Monday, April 18, 2011

Kate Plus 8 In New Zealand Tonight! Watch It Here!

In the new episode of Kate Plus 8, Kate Gosselin will face her fear of heights while in New Zealand with her brood. The reality star mom takes her twin daughters, Cara and Madelyn, to the top of the Sky Tower where they jumped off the building (with harnesses on of course).
Kate showcased her fear of heights, but judging by the footage, it's hard to blame her. Not only does she say that she feels like she's going to be sick, she also starts to have a full blown panic attack while standing on the edge of the tower! She is very high off the ground, and it is a fear that many people have, but it's assumed that she conquers her fear and leaps off the building!
Kate Gosselin has been facing many fears on this season of Kate Plus 8. She has swam in a shark cage, gotten close with a crocodile (or was it an "aldergator?"), and in Monday night's episode she will hopefully conquer another!


  1. HAHA! I was thinking the same thing :) I'm really excited about seeingthis epidsode tonight. Mostly because I had a bit of an idea about what Australia was like, but to go to New Zeland is like a dream come true and the kids were truly fortunate. I have no idea what to expect!

  2. katefan01 - perfectly said!

    Looking forward to the show. Can't wait to see them all sky jumping!

    My thoughts and prayers are with everyone who is going thru trying times. Stay positive and always believe you can beat anything.

  3. hmm yummy cherry cheesecake, thanks Baby mama.

    Joy Behr's response to Kate concern that the paps swore around her kids, really bothered me. Joy was saying it was just words and that doesn't mean anything. What bothers me is that Joy is dismissing the standards that Kate raises her kids by. If people are so concerned with how Kate raises her kids, I would think that Joy would give her a platform on which to discuss her parenting standards.

  4. Looking forwad to the show. NZ should be very interesting to to see the countryside there.

    I forgot about 6 weeks ago I had ordered a small cheesecake box from out Little League ball team fundraiser, and they brought it tonight. Desert was taken care of. Very rich, but great. 4 different kinds, so plenty to choose from.

    Hugs and prayers to everyone that needs a healing or good thought. :)

  5. Wow New Zealand looks absolutely beautiful. I want to go. And, the glow worms, how cool is that.

    I really appreciate the Kiwi guide's response to the paps. He is a stand up kind of guy.

  6. Love STEVE and if there is a man out there like him, that is who Kate needs. He is direct and helps push her forward.

  7. I have always seen Steve as more of a father/uncle role for Kate. The paps were soo busy trying to look for romance between them and haha they didn't find it because they are too dumb to realize it isn't there. I thought the moment when Kate came down from the jump and her kids were comforting her was priceless and soo precious. They learned a lot about compassion in that moment. I am soo impressed with how Mady in particular is growing, I expected Cara to jump, but not Mady in my wildest dreams. I also loved seeing them ride horses.

  8. I felt kind of sick/woozy just watching the jump. I can't do heights and I never could have jumped.

    Particularly enjoyed the Maori section and the kiwi birds. Gosh, how quiet they all were in the boat in the cave watching the glow worms.

    The interview sections with the kids are a delight!

  9. wow, now i want to bunjee jump just like kate did ! i knew she could do it <33 cara and mady did so good ashley did the samee too!!!! i love seeing the kids talk during the interviews i love it soooo much !

  10. Kate, I dont know how you jumped! I would have been freaking too! I didnt realize it was over 600 feet in the air! I rode on a ride at Six Flags in Ga that drops you 200 feet and it comes down really fast. I honestly thought I was going to die. Dont let what people say get to you. If I was in your position I would do the same thing! By the way Im a mother of 4 :O) Oh and my name is Tammy...This is my sons google account haha

  11. Oh and I forgot to add that I actually cried watching you freak out lol Pretty sad huh lol? Thats how freaked out I was after getting off that ride. I ended up having nightmares that night. Next time you are truly that scared to do something, dont do it :O) Hugs

    P.S. I fixed my google account so it says my name instead of my sons lol

  12. Great show, and loved the countryside when they were riding the horses. The kids will always remember this trip. I don't think I would jump, but I would do that before going underground. Too many spiders, snakes, bats, sends chills down my back. I don't do bugs well either. LOL

  13. Like any largish group of kids, different kids liked different things better than others. I was struck by how sweet and compassionate the kids were when Kate broke down after the jump. I'm particularly impressed by how much Mady has matured. I was surprised and impressed by her taking the jump and how calmly and firmly she decided that she wanted to face in and not out to jump.

  14. Haven’t watched the show yet, when you have to be at work at 7AM, watching a show that starts at 11PM doesn’t work.

    But I wanted to see if anyone noticed that Kate talked about attending church on her twitter. I thought that was interesting since the haters or non fans or whatever, would always bring that up as something horrible, that she didn’t take them to church anymore for selfish reasons. Looks like she does! Just another thing they are wrong about.

  15. Nothin' keeps Kate down! The gal is just a rare bird for sure! So admired what she did!

    I have a bad phobia about enclosed places...I shared it on twitter. Years ago I had to have a CAT scan in an enclosed machine...I sobbed, refused to go in..totally freaked out!

    My husband got irritated and told me to suck it up! He quickly realized that was the wrong thing to say!

    Anyway, they ended up giving Firedup some valium to almost knock me out! Mission accomplished!

    But now, after seeing what Kate did...if I ever have to have another one...I think I'm going to reflect on what she did...and hopefully face that fear a little differently!

    Kate is a life-changing person. She's such a good example for her kids...and she is empowering her fans as well!

  16. Little Joel was so cute too! Admired the little guy for going thru with his stint on stage!

    See...he did something out of his comfort zone! Wonder where he learned that from?

    And Mady...deciding to jump? Again, where is that emotional gal getting the ummph to do that?

    Momma Kate deserves alot of credit!

  17. Hey BabyMama...did you see me give you another "shout out" on twitter last nite?

    Hollered it out right amongst all the darn haters! LOL...such fools they are. They so want Kate or one of us to respond...I'm on IGNORE mode for them! It kills them.

    They try to bait with such outlandish, hateful statements...but they were passed over!

    Mean girls finish last in life!

  18. In their book, good parenting is defined as doing exactly the opposite of what Kate does. If Kate fees wheat bread, good parents feed white, if Kate goes to church with her kids, good parents don't restrict their kids that way, if Kate says home, good parents dont. Pretty scary

  19. Ali...thank you for mentioning that tweet! I don't do Twitter & was not sure if what I was reading was correct - after hearing her say she could no longer go to church as they did before. Did anyone else see her response to the ? you really owe Sylvia LaFair $10k? Her response...was - 'no'.

  20. Ali~ so happy to see you back! Missed you :)
    Firedup4kate~ thank you! I saw you were talking to the ladies and I felt jealous & left out!
    HB~ your not missing much on Twitter. When Kate came on all these random haters came out of the woodwork to attack her. Turns out it wad just Lisa Knight & Preesis scrappers posing as like 10 people when it's actually just 4. They seem to be just making up multiple accouts. They are obsessed with fining out any info they can on me now that they know I've been on TV. I see already reggiebeth aka Marybeth was removed. If you see these vile people report them for spam. The more of us that complain the faster they will be removed!

  21. Welcome Tammy. :)
    I didn't get to watch Tweets at same time as episode but from reading those, it must have been like watching and having Kate as a tour guide at the same time. Wow.

    Kate's humor is one of the characteristics that I enjoy. She sure is adept at handling the non fans. She doesn't shy away from the snakes sniping either.

  22. One birthday party down (whew) and two more to go this week. Ahh. Then rest, lol.

  23. HB- I had to read it a couple of times to make sure, myself!

  24. BabyMama or LindaO...How do you report them as spam? Showing my tech ignorance here again!

    I'll be happy to put a noose around their necks and pull it!

    Just tell me how!

  25. FiredUp - Click on their name in a Tweet. Their profile will come up. There is a wheel/spoke on right hand side. Click there, Scroll down and select "Block"

    However, if you include their name again, it unblocks them.

    Report as spam is in same menu. However, be clear on what spam is. True spam is somebody sending you messages with ads when you have not followed the sender. If somebody sends you many messages and you aren't following them, that can cross line into spam.

    Easiest is just"block." they can say whatever they wish, but you'll never even see it, which takes away most of the fun. It's a few of the same old sock puppets. I don't care what they spew as long as I don't have to read it. :)

  26. Oh FiredUp I doth believe I KNOW what "snake" you may be aiming for. Hopefully Kate will slow down her replies long enough to know this person is beyond help... Blech!

  27. Ali I saw that this morning also. Another rumor shot down. Kate takes the children to church folks! As Kate has stated before, over 99% of what is said in the tabloids or the "un-named sources" is nothing but pure fiction not that I honestly ever doubted that to begin with. Ask any celebrity and they will say the same thing that the vast majority you read is nothing but pure lies. Just to repeat once more, Kate Gosselin DOES take the children to church. No question they will come up with something new to bash her about but it does seem that Kate being on Twitter will clear up some of the false stories. Also never doubted for a second that Kate owed LaFair anything either. Since Kate's lawyer called for the court date that matter will be cleared up pretty quick but dear old Sylvia LaFair got her "publicity" she wanted out of it now didn't she? That was worth more than the measely $10k than she claimed Kate owed. It wasn't too difficult to figure out it's probably Jon's bill but LaFair who in my opinion is a media hound got her attention she wanted and apparently needed.

    My heart truly broke for Kate as it was clear she has a horrible fear of heights. I am terrified myself so I understand how difficult that had to of been for her. Now I know she was a little rude to the guy but in my opinion he was also rude to Kate. He really was pushing her and pushing her to do it right now and no question. When someone has that kind of fear which I'm sure the people that own this thrill jump have to be experienced in, to push someone that hard in my opinion only makes the fear much worse. Kate just would have liked some explanation as to how safe it was and the process but the young man wasn't having any of that and kept pressuring her to jump right then and there. So it's my opinion that there was rudeness on both of their parts. Kate felt very bad about how she treated him and said she is going to email him an apology but I'm betting she won't get an apology from the young man for his rudeness. Even if I didn't have the fear I wouldn't take that jump strictly after seeing the impatience of the operator of that jump because nobody should be pressured by an impatient young man who wants the participants to "move along" when they feel insecure about a particular "jump".

    We all have fears and like it or not we are all human and we acto to fear in different ways and believe it or not, the more normal reaction to absolute fear is the "fight" mode where the person gets angry because they are fearful. The other is "flight" of which I probably would have done which was simply to have gotten the heck out of there and not taken the jump. Stress has two action, fear or flight so Kate's reaction while some may consider very rude was actually a very normal reaction to a very stressful and fearful situation. My husband has a terrible fear of heights also and while my reaction is to take "flight" his has always been to "fight" and he will get angry and extremely rude also when he is scared in a situation where he is high off the ground. The sky rides, oh my I won't even ride in the same care because he gets so angry he is that scared. Will people still criticize her for her reaction? Well nothing has stopped them so far. Kate isn't perfect, you aren't, the ride operator wasn't, none of us are but we deal with a situation the best way we know how.

    I was extremely touched at how the children surrounded Kate and showed such love and concern for their mom when they realized how terrified and scared their mom really was but she still did it.

  28. Lexxi - I thought Brad was supportive to Kate right before she jumped, trying to reassure her but also telling her she did not have to jump. After he told her that deep down she wanted to jump, she did!

    I got teary eyed watching the kids surround Kate. The love they share for each other is so touching.

  29. I honestly felt that Brad was pushing there a bit when he tried to hurry her up. I would have been scared to death myself.

    No question the most touching part was the kids surrounding her with so much love. They knew it was really hard for her and for them to recognize that just shows what great kids she has. It was such a kick to be tweeting with Kate as the show was happening. Have to watch it again though as it is tough to tweet & watch at the same time but was so worth it.

  30. Was Kate watching it at the same time too, or just responding to tweets from people watching it?

  31. I agree he tried to hurry her up in the beginning but right before she jumped he was supportive.

    I would never be able to sky jump! I would probably pass out on the platform. LOL

  32. GW - After he told her that deep down she wanted to jump, she did! Good point. I had forgotten about that - I think this is what finally got her to jump.

  33. fascinated she was watching it at the same time.

  34. Good evening everyone! I was thinking today about Corrina and my other rockin commenters who gave up the internet for Lent. While it was selfish for me to be sad they did it, I was wondering about the affects of coming back. Was it worth it? Did it make them see things differently? Just like Carrie from Sex & The City I CAN'T HELP BUT WONDER.....

    "When you give up something for Lent, does it lose its signifigance if you go back to the the things that was so important to give up???"

  35. BabyMama it doesn't lose it's significance. The whole purpose is to give up something you enjoy. Next time it may be something else but it has to be something that means something to you. You don't usually change your feelings, it's considered a sacrifice. Some may give up TV, or even something like reading the paper every day. It's not the amount of importance, the whole meaning is simply the sacrifice. Don't worry if anyone gave up the internet for Lent they will likely be back. It does take a little time to get back in the "grove" of things. I gave up my cell phone which was no small feat. LOL

  36. Thanks Lexxi,

    RE: Kate watching the show and tweeting, that is so cool. How down to earth can you get. I would do the same.

  37. Well I watched last night and I liked it. My favorite episode of the trip is still the the zoo last week though.

    What's coming up next, do we know?

  38. We watched again and these two males in the household laughed thru out the jump scenes!

    But...both my hubby and boy really respected Kate for going ahead and doing it! And all here were truly touched by the kids compassionate response to Kate when she hit the bottom like a "blob" as she stated!

    Now our Miss Kate will become a "southern belle" at the Derby event! How cool is that! Amazing that out of all the celebrities to invite...our Kate the Great got an invite!

    Al, Polly, Nina, BL and other obsessives out there...where's your invitation?

    Oh, not invited? Maybe you're not relevant enough?

    Well, guess what? They overlooked "FiredUp" too! Imagine that, BabyMama...they didn't invite me!

    Well, darn it...I am so jealous of Kate. NOT! I am happy for Kate, thrilled that she gets to go to another charity event and that she continues to shine!

    Strut your lovely self Kate and enjoy being a Southern Belle and enjoy the Southern hospitality!

  39. HB...well, one snake down...but unfortunately they hatched a whole new set of snakes!

    This reporting for Spam is not enough for me. I was looking for some real hands on action! LOL

    Kate is so admired here for walking beyond them all. She's always ahead of them...their comments are like footprints on the seashore...just there for a second or two til the tides of love for Kate just wash them away!

    I think I'll twitter that to her later!

  40. I'm a huge KY Derby fan. Used to go with my parents and felt so grown up as a teenager to get to go. Love the hats!

    Got to attend many parties but certainly never one of the uber celebrity caliber as the one to which Kate was invited. They don't invite anybody they don't want.

    As for haters: If you don't like me remember it's mind over matter; I don't mind and you don't matter.

  41. Wow! those paps are mean kate did a good job to get the children away the paps have no respect for them at all!

  42. Good afternoon everyone! I love Lindas quote! "I don't mind and you don't matter!" As you probably already know, I've been using that motto for years!

    Firedup4kate~ I'm so excited. So far 4 of the trolls I reported ha e already been removed! It's like a contest/challenge for us! See how many we can report for spam & get removed! I've already been told that if they continue to come with additional accounts they will be permanently removed from Twitter. So everyone email me any new names you see! I will check them out and try to get them removed. I'm determined to get every last Preesi/Lisa family hating sock puppet!

  43. Ok, I cringe to post this and just hope it doesn't get deleted, but for once I disagree. Loved the episode, however, didn't care for the scene Kate made. I get that she was freaked and the jump completely un-nerved her, but no one was forcing her to jump. She could have said no. For me, it was the fact that she took the joy out of it for her kids. She claims she wants to give them all these amazing life experiences (bravo), but then she made it all about her instead of cheering for Mady and Cara. It broke my heart. Yes, she wanted to conquer it, but no one was pushing her. Sorry, but that's my 2 cents.

    The rest of the episode was delightful. Loved the horseback ride and seeing the Maori people. New Zealand looks amazing and if I ever get to fulfill the dream of going to Australia, New Zealand will be on the itinerary.

    Also, Baby Mama, thank you, thank you, thank you for posting the 2nd Australia episode. We were vacationing in Yosemite that week and missed it but loved watching it here. Such an endearing episode!! Thank you!!

  44. Linda what a great statement.
    "As for haters: If you don't like me remember it's mind over matter; I don't mind and you don't matter."

    I also am very glad to see that some of them are getting zapped off Twitter. Sure they can come back under a new name but who knows maybe Twitter can block them completely. I don't know. They have been relentless in bullying Kate's teen fans but hopefully these young teens can handle it.

    I understand your point of view Jen but I also understand it from Kate's viewpoint also. She was in a difficult position and if she had "chickened" out just maybe some would consider that a bad example for the kids. No matter what Kate does, to some it will be wrong. I think the children learned compassion from it and saw that their mom is vulnerable just like all us human beings are. Unless you've suffered from a phobia that severe there is no possibility of you understanding it. Kate's fear from what I viewed was in my opinion beyond a normal phobia so for her to overcome that fear long enough to jump I say kudos to her. Crumbling to the floor because you were so stressed out from fear is also something I can relate to so I'm certainly the last person to judge Kate for her reaction. Did she harm the kids by showing her fear? I don't believe one little bit that it was a bad thing for them to see. In fact I saw a lesson in love and compassion for their mother. We are all humans after all and we each have our "end point" so I just felt the kids showed amazing maturity and love for their mother and as we all know none of us are perfect. The kids aren't perfect, Kate isn't, I am not perfect nor are any of us. Should I sit in judgement because someone doesn't react or behave in a particular way because that's how they are judged they should behave? Most certainly not. In life, each success and each failure is something we learn from, whether we are young or old. I feel this way, I won't judge you and all I can ask is that you don't judge because after all we are virtually strangers after all so we don't have all the background information to judge anyone. Who knows maybe there is something that happened much earlier in life to Kate or someone she loves and that is why she has such a stronger response then some people would have in the same situation. Off the soap box now.

  45. I don't think Kate made a scene I think this was an emotional response that she could not control. Thru her sobs she told the kids she was okay.

    From the couch interviews the kids prove they enjoyed the jump and Kate did not take their joy away.

  46. Hmm, I agree with Jen in that it did seem to be all about Kate regarding the jump, but I do understand everyone else's perspective in that Kate is vulnerable and her kids demonstrated compassion.

    I don't think that this was the first freak out or first time she was vulnerable in front of her kids. BUT, I don't agree with the haters in that Kate always makes it about her, I appreciate Kate's genuineness and that she is who she is and we celebrate her for that.

  47. In watching it Tuesday night, one of mine who's as terrified of heights as me, actually threw up just from looking at the heights on tv. I had no fear of heights as a child or teen ( doing Royal Gorge in Colorado, Grand Canyon, and mountain climbing in Appalachians.) Since it hit, it's gotten progressively worse.

    I wasn't afraid of snakes as a child, but I'm also terrified of them now.

    Kate did call on cell to congratulate Cara, and then Mady.

    That said... Jen, I think you are entitled to your opinion.

    Even on the "pine cone" trip to Calif. with Jon &twins, Kate couldn't do that pretty gentle climb. Knowing that, who the heck ever scheduled the "jump" in their trip itinerary??? I'll give her credit for making the jump at all.

    If I were faced with "make the jump" or "give up every material possession" I would have said "Give me a pen and I'll sign over everything!"

    This wasn't "Fear Factor." I don't know why somebody didn't simply say,"Big deal. Don't do it if you don't want to do it. You don't have to prove anything by jumping off a building."

    Funny, I didn't notice the camera operators getting too close to the edge? They photographed Cara from the floor below. I sure didn't see any "buddy jumping/tandem jumping" to get the camera shot.

  48. Kate did the jump, but I really wonder if she would do it again?? The girls and Ashely are much younger and I wonder if Kate is so fearful about things because she is a single Mother and Jon has yet to prove if he could handle the children if something happened to her. I'm glad he is not stirring up trouble, but there seems to always be a calm before the storm when it comes to Jon.

    Wishing everyone here a Happy Easter. Someone can send me some warm weather anytime you feel you could share some. We went fron having a tornado to a snow drop again. Crazy!! :)

  49. Linda, When I was younger, I didn't have the issue of a fear of heights either. It just seemed to come from no where one day. I don't even remember when it showed up. Have always been claustrophobic somewhat. Nothing traumatic happened, no cause. Just suddenly heights terrified me, looking from heights made me dizzy and sent my stomach turing, my palms in a cold clammy sweat and as I get older it seems to have more effect upon me. I forced myself to watch the girls, Ashley & Kate jumping. I was glad when Kate landed, not just for her, but for me, too! Whew!

  50. LindaO,

    Oh, I hate snakes, mice etc. Even though it was a controlled jump, my fear would be the line would break. I have resposibilities that I have to take care of, and just watching it made me catch my breath and I never moved out of my chair. LOL.

    I like my feet planted on the ground, but in younger days without a care in the world I might have tried this. I think young kids have no fears, so I am happy for them that they like this kind of stuff. I also walked over the bridge at the Royal Gorge, but let me tell you, I stayed in the middle. :)

  51. Good evening eveyone! JenSantos~ I'm so happy to see you again. I know you don't comment often but I really appreciate when you do. I would never delete a post because someone has a difference of opinion. It was never about that. This is a fan site and attacks are removed. No one has to be happy with everything all the time. Thats just cccrraazzyy! lol

    For me as always, I try to put myself in Kate's shoes and wonder what I would do in that situation. Sure I would go on and on about what a great experience this is for me and me kids, and how great it would be for me ot do it with them. But if I was up there on a building I would probably be cursing like a sailor. Period. Sometimes we just react in a way that probably later looking back on footage we may regret. I only think how bed footage of me would be if a film crew caught my potty mouth. So yeah, it wasnt a shining moment, but it was a Kate moment. Of her being her. Everyone would have responded differently. And thats why there is such a huge back and forth dialog about this woman.

    As soon as I get the new footage I will put it up.. Hope to see more of my old friends soon! ;)

  52. Yeah I actually didn’t understand why she wanted to do the jump at all, considering her fear. I mean, I understand that she wants to grow and conquer her fears, but she was just as scared after. I am also very frightened of heights, (I’m with Linda on being scared just watching it), so I would never even attempt something like that. So I admit, I didn’t care for that part of the show. But hey, looks like she learned from it, I liked that she admitted she had been rude to that guy who was working there. I really admire when anyone can see he/she has made a mistake and admits to it. Very refreshing!

    In a similar and yet not related note….you guys have to check this out. It is a video of two guys jumping off of a tall building here in Utah. It has been on the news and I thought of this conversation! Linda-be warned….it is freaky!

  53. Thanks for your gracious comments guys. Part of me was proud of Kate, but the Mom part of me could only see concern on the kid's faces. I've also recently developed a vertigo fear of heights. Nothing happened per se, I just suddenly had it standing on top of Half Dome in Yosemite. Had it every since. I swear I'm never making that hike again, but when my daughter is old enough and she expresses interest, I would tuck that fear in my pocket, bite my lip and go.

    I skydived at 30, rafted the Grand Canyon at 32, and I'm of the philosophy that there are opportunites in life that come but once. I would have jumped and I would have encouraged my daugher to jump. It would have scared the be-jesus out of me, but I would have kept my mouth shut and jumped. That being said, I understood what Kate was going through. I just felt bad for the kids.

    I really admire Kate, but I struggled to believe that no one had mentioned that you could jump off this tower. She seemed surprised and felt forced to jump. She had to have had some idea.

    Sorry, again, just my 2 cents.

  54. Darn blogger...I did a long post and the thing disappeared.

    Well goes my thoughts again. TLC choose to feature this about Kate. We have all known for yrs. about her fear of heights.

    They showed little of the twins jumping...but we have no way of knowing how much Kate celebrated with them...what all she said to she encouraged them...because we only saw what TLC choose to show us.

    An important point to note. When Kate, Ashley, Cara and Mady were doing the cat walk..all were dressed in orange jump suits..and Ashley, Cara and Mady jumped in the orange suits!

    Apparently Kate decided not to do the jump...and took off that orange suit. May have been several hours later..who knows..but when we see her next attempting the jump...she has on a blue jump suit!

    It is in the blue suit that she finally jumps!

    Her crumbling and sobbing on the floor when she lands is totally understandable! When you have a genuine phobia of something...your body reacts in ways you cannot contol. I know!

    My claustrophia caused me to act like a frightened child. I had to be drugged in order to get my cat scan done.

    Heck, Kate could have taken a big dose of Valium and she would have flown off the bldg. without a harness! LOL

    But she choose to go cold turkey and deal with those fears and experience all the terror and fright in order to show herself, her kids and the world that she will push herself to go beyond her comfort zone!

    This was no spoiled diva here. I totally applaud her courage and drive to have done this!

    Her emotional landing wasn't an was her physical response to the phobia. Her children reacted with love, support and compassion.

    There was nothing wrong here...but a loving, caring family of 8 kids rallying around their leader and mommy! God bless them!

  55. Jen...when you have a genuine cannot control your emotional, physical response.

    I so wanted to behave myself and act like a civilized grown-up going into the scan machine.

    I never for the life of me wanted to be seen as a big baby and a fool. I swear to you...I prayed and tried my best and just could not control my panicking, my crying and my fear.

    They had to sedate me!

  56. Firedup said:
    Heck, Kate could have taken a big dose of Valium and she would have flown off the bldg. without a harness! LOL
    - - - - - - - - - - - -


  57. Oh and let me say also, I do believe that her reaction was legit, that's why I didn't understand why she would do that to herself. My dad hates rides, so when he would take us to Disneyland or something, he would stand and watch us. I never thought less of him! Seems like she puts so much pressure on herself. But she can say she did it. So I guess that's good.

  58. Could u upload the new episode please ?

  59. Hey did anyone try looking at the building jumper video I posted? Let me know if that link did for me, but some people can't bring it up.

  60. Well, I knew my post was going to generate reaction. But let's get one thing clear -- I never said, nor intimated that Kate's crumble at the end was fake. The jump clearly unhinged every emotion she's been holding in. Completely real, completely believable. I believe Kate was simply being Kate. And you're correct we have no way of knowing what else went on here. Kate could have heartily applauded her children, I just wish TLC had shown that.

    I was touched by the kid's empathy. Kate has been holding it together for years. Keeping strong emotion close to the vest. The jump simply unhinged her. No fault in that.

    On the other side, firedup4kate, I didn't notice the jumpsuit change, but you're correct it's there. Interesting what might have happened during the change scene. We'll never know. I would have never said Kate chickened out if she had not jumped. I would have understood the decision. The haters seem to get her either way. I am anything but a hater. In fact, I'd say I love Kate and her passion for raising those kids.

  61. Hi Jen. Again, I support your right to your opinion whatever it is.

    I'm not sure I'm understanding what you said though, so help me here, please.

    I'm confused. Kate talked to Cara on the cell phone right after her jump and congratulated her. She called Mady right after her jump, again with congratulations on her bravery. You could hear both sides of the conversation.

    So, isn't that TLC showing that she did congratulate and praise both girls?

  62. Ali, I'm going to look at your link when I'm on computer. It doesn't play on my mobile. Or, to clarify, I'm going to try to watch it, lol. I couldn't make it to the end of the PBS special on that glass walk out over the Grand Canyon.

    I'm a huge wimp and I freely admit that. (Big spiders don't scare me but a lot of other stuff does, lol. My child who's afraid of heights is not afraid of spiders. Another child who is daredevil to the uber level has total meltdowns if there is the tiniest spider around. Maybe there is a genetic link here, lol.)

  63. Ali, I did make it through your link. Then I looked at another one there, Hellgate Flying Circus by same group. Those camera angles were too acute and I had to stop it,lol. (see what curiosity did to me, lol. I should have left well enough alone.)

  64. Hello to my girl Linda and to everyone via my iPhone! Today is my usual crazy busy, and yes I do need to put a new post up tonight...suggestions? It's been pretty quiet in Gosselin land. Now that Kate is doing all this tweeting weve been busy trying to delete all the socks...

    My kids are crazy scared of spiders too! Give me some ideas to might & I will try to get the new episode up as soon as I can! Xoxo

  65. Linda,
    I know, the camera angles are crazy! I can't believe people do that for FUN, without being hooked up to safety gear. I am too wimpy!

  66. Under the premise that most of us would grab for the opportunity to be on a reality show and get paid bucks if we had the chance, despite how the AKOs grudge Kate for taking her opportunity. An idea might be for people to share what their ideal reality show would be. Something they would love to do or unique about their situations that might make a show

  67. Ali, I did hang gliding from Grandfather Mountain and also from dunes at Jockey Ridge. But I was in late teens/early 20s, hadn't developed the fear of heights yet, and believed at that age you are invincible, lol. I terrified my mother in really liking the adrenaline rush. Not now. (My excuse is you need me alive to drive the car and call for help!)

    I think it might have been the old mother's "curse"... May you one day be blessed with a child just like you! I have been blessed. Then the fear of some things my parents had. I can do largeplanes but not small ones, nor can I do helicopters at all.

  68. I remember in elementary school, I would always hold and pet the snake/tarantulas/mice, etc that they would bring to school for science classes, etc. Now, that kind of stuff grosses me out and there is no way I would touch it, yes, we change in time.

  69. Linda, crazy! I have ALWAYS been afraid of heights, I would never be able to do that. You rock!

    Tashapork, I know, right?

  70. Ali - I loved the challenges when I was younger... A lot younger. I was a definite challenge to my mother, that's for sure, lol. But, she did forgive me and unconditionally love me any way. I was blessed.

  71. Don't know how many others are getting to dye eggs today. The following is a bit of Easter humor (no, I didn't write it.)
    All I need to know
    I learned from the Easter Bunny!
    Don't put all your eggs in one basket.
    Everyone needs a friend who is all ears.
    There's no such thing as too much candy.
    All work and no play can make you a basket case.
    A cute tail attracts a lot of attention.
    Everyone is entitled to a bad hare day.
    Let happy thoughts multiply like rabbits.
    Some body parts should be floppy.
    Keep your paws off of other people's jelly beans.
    Good things come in small, sugar coated packages.
    The grass is always greener in someone else's basket.
    To show your true colors, you have to come out of the shell.
    The best things in life are still sweet and gooey.
    May the joy of the season fill your heart.

    Happy Easter!

  72. I do have to say I agree with Jen...but Firedup I see your point about the "outfit" change. I did notice that but just figured they changed that because of the different activity. I like Kate...But I think her over the top reaction to this was too much. If she didn't want to do it I would have respected her decision for that and would have no problem with that, but the hysterics made me want to turn the show off and watch something else. I did stick it out because I do want to support the show and Kate + 8, but it was a struggle. I will tune in for the next episode, and by no means will this change my opinion of her, I just don't think she handled this situation very well...IMHO!!!

    I am clastrophobic and recently had a HORRIBLE migraine that caused my DR to do an MRI to make sure there was nothing going on...that was the most miserable experience I have ever had. Not only did I have a migraine that would not let up but that test was unbearable and was too in my face. It took every ounce of strength I had to get through it, but I knew that I had to get it done so I bucked up and did it. Kate had a choice to jump or not. We all handle things differently, but I just didn't agree with her behavior with this at all.

  73. BJ, I sympathize! I had to be taken out of the MRI because of panic. My doctor prescribed Xanax and it worked perfectly, I had never had it before.

  74. Good I guess morning everyone! Yes I'm up this late and yes I'm going to bed now! My little one is up with a nasty cough, and my big one is all excited about her birthday party tomorrow. So it's time for fresh paper! The scent of the day is the yummy smell of birthday cake..enjoy!