Thursday, January 5, 2012

Kate Gosselin Attending Celebrity Gala To Help Moms, Kate Looks Back At 2011, Who is HollyBaby Re-Tweeting?

FRIDAY, JAN. 6 BERMUDA: A gala event helping moms & celebrating all things luxury will take place next weekend to raise money for premature babies. The Syncairly Yours Foundation will host Diamonds and Caviar at the Newstead Belmont Hills Golf Resort and Spa on January 14. Celebrities Star Jones, Lance Gross and Kate Gosselin will be at a star-studded Diamonds and Caviar Gala next Saturday night, hosted by the Syncairly Yours Foundation. Jones is known for her work on The View, Gross stars in hit TV show House of Payne and Gosselin was the star of John and Kate Plus Eight. The foundation was set up last year to raise money for uninsured mothers and their premature babies. Molessia Joynes founded it after her daughter almost died giving birth to her son Syncair in November 2010 when he was just 25 weeks.

During the gala, there will also be a special jewellery showcase with jewellers opening the vaults to display the best of the best of their collections. Seventy per cent of proceeds will go to the Syncairly Yours Foundation. Tickets for the Bermuda Night are $80. For more information, call 599-SYNC (7962).
Kate Gosselin Opens Up: 2011 Was "a Year of Gaining Complete Independence":
The year 2011 was definitely a crazy one for Kate Gosselin. Aside from raising eight kids, the 36-year-old endured the cancellation of her reality show, Kate Plus 8, had a run-in with the law, landed a new job and even completed her first marathon in Las Vegas.
So what kind of resolutions is Kate making for 2012? "I don't typically make New Year's resolutions because I'm not one to make drastic changes just for the sake of making them or just because the calendar starts over," Kate writes in her latest blog post for "However, I do aim for certain things as I organize and prioritize my life all year long." Some of those things include projects around the Gosselin house. She writes, "This year, I learned that if I want to accomplish something, whether it's hanging a picture in my home, building a chicken coop or running a marathon, it's all possible if my mindset is one of determination and positivity!
"The year of 2011 for me was a year of gaining complete independence, and learning to look for solutions in every situation instead of focusing on the problems...I've always said that I don't live apologetically; I live passionately! A great way to do that is to learn from the past and make it better in the future." Here's to a bright new year for the reality mama!

Kate Gosselin Wants To Host Her Own Fitness Show (or thanks for ripping off my Tweets)

The mom-of-eight has been working nonstop to get back on TV and she might have finally found a way in — would you take fitness advice from Kate? Kate Gosselin says she loves being a “stay at home working mom” but she’s still crossing her fingers for her own TV show! The former TLC star took to her Twitter over New Year’s weekend to tell her fans that it would be a “dream come true” to have a workout show.

“@AskBabyMama a fitness show would be a dream come true,” Kate tweets. “Not for me only but a way to reach ALL moms who desire fitness but don’t know how!”

Kate spent all summer training for her recent marathon and she’s always blogging about eating healthy. We think Kate looks great but would you watch a health show hosted by Kate?


  1. I wonder if any haters are going to accuse HollyBaby of copyright violations? Of course, I've always found it bizarre that Bonnie, a woman who makes money off exploiting celebrity offspring (who have no choice about their parents' occupations) waxes self-righteous about Kate.

  2. Radar Online needs some new topics to write about if they need to bring up non relevant issues about a sitter that worked for Kate more than a year ago. You can really tell when its a slow news week, all the old boring stuff is rehashed. Lets see, if someone doesn't do anything juicy next week, the topic will be the content of Kate's vitamins, or a squabble with Jon from back when he was dating Hailey.
    I hope everyone can come into this new year in happy spirits and that all the sickie bugs could stay away awhile. Theres' a nasty one in my house and I pray I don't get it.
    This blog is special to me and it goes way beyond Kate, its about the neat women that have come into my life. Thanks, Babymama. Its also about stopping the hate. I don't know where it comes from, but whether its directed towards Kate, Obama, or innocent animals, its rampant.

  3. OMG, Tasha. That's the best they can do? I don't think the shoplifting thing is new, anyhow. In a way, I hope it is recycled stuff. I hate to think that even ROL is spending time and resources researching this as a new story. It must be hard times on the gossip front.

  4. Desperate they all are for some "Kate news"! Even go so far as to bring up trash from 2009 and put a different spin on it...but of course, always in a negative light toward Kate!

    I so appreciate how she continues to approach life...her situation...and her a positive, determined manner! Ever marching forward, dealing with obstacles as they come...perservering to do what's always best for her kids!

    "Stale donuts & melted chocolates" at the haters for continuing to publish their ugly, deceitful and untrue remarks at Kate!

  5. LOL should e-mail Bonnie and request a check for that "breaking news" lead you gave her there!

  6. FiredUp~ Your so funny. Obviously I have spoken to Kate for years that I always saw her on her own "Losing It With Jillian". Working with people on diet & nutrition. And then getting some of her fans to work with her, ect. And the fans showing people who the "real" Kate was.

    Then the fans learn somthing and the TV watchers see a new side of Kate. But then they take my Tweets and make it into an aticle. They try to make it look like something they had some type of scoop on. Well duh. All I can hope is that the article gains more press and maybe the dream could become a reality.

    One could only hope! lol

  7. I hope and pray that somehow it works out for somebody to go on Kate's cruise. My budget gave me a resounding NO which is sad because I love cruises and that would be a trip of a lifetime, but it just isn't meant to be at this time. I am so glad for her that she has things to look forward to. I wonder if the kids will be coming.

  8. So the cruise thing is true? Not sure it's a good move on her part...but the Mama's gotta make money I guess.

    I am glad she is finally using that rumor section to put stuff to rest.

    Happy New Year everyone!

  9. Hi all!!! Sorry I've been MIA. This week at kids' school was spirit week with a different theme every day, like pajama day, ending the week with homecoming weekend for my middle schoolers.

    We've had an unseasonably mild winter until Monday when we woke to 19 degrees after we'd gone to bed at 60 degrees. It was a whirlwind of digging out winter coats and clothes and of course what fit in November but wasn't needed is now too little. Today it climbed back to 62 and it felt like summer by comparison! Weird that our grass (usually dead by October) is still green!

    It would be fun to see Kate on a cruise, but I'm too claustrophobic for cruise ships. Hey, is anybody going? Sounds exciting!!

  10. Oh, and big HEY and waves to CMo3!!! Really been missing you !!! ~ ~ ~

  11. CraftyMom, Linda, TashaPork boy have I missed you all! Now TashaPork I know that your around but we all never seem to be around at the same time, hense missing you all! Now had I not already just booked my Disney cruise with my family mt behind would be all over this. Esp. because it would be so awesome to get the fans together for a cruise! Could you imagine?

    I know Kate Will be in Las Vegas this weekend Prmoting Coupon Cabin. I'm so excited to hear shes got sruff going on. I love the fact that she's keeping busy despite the haters chomping at the bit hoping she does nothing.

    600 comments at the haters site, and what exactly are they complaining about? The same things they have been complanining ABOUT FOR YEARS! lol

  12. YOU GO GIRL! January 8-10, Kate will be in Las Vegas, Nevada to attend the marketing convention at Caesar's Palace (to promote Coupon Cabin).

  13. Hey CM03 and Linda!! Great to see you!!

    Would love to go on that cruise. What a fun opportunity!! I hope it's booked solid!

    For shame on the haters!! Don't they have a better way to spend their time/energy? It doesn't bother Kate a bit so what's the point? Just hating out of habit I guess. They will just never "get it".

    Anybody live in/near Nevada that could attend the marketing convention at Caesar's Palace? It's so good to know that Coupon Cabin/Kate will be there. That just tells me how well Coupon Cabin is doing.

    Happy Sunday everyone!!

  14. It never ceases to amaze me that angry, jaded, bitter people always feel the need to spread their hate. They think that by constantly spewing criticism, judgments, and rumours, that one day, people will start believing their lies. I really don’t understand it at all.

    I don’t care haters if Kate got a speeding ticket, or an ex-nanny shoplifted. Your tactics are not going to make me, one day, wake up and realize she is the devil. Like, get over yourselves already. LOL

    I love the idea of a cruise with Kate. Well, I love the idea of going on a cruise first; then if I got a chance to chat with Kate about mothering, organizing, living, exercising, it would be even better.

    I am excited to see that Kate is able to make money, be a stay-at-home mom, and stay fit and healthy. The stories and lies against her are pure jealousy. She is not a sheep in wolves clothing and even if she is, I am not concerned that the wool is being pulled over my eyes. LOL

  15. Kate is workin it as best she can! I don't fault her for doin these different venues to continue to "network" herself and build her fan base!

    And let's NOT forget...probably 90% of the financial obligations for the eight falls on Kate's shoulders! A shame that Jon just seems incapable of generating much income to support his kids.

    A heartfelt southern warm wishes to everyone here! Dang it...I wish my life would improve. Would so love to go on this cruise! I'd sure "aggravate" Kate to death! LOL I'm not a star struck kind of person...Kate puts on her britches same way I do (except Imma lot slower) there would be no holdin back on my teasin her in person!

    Thanks BabyMama for that sweet tweet you sent out last nite! I sure try to be positive & not allow too much of the negatives goin on in my life ever discourage others!

  16. Hello all!

    I noticed an article on ROL about Kate's cruise, with the haters being their same hateful selves, saying the same nasty things they've been saying for years, only modified to include a "water" theme. Of course, some of them are upset that Kate isn't taking the kids along, and we all know those same people would be doubly upset if she WAS taking them along. The haters always find something to go on about - they are very reliable that way.

  17. Micha said... The haters always find something to go on about - they are very reliable that way.

    LOL, well at least you can count on them for something.

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  19. Hello .. - Even a little late I wish you all one year very happy, blessed by God.
    - As for the cruise Jacque texted me these days saying that she was eager to go On the cruise with Kate and needed a lot of money to isso.Eu told her that when I get rich I would pay him a trip with Kate lol
    - Now here in Brazil one of the subjects of television is a woman who is pregnant with 4 twins and already had 1 first child, will now be five, she's famous around here.

  20. New posters, nice to see new folks. Welcome!!!

    Debora - Hey girl! So nice to have you drop by! Haven't heard from you in ages.

    Fascinated - I'm afraid to ask how cold it is where you are! Stay warm!

    Weather here continues to be really strange. Overall way warmer than normal (our grass is still green!) but then we get those periods of 4-5 days where it drops into the 20s. Today it's in the 50s and raining. Good thing it's warmer or it would be snow!

    I continue to be impressed at how Kate continues to give to others. Even with the obnoxious AKOs she just mostly blocks them and moves on.

    Now, if only ... the AKOs would move on!!! How can those people pursue a person they dislike for such a long period of time? I'm so glad the rest of us have active busy lives. So sad that those folks have nothing but hate. Gosh that must be truly miserable.

    Corrina - glad you got the video link and the emails!

    Baby Mama - we've gotta arrange a time to telephone chat soon! Miss you!!!


  21. Baby Mama - If you aren't doing the Kate cruise will you be at home then? Just got our August schedule and we'll be in NY for performances then (third weekend in August.) Maybe we can at least get together for coffee then.Email me and let's discuss.

  22. Oh Linda O, it was supposed to be - 29C this morning with a windchill of -32C, but we were lucky and it only went down to -22. It hovered around -14C today. We've had unusually high weather hovering around -5 for the last few weeks and today was our first cold one for a little bit. If global warming is to blame, I am all for abusing the planet more. : )

    I am dreaming of taking a cruise but August is when we actually get warm weather so I would hate to miss it. LOL

  23. If Kate has an exercise/fitness show it should be directed to women of all ages.

  24. MsGoody - I'd agree with that!

    fascinated - lol, I knew if I heard your temps I'd turn up the fire in the gas fireplace. It got in the 20s and 30s here and that was F not C. I'm truly a cold weather wimp!!!

  25. Well, I've put my deposit down for the cruise.

    Linda O-They have cabins w/ocean views. These come w/ and w/o balconies. I've put a deposit down on the D3 Superior Ocean View with Balcony. The interior cabins have views of the Boardwalk and Central Park areas of the ship so that should cut down on any sense of being closed in. It's not like the old cheap cabins. I'm really looking forward to it. I've never been on a cruise so I'm getting advice from a friend who's a cruise ship veteran. These ships are enormous. A couple of years ago I visited my #2 sister & her husband while they were renting a condo near Palm Beach. We took a boat tour of the area including by some of the giant cruise ships. The Allure of the Seas is Royal Caribbean's Oasis class of cruise ships. From the icon it looks like these are the largest ships in the Royal Caribbean fleet (the other Oasis class ship is the Oasis of the Seas.

  26. Peggy - That is fantastic!!! WTG!!!! Thanks for sharing that!

    I can do sailboats, I just don't do well with cruise ships. Weird I know. I was prepared to do my best and overcome it but I have a child with stage performances from drama camp in NY the third weekend in August. She's already booked and paid and much as I love Kate G, my kids come first, of course. We fly her up in July and then performances are set already in August. She'd be crushed if we weren't there and I'd never consider it.

    This child is Gosselin crazy too, so if it weren't for camp I'd try to do the cruise thing and take her with me. And, that's even with friends reminding me that the last cruise I tried I left the boat on the Puerto Rico stop and flew home.My DH swore he'd never cruise with me again.

    I'm so happy for you though. That is just awesome!!!

  27. PEGGY! We are just super excited for you! I'm so mad that we already booked our Disney Cruise for this year. My kids would absolutely kill me but Im so mad I didn't know about this cruise earlier. My kids also love the Nick Cruises, so I know they would have loved all these characters too. We haven't been on a cruise now since my daughter was born and thats 3 years so we are itching to go. This is the first year that the Disney ships are leaving out of NY though which is saving us a ton in airfare!

    It's so great to have a TRUE insider that can give us all the great scoop. I'm so sad and jealous! ;)

    I miss you all, and sorry I have been a bit MIA but my big one had a 2 day City field trip and as the chaperone I havent been able to get away. Thank you as always Linda for keeping an eye out on things for me..xo

  28. Wavin hello to everyone. Been a bit absent myself...LIFE knockin me around again! But Imma still STANDING!

    Wonder what changed about Kate doin the Bermuda thing? From her twitter comments, it looks like she is staying home with the kids, although normally this would have been Jon's weekend with the kids?

    Maybe Jon got sick or he decided there was something he wanted to do? Anyway, looks like our gal canceled on this. nice to see you here again. You sure are missed...and I think of you often because I think we both share similar "aches & pains"! LOL!

    Would love to do this cruise. Tryin to figure a way to do it healthwise! No way I would attempt it in a wheelchair. I've been on many cruises and it's a shame how handicapped folks are treated by others. Because wheelchairs take up a good bit of space in the crowded hallways of cruise ships...I have seen and heard other cruisers bein very rude and impatient w/handicapped individuals! Sad ...but a reality! Would never put myself in that situation to be a hindrance, burden to Kate fans & Kate herself...although she jokingly said she would push me around!

  29. Peggy, enjoy and tell us all about the cruise. Fired Up, I am praying that there's a way for you to go, you've been through so much and truely desrve it. Babymama, Disney cruises are awesome. They are a great combination of time with the kids and breaks from them. Food is fantastic though. Will your youngest daughter be 4 before you go? We went for my Mom's 70th birthday. It was definitely a bucket lust experience.

  30. Happy Sunday!!

    FiredUp--I hope and pray that you get to go on the cruise. What you observed with people w/wheelchairs being treated poorly is just so very disturbing. Who has to be in such a big hurry that they can't wait a minute or so to get where they have to go? If I were going on the cruise, and you needed to get around by wheelchair, I would be proud to push your chair.
    And heaven help us if anyone challenged us! You would definitely not be a burden to me!

    Peggy--Good for you taking the cruise! What a wonderful opportunity!

    Linda--Thanks a million for the video link and photos and all of your kind words!!

  31. FiredUp - Please remember that you (and anybody else in a wheelchair) have just as much right to be there as the other folks! I understand well how you feel though. For 10 years I've gone back and forth from wheelchair to walker to cane and back to walker back to wheelchair, etc. At first in the wheelchair I just wanted to stay home from everything. Then had to paste on the big smile and determination and go for it.

    It does mean planning ahead (but then I'm a compulsive planner anyway.) The down side is that it, for sure, takes a lot longer to get places and then navigate when you get there. Some idiots tend to look through you and cut right in front of you wheelchair. However, there are many great folks I would never have met if I hadn't been traveling a little slower.

    I even did a Taylor Swift concert and navigated 10 zillion girls because it was important to my own.

    I worried (and still do from time to time) if my limitations embarrass my kids. I've asked if they'd prefer I stay home and let Dad do certain things and they say, "Heck no, I want you there."

    Last year at one of their Cotillions when I was then in a chair, I really planned to stay home and let Dad make photos. Parents are only allowed in for last 30 minutes to observe. Kids insisted I go and my son "danced" with me by wheeling the chair. For a middle school kid in the throes of angst at that age, I thought that was remarkable.

    We'll see if the attitude continues.

    Go for it FIREDUP, you'll be glad you did!!!! xoxoxoxo

  32. Linda, I agree that attitudes are changing little by little towards people with limitations. Part of it comes from the way they are now included in regular classrooms so kids are learning that they are basically just like everyone else from an early age. Having said that and as an offtrack I have big issues with school districts using inclusion as an excuse not to fund the services they desparately need and benefit from, but that's another story. It has a lot to do with the attitudes of the person in the chair. Also the staff on cruises tend to be very helpful and there is such a wide assortment of activities to do that it could work well. Fired Up, if you can make it work from a budget and scheduling standpoint, do it, its one of those bucketlisty type things and Kate would absolutely love it.

  33. Hey everyone! BabyMama...just saw that sweet tweet from you last nite! Thanks a bunch! I get so many hateful, ugly tweets....haters love to make fun of nice to see a positive one!

    LOL...latest hater rant...they think I am a "man"! LOL LOL LOL Their stupidity astounds me. Next thing they will assume "Jack" is a wonder dog & it is HE that is pawin away on twitter!

    Tashapork...I was there last year on a cruise...and heard numerous times disrepectful comments to people in wheelchairs. Comments like..."Do you have to get that huge thing in this elevator now? Wait for the next one!" Or, "Gawd, these wheelchairs take up the whole damn isle. Why do these people even come on a ship!" That is almost word for word what I heard people say...and that is two of several I heard thru-out the cruise!

    So if my situation is "wheel chair" bound...I will not go! I am weighing options now on what to do. Docs want to do a series of 3 different surgeries. I just can't stomach that idea. Lookin for some alternative routes....have to get somewhat better soon!

  34. Hey guys! I know my blog had become completely stale in terms of fresh paper, but things have been super crazy with me and today was my first shot of telling you all how much I missed you. So this new post is extra fresh and crispy. Scent of the day is the smell of fresh air and sun on a beach! Enjoy the new post, and tell me where the heck has everyone been??? lol