Thursday, March 1, 2012

Kate Gosselin On Sirius Radio, Jon Gosselin Makes His Twitter Account Public, Kates Travel Tips

Kate on Sirius radio with Christine and Molly's 'Broadminded' show

Kate Gosselin chatted with Christine Eads and Molly Dedham, hosts of SiriuxXM’s radio show Broadminded, on Friday morning. “The Broads” discuss a wide range of topics from sex, men, entertainment, to life in general. Some tidbits:

  • Kate said she doesn't let the kids get on the Internet without her because there's so much information out there about Jon and she doesn't want them to see it
  • They only eat healthy, balanced meals. She teaches the kids which foods make your body grow up versus make your body grow out. 

  • She can't work as a nurse because babysitter would cost more than she would make. She also chewed out a hater that came on the show trying to attack her. She said she was sorry the woman was so "bitter"
  • Kate's favorite High School job was at Hershey Park & Friendly's

  • The haters did a dance of joy when they saw that one of the mothers from the show "Dance Moms" got upset when Kate mentioned the show on Twitter:

    @Jxxxx um dance.. Yes. Um those horrible Dance moms? never ever ever!

    @Dancemom1313 I heard you were bad mouthing our show "dance moms". I have always supported you and ur show! U should understand reality tv! I grew up in New Holland, PA so that's why I watched your show then I feel in love with your kids. I am not a bad Mom

    Have you actually watched that show? Its AWFUL. Kate wasn't attacking what haters WISH was child exploitation, shes criticizing a nasty verbally abusive show with a dance studio that no one in their right mind should go to. GIVE IT UP HATERZ!

    Jon has recently made his Twitter account public ironically as his contract with TLC is supposed to end in March. It's now officially verified. Why did THAT take so long? There were rumors that Kate was recently also at the TLC Headquarters in MD. Theres got to be a good back story behind this. I saw a lot of foul and defensive replies from him and that has to stop so the public will have more respect for him. Some of the less-than classy posts:

    Jon Gosselin ‏ @jongosselin1
    there is nothing to tell, so dont follow me. they had enough over the last 6 years.go ask the other parent im not saying sh*t
    Jon Gosselin ‏ @jongosselin1
    Trusting in others with out knowing the ramifications and outcomes that came with other peoples plans for me, whoops


    Kate Gosselin Doles Out Traveling Tips: CelebrityBabyScoop.Com
    Reality star Kate Gosselin may not be the first person you’d turn to for relationship advice but if you’re planning a family vacation and have questions about how to keep things organized, the mother-of-eight has some useful tips to share. "Label everyone’s suitcases with their names to make them easier to identify when baggage-claim time comes around," Kate writes on her blog for the Coupon Cabin site. "I always pack the boys in one bag, the little girls in another, and Cara and Mady still share a bag as well."

    Anticipating possible injuries and sickness is crucial. Therefore, Kate suggests packing a first-aid kit is essential for a smooth vacation. And there's no need to hit up your local Walgreens to purchase one either - Kate claims any waterproof plastic container filled with bandages and medicines from home does the trick just as well. "This has saved me many times when someone has a headache, a paper cut, an itchy rash or a bee sting!” she says.Finally, Kate recommends packing your children's suitcases with their pajamas and toothbrushes on top."I learned this a long time ago when we arrived at our hotel very late at night and I had eight very tired and grouchy kids on my hands,” she writes. “At that hour, I need instant gratification upon opening each bag.”


    1. Linda & BM --
      Sorry I haven't been here for a while. Been busy setting up a new design for my blog. Have always wanted to do my own & finally under took it. Has been quite a learning experience, whew. Wished I were two people, one to keep up with real life and one to keep up with friends in on-line life.

      For you both, my condolences. It is never easy loosing a loved one, especially your children's grandpaent or a grandparent figure to your children.

    2. Nice post BM! I know you are so busy with your can't sit here and chat with us...but so nice when you do express your thoughts and put it together here for us!

      I am somewhat surprised at Jon's vaulting into the public eye again. Just goes to show...he was not sincere and honest about all that "last interview" and wanting a "private life" stuff he put out there a while back with his last steady gal pal!

      I don't think he has changed all that much...he loves the attention and is eager to get back in the fray. I just hope he handles himself better this time.

      To say that the kids are flourishing is a compliment to KATE!!! She has them 26 out of 30 days of the month. If they are doing well, it is mainly to her credit. Those kids are her life...and she works very hard at making them happy and seeing that they have the best she can offer for them.

      So we have a lil sunshine today...sending my warmest southern rays of hope and positivity to everyone!

    3. Very nice post, Baby Mams.

      FiredUp - I agree with you!

      Woo Hoo, so Kate's gonna be on Sirius radio in the am. XM 107, 8-10am eastern. :)

    4. Struggling to type. Keeps freezing up. Sorry, Baby Mama and not Baby Mams.

    5. Linda and Babymama my prayers for your time of loss. I am still here and haven't forgotten you just still not home and internet limited as well as busy with various family issues hopefully back home by the 16 th we are enjoying the warm weather. Sadly I missed the lifechangers show. I miss my DVR

    6. Baby Mama and Linda--I'm so sorry to hear about your loss of those special loved ones. That's never easy to say the least. Prayers go out for you every day.

      Great post Baby Mama--and as usual, I take what Jon says with a grain of salt and really hope things work out well for him. Kate's travel tips are very smart and she has such awesome organizational skills.

    7. Thank you tashapork and Corrina. Still not over the tears but that's to be expected. My aunt was my last "mom" figure. I don't care how old you get, there are times when you'd just like to talk to your mom.

      Okay... I was amazed by the Twitter hate for Kate during the radio show. I know I shouldn't have been because those skunks will never change. From their words you can imagine the "odor" that hangs around them. I guess the best I can think of there is perhaps if they've picked a person (Kate) to spew their venom against 24/7, maybe their own families aren't having to put up with them. Kate is certainly mature in handling it.

      I pretty much left Twitter again because of them. It's strange. Other than to talk to a few of you, my Twitter account was pretty much just for following authors, cooking info, and marketing, and rarely did it even touch on Kate or Gosselins. Those haters are so obsessed that their attitude of mad dogs worrying bones was just uber annoying. Then their messages to people following me was uncalled for -- they'd send folks nasty tweets about following me and the folks would DM me to say 'what the heck is up with those idiots?"

      I'm all for freedom of speech, but I'm also a believer in "your freedom ends when it impinges upon my freedom." Did they ruin Twitter for me? Yep! So, congratulations. Did they keep me from interacting with non-Gosselin people? Nope! Those folks and I email rather than Tweet.

      I wish Twitter would realize that failure to permanently block some of these folks, along with failure to take legal action is hurting Twitter. Why? major companies are reluctant to advertise on Twitter for some of these same reasons. Twitter has been trying to move to an IPO but can't because they can't get advertisers.

      The same issue used to exist on FaceBook, but they wised up and started taking action. Maybe one day Twitter will do the same.

    8. My prayers go to the poor folks in the midwest with the early season tornadoes. The damage and devastation is just heartbreaking.

    9. My compassion for you Linda...I KNOW what your goin thru!

      New troubles, worries, heartbreak for so many...terrible storms all across mid section and southeast. We just had a new roof put on because of large hail pummeled again last nite! More watches for severe weather right now!

      Twitter sure needs to clean up! The level of hatred, vulgaity and obscene things allowed is shameful. Kate is very strong of heart...mentally tough...but I KNOW she is hurt by it all. She is human...she has feelings...she has done NOTHIN to deserve the constant harassment. I feel for her and hopefully can continue to support her...always tryin to be positive and humorous when possible for her!

      BabyMama...if you an update...maybe a brief review of her radio interview? Lots of us weren't able to listen in? Heard she was actually a co-host for this show? Two hrs worth of Kate chatter I missed!

    10. Baby Mama and Linda-I am also sorry for your losses. It's also a huge shock and a big adjustment to realize that one's own generation IS now the oldest in one's family. The only people left from my parents' are my oldest sister's father-in-law and his wife who are both in their 90s.

    11. Thank you very much for caring FiredUp and Peggy.

      FiredUp - I can't figure out how to transfer radio broadcasts. Perhaps Baby Mama can. The program was nice and t would be nice for others to hear it.

      After days of gray skies we finally have blue ones with white puffy clouds. Ahhh... Even though it is much cooler, apparently the shift to cooler weather is what blocked the tornados in our area. For that I'm thankful. Please folks, if you can spare any money, please consider a contribution to Red Cross on behalf of this week's tornado victims.

    12. Hello Baby Mama and all you fabulous women. I am sorry to hear about your loss BM. As someone who experiences many deaths in my family, I can appreciate your need to be their for your husband and focus on your family first.

      I would say that the only constant Jon provides is that he is involved once per month, just like something else we know, but I won't. I will instead say, I am glad Kate is available the other 28 days. LOL

      Wishing you all the best and I can't wait to hear about the cruise if anyone is partaking.

    13. Happy International Women's Day! :)

    14. BabyMama the Admin from 15 minutes keeps saying you are now a hater. Is that true? (Administrator) said... 29
      The funniest part about all this? Is that BabyMama, once the high sheeple of them all the one talked about the most here, turned out to be the most NORMAL.

      She has nothing to do with any of this at all. She's just being a normal person and mother who has quietly become a hater and faded away.

      I find that hysterical. But, good for her.

    15. i was just coming to ask that anon 12:17. weird.

      and jacque is that you?? how are you doing? i ray for you often!

    16. Where do those weird haters get their fantasies to make up????

      I assure you, Baby Mama has not gone to the dark side!!!

      Gosselin world was never her whole life like some of these haters. She has children, a husband and a job which come first. She has her priorities right where they need to be.

      Xoxoxoxo Catch you soon. Busy spring here with flowers blooming along with cherry tries, redbuds, dogwoods and fun in the outdoors weather.

    17. Too tired to type ... I meant blooming cherry trees, not tries.

    18. Although I am a non-fan, I commend Baby Mama for having this website. She shows that she is a true fan, and does not have to rant and rave about non-fans(as other blogs do) to show her support for Kate.

      For that, Baby Mama will always have my utmost respect.

    19. Hello everyone! First off let me say welcome to all the newbies. Jaque we really missed you! How are you doing?

      Now just because I took some time off after the passing of an incredibly important woman in my life does NOT mean I have faded away. Quite the contrary. My ass is still here after over four years while everyone else faded into the woodwork.

      Just because Im not out there attacking people does not make me a hater myself. I have ALWAYS allowed everyone to have a voice here. The problem with that has ALWAYS been with idiots taking advantage with that. Now I have not changed, or faded, rather at this time my amazing daughter has been given some wonderful opportunites to be out there in the business and we are testing the waters and seeing how they go. I have learned first hand that I will no longer put my personal life out there for hater consumption, so the can all wonder what I do as I no longer will be putting it out there, but they can foam their lips all they want.

      I work, and now I dedicate whatever spare second I have to my husband and my children. Seeing how patheticically similar the hate still is, it's like "really? arent you just a little embarassed your still hoping Kate Gosselin is gonna fail? Leave her and her kids alone and move on with your life...That being said, I've said it till day one, this site will be here until all those hate sites blow off the web. So get used to it....

    20. "I have ALWAYS allowed everyone to have a voice here. The problem with that has ALWAYS been with idiots taking advantage with that."

      You let Schmeckygirl post opposing opinions-are you now saying that she was an idiot that took advantage? Is that how you excuse yourself for letting Linda and others run her off this blog?

      I just commended you for not dwelling on haters-but you just showed the complete opposite.

      I thought you were better than that-sorry to find out how wrong I was.

    21. Jane-You pulled a similar stunt on Ziggy's blog: drive-by shooting, i.e., dropping in on other people's blogs and berating them for not running them as you think they should. Do you make a habit of this? Who died and named you God? Apparently you believe that people who are the targets of bullies have no right to defend themselves nor do others have the right to come forward and support the target of the bullies. Fortunately, Baby Mama and Ziggy and the terrific people who participate on this blog and Ziggy's see things differently.

      I will not comment on the specifics of SG. That is for Baby Mama and Linda, who Baby Mama has assist her in running this blog, to say. I will say, in general terms, that any community, be it a residential one or online communities, such as blogs that allow comments and discussion groups, have rules to ensure civility and good order. These rules also PROTECT discussion by not allowing bullies or other toxic personalities to drive people away or provoke them into reacting badly. If you have someone who still refuses to abide by reasonable rules after being warned, then it is up to the administrator to decide what steps need to be taken in response.

      One thing that I know is that Baby Mama and Ziggy, their deputies (Linda and I respectively) and the regulars on each blog are proud of the support that each blog provides each other and, together, help support Kate.

      Have you considered starting your own blog? You can run it any way you want because that would be your right as the blog owner.

    22. Well said, Peggy.

      Jane, I really don't care whether you like me or not. That is your privelege and right. Your privileges end however, where mine begin. That's a concept many non fans fail to understand. I do not go on non fan sites and berate you or anyone else.

      I would have to say that those who are AKOs demonstrate their true colors quite clearly on places such as Twitter.

      You don't have to be a fan to post here, but you cannot attack other people. If you have a need to do that, follow Peggy's suggestion and get your own blog where you can be your own queen bee.

    23. Peggy-seems like I hit a nerve. I was not talking to you or Ziggy. This is not your blog-if you have a problem with me, discuss it at your blog, not here.

      Baby Mama, I am sorry that Peggy felt a need to respond to me on your blog.

      Linda, I also was not talking to you.

      Baby Mama, I just want to say I have always admired how you supported Kate without dissing on the haters. Your last comment however, made me feel that I had misjudged you. I hope I am wrong.

    24. Jane,
      Guess what? Ziggy and Peggy are welcome to post here, just as we are welcome to post here.

      You are welcome to post here.

      You felt a need to mention me by name.

      Baby Mama gets to express her feelings as she wishes ... It is her log after all.What she said was in response to calling her a Kate hater, just to get things stirred up. She responded by saying in essence, it is but one more lie.

      Baby Mama has been sick all week but came on to respond, because of the rumors all over the place that she'd gone to the dark side.

      She's entitled to her opinions and to express them is her blog. If you don't concur, feel free to stay or move on. What you will not find here is a group of people pursuing you from blog to blog. As for Ziggy and Peggy, they keep an eye out for us, just as we do for them.

    25. Ugh ... I'm obviously tired! Apologies for the typos.

    26. >> As for Ziggy and Peggy, they keep an eye out for us, just as we do for them.<<


      That's very true and very much appreciated by both Ziggy and me as I know you and Baby Mama do our support.

    27. OK people. Needing some help please.

      My brother needs prayers and/or positive thoughts. Monday is an important hearing in his divorce case.. Many lies and we need prayers and positive thoughts that judge will see through them and justice will prevail.

      Please share this with friends, prayer circles, just ask whomever to pray/positive thoughts for justice for Jeff. Thanks! Tig

    28. Tiggerfan - Jeff's got our prayers!!! Hugs 2U2!

    29. Prayers going your way Tiggerfan; and to others who need it now.

    30. Tigger I'm here for you and so is everyone on this site. Know that our thoughts and prayers are with you. Thats why I love this place so much. Were able to do whatever we can for those that truly need it!

      Jane knows better than to try to start crap here right? She knows that after over 4 years, I can smell right through that BS. I find it funny that it always seems ot happen every 6 months, that people try to come and start stupidity. Save it for RWA AND THAT INSANE 15 BLOG. Thanks :)

    31. Tiggerfan--- Am praying for Jeff and will forward your prayer request.

    32. Hello everyone! Boy is some fresh paper needed. Sorry it took me so long. Things as you know have been a little crazy here. Heeling my better and so is the baby. Thank you for your kind words. Scent of the day is Fabreeze "Fresh Linen" Scent. Get those windows open and smell the fresh air! xoxo