Friday, June 18, 2010

Jon's Gosselin Tells His Father's Day Plans, Jon's Girlfriend Thinks He's "Normal", Kate's Breasts, Still?

Hello Gosselin fans! Happy Summer, has it really started to feel that way yet? With the final weeks of school approaching I seriously don't know how I'm not crashing from exhaustion. I'm all over the place! My only solace is getting the kids to bed and watching my shows. And my scrapbooking, my Bingo, Ladies Night and well lots of other stuff ;) So I got to thinking about what an absolute wonderful husband I have (and how he lets me constantly go out and watches the kids!). Sometimes I still go all Wolverine on him when we get into our normal squabbles, but this weekend is Father's Day! His one weekend to do whatever the heck he wants (except take any trips to Foxwoods or AC lol). So what to do that's special for the man in your life on Father's Day? Well no more ties or photo mugs from Snapfish here! We are going to dedicate the weekend to lots of hugs and kisses, a dinner at his fav. restaurant, a new GPS system and finally! you guessed it, uninterrupted sleep!

And although my frustration with Jon Gosselin has gotten worse these past 6 months, there is nothing I want more that to wish him a wonderful Father's Day with his kids. (As far as the story on Kate and her "boob job" I still don't believe it (and those stupid SOURCES) and won't until it comes out of HER mouth). I was really getting excited for him to step-up to the plate until I read that he gave an interview with of all rag mags STAR MAGAZINE (Be honest Jon, how much were you paid under the table for this?)! Ugh seriously, just when I had a glimmer of hope I have to find out about that junk. But! it appears that he is really looking forward to his weekend, and in the end that is what is important. Happy Father's Day Jon!

Jon Gosselin Reveals His Father's Day Plans!

Long before Jesse James strayed from Sandra Bullock and Tiger Woods bogeyed Elin, Jon Gosselin was the man America just loved to hate. But now the father of eight — ex-husband of Kate Gosselin — is starting to redeem himself by spending more time with the kids and looking for new employment opportunities. Star caught up with Jon at THQ's "Take No Prisoners" launch party to find out how he'll be spending this Father's Day and what the future holds for the former reality TV star.

What are your plans for Father's Day?
It's going to be a chill day, hopefully; eight kids, one bedroom apartment. Hopefully it's sunny and we'll go to the pool and playground and hang out. We'll just do kid stuff, sleeping bags and video games, board games and snack time.

How does it make you feel to know the kids are growing up so fast?
They're smart and they learn things from each other so they're really advanced. They come up with big words but they're around adults a lot. And they're not dumb. They know what's going on. They hear things and see things and they go to school. We're learning as we go. They're no book on sextuplets and twins. Whether we're divorced parents or married, we're still parents.

What's coming down the pipe for you?
I've been meeting with people and talking and seeing what's going on program-wise. I was always involved in the business side of our show, demographics and programming and what people want, so I am putting my feelers [out] and seeing what's available.

Would you ever consider going back to IT work?
As of right now, no. I don't know if I could have a boss. I've been on my own, on TV for five years so it would be hard. But I would if I had to. I want to provide for my family just like any other man. You have to do what you have to do. I was a welder and I didn't like it, but I did it.

Would you invite cameras back into your life for another reality series?
Stuff like that, no. I don't want the camera coming home. That's just the type of person I am. I want a more private life.

When did you hit your breaking point with Jon & Kate Plus 8?
We'd filmed 128 episodes. It was getting insane. It was just a bad time last year. Everything happened. It was like a tornado. I was thinking of my kids and what am I gonna do and just kind of like, wasn't into it anymore.

The show provided you with a lot of opportunities though...
Meeting people and those relationships are worth millions, so keeping those relationships was the biggest part of what was going on.

For a while there, you didn't want the kids back on TV. How do you feel now that they are filming Kate Plus 8?
It's not like before. It's not like 52 episodes in one season. It's OK. It's like five. And you know, they haven't said anything to me and that's Kate's business too. I know it's my business as a father but there's a lot of paperwork and stuff like that so ... they seem fine with it, no pressure.

If you knew then what you know now...
I don't know if I would do it again. That's like the grass is greener...sometimes, and sometimes not. I've experienced both.

And things are good for you and your girlfriend, Ellen Ross?
Yeah, yeah. It's all starting to relax. It feels comfortable.

Jon Gosselin: I'm Relieved My New Girlfriend, 23, Thinks I'm "Normal"

Jon Gosselin -- who tried to get his eight kids off TV because he thought it was detrimental to their health -- wants back on the boob tube. "It would be nice to have a job on television again," he told at THQ's E3 Take No Prisoners event Wednesday in L.A. "I'm not so sure about reality. I'm just exploring my options right now, meeting with certain people about different ideas. I can’t talk about it; you have to stay tuned." As for rumors that ex Kate may be getting a dating show, Jon, 33, is mum. "I saw some stuff on the Internet about the Bachelorette, and I saw stuff about our own dating show, and I saw reports from our spokesperson that that’s not true," he said. "At this point, I don’t really mix in her business."

Though part of him feels it would cause "conflict," "I don’t know how I feel about it," he said. "I don’t really want to comment on it. If there is verification, I will talk about it." He said he doesn't talk shop with Kate, 35. "We talk about: 'Hey, I'm going to be there at 2 p.m. to pick up the kids. Is there gas in the van? Good,'" he explained. "That kind of thing." As for his own love life, Jon said he couldn't be happier with his new squeeze, Ellen Ross, 23, whom he met on a blind date. "We just kind of hit it off, backyard barbeques in Pennsylvania, hanging out, good times," he said. "She knew of me and all that stuff [and still] saw me as a normal person." The relationship is "really different for me," he added. "It's like a comfort zone."

Though a source tells Us Weekly Ross "hates" kids, Jon said she makes efforts to bond with his brood. "You have to find ways to occupy the time, especially when it rains!" he said. One day, "I was like, 'Oh my goodness, what are we going to do?' So she got Monopoly, board games." He says he's taking their romance "day by day. I have a hard time talking about my personal life because of everything that happened last year. I just stray away from it. We just want to be left alone." His Father's Day plans? "Everyone’s like, 'Eight kids -- that’s a lot!'" he told Us. "But one 'I love you' is worth a million."

Kate Gosselin's Bodyguard Advised Her on Boob Job? (The janitor tells all lol)
Bosom buddy, indeed! Mom of eight Kate Gosselin, 35, is rarely seen without her trusted bodyguard of three years, Steve Neild. During her recent run on Dancing with the Stars, a show source says, the New Zealander was "omnipresent on the set -- at rehearsals, on the press line, everywhere!"

And now a source says in the new Us Weekly the married father of two not only drove Gosselin to the doctor when she got breast enhancements March 30, 2009, but even weighed in on what the result should be: "Kate was going to have one kind of breast augmentation, but she changed her mind after talking to Steve about what would look best." (Multiple sources tell Us Weekly the procedure -- which can cost $10,000 -- took place. Gosselin went from a size 4 shirt to a size 6 shirt.) Asked about a boob job earlier this year, Gosselin responded, "Plastic surgery? Please. Who has time to even think about it, let alone do it?" Well, she did: The TLC star's tummy tuck was documented on a 2007 episode of Jon and Kate Plus 8!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Amish Help The Gosselins, Evan Loves Kate, Kate Plus 8 Ready For July 4th!

Kate Plus 8 To Feature The Amish:

Kate Gosselin will be seen working side by side with the local Amish as “Kate Plus 8” keeps filming outside Reading, Pa. TLC just finished shooting the second episode of the re-branded “Jon & Kate Plus 8” in Wernersville, Pa., at the Gosselin estate. Ex-husband Jon Gosselin is still off the show, but a local Amish farmer replaced Jon as the male authority figure in episode two. The premise was that Kate Gosselin’s eight children wanted to build a chicken coop, but they couldn’t figure out how to build the structure.

Help came in the form of the local Amish, who did the neighborly thing and worked with the Gosselin family to build the coop. Paparazzi photos show the coop raising over the weekend. The local Amish may have been totally unaware of who Jon and Kate Gosselin are, since the Amish don’t have television sets as part of their customs. Kate Gosselin and her eight children drew big ratings for a cable TV show as “Kate Plus 8” returned to TLC t.wo weeks ago. Kate Plus 8” drew 3.4 million viewers for hour one and 3 million viewers for hour two. While those numbers pale in comparison to ratings for “Jon & Kate Plus 8” during the divorce drama of Jon and Kate Gosselin, TLC is most likely thrilled with the results.

Evan Lysacek Calls Kate Gosselin the ‘Sweetest Woman in the World":

It’s only been three weeks since Olympic gold medalist Evan Lysacek placed second behind winner Nicole Scherzinger on Dancing with the Stars. Despite the occasional nightmare, Lysacek, 25, looks back fondly on his DWTS experience, calling it “remarkable.” He’s cherishing the memories as much as the new friends he made on the show. “I’ve kept in really close touch with the entire cast,” he says. “The people I met were the best thing I took from being on the show. We all walked away with a new family.”And that includes Kate Gosselin, with whom he says he’s in constant communication. “Kate is in New York right now. We’ve been texting each other back and forth and we’re trying to get together,” he says. “We are very close. She is the sweetest woman in the world. We were instantly friends and everyone really loved her on the show. We missed her so much when she left. She’s hilarious and she’s always joking around. I don’t think she ever said a serious sentence.”

Before the show, Lysacek says he didn’t know much about the Kate Plus 8 star. “I’m not a big tabloid reader and I was so focused on the Olympics and I never watched TV,” he says. “She’s got a lot to deal with. If I had eight kids, I can’t imagine. I’m sure it’s pretty tough and sometimes that’s misconstrued with Kate. But she’s an amazing mom and a tough lady. She was constantly showing pictures and videos of her kids and missing them.”

When asked if he would consider babysitting Gosselin’s eight children, he says he doesn’t have skills to do so.“She wouldn’t want me to,” says Lysacek with a laugh. “Maybe one of them — and that would be a challenge. I have a 16-month-old nephew and I couldn’t baby sit him alone. He’s mischievous, so I don’t think I could handle eight. But Kate is a pro.”

Sunday nights are slow for TV networks in the summer and “Kate Plus 8” was up against the NBA and NHL finals. Still, about one million more viewers tuned into “Kate Plus 8” than they did in the final month of “Jon & Kate Plus 8,” which aired on Monday nights. TLC’s biggest problem will be how to get more episodes of “Kate Plus 8” into production, because it is being produced as a series of specials. The second episode doesn’t air until mid-July. There is no debut date set yet for Kate Gosselin’s other series on TLC, “Twist Of Kate,” but at least two episodes have been filmed.

'Kate Plus 8': Kate Gosselin continues filming in patriotic fashion:
The last "Kate Plus 8" special only aired a little over a week ago, but Kate Gosselin is already back at work with her famous eight kids. Radar Online reports that the reality TV mom is spending Monday at her Wernersville, Pennsylvania home shooting new scenes for the upcoming special airing July 11.

As was previously suspected, it definitely looks like this episode will have a patriotic "4th of July" sort of theme. American flags were all over the property, and the kids seemed to be enjoying themselves outside. With this evidence in mind, the Gosselins have definitely learned one of the most valuable rules of reality TV -- whatever you do, date the show to the period of time in which it airs. Do you want to see the new "Kate Plus 8" special? Feel free to share your thoughts with a comment and stay tuned for more of the latest TV news.