Saturday, January 28, 2012

Jon Gosselin & Ellen Ross Call It Quits after 2 Years

Jon Gosselin and his girlfriend of nearly two years, Ellen Ross, have called it quits.
has exclusively learned that the couple wasn't getting along recently and Ellen's distaste for the media was the final straw. "Ellen didn't like the media attention and other things that came with the relationship," a source close to the couple divulged. "That's one of the main reasons they broke up."

According to an insider, the twosome broke up more than a week ago, but it wasn't until Friday that Jon confirmed the break up on his Twitter page. "Recently, after much thought and discussion, Ellen and I have decided to end our relationship. It was a mutual decision and we are both happy and remain best friends," Jon tweeted. "We both plan to move forward and focus on our separate lives. We ask that you please respect our privacy during this time."So far, no word from Ellen except a denial, that was debunked when Jon spilled the beans on Twitter.


  1. Regarding the alleged reason for the breakup, as I said earlier on Ziggy's blog, WHAT media attention?!?!?

  2. Thank you for reminding me Peggy I have to go visit Ziggy and say hi!

    The only media attention Jon got on this one was when he got caught picking his nose and using a pay phone to call Radar Online cause he couldn't afford his cell phone plan. Look around I smell and exclusive in somewhere trashy like Star or The National Enquirer. Where they don't pay for stories but they sure as heck cut you a check for a photo! Hey rent is due on the 1st you know! lol

    The funniest part was Ellen denying it to eveeryone, then moments later Jon blurbs it to everyone on Twitter

  3. pffft maybe jon and kate will get back togeather! :P

  4. You're always welcome over at Ziggy's, Baby Mama! We know your plate's pretty full so you can't do it as often as either we or you would like, but it's great when you can make it.

    Ellen should touch base with Kate and Hailey to see what to expect now that she's no longer useful to Jon. Of course, I think Ellen's a much tougher cookie than Hailey and nowhere near the lady/good girl that Kate is, so Jon should be careful.

  5. I had read something months ago that Jon and Ellen broke up and I don't think its because of any media attention directed towards Ellen. Jon probably has his eye on a new honey and had to prove it with a public tweet. As far as respecting their privacy, that went down the drain as soon as he tweeted (LOL)! I hope the next woman Jon becomes associated with minds her business and not Jon, Kate and their kids.

  6. Katefan01- I'm not saying that he might not want to come back. The grass on the other side of the fence hasn't proven to be green at all. But that, IMO, would be for security, not love. Fortunately, I think Kate's grown up so far that she's way beyond Jon. There'll always be a place for him as the kids' father, but no more than that.

  7. Yes, I saw this comin! I never thought these two were madly in love. Surprised it lasted this long...but somethin went amiss obviously and Jon wants out!

    Kinda of odd for Ellen to deny it and then Jon comes right out and says they "both ask for privacy"! No free babysitter will be interestin to see if Jon goes it alone for a while or if he already has his eye on another gal.

    If he does...I sure hope he delays bringing them into the kids lives til he knows for sure this IS THE ONE! He has a problem with that notion...every gal he gets real tight with, he claims is his soul mate. Remember his proclamation on TV that he "loved Hailey way more than he ever loved Kate"...right after sayin he "despised Kate"!

    Not sure Jon really knows how to love and loyally commit himself to a woman to nurture a relationship and grow to the point of marriage with fidelity and faithfulness to "death do us part"!

    Seems like so many people can't do that anymore. When I and my husband said it...we meant it! We said it before God and we have certainly had rough patches...but always were determined to work thru it, fix the problems and remain faithful to each other!

    But how I know that it takes TWO...each partner has to be willin to work at keepin the marriage in tact. That's why young folks need to think long and hard before lettin romantic "stars in their eyes" motivate them to intimacy, pre-marital sex and involvements with the wrong person!!

  8. I agree FiredUp that I saw this one coming too. He wasn't ready for this relationship when he came into it, and she isn't ready and mature enough for his complicated life and needs. I do pray that Jon spends some time by himself before jumping into another relationship. He needs it in order to commit to someone else in a healthy way. I also pray that maybe over the past couple of years that he's matured a little and might look away from the early twenties set. They clearly don't have the maturity to deal with the complexities that come in his package. I don't hate Ellen, I do think that she was trying to be just like Kate while simultaneously get stirred in the haters pie. I also think she was in fantasy land where Jon was concerned and not mature enough. I hope Jon can handle the issue sensitively with the kids and I pray for a good life for him especially for the kids' sakes.

  9. I agree with Peggy... What Media Attention. I also agree that the only reason Jon said anything is because he is ready to move on. I am sure Ellen asked that nothing be said so that the media doesn't jump all over this because she appears to be a bit more mature than Jon (given they have been able to stay out of the media for the most part; until rent was due. lol).

    The proof will be in the pudding. Whether Jon has grown up or not will be shown by his behaviour.

    My bet is that Jon will have another girlfriend by the next month's visit with the kids. LOL

  10. ha! exactly what i was thinking.....WHAT MEDIA ATTENTION??? (hi everyone!)

  11. I think blaming media attention is just a way of reflecting blame off of ourselves and placing it on others such as Kate, tabloids, etc. People who always blame others are never happy.
    My mom and I are starting to have computer withdrawls and we haven't even left yet, yes there's iphone which is a life saver, but its small. My grandma doesn't have internet. I've tried to see if I could get a temporary hotspot or something, but you have to sign up 4 two year contract. Oh well, maybe we'll be busy enough that we won't care. My mom is even attached to her youtube beading lessons.

  12. katefan01 I know that is what some fans wish would happen and in a perfect world maybe it would but there has been far too much that has happened between Jon and Kate and far too much betrayal on Jon's part for there ever to be a chance of that happening. In fact Kate has been asked several times if there was a chance and each time she has answered it with a definite no. A couple of times she has referred to it as "that ship sailed a long time ago" in other words there isn't a ghost of a chance they would ever in this lifetime get back together. In fact she was asked that again today after all the reports came out about Jon and Ellen splitting up and Kate said no and referred back to that quote that the ship sailed a long time ago. Let's be honest can anyone blame her? Sorry but it's true, once a cheater always a cheater and Kate could never trust Jon again and if you don't have trust you don't stand a chance.

    This break up is no surprise at all and I suspected they actually broke up quite some time ago. Why they held off the announcement I'm not sure but it's clear IMO that Ellen wasn't ready for the announcement. Maybe she wanted to hold on to that little bit of "celebrity" status, who knows? Any way Jon has on several occasions publicly corrected and countered information that Ellen gave to the media and throwing her under the bus. Remember this is Ellen who claims to not want the media attention. Remember "towel gate" or "pissy dogs" or Ellen smiling broadly straight into Chris the pap's camera,and I could give one example after another and they were all bids for attention from Jon and Ellen for media attention. I don't buy the media attention as the cause of the break up. It really doesn't matter though and to be honest it's not our business why they broke up. That's between Jon and Ellen.

    I don't hate Ellen either but I did feel she was the wrong choice for Jon because she clearly wanted media attention and then joined the haters in their blogs and on her Twitter to join in the hate for Kate campaign. I just had no respect for her and felt that involving herself with the haters was a terrible thing to do especially since she did spend time with the children. Any way it's over and I feel this is the best thing possibly for Jon. I hope that he finds a woman to fall in love with but I hope it's a much more mature woman and one that will not feed into the hate for Kate game and one who will truly want privacy in her relationship with Jon. I would hope he would find someone to help guide him down a better path in life to happiness and success.

    I do hope that Ellen will not seek vengeance against Jon because I suspect Ellen wasn't ready to let go not so much of Jon but if I'm going to be honest, I don't feel Ellen was ready to let go of what little celebrity status was left for Jon for which she could use to promote herself and her blog. I hope and pray that Ellen just slips quietly away and doesn't cause any problems for Jon. Not only would it be bad for Jon but in the end the ones who are also hurt are the children so I hope for all their sake Ellen just fades off into the sunset and they all move on to have happy lives and futures.

  13. I guess I might disagree with a few about whether or not Ellen wanted media attention but it is exactly how I feel and from what I saw.

  14. I think the funny thing here is that both of them have been out of the media for quite some time. So if Jon truly wanted things to be so private, then why did his dumb behind blast it on Twitter? Makes no sense.

    What makes sense is my man knew it was eventually gonna come out so why not shoot a quick phone call to Radar Online line via a source that is so obviously himself? Then Radar can hide him under a blanket in the middle of the night to pick up his check from Star Magazine.

  15. People are gonna kill me on my own site but I have to say it. I actually feel BAD for Ellen. I do. Girlfriend got in right at the hieght of all the J&K drama. Jon was making good money looking stupid on Shows like the Insider. He had a about 2 minutes of fame left, and she was thinking it would look cool to be defiant to her family & friends and date a famous guy with more than a few children.

    Now fast forward 2 years later. Normally most ladies are singing "Put A Ring on It". Jon's minutes of fame are completely up, he had to give back the hot status car and now the rent on the apartment is due. She also has to share his time with the kids, although not that much. He's probably depressed that his wife is loaded and it's beginning to ruin the relationship. The talk about marriage was just for the rag mags. Future was starting to look bleak for that girl. I see her giving him an ultimatum, and Jon realizing he wasn't wanting the commitment anymore.

    The sadness I feel is for the kids. They obviously grew to care about Ellen, another woman that will leave their lives and not come back. Thank goodness they have their mother. I'm only hoping that this will keep his mind off any other women at least a month cause you know he still thinks he's got something and is back on the prowl at the bars as we speak ;)

  16. BM - I don't feel one bit sorry for Ellen. She used the kids and tried to put herself in the publics eye as better for the kids than their own mother & put herself in competition with Kate for everything. I think she used Jon, too, but I also think Jon used her. I think they were equal partners in that. I also think they were equal partners in the 'leaks'.

    Isn't this the first one Jon has broken up with? Haven't all the other's broken up with him? Clearly by Ellen denying the breakup & Jon comes out immediately and nails it tight with strong confirmation, Ellen was holding on by her fingernails & Jon was DONE. I will give Jon credit from finally moving on from her. Time will tell if he's learned anything or matured any.

    For Jon's own sake, I hope he got Ellen to sign a rock solid strong confidentially contract. No doubt Ellen has enough on him, and visa versa, to send him to the virtual electric chair of public opinion. Frankly, I don't think Jon would've dumped her had he not been able to feel secure in that he had some strong control over what she might come out with post break-up regarding him.

    I'll give Jon credit, he was gracious in his public words dumping her. Too bad he couldn't have been that gracious towards the mother of his children when he dumped her to go find his twenties.

  17. BM said:"Then Radar can hide him under a blanket in the middle of the night to pick up his check from Star Magazine."
    Oh Baby Mama that one left me nearly slumped in tears of laughter. Your scenario is so perfectly

  18. Let's just hope that Jon takes his time and chooses a little wiser next time. It doesn't matter why they parted ways and as in all situations, it's always a he said, she said situation. What really matters is how they move on. Hopefully they will both quietly go on and I truly hope that Jon find someone that will help him become a better person and someone that will completely separate herself from Jon & Kate's issues with each other and leave that for them to work out. Just as I wish nothing but success and happiness for Kate, I wish the same things for Jon. Happy parents whether together or apart will make for happy children.

  19. Looks like Cara & Mady get to do something special alone with their mom. As hard as it will be ot leave the kids I 100% support this!

    "Yep. It's true! Mady and Cara are sailing too! Can't wait to have a big girls week with our fans! Join US!"

  20. So happy that Kate decided to take at least some of her kids! What an experience this will be for them. If Kate does other cruises in the future, when she becomes a more experienced cruiser, I have no doubt that she will include the tups!

    I'm so irritated with all the rantings about this bein "child exploitation"! Geez, a workin vacay for Kate and she decides to bring along a couple of her kids to enjoy the benefits & it is child exploitation? What a stretch of imagination that is!!

    These kids are savy travelers...Kate will have adequate security for them. They are sure as "hello" used to having people take their pictures so I don't think they will freak out over that.

    Your buddy Smecky sure worked herself up in a "twitter froth" yesterday over this. Seriously, these are Kate's children...we know how protective she is of them...they will be fine and will have another life changing experience in their pocket!

  21. "Looks like Cara & Mady get to do something special alone with their mom."

    Baby Mama, how is their going on the cruise doing something special "alone" with their mom? The whole draw of the cruise is for fans to spend time with Kate and participate in activities with Kate.

    So how do you interpret this as Kate spending time "alone" with the twins? The cruise website stresses how the fans can spend time with Kate, doing things with Kate. Kate even tweeted "Join US!". Doesn't sound like a mother-daughters alone time vacation.

    I am happy that the twins are going-but don't make it sound like a bonding moment just between them and their mom. Their mom(and maybe the twins) will have obligations to fulfill for the fans.

  22. Oh my! Looks like the flies are returning. Must have gotten shut out on the nasty site.

    It's a special trip the twins get to do without the 6 younger siblings. They do not spend the entire cruise with fans. None of the celeb cruises do. It's set times and a set agenda. Rest of the time the girls and Kate enjoy time together.

  23. Linda---Kate tweeted:

    Can't wait to have a big girls week with our fans! Join US! She is implying that it will be one big funfest with her and the twins.

    I do hope they will have alone times together-but I think it is wrong for Kate to imply that it will be her and the twins spending the whole week with her fans.

    I just feel it would've been better to not even mention that the twins were going. I'm sure they are excited to be going and am happy for them, but why mention it all? It just sounds as if she is using the twins as a draw for people to sign up for the cruise, and in my opinion that is wrong.

    I just hope that the people going on this cruise do realize that they will not be spending the entire time with Kate and the twins.

    I am sorry I came on a little strong. I admit that I am not a Kate fan, but I don't hate her. I just question why she makes statements that some people may misinterpret, and may later leads to their disappointment.

  24. For Dawn...I checked out this cruise thing thoroughly...the events with Kate are just short scheduled times, an hour here and another hour there. Given that there are 24hrs in a day...Kate will have AMPLE time to spend with her "big girls"! Truth is anyone who goes may see the girls very sparingly as I'm sure the cocktail party Kate scheduled with fans will NOT include the girls! LOL

    Another example of people obsessing over nothing. These girls are used to folks taking snapshots of them...they are seasoned travelers with their Mom and I am sure they are beyond "excited and ready" to experience this new adventure in life!

    And need to update sweetie! Jon already has a NEW gal pal! Yep, he had one waiting in the wings as he said adieu to his former know the one whose name is emboldened on that huge tattoo on his back! LOL From the looks of the pics its another really young chick again. Ah, Jon will you ever grow up?

  25. Fired Up - First thing that came to mind about Jon was the Queen song, "Another One Bites the Dust!"

    Since that tattoo with the former "Love of his Life" version 3 took up half his back, he needs to find a love with a dermatologist who can laser it off, or somebody needs to get the guy some of those temporary tattoos.

  26. Oh wait ... That was Love of his Life, version 4 ... No, maybe it was five. Gosh, you need a scorecard!!!!

  27. I am sadden that Jon's behaviour is still predictable. He contradicted his ex's twitter remark so that the weekend after he had his children he could announce his new romance. Sigh....

    And the haters see him as the pillar of all fathers. I feel for the children of these haters in what they experience as parents and role models.

  28. Linda~ I'm so glad your back...missed you terribly!
    Fascinated big hugs! Missed ya too!

    FiredUp~ You have been such a great support system for Kate on Twitter. I don't get much of a chance to get on these days. New ventures w/my career, and on the down-times it's either w/my kids or my Real Housewives! lol But the haters are so jealous they spit fire! It's the same 3 miserable socks. They really need to get a life. I feel terrible for them that they have nothing better to do then try to get under your skin. I guess you should be flattered?

    Dawn..welcome. Respect is the main reason why most hate gets deleted. Eeveryone is entitled to their opinion. But fans are never allowed to post on a hate site without getting attacked. I will only delete what I feel is not appropriate for this fan site.

  29. I also forgot to say hi to all the people that came back to visit including Sarah. It's always nice to know that people remember to stop by even if it's jusy to say hi!

    BIG Giants prayers for tomorrow. My hubby has some serious money riding AGAINST his friends. I was going to try ot put a new post up tomorrow night after "The Voice".. but may be too upset.. lol

  30. Ahh Baby Mama, so glad you checked in. I think we all (non-haters) have such busy lives that it is just great to reconnect here and there. I am excited to hear about your new ventures; hopefully, you can share a little with us to make the haters even more angry and your success.

  31. Well, I keep trying to post and it keeps freezing up.

    Hi all & Happy Super Bowl Sunday!

    Shhh... Don't tell Baby Mama, but I'm pulling for the Patriots!

    I see Jon is saying on Rumor Fix, via the anonymous "close source" that it isn't a new girlfriend but just a "friend" he met at the bar. Um hmmmm... Well sell it however you want, Jon. I hope that one day you find happiness and a long-term relationship. Just as I hope that Kate will find a longterm love and happiness.

    Tashapork - I hope you aren't frozen under all that unexpected snow!!! Stay warm and safe!

    Xoxo gotta get ready for some serious football!!!

  32. Linda, thanks. I am happily warm and dru in another state. We timed it jst right and left the day before the snow. We are enjoing warm 70 degree weather. Yay. The dog is having a hard time adjusting to being away from home though.
    The twins are at a great age to cruise. They are old enough to be semi independent and young enough that Kate doesn't have to worr about them with the boyx. I am glad that Jon is doing well enough financially to have a little sare mone for the bar.

  33. Tashapork, that's great news. Glad you are warm!

    Corrina - we did the herbed pork loins for dinner tonight . What a delicious aroma is still wafting through the house! Wish you were close enough we could cook together! Wouldn't that be fun! Xoxoxo

  34. I'm sorry for those having trouble posting. Me too. I'm looking into it. My apologies!

  35. Helloooooo everyone! I have been so incredibly sick I wasnt able to get out of bed yesterday. A Hot mess I tell ya! This post is like stale bread, so it's time for some fresh paper! Scent of the day is crisp apple strudel. I need some fresh cinnamon in my life.. come visit me on the new thread & say hi! xo