These reality stars will not be expected to carry the site but will help draw the initial attention needed. They were selected because “they have some established, credentialed expertise in a given subject area, such as finance, health, education and so on”.
Bloggers on this site will be paid per post. Their posts must be original and exclusive to Parentables. There is a possibility that if a blogger receives enough positive feedback, a show could be built around them. Kelly Day, EVP and GM of Discovery Communications’ Digital Media and Commerce division, told paidContent in an interview:
“We obviously would always hope a show would come out of it,” Day said. “We spoke with [Discovery Group President] Eileen O’Neill when we were thinking of doing this last fall. The programming people were excited about this and getting the talent on board. But the main focus for this is online and building an independent social network. Still, and I don’t want to speak for the network, if an emerging digital superstar were to be found within Parentables, it would be looked on as an added bonus.” Congratulations to Kate Gosselin on this new project!

Kate Gosselin to Appear in Kentucky Derby Pegasus Parade:

Kate Gosselin will be a part of the celebrity line up for the Kentucky Derby Festivities that take place in Louisville, Kentucky next month. She will appear in the annual Pegasus Parade and at the celebrity luncheon.
According to a report from the Greenfield Reporter, the Kate Plus Eight star will join a number of celebrities including SNL's Tracy Morgan, former Disney star Raven-Symone, and Miss America 2011.
This sort of line up makes one wonder what--if any--the significance is behind this particular group of celebrities with regard to the Kentucky Derby. The media hasn't published any relevant information about Kate Gosselin being a horse enthusiast, professional gambler, or having any deep-rooted ties to Kentucky. Miss America is an understandable choice, but Raven-Symone and Tracy Morgan? It would be interesting to learn what--if any--were the reasons behind these selections.
Maybe Kate Gosselin will be breeding horses on a future episode of Kate Plus Eight. That might be her new means of financial security in light of the tentative nature of her reality TV show. Alas there may be no rhyme nor reason to the selection of Kentucky Derby festivities whatsoever, and if that's the case, more power to Kate Gosselin. This will be an experience she'll undoubtedly enjoy and share with her little charges. One day their famous mom will have a lovely photo of herself in some sort of silly wide-brimmed hat.

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