Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Kate Gosselin In Runners World Magazine, Kate's Valentines Day Date, New Ideas & Determination

E!ONLINE.COM: Has Kate Gosselin finally moved on from ex-hubby Jon Gosselin? The 36-year-old reality TV mom is revealing what kind of lovey-dovey plans she's got for this year's impending Valentine's Day. So do they involve romancing a new guy?"In case you're wondering, you won't find me out on a date this Valentine's Day," Gosselin writes in her latest blog post for "My date is with my 8...They own MY heart!" Kate writes she'll be hard at work making hand-made Valentine cards for each of her children and gifting them with Valentine pouches filled with "inexpensive but thoughtful trinkets." "I also make all meals heart themed," she reveals. "In the past, I have made heart shaped pancakes, sandwiches and hamburgers! This year I'm thinking I'll make heart shaped muffins for breakfast, heart shaped peanut butter crackers for lunch and heart shaped pasta for dinner!" "I have always said that Valentines Day is a great day to remind your family and friends how much you love them," she writes. "So, this year I'll be busy making all sorts of fun heart shaped stuff for the 8 that I love."

Kate Gosselin In This Month's Runners Magazine:

My goal was to run half this year, full next year. I just changed it a few weeks ago. One day I was like, I totally won't feel like I completed it. I can't describe it. I wasn't doing the whole thing, and I wouldn't feel good about it. I didn't want to leave there wondering if I could have done the whole thing. It's so funny, because a friend of mine said, 'I really think you can do the whole thing.' I was like, 'Be quiet, I'm not doing the whole thing. You're scaring me, I'm not doing it.' She's like, 'I'm serious. You can do the whole thing.' I literally yelled at her for telling me that. I talked to another friend, and she said, 'I totally agree with her.' I was literally panicking. Then I hung up the phone and was like, they both think I can do it. And also those thoughts in the back of my head, You won't have completed the whole thing. Then I was like, "Okay, I'll do the whole thing."

Kate Gosselin Has New Ideas & Determination: Effie Orfanides
Kate Gosselin is feeling good today and she is excited to have a successful Wednesday. It's unclear what the mom of eight has up her sleeve but she seems driven to accomplish her dreams—especially today!

"Good morning all.. New day, new ideas, and determination! I love the open of a fresh new day with new hopes, dreams, paths and plans! Make this one count," Kate
tweeted this morning. She often tweets these wonderful sort of "words of wisdom" to her followers and a lot of them really like the inspiration. While she may just be determined to clean out the kids' closets, fans are hopeful that she has big things planned and that every time she tweets things like this, she is moving forward with her ideas.

Kate Gosselin has been inspiring to so many people in so many ways. Aside from encouraging people to do good things in life, she also motivates people to exercise and supports her fans who are getting out there and running. It's actually quite awesome!


  1. Baby Mama - So sorry you've been sick. Yuck. Take care of yourself! Hope you're all well soon!

    Thanks for the new post!

  2. I've been absent dear ones! Life has sure been challenging me again! Nice update BabyMama...hard to know what our gal Kate has been up to lately! She has been rather quiet on her twitter...just a tweet here and there. Not sure what has been keeping her "busier than usual"....LOL...8 kids excuse is gettin old! (joke4haters!)

    I am flip floppin back and forth about what to do with my health. Other family concerns goin on as well. Some friends and family are strongly urging me to get Laser Surgery? LindaO...any new thoughts on that? Or anyone else?

    I have multiple, serious back issues that would require several surgeries the conventional way...Laser docs are saying they could fix alot of stuff with one procedure! Just sounds too good to be true?

  3. firedup - So glad to see you here!
    Laser surgery can be phenomenal. But, just like conventional surgery, it is only as good as the surgeon. That's my take on it.

  4. Happy Valentine's Day to all my blogging friends! xoxoxo

  5. Happy Valentine's Day!!

    So sorry to hear you've been sick, Baby Mama. Hope you have a very
    special day!!

    Thanks for the new post! I love it! It's nice to see part of the Runner's World article. Will have to pick up the magazine soon.

    FiredUp--I hope if the laser surgery is for you, that you find a doctor who has successfully performed that procedure hundreds of times. You would think the recovery time would be much shorter. We will pray about the doctor. Have an awesome Valentine's Day!!

    Linda!! Woohoo! Hope your day is special! The only thing we did was drop the truck off at the dealer, got groceries and drove home a beautiful nearly new suv as a loaner--at least it is red for today! lol

  6. Hello everyone! I have been very sick and of course everyone has been busy. I wish everyone a very happy valentines day. Hope that you treat yourself to a little "me time". Im feeling better and it's been crazy getting the kids ready for today. Everyone is on a chocolate high! Kisses to everyone and of course I will say hi on Twitter! xo

  7. Happy Valentine's Day to you all!! Hope you've had a great day.

    Kate always amazes me with the special treats she does for the kids!!! I used to do special stuff, but she's got me beat by a mile!!

  8. Valentine's Day was always fun when the kids were little...having parties at school, scouts etc...really put a spark in the idea tank! That tank has run dry! LOL
    Kate has some pretty neat practical and easy ideas!
    Happy V-day

  9. many of us are sick! What a bunch we are! Thank goodness, our Kate just keeps tickin along. She seems to be blessed with tireless energy and overall very good health!

    I sense that Kate has cut back on hiring sitters as she seems to be handling so much more on her plate in regard to the homefront. Just doesn't have the time for twitter like she used to. Heck, any mother is busy...a single mother of 8 always still is mind-bogglin to me as to how she manages from day to day!

    Everyone take care! Wish I could send some Southern Sunshine...but we just haven't had any to share lately! So just sendin my warm thoughts anyway!!!!

  10. Hello everyone! I see the blog has been very quiet here. I donk know if it's because everyone is on Twitter now, or just busy and sick lie the rest of us. I'm going to do a new fresh post on Sunday. I hope people will start to come back and comment on the site again! I. Miss you all and want to hear Whst you have been doing.

    I for one have been crazy with the the kids activities and being in the city. I'm overworking myself and that's why I've been sick. I love comng here and taking a deep breath. I know the paper has been stale. Kate did tweet a cute shot of the kids I will pull for a new post. They are in need of a reunion show or something to get her name in the media STAT! lol

  11. Hey all! can't believe it's the middle of February already. Between the norovirus that has ripped through my family and has set up camp, my fibro and work....seems never ending.

    I am really behind in my Gosselin news. I kinda of stepped out of it for a awhile.

    So just stopping bye to say hey and let y'all know I am alive and to say thank you to tashapork for being so supportive..your comments on FaceBook have helped keep me going. {{hugs}}

  12. and I can't forget Corrina. {{hugs}} and thanks for always keeping tabs on me.

  13. Hey CMo3!!! So great to see you!!!

    I don't do FaceBook other than for clients so can't comment there.

    This weather remains bizarre!!! Friday it was 58F -- my daffodils started blooming and tulips are coming up. Saturday was 65F -- all daffodils are open!! Kids want to know if we can get out spring/summer clothes (Duh NO!!) Sat night temp started dropping and woke this morning to 31F and drizzle. Temps continued to drop and by mid afternoon it was 24F but rain had stopped. At 6pm it started snowing and we now have 2 1/2 inches.

  14. Hello everyone! I decided to start a new page in the hopes that we can get everyone back who missed us while we were all sick and away. Scent of the day will be some hot soup to get us all feeling better! I hope you enjoy a little bit of fresh papaer. Please stop by to say hi and tell me what I have been missing! xo