Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Amish Help The Gosselins, Evan Loves Kate, Kate Plus 8 Ready For July 4th!

Kate Plus 8 To Feature The Amish: MyFoxPhilly.com

Kate Gosselin will be seen working side by side with the local Amish as “Kate Plus 8” keeps filming outside Reading, Pa. TLC just finished shooting the second episode of the re-branded “Jon & Kate Plus 8” in Wernersville, Pa., at the Gosselin estate. Ex-husband Jon Gosselin is still off the show, but a local Amish farmer replaced Jon as the male authority figure in episode two. The premise was that Kate Gosselin’s eight children wanted to build a chicken coop, but they couldn’t figure out how to build the structure.

Help came in the form of the local Amish, who did the neighborly thing and worked with the Gosselin family to build the coop. Paparazzi photos show the coop raising over the weekend. The local Amish may have been totally unaware of who Jon and Kate Gosselin are, since the Amish don’t have television sets as part of their customs. Kate Gosselin and her eight children drew big ratings for a cable TV show as “Kate Plus 8” returned to TLC t.wo weeks ago. Kate Plus 8” drew 3.4 million viewers for hour one and 3 million viewers for hour two. While those numbers pale in comparison to ratings for “Jon & Kate Plus 8” during the divorce drama of Jon and Kate Gosselin, TLC is most likely thrilled with the results.

Evan Lysacek Calls Kate Gosselin the ‘Sweetest Woman in the World": People.com

It’s only been three weeks since Olympic gold medalist Evan Lysacek placed second behind winner Nicole Scherzinger on Dancing with the Stars. Despite the occasional nightmare, Lysacek, 25, looks back fondly on his DWTS experience, calling it “remarkable.” He’s cherishing the memories as much as the new friends he made on the show. “I’ve kept in really close touch with the entire cast,” he says. “The people I met were the best thing I took from being on the show. We all walked away with a new family.”And that includes Kate Gosselin, with whom he says he’s in constant communication. “Kate is in New York right now. We’ve been texting each other back and forth and we’re trying to get together,” he says. “We are very close. She is the sweetest woman in the world. We were instantly friends and everyone really loved her on the show. We missed her so much when she left. She’s hilarious and she’s always joking around. I don’t think she ever said a serious sentence.”

Before the show, Lysacek says he didn’t know much about the Kate Plus 8 star. “I’m not a big tabloid reader and I was so focused on the Olympics and I never watched TV,” he says. “She’s got a lot to deal with. If I had eight kids, I can’t imagine. I’m sure it’s pretty tough and sometimes that’s misconstrued with Kate. But she’s an amazing mom and a tough lady. She was constantly showing pictures and videos of her kids and missing them.”

When asked if he would consider babysitting Gosselin’s eight children, he says he doesn’t have skills to do so.“She wouldn’t want me to,” says Lysacek with a laugh. “Maybe one of them — and that would be a challenge. I have a 16-month-old nephew and I couldn’t baby sit him alone. He’s mischievous, so I don’t think I could handle eight. But Kate is a pro.”

Sunday nights are slow for TV networks in the summer and “Kate Plus 8” was up against the NBA and NHL finals. Still, about one million more viewers tuned into “Kate Plus 8” than they did in the final month of “Jon & Kate Plus 8,” which aired on Monday nights. TLC’s biggest problem will be how to get more episodes of “Kate Plus 8” into production, because it is being produced as a series of specials. The second episode doesn’t air until mid-July. There is no debut date set yet for Kate Gosselin’s other series on TLC, “Twist Of Kate,” but at least two episodes have been filmed.

'Kate Plus 8': Kate Gosselin continues filming in patriotic fashion: Examiner.com
The last "Kate Plus 8" special only aired a little over a week ago, but Kate Gosselin is already back at work with her famous eight kids. Radar Online reports that the reality TV mom is spending Monday at her Wernersville, Pennsylvania home shooting new scenes for the upcoming special airing July 11.

As was previously suspected, it definitely looks like this episode will have a patriotic "4th of July" sort of theme. American flags were all over the property, and the kids seemed to be enjoying themselves outside. With this evidence in mind, the Gosselins have definitely learned one of the most valuable rules of reality TV -- whatever you do, date the show to the period of time in which it airs. Do you want to see the new "Kate Plus 8" special? Feel free to share your thoughts with a comment and stay tuned for more of the latest TV news.


  1. so sorry ladies that this took so long..sniff I love the smell in here! Had a long night of trying to get leaders & co-leaders for Septembers Girl Scout troups. Everyone wants their kids in but no one wants the leadership role!

    Jessica~ The new Kate Plus 8 was only going to be specials and not a weekly series. From what I'm aware.."Twist of Kate" will premiere in the Fall as a weekly show. If they ever get that together.lol

  2. Other Jessica~ I forgot ot say hi! I miss you..I know your busy but you have to come back and post more, and tell me all thatg has been going on! ;)

    #1Caregiver~ You are thinking alot of what many are thinking.. If they couldn't deal with the dogs how are they going to deal with this? And did they ever even get the dogs back? Personally I don't think they are ready for either of them. However they do say that chickens can produce your very own organic eggs and teach the kids responsibility they can handle...This may actually work out.. until the Winter lol

  3. They may be going for a 4th of July theme, but don't forget Monday was June 14, Flag Day.

    I think chickens are a lot less trouble than two growing German Shephard puppies & yes, when I was a kid, we had chickens that my grandmother raised from peeps. I'm not sure the two situations are comparable.

    Evan is a nice guy. Of course, on other forums, there are people who believe that he must be being paid by TLC to say this.

  4. Okay, I must be getting tired like Linda, because I am getting snarky over the TLC article. The TLC article said that an Amish farmer replaced Jon as the male authority figure in order to build the chicken coupe structures. First of all, is building chicken coupes a common understanding along the male gene? Couldn't they have hired someone from home depot? Where's Nate from Oprah when you need him, LOL.

    Second, they said that the amish man probably doesn't know Jon&Kate because they don't have tvs. What is their point. Did they ask him if he had a tv. Would only people so removed from society be the only ones that would help Kate? Would he not have been neighborly if he knew who they were. I highly doubt he was driving by and Kate said, hey neighbor can you help us build a chicken coupe and he thought, hmm, I don't know you but you look trusting.

    I am sure TLC contacted them and are paying them to do this. They should be honest. Instead, they are perpetuating two stereotypes that are not called for. One, only men know how to build stuff and second, the Amish are ignorant to pop culture. They still read, some have tvs, and some have computers. They are not as isolated as one would assume.

    Okay, bedtime for me.

    I also want to apoligize if I offended you #1caregiver.

  5. Hey everyone! Did you miss me?? LOL

    Just jumping on here real early in the am to try and take a quick peek! Wow. Lots to catch up on and not enough time!

    Very busy with the new job. Things are going amazing - but I do miss reading/posting here! I feel so out of the loop on all things Gosselin!! How'd that happen? Oh yeah, life. haha

    Just booked the week before our trip to Disney in July to be in Orlando to do a restructure of our regional office there. Woo Hoo an extra week in Orlando. I'm excited. :)

    I have missed all of you!!!! I promise to keep popping in as I can!

  6. Thanks Baby Mama for explaining my thoughts for me. When I am tired, it's time to quit, so I did.

    Fascinated - Apology accepted but not needed, I should be more open to dialogue.

  7. How nice to wake to fresh paper. Now waiting for Baby Mama to wake and delete the pesky fly. :)

  8. I think the fly is great, they are providing wonderful quality control for Baby Mama. Who else would scour Baby Mama's web page so closely. Some people pay proof readers thousands of dollars for what JW does for free. I think she should win a free t-shirt. Obviously, she would appreciate such a gift as she appears quite concerned and dedicated to all things Gosselin... : )

    Regarding the dogs, at the risk of starting an online debate, I think it was Jon's idea to get the dogs, Kate gave in, knowing they shouldn't get them, then it didn't work out, and kate is getting blamed for it, while if Jon really wanted to truly keep the dogs, he could have found a place immediately that would have taken him and the dogs in, as opposed to going to New York.

    Maybe he will take in the chickens in a few months.

    Hmmm, maybe I am still snarky, maybe I should go back to bed... LOL.

  9. Cute pics of the kids. Hey, Hannah's the only one not wearing white.

    Where does MyFoxPhilly article get their info? The Horizon Structures guy was there delivering the coop. It's a $2500.00 kit. Maybe he didn't build it for them but there is no way Kate planned on putting that coop kit together herself with the kids and just couldn't figure it out.

    Of course we won't know what really happened until the show airs but it seems like MyFoxPhilly is speculating just as much as the average person looking at the pics.

    Regarding Henry (lol), I think he was filmed in the last one from the back because he didn't want to be on camera for religious reasons.

  10. fascinated - Lol. While I understand what you said was done with great humor, personally I really don't want the flies here at all. They bring with them their diseases that makes so many people ill. IMO she contaminates all with whom she comes into contact.

    Everytime I see that Koolaid pitcher the first thing that comes to mind is all those people who blindly followed Jim Jones in Guyana and drank the poisoned Koolaid! It reminds me how much poison hatred she carries around! But this isn't the place for it.

    It really is sad that she is unable to get on with her life or even lead a normal life. IMO it is just pathetic that anyone is so consumed with hatred. Overall, I would guess that it has little to do even with the Gosselins for her, and everything to do with her need to try to reduce all to her bottomfeeding level.

    It's sad too that she seems to be so affected by the phases of the moon. This Friday is a new moon. Between the full moon and the new moon is, I'm told, when so many loonies have to express themselves. Sad! So sad!

  11. Hope - we have missed you bunches! Glad things are going well for you and yet sorry you're so busy. Glad too that you get an extra week in Orlando. How fab that is for you and your family!!!

  12. Kate was involved in getting those dogs just as much as Jon was. She made the announcement, she picked them out, she chose their names. She claimed she loved them, etc. They had the perfect property to have two large dogs. Where would Jon keep two large German Shepherds? Besides, they were gifts for the children. The children lived at the house still too.

    Jon or Kate could have had someone train them. Once they were full grown and trained they would be a lot easier to handle. Kate herself said she sent them back. She also recently said they were coming back to the house once things settle down. 8 kids and now a bunch of chickens... doesn't seem like things will settle down anytime soon. Who's going to train the dogs not to chase the chickens? As for the chickens, are they putting chicken wire on their fences so they don't go in the road, or will the chickens be crated like the dogs and not allowed to roam?

    Jon was just as responsible as Kate was for not getting those dogs trained. To me he seemed like a poor dog owner... letting the one dog run around all over and roll around in the mud with her stitches after the vet said not to.

    They BOTH decided and agreed on getting the dogs, the same way they BOTH decided and agreed on having more children. Is it fair to say that Jon shouldn't be held responsible for the children now that they are divorced because he was happy with just two kids and gave in to Kate wanting more?

    At this point I hope the dogs don't come back. As for the chickens, I expect to hear Kate say some time in the future that they ran off and are now wild chickens.

  13. Funny - I have two nephews with the same name. One spells it Aiden and one spells it Aaden. I always have to stop and think when addressing envelopes and tags on packages. If that is the biggest thing somebody has to worry about, what a glorious day!

  14. Linda said...
    Everytime I see that Koolaid pitcher the first thing that comes to mind is all those people who blindly followed Jim Jones in Guyana and drank the poisoned Koolaid!
    I think that is the point of the pic. It's in reference to "drinking the Kate KoolAid" because Kate has her "followers that follow her no matter what."

  15. Linda,
    How are you feeling? How'd it go with the elephants? Don't forget to let me know when you get a chance... Thanks!

    Awesome! I'm happy for you about Florida. I can't wait to go in November but then that will mean summer is over and the girls are back in school. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!

  16. SchmeckyGirl - I think those are paparazzi photos of Henry.

    I agree it was a mistake to ever get the dogs, those particular dogs. I remember from the show Jon saying he had researched and those were the perfect dogs for their family. Kate said, I dunno, people are trying to convince me. It was a joint, mutual decision that was a mistake.

    I'm remember Aaden saying, "I don't like dogs." I remember too seeing the dog jump on him and bowl him over. I just went back and counted some of the times we saw him go down and in just a few minutes found three. In the fishing trip episode with Jon, he says twice Shoka (sp?) stop. Also says again, I don't like dogs.

    I wouldn't want a dog bigger than me knocking me over either. So I'm glad the dogs are back to a place where folks know how to deal with exuberant German shepherds. It's a big breed that needs a consistent training experience. Even the breeder stated they'd been back with him several times for training and boarding before the final exit. I'm really glad they didn't get dobermans, great danes, rotties, etc. while at the same time feeling that they weren't ready for any dogs, regardless of the breed.

    As for the chickens? Not me! Been there, done that, would rather go to the farmer's market for the eggs. I enjoy eggs but don't want the poop, the smell, etc. I enjoy being a city girl with the country close by, lol. I'd been more concerned with the raccoons and other creatures in the area than the car traffic. Foxes and raccoons, etc. just adore a chicken dinner.

    Btw, I just love the speculation! I agree with yesterday's statements (sorry forgot who said it) that all this speculation and hype will just up the viewership for the show.

  17. Linda,
    Regarding the boycotting. I think there are many levels of boycotting. You can do little things or you can go full-out with both pistols blasting. I say it depends on what the product is and what the cause is.

    I'm not about to throw out one pc and two laptops because intel advertises on TLC. Like someone else pointed out on the other thread some people are limited by financial means. Others are limited with time. I say you do what you are comfortable with. I actually feel less comfortable giving Kate and/or TLC that much power over me and my choices. If I had to give up my new Samsung tv or our annual trip to Disney World because of Kate then I probably would hate her. lol. Now I know you all don't want that! ;)

    I won't stop shopping at Target just because Kate shops there. I think that's ridiculous. What is Target going to do? Have someone stand guard at the door and tell her she's not welcome there because they are losing customers?

    I think it's great you boycotted Nestle and went all out. Others may think you didn't do enough. Others may feel you should have travelled to those third world countries and educated the mothers about breast feeding.

    I have many opinions about Kate and TLC and having children on reality shows, however, I'm not whole heartedly invested in it. I don't watch TLC. That's enough for me. I don't feel the need to call my cable company and cancel the channel. Maybe if I was going to get credited for one less channel I would but I'm paying for it anyway, so who cares?

    I feel that the advertisers go by the ratings on the show. I don't think they care how many hits are on youtube if no one is watching the time slot they chose for advertising on tv.

    I've said many times that I actually enjoy watching the show. If I can watch it without giving them ratings I will. If I find out that my watching it on the internet a week or two later is just as valuable to TLC and the advertisers than I would reconsider. I really don't think it is. I've seen nothing that shows it is.

    I'm a child advocate in general and in my daily life. I'm not a "child advocate" that would join a group and try to change the world. I have other volunteer work I am involved in. I think not giving TLC me as a viewing audience is the best thing I can do to let them know how I feel. I'm fine with that.

  18. It's such a please to come to your site, Baby Mama. It just brightens my day! Here there are happy smiling faces. I'm told that at some of the h sites there are just snarling yucky photoshopped faces. Who on earth would want to spend time in that kind of environment? Is that true? That would give credence to that old adage about "misery breeds company," wouldn't it?

    Oh well. It's a great day and the sun is shining, at least for now!

  19. Linda "Original" said...
    SchmeckyGirl - I think those are paparazzi photos of Henry.
    I know. ?????????
    I was referring to the comments about him being on the show this time. Someone upthread said not all Amish believe it's wrong to be filmed. From what I remember Henry did. I wonder how they are going to handle it this time around since he doesn't want to be filmed. I wonder what happens to him now that his pic is plastered on the internet.

  20. Schmecky - re the Koolaid - to me it represents a pitcher filled with hate poison and additionally the blindness of hate. Particularly since she's the person using it. Sad too that she'd use a trademark.

  21. SchmeckyGirl said...
    Linda "Original" said...
    SchmeckyGirl - I think those are paparazzi photos of Henry.
    I know. ?????????
    I was referring to the comments about him being on the show this time. Someone upthread said not all Amish believe it's wrong to be filmed. From what I remember Henry did. I wonder how they are going to handle it this time around since he doesn't want to be filmed. I wonder what happens to him now that his pic is plastered on the internet.
    I guess we'll have to wait and see the program to see how it is handled. He was comfortable with his face being shown before so I have no idea....Just have to wait and see.

  22. If TLC didn’t get anything out of allowing YouTube to post their shows, why would they allow it?

  23. Schmecky - Hope to get you the elephant info soon along with some fantastic photos. Much more research to do. In a nutshell, IMO, If I were an elephant, I'd want to be protected by Ringling and not live in other circuses. Have talked to the "head elephant guru" in India (very difficult to understand but extremely nice.) Elephants in the wild also live a tough life (in India and Africa) and although the various countries have done legislation it doesn't often get enforced. Sad. He did much to give me resource info on differences between domesticated elephants and "wild" elephants. Hope to have an update I'll email you soon. Just frantic today dealing with two clients who forgot stuff and their failure to plan ahead has become my emergency.

    Baby Mama - sorry for posting this here but I don't have Schmecky's email on this puter.

  24. Schmecky - Thanks for asking. I do have to have surgery (July 13) but at least it is an abbreviated version (two more disks with rods and screws) instead of the "long" version from neck to tailbone that Mayo predicted in April. Amazing the images they can do now diagnostically with nuclear bone scans that are 3 dimensional. With just two more disks, recovery is faster, etc. Just have a lot to get done before we go and still determined to do a week of family vacation before then - which is nuts but I want a great time with kids before I go. :)

    Bye all for now - gotta deal with panicked clients. Hugs

  25. ~BM and (Amanda) this is from yesterday, I have been MIA trying to redecorate DS room, going through the toddler bed transition as we speak Ah!.
    Anyway LOL BM I don't think your superfan status is going to be affected here because I am unsure too, but the one thing that I instantly thought of was: The mysterious dog carrier looking slash air filtration thingamajig that was always in the living room in the the old house? I think I saw it one time in the kids room too..I never did figure out what that thing was LOL. But anyway if it's not this, it does sounds familiar I just can't remember the exact episode featuring a noise eliminator at the moment?

    I love the new site look! I got to catch up some and I feel like change is refreshing in any form, I love your new look! As far as I am concerned this is a wonderful fan blog and the ONLY fan blog I would recommend to anyone, the reason being is BM, has been blogging about the Gosselin family for over 2 years, and she is the most authentic Gosselin fan I have met to date, I trust her content and judgment because I know where her heart is in it, and that she has no other motivations other than just sharing and blogging with others about the show/family. I love connecting with other fans, and supporters of Kate and this is the place where I go.

  26. Oh and Hope, welcome back!

  27. Page is loading much quicker today!

    I liked Evan so glad he's sticking up for Kate!

  28. Hi everyone. I’ve been lurking for awhile, never posted. I love the G kids, especially Aaden. You all seem so level-headed – I was wondering if you could help me with something? I really cannot stand Kate. I don’t let that get in the way with following up on the kids or watching their show. I just can’t help it. She comes across as very rude and bossy. I find it hard to believe Evan’s comments are from his heart, I mean, “sweetest woman in the world”??? That’s a stretch. What about his own mother for example. Kate is sweeter? It would have been more believable had he just said she was a sweet woman. How can he be the only one from DWTS saying this? I mostly hear negative stuff and the one time I read something positive it’s too over the top to seem real. Oh gosh, you see? I need help. The hate sites are so darn snarky and misery really does breed more misery. I am a positive person and would like to see the good side of Kate. Please help me!!!

  29. I think the sound machines were discussed in one of the earlier question answer episodes.
    Linda I am glad you are trying to squeeze vacation in you won't regret it. You are in my prayers.
    Do any iPhone users know if there is a quicker way to refresh pages than scrolling all the way back to the top.

  30. Just Wondering~ How incredibly "thought-less"ful of you to come on in the middle of the night from the cave to let me know I spelled Aadens name wrong. Seriouly I'm speechless...

    Hope~ I miss you terribly. I am so jealous of you going to Disney in July. We must chat all about it. I gotta e-mail you. Where are you staying? How many days can you squeeze Disney in? Are you doing Universal? Haha I'm obsessed with that ;)

    Tashapork~ Did I miss someone here that answered the question about the sound machines. I haven't read all the posts yet!

  31. I remember a dehumidifier in the basement of the old house. It was just like the ones we use in our basement & hot-tub room. Perhaps the kids rooms had vaporizer's/air purifiers we always use those when the kids have colds. I use one in my preemie baby with asthma's room alot.

  32. Welcome Lori Anne...
    Stick around maybe we can convince your that Kate has some good qualities that you have never noticed;0

  33. Hello Lori Anne,

    Kate's mannerisms grate on my nerves as well. For example her screeching when she encounters bugs, or when she gets frustrated, she tends to talk non-stop. That drives me crazy; however, I connect with her greatly as a mom. I feel protective of her and her decisions because I find I would have done the same thing, in most situations. I find that Jon's decisions challenge my values and it makes me want to defend Kate even more. So, to make a long blog short, you don't have to like her personality, but you can still appreciate the experience.

  34. I realized in reviewing the comments above that we don't know that it is Henry in the photos of the man who appears to be Amish. Pennsylvania has many denominations in addition to the Amish who share many religious and cultural views with the Amish going back to colonial times when Anabaptist/Pietist denominations facing persecution in Europe found sanctuary in the Quaker-founded colony of Pennsylvania. Some of these denominations wear similar attire to the Amish and adult men who are full members of the denomination also wear the "Amish" beard. How strict they are varies not only among denominations but among congregations within denominations. Most Mennonite will drive & often transport Amish neighbors in emergencies. I was raised Church of the Brethren. My old congregation was VERY liberal by COB standards, but some are almost as strict as the Amish.

    Until the show airs or at least the ads for it air, we won't know whether TLC will show the faces of the Amish participating (the photo was clearly taken by a pap). They certainly respected Henry's beliefs in the earlier show. We also don't know if what the story says about the episode bears any relationship to what is actually in it. Let's wait & see it before we pass any final judgments.

  35. LoriAnne~ Welcome and glad to have you here. I'm glad you mentioned Evan's comment. I wasn't aware that what he said was meant to be taken so literal. I looked at it as this..

    "Hey, back off haters. Kate is cool, we like her. She's nice. Pam doesn't hate her. No one thinks she was a diva. The janitor needed gambling money for his bus trip to AC. So since US Weekly, who always has to attack Kate to get their millions of readers, used the janitor as a credible source for their BS story. The one about Kate being a b#$ch on the set. So now lets run our story that every no-name blog will pick up just to get higher on the Google Rank. But it was a lie you see, so we now are gonna protect our friend. So back the #^@% off and leave her alone. She's a sweetie ok. Kate, we got your back, those haters are lying idiots!"

    Don't you love how everyone could have different thoughts about a comment?? ;) That is what I got from "She's the sweetest woman in the world!"...

    Pam never hated Kate (she said many times in the press that they never fought and they got along great) and she is still good friends with Erin. So no one ever hated Kate and she is still close with some members of the cast. I just wanted to clarify that since you made a statement why Evan was the only one commenting about her.

    It's great that you came here & important for you to share your thoughts on Kate. I like to hear other points of view. I hope you continue to post, and maybe what Momsby says will come true. That your view of Kate might change someday. And if that doesn't happen it's still all good :)

    Schmecky~ I didn't like the photo I had of Hannah in white, but now I see it looks sota off...

  36. By the way BabyMama...the page is faster now and I think my eyes got used to the change!!

  37. Oops BM...now they'll think your favorite child is Hannah too;0

  38. my2girls~ thank you. Its always hard when you read a blog every day, your eyes get used to a certain look. And of course I was a hot mess this week trying to find a new idea for an updated blog site during the day. Normally I do that at night. So it gave alot of my regular readers a headache and for that I am so sorry! Also thank Linda and CraftyMomof3 and all those I may have forgotten. You all have sent me helpful links for me to figure out the best ways to run the site faster.

    Linda~ Yes, it IS a beautiful day... xoxox

  39. momsby~ ACK! Your soo right! They will think I'm trying to emulate Kate that Hannah is my super favorite! The yellow says it all! A source close to the situation (aka the woman from Merry Maids) just gave an exclusive to US Weekly! My cleaning woman told them about her boss that runs the Gosselin Family Fan Site has such an obsession with Kate that she secretly highlights the one kid she loves ONLY because she heard Kate likes her best.

    I just heard on the news that a woman who took a bus to AC just hit on slots with three 7's ;)

  40. Gosh the internet is weird! My "It's a beautiful Day" comment I sent yesterday morning at 6 am and it came through tonight at 10 pm. Oh well, to tired to figure it out. Amazing the things that float around in cyber-space.

    Hold down the fort, folks. I can't believe I'm still up, lol, but gotta head to bed. Gnight all. :)

  41. LOL...Baby Mama...LOL

    Although, some of the ding dong things they have said about Hannah in the past disgust me.

    Fascinated very well said, I connect with her greatly as a mom too! Sometimes, I think I'm especially protective when I hear Kate being slammed for things I've said or done myself.

  42. How can he be the only one from DWTS saying this? I mostly hear negative stuff and the one time I read something positive it’s too over the top to seem real.

    Lori Anne, she is NOT the only one from DTWS saying this. I am not sure how anyone can conclude that it is only Evan defending her. Maybe you just focus on the negative because you don't like her.

    For example, I guess you missed the Reading Eagle article:


    Carol said Kate Gosselin had donated the four tickets to the school, where Lillian's granddaughters attended.

    "Kate Gosselin was so warm," Carol said. "She was very nice and went out of her way to introduce us to everyone."

    And maybe you missed Tony's comments:


    “I have been keeping in touch! We talk every couple of days. She is a sweetheart and I think that she is an incredible mom and I think I will always keep up with her. Those babies are just adorable and they are the sweetest kids.”

    And perhaps Pam Anderson's comments on Kate would be more to your liking as they are not over the top but negate all the rumors.


    “[Kate] sits next to me when I get my hair done. She’s not bitchy to me,” the former Baywatch star said on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show April 12.

    Sounding genuinely surprised to hear of any catfights between herself and the 35-year-old reality mom, Pam, 42, squashed rumors of their on-set sparring. “I don’t like this tabloid-y stuff. I try not to get too much into the backstage drama, there are so many more important things in the world to be worried about.”

    Niecy Nash indicated her support of Kate.


    Added Nash, 40, "A lot of people didn't really get that Kate wanted to be here -- it didn't translate on camera. But we saw it a lot backstage -- she really did want to be here. Finding a way to break through so that the audience got it was, I think, where she struggled."

    And Tom Bergeron also had nice things to say about Kate.


    “There’s all this drama that I keep hearing about,” Bergeron said. “I never see it because the Kate that I meet and the Kate that I hang out with backstage is sweet and self-deprecating and charming. I’m not seeing the other Kate.”

    She’s not acting like a diva either. “I’m keep hearing, ‘Oh, diva.’ I’m not seeing that. She’s very funny and charming. I like her.”

    Look for the positive - it is out there.

  43. Hey! Just wanted to check in. I won't be around the next few days.

    Now the rumors are Kate is getting a dating show. I don't believe it. Now that's something I would watch. I'd really like to see what men would show up.

  44. Lori Anne,
    I'm sure Kate is highly capable of being very sweet and friendly to some people.
    I'll leave it at that. ;)

  45. SchmeckyGirl said...
    Lori Anne,
    I'm sure Kate is highly capable of being very sweet and friendly to some people.
    I'll leave it at that. ;)
    I'd have to add that "some people" will be negative about Kate and hunt for negatives until the end of time. Others will look for conspiracies also. ;)

  46. Good morning everyone! After re-reading what I wrote lady night I'm thinking I wad a bit punchy from lack of sleep. Sorry about that. I am proud to say my personality is a strong one in my marriage. I am opinionated, speak my mind and yes my personality can be like Kates sometimes. I do fly off the handle sometimes and what they would have filmed if ne had that been my family would have made Kates "toysrus" comments look tame. So I get where she is coming from.

    But that doesn't mean that I agree with everything she has said on camera. Or that I would handle every situation the same as she has. I get pissed when carry nasty haters think they know better. Or how dare she talk to her husband like that. I just say that every marriage is how you make it, and if it works for you then great. Jons personality was more passive and he loved his wife. Don't attack anyones marriage. I say this because these types of personalities do work in a marriage. My husband loves me and I am blessed to have a wonderful marriage and spoiled incredible children. It works for us. :)

  47. http://www.okmagazine.com/2010/06/cover-story-a-new-man-for-kate-gosselin/

    It’s been a year since Jon and Kate Gosselin called it quits. Now, after months of focusing on her kids and career, at last the 35-year-old reality TV mom is looking for love again — and she realizes she needs to change her outlook in order to get back into the dating game.
    “Kate knows she can be a little controlling at times, and she’s working on that aspect of her character,” a source tells OK!.

    She’s also busy preparing herself for the daunting task of making a fresh start with a new man. “She thinks it’s weird to have to start over and fall in love from scratch,” a family friend tells OK!. “She’s spoken candidly to [her ex-husband] Jon about how awkward it will be having a first kiss and first date and all these other ‘firsts’ with someone else. Jon feels bad for her… he’s trying to be supportive.

    LOL! Yeah, I'm so sure she and Jon had that conversation! ;)

  48. Baby Mama,

    You do realize that Jon and Kate are divorced now, right? lol.

    (And that comment has nothing to do with your marriage, but obviously it was not working for theirs.)

  49. SchmeckyGirl said...
    Hey! Just wanted to check in. I won't be around the next few days.

    Now the rumors are Kate is getting a dating show. I don't believe it. Now that's something I would watch. I'd really like to see what men would show up.

    We'll miss you - have fun doing whatever you're doing!

    There were rumors of a dating show right after the divorce too. I think this is a plea for attention by somebody. Sounds IMO like just more garbage.

    I think Kate has sense enough to realize she's not at the point of dating yet. She's intelligent enough to realize, unlike her former mate, that you don't have to rush into doing anything. What a shame that he has to rush from "love of my life" to the next "love of my life" etc. Maybe one day he'll get his own head screwed on straight. WE can only hope!

  50. Baby Mama,
    I think there is a difference between getting short with your husband/spouse due to frustration with him or the kids, etc. Lack of sleep adds to irritability, etc. I think all that can be put aside in a good marriage. I don't think that was the case with Kate and Jon. I think Kate berated her husband and didn't respect him. She was controlling and nothing he did was good enough. She was very rude to him even when things were calm and they were being interviewd after the fact. Jon wasn't perfect either. IMO.

  51. Linda,
    School is out so we are taking the girls on a surprise mini-vacation for a few days. I'd tell you where I'm going but I'm afraid all my fans and the paps will find out and swamp me. ;)

  52. I question whether or not Kate would do a dating show because of her kids and how they may react. Dating is something I think she would keep more low key for their sake. Of course if the show paid high enough maybe she'd tell them it was just acting or something. I also think she realizes that she has a lot of work to do on herself before she is ready to commit to a relationship
    I agree with others about seeing some of themselves in Kate. I know I have some outbursts that sound like that and I don't like it. I would also say that watching Kate has led me to pay more attention to myself and tone it down a notch. Each spousal relationship is soo different and personal. Some couples are more huggy, some need more space, some are loud and boysterous. It can look bad to us and they can still be quite happy or it can look like a relationship paradise and they could be miserable and that's with cameras off. In my opinion Jons leaving his 9-5 job was the turning point and I can see it in hindsight when I go back to old episodes.

  53. Schmecky~ ohh I totally understood you. I was referring to what we saw last year. And if it was misspelled then I'm sorry. I had no idea that IPhone completely changes your words if it thinks you are saying something else. So fustrating. You have to make sure you go back or else you have a mess of words no one can figure out.

    As far as Jon & Kate's marriage, everyone has a different feeling about it. That's really what I meant before I rambled. I don't think it was to the extent of how you feel it was. Everyone is going to have an opinion about it. No side is right or wrong. But I never felt Kate abused her husband as many have said. I think I just wanted to stress that.

    Ok heres something random I don't like now on Kate. The line going across her french tips! I went and copied that yesterday since I am obsessed with all things Kate Gosselin! (haters chill I am kidding). I did a dark line across my french like she did and I hate it so much I have to spend more money today for a polish change.. so there! Something I do not like on Kate Gosselin! (trolls rejoice!)

  54. Ohh and I forgot to add that thank goodness that phones with Internet service became available for a reasonable price.. Last year it took people 5 hours for comments to go through b/c I moderated. I didn't have the mobile access for troll tracking! Thanks to Schmecky and everyone begging me to not have the site on moderation, I was able to look into a better phone! Lol

    Didn't the whole dating show rumor start last year? Kaye said it was BS. Are they soo lost without any new Kste news that they ate recycling old rumors? I have not checked Amy if these stories yet, bit will today.

  55. Baby Mama - Thanks for clarifying things, lol. 'Cause some of your posts yesterday I didn't understand at all; but not to worry, love ya always.

    The most rotten thing about the iPhone to me is the doggone changes it makes to what you are posting under the guise of spellcheck. I turn it off and whenever I shut down and restart, it's there again. Apple must think I really need it, lol.

    Then because of the lack of scroll bars in posts made from an iPhone, I can't scroll back up and see what it changed. Since I can't copy and past from its Notepad, all I can do is hit "send."

    No problem. Those hpeeps must look so hard to find something to complain about - so let them look for typos, spelling errors, etc. It's a good use for them! The rest of us will spend our time chatting about nice things or trying to track done the sources - that's how I'd rather spend my time, lol. :)

  56. What the heck is it about the moon phases bringing out loonies? Is it the gravitational pull? As soon as I sent clients an email about when I'd be out of commission in July, it awakened even their latent looney tendencies. Geez Louise!

    Yes I will take a laptop, but will only use it for things I want to do which does not include work.

    No - I will not deal with client's procrastinated emergencies. (Okay, I probably will but it will be under BIG protest.)

  57. SchmeckyGirl - Don't know if you will see this or not. Have a wonderful trip! I know your kids will have a ball no matter what you do. Enjoy and come back and tell us all about it!

  58. I've laughed so much about the comments about differences in marriages. What works for people (or doesn't work) is such an unknown variable, who's to say.

    We have a lot of southern Italians in our family. We have a funny story (that may or may not be true) but makes us laugh.

    Italian secret to a long marriage:

    At a Catholic church in (fill in city of your choice here), they have weekly husband’s marriage seminars.

    At the session last week, the priest asked Giuseppe, who said he was approaching his 50th wedding anniversary, to take a few minutes and share some insight into how he had managed to stay married to the same woman all these years.

    Giuseppe replied to the assembled husbands, 'Wella, I'va tried to treat her nicea, spenda DA money on her, but besta of all is, I tooka her to Italy for the 25th Anniversary!'

    The priest responded, 'Giuseppe, you are an amazing inspiration to all the husbands here! Please tell us what you are planning for your wife for your 50th Anniversary?'

    Giuseppe proudly replied, "I gonna go pick her up."

    Hubby and I have a standing joke about "Keep that up and I may not go pick you up!"

    Laugh and the world laughs with you. Frown and grump and you spend your life alone.

  59. LOL @ Linda that was great!! Thanks for the laugh!!

  60. I don't know why it bothers me so much but those flags are just there from memorial day! It doesn't necessarily mean the upcoming special is some fourth of july thing!

  61. Oh yeah...and there is no way in hell Kate is going to be doing a dating show. She has said herself she isn't into PDA!

  62. Thanks for the warm greeting and the information, BabyMama and everyone.

    PAR, I did miss all those articles you posted, with the exception of Tony. I had heard that, however I heard about some negative remarks from him too, maybe they were made up or spun, who knows. This is what I’m getting at. I’m not FOCUSING on the negative – I only HEAR negative. I need to hear more positive and I would love that. I particularly appreciate the comment from Carol b/c I assume she’s a private citizen and not a celebrity. You can’t trust the positive celebrity comments 100% as they’re obligated to say nice things about each other. (I’m referring to all celebrities, not just Kate). What I would love to see is more ordinary people coming forward with nice stories; neighbors or nursing colleagues for example. If I come around here more often maybe I will :)

    Schmeckygirl and Linda “original”, I liked your combined comments. Very smart and insightful.

    Have a great evening ladies!

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  64. This comment has been removed by the author.

  65. Lori Anne..
    Sadly many of the people who have shown Kate support have been harassed something fierce. Carla & her daughter, Kates friend Jamie and the Nield family to mention a few. I know that even Natalie Morales took alot of criticism for doing the interview with Kate. Baby Mama probably knows more about it, but I believe Carla's husband even had to threaten legal action at one point. Maybe, there are some people who just prefer to be supportive in a less public fashion.

  66. momsby, wow, that is sad. What if they just posted anonymously? The internet is full of blogs where they could spread good Kate cheer under cover. For her and her kids sake I wish they would.

  67. BM,
    Would you please e-mail me? I can't get connected to your e-mail link.
    Nothings wrong, I just have a tid-bit of something interesting to pass on to you.

  68. ZiggyFlo~ My e-mail address is jonkatefanpage@gmail.com

    LoriAnne~ Thanks to this site and many other recents popping up, there are now many places we are spreading good Kate cheer! As far as the Anons, most of them are spreading hate and attacking people. As far as this site, it's more about a million confusing posts where you don't know which is which. Also it's easy and free just to log in and pick a name :)

  69. Lori Anne - Unfortunately negativity sells. Some of the gossip sites found a gold mine in Kate. ROL has been bankrupt and sold several times. The paparazzi found a gold mine also and anybody with a camera and telephoto lens qualifies. ROL gets miniscule response on anybody other than the Gosselins. It is a sad commentary.

    I do not agree with the way Kate spoke to Jon and Kate herself has said she wishes she'd done things differently. Nor do I agree with the way Jon talked to Kate. Jon commented on an interview in Utah that much of it was editing. We'll never know. I did and still do adore the kids. I've come to admire Kate for her strength in not doing tit for tat with Jon and for standing tall.

    During the time of the divorce the major rags were offering up to a quarter of a million for photos of Kate with men, etc. It didn't happen thus no photos but not for lack of them trying. Thank goodness for the bodyguards.

    Some here adore her. Some adore Jon. Some adore only the kids. A lot is tolerated here. Hate is not. Dissing the kids will get you permanently banned.

  70. Thanks Linda "Original" I didn't know that stuff about ROL. I will keep an open mind. Still hoping to see more positive press about Kate though :)

  71. Hello everyone, I need to say it... OK Magazine is not a reputable magazine. I wouldn't trust anything they say. Although, they may get something right, just by pure fluke... LOL.

  72. PAR--great post on all the positive Kate comments. Brooke and Tom also spoke very positively of her on the Larry King Live episode. I have yet to read or watch any comment that's negative from a fellow cast member or pro.

    Baby Mama--I took Evan's comment the same way you did. Not only that, he said something very similar right after Kate was booted. He even had the comment as his facebook status. He did something similar when Pam was booted. Also, I understood the People article as part of a bigger interview with Evan--just that once he mentioned Kate, they turned it into something bigger than it was. I bet he spoke about other cast members too.

    I think he is a sweetheart and I'm a big fan of his. I met Evan in NYC last week at the appearance at 24 Hour Fitness referred to in the People article. I told him he really inspires me to push my physical limits because I had open heart surgery 2 years ago Saturday. I kid you not he looked up from his signing table, stared me straight in the eye and told me I looked like a million bucks. It was the most genuine comment--I don't think he was lying at all.

    I'm still a little nervous about putting a picture on here but I do have pictures from the event and one with Evan too. If you send a PM, I'll tell you where I do have them posted. I'll also think about using the pic as my avatar for a while.

  73. >>SchmeckyGirl said. . .
    Baby Mama,
    I think there is a difference between getting short with your husband/spouse due to frustration with him or the kids, etc. Lack of sleep adds to irritability, etc. I think all that can be put aside in a good marriage. I don't think that was the case with Kate and Jon. I think Kate berated her husband and didn't respect him. She was controlling and nothing he did was good enough. She was very rude to him even when things were calm and they were being interviewd after the fact. Jon wasn't perfect either. IMO<<

    I think that consists of a lot of assumptions on your part into what's in Kate's head. Each show was a half an hour. Even Jon has admitted that a lot wasn't shown that could put Kate's reactions in context. As for the conditions under which the interviews were, the fact that all hell is not breaking loose on screen during the interview tells you nothing about what was happening before the interview. One thing Kate kept telling Jon to the point that he put a promise to do it in his vows during the vow renewal ceremony was to be proactive, to ask her what he could do to help. She was clearly very moved when he did that.

  74. HeatherAV~ Seriously, how freakin cool is that? I totally want to see the pics. Please send them to my e-mail address (jonkatefanpage@gmail.com)

    PeggyP~ How Schmecky feels about the way Kate treated Jon is how so many women feel. Probably the main reasons why they dislike Kate. But to me, I never saw any of that. In fact for me I saw the opposite. I saw a woman struggling with trying to raise 8 kids, save money for their futures and having a short temper that she needed to control on camera. I act the same way and I can't see how someone could find that abusive. I never thought Kate berated her husband. I just saw it as life in a house with alot of kids and a mortgage.

    Yeah, I could be rude with people when things are calm sometimes when I'm in a pissy mood.. But would I call my realtionship with my husband abusive? no. It really depends on the person watching and how thier marriage is because that's what they are going by. Jon married Kate knowing Im sure what he was getting into.

    What Schmecky is upset with is the way Kate treated Jon during interviews. Was it ok? No, not publically. But I'm sure they had no idea that moms across the US were creating blogs just to talk about it. Kate saw back the footage and has said many times she was upset she went off on Jon. I could never imagine what it would be like to look back at a weeks footage of all that crap that goes on at my house..lol

  75. Baby Mama-I agree totally with your take on things. Well said.

  76. Baby Mama - Jon married Kate knowing I'm sure what he was getting into!

    I have a problem with that sentence. When people marry, they have no idea what life is going to hand them. J&K did fine when they just had the Twins, but adding 6 more to raise is when all the problems started. JMO! That pressure alone, I think changed them both and not for the better.

    Long term marriages survive, I think, because you talk and discuss things with respect for each other. Then problems can maybe be solved between a couple without berating or belittling! Mine lasted 15 years and it was his way or the highway. I hit the road, after he hit me! LOL! Been there!

  77. On a more Happy Note, I couldn't wait for her Birthday so I passed along my peace, Love, World T-Shirt to my Granddaughter last week. They loved it! Thank You again Baby Mama.
    Next Granddaughter is scheduled to be here Monday, so I will be busy running back and forth all next week. YIPPEE!!!!!!!
    Dog sitting too!

    Now, to clean my own house before all the excitement starts. YUCK!

  78. Dear Jon,

    Here's wishing you a Happy Fathers Day! Enjoy yours kids, because they are only little for awhile. Once they they hit those teenage years, they would rather be with their friends.


  79. yawn..good morning everyone. I go to bed way too late lately!

    #1caregiver~ that was nice that you thought of Jon like that. I feel kinda guilty about attacking him all the time, but he hasn't really given many of us a reason to support him. I think that shoving a girlfriend he's known a month down out throats publically, and not doing anything with himself has been fustrating to watch. I really hope he finds something to occupy his time soon, so he doesn't live his life at kiddie carnivals without any of his kids...ugh

  80. Caregiver - So glad you were strong enough to get out before being seriously hurt. God bless!

  81. Can't help but wonder if Kate will be buying the Father's Day gifts for Jon from the kids. I did resent that while a single parent. It was never reciprocated on Mother's Day. It did however, prompt my kids to make the wonderful coupon books for me that they still do. They never did that for their father. I suggested it, and they said "He just wants things and he's told us what to get." It was a dig at me, but I got the better deal in the end. :)

  82. Thanks Linda and even after all the arguing was done, I always helped my kids makes their own home made cards and presents for their Dad. They never went empty handed and I feel it taught them to be respectful and considerate to both of us. Also, I never spent more then a buck or two!

  83. So....I don't believe it but, OMG! has sources saying Steve helped weigh in on the decision about Kate and her "boob job" is how they put it.
    All I can say is that if she did get work done...Good For Her! I think she is looking fabulous lately and I can see she is more confident!

  84. I wonder if the photos of Jon at the kiddie carnival had anything to do with Kate filming K+8 with the kids. Was it some kind of stab that they could have been having more fun with him than they were having "working" as some people call it. It seems no one is taking it that way which is good but I always question his motives due to behavior I have seen. I do hope Kate supports the kids fathers day. I just had a talk with a nephew yesterday about coupon books I think he was trying to get me to give him money for a gift and I was suggesting the coupon books. His particular dad would really get a kick out of it, but he didn't fall for it.

  85. #1 caregiver,
    How wonderful that even with what your ex put you through you are not only able to be such a strong advocate for Jon and father's rights in general, but also able to still help your children when it came to their own father. You sound pretty great to me!

  86. Angelsmama - Thank You! I have always believed that the best way to raise your kids is to role model the appropriate behavior.

  87. My days with work to be getting longer and longer. Whew. I was so ready for a tiny vacation before heading out next month. Wahhh ...whine whine whine; clients are overloading us. I know with so many people unemployed that I have no right to complain. I feel like I barely have time to hug my kids - and everybody knows it takes 100 hugs a day just to keep Mom going. ;)

  88. Fellow scrapbooking fans - If any of you are interested or use their products, Creative Memories is having a huge WOW sale until June 27th. The link is:

  89. Thanks Linda for the link.
    #1CG... Ditto what Angelsmama said

  90. Happy Father's Day, Jon. My wish for you is happiness, stability and the wisdom to know from where true happiness is derived. Look at those 8 smiling faces because fatherhood is demanding. Set an example that they can be proud of; let tabloid memories fade. A strong work ethic example would be a start and offer fulfillment to you. They don't care if Dad makes pizzas, or whatever, but they so need to see you work at something. You can do it but it takes a heck of a lot of dedication and hard work.

  91. Hmmm... Lot's of controversy over the boobs. Wonder whom the "source" was? With paparazzi following every move, exactly WHEN is this supposed to have happened? What? Nobody got the shot?

    Who cares what size her boobs are? Give me a break! It's nobody's business. Gosh, there are 3 on my street that look better endowed all of a sudden. Not my business. However, I was mega happy when they shared the name of the new lingerie manufacturer they'd found. You stand taller, straaighter and the bazoos look fantastic.

    Be the best you can be and look as fantastic as you can Kate!

  92. Linda O, I understand your comments regarding Jon working at anything. But let's play devils advocate here. Wouldn't the kids prefer that he can be there the whole time for his days with them as opposed to having to go to work? I think the kids would appreciate him being there more than them driving by a pizza shop thinking why is dad a bum? They are too young to realize that adults need to contribute financially. Jon's mentality is kid like right now and the kids will be thrilled with his line of thinking. JMO

  93. Good morning again everyone! When Summer starts doesn't the time seem to fly by! I was very busy with field trips this week before the last week of school. Today we are taking the kids to MOMA (Museum of Modern Art) which I love, but it's a looonngg day!

    It was nice to step back a bit to come back fresh to the site. When you get sucked back into the internet, you see again all thse horrible comments made by obviously unhappy people. Its really sad to see. My focus whenever I come back to my site is to have a fun, cheery place for fans of the show to come chat.

    I wont have a new post up until tonight, and will be checking throughout the day for idiot troll sightings. I too was wondering and hoping that Jon has a good Father's Day Weekend with the kids!

    For those that are concerned about Gosselin Garb thank you..I will let you know about the status soon! xoxox

    ZigglyFlo~ I received your e-mail but havent had the time to give it a full run-thru. Will do it tonight!

    Linda~ OMG I am ordering tonight! Have to also really go through what I need/want..I must lol

  94. In their right now line of thinking, of course the kids are going to like having Daddy home playing with them, but they also internalize what it is to be an adult by watching their parents. They learn how to treat people, have relationships, and be responsible through obsrving adults around them whether its good or bad. Also kids that age don't see the pizza guy as a bum, they think it is cool to be a pizza guy or police officer. Now, a teen might feel differntly. Also kids feel more secure when adults act like adults and parents instead of kids and friends. It is cool that he plays with them, but he needs to be more mature than them or he will get into power struggles and the kids won't know where they stand. Having said that, the kids will adore their dad no matter what he does.

  95. Another thing that they both will have to look out for, especially as the kids get older, is to avoid letting the kids play them off against each other.

  96. PegggyP, you got that one, I see that happen soo often and cause a lot of problems. Kids are sooo good at that even in homes where parents are together. Divorced parents have a real challenge on their hands.

  97. I just learned something for iPhone and thought I'd pass it along. If you are on a website or email and you toch the top where the time is it sends you back to the top. Great when you need to reefresh the page

  98. There are new pics of her and the kids at OMG! And she sure is looking amazing...she rocks!!

  99. Hello everyone! It's fresh paper! Today is Tropical Day, to get me all excited for my vacation.. The scent is peaches, mango's and coconuts! Dig into the new posts, and start enjoying Summer! xoxox