blog? Or, are you banned from Ziggy's blog so you thought you'd come drop horse apples here? WTH ?

    Those of us who've been around for years realize there are so many "pretend friends" for Kate that you need a scorecard to keep up with them.!

    Suddenly this unknown person shows up Tweeting to Kate to be her friend? That's as smelly as three day old fish. Uh, i

  14. Linda-so you agree with Ziggy? If you want to be Kate's friend, you have to go through her manager first? Send a resume and qualifications, too? Just like you were applying for a job?

    I totally agree with you about this "unknown" person wanting to be Kate's friend. I just wanted to point out that Ziggy's comment about how to go about becoming Kate's friend was totally off the wall!

  15. Well said LindaO.

    Hugs BabyMama, this has been such a busy season, I am grateful to be able to stop in and fill my cup with the fabulous women on this site.

    Take care everyone, Ziggy, Tashapork, Corrina, FiredUp, Tiggerfan, and those who don't have time to post.

    PS. Love the nativity scene at the bottom of the tree. The tree is gorgeous.

  16. Dawn - No, it's not totally off the wall.

    There are limited ways to tell if this person is a legitimate person with truly good intentions or not.

    Kate has many seeking for her attention. Many want to get close to Kate for their own various
    reasons, some who support her and some who don't.

    The best way if someone is legitimate is to make contact with Kate's manager. If one is legitimate then they would understand and wouldn't have a problem with being verified before being put in direct private contact with Kate.

    The hater's scream all the time about the security of the kids. What better way to assure the security of the kids other than not only allowing one's information & legitimacy to be checked out but to offer it with understanding.

    Anyone can post anything on twitter & make any claims they want to make.

    If I had something to offer of significance to any celebrity, the first contact I'd make would be to their manager and volunteer give them all of my identifying info, and to inform the manager what the reason was which I wanted to make private contact.

    The last think I'd do and expect to be taken as legitimate is go on someone's twitter feed, especially with all the fakes & socks which are on Kate's twitter and say, hey I moved into your neighborhood and I have horses your kids are free to ride any time!

  17. Dawn -
    First of all, it was a comment on Ziggy's blog, not here. So why are you posting about it here.

    Second, I wouldn't take ANY body's word for things on the basis of a Twitter. We all know how many made up junk ones there are.

    Third, if this is a legitimate neighbor of Kate's, I'm betting Kate would know her. If not, a phone call or a letter to Kate with contact info would be appropriate.

  18. Dawn continued
    Fourth, and the point I believe Ziggy was trying to make -- If you don't know Kate and you are "out of the blue" trying to befriend her or get close to her children, send your info to Kate's business manager or to her security folks, make your offer and let them check you out.

    If you are legit - you have nothing to hide so why would it be a big deal to be checked out.?

    We don't even let repair folks into our home with our kids unless we've "vetted" them. Why should Kate? And certainly not some unknown who goes on Twitter to get her attention.

  19. Hugs Ziggy. Lol you posted while I was writing.

  20. I just want to add quickly that I read Ziggy's post as often as possible. I love it as well. I just never have time to post on both. : )

  21. But doesn't it concern anyone that Kate actually responded to this person? The person stated she had info on Kate's haters, and Kate's response was

    Kateplusmy8 Kate Gosselin
    @ @neighbor2k8 email them to me on my website please? Thanks.
    11 Dec

    How come nobody is warning Kate that this is a fake person, like they do about other people who tweet her?

  22. Ummmm, Dawn, she said "email them to me". Why is that concerning?

    And, how do you know that no one has emailed her a warning? Because you don't see it tweeted?

  23. tiggerfan1965--I find it concerning that Kate wants that information from someone she does not know. She didn't respond to any of the other tweets this person made, but all of a sudden she responds to that one?

    I don't know if anyone emailed her a warning-but if you look back on her feed, everytime someone seems suspicious to her fans, they all start tweeting her to block them.

  24. Because if somebody emails you, you can have the "header" info. Even with a fake name you can trace the IP address. It may turn out to be a computer at a public library, but it is a starting place.

    Email to her blog is a way to turn it over to her IT guru to trace.

    You can post on a blog and be semi anonymous. You can tweet and be mostly anonymous. Header info in an email is not anonymous; if you routed the email through one of the "anonymity" services, such as Sweden, it's a sure fire indicator you aren't whom you pretend to be, or there would be no need for the ruse.

  25. I used to Tweet Kate all the time. But it was exhausting to have to constantly block the new socks who ate the same old ladies getting booted off & then getting back on. It got rediculous. I always thought that Kate was checking if these idiots ate truly legit by asking them to email her. Its obvious that she see through the dumb charade of offering freebies in the hopes Kate will be all over it just to make her look bad.

    I don't think she takes any of it seriously. Either way Twiiter got so bad with those six people constantly being on I kinda took a break from it. But I can't stay away for long! ;)

  26. Dawn, As Linda stated, I posted about this on my blog. What was your point to bring it up here? Unless as Linda stated you are blogged on my blog.

    So what if Kate asked the person to e-mail her? Kate is still protected. You seem to be jumping to the assumption that because Kate told this person to e-mail her that Kate would automatically give this person her private contact info? You have no idea what Kate could've told this person via private e-mail. She could've instructed them to contact her manager or Steve and give one of them their info.

    Linda gave excellent info. As well as if this person making this offer isn't legitimate and just another sock trying to make Kate look bad, they likely will never actually e-mail Kate.

  27. hey there :) i'm from portugal and kate plus eight show just stop passed in portugal. unfortunatly.. can anyone tell me how kate and kids are going?? really miss them!
    (sorry about my mistakes)


    Poor Jon. What a rag sheet to publish this now!!!

    "If there was a reality show called “The Loser,” JON GOSSELIN could be the star! He lost his beautiful wife KATE, his super-popular TV program – and NOW his beloved luxury car.

    Times are so bad financially for the former star of “Jon & Kate Plus 8” that his prestigious BMW M3 was recently repossessed, and the infamous skirt-chaser is now stuck driving his mother’s beat-up minivan, reveal insiders.

    The 34-year-old dad – who works in construction and instal­lation – missed multiple payments on the vehicle, disclosed a friend.

    “Jon contem­plated selling the car a few times over the past couple of years, but he never did,” noted the friend. “He loved it and always scraped together the monthly payments.”

    But the hard-pressed hard hat – who lives in a one-bedroom apartment in Wyomissing, Pa., with his 24-year-old girlfriend Ellen Ross and several rescued dogs – could no longer afford the upscale car.

    Although he’s lost a lot, Jon still has time with his kids.

    Fol­lowing his split with 36-year-old Kate two years ago, he shares custody of their eight children – 11-year-old twins Mady and Cara, and 7-year-old sextuplets Joel, Collin, Aaden, Alexis, Leah and Hannah.

    Still, expenses are high, and Jon is running on empty.

    He was extremely upset to lose the car, but he’s been trying to put everything into perspective and realizes the minivan he’s borrowed from his mom is actually better for lugging the kids around, noted the friend.

    “And the money he’ll save will help him, Ellen and their dogs get a bigger apartment.”

    Again, I say sad this was published now!

  29. I agree Linda. It is clear the rag mags don't care what they publish as long as someone is the bad guy or worse off.

    They've attacked Kate long enough, now they are going back to Jon.

  30. Sadly, whoever ragged on Jon may have meant this in a positive light and instead its full of negativity. Of course many of us saw his lavish car purchases as poor judgement at the time, but as Linda says, why rehash this now. They could have just said "In order to better fulfill his farhterly responsibilities, Jon was forced to let go of his luxury car for a used minivan, which fits his lifestyle these days better. Way to go Jon, if they had to say anything at all.

  31. According to Jon's tweets emailed to me, he calls the whole story a fabrication.

    The publication used to publish "documented" alien sitings. Personally, I doubt the veracity of most of what they publish whether about Job, or Kate, or anything else.

    It just bugs me that they have to stoop to made-up stuff about anybody or anything. It makes me sicker when other publications cite the rag, as if by repeating a lie enough times gives it credence. Then you hear the haters say some idiotic thing like "well I saw it a bunch of times." when actually all they saw was same garbage repeated.

    It's a rotten thing to do when it's about Kate, and equally rotten when it's about Jon.

  32. Did kate every say there was no santa? When did I miss that?

  33. If I am remembering right, one of the older girls made a remark about Santa not being real to classmates and another adult blew it out of proportion. It is very common for kids that age to do that. I may not have this right, but its what comes to memory about when it was an issue before

  34. Someone responded to her tweeting about being mrs claus with all the wrapping she is doing. And their response was something about how can their be a mrs if no santa. geesh.

  35. Somehow I always knew that at some point Kate would give Jon the BBB for the kids and she did. What an awesome mom. Haters are chirping though as they do if she even takes a breath or looks up at the sky.

  36. Whoo hoo ladies I'm back! Ya missed me? We had a family wedding to go to right before Christmas. I tell you, can all of cram any more things on our plates a week before Christmas? Lol

    You don't want to get my ass started on the idiot hater Twitters. Yeah I said it. There's 4 of them that must be retired with nothing else to do because they're always on there using Kate's Twitter handle to keep themselves busy. Sometimes I think they're talking to themselves. I just laugh and keep blocking.

    They can keep saying whatever they want. Make your haters be your motivators. Kate has certainly done that. She took the opportunities she's given and I would do the exact same thing. You go girl!

    New post up soon! Xo

  37. I wonder what it would be like to have a life so empty that I could devote it to worrying about things like how Kate cares for her dog, what she puts in her bread, how assets were divided in her marital decree and why. No thank you, I like having a life.

  38. I made a silly song and thought I'd share it

    On the first day of xmas my network gave to me
    One Kate on TV

    On the second day of xmas my network gave to me
    Two books in the process and one Kate on TV

    On the third day of xmas my network gave to me
    3 sons a roughhousing, two books in the process, and one Kate on TV


    On the twelfth day of xmas my true love gave to me 12 new episode, 11 web exclusive, 10 talk show hotspots, 9 family members a adventuring, 8 kids laughing, 7 days of vacation, 6 sextuplets playing, 5 daughters having a girls day, 4 crew members a filming, 3 sons roughhousing, 2 books in the process, and one Kate on TV

    Happy holidays everyone, I hope all are healthy and able to be with loved ones this season.