Monday, February 20, 2012

Kate Gosselin Enjoys Valentine's Day With Her Kids, Kate On Dr. Drew 2/22,

Love is….

….tucking my eight perfectly healthy children into bed at night, knowing they are safe under my roof! ~ Kate Gosselin

Reality TV star Kate Gosselin has been on Twitter quite a bit, and always tweets about the holidays. Recently, she's tweeted about her Valentine's day dinner spent with the kids, including a photo of their meal. While many celebrity couples are celebrating their love on February 14th, Kate Gosselin is spending time with the kids. She may not have a special someone she's sharing Valentine's with romantically, but that doesn't mean she and the kids can't share the love. Gosselin tweeted about their tasty meal they enjoyed, saying:

...and our Valentines dinner... Heart shaped Mexican pizzas, refried beans and black/mahogany rice! Yum!

Sounds delicious, right? Kate included the following photo of the meal as well. Those are definitely festive looking dishes, but the stuff that is next to the pizzas looks questionable. Hopefully they enjoyed the food though. As of December 2009, Kate Gosselin and Jon had officially become divorced. The two were married since 1999. Since then, Kate had been rumored to have been dating a bodyguard, but there hasn't been too much in the celeb gossip world about her love life. The good news is she can still share special holidays with her eight munchkins at home!
Kate On Dr. Drew Life Changers This Wednesday 2/22. Kate thankfully tells us that Jon is 'trying' to be a good Dad, and the kids are 'now okay going there. She says Jon is working now, and says that things are more "peaceful" now, because Jon is "happier" with himself... Do you think it's because he no longer has Ellen in his life?? What do you think? BM


  1. Baby Mama, thank you for the new post!

    It's been crazy around here schedule wise since a day or two before Valentine's Day. Now the crazy weather. Wouldn't trade my life for anything, though... even with the less than perfect health.

    Hoping to see Kate on Dr. Drew... the whole episode! Somebody DVR it please.

    We have an elderly family member, in the hospital and it doesn't look hopeful. She's 90+ with pneumonia and we've all been alerted that the end is probably near. (Family, of course, comes first, so doubtful I'll get to see the Dr. Drew episode.) This family member was so influential at various points in my life and will surely be missed. There will surely be one more angel in heaven whenever she passes.

    FiredUp - Been thinking good thoughts and praying for you. Hope there's less pain and encouraging news for you.

    XOXO to all. If I'm absent, it's 'cause family comes first.

  2. Hey there all! Nice new post BabyMama! So love that adoring mutual "look of love" between Kate and Joel in that pic on the right! And we obviously know Kate adores all her children. Taking care of them has become the love of her life right now!

    I think Jon & "government worker's" parting of ways was for the best. At the height of their time seemed that "hate on Kate" was what they focused on. So maybe Jon will refocus on something more positive like just being a good father now! We can hope?

    Thanks Linda for the encouraging words...I'm in a holding pattern right now...eating better, exercising some specific muscles...walking every day and have a NEW technology that mimics an old Chinese therapy being tried here! I am seeing some gradual improvement! Other matters...other problems...are getting my attention now so all surgery has been taken off the table as I can't let that interfere w/more pressing matters!

    But that is life...we all have these challenges and we just go with the flo...take it a day at a time and confront these issues w/determination, passion and resolve!

    Looking forward to Dr. Drew segment today. Thanks for putting those clips up for us. It's been a while since we have seen our Kate and hope she has something new to tell us!

  3. I too have been sooo busy.

    My son and I used to watch Kate's show, catch up on what was happening with us, and then returned to our hectic schedules.

    With the show being cancelled, we try to fit in another show once per week, but we don't have cause to check out blogs or websites about the show.

    I like to check in once and awhile to see what Kate, Baby Mama, and others are up to but it has greatly fallen off my schedule.

    I wish everyone well and will keep checking in when I can.

    Take care

  4. Hello Everyone! We all, just like Kate, are very busy with the craziness of our own lives. I would never have continued with my 4th year of my blog, if it didnt mean so much to me to hear from all of you! I love all of you for popping in and always saying hi and keeping me posted on whats going on with your lives.

    Those stupid hate sites, they are a joke and irrelevant to me. I have so many amazing opportunites I need to take and joy in my life being the best mother I can be, it's not easy. But thats the reason why I will always be such a big Kate supporter.

    I have kept my porimse to stay here and give the best information and support I can. There was a point in time when I was on those sites back when fighting the fight and letting myself get distroyed in the process. Seeing all the time I wasted hating those idiots was rediculous. But that doesn't mean I'm going anywhere, or allowing anyone to push me away from my site and my friends. I hope that you will continue to come here and share your stories and wish nothing but the best for Kate and whatever she decides to do going forward.

    To Linda and everyone, keep coming back even if it's just to say hi. Even if the news is slow I love you all! xoxox

  5. Hi all. Got to see Dr Drew yesterday. I thought she did well.

    Still weird weather here. In four days from 65f to 25F -- snow-- and back now to upper 50s. Have pix of my flowers blooming in the snow... Hearty Jonqiols.

    We're off today for a funeral and will return tomorrow ... Keep the home fires burning. Xoxoxo

  6. Loved the segment Kate did on Dr. Drew's show.....only thing I would have like changed is to have it longer. Kate looked great didn't she!!!

    Hi to all!!! I know I don't post much, but I'm kind of like that. I do pop in regularly, though gals, so I'm keeping my eye on ya.....*wink*. Always glad to read your news. I'd add news if I had some to tell, but I lead a pretty quiet life....keep busy, but nothing Take care and please know that I care.

  7. Hello!! Happy Saturday, I just saw a preview on Discovery Fit and Health re: shows about multiples coming in March and Kate +8 was one of the shows listed!! I don't know if these are reruns or new shows.

  8. Linda, So sorry to hear about your relative passing. My heart and prayers are with you and your family. Hugs

  9. Multiple Madness Week---Monday March 12th ----8PM. Just saw this promo again and got the details this time.

  10. Unfortunately we don't get the Discover Fit channel........darnit!!

    Wouldn't it be nice if we could chose the channels we want ala carte!!!........we get like 150+ channels and are still missing several I'd like to have.......but good heavens to add yet another package to what we have it's just more than we can afford. Oh well....maybe I can find it online.

  11. Vicky--It would be wonderful if we could choose just the channels we want. There are several that I never watch. lol

  12. The Dr. Drew interview was quite spectacular. It really showed off Kate's attribues as an incredible and loving person. It is hard for people to proccess the amount of strength and perseverance of ones self that living on the other side of the TV camera heart and hat go off to her for steering a course that allows her to show us all how wonderful she truly is. Blessings Kate.

  13. Thank you to everyone that still comes and visits the site. The comments have been slow and I'm sorry that I was not able to keep the conversations going. My mother-in-law passed away after a long fight with Cancer. We took the time to grieve and handle the large family that came to visit. Today I had to work and did amazing press for the DIsney Ship that is in the Harbor here in New York.

    I'm going to be putting up some fresh paper tonight. Love you all. xo

  14. Baby Mama - So sorry about your mother-in-law. My deepest sympathies.
    I am empathetic. My aunt I lost this week was a second mother to me. Sometimes you just have to allow yourself to mourn. After losing my mother last year and now my aunt, it just leaves you feeling bereft. The sadness for one's children that they won't have those grandparents. Hugs xoxoxo

  15. Linda, thank you as always for always being there... xoxo

    It's time for some fresh paper! I hope it gets people ot start posting again, things have been slow I know but I cant still see 600 posts on the hate sites and nothing here right? Share your thoughts on the new page..It's pepermint scented! ;)