Saturday, April 23, 2011

Kate Gosselin And The Art of The Twitter Block

Hello Gosselin fans! I pride myself on being one of the Kate fans that’s tweeting and patting themselves on the back for “helping” her to get rid of the haters THANK YOU VERY MUCH. Lately there are sad women with too much time on their hands that are making account after account to harass Kate on Twitter. Is the knitting not keeping them busy anymore? Kate's account is PUBLIC so it is accessible to everyone. Yes, she can block an ID. As they have figured out, they are doing is just making more accounts. So it brings me great joy to keep on reporting them and doing my little part to help and support Kate.

The haters make themselves look even more pathetic by posting negative comment after comment. Seriously, like Kate cares. She goes through to the fans and continues to just ignore Lisa & Preesi's 5 sockers and their lame comments and does respond to those that she knows are real fans. So they are completely wasting their time. Finally, 8000+ is a wonderful amount of Twitter followers! How many do they have exactly? Jealousy in all forms is a sad way to live my friends. Since when does the amount of followers equate to the amount of success you have? Do we honestly think people actually care about Charlie Sheen the way Kate's fans care about her? Exactly. These trolls will try to make up any excuse that shes not popular enough, when in fact, its only the real fans and supporters that matter and many of them are not even on Twitter.

To those that are on Twitter, I encourage you to report and continue to block like me, any of the 5 of them and continue to support our Kate. Show them that they are wasting their time trying to make comments to a woman that simply will laugh at them anyway...REMEMBER: Your haters are your motivators. Hating on a name only gives you more fame! xoxox BM

On a separate note, it appears all 6 tups are back in school! Kate took them for ice cream (perhaps to celebrate the occasion?) and they look adorable! Yay


  1. Haters are hated by me! when are you going to upload video?

  2. This isn't for posting- just for you. Your latest blog is full of errors- didn't have time to check for errors before posting? I haven't seen this many mistakes in you other posts. It looks unprofessional. Or maybe you were really tired- I know I make plenty of mistakes when I am ready to fall asleep :)

  3. Happy Easter to all!

    For those on Twitter, I urge you not to engage, respond to, or acknowledge the accounts that are spamming hate. Just use your controls to block and report.

    They want the attention. Not giving it to them perhaps will take out the "fun" of trying to spam hate to others.

  4. Butterfly - I'll leave it up to you as to whether or not you delete your comment, since I'm covering things (mostly) today.

    As for professional, lol, sometimes it is, sometimes it isn't. First, I'm just the wing woman. It is Baby Mama's blog.

    This isn't a website/blog that is really income generating; it's more a labor of "love" and standing up for what is right (love) and being against blind hate simply because someone is on TV.

    First and foremost with BabyMama and myself is our own family and our own real lives, which occasionally delays blog posts, updates, etc.

    We also make a lot of typos. We go back and correct when we can, and if we don't, oh well. Because it isn't a corporate or business website, we hope folks can read in the sentiment. If they can't, oh well, get a life or find somewhere else to read, lol.

    Besides, for some of the haters, if ragging on typos here keeps them from harassing others, that could be a good thing.

    Ziggy, thanks. I figured it was a fake Butterfly. I wanted to point out a bit of real life. Beyond comprehension for most of the haters, I realize that.

  5. LOL...BabyMama made a mistake. No way! She is the typing extraordinaire!

    It's not what the comments looks's the content of whatcha say! And you say it oh so well, BabyMama!

    Love supporting Kate on twitter. The haters are a pathetic bunch are they not?

    They were checking their watches every few minutes the other nite wondering where Kate was.

    LOL...they sooooo crave her attention! Talk about girl crushes. I bet they have blown up pics of Kate all over their walls!

    I tried to report some...but support said I had to prove they were spamming? Maybe I am going about it the wrong way?

    I noticed that about the tups all in school uniforms. See, just another example of Kate telling the truth! These kids were not expelled and Kate got them the help they needed and integrated them back into school with their siblings!

    These kids are sooooo fortunate to have such a wise, strong loving mommy!

    Just like I tell my two...You are so fortunate to have "firedup" as your MOM! I stay on their butts all the time to make sure they turn out right and know for a fact how much daddy and I love them!

    LOL...someone called me "Fried Up" on twitter last nite! I guess I am that sometimes as well!

  6. Do we honestly think people actually care about Charlie Sheen the way Kate's fans care about her? Exactly.
    Exactly right, people follow Charlie Sheen to watch the train wreck. Each and everyone of Kate's fans that follow her want nothing but love and support for her. Great point!!

    So good to see all the kids back in school and doing so well. Kate has done a great job to help these kids adjust. Wonder if this was icecream for dinner as they have done in the past, mmmm yummy!!

  7. I love how everyone passes the flyswatter and warns others about encroaching roaches. I agree with Linda about not engaging them. One time I made the mistake and answered what I thought was an innocent enough comment about the difference between TLC and Paparazzi and it got them swaarming, so I learned my lesson. They are out there looking for bait so its best to give them none.
    Any day, and twice on Sunday, I wlll prefer an interesting blog with a few iphone induced typos, than a cut and paste one. Cutting and pasting is soo kindergarten. It is kind of sad when people are soo uncreative that instead of coming up with an original blog, they just cut and paste from other ones and spin hate webs.

  8. Sorry but I have better things to do with my life than worry about the haters on Twitter. Kate Gosselin is a big girl and she chose for herself and her children to be in the limelight and unfortunately one of the drawbacks is having negative things said about you. By trying to get rid of them you are only stooping to their level. Please remember you are taking away their freedom of speech, would you like your freedom of speech taken away, also? You posted that Kate doesnt care about the negative comments, so then why should you? Apparently, TLC's attempt to boost the ratings by having Kate set up a twitter account has not help with the ratings. With the ratings declining each week and the last rating slipping below one million, I think Kate and her future unemployment would be more of a concern to her fans than getting people blocked from twitter. If ratings slip, then revenue dollars from advertising goes down and then TLC will decide if Kate's show is worth keeping on the air.

  9. fhsdrummersmom

    Geez. You totally and completely miss the point!!!!!

    MY First amendment rights are that I don't want to read their pig dropping hate. I'm telling people how to block so that THEY don't have to read it. Kate can do whatever she wishes.

    Obviously it is of great conern to YOU since you felt the need to come here to vent.

    Every Kate supporter gets repeatedly slammed by the haters. My right to follow whomever the heck I want!! My right to block whomever I want. Get it?

    Let the haters spew whatever they want to their fellow haters. It is NOT their right to spew it to me.That crosses a very distinct line. I don't vent to them; I don't want them venting to me. Just that simple.

  10. There is, in the United States the First Amendment to the Constitution. It was designed to allow the press to make statements without censorship from the government.

    It does not give a citizen the right to slander, lie, make false statements, harass, stalk etc. other citizens.

    Twitter is not a part of a US citizen's rights. It is a social media. 
    Twitter: 77% of Twitter users are not US citizens.

    If I choose to "follow" you, I can read your Tweets and see what you say. If you choose to follow me, you get to see what I Tweet and say.

    I have control over whom I allow to follow me. I have control over whom I follow.

    When I choose not to follow somebody, they do not have the right to send me hate Tweets, or any other kind of Tweets for that matter. If they do, it is my right under Twitter to block them. In fact, I don't have to give a reason.

    If that person I block then creates other accounts to send me more unwanted messages, it then falls under the classification of spam and I can report them as a spammer. Just as, if I Tweet about "Easter baskets" and I start getting Tweets about "go to the XYZ website and buy your Easter basket" it is unsolicited advertising and I can report them as spam.

    In other words, I get to see and read what I choose. That is my "right" as a person using Twitter and it has ZERO to do with First Amendment rights as a US Citizen.

  11. Thank you, Linda, its just like the doors on our homes, we don't have to let people in that we choose not to without a search warrant, and we don't have to answer the phone if we choose not to. Our not listening only decreases their audience and possibly their motivation to spew, it in no way takes away their right to spew.

  12. Thank you Tashapork.
    Blog rights

    Let's be clear about blog rights also.

    A blog owner/administrator "owns" the blog. They get to decide what can and cannot be posted. 

    It has nothing to do with First Amendment rights, which only apply to US Citizens in certain forums and have ZERO to do with anybody's right to post on a blog.

    A blog owner can allow, or delete any posts they choose. Just that simple. Don't even have to give a reason.

    However, a blog owner who lives in the United States can be held libel for posts they allow on their blog, at least those under blogger or wordpress. Yes, you do often have to take them to court to do it.

  13. Linda, Well put. When remarks are made claiming the freedm of speech such as was made here by
    fhsdrummersmom clearly aren't aren't aware of the real rights of freedom of speech.

  14. Freedom of speech isn't just a right, it's a responsibility. Those who abuse it are being irresponsible with that right.

  15. Ziggy, It's kind of coincidental that as soon as I read your first post, I was thinking exactly what you said in the second one.

  16. tasapork - that's because you know what the right of freedom of speech is about.

  17. First if all good evening everyone! Hope you are having a wonderful Saturday night! Just finished the Easter Baskeys for tomorrow. I originally bough a ton of chocolate, then realized I honestly didn't want the kids eating it all. So I ran around this morning, scaling back a bit & adding little toys. They cost so much more mKing your own, but the kids will love them zoo much more!

    Today is my eldest Childs 10th birthday. Where does the time go? Wait how could I have had her at 16 I'm still so young! Lol. I swear where dies the time go. It's been so crazy with her party today and now tomorrow getting ready for Easter.

    Butterfly are you kidding me? Did you not read what time I did that 2am? Yeah, it was THAT kinda night. Sorry that it was not us to usual top notch standards. I think I will refrain from blogging that late at night anymore.

    HAPPY EASTER to the best bunch of ladies (and male readers) on the web! Xoxo

  18. Excellent points about the First Amendment. One example: Newspapers, who aren't governmental entities, have the right of editorial control which is why one doesn't have a right to have one's letter to the editor published.

  19. Could you please give me an adres of the page where i can watch episode with gosselin's easter.?

  20. Happy Easter to Baby Mama, Linda and all BabyMama's blog friends. May your day be filled with love, laughter and many wonderful memories to hold in your heart.

    What wonderful posts on First Amendment rights. It's a shame that there are those that don't fully understand the meaning of it.

  21. Ziggy, Peggy, &Lexxi - I amazes me that there are arrogant people who believe the First Amendment to the US Constitution applies to the whole world. Many of those posting and reading here are from around the world.

    Then, with US citizens, they mistakenly believe that they have the "right" to say and do whatever they wish to whomever they please.

    On top of that, they don't realize blogs have administrators who set the terms and that Twitter is a social media, not a newspaper.

    Makes a person want to just... wonder about how very sad it is that they are so without love that nobody even wants them around so that they have nothing to do but Tweet relentlessly to other people who don't want them either. :(

  22. Doma - I'm not sure I understand your request. You can buy DVDs of past seasons of the Gosselins at the TLC website.

  23. Happy Easter to Gosselin Family Fansite bloggers. Did you find all the eggs?

  24. I'm sorry, my english isn't very well ;-) thanks for your answer, but can i find it somewhere in the net.? I was looking at youtube, but i couldn't find it...

  25. Happy Easter to everyone.

    BM,happy birthday to your little (big) one. Reaching double digits for a child is a big deal and a special birthday. Now hold onto your hat, 13 is just around the corner!!
    insert sound of groaning such as Lurch made from the Adams family

  26. Happy easter everyone does kate have a twitter then? what is it please i search her name but then a million of them came up and dont no wish 1 the real 1 is ? lol!

  27. Interesting - More than one person as Lexxi today. It isn't a secret. @KatePlusMy8 and it will have a blue checkmark as a verified account. Kate blocks trolls pretty quickly but they return with different names.
    Doma - Baby Mama will post a link here as they become available. Most of previous ones have been removed from YouTube. It's a long story.
    Jacque - Hey girl! So glad to have you drop by. :)Sent you a Tweet!
    Puff - DH hid the eggs & forgot to count them so no idea howcmany we've missed, lol.
    Thanks for Easter Greetings and a very Happy Easter to all!!!!

  28. Ignore typos, read between lines, or if you are a troll, discuss ad infinitem. Lol

  29. After having big breakfast and big lunch, thought we were having leftovers for dinner. But, not to be. Kids begged for the Amish meal Yumasetta and I gave in. I'm not sure how healthy it is, but with all the other "stuff" today, who cares?
    Yes, Kate Tweets. It's been great reading her Tweets. I think I've Tweeted her 2 or 3 times and she has graciously Tweeted back. I'm content to just read for the most part. Of course, the trolls don't believe anything she says, but I wouldn't expect them to take any other position. Kate is funny, but then her supporters already knew that!
    For those who are sending emails, I'll get to them as soon as I can. Real life family comes first and it's chaotic as usual this weekend. :)
    Corrine - It's Easter and I sure hope you'll be back soon! Missed you bunches! Xoxo

  30. Kate's soup in the bread bowls looked soo good. Hope everyone had a nice day, I did except for the two hours I spent on the phone with DirectTV, I am glad that K+8 is not on tomorrow, since the technician isn't coming until tuesday.
    I really don't see why any trolls would want to bother trying to post over here when they can spend all day copying, pasting, and critiquing anything we say anyway on their own site.
    I hope everyone found all of their hidden eggs, since spoiled ones smell nasty.

  31. Happy Easter everyone and Happy Birthday to your sweet darling, Baby Mama.

  32. Wow, what a great discussion. The trolls always give us great fodder to strengthen our conviction for Kate. LOL

    I love how haters hide behind freedom of speech; however, their speech is hateful rhetoric. I highly doubt the intention of freedom of speech was so that people can go harass someone copiously about how they don’t deserve what they worked hard for or degrade and humiliate someone to make themself feel better.

    The blog owner creates the rules and as long as they don’t discriminate, they are free to run the blog the way they like. If you don’t like it, don’t post, read, or go there.

  33. Good evening to all my divas! Hope you all had a wonderful Easter Sunday! I've been so busy it was just nice to spend it with the family, getting back to how things were before! The kids got a million chocolates & toys & everyone is in a food coma right now thanks to my parents.

    fhsdrummersmom~ your lucky you even got away with posting that crap on my site. I was going to delete it , but Linda already responded to it. RWA is just a swamps throw away you know...

    I'm assuming they were low on Kate Gosselin material this weekend. Well first of all it's a holiday weekend. But really it's about gloating for them that for the first time the shows ratings fell below a million. It was shown right before Spring Break week, so I could only hope that's the reason for the low ratings. I wonder if changing the format or giving more of the boring day-to-day stuff would even make that much of a difference. The family as been so blessed at this point to have even been on the air for so long. I hope that next week for the Philly trip the ratings will pick up.

    Fascinated~ as always so sweet. I appreciate all of you every day. And for those that need my supportive hugs and prayers you can feel them from me xoxo

  34. Linda-One of the most profound misunderstandings of the First Amendment is that, even where it applies, that it means that one can say what one wants and no one has the right to criticize. In fact, it means the exact opposite. Instead of the government getting involved with restraint, including prior restraint, of unpopular/controversial speech, under the First Amendment, the remedy for unpopular speech is speech. A common phrase in First Amendment cases is the free marketplace of ideas.

  35. I just wanted to make sure if the last episode gets uploaded someday? I don't want to bothe rI just wanna know I can watch it later?

  36. Good mornin' everyone! Southern kisses to my Jacque and other Brazilian gals!

    PeppyP, LindaO...excellent points about freedom of speech.

    Point is with freedom comes responsibility to uphold civility and honor in how we adress our fellow human being.

    Human communication is glorified when we use tasteful, upbuilding expressions and words. and even if we have to criticize...that exchange can still be dignified by offering solutions and suggestions to correct a matter.

    Nothing beneficial is served by using vulgarity and demeaning slings if we truly want a meeting of the minds.

    However, I for one have been guilty of some snark...but albeit, ya have to sometimes play with the low intellect of the haters as best ya they can sort of get your drift...right?

    I mean, haters comprehension skills we know are limited. They look at the same film we do and really have a hard time seeing the light of day!

    So we have to play with them a little bit on their playground til they grow up and learn to behave and express themselves as caring, responsible adults!

  37. Argh I just lost my whole post....

    Any how...Happy Belated Easter! Sorry I have been MIA. Life sucks right now and is really busy.

    Be back later to rewrite my post...

  38. I miss you too LindaO--and everyone else.
    Happy Belated Easter!

  39. Corrina! I'm so happy to see you! welcome back! Man this has been the longest month without you! How was giving up the Internet for a month? Was it worth it? Did you miss it? Feel out of touch? Or was it a good thing? Email me privately if you haven't already, can't wait to catch up! Xoxo

  40. Belated Easter wishes BM, LindaO, and everyone else. Life is crazy here also. Still cleaning up here after bad weather hit us. Hope you all ate lots of chocolates for the special day. Us Mom's deserve the treats too. :)

  41. Kate is not only looking more gorgeous by the day, I've always admired her as a real person who is not afraid to show the world who she really is. It's so easy to pretend in the world of Hollywood but every single word she says, every single gestures, decisions... all from her heart.

    Kate, I hope your children love you as much as you do them. We are all human. Let those who judge be. I support you all the way... all the way from a few continents of the world away...

  42. BabyMama--It's great to be back!! It was a very long month! Not sure I'd say it was worth it--I did miss it. Also--sent you an email last night. So cool that Kate is Tweeting now!
    Happy Tuesday to you!

  43. Hi to KL Quah...You made some excellent points! I too agree that Kate is very real and wears her heart on her sleeve for all to see.

    That's why we love her! And with all the stuff she has to deal with minute by minute...she deserves support and encouragement as she is walking this road without a loving helper at her side!

    Where are you from? It is nice to see that Kate has caring supporters from all over the world. Be like Kate and block out the negatives in life and focus on the good and positive!

    We missed our party last nite...but just means we will have a bigger bash next Monday nite...right?

    Southern well wishes to all of ya!

  44. Yoo Hoo Corrina...Bout time ya joined us again!

    What's your take on all the tweetin' mess? Kate speaks and the roaches on the internet just come out of their hiding places!

    LOL We need an exterminator on twitter! Sign me up! Firedup is ready to rock and roll!

  45. I get uptight about being offline for a couple of days, could not do it for six weeks, I admire the sacrifice. Kate made me thirsty for coffee with her tweet this morning. I am soo excited about the Philly episode, if I was rich, I would spend a year there with all of the history and such.
    Haters will pick on anything Kate does. When she wasn't on Twitter, she was too Diva to talk to her fans, too computer illiterate, now they complain that she is on Twitter. They can even turn working in a food bank or homeless shelter into something negative so I don't listen to them. I think it is cool that Kate is enjoying what a lot of us have come to enjoy. It's nice to have quick snippets of adult conversation when you are waiting for the school bus for example.

  46. Woo hoo FiredUp and tashapork!! It's great to be back. I read Kate's coffee tweet right after I put on the coffee--It couldn't get done fast enough.

    I'm with you, FiredUP--if Kate needs some Twitter swatters--I'll volunteer too.

  47. Hey Corrina...long time no talk. :)

  48. Corrina - It is so very nice to see your comments here as well as Twitter. :)
    FiredUp - Please send me an email. Thank you.

  49. Hey CM03!! It's good to be back!

  50. Good evening everyone, so happy to be back as well! Went away for Easter then applied for some new opportunities.. I pray that they happen. Moving onward & upward is all I preach here you know! ;)

    I know a few of you have started new Twitter accounts and have not checked to see who is following you. I'm urging you to do so because alot of "haters" are following the fans on this site. I have sent a few of you some e-mails but if I miss you. PLEASE report for spam and block! I urge you to do this and its important for us to fight back and get rid of these trolls once and for all!

  51. Okay. Posts not going through again for some (Sorry, CMo3 & others.)

    It's a crazy day and I'm in and out. I will try to check tonight.

    My apologies.

  52. Hey everyone! What the heck is going on today! I'm so sorry to hear people have been having trouble posting! I have no idea why. Please try again guys, I don't want to miss out on all that was said!

    NEW ZEALAND VIDEO finally up. Please let me know if you have problems watching it. This is a new video format I was given so I have no idea how good the entire episode on one screen will be. I know many of you keep emailing me as to when I will have the episode! (you can thank me by letting me know you can watch it here ;)

  53. Hello:
    Baby mama where is the NZ video posted. Would love to watch...missed it.

  54. Ahh Aimee, poor sad little troll. Another obsessed fan of mine upset that I blocked her ass on Twitter. Will be blocking your IP address as well so off to proxy with the rest of the losers! BE GONE OR A HOUSE WILL FALL ON YOU TOO!

    Hehe I'm good now.. xoxoxo

  55. B~ I pressed the red button once then pressed it again when it was green and it came on fine. Please everyone let me know if it works for you!

  56. I hope everyone is safe if you are in the storm paths this evening. Please be careful and take care!

    Glad to see Kate has a new project coming up. Looks like it could be a fun thing for her to do.

  57. BM - worked fine for me. I like the new format.

  58. Good Morning!! My prayers go out to those affected by the storms!

    BM--the NZ video worked great for me too. Thanks!

  59. Bubbles - Our love is with you through out your clean up efforts.

    Our heartfelt love and prayers to all in the paths of these storms. They seem to just keep rolling through.

  60. I need a bath. I feel dirty. I engaged a hater on twitter this morning. She hit a raw nerve with me and I responded back...not so nicely.

    No know me...but wanted to wring her ugly, skinny, hairy turkey neck!

    I made a reference to horrible loss of life from tornadoes...and encouraged them to take a break and pray...and they respond with an assinine remark about Kate being a child expoloiter again!

    Just hit me wrong. So many homes devastated, lives lost and changed forever and these haters still have nothing better to do than spit out their ever present negative vomit!

    FiredUp hangs her head in shame about it! So thankful we were spared all the disaster...we sure had a nite of fireworks. Hope everyone else is safe and well!

  61. firedup - at one time or another, we all have fired back. Nothing to be ashamed of.

    These storms - scary. We've had several days of them.

  62. Good evening everyone! Im so sorry to hear that people had problems posting. Craftymom, please try again in the new thread and let me know if you can post now.

    Fresh paper! Scent of the day is the yummy smell of the hot bread bowls that Kate made for her kids the other day! I can smell the hot cream as we speak. Anyone interested in making me one? xoxoxox