Saturday, April 23, 2011

Kate Gosselin And The Art of The Twitter Block

Hello Gosselin fans! I pride myself on being one of the Kate fans that’s tweeting and patting themselves on the back for “helping” her to get rid of the haters THANK YOU VERY MUCH. Lately there are sad women with too much time on their hands that are making account after account to harass Kate on Twitter. Is the knitting not keeping them busy anymore? Kate's account is PUBLIC so it is accessible to everyone. Yes, she can block an ID. As they have figured out, they are doing is just making more accounts. So it brings me great joy to keep on reporting them and doing my little part to help and support Kate.

The haters make themselves look even more pathetic by posting negative comment after comment. Seriously, like Kate cares. She goes through to the fans and continues to just ignore Lisa & Preesi's 5 sockers and their lame comments and does respond to those that she knows are real fans. So they are completely wasting their time. Finally, 8000+ is a wonderful amount of Twitter followers! How many do they have exactly? Jealousy in all forms is a sad way to live my friends. Since when does the amount of followers equate to the amount of success you have? Do we honestly think people actually care about Charlie Sheen the way Kate's fans care about her? Exactly. These trolls will try to make up any excuse that shes not popular enough, when in fact, its only the real fans and supporters that matter and many of them are not even on Twitter.

To those that are on Twitter, I encourage you to report and continue to block like me, any of the 5 of them and continue to support our Kate. Show them that they are wasting their time trying to make comments to a woman that simply will laugh at them anyway...REMEMBER: Your haters are your motivators. Hating on a name only gives you more fame! xoxox BM

On a separate note, it appears all 6 tups are back in school! Kate took them for ice cream (perhaps to celebrate the occasion?) and they look adorable! Yay

Monday, April 18, 2011

Kate Plus 8 In New Zealand Tonight! Watch It Here!

In the new episode of Kate Plus 8, Kate Gosselin will face her fear of heights while in New Zealand with her brood. The reality star mom takes her twin daughters, Cara and Madelyn, to the top of the Sky Tower where they jumped off the building (with harnesses on of course).
Kate showcased her fear of heights, but judging by the footage, it's hard to blame her. Not only does she say that she feels like she's going to be sick, she also starts to have a full blown panic attack while standing on the edge of the tower! She is very high off the ground, and it is a fear that many people have, but it's assumed that she conquers her fear and leaps off the building!
Kate Gosselin has been facing many fears on this season of Kate Plus 8. She has swam in a shark cage, gotten close with a crocodile (or was it an "aldergator?"), and in Monday night's episode she will hopefully conquer another!