Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Updated! Dr. Drews Life Changes, Kate Gosselin Big Extra TV Interview, Kate Gosselin Cruise Selling Big

Siren in silver: Kate Gosselin flaunts her toned legs in a sexy mini dress: DailyMail.co.uk

 She recently slammed reports that she had undergone a facelift but added that she was flattered at the suggestion.
And once again Kate Gosselin has given something for her fans to talk about as she arrived for an interview with Extra at The Grove today. The 36-year-old mother-of-eight looked 10 years younger, showing off her sensational pins and fabulous figure in a silver sequinned stripped mini dress and silver heels.

Letting her sexy attire do all of the talking, the tanned reality star wore her blonde hair out in a simple straight style and wore minimal make-up on her complexion. She was accompanied by her faithful bodyguard Steve Neild for the occasion. The silver fox statuesque protector stayed close to the blonde as she made her way through the crowd.  Neild has been by Kate's side since 2010 and the duo once sparked rumours of a romance. Pictures of Kate in Cabo with the handsome married bodyguard back in 2010 prompted rumours of an affair, which Kate blasted as 'absurd'.

'I am completely alone - and believe me, I spend a lot of time contemplating the fact that could be alone for the rest of my life,' she told People at the time.
Today was a busy day for Kate, who is in Los Angeles for press duties. The single mother did several interviews during the day and had an early start. 'Good morning all! It's a press day for me! I'll keep you posted! Have a great day...' she tweeted.Kate first appeared on Dr Drew Lifechangers, where she talked about her large brood.  She told her fans that she and the addiction medicine specialist got along famously.
'...on my way to Dr Drew Lifechangers show... He's a dad of triplets... We get along great! :) will let you know when you can watch it...'After a spot of lunch, it was then onto The Grove where she was seen in her silver dress sensation. Late last year Coupon crazy Kate slammed any suggestion that she had a facelift, but admitted that she was flattered that people think she has. She used her CouponCabin.com blog to address the rumours.

She wrote: 'I will confirm that I have not had one. I am only 36! But, I will take all of the talk about how rested and young I look as a compliment! So thanks!' She then went on to give out coupon savings information for a range of beauty websites and brands. The single mother did have a tummy tuck in 2007 and breast implants in 2009, and add to that tanning sessions and Botox injections. And New York plastic surgeon Jon Turk offered his professional opinion and said that Gosselin’s defined jawline and changed eye shape ‘suggests a facelift’. While Kate hinted at a return to TV and suggestions she could return to nursing earlier this month it was announced she had joined the coupon company to blog about her money-saving tips.

Pricey Kate Gosselin Cruise Tickets Selling: Access Hollywood

Kate Gosselin may not have to keep up that coupon blog gig for long – tickets for a cruise with the former reality TV mom are reportedly selling just one day after they became available. On Friday, it was announced that Kate would take to the seas in August for a Royal Caribbean cruise with fans and while many doubted whether travelers would pay to sail with the mother of eight, cabins on the Allure of the Seas ocean liner – ranging from $1,575 to $5,500 per person — are reportedly already being purchased.
“We are getting so many calls, so many e-mails,” Charlene Failla, Luxury Cruises and Tours president, told E! Online, of the interest in their new oceanic venture with Kate.

While Failla wouldn’t reveal how many cabins have been sold since the cruise’s website went live on Friday, she said the company is pleased with the somewhat surprising response. “When we first put up our website, we were thinking we would get mostly families,” Failla said. “But then we started getting a lot of enquiries about singles. So just yesterday afternoon we put up a single rate, and we hadn’t even had that [planned].” Guests on the cruise will reportedly enjoy a “private BBQ” with a “fabulous band” (as well as a morning brunch and Q&A session) with Kate, and the Gosselin matriarch will join trip-goers for a shore excursion. As previously reported on AccessHollywood.com, TLC pulled the plug on Kate’s reality show, “Kate Plus 8” back in August, prompting the 36–year-old mom to search for other means of employment. In November, CouponCabin.com announced Kate as a new contributing blogger, writing posts which offer visitors to the web site advice on how to save money.

“No matter what your financial situation is, there’s no reason not to use coupons. It’s like free money in your pocket!” Kate said in a statement at the time. “I’m thrilled to lend my expertise to CouponCabin.com, where you can easily find the best deals on practically everything.”
Kate signed on as a weekly contributor to the website, writing “on topics like how to stretch a budget for a large family, holiday shopping tips, gift ideas and more,” CouponCabin.comexplained in a release.

Feb. 22nd at 3pm on The CW Dr. Drews "Life Changers"


  1. Hi all!!! Baby Mama - Thanks for new post

    FiredUp - You can find idiots most anywhere. You've proved the point with comments you heard on your last cruise. I've heard those same comments in office buildings, amusement parks, Disney, etc.

    Just give them the Steel Magnolia routine. Come on girlfriend. You know how to work it!! Great big smile to them and say, "Well honey, last time I looked my dollars were green just like yours!"

    Last time I said that, a total stranger on an elevator looked at the people who were less than nice and said, "You can often fix bones and backs, but it's kinda hard to fix stupidity and rudeness!"

    We had a 30 second chat about people who weren't lucky enough to have parents to teach them good manners and empathy.

  2. Love that Linda. People's stupidity and insensitivity really bothers me. On Face book, they had an article about a Virginia state representitive saying that women who have abortions are punished by having disabled children later on. If that's the caliber of some that hold office, that is scary.

  3. Hello ladies! Good article BabyMama! I wonder why Gather thinks its news that Kate stayed home. 'Cuse me, but I thought Kate spent most of her time at home anyway.

  4. Good evening everyone! Hello to Tashapork, Linda & Ms. Goody. Man I could not get on my site tonight. I hope nobody had problems. I swear things were good with IE for a while, now it's freezing up and I'm posting back on Firefox.

    Haterz are bored this week and everyone is talking about other people socks. Funny that was the whole reason I never allowed anon commenters on my site. Dont be fooled when you see those other sites with a million comments. They are all just the same 3 people just like on Lisa's site posting under different names. Why are they saying fan sites do it when they are the only ones still around gasping for air? Beats me

    Everyone is back to Twitter and I swear they live to hear or see for that matter themselves talk. They really just need to save up and get on the Kate cruise..lol So whats going on with everyone and what have I missed?

    Miss you Linda, we have to chat soon I swear! xoxo

  5. msgoody the author of that article about Kate being home on the web site Gather her name is Effie Orfanides and we fans should all be grateful for her. She is one of the few tabloid writers that doesn't write for drama but for the truth and facts. She has written one very nice article after another about Kate. She has also been viciously attacked for writing her honest and truthful articles about Kate but she is standing firm in believing that Kate is a very nice woman and is writing very nice articles about Kate.

  6. tashapork it is exactly those kinds of comments that make you just shake your head and ask what these people are thinking and how insensitive they are when they say such cruel and vicious things.

    Some people can snark all they want but Kate is taking care of her children and is doing her best to support them and as many know that have been out there in the working world it takes a lot of networking which is exactly what Kate is doing to help support her family. networking is such a huge part of the working environment and it appears that Kate has a very good handle on it. I say good for her.

  7. Great to see you Lexxi! It's been an amazing 4 years with these haters. They don't seem to die down one bit. At this point it's really just about attacking the people that are supportive of Kate in order to make themselves feel good. The show has been off for a while now, why dont they just go away? Did they not get what they wanted? For the show to end? Why is that obsessive woman from 15 min. STILL talking about Kate Gosselin now that the show is over. Because if it's truly that she was making money because of her kids, and the show isn't on, then why are they STILL complaining? It's just to have someone to talk to over there at this point. They make fun of us yet they are worse because they are still snarking over a woman who will just continue to live her life and provide for her family. AND they are still keeping her relevant, so thank you.

  8. I totally agree, Baby Mama, the show's off the air so reasonable people would just let it lie, wouldn't they?? Oh, that's right, 'they' don't know what the word reasonable means, do they??

    I'm so pleased for Kate to have an opportunity like this cruise....I'm sure she will enjoy it and she certainly deserves some fun along with all her responsibilities. I can't even fathom the weight of her responsibilites with 8 children to provide for....and basically alone. We've all seen how much help you know who is.

    Hope all is well with everyone here. We've had a fairly easy winter so far, but I'm still sooooo ready for Spring!!!

  9. FiredUp4Kate - I agree with Linda. Give the insensitive yokals the Steel Magnolia look. All public places are to be handicapped accessible a if anybody bitches, well too bad.

    Kate got very good press today and the haters are in a frenzy. Serves them right.

  10. Sayin hello & wishin we could get some southern sunshine back here! Been three days now...rain, thunderstorms & even a tornado yesterday that came very close to our house! Touched down a lil over a 1/2 mile away! We were w/out power for 15hrs!

    Kate looked just fabulous on her latest trip out west! BabyMama...you need to get some pics up and that video of her posing for pictures with the fans!

    Can't wait to see her stint with that Dr. Drew as well. Just curious...does anyone know about the supposed interview that Kate did on the Dr. Oz show? It was rumored to have been a few months ago, but I never saw it bein aired? You know anything about that BabyMama or Linda? Would sure love to see that!!

    So hope everyone is holdin up ok in the "old man wintertime"! Take care!

  11. Hello FiredUp! Ive been away doing some really great career changing stuff so I'm a little off the loop. Could you please send me the link so that I can publish it here? How is everyone doing? What have I been missing? The snow was crazy which made me get home later than I thought and for some reason I'm having trouble posing on IE AGAIN, and now I'm back to Firefox. Is anyone having that problem? Where has everyone been? Miss you all! xoxox

  12. Wow... what a week and weekend.

    Firedup - It's cold in my part of the south also. Yuck that cold and rain. Family says if it has to be that cold, we could have at least had some fun snow, lol. Glad you have power back. Oh my, cold, rainy and no power makes it miserable and scary also.

    Sorry you had the snow Baby Mama.

    Baby Mama - I never have been able to post using IE since that malfunction. I stayed with Safari and FireFox, Opera, and Chrome. lol, in other words, anything but IE. I can only use IE on the parallel desktop going through Unix.

    IE is just such an easy target for hackers that I'm not brave enough to try it again.

    Lexxi and Ms. Goody - great to see you post here. BTW, there are so many different people with blogs on Gather, it's tough to keep them straight. I still get an email a week or so asking me to do a blog on Gather (they do pay for blogs.) I'm not interested in a blog or I would have done one years ago. If I were to do one, it would be on cooking and I think there probably enough cooking blogs in the world already.

    Vicky - I don't think "those" folks will ever just let it end. They thrive on misery, chaos, and conflict.

    tashapork - missing you on Twitter. Just trying to keep my head above water. So, have you made any more trips to Ikea?

    Corrina - testing is finished for now. What's the old saw??? Could be better but it coulda been a whole lot worse. Just have to live one day at a time.

    CMo3 - Prayers for the pain, GF!

    fascinated - stay warm in that frozen tundra!

    Ziggy - sent you an email.

    Hi & xoxoxo to anybody I missed. Back to helping with homework. major test for kids tomorrow on percentages and fractions. We're reviewing like crazy.

    Doesn't miss Kate look fantastic!!! Every time I see her I think she just improves and improves on her looks. Hard work, diligent training, healthy eating, and hard work!!!

  13. Wow BabyMama! Lots of information--great new post! And oh my! The boring world of haters.--They have nothing better than to pick apart the lives of people they are jealous of.

    Linda--Thank for the update--will email you soon. I love percentages and fractions!! Wish I were there. :)

    Finally looks like winter here--got freezing rain then about 5" of snow Sunday--had company Thursday thru Sunday and in the middle of a remodeling job. OY!

    FiredUp--So very glad that tornado wasn't any closer to you and that you have power back--was following you on Twitter during that ordeal. I also wondered if what we heard about Kate on the Dr. Oz show was true and when that show would be aired. Anybody know about that?

  14. I heard that Kate was going to be on with Dr Drew, I don't know about Dr Oz, if so, maybe its about fertility treatments or pcos. I'll watch on any show she's on. I even watched her on Sarah Palin's show and for me that's a stretch.
    Linda, I hope your kids did well on their exams and weren't too stressed. Kids today carry a lot of stress. We haven't been to Ikea since xmas shopping. We've been trying to stay out of stores as to not buy what we don't really need since we are hoping to spend much of february in Az with family. Happily our house refinance will be done this week, so its one less thing on the plate.
    Corrina, company+ remodel= stess, hopefully the project will end soon.
    Babymama, good luck on the career prospects.

  15. Thanks Tashapork, I am hoping the remodeling ends soon too. It seems like one thing leads to another around here. I heard that about Kate being on Dr. Oz shortly after Kate Plus 8 was cancelled. Painful as it was, I watched her on Sarah Palin's show too. Phew! Enjoy your visit with family in AZ!!

    One of her "Ask Kate" questions yesterday was when/if Kate Plus 8 would be coming out on dvd and she said she would check into that. I sure hope it does because I didn't see all of the last episodes.

  16. Hey all you sweet ladies! Yes, Corrina...you are correct about the news that she did an interview on Dr. Oz late last year? Wonderin what happened to it?

    I like Kate...with all her imperfections, meltdowns and bad behavior! LOL It's all there for the world to see and pick her apart about it! But it's Kate! What you see is what you get! She has so many other redeemin qualities...she's so fun, wise beyond her years and full of kindness and love as well!

    All of us if put under the "microscope" of a TV camera or public opinion would not fare too well. We all have our bad moments, our "wish I had not said that" episode in life! I appreciate it when people forgive me and overlook my faults...Imma sure gonna do the same for Kate!

  17. I even go back and look at some home videos of myself and say, oh I wish I hadn't said that, or those clothes looked terrible. I could not do what the people on reality tv do, have a baby, get your wisdom teeth out, end a relationship, etc in front of the camera. Its part of what annoys me about people's negativity toward the financial compensation that they earn. That's work, its a skill and its a talent, and Kate has it.

  18. I hope this works, I think I am finally able to read the comments and post one of my own.

    Hello everyone. I am excited to see Kate on Dr. Oz.

    When did she get breast implants?? Did the paps and I miss something. LOL.

  19. Hello everyone! Man was I upset when I saw that once again IE was giving me trouble on my own site. Glad to see things are getting better and people can post!

    I put the videos up so we will all know when Kate will be on Dr. Drew. I also heard that more people will be on the cruise. It sounds like so much fun. If you guys hear of any news or see articles I havent posted. Please e-mail me. Jonkatefanpage@gmail.com

  20. Hi Linda, Been missing you girl. I have talked to Effie about it and she is actually on staff at Gather while the other people we've seen like that Sue isn't on staff but yes is getting paid for her crap. Excuse me but that's what her articles are.Effie has been a Kate fan for quite awhile and before she joined the staff on Gather. It doesn't matter who she is writing about she is always fair and objective and will give the benefit of the doubt unlike most of the writers out there.

    BabyMama it's crazy isn't it? Those people just won't give up. They use "saving the children" as their excuse to hate on Kate out of pure jealousy and for others just because they get a kick out of being as nasty as they can be for shock value. I gave up trying to understand people like that a long time ago. I avoid all the hate blogs like the plague and try to avoid the Twitter "jailbirds" as I like to refer to them. LOL

    Linda I had to switch to Google Chrome myself because it was impossible to get on a blog with IE. With Chrome it's fast easy and it really is much faster and crashes much less because it's not loaded down with a bunch of extras that you really don't need anyway.

    Kate seems to be quite happy and she is doing a lot of networking and making a lot of connections. That's what it's all about today is making those connections and the right ones. Hooray for Kate for being smart and going for it. I suspect one of these day in the not too far future we will be getting some good news about a great opportunity for Kate. Call it intuition and I pray I'm right. Till next time, (hugs)xoxo

  21. Seems according to Jon's tweets that he & "government worker" Ellen have decided to part ways...and are no longer madly in love!

    Jon the "private person" has asked that everyone respect his privacy at this time. Okay?

    I hope this is not difficult for the kids as Ellen has been Jon's part-time help when he had the kids for almost two years now. Wonder how Jon will manage just by himself with the kids?

    It seems Kate has to do that often now...since filming is no longer going on and surely Kate has a serious cut back in finances, she uses nannies only when absolutely necessary, when she has to travel for work, etc.

    Wonder if Jon will stay independant and without a girlfriend for a while? That would be something very new for him...so used to having women in his life?

    Haters are really vicious and worked up on twitter tonight. Can't figure out what that is all about. Kate's new article in Runner's World magazine is out...but I can't find the magazine anywhere locally! Someone please share when you find it!

  22. Hello everyone! Hope everyone is well! The blog has been very quiet lately, what's been going on with everyone. FiredUp you always know the good dish, why have things been so quiet lately?

    This is the first time in a month where I actually get to sit down and enjoy this blog that is now in it's 4th year! Can't really blow my own mind enough that people like Lisa Knight is still rambling on with the same 3 socks with new names just as long as I have. It's like the horse that was shot in the war and still limping. I truly made it my mission that if that one doesn't leave then neither will I!

    Thinking about all the old hate sites I remebered Gosselins Without Pity and after a whopping 6 months decided to check and see if it was still even a site. Couldnt believe that a post up for a month gets 90 comments from the same people. So that made me very very happy

  23. Whhooo Hooo! What an interesting morning on Twitter huh? I decided that this page was getting stale and it was time for some fresh paper ya'll!

    So share your thought on some yummy pork and beans on the new page! xoxo