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Jon's Gosselin Tells His Father's Day Plans, Jon's Girlfriend Thinks He's "Normal", Kate's Breasts, Still?

Hello Gosselin fans! Happy Summer, has it really started to feel that way yet? With the final weeks of school approaching I seriously don't know how I'm not crashing from exhaustion. I'm all over the place! My only solace is getting the kids to bed and watching my shows. And my scrapbooking, my Bingo, Ladies Night and well lots of other stuff ;) So I got to thinking about what an absolute wonderful husband I have (and how he lets me constantly go out and watches the kids!). Sometimes I still go all Wolverine on him when we get into our normal squabbles, but this weekend is Father's Day! His one weekend to do whatever the heck he wants (except take any trips to Foxwoods or AC lol). So what to do that's special for the man in your life on Father's Day? Well no more ties or photo mugs from Snapfish here! We are going to dedicate the weekend to lots of hugs and kisses, a dinner at his fav. restaurant, a new GPS system and finally! you guessed it, uninterrupted sleep!

And although my frustration with Jon Gosselin has gotten worse these past 6 months, there is nothing I want more that to wish him a wonderful Father's Day with his kids. (As far as the story on Kate and her "boob job" I still don't believe it (and those stupid SOURCES) and won't until it comes out of HER mouth). I was really getting excited for him to step-up to the plate until I read that he gave an interview with of all rag mags STAR MAGAZINE (Be honest Jon, how much were you paid under the table for this?)! Ugh seriously, just when I had a glimmer of hope I have to find out about that junk. But! it appears that he is really looking forward to his weekend, and in the end that is what is important. Happy Father's Day Jon!

Jon Gosselin Reveals His Father's Day Plans!

Long before Jesse James strayed from Sandra Bullock and Tiger Woods bogeyed Elin, Jon Gosselin was the man America just loved to hate. But now the father of eight — ex-husband of Kate Gosselin — is starting to redeem himself by spending more time with the kids and looking for new employment opportunities. Star caught up with Jon at THQ's "Take No Prisoners" launch party to find out how he'll be spending this Father's Day and what the future holds for the former reality TV star.

What are your plans for Father's Day?
It's going to be a chill day, hopefully; eight kids, one bedroom apartment. Hopefully it's sunny and we'll go to the pool and playground and hang out. We'll just do kid stuff, sleeping bags and video games, board games and snack time.

How does it make you feel to know the kids are growing up so fast?
They're smart and they learn things from each other so they're really advanced. They come up with big words but they're around adults a lot. And they're not dumb. They know what's going on. They hear things and see things and they go to school. We're learning as we go. They're no book on sextuplets and twins. Whether we're divorced parents or married, we're still parents.

What's coming down the pipe for you?
I've been meeting with people and talking and seeing what's going on program-wise. I was always involved in the business side of our show, demographics and programming and what people want, so I am putting my feelers [out] and seeing what's available.

Would you ever consider going back to IT work?
As of right now, no. I don't know if I could have a boss. I've been on my own, on TV for five years so it would be hard. But I would if I had to. I want to provide for my family just like any other man. You have to do what you have to do. I was a welder and I didn't like it, but I did it.

Would you invite cameras back into your life for another reality series?
Stuff like that, no. I don't want the camera coming home. That's just the type of person I am. I want a more private life.

When did you hit your breaking point with Jon & Kate Plus 8?
We'd filmed 128 episodes. It was getting insane. It was just a bad time last year. Everything happened. It was like a tornado. I was thinking of my kids and what am I gonna do and just kind of like, wasn't into it anymore.

The show provided you with a lot of opportunities though...
Meeting people and those relationships are worth millions, so keeping those relationships was the biggest part of what was going on.

For a while there, you didn't want the kids back on TV. How do you feel now that they are filming Kate Plus 8?
It's not like before. It's not like 52 episodes in one season. It's OK. It's like five. And you know, they haven't said anything to me and that's Kate's business too. I know it's my business as a father but there's a lot of paperwork and stuff like that so ... they seem fine with it, no pressure.

If you knew then what you know now...
I don't know if I would do it again. That's like the grass is greener...sometimes, and sometimes not. I've experienced both.

And things are good for you and your girlfriend, Ellen Ross?
Yeah, yeah. It's all starting to relax. It feels comfortable.

Jon Gosselin: I'm Relieved My New Girlfriend, 23, Thinks I'm "Normal"

Jon Gosselin -- who tried to get his eight kids off TV because he thought it was detrimental to their health -- wants back on the boob tube. "It would be nice to have a job on television again," he told at THQ's E3 Take No Prisoners event Wednesday in L.A. "I'm not so sure about reality. I'm just exploring my options right now, meeting with certain people about different ideas. I can’t talk about it; you have to stay tuned." As for rumors that ex Kate may be getting a dating show, Jon, 33, is mum. "I saw some stuff on the Internet about the Bachelorette, and I saw stuff about our own dating show, and I saw reports from our spokesperson that that’s not true," he said. "At this point, I don’t really mix in her business."

Though part of him feels it would cause "conflict," "I don’t know how I feel about it," he said. "I don’t really want to comment on it. If there is verification, I will talk about it." He said he doesn't talk shop with Kate, 35. "We talk about: 'Hey, I'm going to be there at 2 p.m. to pick up the kids. Is there gas in the van? Good,'" he explained. "That kind of thing." As for his own love life, Jon said he couldn't be happier with his new squeeze, Ellen Ross, 23, whom he met on a blind date. "We just kind of hit it off, backyard barbeques in Pennsylvania, hanging out, good times," he said. "She knew of me and all that stuff [and still] saw me as a normal person." The relationship is "really different for me," he added. "It's like a comfort zone."

Though a source tells Us Weekly Ross "hates" kids, Jon said she makes efforts to bond with his brood. "You have to find ways to occupy the time, especially when it rains!" he said. One day, "I was like, 'Oh my goodness, what are we going to do?' So she got Monopoly, board games." He says he's taking their romance "day by day. I have a hard time talking about my personal life because of everything that happened last year. I just stray away from it. We just want to be left alone." His Father's Day plans? "Everyone’s like, 'Eight kids -- that’s a lot!'" he told Us. "But one 'I love you' is worth a million."

Kate Gosselin's Bodyguard Advised Her on Boob Job? (The janitor tells all lol)
Bosom buddy, indeed! Mom of eight Kate Gosselin, 35, is rarely seen without her trusted bodyguard of three years, Steve Neild. During her recent run on Dancing with the Stars, a show source says, the New Zealander was "omnipresent on the set -- at rehearsals, on the press line, everywhere!"

And now a source says in the new Us Weekly the married father of two not only drove Gosselin to the doctor when she got breast enhancements March 30, 2009, but even weighed in on what the result should be: "Kate was going to have one kind of breast augmentation, but she changed her mind after talking to Steve about what would look best." (Multiple sources tell Us Weekly the procedure -- which can cost $10,000 -- took place. Gosselin went from a size 4 shirt to a size 6 shirt.) Asked about a boob job earlier this year, Gosselin responded, "Plastic surgery? Please. Who has time to even think about it, let alone do it?" Well, she did: The TLC star's tummy tuck was documented on a 2007 episode of Jon and Kate Plus 8!


  1. No matter what...she looks amazing and you see her confidence!! If she didn't get a "boob job" I really would like to know where she gets her bras then...I need a good lift...(and support)

  2. You know, I'm so happy to hear that the janitor at DWTS has made so much money becoming the "source" at US Weekly! The comment about Steve recommending the size makes it extra classy with a side order of BS.

  3. And even though the Bras at Victoria's Secret are expensive, wait till you get the $10 coupon with the free panty in the mail and invest in one of their push-up bras. They are fantastic, and give you the coverage you need for thinner blouses. So there you have it, courtesy of the

  4. Seriously....still with the boob job??? Why do they care???? Even if she did after having 8 kids it's not called a boob job it's called reconstructive surgery.

  5. Yes Craftymom I was thinking that too! If she had a boob lift after 8 kids who cares? I would tell everyone I didn't have squat done so they can mind their own damn business. Ohh well, more for the haters to squawk & be jealous about ;)

  6. I am going to sign off for right now big storm heading this to you if we still have internet!

  7. Nice to return home and find fresh paper. Ah, I love the tropical aroma of mangos and coconuts. Thanks Baby Mama.

    How much money are these sources making?

    Who cares whether Kate had a boob job? There are a bunch of phenomenal undergarments on the market. Who's to know whether it is undergarments or surgery? Not my business. If she wanted it, it helped her feel better, and she could afford it - why the heck not! Whether she did or not, again, that's her business.

    Oh wait, it gives the h bugs something to talk about instead of ragging on other things, so maybe it is helpful. :)

    I just can't believe they actually named a date. (Poop - now I've gotta go research what she was doing then, lol.) Neither can I believe that if she did it, Steve advised her. It's funny in some ways. She looks fabulous no matter what. We heard so many rumors that augmentation surgery was something Jon wanted her to do and she refused. We saw the photos of Hailey after her augmentation surgery to please Jon (if we believe those rumors.)

    Could it be said - - - "the ultimate revenge after a divorce is looking fabulous." (Ahh...too bad you didn't benefit, Jon.)

    How could a zillion paparazzi following her night and day on even each Starbuck's trip failed to have missed a story like this? Could it be 'cause it didn't happen? Again, it's her business!

  8. my2girls - Baby Mama mentioned Victoria's Secrets. You can google it and get many others; usually with a tag search like "push up bras." You can order online, the UPS guy delivers it to your door...ahhhh, the benefits of the internet, lol

  9. Kate's Take on Sock Strife was hilarious! I think the washing machine drain just sucks socks right out through the pipes.

    I used to spend aeons of time hunting for lost sock mates. Now I just use the unmated socks for dusting. Kids can slip the sock over a hand, Mom sprays on furniture spray, and they dust away on the furniture in their rooms. At least then those unmated socks serve some useful purpose. (Mom controls the furniture spray because it is well, just too tempting for kids to spray it on their siblings, lol.)

  10. Hi everyone. I don't care about the boob job either. She had asked the tummy-tuck doctor to throw in a breast augmentation but he told her to get a better bra. Personally I think she looks much bigger. I watched a Hawaii epi last night and she looked quite flat in her black tankini, but then again perhaps that suit didn't have the support/push-up qualities that a bikini top has. I think it's creating buzz for two reasons. First, Kate's cried poor more than once so why would she drop $10,000 on something like that? Second, she did not flat-out deny it when asked. She gave a vague "who would have time for that" type of response. If it's no then say no. If it's yes then say yes and the world will move on. Sometimes I think that poor woman is her own worst enemy.

    Have a great weekend everyone!

  11. Lori Anne - Tankini's don't have much support (at least mine didn't.) Maybe she did; maybe she didn't.

  12. Baby Mama and ZiggyFlo -
    Baby Mama - didn't you have a list of the press dates scheduled for 2009 at one time?
    ZiggyFlo - did you ever research this?
    - - - -
    I know I had the complete Book Tour Schedule for "Multiple Blessings" at one time. I must have saved it under a different name because I'm having trouble unarchiving it.

    Wasn't the Book Tour schedule for "Multiple Blessings" from something like Oct 2009 to May 2009? Jon complained, after it was scheduled as I remember. I can't imagine having a boob job in the middle of a press tour?
    I remember that the "Eight Little Faces" tour was from about April 2009 through June 2009? Do either of you remember?
    Thanks for any help you can offer.

  13. Wasn't March 30around the time that Jon was in Utah with Deana and Kate was celebrating at that cake place with the kids. Personally I think it's amusing how much interest there is in kate's body. I am more intrigued by her mind.
    I wish someone would give Jon a big foot to stick in his mouth. He doesn't need to be advertising having only one bedroom for the kids him and the girlfriend.

  14. my2girls - years ago pushup bras or uplift bras were really expensive. Now every company from JC Penney's, Target, etc has them. They even make them in sports bras, lol. Once you get used to them, you don't want plain bras again. I think they make you stand up straighter. However, you will have to buy larger clothes to accommodate them. Strapless ones are great with cocktail dresses.

    OMG - at a cookout a few minutes ago a neighbor in her 70s announced she had augmentation surgery when she was 66. I didn't know what to say. It got very quiet. I finally spoke up and said, whatever makes you feel great. The husbands didn't know what to do. They just kinda all looked at the deck floor. I was kind of floored that she'd say it publicly. I guess, whatever.

  15. I am totally gonna research where I can get a good one for the cheapest. This mama needs some support...;)

  16. Complaint

    Why is the white print so small?? Very hard for me to read. I even switched to EI from Firefox and it is still too small.

    So now I can't read the bright blue print cuz it floats for me, must be my astigmatism (sp?) and the white print is too small.

  17. I enjoy reading this blog but have never really wanted to comment until now.

    Lori Anne,

    I think you are trying to play a little game here with everyone. I can tell some are not buying it. I apologize if you are sincere. However, I get a different vibe.

  18. Ok now the small white print changed to small black print. Whatchu doin babymama?? LOL

  19. Happy Fathers Day to Jon Gosselin and to all the other wonderful Husband's and Fathers out there!!!

  20. Fascinated - to me it's just a difference in perspectives. I think even by age four, kids are discerning enough to tell the difference in adults. Again we're all colored by our own experiences. My dad had a wonderful sense of humor. He worked hard and he played hard. He taught all if us to know there's a time to play and a time to work, as well as developing the knowledge of when the time comes to shift gears.

    He also taught us that a measure of a man's worth was derived from his honesty, sincerity, and dedication to his ideals. That colors my views. His word was his bond. It didn't matter to him whether an acquaintance was a bank president or the pizza delivery person. Work hard, play hard, and respect those with whom you came into contact.

    If you blew it, respect had to be earned. Most everybody got a second chance.

    You could sit around and feel sorry for yourself, looking for reasons why something didn't work or you could get busy looking for solutions. Willingness to be a team player and honor your commitments had high value.

    Jon needs to demonstrate that he can honor commitments and is willing to work. IMO possible employers would perhaps seek him out. Those who have jobs find it easier to change jobs or get job offers (Stepping up to the plate and doing what needs to be done.) Thus far we haven't seen that.

    I pray that one day we will.

  21. Forgot to say all of the above is just my opinion, based on examples I observed.

  22. I hope a little good came out of the Gosselin publicity. I hope other fathers have seen Jon's good points as well as his faults and reflected apon them and made appropriate adjustments to their own behavior for their children's benefit. Jon is not a bad father, millions of kids would give anything to have a father like him, but he has made a lot of mistakes that whether he can admit it or not have had a lot of consequences for his kids.

  23. Tiggerfan~ I'm trying to help ya out girl! But honestly I am having so much problems with font colors..If you change one thing it messes up another. The reason I made the Q&A small was simply because it took up too much room. Let me know if putting the font back to basic black helped at all for you to read. As far as the blue goes, why do you think its moooovvviiinnngg? Did you take something tonight? lol xoxox

  24. LOL, Linda O. I too think Jon should be getting a job but not because he needs to work to show his kids that work is important. If he got a job he truly may not be able to take the kids as often as he does when Kate travels. I think he should get a job for a sense of self-worth, to prepare for the future, and to have money to put towards child support. My point is that just as Kate doesn't want to go back to shift work or 9-5, Jon doesn't need to either. If he is able to pay his bills, see the kids, and move forward with his life, He really doesn't need a job because we believe he does. He could volunteer all day, that would be great too. Just playing devil's advocate.

  25. Sunni - I find your post extremely Bizarre. You have been following this post for awhile and your first comment is to question the motives of one of the other bloggers. I think Lori-Ann's post was well thought out. I agree that kate is her own worst enemy sometimes with what she says. If your fear is that one day Lori-Ann will say she hates Kate and we are all crazy, Baby Mama will delete her posts and we will move forward without a care in the world. Everyone is free to their opinion. Hate is not tolerated. Lori-Ann is doing fine. I would rather see a post from you that contributes to the conversation as opposed to creating paranoia.

  26. Well I guess we will not only be checking ID's at the door tonight but the color of everyones hair as well. Anyone that that has bulging eyes and crazy blue or green hair that I can swivel on a pencil will not be able to stay and comment with us! ;)

  27. Lori Ann ["I think it's creating buzz for two reasons. First, Kate's cried poor more than once so why would she drop $10,000 on something like that?"] & fascinated-The only time I recall Kate claiming to be poor, she was poor, at least cash poor. That was right after she discovered that Jon had violated the arbitrator's order and looted $235,000 out of a joint money market account which was primarily for paying family bills, taking most of the family's liquid funds. He left only $1,000.00. He publicly lied about how much he took & made allegations that Kate had hidden or misused the money. The court eventually ruled that he had wrongly taken the money & had to pay it all back. The court also approved Kate's handling of the money in her control as completely proper. Of course, Kate was shaken and rattled. Jon's actions were an enormous betrayal of her and the kids. It also required her to go into court and incur more attorneys' fees to get him ordered to pay the money back. Meanwhile, Jon and/or his former attorney Heller were making the tabloid show rounds trashing Kate and TLC.

    Other than that, she's said that she needs to work to support her family.

  28. Peggy P, you are right on, and that is why I have to question why Hailey hasn't taken Jon to a real court for what she says he owes her. She was right there when she saw that Kate got her money back, so she knows the system works, she has access to attorneys so why isn't she in court, unless there is more to it than she lets on. Also, Kate has always made it clear that she doesn't just want to exist, she wants to thrive.

  29. tashapork-I can't even begin to fathom how Hailey's mind works. One thing I think is clear is that this may be the first time in her life she's had to deal with not getting what she wants or mommy and daddy not being able to make it all better. It may be that the Glassman's are balking at paying for an attorney or at the kind of scrutiny into their private lives that discovery in a lawsuit could bring. It may be that Jon really is broke or close to and child support obligations will always take precedence over what, at best, is an unsecured loan. The funny thing is that I'd always figured he'd gotten the money from one or more of the Glassmans. The rate he was spending money, I didn't think there could be much if any left out of what he took, and he came up with $180,000.00 just barely in time to avoid being held in contempt.

    I think Kate is like most parents, particularly those who have struggled to make something of themselves. She wants better for her children.

  30. Coming from someone who recently got measured for the right size bra, I can tell you, IT MAKES A HUGE DIFFERENCE!!! And when I say, "HUGE", I mean... HUUUUUUGE!!!

  31. A good friend of mine, who is naturally very amply endowed, after years of being unhappy with the fit of her bras and having to use bra extenders finally went to a place that custom made bras after meticulous measuring to determine the correct size, shape, etc. Even though the bras were NOT cheap, she bought several because she was so thrilled at how she looked and felt now that she had the proper fit and support (especially support).

  32. Hello - after finally (I hope!) working out the kinks in my blog template and getting everything going there, and then catching up on household duites ignored during that period (one things for sure, those duties just don't disappear no matter how many times one clicks one heels & wishes) I'm back on board.
    No, Linda, I didn't resewarch that schedule.
    BM, you can pass on to Linda what I sent you, if you'd like.

    What I send BM was confirmation from a radio stations that when Kate is discussed, they get tons of calls and most are in support of Kate. I didn't publish it publicly as I didn't get the permission of the person I exchanged e-mails with to make the exchange public.

    The haters are loosing ground.

    Linda, I agree completely with what you said re Jon.

    Would someone please show me where it is written in whatever document that states the rules humans MUST live by - not just the Bible, that's a belief, but you know the MUST's and MUST NOTS of exsistence which says one can not strive to provide more than the basics of life for their children?
    I keep leafing through those stone tablets and I just can't find it. Linda, have you had any luck finding it?

  33. fascinated - Oh silly me. I was basing what I said on Jon's own words, "I need to work." "I haven't found a job." "I need child support reduced because I have no income."

    I had no idea he was now independently wealthy in reality with no need now to earn an income.

    IMO the most important job for a father is setting an example for his children. Sorry but that isn't happening. Not due to any TLC conspiracy but due to Jon's choices and actions.

    I'd be fine with volunteering as a job if he has no need for money. It helps others (not just youself) and at least points to a commitment and demonstrates responsibility. When you work for others (volunteering included) you represent that organization. Who the heck is going to hire somebody who is most often seen trying to look like a tween (ball cap backwards, droopy pants, etc. Luke a rapper wanna be.) ?? He isn't 20, he was an irresponsible rep towards all of his past employers - every one of them he quit, got fired, or bailed on.

    Wanna get hired? Then, look like a hireable person. Think before you speak. Honor your responsibilities, contracts, and commitments.

    Get up, get dressed and get going. It does wonders for your attitude as well as changing the way others perceive you. Volunteer, take a paying job or whatever to demonstrate a Can Do attitude and not a Whine Do attitude.

    He wants to be considered normal? Normal people work at something, anything!

  34. Peggy P. - Since the show started J&K have not been poor. You thought she was cash poor after Jon took the moula. Not so! He took the monies out of their working acct. that the arbitrator set to pay bills. ROL posted the statements of their bills which was $15,000.00 per month and each of them put in $7,500.00 out of their pay to cover those expenses until they mediated their finances. That total didn't included the cost of school, but all bills for both house. Now!
    After 3 or 4 days of Jon's withdrawal the bank manager sends Kate an e-mail letting her know that the money has been transferred from their big account to the working acct. and no checks will bounce. This print out was also on ROL. The attorney fee for taking Jon to court for violating the order was $5,000.00 and it was charged to Jon. So Kate didn't have to pay anything to follow through on that matter.

    While I am here, I might as well say something about the child support. I never did believe it was $20,000.00 per month. Someone has to show me that for fact before I would believe it. Based on their expenses during mediation who came up with that???

    Kate went BOO HOO HOO!, I don't have any money to buy food or clothes for the kids. It was only a temporary set back. Kate was not cash poor!

    As far as the Booby Gate issue, she looks great. If I gave birth to that many children, I would want extra help too!

    SOURCE: The court documents were posted on line by RADAR.

  35. Hi Sunni. I'm new to this board and I was upfront from the start that I don't like Kate. I came here to be around positive-minded people and to educate myself. What I wrote upthread is what I'd heard on other boards. For the record I do think she looks bigger but we may never know why. And who cares?

    PeggyP. Kate also said recently that when she was financially set she would stay home and bake cookies with her kids. OK, that may not qualify as "crying poor" but if she's worried about her financial future perhaps her boobs should not have been "job one." Frankly I think she should have said "none of your business" when asked, but she has left the public hanging. People want to know about Kate whether they like her or not. JMO.

  36. I didn't read the comments, but I'm just going to put this out there.....IF Kate did get her lady lumps enhanced, GOOD FOR HER! I mean, after having three kids, gaining AND losing a total of WELL over 100 pounds, I know that I would like to have a firmer, perkier RACK. If she didn't have one, SO WHAT.....but really, in all aspects, if she feels better about herself, that's all that matters. As for the story in Star (did Kate Major go back to work for them?????) Good for him for manning up and getting ready to be a hands-on, more involved dad. HOWEVER, one glarring "mistake"-did he say that he has a ONE BEDROOM APARTMENT? Why would he get himself a one-bedroom apartment, with partial custody of kids who sleep over? Oh well, what do I know! Keep up the great work BabyMama!!

  37. # 1 Caregiver-We're not feeling at all, hostile, are we? Did it occur to you that if assets had to be transferred so bills could be paid, what that took away from the family? I can't think of anyone who wouldn't be stunned and horrified to find out that their spouse would clean out a bank account like that, especially when she relied on the arbitrator's award in moving money into it. You snarking on her and minimizing Jon's misdeeds by calling her reaction "Boo Hooing" is unjustifiable to me. One can have serious cash flow problems without being bankrupt. As for attorney's fees, that's a court order for Jon to pay them, which generally means to reimburse them. Applications for attorneys fees have to include itemized statements of money paid out, etc. I don't know of any family law lawyers who work on contingency fees, so Kate would have had to pay her attorneys first as the litigation went along. If you read the court documents, you know that the court was scathing about Jon's conduct which was a blatant violation of the court's order.

    Lori Anne-I don't know of very many people who, particularly in the current economy, AREN'T worried about their financial future. With 8 kids and herself to support, I can't even imagine how much money she'd have to have in order to be able to be a SAHM again. I doubt, once the escrowed money from his part of the marital estate distribution, that she'll be able to rely on Jon for much. I don't know whether she had any additional plastic surgery or what it cost if she did. However, I don't think the cost would be the difference between her being able to stay at home or not. I see no signs that the kids are deprived of anything. They look great, are well-clothed, well-housed, have some amazing toys, and all go to private school. Have you considered that where Kate can make the most money for her family is in a field in which physical appearance is important, especially as she gets more and more involved in projects that don't involve the kids?

  38. "They look great, are well-clothed, well-housed, have some amazing toys, and all go to private school."

    PeggyP, I wish I could agree that these things = happy emotionally stable children and families.

    #1 Caregiver - I never believed Kate was cash-poor either. I thought that was extremely manipulative.

    I think Kate should do/get whatever she wants to her body! More power to her! I like to look good and I'd do it too! As long as it's tasteful and not Heidi Montag excessive, who cares?!

    I think Kate looked fresh faced and lovely in the smiling photo of her catching ball with the kids. She is really a pretty woman.

    I think Jon is an idiot to state in the interview that he doesn't want the cameras in his home because he wants his privacy (paraphrasing) and totally miss that he is denying that very thing to his children.

    The new format looks great BM! Off to the pool :)

  39. One last comment: PeggyP - I agree that Jon's behavior was horrid re: the money/bank acct. Kate may have had cashflow issues, but I didn't and don't believe she was worried about putting food on the table as she stated. I think she's a very effective emotional manipulator at times.

  40. Cherier1~ Welcome. I, like many new sites, are striving for the balanced debate. I will continue however to be a fan site for Kate Gosselin, and that will never change. But I hope that people will be comfortable expressing their views under my sunny umbrella.

    LoriAnne~ Dont' worry about those that question your "side" so to speak. I respect those that come in right from the gate on their stance so that there is no confusion. You already understand that many of us that have been here through the years are fans thru-and-thru. And therefore many have a problem with me opening the gates so-to-speak. But I gotta get with the times! lol

  41. PeggyP - Never said Jon was right in what he did. Just brought it to your attention that Kate was not cash poor. Transferring monies from one acct. to another does not take anything anyway from the family. Also, attorneys do wait for their fees,especially when they know there is going to be a big cash settlement at the end. So then, they get their cut first.
    Kate was on national TV doing the crying and I thought right away that that was wrong. I posted here that I wished she hadn't done that that because it brought her down a few pegs of the ladder. Believe what you want and also have a great weekend.

  42. cherier1-This responds to both your posts. I don't think it was emotional manipulation by Kate. I think Kate was stunned by the extent of Jon's betrayal. I think she'd feared it but fearing something and having it actually happen with him leaving almost nothing in the account are two entirely different things. She also knew that, in addition to the necessary divorce litigation, she would have to, for her and the kids' sake, drag Jon into court to get him to return the money and, possibly, even be willing to have the court jail him for contempt if he didn't. He certainly dragged out returning it to the last minute. She already had a pretty good idea of how ugly Jon's attorney Heller could make things if she did take Jon to court.

    I've known people who've been the victim of this maneuver by an estranged spouse and,in addition to the actual economic impact, the victim experiences rage, feelings of betrayal, and real self-doubt as to how they could have ever loved and trusted someone who would do something like that.

    I think one major difference between Jon & Kate is that Jon had a financially comfortable childhood by all accounts, while Kate's family struggled. I think this is a really sensitive spot for her & I've no doubt Jon knew that taking the money would, in addition to lining his pocket, really mess with her head.

    If you noticed I did not claim that being well-fed, etc., automatically equated with happiness for the kids (although I've always felt there was a point to the crack that, while money doesn't buy happiness, at least you're a whole lot more comfortable while you're being miserable). However, my point was that the cost of the surgery, if she had it done, could not be the difference between total financial independence or struggling and that if, after all the kids' needs were met, she could afford it, fine. I would think that she has medical insurance, but I don't know how much if any would be covered by insurance.

    I do agree with you on a couple of points. First, I agree she's looking really great now. The extensions/growing her hair out softens the angles of her face. I don't look like her but I have a similar problem (which seems to be common among people of German descent); if I'm not smiling, I can look very grim, even when I'm not feeling grim. If you look at photos of her when she was younger, up to the point where she was pregnant with the 6, she did color her hair blond and had it, for the most part, long, straight, and loose & she looked very pretty then, too.

    I don't even pretend to understand Jon's behavior. I think Kate may be right when she said she didn't think Jon knew what he wanted or that he had any idea of what would make him happy. I hope he gets his head straight. Whatever I think of his behavior in the last year or so, he is the kids' father and they love and need both parents. He has got to make getting his life in order a priority or he risks alienating those kids which would be emotionally devastating for everyone involved. I don't doubt he loves them, but kids need to see that love in action by him being a father in every sense of the word to them; words aren't enough.

  43. Thanks BabyMama. The minute you don't like what I'm bringing to the table, just pull the plug on me. No harm, no foul.

    PeggyP, sorry but I don't think Kate has anything to offer beyond her adorable children.

    Peace to all!

  44. I agree that it would have been better if Kate hadn't gone down to Jons level and went on tvabout the money but that was when he was really spiraling out of control on tv and I think she felt that was the only way to reel him in. I think she acted in desparation even though in hindsight she quite possibly regrets it. I can understand to a point how she feels about money. I came from an even more economically disadvantaged background and I tend to get nervous if we don't have Costco amounts of toilet paper and such. The cushion is a security net

  45. tashaport, I completely agree with you. I grew up poor and get worried when I don't have a back up supply of something. Oprah had said that she still worries about losing her money. I know that statment sounds really insulting to a lot of people, but I completely understood.

    I think going onto tv was the only way to reign Jon in as well. That was the venue he was speaking to her through, she had to contact him on his terms.

    Last comment...

    .. about "boobgate"; Kate was on dancing with the stars. I am assuming they showed her where to buy a decent bra. Of any show, they would know how to support those gals the most flattering way possible... : )

  46. to be honest with you, I DON'T think she had boob implants. I have noticed that she has gained a little weight since last year and maybe it went to her boobs. If you noticed when she was wearing the tank tops during rehearsals on dancing with the stars she was not that big. I wear one of those miraclous bras from VS b/c I need a miracle in that dept. LOL! This is my opinion, I think she looks better now than when she was ultra-thin. She now looks more athletic.

  47. Cherier1, Caregiver, PeggyP, etc. -

    (PeggyP - I agree with you!)

    Hmmm - no on second thought - I think Kate was way too nice about the whole money/banking thing. Not even remotely would I consider Kate "boo hooing" about this.

    Why? Look at the timing -
    1. At this point, Jon had pulled the plug on the show, Kate had not started DWTS, new shows with TLC with just Kate were not confirmed.
    In other words, the only doggone money she had to count on for sure at that point was what was IN the bank.
    2. Jon and Kate had a ruling from the arbitrator. Jon had a settlement amount. Jon was NOT supposed to be going into this account. Kate makes deposits to the account in good faith.
    3. Kate writes checks to pay bills, based on the money in the account.
    4. Kate gets a call from the bank informing her that Jon had withdrawn all but $1,000 from this account. The bank transferred money from the other account because the monthly checks for bills were written; no transfer, the checks BOUNCE.
    5. Jon makes his media statements first lying about amount he took, and then stating "it was just is pay."
    6. Kate knows how much is left total and knows at $180,000 per month of deductions by Jon, EVERYTHING would be quickly wiped out.
    7. Kate wonders if Jon could get access to an account that he wasn't supposed to touch, what the heck is to stop him from taking everything. Jon's blowing through money right and left. Kate knows that ultimately, she is responsible for financially taking care of the kids because Jon never has in 10 years of marriage, and it's doubtful he ever will given the choices/decisions he is currently making.
    8. Jon's sleezoid attorney Heller keeps issuing statements saying "No, no, it's mean old Kate's fault."

    Well baloney! Court ruled Jon at fault. Heller soon boogies to wherever he went.

    Legally, by court ruling, Jon had no more right to take the money from that account than any other person in the free world!!!

    So how would you have felt if you had budgeted, and somebody took the money?? Doesn't bother you? If it doesn't, then kindly email your bank account numbers and I'll be happy to transfer all monies in your account to mine. (Thank you so much, I'll be waiting..... :)

  48. Linda, Totally agree with all your comments re Jon. There is far more to being a good parent than just loving your children. Being a good parent also included being a responsbile one. Jon is not.

    Regarding Kate going on TV about Jon's stealing, and yes, it WAS stealing, money from the household account, Kate said in that interview that Jon had done this several times in the past.

    I took it that she had herself covered the money he had taken in the past. This type of constant drain can soon add up. Much less what impact continually fighting/fearing this behavior can have on one's nerves. Who knows why type of action she'd tried in the past in an effort to get Jon to stop stealing the money. There seems to be very little which impacts Jon's negative choice of behavior, even court orders he has to usually be forced to abide by. Jon had been making the rounds bashing Kate all over the place, making all kinds of false accusations againt Kate and spreading lies about Kate which even he later said were lies he made.

    Kate was getting bashed at that time severly by the press. I had no problem with her going on TV and what she said regarding Jon taking the money. Kate tries hard to take the high road but sometimes one has to fight fire with fire. She could have said far worse things about Jon than she did.

    Kate is an excellent author and I thought a good inteviewer. Neither profession would require the kids to be involved. Yet the haters went not only out of their way, but to extremes to first try to stop the publishing of her last book and then to attempt to destroy the sales of said book.

    Both professions would require a certain amount of time away from the children. They only way to earn a income while never being away from the children at all would be for the show involving them to continue. There isn't going to be an ideal here which will ever suit those who object to her being away from the children along with filming the children.

  49. BTW - I'm swamped but a super quick foray into GWoP land, and I really, really didn't want to go there, revealed this...
    On March 30, those wonderful folks were berated Kate like crazy for being stuck in an airport and not home with her kids. According to them she was seen in transit on March 28, 29, 30, and April 1, 2009.

    How did she get surgery in an airport? Are boob surgeons doing "fly by" quickie surgery now? You can't have it both ways.

    If having the surgery (don't know how much in PA, it's $4,800 here) cost, but if she earned the money, she had the money, and she wanted the surgery, then why not??

    If Hailey could get surgery to please Jon, why couldn't Kate get surgery to please herself?

    Hmmm...must have been airport drive-through surgery because Kate was doing book tours during the critical period people keep relating to the alleged surgery.

    Next - we had the same GWoPers and other h people ranting during DWTS about Kate being flatter one day than the next. This is a year after the alleged boob job.

    It's hilarious. If you need an ego boost, try some great undergarments. You'll look fantastic.

    You go Kate! "H" must stand for hags & haters, and I find you ridiculously hilarious (How's that for alliteration in one sentence!)

  50. Baby Mama - I think most of us try really hard to be courteous to most of the others posting here.

    I know you, in particular, have reached out time and time again only to be slapped around by h people.

    I find it amazing that a pro-site bends over backwards allowing multiple views. Then, like an out-of-control child's response, it gets out of hand from people trying to push the limits.

    Have you found one single, "anti" Kate site anywhere that allows pro-Kate views? Why not? We spend our time trying to be tolerant and they spend every waking moment trying to figure out ways to take us down. I don't understand it.

    Sorry to the nice folks, and the heck with the h people. I just spent too much time deleting the same garbage over and over and over from my mailbox.

  51. ZiggyFlo - Sorry, was heading up to bed and realized I didn't answer your question. I'm too tired to think.

    The only things I know that a person MUST do, are live and die. Beyond that, I don't think anything is required.

    Many other things are required ethically, morally, and according to one's personal religious values, but don't know of anything required. You can choose to violate your country's laws (and risk getting caught and punished.) You can revile your friends and neighbors (and risk living a lonely life)...etc. etc.

    Sorry, I'm not much help to you.

  52. Linda,
    That's why I don't allow many posts negative Kate on my blog. I would like nothing more than a good disucussion regarding the different views. But those who do not support Kate for the most part only want to attack and throw around wild accusations. Letting those stand just ends up being fights & those posters always end up attacking and insulting the site owner
    when none of their claims can hold up under facts, the TRUE facts, not the made up ones.

    Those who do try to present any legimate arguement while behaving in a decent manner just usually disappear on their own as their arguements can't hold up to the facts.

  53. Linda "Original" & Ziggy Flo: I thoroughly agree with you. Personally, I thought she should have filed criminal charges against Jon, but I can understand why, for the kids' sake, she didn't. My recollection is that before the arbitrator was involved, she did move 1/2 of the money out of the account because she feared Jon would do this. When the arbitrator had her move it back in, she promptly did. In return, the arbitrator, the arbitrator made it very clear that she was the billpayer & she controlled the money. Jon could get some money from it with Kate's consent & if that consent was unreasonably withheld he could have gone to court. One thing that got me about his action at the time was that he didn't take 1/2, he took almost all of it. Then he kept lying about how much he took.

    Remember the episode, set in the new house, when she freaked out about Jon not using a coupon? I know she's taken a lot of heat for that, but I remember thinking at the time that there had to be more to it. It was like he'd pushed a particularly sensitive button. The same with the stories that she'd kept him on an allowance. The arbitrator had said that the parties agreed that Kate had always been the billpayer so he continued her in that role. It appears that the way Jon spends money has been an issue between them for some time.

  54. Ahhh... Finally in bed, wonderful hubby is still trying to get older kids to go to sleep. I want their energy. Working since early hours, yuck I hate that but deadlines loom. My swimmers did a meet and my golfers did a practice round and a junior tourney. And it was 95 degrees. They are still wired. Again, I want some of the energy.

  55. Ziggy & Peggy - I know money is one of the biggest stressors in many marriages . Now matter how much cashola you've got, if you don't live on a budget, it can melt away. Hubby and I not only live together, we work together; it gets tense sometimes. I feel like unless something unexpectedly breaks, you just don't rush out and buy things. "Things" cone and go, relationships take constant work as well as give and take. I adore my hubby and work to protect his ego, but he spends money much more freely than me.

    I didn't grow up poor, but the shock of divorce terrified me. The ex did many Jon type things. I knew that while I had worked hard, I had to do multiple jobs so my kids didn't suffer. While I worked a great day job, for six months I also had a great friend who helped watch the kids after they were asleep. I did extra free-lance writing jobs at night as trades for dance lessons, extras at school etc. I even filled in as a nighttime janitor at a pizza parlor for two weeks to get the money for a class trip for a child.

    I was fortunate to becable to earn my way out of debt in a relatively quick period. I will never forget those days and I will never take the future for granted again. You do what you have to do to provide and rejoice that you have jobs.

    Enough whine. Time to sleep so I can wake to a brand new morn. Gnight all. Take care.

  56. If you noticed I did not claim that being well-fed, etc., automatically equated with happiness for the kids (although I've always felt there was a point to the crack that, while money doesn't buy happiness, at least you're a whole lot more comfortable while you're being miserable).


    PeggyP, I stand corrected. You are right. Also, I understand your POV on Kate's emotional betrayal etc., and you may be 100% percent correct about how she felt. I still think she manipulated the public with her food on the table comment.

  57. Thanks for the 'hello' BM. I stop by when I have time. The new format looks great :)

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

  58. Happy Father's Day everyone! I know you are all busy, but I just wanted to stop by and say hi! What is everyone doing today? Ugh it's so hot and muggy, I don't want to leave my AC. Hoping to finally have the kids ready & dressed to go out now..Kisses, we will talk later! xoxox

    Hope Jon & his kids have a Happy Fathers Day!

  59. Happy Fathers Day to all the wonderful dads out there!

  60. I was out briefly before it got too hot, but now I'm indoors & my cats & I are enjoying the AC.

  61. Hi To All,
    Linda, I was not going to respond to your list because you do such good research, that I just give up having this debate sometimes,LOL. Here comes the but, exception! Low and behold I found the print out of the bank e-mail that was sent to Kate and ROL put it out there.
    From: Hannah Schade
    Date: Oct. 2,2009
    To; "Kate Gosselin"
    Subject: Transactions
    Hannah writes:
    Kate, here are the transaction amounts and dates. I did find an additional transaction.

    Linda, then it is an itemized list from Aug. '09 to Sept. 09'. If you want the whole list and amts. let me know.

    At the end Hannah writes:
    I also want to let you know that the balance in acct.-------, is $1,346.61 and this will cause a service charge for being below the $10,000.00 min. bal. When it hits the acct., I will reverse it.
    I did process your other transfers for your other business accts.
    Hannah Schade
    Financial Service Rep.
    Kenharst Office
    Susquehanna Bank
    Mail Code: 165

    So in response to your #4 above, money was transferred, no fees were charged. Can we agree on this one or not?

  62. #1 Caregiver-Why is this important to you?!?!? The fact that there were enough assets to cover the checks Kate wrote & keep the balance above the minimum does not say that there was enough that they could transfer in order to cover the entire amount Jon took over even close to it. Even it there was, how much left over after that was there? No one disputes that the Gosselins were struggling financially when the show started & they weren't making a lot at the beginning so there's a limit on how much they could have accumulated in that time. I can't see any way in which $235,000 would NOT be a major financial hit. It was also one that was a complete surprise to Kate.

    Would the fact that ultimately Kate didn't have to pay fees for going below the minimum balance somehow or other excuse what Jon did or mean that Kate shouldn't have been outraged & devastated? It wouldn't mean that to me & it didn't mean that to the court.

  63. Caregiver - what I said in #4 was that Kate gets a notice saying money transferred from other account. No transfer, checks will bounce. I don't think I said anything about bank fees; I remembered that bank said they'd be reimbursed. You may take that however you wish. :)

    I am responding, because you asked me a direct question.

    I did a post last night late stating that I'm taking a break from blogging. I will read but probably not post for several weeks. Apparently it didn't go through.

    I just didn't want you to think I was rudely ignoring you.

    Have fun all & catch you down the road. In the words of the late Bob Marley... Well my religion is love... Hugs!

  64. What happened to Gosselin Garb Finder? It says the site has been removed.

  65. Peggy - I am just stating the the facts of what really happened. I do not condone what Jon did, it was wrong and he had to pay back some of but not 235,000.00, that amt is wrong.
    When you see the record of withdrawals, it doesn't add up.
    Why is this important to me? It all started with your statement that Kate was cash poor, and I disagreed with you on that one. So let's see what the facts are according to the Bank E-Mail to Kate.

    Kate WD $100,000.00 on August 10,2010
    I am going to assume that is the monies she used to start up the trust funds for the 8, but I think she had to show receipts for all of it. No problem there!

    8 more WD during Sept. 3 to the 29th adding up to $127,000.00. How much did Jon have to pay back??? I forgot but I think it was $180,000.00. Sure Kate had a right to be upset, but she knew it was happening and waited until the money was gone to complain.

    I still stand my ground and believe neither J or K are not cash poor.

  66. Linda, sorry I didn't see your post yet and was just answering Peggy. I hope you relax and enjoy your brake from posting. Also, that you are feeling good.
    I need this brake from posting too, things can just get too carried away. My bags are packed and I am leaving tomorrow. Lots of plans up to July 7th, and will be in and out.
    Take care

  67. Good Evening everyone.. hope everyone has a great Day. I was sweating to death and heat makes you very tired. So I have been schlepping today. As far as Linda, well I am telling her I need her too much to not post! I guess we all have been so fustrated with all the trash talking and negative attacks on Kate Gosselin and how she parents. You just don't want to hear that crap anymore.

    ZiggyFlo~ Speaking of negative attacks, as sad as this is, there are many people out that that look to attack us simply because we are fans of Kate Gosselin. For that reason I am sadly aware of the Gosselin Garb situation. We are working as fast as we can to help Theresa get the site better than before and I will let you guys know when that is! xoxoxo

    Speaking of ye ol Jon Gosselin~ He's pissing me off again by constantly flapping his gums on how much his kids love his new girlfriend. For some reason every time Jon has a new young lady in his life he's gotta slather it over anyone that will listen. For his extra interview you could watch it here:

    Jon Gosselin Trying to Get Back to Reality
    June 17, 2010 |

    Former reality TV dad Jon Gosselin would like to get back in the game, if possible. "I would like to be back on TV again. I mean, who wouldn't?" he told "Extra" at the E3 "Take No Prisoners" event.

    Is Gosselin saying it's his turn now? Kate is continuing her TV career with her run on "Dancing with the Stars," her new "Kate Plus 8" TLC specials. It was rumored she'd be on a dating show (which she denied). Gosselin laughs at that last one. "I can't talk about that."

    He and Kate still are united as parents, however, they just don't talk about what else is going on in their lives. "It's kind of like we're their parents, but business is business. So I don't talk about her business. She doesn't talk about mine."

    Gosselin really just wants to settle down and be with his family. "I'm just trying to save money, get back to home roots in PA, spend time with the kids and do fun, family things." This also includes spending time with his new girlfriend, Ellen Ross. "She's great with the kids. My kids love her." And what will he be doing for Father's Day? "Movie night, popcorn, sleeping over, sleeping bags, hanging out

    Read more:

  68. What the heck? why is it on MY blog that everyone needs a break? (lol) #1CAREGIVER~ Know that I always appreciate you and your comments. I know everyone is starting their Summer plans right now. But I hope you don't forget about me! You've been one of my regular posters and I will miss you too much! xoxox

  69. Speaking of.. Jon taking his girlfriend everywhere while shoving her down the kids throats (lol) Radar has the days scoop:

    Jon Gosselin had his kids for Father's Day weekend, and Sunday they all drove to a nature preserve in the Pocono Mountains, has learned. Along for the ride -- Jon's new girlfriend, Ellen Ross!

    Jon and Ellen packed the kids in his van and drove two-and-a-half hours to a private retreat in the picturesque Poconos. They strolled along nature trails and explored several ponds.

    During an interview on the Today show earlier this month, Kate revealed that she and Jon, at least for the moment, have a civil relationship. e caught up with a relaxed-looking Kate yesterday while she was busy catching up on errands near her home. Kate and the kids are back on TV July 11 when TLC broadcasts the next episode of Kate Plus 8.

  70. Baby Mama-If it's any consolation, I just retired and I'm not going anywhere at least until after my first pension payment begins which should take another month to happen.

  71. Baby Mama - Thank you for giving me those warm fuzzy thoughts! Also, for posting a pic of Jon on such an appropriate day. He is not my favorite pick of Dads', but is still in the running. LOL.

    My second Grandaughter is being delivered today and I might need another T-Shirt, will order one later. Got to get to the hospital on time. CU

    PeggyP - Congrats on your retirement! Enjoy!

  72. Congratulations #1caregiver, how exciting.

    Enjoy your breaks Linda and #1.

  73. Speaking from exprience..having an estranged spouse take large sums of $ from the family bank account can be terrifying, humiliating & emotionally devastating!! I had it done to me & it's something I've never forgiven the person for. When I called him on it, he had me taken off his work health insurance(even though it made no difference in his rates) out of spite. Sometimes, things have to get really bad before they can get (better?) or at least somewhat civil. No, I did not go to the media..but it was definitely not a situation I kept to myself :(
    Congratulations on the new grandbaby #1- enjoy!
    Linda- Good luck with everything, I'll be thinking of you. I will miss your posts, hope to see you back soon.
    Peggy- Happy retirement, my mom is just in her first year...I swear sometimes she's busier now than she ever was. She was worried she would be bored (lol) but it has yet to be a problem! I only wish I could have such an active social life ;0

  74. 1) On the cash poor issue -

    If Jon is not cash poor, he should pay back the over $80,000 he borrowed from Hailey to put the money back in the account he was not suppose to take money from (he violated an agreement or the court would not have ordered him to return).

    Kate was overly dramatic in the interview when Jon had taken the money. But I cut her slack on that - it was a stressful time, Jon was being highly unreliable, and he had that crazy Heller guy as an attorney.

    2) on the current financial situation -

    Supposedly, Jon is making $70,000/year from TLC.. I wonder if that lasts as long as the kids are being filmed or until the current contract runs out. It seems like restrictions on Jon have loosened as he is giving interviews now and seeking other TV employment and opportunities. Whatever he is making, it doesn't seem to afford him the ability to rent (or buy) anything larger than a one bedroom apartment. That may be due to debts occurred during his year of wild living.

    It is unclear what Kate is making since so many different dollar figures are thrown around. However, with a mortgage and upkeep on such a big house house as well as school tuitions, I don't think she is making an excessive amount of money. Hopefully, she is saving a sufficient amount as a cushion for times between employment.

    Kids - I agree that Kate probably used the $100,000 last year for trust funds for the kids. That means each has at least $12,500. The kids are directly getting a portion of the money for these specials - the story I saw said $200,000. So by the end of the season of the specials, the kids will have a minimum of $37,500 each in trust. Good for them.

    3) on freebies -

    who cares? I do not have a problem with a single free thing the family gets. Whether things are donated because people just want to help out or because advertisers want product placements, I do not see any problem. Multimillionaire actors and actresses get very lucrative, free gift bags at awards shows and I don't begrduge that. It is business and no big deal.

    I think good for the kids.

  75. #1 Caregiver - congrats! That's great news! Enjoy the excitement.
    Par - Thanks.
    Baby Mama - I'm not leaving you forever, lol. 90% of my posting took place from iPhone while parked waiting to pick up kids, waiting to deliver kids, etc. I've never been good at just sitting.

    I had to wait to respond further until we could have a family meeting to explain.

    1. My 11yo son did a lot of research and presented it at a family meeting (can't imagine where he gets that from - :). He feels strongly that healing is influenced by positive thoughts and laughter. He's made 6 DVD's with funny and positive movies, etc. for me to take with me while away for surgery. The family voted that I needed to take a break because the h peeps on here are just not positive.
    2. I'm on major deadlines for location/blocking/scripting for a shoot that must be shot before this Friday. Thus I'm just slammed. When I respond here to a negative comment, I can't do it without researching and I just don't have spare moments.
    3. We leave Sunday for 4 days at the lake house for a mini family vacation before I leave for Florida. At the lake house there is NO tv, no internet access, and no phones. I have to boat to the middle of the lake to get cell access. (That we will do at least once a day to catch any phone calls etc from family. Otherwise they have to have the sheriff drive over to deliver messages.)
    4. I will most likely resume "full" commenting while recouperating in Florida.
    5. I will do my best to always have your back, my bff. :)
    6. I got emails forwarded by friends letting me know that several of the h peeps planned to attack particularly right before surgery. That concerned my family because they think that is sick.
    7. For now, they've agreed that I can drop in from time to time to post positive comments but not to respond to negatives, and particularly not to the h peeps.
    Gotta dash - out the door with crew (I'll email you a pdf file of the location choices text to give you an idea of what's involved.)
    Here's my positive thought for possibly the next few days ---
    I think Jon isn't offered jobs because of his appearance, (i.e. look like a winner, feel like a winner, get treated like a winner) in addition to his past lack of commitment to contracts, family, etc.

    So, in the interest of making Jon look better and feel better, etc., I'm hoping that Kate or one of the kids gave him a special gift for Father's Day. That special gift I'm hoping was a MIRDLE, which is a man girdle to cover up some of the pronounced paunch, would allow him to wear more tailored shirts, etc.

    If not a Mirdle, then perhaps they got him one of the new slenderizing undergarments for men that are made like the spandex garments for women but designed for men to look like teeshirts or undershirts. :) ;) ;)

    Today's the longest day - and first official day of summer - everybody enjoy.

    Catch you all back here at this location eventually. Hugs!

  76. Hey guys!


    We ended our litte mini vacation with Toy Story 3 in 3D. So I'm sitting there watching the end when the credits come up and Buzz and Jessie the Cowgirl were Spanish dancing and I see the move that Tony Dovolani did with Kate at the end where he spins her around and over his knee! I was like "Hey! Tony did that to Kate!" Then I look to the right and it said Choreography by Cheryl Burke and Tony Dovolani.

    Not sure if you all already knew it, but I had no idea! It was a nice surprise. I googled it just now:

    Toy Story 3 and Dancing With the Stars - Dancing With The Stars

  77. #1caregiver,

    C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S ! ! ! Enjoy your new grandchild!


    Take care! I think if blogging about anything online becomes stressful then a break is a good idea.

    The "mirdle" was your positive thought for the next few days?!?!? I think you can do better than that! LOL.

  78. My opinion.... Jon was wrong to take the money. Kate was wrong to go on national television and announce it the way she did. I think she was being overdramatic about it and there was nothing "highroad" about it. Let the lawyers handle it.

  79. Hey, Kate didn't deny the "dating show"...

  80. Schmecky~ So glad to see you back! So many people on both sides get heated and fustrated feeling their thoughts are not validated. I say, everyone will say what they want wether we agree or not. I don't want people to leave based on fustration. Not on a FAN site!! lol As crazy Kelly Bensimon says "Sachels of GOLD!" I got Linda on speed dial ;)

    Momsby~ thank you for sharing that story, I'm so sorry to hear that happen to you. I can't imagine something similar to what Jon happen to anyone. Sometimes even when you want to take the high road, things happen that you wonder why you even bothered. Alot of people seem to be saying the same story, that sometrimes it does have to get nasty before it gets civil. Do you think that could ever happen in Blogland? lol

  81. #1CAREGIVER~ I forgot to say congrats on the new baby! You have been here a long time, and I can't appreciate you enough. If you leave me I will have to hun t you down and I know your busy.. so keep us posted..xoxox ;)

    Today I cried my eyes out! I stopped by a pre-pre school (lol yes) and signed my baby up for September. It's one of those child separation things. I really need to work more & this will be very helpful. She was so scared but she was having a blast by the time I signed the paperwork. My baby is all grown up! Potty Training & the terrible 2's at their worst! So don't get me started on potty seats..I'm all up in this now! :)So people wonder why I say this site is like my baby! They both grew up together!

  82. Just wanted to pop in and say hi to everyone. This has already been a super busy summer for us and it just started. It seems like we have a kids camp, family function, or vacations planned for every week.

    Congrats on the new grandbaby #1 Caregiver!

  83. I am soo excited for you about your granchild. Caregiver being a grandma is soo much fun Linda you and your family are in my prayers. I do think people needing a break from posting has a lot more to do with what is going on in their own lives and not soo much about what is said at this site. It is a busy time for all.

  84. >>I got emails forwarded by friends letting me know that several of the h peeps planned to attack particularly right before surgery. That concerned my family because they think that is sick.<< They're not the only ones who think it's sick. Anyone who is capable of doing that is in no position to criticize Kate Gosselin about anything.

    Ignore the khaterz and look after yourself. We'll watch your back while you're out of commission.

  85. Let me start off by saying I am not a fan of Kate's. However, if she had a breast enhancement I wouldn't fault her one bit. I think the interest comes in with her sudden fascination with lower cut tops and the major different in her breasts. I know many say a better bra, and I did too until I learned more about breast augmentations.

    I haven't had a breast augmentation but I joined a plastic surgery support group when I had to get my recti muscle repaired (over 10" separation after higher order multiples) and tummy tuck (paid for by my insurance so not jealous of Kate's free tummy tuck). Anyway I have always wondered why my Victoria Secrets don't give me that rounded top appearance to my breasts that I had before breast feeding all the kids. It pushes them up and gives them a great appearance but not that rounded top you see Kate has. Well that is called "upper pole fullness". She did not have that before in the wedding episode. We see her bra less and she had no fullness. I have learned if you don't have upper pole fullness the best push up bra in the world is not going to give it to you. Even implants aren't necessarily going to give it to you. You may require a breast lift to get that fullness and rounded top appearance of your youth.

    For Kate to have gone from zero upper pole fullness to major roundness un the upper pole area I fully believe she had augmentation of some type. I don't look at it as a negative thing at all. I don't know what the big deal is honestly on either side. I don't know why those that dislike Kate are making a big deal (the money I guess?) or why those that support her are denying the possibility so vehemently.

  86. tc - Thanks for the info. I learned something today! I would love to have a breast lift (after nursing 4 kids.) Someday, I will. I have no problem with anyone doing whatever makes them feel better. Especially moms! We deserve it!

  87. Linda, I hope you have a lovely break. Good thoughts to you on your upcoming surgery.

    #1, Hearty congrats on the new baby and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

    Schemcky, my husband cried at the end of TS3. I haven't seen it yet, but he and the kids loved it.

  88. tc-for the most part, I haven't seen anyone vehemently denying the possibility, although we do question how she could have fit one in without anyone noticing the gap in her schedule and any recuperation from surgery. The commonest response is we don't know, we don't care, and it's her business whether or not she did.

  89. Good evening everyone! I'm sorry I have been so MIA. It's the kids last week of school. If you call it that, you know how it is when they go in for like 2 hours or something...

    The most recent pics of Kate out and about are below as well on the right side of my page. Let me start off by saying Kate looks GREAT. I am a HUGE fan of hers and normally the woman can do no wrong in my eyes. I dedicated a fan site to her... And like most still like to rock the hot trends even in our early 30's..But ugh why ohh why is everyone trying to rock the boot heels? I hate them. I mean I DIE.. And not in a good way..

    But this is not just Kate. Everyone in Manhattan are wearing them. Boot sandals being the most popular. Now I know these aren't the exact trend I'm talking about but you get the idea. Are we the only ones trying to push these?? Its just something that bugs me. And while you know half the grannies on GWOP that still wear stretch pants will be all up in arms over Kates recent looks, I love it. I always say go for it and let the eat crow that your hot and they are not. But going to Target in these heels is just a no..So there. The fraking trolls that bow to and are obsessed with my site will slobber all over this.. I hate Kates heels...PHEW..I need Zanex xoxoxox

  90. Yeah, BM. I couldn't get behind those heels either, especially running errands at Target during the day, but didn't want to say anything. LOL It's great you're honest about it :)

  91. cherier1: To add to your reading pleasure, I've hated that style of shoe ever since I first saw it. It is VERY trendy now, but, IMHO, it is ugly and very unflattering. I love the top & shorts but I think they would have looked better with a pair of black sandals or espadrilles.

  92. Cherier1~ When it comes to Kate's looks sometimes, I'm the first to say "aww hell no" when I feel strongly about it. But the simple fact is, if she had a stylist like everyone else this would be a non-issue. The woman is single now and I get that she doesn't want to get photographed looking all nasty. I would feel the same way. But heels to Target? UGH and Sigh together with me now...

    But looking at the boobs they look no bigger than my Victoria's Secret Bra made mine. They are expensive, but they are truly the miracle they say they are. TRUST

  93. Ohh and could I put this out there? I forgot to ask, re:the boob thing I am beating to death because I love the word BOOB... why is it coming out now if Steve the pig recommended this in 2009. Not that I believe it for a sec. I mean really. I agree that she really would have never had the time to recover and NOBODY know...

    We are taking the kids to see TOY Story 2 since everyone recommended it. I hear Tony Dovolani did a part for it. Is that true? I know a few people on Facebook have been talking about it.. Too funny!

  94. I like the shoes on very tall thin women. Like so many fashions, they only look good on certain people. Skinny jeans, leggings etc. I used to be able to wear all of that but no longer ;) 4 babies + time = no longer!

    BM - Wouldn't it be great if we could all have a stylist?! I would love one. Husband and kids saw the movie and cried at the end; I haven't seen it yet.

    PeggyP - See, we can agree ;) I bet we agree that we love those adorable kids too. It's all good.

  95. I also agree that I don't like the shoes, although they are really trendy. I see those styles every time I go shopping. I'm just not a fan of summer shoes having that much material.

    I don't really fault Kate for wearing them to Target. She may have had somewhere to go before or after that she wanted to look dressy for.

    The "dress shorts" and heels look is in, although I feel a little silly doing it sometimes.

  96. Yup not digging the shoes. Dressy sandals would have looked better. Happy summer y'all!

  97. Kate has a new entry up on her blog and it is quite cute!! I can relate!!

  98. CraftyMom I miss you! Where have you been? Making something extra creative I hope.. I wish I had time, I really need ot focus at night and force myself to site down instead of on the computer or running around doing who knows what.. ;)

    I'm putting up a new poll today. Now that snarky Jon spilled the beans that the "only reason" he agreed to let the kids on TV again was because it was only 5 episodes this year (ie: pay me more to do nothing and not work) I want to know if you think Kate will lose alot of her audience this year. I mean fans are sad they have to wait now each month for a episode. Do you think that will hurt the ratings?

    With fan sites, theres ohh so many times a person can come on and say "love Kate, love the show!". Thats really what Facebook is for. I want people to give me suggestions on what they would like to see on my blog in the quieter times. What would hold your intrest on my site.

    FYI: I need one more follower to make 500. So if you are not following this site, please do so!! Thanks!

  99. Baby Mama said...
    We are taking the kids to see TOY Story 2 since everyone recommended it. I hear Tony Dovolani did a part for it. Is that true? I know a few people on Facebook have been talking about it.. Too funny!

    Uh, did you not read my comment above? LOL! I gave you links and everything about it!

  100. Baby Mama,
    If Kate keeps wearing shoes like that to Target you won't be at a loss for discussion. ;)

  101. Quick post 1 - Schmecky - Yes, I would have bought a mirdle for Jon myself if I'd known his addy. :) I think it would improve his look, make him feel better, and perhaps encourage him to get more fit!

  102. Quick post 2 - to tc, and others -
    Shame on doctors (bet they were men, ha!) for not telling you about more tricks you can do to enhance the boobs.

    Because I did this research 10 years ago and only had to confirm links, here's my "secret" info. Shhhh... Don't tell the whole world, lol, or they'll look as good as we do. :)

    For bra enhancers, flash tape (to avoid garment malfunctions so you don’t pop out!), wedges, and other great stuff, go here:

    Use silicone wedges underneath the boob inside the bra for top muffin rounded or lift effects. You can get small wedges or use the 1/2 cup cookie under the boob to get more lift. They go under the boob!

    Reality: These are fantastic. If you want the rounded top muffin look, you have to experiment with where to place the cookie, wedge, or cleavage curve in the bra to get the rounded or lift top look that you want...

    Warning: These do not work well in swimsuits. If you want the same thing for swimsuits, you have to have ones designed for water use.

    Have fun! Now back to the land of hardworking and tired Moms. That's my positive post for today. I'll read your posts tonight! :)

  103. LOL Linda! Those things are what I call False Advertising. ;)

  104. Linda "Original"-Where were you when I was a skinny, flat teenager (a mere shadow of my present self)? I had no idea how educational this blog can be.

  105. I thought it was funny! I'm sorry that I have been late with the posts, but I promise I will have a new one today..Hey on a fan site, we don't need 500 posts with people arguing about Kate hate, and troll sites going back and forth with attacks on each other..hence *crickets.. ;) I love having a fan site!

  106. Ok, I decided to fresh the page up a bit and hopefully get rid of the crickets today. In honor of those we will start the new page with a fresh linen scent with the lovely addition of peaches sitting on blades of grass. Confused.. yeah me too lol