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10 Reasons To Watch "Twist of Kate" Looking Through A Specialist's Eyes, Kate & Kids Get A Chicken Coop!

10 Reasons We’ll Be Watching Kate Gosselin’s “Twist Of Kate”:
Kate Torgovnick, The 

Over the past year, Kate Gosselin has come full circle in the court of public opinion. Around this time last year, most people thought of her as the shrewish mother of eight who was constantly nagging and snapping at her laid-back husband, Jon. As soon as they divorced last summer and Jon started dating a string of questionable 20-somethings, Kate became the sane and stable one to Jon’s man-boy. Then, Kate appeared on “Dancing with the Stars,” and again she became the shrew, as rumors flew that she was nasty to her fellow cast members behind the scenes. Well, I’m going to say something controversial. I like Kate Gosselin. I think she’s smart and appreciate her wry, barely-there sense of humor. I think she’s handled herself with restraint and class for the past year while dealing with the end of her marriage under the tabloid microscope. I appreciate how open she is about her emotions, and how hard it is to move on. And while millions will be watching when “Kate Plus 8” premieres on Sunday, I’m looking forward to having a second dose of Kate on television with her brand-new reality show, “Twist of Kate,” coming to TLC soon. After the jump, 10 reasons I’ll be watching.

1.Kate has the best name ever. Not that I’m biased.

2.The concept of the show is a touch schmaltzy, but interesting. Kate takes a letter from a fan struggling through some challenge and visits them to essentially live their lives, meeting their family and doing their job. “She will be in that person’s shoes. And more often than not, it’s not going to be terribly comfortable for her,” says TLC chief Eileen O’Neill. [USA Today]

3.She wrote in a blog post today, “I look forward to being dropped into the lives of interesting and unique people and families. ... Kate on the back of a trash truck, anyone?” Is she really going to be a garbage collector for an episode? Need. To. See. [Us Weekly]

4.OK, fine, I want to see what her hair will look like. Will she keep the extensions or go back to her signature porcupine reverse-mullet?

5.We also know that in one episode, she will be a waitress at Finch’s Restaurant. She was spotted filming there in Raleigh, North Carolina, in December. Will she be able to deal with rude diners without sending them to time-out? [New Raleigh]

6.It’ll be nice to see Kate get a break from caring for eight kids. Perhaps we’ll get to see her real personality rather than the on-edge mom?

7.Perhaps during one of the 12 episodes airing this summer, Kate will meet a guy. How nice it would be to see her out on a date.

8.That said, we’re thankful she’s not the next “Bachelorette.” We’re glad she decided to go this route instead of straight to a dating show.

9.It’ll be fun to guess which life she test-drives next. Here’s hoping that she gets to be a circus performer. Or maybe she could put her “Dancing with the Stars” skills to use, and visit a struggling exotic dancer?

10.Hey, it’s better than a show about Jon.

Kate Plus 8 Through A Specialist's Eyes: (for full video please go to

Kate Gosselin is bringing her brood back to the TLC airwaves on Sunday. It's sure to be a hit with TV audiences, but how does Kate rate with bestselling author and child specialist Betsy Brown Braun? Betsy's the author of Just Tell Me What to Say, and her new parenting guide You're Not the Boss of Me has landed on the Los Angeles Times bestsellers list. The book, subtitled "Brat-Proofing Your 4- to 12-Year-Old Child," gives answers to very specific issues that come along in raising a child in today's world. But is Kate, with TLC cameras back in her family's life, raising a brood of brats? "I didn't get the impression that any of her kids was a brat; she's working really hard to make sure no one is bratty," Betsy says after watching footage of the premiere episode of "Kate Plus 8," airing Sunday at 9/8c.
And, rating the family as a whole? Betsy says, "The kids seemed happy, she seems stressed. I imagine for Kate -- poor thing, really -- that she has eight kids and the whole world is watching her raise these kids. … She's being scrutinized all the time. She must feel tremendous pressure. That really does get in the way of your being a natural, spontaneous parent." In Sunday's episode, the kids are overjoyed to see the return of the TLC crew into their home to shoot their reality show, and Betsy points out that there is a need for a sense of normalcy in a house that's seen many changes.

"Isn't it interesting how kids strive for normal?" she says. "Kids like regularity; they like what they're used to." Although Betsy does caution that the chaotic environment of shooting in the house may present challenges for the Gosselin children. "Kate is very direct and I like that about her; I think she's doing the best that she can," says the child development and behavior specialist. "She actually seemed calmer and more in control and in a more centered place than the last time I saw Kate -- this was before she and her husband separated. ... The kids are always going to be the beneficiaries of the parent's mood and the parent's tone." Betsy adds, "If I were going to make any recommendations for Kate, I would say to her, 'Kate, take care of yourself. Make sure that you're giving to yourself so that your cupboard isn't bare.'" In addition, she advises, "Kate, you need to be the kind of person your kids want to be, because remember, you are a reflection of who your kids are going to grow up to be."

Kate Gosselin: Chicken Coop Family Fun:

Busily filming another sure to be entertaining show, Kate Gosselin was spotted at home with her eight kids and the TLC crew in Reading, Pennsylvania on Saturday. Looking to be in quite the cheerful mood, the 35-year-old was also joined by a group of Pennsylvanian Amish builders who were invited over to help build a chicken coop. The Gosselin gang introduced themselves to their construction team before doing their best to aid in the putting together of the farmhouse structure.

The shoot comes a little less than a week after Kate and the kids made their TV return in "Kate Plus 8 last Sunday, with the family getting set to debut another reality series called "Twist of Kate" to begin this fall. Enjoy more Kate Gosselin and the kids out building a chicken coop at the above link!(June 12).


  1. Baby Mama - thanks for that great smelling BBQ. I suggest we roast Adam Carolla, lol. I thought he was a jerk then; hasn't changed much at all, IMO. It's stormy here so can't do the outside BBQ. We'll have to do it on the inside gas grill. Oh well.

  2. Yeah thanks! Now I'm hungry. LOL :)

    my link is

    Hopefully I can start crafting again now that we are **somewhat** settled and can post some original stuff!

    I would love to see Adam and Kate face off! They are both soo sarcastic it would be great to see Kate take him down a peg. LOL

  3. Ugh sorry this post took so long. Its riddled a hot mess. The video for the specialist kept turing on every time I refreshed the page so I had to pull it. The last time I posted something from EOnline it was starting on the page for weekes. So if you want to hear the content instead of reading it, I attached the link.

    I love the Frisky article Linda told me about. But for some reason I can't get rid of all the space between each of the numbered reasons to watch "Twist of Kate". Still working on it. A bloggers work is never done! Also I hate the color. Everyone likes the green but I think whats driving me nuts is the narrow space in which this blog is. If anyone knows the link in which to stretch it out a bit please let me know.

    Were at a friends place grilling right now hence the grill smell. I love it. I brought my computer so Im tryingt ot get this done before additional plans tonight. Jen do me a favor. Send me a cool small square link like I asked Teresa from Gosselin Garb and I will attach a link on my site. But try to make it more square, because her jpeg for her site is still cut off a bit. Again if anyone knows how to elongate the sidebar please let me know. Its so fustrating that people keep sending me cool stuff and it keeps getting cut off.

  4. Ok I will I am actually working on banners right now. I will see if I can find a tutorial for stretching the side bar. I think I remember reading one at some point. I like the new designer in blogger but you have to change your whole format and header just to use it!

  5. See thats what Im scared of. People keep e-mailikng me and asking me if I'm going to change it. I tried to use another background once and it messed up my whole site. Stretching it a bit would be all I would really like to do. Although some of these backgrounds are cool and would like to play a bit to see if I can do anything different here. You know how us Gemini's are, we always like a bit of change every 6 months ;)

  6. I am a capicorn, but I have that thing about the change every six months, I like to rearrange rooms, (the ones that have a possible alternate layout, that is because some have things that will only fit certain ways. I get soo mad at myself when I start that because I turn a two hour job of cleaning into an all day exhausting affair. If I could paint walls myself instead of having to hire it out, I would be in trouble as it is I pick one color and it stays for 10 years.I hope everybody is having a relaxing day, we are for the first time in about a month

  7. Mr.M grew up in Europe eating Nutella...Only had peanutbutter when they vacationed in Canada. He swears it's just as nutritious as peanutbutter...I have my doubts. Something about a chocolate sandwich just feels wrong to me. My girls love it when daddy makes lunch, he shares his special jar he hides in the garage fridge:0

    I'm looking forward to seeing Kate's a much harder job than most people think.

  8. momsby - I have two kids that are chocoholics but won't touch Nutella. They'll eat the peanut butter version. I use an organic ground peanut version that's pretty coarse. Hubs uses brand name smooth pnut butter. I think it's hard to predict with kids. I just keep trying to expose them to different foods.

  9. One of my girls had a stage were she would only eat lunch if I called it snack and supper had to be called lunch. For some reason it annoyed my husband, I reminded him we needed to pick our battles...really what's the harm as long as she eat's and sometimes we'll never know what is going on in a 3 yo's brain. I get a kick out of kids who think outside of the box;0

  10. One thing I noticed on the first special-Cara & Mady are still very much a team. When Cara got sent to a time-out for calling one of her younger sisters a loser at the birthday party (there was an issue that Hannah "copied" Cara & Mady's successful orange juice squeezing technique), Mady took off with her, ignoring Kate's calling to her that she (Mady) was OK.

  11. LOL!! I'm a gemini too and I must restrain myself from rearranging my home or I will drive my family bonkers! I know what you mean about the accommodations on here. I just noticed they included a new feature on our dashboard for new backgrounds, I played with it all but 5 minutes before I began to feel a migraine emerging, and as you said my pages were all crazy looking. Stretched out but all over the place very time consuming :sigh:

  12. Welcome PeggyP and all my new commenters! I'm in the process of changing up the site a bit. Give me your opinions and let me know what you think. The other template with the grass has a white background. I really don't like it. What do you think about this? Do you like the background dark, with a white font, or do you prefer a white background with black wording?

    CraftyMom~ I tried several times to widen the sidebar and it came out great, but I couldn't get the left side to shift as well. I know about the outer-wrapper, but the site still didn't look nice.. So someone suggested I change the whole template with all these great new options. Hey I gotta get new readers & Bloggers right? Gotta spice it up a bit! Let me know what you think..

  13. Baby Mama - I'm all for change. Sometimes You just gotta make a change.

    My suggestion. If you go with this, the banner needs to be wider so no gap on right. If needed, let me know and I'll expand the logo banner wider.

    I love the photo from People, but maybe think about dropping it now???

    Maybe make text darker in the sidebar. It's tougher for me to read that gray on gray contrast.

    If you decide you don't like something you can always change it back, right?

  14. This is clever, I would rather not have the white background since it reminds me of some other sites. I had totally forgotten until it was mentioned on twitter that today would have been the Gosselin's eleventh anniversary. Time flies soo quickly. To think last year at this time I was just learning that this blog existed

  15. Linda took the words right out of my mouth. Those would be my suggestions. :)

  16. I like the dark background. But not the blue print, it seems to move as i try to read it. LOL.

  17. tiggerfan1965~ haha ok, I will not do the blue anymore. It moves?? I wan't what your having! lol And yeah apparently I'm told not to do the white as apparently I don't want to be branded as a copycat when I am the original! How crazy is that. 2 1/2 years and noW that there are all these sites, I'M THE COPYCAT ;)

  18. No you are never a copycat. I just like how your site looks sooo very different from GWOP, DWOP(Duggars) and that awful one where the flies come from. It is refreshingly beautiful. I made the mistake of disgusting myself by going to one of them recently.

  19. thanks hon, I always appreicated your loyalty to the site. But as everyone knows, when a show becomes popular again 50 newbie sites come up. I'm trying hard to not look dated. Take my new poll!

    New Article On Radar: Hailey Wants To Take Jon To Court On Judge Judy!

    He accused her of breaking into his apartment. But Hailey isn’t stopping there. In an exclusive interview with, Jon’s ex says she wants to plead her case publicly- on the television show Judge Judy.

    “I want to take him on Judge Judy and make him pay my lawyer’s fees,” Hailey told “He tried to frame me [for his apartment break-in] when it was really him setting me up.” As reported, Jon accused Hailey of breaking into his NYC apartment last December and claimed she stole several of his belongings including the TV and furniture."But obtained text messages from Jon to Hailey in which he clearly tells her “take the furniture and t.v. That is a gift.”

    She has since been cleared of any wrong doing and the NYPD has cleared her as a suspect. The break-in was never solved and a source within the NYPD told that the police felt Jon staged the burglary as a publicity stunt. “Anyone else in my position would be going for the jugular,” Hailey told “He could have ruined my life for trying to frame me for his own selfish reasons. And he’s going to pay for it.”

  20. Somebody emailed me that Judge Judy said NO on ROL. I haven't been there so don't know if true, lol

  21. OMG I would seriously pay money to see Judge Judy rip into Jon!!!! Can you imagine what she'd have to say about Jon's antics??????

  22. Baby Mama-Thanks for the kind welcome.

    I do like strong contrast between print and background but it's a very nice looking web site.

  23. I remember wanting Suze Orman to give him a smackdown during the bank accountgate and she would have if they would have agreed, but I am wondering why Hailey isn't settling this in a real court like she should instead of dragging it into the public. If she has the proof she says she has, she would have a good case, of course I don't know how she can get money out of him if he doesn't have any. Its amazing how quiet, Mr Sleazebag, (I mean Heller) has been through all of this. Rabbi Schmulley also has nothing to say. I love how Kate's lips stay sealed on this

  24. Baby Mama - So far, I like the changes, reminds me of kinda a stars wars affect. Outerspace maybe??? White and orange font is easy on the eyeballs, but at the top of your sidebar the font is harder to read when it's black on gray. That part should be changed, JMO! LOL. I agree with Linda, your header needs to be widened, and then your good to go!
    How's that for a critique from one who can't learn her own computer stuff! Have a great day and you did a great job, again!

  25. About Hailey - The producer of Judge Judys' show said to ROL that she is a real Judge and will not hear Haileys' case. The do not get involved with celebrities that just want the PR. It's on ROL, so you can read the whole thing. OPPS!, OMG!, I just called Hailey a celebrity, what was I thinking, I need more coffee I guess.

  26. Caregiver. - Interesting comment on Judge Judy. IMO it's just entertainment though. The text crawl at the bottom of the screen says both parties agree to abide by the decision. Also says both parties receive remuneration for their appearance. IMO perhaps that's one reason Hailey wanted to go there - at least she'd get something as well as the notoriety. JMO.

  27. Wow, BM, looking snazzy! Very eye catching.

    Glad to hear Judge Judy won't hear their case. Although it' would've been interesting seeing her tear into them.

    Do you all see the article in the Reading Eagle? Too **** petty to put Kate's name in the title - "local connections".

    What pathic people that run that newspaper!

  28. I think it's wonderful that the kids are spending time at Dad's place. I do wish he'd buy some bunkbeds or something. I guess PA laws are different. I believe in NC the non-custodial parent taking kids for visitation is required to have adequate beds. You can't have them sleep in sleeping bags unless it is a camping trip. Don't know if that is still the rule and don't know about PA law. It'd be a shame for Jon to be denied visitation because of no beds.

  29. BM - I found this program and I've been working with it. It's pretty easy to use and gives you zillions of options.

  30. Have a great day all! Having cousins for lunch as they travel through the area and clients over for dinner. Maybe a BBQ if weather holds since Baby Mama planted the idea.

  31. Linda, You've got a good point about the beds.
    Why are 'they' screaming about that?
    Oh I forgot, it's JON.
    Well, at least he seems to be seeing them on a regular basis now, that's the thing that counts most.

  32. Hey guys! Been a while. And it's probably going to be a while more since I'll be busy these next couple of days. The blog looks great! I thought I walked into the wrong house!

    I still didn't get to watch Kate Plus 8 yet! I did start to last night after my husband fell asleep but Kate was shrieking so much at Sea World that it woke him up a few times. I had to turn it off. Oh well... the kids were adorable though.

    It's possible the sleeping bags are temporary. I don't see what the big deal is for now, or even for the future.

    Beds for 8 children take up a lot of room, not to mention the expense for someone that doesn't have an income. The beds they sleep in at home were free. Come to think of it, weren't the sleeping bags too?

    Jon only has a two bedroom apt, no? Where would he put four bunk beds anyway? The most he can probably fit is two. The room would have to be huge to fit two bunk beds that have a full mattress on the bottom and a twin up top. That would still only hold the tups. The twins could sleep on a pull-out sofa. So much for privacy. Jon could sleep on the sofa while they sleep in his room I suppose. But he still has to be able to go in his room when he needs something. More privacy issues. What about when the girls and boys can't share a room... then what? Not sure how well it's going to work out but the important thing is they spend time with their dad.

    They can't have two huge houses to fit all the kids comfortably. It's too bad they can't, but I don't think it's realistic to think they would.

    I like the new blog template Big Mama! lol. Actually I typed Big instead of Baby by accident but thought it was funny...

  33. I keep wondering if Jon has heard about aero beds-the inflatable mattresses. I have a very damaged lumbar spine that is very sensitive, and I have found aero bed mattresses very comfortable, firm but not too hard. Since they can be deflated, they are much easier to store when not in use and they come with their own motor to inflate them.

  34. I completely agree that being with Dad is more important than the bed situation. I was afraid that one of Jon's many lawsuits would bite him in the hinny if anybody raised the issue of sleeping arrangements and I'm glad it didn't. Sometimes courts can be rigid though. Visitation with both parents is important to the well-being of children. I hope it works and continues!

  35. I think that the lawyer said Jon's place had several bedrooms and he's only had it a couple of months. He might be not wanting to invest in beds until he sees if visitation at the apartment is even going to work for him. Also it's quite possible that the sleeping bags could be on air mattresses, he did buy some during the camping episode so he does know about them. I also think they are only at his apartment for short periods like weekends and the Duggars had 15 kids and were still sleeping in a small 3 bedroom house before they finished their big one. I think it is sad that now we have to have laws to regulate bedrooms for kids, when I was a kid spending summers or week ends with cousins at my grandma's we loved sleeping on a pallet in the living room. It was a punishment to get sent to the bedroom or else you went there if you were sick so everyone else wouldn't catch it. I only wish tlc would have edited out the sleeping bag part because it feeds the fire.

  36. Good afternoon everyone! Had a very busy day today! Sorry getting on so late! Schmecky, it's all good, glad you are liking the site. I kinda thought I lost you there ;) I'm trying not to take alot of that personally these days. I'm trying to jazz up the site a bit so people want to come back and not go elsewhere...The opinions on the look of the site are neck and neck so I will be making a decision based on the poll so make sure you vote.

    PeggyP~ I bought an Aero Bed 2 months ago at Bed Bath & Beyond. My brother stayed over and was hysterical laughing when he woke up at 3am on the floor! It was the second bed I bought that must have had a hole in it. We were peeing in our pants and finally bought a nice matress for the spare room.

    Linda I agree with you 100% that sleeping bags are just fine. They are all probably jut having a blast having sleepovers anyway. That doesn't even concern me as much as the spotlight-loving girlfirend sleeping over. They have not even been dating 2 months at this point and Jon's already making sure she's in every "hugging" shot.

  37. BM - truly not being a smart alec, but what is wrong with people going to all the pro sites? It would seem to me the support of Kate would be stronger, especially to the media and the haters, if it was shown that there were more than one successful pro-Kate site out there?

    I try to visit and post on all the pro Kate sites that I'm aware of to support Kate and to support the pro- Kate sites. Sometimes I have more time than others, sometimes I'm able to post a lot and sometimes not much. I know I came into the game late, but I don't understand why there has to be any competition between the pro boards. Each one has something different to offer.

    Or did I take your statement wrong?

  38. Ziggyflo I think Baby Mama's issue with other sites is Just with the ones that copy and paste directly from this one to make themselves a site and I have seen it. There are also hate sites that spend as much and more time attacking and dissecting what we say over here than anything Gosselin.

  39. ZiggyFlo~ You did not take my statement wrong at all. I have always endorsed and been supportive of all sites out there that aren't hate sites. My faves are the ones that really try to get a good debate. But they never last long because the person who hosts the blog sets the tone for the site. And if a true fan goes on there and tries to enjoy the show, how long will it take before it gets uncomfortable? I wish all sites the best. We all are here for the same cause..

    What I got upset about recently was another fan site that popped up and literally took half the stuff from my site. The same template, photos everything. As well as.. some of my readers. Its fine, Im over it, but I have a right to be upset. Everyone including myself are trying to look and appear different. Ive been here the longest, so for the record, have not copied

    People can disagree with me, but I do have the right to treat my site like it's my own child. I have put parts of my life into it. I was here when there were no others, and I will be here still when the newbies disappear. When it gets bullied on the playground, I protect it. I get sad when it's friends move on. I enjoy those that are here and appreciate the relationship I create with everyone that posts their feelings here, both for and against Kate Gosselin. It's ok to not understand.. ;)

    Did I explain that right?

  40. JMO, but who is making the big fuss about sleeping bags? I was just happy to find out that they were allowed to spend the night, finally. It's about time these two adults, J&K, settled into a somewhat normal exchange of kids. The kids probably love it!

    SG - Welcome back! I was beginning to feel a loss of words without you. LOL about the sleeping bags at the house being free. LMAO! Also, so were the air mattress that Kate uses for her camp outs. So they should share and share alike, because that stuff was for the kids, RIGHT? Children should be able to take stuff back and forth if they want to!
    Thanks cu!

  41. WOW, it's like magic. I hit post and all the colors changed instantly.

  42. OMG. I'm hiding out in the kitchen, lol. I have guests who asked if they could watch Toddlers and Tiaras. I just don't and can't do that. So I'm checking sauces and almost hoping for the current storm to zap the power. Can't grill outdoors do will do the gas indoors again. Geez! Why don't people protest about those kids? Over and over I hear them say, "I don't want to do this!!!!"
    yuck. Sorry, my bias showing.

  43. And Baby Mama changed the background again or the storm zapped it, lol

  44. Baby Mama, was that you or was it me??

  45. Guys forgive me. I know everyone is going bonkers about me and my insecurities about my site. I kept thinking that if I didn't step up with the times and get a new and improved blog like everyone else, that I would lose my readers. Normally I do this late at night. But since the baby is napping I am trying a few more things. The biggest complaint people were having seemed to be the darkness and the rain on the site with Summer here. So happy day! The poll is neck and neck so I might scrap all this and go back to the old look of my site. Just this way I have more room on the right which I like soo....

    I am also changing the post a bit. I hate Adam Corolla aned Kate just bought a chicken coop! So look out for the new adjustment to this post! xoxox

  46. Baby Mama, I understand the need to update the site. I don't think you have to worry that much. Your site attracts readers with the tone of the debate, the site then becomes an added bonus.

    My feedback re: your site is: I have trouble with the black on grey. Also, I found this one took a bit longer to load up.I liked the previous change, but I understand it was a bit dark. I like the contrasting colour, can't remember what it was.

  47. Looks like SG spends all her time on Sage way witout pitty. She's on that blog all day. Oh and the 15 minutes blog.

  48. Well, last I heard you could post wherever. SG us a big girl and can do whatever. :)

  49. Ziggy, and others post a lot of places. I don't even have time to read other sites, lol.

  50. This site is the best anyway! Who needs to go to another blog?? I kid I kid.. I have a serious headache from changing the colors 50 times. I'm so sorry about this guys!

  51. Love the farm backdrop much better than the rain backdrop because the colors are NOT playing tricks on my eyes. Sorry Baby Mama, no alcohol or drugs here, just me. LOL

    Schmecky........many people including yourself have stated the Gosselins got the beds free, and other stuff. Where does this info come from? I remember seeing Kate write a check for the beds, in the store. Did they get reimbursed sometime after, before?
    June 13, 2010 8:39 PM

  52. Sorry about all the deletes, i couldn't load the pic correctly.

  53. tiggerfan-There are a lot of assumptions out there about what the Gosselins did or did not get for free. My personal pet peeve is the claim that the Commonwealth of PA has provided for their college educations so the parents don't have to so, as the khaterz rationale goes, Kate is lying about needing to work to provide for that. All that happened was the then Lt. Gov. opened ACCOUNTS for each of the 8 under the Tuition Account Program (TAP) that she created as PA Treasury. IIRR, she put small (like $25) of her own money to open the accounts & announced that the public could contribute. The state doesn't release what if anything was donated. The state itself didn't contribute a penny to it.

  54. PeggyP~ You are so right. Why is it anyones right to know exactly how much is in there? Even now that they are all getting paid, are they still trying to catch Kate in some sort of lie? Idiots. They hate just to hate. How sad must you life be to live hating someone?

    tiggerfan~ love you new pic and I deleted all the posts, don't worry. I thought you got sick or something since my site has gone through so many changes in the past hour. I'm told trolls are on right now copying and pasting as we speak! Apparently they must hear what I'm saying at all times..scary ;)

    fascinated~ Im sorry this one is taking longer to load. I have to ask Craftymom to help me again since she did wonders for everyone that reads it on a cell phone..

  55. Baby Mama this site looks good too and it is easier to read the m the dark one. Don't go back to the old one now after doing such a good job!

    The only problem I am having is scrolling down, it's running slow using the bottom arrows. Then when I use that slide bar it goes way to fast. Trouble might be on my end because I have been blowing fuses and losing power on and off for 2 days.

  56. I just made a full batch of Thomas Hummus, I like to call it Gosselin Hummus. Just wait until I give some to some hummus loving relatives (store bought) they will want the recipe and I will show them it in Kate's book LOL. I just get a kick out of how her kids love it, the kids I know wont touch it, of course they weren't introduced to it young enough probably. I also think it was really cool the other night on the show how they showed the kids digging into the veggies. Other kids are going to see that veggie positive message.
    I agree about not knowing what was given to the Gosselins, we do know that they got groceries at Sams' Club, boots, and a meal out for the first episode as well as logistical assistance with the tummy tuck and airconditioning for the trip to Florida from TLC because Kate told us in her last book. She also has always been honest about the trips and such things as Ellen De Generes Show giving them bikes. Kate has been far more honest about stuff given to them than any of the other families on TLC. Even commenters on a LPBW blog that I go to occaisionally have commented on that. As much money as Kate brings in for others I believe she deserves all the freebies she can get.

  57. tashapork,
    I'm sorry, I don't remember where I read or saw about the beds being free. I'd have to see the episode again.

    Also, I really do feel that a lot of the "handing over a check or ccto pay for stuff" on the show was just for show a lot of times.

    I can explain further tomorrow.

  58. IMO...alot of the rumours about what the G's have & have not received are based on Pennymoms tall tails & Aunt julie/jodi's blog. Some folks really like to make rumours & gossip a fact, and of course if it's in the must be true.
    Linda...I have a real issue with T&T, so much so that I changed the channel when the commercials came on during K+8. It gives me the willies just thinking about is forbidden in my home. Extreme, I know but I in no way want to support it. I'm not going to create a hate-blog about it or anything but I do wonder were the Child Advocates are with that show? If anyone ever sees a petition let me know ;0

  59. Schmecky~ that may be true, but as long as The Ronald McDonald house got money, what does it matter how it got there. If TLC is paying them thats great. But I always thought that Kate gave that money from her family, and would like to see if you know otherwise..If that's what you are referring to.

    As far as the beds, I do not think they were giving them FREE beds, but I'm sure they got a nice discount.

  60. BM - I think you explained yourself very well. I do understand the feeling towards your site. I know the time I have put into mine (tried new template last night, didn't like it, went to restore site and it messed up & now have to fix what it broke before I get back to working on new template!) I can also understand the frustration if someone essentially stole your entire site. I take things sometimes that I've misssed from another site, but only the content concerning Kate and try to find my own links. I do NOT take anyone else's design (not accusing you of accusing me, the sites are too different for that to be a possibility) but I know I would be ticked if someone stole nearly my entire site, but my template was free for me and is free for anyone else, but not the content. I identify to a certain extent with your frustration as there's been several time that info I've found has been posted elsewhere when it was clear the info was gotten from my site, without giving myself credit. I always try to give credit when I get my info from another's site. I'm seldom at the computer non stop, the circumstance of my life don't have time for that, I'm off and on all day long & sometimes do things in a hurry and do forget to give credit where it's due, but I do try to remember to do that. Then sometimes, people just find the same stuff and post it about the same time.

    What I found 'upsetting' (too strong a word -concering, I guess is better, to me is that you stated you did't want anyone to post anywhere else BUT your site. I found that statement rather, unfair? is that the right word I'm looking for?

    I understand there are fan sites which pop up and they've copied from other sites and then don't maintain their site and I understand I'm new to the game, but just becaue I'm a new comer doesn't mean I'm 'unworthy' so to speak. It felt as if you were encouraging people not to post at other sites, which would include my own.
    Although I'm a newcomer, that doesn't mean I'm going to disappear. IF I would disappear it would only mean that the things in my own life have changed for the worse and require all my attention. I have never said on my site for anyone not to go to any site, pro or hate. I feel that is for each individual to make their own choice and would never encourage them to or not to.

    I guess I also took it sort of personnally as I have tried to support your site by posting here and then to read where you didn't want any of your posters to post somewhere else and indicated you wanted your site to be the only pro Kate site of any worth, felt insulting to me.

  61. Ziggy~ Don't ever feel insulted. My personality is what it is. The comment I made was a was really after feeling the fustration of the situation happening in blogland, all these new blogs in the past couple of months. My personality is different in that I write how I feel, sometimes joking, somestimes not..and it's hard for those that are new to tell the difference.

    For a long time being the only one taking the hits for a long time and fighting the fight on my own was fustrating. It's never easy when others try to make you feel that in their shorter existance they have created something better than you, that took years. I guess I have learned that many became sucessful quickly learning from my mistakes, and I guess I should be proud of that.

    I don't want to explain myselfr further, I don't think it will make a difference or make you understand better where I'm coming from. Just that I appreciate everyone that comes on my site. End of story :)

  62. UGH This is another Jon Gosselin Article That Pisses Me Off!

    Jon Gosselin Heads to a Kiddie Carnival Without His KidsPosted by Erin Blakeley on June 10th, 2010 at 10:00 pm

    Did I miss the moment when Job Gosselin announced his retirement? Check out these photos of Gosselin, alone, at a kiddie carnival. Where are his kids? Not with him. Does this guy seriously have nothing better to do in the middle of the day than try to pop some balloons with a a few darts? What next? Images of Gosselin trying to join a little league team, or making his own teddy bear at Build-a-Bear Workshop? Is this the image he wants his kids to see, of him loafing around all day doing nothing? I’m beginning to be embarrassed for him. And I’m also beginning to think Kate Gosselin is a master of restraint, because while she has gently suggested a few times that he should maybe pitch in and get a job, if I were her, I would be screaming it from the rooftops.

    More photos of Jon Gosselin not working, and seemingly rubbing Kate’s face in it, on the page.

  63. Maybe that's why he can't get a job, those who are hiring don't want pictures of him goofing off in their workplace. He surely could get a job in a daycare or summer camp, he has experience with kids and likes to play. I wish he would get through his head that it is not the amount of income that he brings in as much as the fact that he is bringing in some and the work ethic example given to his kids.

  64. BM I LOVE the background I think it fits perfectly with summer! My opinion is keep it!!!

  65. Well, I can only speak for myself and I have no desire or intention to try to overtake anyone as the 'most popular site'. Nor have I ever in my short exsistence ever indicated that I created anything better than anyone else, especially anyone that's been around longer. Evidently there were previous difficulties in which I'm not aware, was not involved in and don't think I deserve to suffer any of the fall out for that.

    I shouldn't be discounted because of things which took place before my time. I've tried to be supportive and respectful to all the pro blogs and no desire nor intention to get caught up in what ever happened in the past.

    But I really feel like my blog doesn't deserve to be dismissed or people told in general not to post simply because I'm new to the pro Kate blogs. I made a huge effort to try to try to make my blog different as to not step on anyone's toes. And just because I'm new doesn't mean I don't have something valid to bring to the table.
    That's all I have to say. Unless I'm ever requested not to by a blog owner, I've no concern about what happened in the past and will continue to support all pro Kate blogs.

  66. Personally, I think it's cool that the number of blogs that are fair to and supportive of Kate and the kids are increasing. It has to be driving the khaterz nuts! IMHO, all their venom has accomplished it to create a backlash in Kate's favor.

    For Baby Mamma-It may take some getting used to the idea that you now have people who have your back now and you're not out there taking the hits alone for having the nerve to be a voice of reason in a torrent of hate. Thank you for doing that. Please keep up your good work.

  67. PeggyP~ you are so right! Going further on something so unimportant takes away from all of the Kate supporters on the web!

    ZiggyFlo~ You have a great site, and an even better voice! I love what you bring to the table and hope you continue to do so. Thanks for saying how you feel. I hope we are cool now! xoxo

  68. ZiggyFlo - I do appreciate your research on the advertisers. I did go to your site and read it. I copied it for my research records but for referencing (I'd neverbpist it elsewhere.). I thanked you here but not on your site. It's been ages since I've been elsewhere to other sites. I can barely keep up with this site and just don't have the spare minutes to read elsewhere.

    All of us have our quirks. Mine is that I'd never post on sites that let anonymous posters in. Not directed at you at all - just several years ago got frustrated with sites where most of the people go as anonymous. I realize that people can create any screen name but my personal preference is that they have to choose something. I no longer go to ROL etc. either. I was glad when TLC stopped anonymous posts also.

    Have a good evening.

  69. BM - we're totally cool --

    Linda, no problem with your quirks. I never really thought about the anonymous thing as most who post as that sign their name at my place, or are supportive of Kate. I think it would be an issue for me if most posted as anon without signing their name & were hate posts. Again, no problem with your 'quirks'.

    I posted the breakdown because three things which hit me when I watched the shows on the first run, the number of sponsors, the quality of said and Intel. Then the haters starting yapping about boycott,writing sponsors. I knew the quality and quantity of sponsors they wouldn't make a dent in their advertising and how on this earth in todays world could one boycott Intel unles as I saw one poster here put it, lived off the grid and ate seeds! I mainly put it up to needle them. I don't mind anyone referencing it or using it at all, I just ask that if you ever use it in any form, just say from Ziggy, that's all I ask, as I did sit down and watch through the shows again twice to make sure I had it right. Although not watching through twice in the same sitting, I do want credit for sitting on my butt watching TV for all those hours! If you find it useful to support Kate, have at it.

  70. Yawn...Good morning everyone! Ugh I am so exhausted w/one eye open. I'm on my phone and it literally took me a sec. to refocus my eyes! I wasn't used to reading black print! You phone readers like Schmecky & Crafty gotta tell me how you like it! I gotta say I like seeing the pretty grass!

    I can't imagine Kate wanting to add another load of responsibilty on like a chicken coop. I had a dream about chickens last night and I swear subliminally it was telling me that's the new name for the haters. Kate must be strong for sure, because those suckers are alot of maintenance and alot to deal with! I'm much happier getting my eggs from Stop & Shop.. :)

  71. Whenever I think the khaterz can't get any more foul minded, they manage to descend still further. On the ROL chicken coop pictures (the photo site, not the article) there's one photo of Kate, who's on her mobile phone, looking up and a bit sideways at a very tall crew member approaching her & the commenter believes that she couldn't be more obviously flirting. On another photo, the commenter acknowledges that she's on her mobile phone but imagines that she's talking to Steve & "dumping" him for a younger, hotter man. Give me a break!! The poor woman is wearing a t-shirt, shorts (not short-shorts), and her hair is pulled back with a headband & directing building a chicken coop while her kids observe. These people are projecting their own fantasies on her. Don't get me wrong. Kate's a healthy, attractive woman who's still young & she's now legally free. I hope she meets a nice guy who'll love her and her kids, but the khaterz want her in a burqa & celibate as punishment for, in their eyes, not being worthy of Jon, & not being deferential.

  72. I was not referring the the Ronald McDonald House, but I do think it makes a difference if TLC donated the money but made it look like Jon and Kate did personally. But still, that's not what I was referring to.

    There were quite a few episodes where they shopped and then made a display of paying for the items, whatever they were.

    Those companies all got free advertising on the show. Some of it very blatant. There had to be some kind of exchange for it. Even the time they all made a show of shopping for charity at Kmart and the gifts for xmas at Toys R Us. Those were obvious company/product placement episodes. I do not believe Jon and Kate actually had to dish out any of their own money for any of that in the long run. However they were compensated or reimbursed by the company or TLC doesn't really matter in my opinion. I think it was all for "show".

    Now, if Jon and Kate just got paid their regular pay for those episodes and they bought/donated those items with their "earned" money and weren't compensated in any other way by the company or TLC then that is a totally different story. I just do not think that was the case.

    I can't go back in my mind now and give the specifics as to why I believe that. I really don't recall. It was the opinion I formed at the time for whatever reason, whether it was stated on the show somehow or elsewhere.

  73. I like how someone tried to get me "in trouble" for posting elsewhere. LOL! Just to set the record straight, Baby Mama, is not my real mama. She can't punish me. ;)

    Baby Mama knows she's my number one, go to blog for all things Gosselin. Actually she is the only fan site I post on. I do post on other non-fan sites, but you all shouldn't be interested in them anyway. lol.

    *waves to #1caregiver Nice to see you!

  74. PeggyP,

    I agree that making up the various scenarios from a still picture is not credible. I don't agree with drawing conclusions from one pic in most cases. I too find it frustrating when people seem to post things as fact based on one pic.

    However, I do think a lot of people make up those scenarios in a joking/snarking manner. I'm sure someone did believe she was "flirting" in that one pic (didn't see it). But I don't think the majority of people jump to those conclusions seriously. IMO.

  75. Baby Mama,

    LOVE the grey background with the black type!

  76. Ziggy and others,

    Regarding the boycotting of sponsors, especially intel...

    When you boycott a product based on your personal feelings about who or what that company is promoting there are obviously things you have to take into consideration.

    If one company has a monopoly/monopsony on a product or technology it is a lot harder to boycott them. People can still write letters/emails voicing their concerns.

    In most cases it's simply a matter of switching name brands, such as start using the detergent of one company over another. Something like that is much easier.

    In other cases, you just have to do the best you can. Maybe you can't boycott all of them, or just don't want to. Or maybe you have a spouse that doesn't agree with your boycott of a certain product.

    For example: My new Samsung 3D tv was just shipped. I recently saw Samsung on your list. I'm not canceling my shipment. It's the tv I want because of the features and size and availability, etc. I also don't see my husband going along with me on cancelling it if that's what I did want to do. However, I chose a Pioneer receiver when I ordered it. Yes, the features had a part in it, but since they were neck and neck I went with the Pioneer. Thankfully my husband wanted that one too. Now I can technically write to Samsung and tell them I chose the Pioneer over theirs because they promote child exploitation. Not that I will. Hhhmmmm. Maybe? lol.

    Anyway, I just wanted to give another view to the boycotting, etc. Most times it's just a matter of choosing one name brand over another and not very difficult or life changing.

  77. Okay, I'm off for the day... Have to bring salad greens to the school for the teacher's luncheon and then off to the mall. Have a great day ladies! Try not to miss me too much! Or start rumors that I no longer post here because Baby Mama has been replaced. ;)

  78. I like the new background and thanks for adding my button! Site is loading a little slower on my phone but way better than before.if you need help with resizing your banners I'm sure Linda or I could help!

    Don't you think Jon's kids would've liked to go with him? Oh wait he's reliving his youth that his kids robbed him of, that's right. Loser!

    I really miss stop & shop. It was my favorite store when I lived in RI.

  79. Baby Mama - hope you got the revised logo/banners and were able to open the file. If not, just let me know. :)

  80. SchmeckyGirl - Good luck with your salad greens and have fun at the mall. Sometimes I forget that northern schools are still in session. I think you start later than we do (we start mid-August); our kids have been out for weeks.

  81. UGH~We don't end until the 23rd here. But We start up again 2 days after Labor Day! Seriously, I'm glad they are still in school. I would be ripping my hair out. I'm liteally making money just to pay for Camp & Gymboree! lol

    Schmecky~ You don't owe me anything, but your comments were just enough to stroke my ever gentle ego..You know how it need it! lol Seriouly though, we all know how I have wanted to chage my name and get rid of the "mama" thing from my infertility days, but I m so famous in Bloggerland it's counterproductive at this point. But I would be proud to be anyones "mama" on this board!

    Linda~I'm a hot mess with this template thing. Computers were never my strong point. Lookingt into it now. You were up TOO late last night young lady. But as allways I appreciate all you do to make my site "purdy".. ;)

  82. Schmecky~ I forgot to add that if you posted on other fan sites you would break my heart..PLEASE PLEASE DON'T HURT ME IN THIS WAY!

    My cold, mean heart could never handle it........xoxoxox

  83. SchmeckyGirl - I'd defend everybody's right to an opinion based on whatever, be it the angle of the moon, the color of somebody's car, whatever! The feeling/thought/opinion/ that the beds, the house, the McDonald house items, the toys for cancer kids - all being free and not paid for by the Gosselins is opinion. Opinion you are entitled to have, but I don't think it can be called fact.

    If you can actually find a source for the beds, etc. being gifts, I'd really like to know about it! I've searched for a good six months and I have been completely unable to find any documentation.

    On regular TV sometimes promotional considerations are paid, and you actually see that "tag" at the end of the shows. For example on game shows. IMO, those promotional considerations go to the network and not necessarily to the people on the shows.

    That said, I remember 4 different times that you stated here that you though TLC greatly underpaid the Gosselins. Again, sorry, but I consider that to be opinion also. If a person agrees to work for a set sum, how can paying them that amount be underpaying them? Whether or not they did or did not have legal representation for their first season contract, it's pretty clear from the agreement they signed with their reps (ones that Kate still uses btw) there was legal representation after season 1.

    Fairness of pay:
    If you agree to work for me for say $50 a day, and you find out that I'm making $5,000 a day, would that make what I paid you unfair? IMO, no it doesn't.
    Could I make the same argument and say if I paid you the $50 a day which you asked for, and I went in the hole $5k a day, should I ask you to give me back what I paid you? IMO, no again.

    I'd love to find some conspiracy with TLC. We could "out" it and make bazillions. Just kidding - I don't think it's there or somebody would have sold the story to ROL, E!, Insider, etc.

    I do not agree by any means with all of TLC's programming. What I like, I watch. What I don't like, I change the channel..

  84. SchmeckyGirl - btw, I personally don't care where you post, lol. I'd never know about the non-fan sites because I don't go there. I figure you're a big girl and you can and do make your own decisions.

  85. Ok someone named Amanda e-mailed me to ask me where Kate gets her noise machine that the kids sleep with and how much they cost..Before I pass this to Gosselin Garb, does anyone know what she is talking about? What episode was this shown in?Am I am bad superfan for not knowing this info? If anyone knows PLEASE HELP!

    "Can you tell me more more about using a noise machine and fans when the kids are sleeping? What kind of noise does the machine make? Where do you get it and approximately how much does it cost? What is the logic behind the fans, is it for noise also or to circulate air?"

  86. Okay, IMO what difference would it make if the Gosselins receive a bazillion freebies? That could also be called "payment" for services. I'd want to make sure they paid taxes on those freebies (yep the government always wants their "cut") but beyond that, what difference would it make.

    Imagine the "rush" of being able to go into a store and say, "I like that handbag. If you give it to me free, you'd get zillions of free photos of it and make a bundle selling it."

    She's stated some freebies - "the hair extensions" paid for by People. I just can't imagine that it would be any different for the beds, the shoes, the handbags, the clothes. Kate's pretty blunt. If all those were freebies, I don't think she'd have a problem saying it. She stated the Discovery Cover trip was an invitation. So what would be the difference with the beds, the handbags, the dresses, etc. JMO, but I don't think Miss Kate would hesitate to say those were gifts if they were.

    Uh, kinda strange if everything is a freebie that Kate mostly shops at Ann Taylor Loft (and not Neiman-Marcus); or Gymboree for the kids instead of the designer clothing stores for kids.

    I just can't find this huge conspiracy with TLC. I think some underling would have spilled the beans long ago if it were true.

    It's too bad Kate doesn't have a copyright/trademark on her likeness, lol. Maybe she could collect royalties from all the paparazzi. (You can't copyright somebody taking a photograph of you in a public place. That's too bad!) I find it debatable and sleezy to take photographs of them on their own property; to me that's NOT a public place! And once the photo is snapped, it legally belongs to the photographer.

  87. Oops Baby Mama. That banner/logo is way too big right now! Let me know which of the ones you used and I'll reduce it. Working late I must have screwed up big time, lol.

  88. Baby Mama (and Amanda) - we travel with a noise machine for our kids. You can use discs of whatever sounds you like. (I must have missed this being used on a Gosselin show though - just don't recall it.) Our kids have trouble sleeping away from their own home beds. Sometimes we use a disc with the sound of "waves at the beach," etc. It's nothing more than a glorified boom box but it will keep recycling the disc over and over on a continuous loop. That helps my kids sleep.

    I bought mine years ago when some of my babies couldn't sleep without noise. I'd wind up those doggone musical mobiles - they'd sleep and as soon as the music quit, they'd wake up again. It was a solution. Also our pediatrician said to have kids sleep with noise because they'd learn to "not" be light sleepers. That was not to be true, lol, but the noise machine works.

  89. Linda,
    I have no problem with Kate getting freebies. That wasn't my point at all.

    I just think it's deceitful to make it seem like you are paying for it by pulling out a check or cc and making a show of paying for it.

    Yeah, that banner is huge.

  90. Anyone have any good ideas for a gift for a Kindergarten teacher as a thank you/good bye? Lots of mommies here to ask... and where is Denise the teacher when you need her? Any help would be appreciated. And please don't say an IPad. ;)

  91. I don't know what kind of noise machine Kate has but they usually look like a little radio and play soothing sounds like beach waves or wind blowing to kind of drown out background noise and help some people fall asleep. I have seen them at Kohls and Bed Bath and Beyond next to the massagers. My personal favorite noise machine though is my tv, it seems like all I have to do anymore is turn on a movie and I am out, of course that probably wouldn't work for kids. As for the fans, I have seen different people use them for different reasons, and some even use them when it isn't hot. Other people use a radio on a classical station or I've heard of parents using a tape that they've recorded maybe of the dryer going, especially for a baby
    This site loaded just fine on my phone, in fact it loads faster there than on my computer, but that's because this house needs a computer makeover since my computer is old and slow, my mom's computer is far worse. Last year I don't think we noticed too much because we didn't use them as much. Maybe the back to school or after thanksgiving sales will yeild possibilities.
    Boycotting is hard, for instance I would like the idea of boycotting Wal Mart for some of it's employee practices that I have actually seen, but especially where we live, the financial drain to me would be too high so I don't. I try to limit to one trip a month though and there are certain ones I won't go in. I just hope people who are choosing to take a stand on child exploitation are not limiting it to the Gosselins, since there are plenty of others in a similar boat. Even though I don't see that the Gosselin children are being exploited by being on tv at this time because I see more protection for them than I do for others, I see other instances of kids who are and very fine lines that could be very easy to cross. I agree with Linda and others about Toddlers and Tiaras. I have never really cared for that pageant business because kids are exploited unless parents are extremely careful and able to keep their child's current needs front and center.

  92. SchmeckyGirl - we're working on the banner. :)

    As far as gifts for teachers, the best feedback I've gotten is gift cards. The number 1 preference in gift cards was a VISA or MC gift card and then they can spend it wherever they wish on whatever they wish.

    Second best was a gift card at local "teacher' supply stores. You probably have several in your area.

    As PTO person repeatedly over the years, it always became my job to survey what the teachers preferred. We now use a survey form at the beginning of the year (too late for you now, sorry) where we ask their preferences for restaurants, favorite colors, favorite flowers, etc.

    Hope that helps.

  93. RE: Noise machine - Here's my take on that! It's a waise of money don't buy one. Just another one of those crazy products people invent. JMO
    After the book WHITE NOISE was written, someone later invented this machine and are getting rich. The book is a satire against all the useless noise in our society and this machine is adding to the static. You can put a TV in a babies room with just fuzzy picture and achieve the same results.
    I'm being too flippant right now. I like lullabyies better!

  94. Caregiver - There are a bunch of white noise machines. You can even find some boom boxes with a "continuous loop." Many disc players will do that now. You can even set your laptop to play the discs on a continuous loop - the danger with that is that it gives some kids computer access when they should be sleeping (whole different topic.)

    We used lullabies when our kids were babies, we used classical instrumentals, etc. I think my older kids would revolt now if I used lullabies, lol.

    We use "wave and ocean" sounds because it is: a natural sound, it's repetitive, and it is relaxing. I guess some would say I brainwashed them with conditioning. I can pop in the disc when we're ini hotels and they go to sleep. It helps block out doors opening and closing, elevator dings, footsteps up and down halls, etc.

    Nature sounds have long been used to soothe, lower blood pressure, etc. But I guess you already knew that. I guess you could use a TV but we restrict TV watching. What do you do when the infomercials come on? (Sorry, guess that was catty.)

    Alas, we can't use it in the car because it tends to make the driver, sleepy, lol. Can't use lullabies there either because the kids are too old. (Sorry for the satire.)

  95. Baby Mama - top banner/logo is looking the right size to me now. :)

  96. Oy, BM, I am having a very hard time reading this and its sooooooooooo slow. I might have to check it less often...its killing my eyes too.
    Still love ya and the site...its just hurting my eyes and taking f o r e v e r to go through the pages.

  97. SchmeckyGirl – I definitely am not trying to pick a fight. (You do remind me so much of one of my sisters, lol, so I can’t just scroll on by.)

    The “position” of boycotting sponsors sounds to me more like “boycotting by convenience.” If I am dedicated about boycotting particular sponsors, then I do NOT use their products. If it is a particular TV program or channel, then I don’t watch them either at the original broadcast or delayed broadcasts or taped broadcasts. That means whether it is convenient or inconvenient. Again, that’s just me.

    I feel very strongly about boycotts. If you are going to do it, then I wish people would do it and mean it. For example, when Nestle was giving free infant formula to new mothers in 3rd world countries my parents (in 1977 and me also) found the practice despicable. These moms already had “free” breast milk that was “safe.” If they took the formula, their breast milk dried up. Many of these moms were in areas where drinking water was unsanitary and many were not able to read the instructions for safe preparation. Using the formula prepared with unsafe water introduced all kinds of dangers to these infants that were already living in high infant mortality areas.

    Nestle has many subsidiaries and many products. I learned to read the fine print to make sure they didn’t get 1 penny from me. Because they also produced numerous private label foods and beverages, I was surprised at how much they produced.

    I still boycott all Nestle products and all their subsidiary products. It means not using a host of things. (They own Perrier water for example and also do other private label bottled water products. etc, etc,)

    Sources: You can Google “Nestle boycott” or if you want a quick read use the Wiki version:

    You can find non Intel products and others if you feel strongly enough about it. Schmecky, I’m not picking on you. You were just the first person to give a response, lol. I just get so frustrated with hearing “boycott” lightly tossed out by many people for whom it is just “words” and not really action.

  98. PeggyP - We use the inflatable mattresses also for guest overflow. We've never had any problems with them except when kids have jumped on them.

    The kids took their sleeping bags from home. Guess that way Jon doesn't even have to store them.

  99. my2girls~ I am working on this! Im trying to ake some of the photos off and things to make it faster. Is the black on grey what you dont like? I was thinking of switching the font ot white..Would that make it easier?

    Ugh I really wish I hadn't changed anything at this point. This was like giving birth

  100. Caregiver - The movie "White Noise" is based on Electronic Voice Phenomena - EVT's, people who have passed on using some form of electrical equipment to speak to those still here. Whether one believes in such things or not is their own choice. But this is what the movie was based on.
    If you google it you can find some really eerie stuff, sus posed recordings of EVP's.

    Boycotts can be very effective if there is a significant number of people in relation to the size of the company to make a difference. I find it hard to think that those who were promoting such a boycott of the sponsors of Kate's show would even be noticed. They are very big company's.

    SG - I can't decide if what you are saying about your choice in boycotting Samsung is splitting hairs or not. You didn't see the ad till after you ordered the TV. But after you saw the ad, you chose not to go with a Samsung product. Sounds reasonable to me.

    I've boycotted things before and have made a point to support certain things. Sometimes I'm strong in my feelings and sometimes I'm so-so.

    I don't see a problem with the kids using the sleeping bags if it only is a temp thing. But Jon should make sure he has things at his house for them so they don't have to carry the essentials back and forth, like the sleeping bags. When my daughter hit middle school, that seems like that was the time many of her friends parents divorced. The kids who seemed to adjust better and felt more welcome at both home were the kids who had essentially two of everything, one set up for each house and only had to carry their very personal things back & forth. Those who had to do otherwis seemed to have a much harder time with things & often felt that the parent who did not make them a home really wasn't too interested in them. They either felt like a guest or a burden at that parents home. I don't see any problem with the kids sleeping in the same rooms with each other, more so than they do at home. I don't really see that as an issue at all unless they would be at Jon's for long periods at a time.

    Linda, I agree with everything you stated regarding the freebies' so there's no point in repeating other than adding regardless, I don't see them as freebies as they are getting advertising in return, some for 'using' Jon & Kate to donate items from a company. Those that are donated to get what they need or would help in any way, and the company still gets the credit for it. I just don't see any problem with it.
    BM - mine is driving me nuts, too. From reading evidently some of the templates are not made with 'good coding'. But HOW does one tell the difference until one installs it? Beats me. The backup you can do of your site on blogger reloaded, but with many issues. Banging head against wall.

  101. Opps, I mean the backup I made of my site and reloaded. My head hurts from banging it against the wall.

  102. Awww ZiggyFlo - hope your headache goes away.

  103. Linda, I think my mind fried from trying to figure out the coding, so if you smell a burning smell, that's what it is.

  104. ZiggyFlo - I quit coding more than 5 years ago, lol. Just too easy to switch 2 #s and screw up everything. I just have to pay the young techies for that.

  105. Baby Mama - sorry about all the copying you've had. I'll bet these are the same folks who plagiarized their way through school. Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery but it is excruciatingly frustrating!

  106. Baby Mama, sorry to take so long to respond! The nutella is very rich, so if your children don't care for it, I wouldn't use it. I have also seen that some people do half nutella and half peanut butter. It's just something fun to mess around with and change things up.

    I really like the site!

    Linda said…
    The “position” of boycotting sponsors sounds to me more like “boycotting by convenience.” If I am dedicated about boycotting particular sponsors, then I do NOT use their products. If it is a particular TV program or channel, then I don’t watch them either at the original broadcast or delayed broadcasts or taped broadcasts. That means whether it is convenient or inconvenient. Again, that’s just me.

    It’s not just you! I agree.

  107. When is the next episode of Kate plus 8? I can't find it listed anywhere!

  108. Hi Ladies!

    I just wanted to throw my 2 cents in on the re-design of the site: I think it looks good! :) Much better then the dark and scary rain background from yesterday, IMO. I can see how the black on gray could be troublesome... maybe if you made the gray lighter? All in all, I think it's a good change, BM, despite all of the problems it has caused you! Lol!

    Also about the whole bed situation- I'm not sure if this was mentioned, but I think that the little kids would probably enjoy the sleeping bags! It's kind of like an indoor camp out. Maybe Mady and Cara have a problem with that, but they could easily blow up a queen sized aero bed in the second bedroom. Plus they aren't really staying at Jon's on a regular basis, right?

    I can't believe Kate is doing the chicken coops! I'm sure that it will be so much fun for the kids, but is she really going to have time for that? I guess now that it's summer vacation, and she's off of DWTS. I think she's just in it for the fresh eggs. ;) Was that might have been "Farmer Henry" in some of the pictures?

  109. Jessica, I believe it is July 11, Ziggyflo has a count down timer going on her site... : )

    I tried to post on yours ziggyflo, but it wouldn't let me.

  110. Rita-I think it was Farmer Henry in the pictures. The family has a long association with him and his family. I can see with Kate's insistence on healthy eating that having absolutely fresh eggs would be a plus. I remember the one trip to the farm where the kids absolutely adored feeding chickens.

    On the sleeping bags, I think it depends on the kids. Some kids find it reassuring to have THEIR sleeping bag with them. Others don't.

  111. Peggy P- Oh, you're right about the trip to the farm... I forgot about how much they enjoyed that. Just another added bonus for them keeping chickens, I guess! :)

  112. LOVE the new look now that header fits!!!!

    Great job Linda. What size did you have to use for the banner?

    The site is running a little slow but I think that is from the new coding, IMO. It might not matterwhat Baby Mama does.....

    I am seriously LOVING Kate's look lately. She's glowing! Ever since she made that declaration that no matter what she does people are going to talk crap about her she seems to have shook off some of that negativity she had going there for a bit. Just live your life Kate!!!!

  113. CraftyMomof3: Jon used to complain that Kate wouldn't wear anything but brown, black & other neutrals. She's gotten over that big time.

  114. Re: The Chickens
    Yes, the kids loved feeding the chickens and collecting eggs. Really though, don't you think it's only for the show? Those chickens won't last any longer then the dogs did. Oh, and when are they coming back? Probably not soon, the family is too busy working! Who is going to clean up all the mess?

  115. New post will be up tonight guys.. sorry about the delay but I have a big Girl Scouts meeting tonight followed by real Housewives of course!

    Jessica~ Miss ya girl! The new Episode is July 11th. Can't wait till then!

  116. CraftyMom - It was 12 inches wide. I've gotta figure put why same width didn't work at the bottom. Strange but then it's just guesswork on my part since I've never done blogger and know nothing about the layout specs here, lol.

  117. Caregiver - ah, your negativity is - never mind. I give her credit for trying. I have no idea about her motivation. Guess we'll have to wait and see. :)
    we don't even know the premise for the chicken coop. Or maybe I'm wrong and you do know the premise. I won't know until it airs. I can't imagine chickens but then I don't even know if it is for chickens - short term or long term.

  118. Oops - just had a thought. Maybe it's an outdoor playground for Jon.... Nah, maybe it's a garden...nah, maybe it's a kennel for visiting chickens...nah...maybe she wants to expose the kids to caring for chickens and to enjoy fresh eggs. Hmmm... Could be. I don't know? On my grandparents farm the chickens produced eggs for a year and then we ate the chickens. You then got ready to lay pullets the next year and the cycle repeated. They weren't pets but food.

    Speak up farm folks. Is it still done that way? I've been away from a farm for 20 years so it could be completely different now.

    Guess we'll have to wait and see.

  119. Linda - Yes, maybe we assume too much, but they announced it was a chicken coup so that's what we thought. With TLC in the lead you never know what to expect, I guess!

  120. Caregiver - then I respectfully stand corrected then. I found nothing on the TLC site; we subscribe to PR Newswire and no releases there, only thing I've found is repeated stories based on a few paparazzi photos. They may be accurate or not. I was completely unaware of anything from TLC and I still can't find anything. I give you kudos for your detecting.

    Martha Stewart raises chickens for eggs and meat. Farms all around us do the same. The guano is supposed to be great on a lawn. I adore farm eggs but I get them from the farmer's market; my preference. My experience is from grandparents farm - you got the eggs and then you got the chickens for the freezer. I wanted to make pets of them and was repeatedly reminded not to do that; they were being raised for the table.

    Personally, I like the farmers market. Some things I don't want to think about. I love veggies but I'll never be a vegetarian.

    Thanks for letting us know. I assumed we'd have to wait and find out. Since the tabloids are wrong about 50% of the time, who knew. Feeding chickens can be fun. At least they're smaller than the kids.

  121. Linda said…
    The “position” of boycotting sponsors sounds to me more like “boycotting by convenience.” If I am dedicated about boycotting particular sponsors, then I do NOT use their products. If it is a particular TV program or channel, then I don’t watch them either at the original broadcast or delayed broadcasts or taped broadcasts. That means whether it is convenient or inconvenient. Again, that’s just me.

    It’s not just you! I agree
    Me three;-0 I find it curious why folks who really do feel reality show's exploit kids, don't just write to their provider & cancel TLC. Or if it's just K+8 that offends them, why watch it anywhere. It's still supporting the show, in one way or another when you sneek peeks. It's not just the rating's that count, for advertisers right? The attempt to boycott products Kate uses or stores she shops at from pap pictures...seems IMO to be rather silly.

  122. #1caregiver - I don't see why it matters if it is for the show or not. I would totally take chickens for a couple of days if I knew that I didn't have to keep them. Are you afraid that the chickens may experience seperation anxiety? Or do you think the kids will be disappointed that they don't have the extra chore added to their day?

    I am now beginning to understand why Kate's ratings are so high. As soon as there is speculation about a decision she makes, people begin judging. Then we have to wait for the actual show to air, to which the people that were judging then feel vindicated in criticizing.

    I for one am relieved the dogs are no longer there. If Kate cannot look after them, then best they go back as opposed to being neglected. It would be great if more animal owners acknowledged their challenges in caring for animals as opposed to feeling obligated to keep an animal they realized was not working for them. That is why they are called pets and not children.... : )

  123. I don't think those dogs were the appropriate type of dogs for keeping in the house and to be around so many young children. In addition, getting a puppy to an age where it's less work take time an effort with just one, but two puppies at time? Like Kate did't have enough to see to already? Weren't the dogs were gotten because Jon wanted them?

  124. Caregiver = reading back through post, I re=read my earlier post. I didn't mean to sound short to you about the movie White Noise.Re=reading it, it sounded short to me. Wasn't my intention to be, I'm sorry.

  125. Baby Mama~ wasn't me that posted asking about the next kate + 8, different Jessica. I think she has posted here a couple of times before, just didn't want anyone getting us mixed up...
    Sorry it has been a few days since I posted, last week was the end of school for the oldest, so we are trying to get our summer schedule in place. I've been stealing a few minutes here and there to read everyon'e posts, just haven't had extra time to get my thoughts together enough to post.

  126. My apologies to all. I'm snapping at everybody. I'm giving myself a timeout and going to bed. The doctors locally doing the pre-surgery testing for July trip to Mayo are driving me nuts. Not an excuse; my responsibility to control it and I'm failing at it big time.

    Anybody have a way to extend the day to more than 24 hours.? I was cooking and freezing food like crazy before the trip in anticipation, and now with diagnosis trying to be speedy overdrive mom getting things packaged and labeled. Used to do this whenever I had to work out of town; thought it might be a comfort to kids. Trying to do it now for kids and to make things easier on hubby.

    Why is it when we get stressed we try to turn even more into supermom or wonder-girl-mom?

    Okay, timeout calls. Gnight all.

  127. Are all of the episodes going to be spaced out as much as these first few were? I thought it was a week to week thing like Jon and Kate Plus 8

  128. Caregiver - dear, you have absolutely nothing to apologize for. :)

  129. Ok everyone! I'm so sorry that fresh paper is so late! Come sniff the aroma of almond and warm vanilla on my new page! xoxox