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Kate Gosselin The E! True HollyWood Story! Jon Leaves His Job Weeks After Starting It

"E! True Hollywood Story: Kate Gosselin" Premieres February 2, 2011 @ 10:00 PM, ET/PT on E!

"Obviously, they [the Gosselin kids] are young. They don't completely understand what separation or divorce means. But as time went on, the kids would come to me personally and ask questions. 'Why is my mommy and daddy not living together? Why does mommy not have a ring on? Why does daddy have other girlfriends?'" - Stephanie Santoro, Former Gosselin Nanny, tells E! (Los Angeles , CA , January 20, 2011) -

The public image of Kate Gosselin runs the gamut from nationally adored mother to vilified tabloid target. But who is this mother of eight -really? The success of the show "Jon and Kate Plus 8" thrust her into the media spotlight and the glare only intensified when she and her husband went through a very public - and messy - divorce. As E!'s Ken Baker says, Kate is "quite simply the most famous mom in reality TV history." With exclusive insights from a former Gosselin nanny who claims to have had a romance with Jon, which Jon denied, and interviews with family, friends and neighbors, E!'s THS examines the life of Kate Gosselin - from her working class roots to her role as a one-woman TV ratings juggernaut.

The Gosselin's smash reality show caused America to fall in love with the couple's eight children, but viewers also began to notice cracks in Jon and Kate's marriage. "Who is to blame for the fate of the Gosselins? Is it the Gosselins themselves? Or is it maybe this appetite of American viewers to watch a slow-motion train wreck?" asks Paul Petersen, president of A Minor Consideration, a child advocacy group. Jon's friend, Brian Sep, adds, "If my wife was bossing me around and making fun of me on national TV, I couldn't deal with it." Eventually the couple reached a breaking point and separated. Jon was soon seen in public with other women. Former Gosselin nanny Stephanie Santoro sits down with E! and explains her connection with Jon and the toll it took, "I was looked at as the home-wrecker and what didn't make any sense to me was [that] I wasn't the first girl for him to have a relationship with." With their divorce finalized Kate moved on with her own life and experienced first-hand the challenges of raising a child as a single parent - multiplied by eight. "Kate has more than her hands full and is not a bad person. To have kids is the easiest job to get in the world. To raise kids properly is the hardest," Eric Roberts, supporter of Natural Child Project tells E!. Polly Kahl, author of "Jon & Kate Plus Eight: Reality TV & The Selling Of The Gosselins" adds, "Kate's fans admire her for being a working mom, having a lot of kids, managing a household and basically doing it all.when it's very hard even for the average mom to do it." From her early days growing up through present day with all of the joy and sorrow in between, the unique life of Kate Gosselin and her rise to celebrity status is explored in this brand new E! True Hollywood Story premiering February 2nd at 10:00 PM on E!.
Exclusive: Jon Gosselin Quits Job
Can you picture Jon Gosselin in a business suit, making a sales call to your office?
Neither could he. RumorFix has learned exclusively that Jon Gosselin has quit his new 9 to 5 gig with a eco-friendly company. The 33-year-old reality star was doing sales for Global Green Property Services, which helps businesses become more environmentally friendly.A source close to Kate Gosselin's ex-husband tells RumorFix exclusively, "It involved too much travel for him."[Jon] needed to be near his eight kids, that's why it didn't work out," the insider says.

Click here to find out more! Jon Gosselin NOT Going Back To Welding:
Don't expect Jon Gosselin to pick-up his blow-torch once again because he's NOT looking for work as a welder to augment his income. The website RumorFix is reporting that the father-of-eight is trying to land a welding gig after quitting his job with Global Green Property Services. But a source close to Jon has laughed-off these stories that he's about to get back into his former profession. "Jon used to do welding before he had his kids but he's definitely not trying to get back into that field at the moment." revealed the source. "He hasn't done work for Global Green for quite some time but that was never his main job and he was only helping them out."
Jon still has a job that he has been keeping under-wraps and he's not actively looking for any other work, that's the truth. "All these other stories are just false and made-up by people without any foundation." revealed that Gosselin had taken-up his latest job in the past few months which involves information technology and online marketing. Although it does not pay as much cash as his former reality show with his ex-wife Kate Gosselin he has told friends and family that he enjoys it more than being on television. He recently fought to prevent Kate from filming her new series Kate Plus 8 but a Pennsylvania judge green-lighted the show because it was work related. Both Jon and Kate are due back in court for a custody hearing later this month.


  1. On second thought, I withdraw what I said before. I watch almost always E! HRT and when I saw that Kate was in it, I had a quick view of something like a biography and a positive thing for her.
    But now I agree with Fascinated.

    Kate does not have many people around who loves (apart from their children, of course). This will be bad for your image. Just to know that Stephanie Santoro and Polly Kahl participate, we see that it is not good.

  2. As excited as I would be with having an E!True Hollywood Story I dont think I would be very happy with Stephanie Santoro being in it. I mean shes an ex-husband sleeze. ugh And Eric Roberts?? isnt he that a$$ who ranted awful things about Kate?? I dont think this is going to be a very TRUE story.

    Baby Mama sorry you lost your voice today, at least it was for a good cause. THink I am going to start yelling with you.

  3. Oh my, just saw this. Eric Roberts and Nosey Neighbor Polly...ewwww...couple of dirty diapers there! Why in the world would they be including these two on a so-called documentary on Kate?

    I'm a bit worried about this one. I know it is certainly an honor to be featured by this show...just goes to prove to all the naysayers that Kate's 15 min. still ain't up yet...but if they are using these people as sources about Kate's life, I don't think it's going to be very fair.

    Do these E shows even consult the person they are featuring? Will Kate have any input in this?

    Oh, how much I would just like for a network to do a fair, factual piece on Kate...without consulting hateful people who don't even know her.

  4. I just looked at the E site ....they did a story on Jennifer Lopez today. Next week is Charlie Sheen.

    Sidebar says..."the real story on the shows, the stars, and the secrets of the Hollywood elite!"

    Kate is considered a "star" and "Hollywood elite"?

    Hmmmm, the naysayers are going to have a fit about this.

    I'm still worried about it....sounds like they want to sensationalize the story so we may be looking at alot of made up drama again.

  5. Does anybody know if Polly has ever met Kate? I mean other than saying Hi at the corn maze or the school pickup parking lot?

    To have her comment as a "neighbor" is a bit strange don't you think?

    Jon lived in NYC albeit briefly. Would you ask J about his insight on the mayor of NYC because they were once neighbors?

  6. Linda, Actually,so far they haven't mentioned anyone that appears to have even met Kate in person (no, I don't consider being in proximity to a person while stalking them to be meeting them). Kate's true friends like Jamie and Carla are very discrete. The only time I've heard Jamie talk is the TLC "Inside Kate's World" special in which Kate clearly participated.

    So far it looks like a gathering of all the losers who, while mostly attacking Kate as being publicity hungry with the exception of Stephanie Santoro. I don't think I've heard Santoro attack Kate; she's actually been pretty sympathetic. IIRR, she was the one who said Jon was hacking into Kate's cell phone & computer & informing the paps of where Kate would be. They are using Kate's celebrity status as a vehicle to get back in the public eye or to get there in the first place. To me, they're blood-sucking parasites.

  7. Polly said she has never talked to Kate or seen her in town. When she stalked the family at the corn maze she said Kate did not look at her.
    I don't get why they would include her. I just hope E knows that Polly has never talked to any of the Gosselins and all she does is repeat town gossip.

    I also don't get Stephanie Santoro being interviewed. She was never Kate's nanny and don't think she was there very long for Jon. nanny

  8. Sorry. I was so sick today. I put up this post and was literally sick to my stomach that Polly is becoming the biggest Kate Gosselin pimp there is. She is truly the one that's going to exploit the Gosselin children for profit. I think how she had tried to weasel her way into this family's life is as disturbing as it is disgusting!

    I hope that this puts the question to rest of how horrible a person shed become pimping out her book. Hope she gets enough money to pay for the heater at the side of the road as she stalks this sore throat got worse thanks to Polly and her piece of trash book.

  9. TY Gee Whiz and PeggyP.

    Eric Roberts comments were pretty dumb also. He's certainly, IMO, a failure as a parent (although I admire his sister!). He obviously doesn't know squat about Kate to make a comment about how "easy" it was to have kids. For every parent who has struggled to get pregnant, that was a big slap in the face.

    I'd like to see them interview some of Kate's childhood friends, some from DWTS, the people from the Emmy awards that were with her in the routine ...

  10. Debora and Jacque - Stay safe!!!

    Baby Mama & CMo3 - Please get well!

  11. Linda, I was not very familiar with the procedure Kate used. Does anyone watch Gullina and Bill? I think is has been using the same procedure Kate did and she is giving a pretty personal view of it. It is torturous, physically as well as emotionally. She ended up in the hospital almost dying from over stimulated ovaries. It was not poor medical care, it is a real potential 'side effect' which can happen even. Kate was fortunate and got pregnant pretty quick with few repeat procedures.

  12. Most of E! THS are not negative. However, I agree with everyone about the show's selection of people to interview about Kate Gosselin. She does not know any of those people.

    My question to E! THS is how can this story about Kate be a True Hollywood Story when Kate doesn't know any of these people?

  13. Ziggy-Kate & Jon used IUI where the fertility drugs are used to stimulate the production of eggs but, IIRR, fertilization takes place in the mother's uterus, generally via artificial insemination. I'm pretty sure that Giuliana & Bill used IVF where the fertility drugs are used to produce multiple eggs, which are harvested, fertilized in a lab,and an embryo or embryoes are inserted in the mother. IUI is less expensive that IVF but it's a lot less controllable. You'll see a lot of the high end multiples conceived via IUI. In IVF, the number of embryoes inserted is pre-determined. IIRR, it used to be a higher number in order to ensure that at least one would implant & produce a pregnancy. The problem was that this meant too many multiples were occurring so the guidelines called for a lower number. Nadya Suleiman's doctor got into trouble for violating the standards for IVF in implanting so many and in a woman who already had so many children and a history of embryoes twinning.

    However, both procedures do involve the use of fertility drugs to stimulate the production of usable eggs and it's very rough on the woman physically and on both members of the couple emotionally.

    In Kate's case,as I understand it, her only obstacle to getting pregnant was that she has polycystic ovarian syndrome which means that she would, on her own, ovulate rarely if ever. The fertility drugs produced what nature could not. OTOH, I'm not sure what, if any, cause has been assigned to Giuliana's inability to conceive naturally. Sometimes, they just can't determine the cause.

  14. Just want to wish everyone a belated Happy New Year! Gosh, its been a busy January here and at home.

    Baby Mama - Hope you are felling better, and I still think that your blog has the best set up. It was the 1st one that I learned on so that makes it easy. Other sites seem to be mixed up in the order of where to post comments on stuff. Oh well, not that I want to. CU

    Waves to C3PO!

  15. Katherine Denise - Great to see you post again.
    Ziggy - Started to answer you and realized PeggyP had already done a superb job of it.
    #1Caregiver - Great to see your post. Hope you are continuing to improve day y day!
    On the road again right now. Will be reading here mostly. Next few weeks schedule is chaotic.

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    If you read at the website for Shorty Awards, you can even read the answers to her interview! Have a great day!

  17. You know what I hope for? I hope that they DID interview those people and they have EDITED IT to make it look like they are Kate supporters! How perfectly wonderful would that be? :) We've all seen how they can edit to make situations what they WANT them to be and not necessarily be accurate.

    Not so sure the show will play like that - but man, do I really hope it does!

  18. hello
    baby mama, nice post, very interesting and explanatory.

    I think so children understand what is a separation or divorce
    they are very intelligent, and age makes them already understand.
    I do not know if they blame themselves, despite major possilbilidades!
    jacque addicted to the channel and! lol kkk

    beautiful ... thanks for the concern
    was not so serious, was not the rain but the wind loosened some tiles Vezinho
    some mine quabraram opening hole in the ceiling, wet a little room but has already been repaired

    when the incident happened immediately and I speak for jacque cell were at the same time the tiles and the wall of her.
    even commented that you had previously said it was okay.

    thanks for worrying.

    (u were thinking only happened in areas of risk but not)

    we are well ... it happened very fast.

    ************************************************** ******
    jacque loved the tiny dog in his avatar.

  19. OK, I understand the difference now. I was pretty confused about the difference.

  20. Waves to Hope & Mia -~ ~ ~
    Puff - Are you getting any rest?
    Ziggy - It is confusing. Went through infertility counseling an options with a sister and a friend. Still would have to research over and over to be sure of understanding.
    Going nuts here. No ear drums left after this trip. Forgot my earphones. Listening to adults playing Blind Melon, Bob Seger, AC/DC, and Fleetwood Mac. Said, since nobody brought earphones, you've gotta alternate or we're going completely crazy. Just googled maps for nearest Apple store. I'm willing to buy everybody in van a set of earphones in interest of sanity! Need a prayer here!

  21. I am sure TLC will spin this into something positive. What's the saying? "Any publicity is good publicity." Kate said herseld most of her viewers dont like her so thiss will come as no surprise to her. She plow past it like she always does with a new venture shortly after that will get more her better ratings because off it.

  22. MissGoody2Shoes so glad to see you here! Same to Hope & Debora! Miss you guys ;)

    I'm just blown away that not only hey would use Stephanie as a legit source, but interview that fame whore Polly as well. She is really starting to show her colors. Next I hear that when the weather gets better, she will put a stand on the side of the road and pimp out her new line of "it's all for the kids" Gosselin line of mugs & Fiestaware!

  23. Natasha - hi. I'm sure it will be negative with Roberts, Kahl and others who never met Kate. Wonder why they didn't include Kahl's partner Al?

  24. So Polly's "new" book is published? Help please. I can't find it in publication dates at Library of Congress, on Amazon, or Barnes and Noble, or with any bookseller, or in any library???

    Is it published or is she shopping for a publisher? I'm confused.

    Hoping to find an answer here when I get my next break later tonight.

  25. Debora- Yes, you know I'm addicted to E!, and I forbid you to call me when I see the E! news lol. Glad you like my new avatar, one day you'll still know my son Pyngo lol.
    Deeh, I see that your comment got errors, I hope that next time our beloved translator arrange them.

    I hate to wish harm to others, but I hope that the''book'', Polly, collects less money than it spent to produce it.
    I think the E! 're crazy, Polly does not know Kate, she does not have to participate in the program, and Polly was still ridiculous and ironic in their own blog saying he had praised Kate, because she would speak well of Kate if she hates you?, and Eric Roberts? that has to do with Kate Gosselin?. I'm glad Kate had a special program about his life, it proves how much she won the haters, and how much is an important person in the world, but either way, Polly Kahl and others will ruin everything.

  26. Is this E show only about Kate or is it about the Gosselins. If it's just about Kate, I agree with Ms Goody2shoes that they should interview people who actually know her. Even though the show may try to string things to a negative angle. I think it will only benefit Kate by giving her shows higher ratings and such. I hope the agenda isn't to play the child exploitation angle because I totally don't buy it when it's Gosselin only discussion.
    I am really hoping that people are taking a good look at the hate and bullying, in the wake of tragedies across the country (and world) Hate is not difference of opinion, hate does damage.

  27. Jon's job...??? I was delighted that Jon found a job. Supposedly he quit the job because it took him too far away from the kids. WTH. I'm glad that he has come to terms with his past behavior. But again, WTH? Have any of you ever...I mean ever...taken a job without knowing basics? Basics such as what are the duties? responsibilities? is there travel involved?

    I have no idea what his job was, brief as it was, nor do I know his reasons for leaving. That said...Jon get yourself a NEW PR person. The answer given for why you left this job makes you look really in...not to even know your duties /responsibilities before you took the job???

    Jon, we are all pulling for you to get your life together and move forward! Please, just buckle down and DO it. For the record, most of America works daily in a job that isn't their most favorite, but they get up, go to work, and act responsibly.

    Most sales jobs depend on results. Produce a lot and you get the sun and moon to keep you happy. Don't produce and you get the boot. Geez, I'm hoping a lot that he didn't get fired again.

  28. More questions. Is Jon's friend that was quoted the same one that was a bartender at Legends where Jon used to hang out? Is it the same bar where he used to hang out with Deanna?

  29. Good evening everyone! Freezing cold, the kids and I are finally home and I'm back in action and finally getting my voice back. Lucky for you, you don't have to hear my totally whack voice right now.. lol

    I am going to add to this post, because the story about Jon quitting his job is now true. Radar said that some source had denied him quitting but he barely was in that job for a matter of weeks before he left. I'm telling you it had nothing to do with being clser to the kids. I feel it had everything to do with the fact that he did absolutely NOTHING for a whole year. He couldn't get a handle on actually working a 9-5 job and he was out of there. That came a day after Bonnie Fuller was going on and on on how great Jon was doing in his new job. She has proven that she is almost as full of it as Werny

    How is everyones evening? xoxox

  30. Wait!!!! Jon quit his job??!???? I am shocked!!SURPRISE!!! wait no I'm not.

    I have a hunch he's a bit, umm how do I put this lightly...lazy. Sales work is brutal, its hard work. You have to put alot into it to get a reward and I don't think he has the motivation (although his kids should be his motivation) to go out and try to sell a product.

    Baby Mama I am very cold this evening with temps under 5 degree today. Shivering under a blanket with tea trying to unthaw. Brrr

  31. Kids are finally asleep. What a week I have had. I know you guys have all gotten snow way worse than us, but for me the tempatures in the City tonight are insane. And we couldn't get a cab downtown to get to Penn Station to see my cousin this evening. It was a mess. Took a Subway back to Queens for 40 minutes to go back and get get my kids at my moms place. All in the freezing cold. This is how I get sick.

    Linda yes, one in the same. It always sounded to me like a seedy place that "Legends" it sounds like a strip club! I would never go to places like that. As you can see Jon's friends don't sound very quiet and loyal, unlike Kate'

  32. OMG Star Magazine apparently is embarassed by their article because it's not printed online. You could only get this from reading it on other blogs. But this weeks Star is "claiming" (ie: making crap up) that this is how the trip to New Zealand went down. Seriously, this is such complete BS it sounds like something Preesi wrote and sold as the "source"

    "With Steve’s wife, Gina, at home in North Potomac, MD, divorcee Kate, 35, invited herself and the kids along when he visited his folks in his native New Zeland. The gang arrived there from Australia on Jan. 8…

    But Kate’s plan to ingratiate herself with Kurt and Judith Neild was a bust. “Kate made them wait for over an hour, which they thought was rude,” says the source. “Also, her outfit showed way too much cleavage, and she tried to be engaging but kept forgetting his relatives’ names. It wasn’t a good impression.

    Kate further tripped up by giving them a silver Tiffany & Co. frame - containing a photo of Steve with her kids! - as a gift. But Steve’s family wasn’t exactly fond of her even before they came face to face. “Kate’s aware that they’ve thought she treats her kids like her accessories, that her relationship with Steve isn’t right and she wants to take him from Gina,” said an insider."

  33. I read that somewhere and had a good laugh. I think this one takes the cake for most ridiculous piece of crap out there right now.

  34. Hello Kayla! I'm thinking that my next post will be part 3 of the biggest Kate Gosselin BS out there that haters make up for rag mags. The first 2 were a hit!

    Good morning everyone! It's the weekend! Is anyone doing anything good? I heard a big storm is coming to the East on Tuesday. Cone to my site and snuggle with us! Lol

  35. So where is the book being sold? Is WG self publishng it and selling it on her blog? Only the book with Al is showing up. I can't find this new book.

  36. Our weather is changing to -4C by Monday. Yahoo.

    Just cleaning the house and doing a little work related work.

    LindaO - Could she have elicited feedback from the Kate supporters, edited, and sent it to the printers that fast???

  37. fascinated - Perhaps... Not sure. I can't find a copyright filed with Library of Congress, can't find it listed at all at Amazon not even under pre-orders, can't find it listed at all at Barnes & Noble, called library to get on reserved read list and reference librarian could find it in indexes, checked Google and other searches and could only find it mentioned in blogs & rags about the E program about Kate.

    My point is it could be a real book and she's self publishing. It could be just not released. It could be that she sent press release out about the book but it does or does not Yet have a publisher. Most authors want pre-release hype for advance sales. It may be very real; just strange can't find it.

    Is it real or just in planning stages like Jon's book with Sylvia?

  38. Fascinated - OMGoodness! Your weather!!!! Put on another sweater just hearing about it. Freezing here and temps are balmy by comparison with you! Due for more snow first of week and while praying forecast is wrong, laying in supplies just in case. Please stay warm!!! Brrrrr! Hugs!
    Delighted to be home for few days before heading out again. There's no place like home wherever that may be!

  39. It is -20C (-31 with the windchill) today, so the -4C is heaven. LOL.

  40. After fascinated's last comment, adding another sweater, lol. Hearty woman she is!!! I'm a cold weather wimp!

  41. Recipe Saturday.

    Easy Fettuccine Alfredo

    1 pound linguine pasta (I use whole wheat/spinach linguine pasta)
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    1 Tablespoon butter
    1 cup milk
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    1/4 cup cream (I use light cream)
    1/2 cup freshly grated Parmesan cheese
    Pinch of ground nutmeg
    1/4 teaspoon salt
    1/8 teaspoon pepper

    1. Bring a large pot of salted water to a boil (2 Tablespoons salt added to water with 1Tablespoon olive oil.) Add the pasta and cook until tender but still firm, about 3 minutes. Remove from heat.

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    Note: I prefer freshly grated Parmesiano-Reggiano cheese but can use just dried grated Parmesan. If have leftover chicken can slice and add or can add drained canned chicken. Recipe can be doubled. 
    If kids are not into veggies, I cook 1/4 cup frozen peas with 1/4 cup carrots. Puree in food processor after cooking and add to saucepan at step 2. 

  42. LindaO - WG stated on her site "Now I guess I better finish this book".

    Fascinated - Oh my, that is too cold! Hope it warms up soon for you.

  43. tashapork said "I am really hoping that people are taking a good look at the hate and bullying, in the wake of tragedies across the country (and world) Hate is not difference of opinion, hate does damage. "

    ITA! Well said!

  44. Gee Whiz - Thanks for the info. I didn't see how the book could actually be published.

    Sad that it's being touted that she wrote this book, info picked up and carried by the rags, E!, etc. as fact, when it isn't true! Does that tell you much about the complete lack of fact checking???

    It was estimated in 2005, that 50% of US Americans believe they could write a book. Less than 1% actually do so. Of books written, less than 5% actually get published (excluding self-publication). Then of all books written, the average book sells less than 2,000 copies.

    Maybe Kahl actually has a signed contact for publication. If not, then saying she "wrote this book" implying a done deal, is nothing more than a big fat lie at worst, and dreams at best, IMO. To not check facts is sleazy, shoddy journalism, or call it what it is ... Fiction.

  45. WG says an electronic version of the book will be available in a few days. She is self publishing.

  46. Hello
    Geewhiz said the book will be available soon.
    oun these things take to arrive here in Brazil.

    eg- Jacque searched the books of Kate in many places.
    but STILL do not have here.

    Linda liked the recipe, the ingredients are simple and easy to find.

    Kisses! .........

  47. Debora- Linda and Geewhiz were talking about the book Polly Kahl, and not on the books of Kate. I hope this book never be published here!
    kisses for you my friend!

  48. Debora - Thank you.

    I don't think you or Jacque have to be worried about the book being published in Brazil. Self publishing means the author is doing it herself. Even the chapter she wrote in the book with fellow neighbor Al wasn't really published, but self published. Self publishing is what "authors" do when a book is designed for a very small audience (niche) or when the writer had no luck in getting a real publisher to print it.

  49. Good morning everyone! The situation with Werny Gal being on E! For the Kate story is this. The ONLY reason they picked her behind was because she was a stalker/hater that was local so she seemed relevant. Also she is in the process of writing a book/exploiting the Gosselin children to make money off them. That added some intrest because this is an unauthorized "True HollyWood Story" meaning the actual celebrity has not approved it or take part of it. Polly pretty much signed her rights away, so who knows what E! will actually air, but best know I have already emailed them and plan to call this week as to why they took the words from that nut after they went through the fan sites. Was our snark and truth not good enough for the spicy expose? Obviously not lol

  50. Ok so today we didn't do our usual family brunch because my parents did not want to be walking around the city in like 20 degree weather. But they are taking my eldest to meet Spike Lee at a childrens reading today so I think that's super cool. I tell ya, my kids have been blessed to have met a diverse array of amazing celebrites. I wish I got to do that at her age! ;)

    So with my hubby out food shopping w/the baby (yes I'm so blessed) I need to ask.What should I get for him for Valentines Day? I mean, my mom would always get him boxer shorts..(weird perhaps, but she always decorates the baskets soo pretty) and I would always get him either a new leather wallet or belt. But this year he asked me to go gambling and I totally hate it. Actually he tried to BS me by saying he wanted a romantic weekend alone, but when he mentioned Foxwoods I wanted to puke. We are always the youngest people there and I wind up staying at the spa by myself. So help! should I try to buy him some work shirts or something, or bite the bullet and allow like one day at perhaps AC where it's a little more fun?

  51. Good Mornin' to ya BabyMama...Here's a suggestion for you and the hubby!

    Take a quick trip to Alaska and camp in the cold and rain! Let Hubby see how fun and wonderful that is. Then he will have a whole new appreciation for Kate and why you defend her!!

    Seriously, cook him his very favorite food...make sure the kiddies are with the grands and just have a cozy evening you and him by the fireside with your favorite spirits and your lovin' self!

    Good idea to call E! and also e-mail them as to why they are featuring the quackos instead of people who genuinely know Kate! I will do the same. We all should take the time to inquire about this and show our support of Kate and push for a fair portrayal of Kate!

  52. Baby Mama, bite the bullet and go for the weekend. Just stipulate that you two have to spend certain times together doing something you like (romantic dinner, walking, hot tub, couple's massage), then he can have his time and you can spend time in the spa preparing for your moments together.

    It sounds like your husband is a great guy and treats you like it is valentine's and mother's day everyday. If he wants to go and spend a day throwing his money away and pampering you at the spa, I say go for it. It sounds like you are being practical and he wants to have an adventure.

    If you two were dating vacationing is what you would do, but now that you are married, Valentines' day shouldn't be an opportunity to receive socks and underwear. LOL.

    However, I am saying this because I would love to go away for the weekend with my husband (not gambling but he could) as opposed to him giving me chocolates and breakfast without the kids.

  53. Fascinated & Firedup4Kate Thank you for the response. I'm not a gambler and yes it's a total waste of money except when he actually wins lol. But mainly we arent really spending time together, cause he's always wondering whats going on at the other table. And of course it may not even get to be more than an overnight thing, Valentines Day is a Monday and we would try to go the weekend before.

    I was blessed to be able to take a cruise to Alaska and thats pretty much all I would do. I think the saddest thing for us was visiting that (what I called fake) little tourist town in Skagway. One of the girls giving us a walking tour told us that the kids (students that worked in the shops) only work for the 3 months, (June July & August) and then it gets t0o cold there, and that the few locals are locked in their homes for weeks. (Who lives like that?) Food only arrived once a week on a Monday, and on Tuesday the supermarket was empty. How they longed for an apple or orange, how scarce fruit was there. Here I was on the Princess with all the food we could ever want & more. My husband was such a good guy he took almost a whole basket of fruit and snuck it off the ship in a backpack. He brought it to the teens that were giving the tour and you would have thought they hit lotto.

    So Alaska without a Like Kate did in the woods freezing..never! But yes even though we fight like everyone else, I am blessed to have a wonderful thoughtful husband. So perhaps I MAY have to suck this one up for him. Because I love me some Valentines Day ;)

  54. Hmm Baby Mama, maybe you could send him there for father's day. Then he doesn't have to pretend that it is romantic and you can do something you like on Valentines day. LOL.

    I had to laugh at your account of Skagway. My friend lives in the Yukon (just east of Alaska). The number of tourists in the summer is phenomenal, but in the Winter everyone is locked in and rarely go out. Unless you are crazy outdoors person who will ski and hike in any condition (not me). I can't imagine why anyone lives there either, but they love it. The temperature may drop where I live, but the sun is usually always out and makes me feel like it is a nice warm day.

  55. yay i can't wait to watch it and its really no surprise jon quit .. there seems to be a pattern here

  56. Baby Mama - Do what makes you feel good. Pretty cold in AC but somehow I think you two would enjoy it more. There's more variety to do. Just weighing in with an opinion. Of course, if you really want to splurge... Go to a nice warm Sandals resort, or go to Paradise Island where there's gambling and fun things to do. But do what your heart leads you to do. :)

  57. Hey Linda! I was begging him to take me to AC but apparently his players card has these points on it he want's to redeem. So I will once again be carded everywhere I go since Im always the youngest person always in Foxwoods ;). Were now booked at the MGM Grand for one night. Cause its all we can afford! lol

    So lately I have been checking out the Gosselin comments on Twitter to see what people are talking about. I love when the haters are stretching for something to attack Kate on. It's usually something so stooopid (sp on purpose trollies!) that you just gotta laugh. Award goes to BL today. Creating a post about how heavy the Gosselins kids backpackpacks are this week and it's ALL Kate's fault! Well yeah of course it is. Actually it's BL's fault for once again not knowing anything about kids coming back from Vacation. Obviously the backpacks werent THAT HEAVY, as Jon was shown in photos recently carrying all 5 at once. But whatever, the hate sites are light on snark, heavy on backpacks. But sorry ot say between the lunchboxes they carry, plus art and junk being passed on from the teachers, I say the backpacks are just about right.

    Once again CASE SOLVED! Thanks, I'm here all week...

  58. Baby Mama - Foxwoods not my favorite, and I'm old, lol. Used to have to go to AC and Vegas on business. My sister's purse was snatched in AC and mine at airport leaving Vegas so not real big on either. I can make $25 last all evening so I'm pretty cheap.

    We've done Sandals & Beaches in several locations and was cheaper than Disney, and cheaper than Disney Cruise; and Beaches includes daily "camps" for kids, etc. Valentine's is also our anniversary but doubt we'll go far this year. Not up to long flights yet.

  59. Corrina - Are you okay? Missing you! How about those Packers?!

  60. Baby Mama I have an 11 year old and am shocked at how heavy her backpack is on a daily basis, without having any catch up work. So the Gosselin backpacks do not look extra heavy at all. Between lunch boxes and 2 -3 text books for homework, its heavy. Again, they are just trying to make a mountain out of a molehill. I agree, stooopid.

    I too will email E! and ask why those quackerjacks are pretending they know so much abot Kate. E! should be ashamed of themselves to stoop that low.

  61. Waving hi to #1!!!! Happy New Year Love, C3PO. :)

    Ok so I actually left the house today for the first time in 10 days and might I say...cold. It was -16 last night.

    1. I find it interesting that E! picked two people that have never met Kate Gosselin, possibly 3, because I am not sure if this Brian dude has ever met her, to quote for their story.

    2. I hope that the job he left was temporary because it will not look good for him and he's had enough marks against him of late.

    3. I think my kid's backpacks weigh more than them, so it must be Kate's fault too. it's Kate's fault that ALL the backpacks in the US are full of hefty books. Seriously??? That's all you got????

  62. Most of the Gosselin children are in kindergarten, Most Kindergarten work is not typically in textbooks anyway, its worksheets and projects and maybe a workbook or two or a book to read/be read to. Kindergartem is not even compulsory in the state of PA. I sure hope TLC shows a Kate Plus Eight special soon.

  63. Linda- I am happy to know that the book Polly Hater, has no publisher.
    I hope the idiots buy the book, and nobody else. And I hope she does not earn much, because she simply does not deserve anything, for having done a book that is sure to be an excess of stupidity.
    Note: That title of the book seems offensive, is not it?. I'd love for Kate open a case against her.
    If I can, I also send an email to E!, maybe tomorrow I'll send. E! is very stingy, as a channel in full consciousness has the courage to invite to participate in the program, someone so obsessed and sick?. that even had the courage to stay hidden in the corn maze to go after Kate. The E! True Hollywood Story will discuss this?, I think not.
    Baby Mama is who should be there because I'm sure that Baby Mama and other fans would not participate to promote themselves, but to speak what we believe. And the haters think we're very envious of Werny Gal! LOL.
    Better to laugh than cry, as my mother says! lol

  64. I can't wait to see the new episodes either. There should be one about their trip to Washington? Was that were they went, I can’t remember. Their trip to Alaska and their trip to Australia.

    Did I miss any? Any word on when they will be aired?

    The haters need a reality check. The kids are not on tv all the time. They are on rarely. The hater's and rag magazines are the ones keeping them in the public.

  65. Hey Linda! I'm here. Go Packers! :)

    Jacque--I agree about the book and think it will be a failure.

    Tashapork--I'm looking forward to some new episodes too.

    Is E! so hard up for stories that they have to stoop to heresay and probably just outright lies?

  66. Dear friend Jacque.
    I know you were commenting on the book by Polly.
    just wanted to say that the books (of all types were slow to arrive here in Brazil
    .. because you need translation and large pedido.por this po I used `` example''(x)
    I gave the example of the book the kate.

    Linda-I was curious to know if the Brazilian would buy it.
    I think not ... at least not many.
    I do not know many fans of the Gosselins to be Brazilian

    Linda and Jacque thank for responding to my comment. Kisses....

    sorry...bad translation

  67. Good morning everyone! Happy Monday! Today is another re-do week. So if you had a lousy week like I did, here we are, another chance to start fresh!

    I have been hanging out on Twitter alot now..Giving random bits of my life and discussing other things that intrest me. I never mentioned it but people that do not understand Twitter, its really just more random quotes and comments about my life and the shows I enjoy watching. Please feel free to read it here or on my page. Its just basically other things I like to chat about!

  68. Debora- now I understand what you mean. But I think if Kate's books get here some day, would sell a good amount of copies. I estimate that there are some 450 fans, only in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. And in orkut communities that specialize in Kate plus eight, has many people interested in books and DVD's. Including myself and other people here from neighboring states, we are researching and combine it Would anyone know any source, to send the link to the rest.
    Kisses for you too.
    New post at Gosselin Inf Daily:''Jon Gosselin Takes Daughter To The Pharmacy - Will Be Featured On E! True Hollywood Story - Pics.''
    It seems that Jon had the weekend with their children, and on 23 / 1 was photographed with Cara at the pharmacy.

  69. Corrina-Surely that trash will be a failure as well as the author herself lol.

  70. Whoops I got cut off! You know how I always like my comments to be a mile long. So whgat do we have in Gosselin Land aka Google? Well

    1. Jon finally has a 9-5 job..ohh please people your a day late and a dollar short! Update your damn blogs! lol

    2. Kate gets the E! True Hollywood Story Treatment..Ohh please this one article has been re-tweeted probably a illion times and all of them have Werny Gals quote in it. FYI Werny did e-mail ALL OF US to see if we would contribute to her roll of tiolet paper. And of course everyone declined. Uhh Al Walentis everyone? Remember him? no? next question..

    3. HollyBaby STILL trying ot get egg off their faces after posting Jon had a great 9-5 job, not knowing her already had quit...Ok so todays post is, "How great Jon spent the weekend with his kids!" uhh duh, how exactly is this supposed to be news?

  71. Ok, I made the mistake of actually reading the HollyBaby story. Really, seriously?? You can tell all that from a photo. Looks like Jon ran an errand with his kid. Which means the other 7 were trapped in a tiny apartment with Ellin. Really - this is good parenting on display?? And besides Ellin giving a constant exclusive to anyone who will pay her, how does the writer know any of this?? Really? OMG!!! If Kate had left 7 kids home with a nanny, she would be crucified as the worst parent ever. What a lot of tripe!!!

  72. KatherineDenise - I have 2 the same age and backpacks get heavier by the day!

  73. It's rather sickening to see INF hyping their photos of Jon taking child to drugstore as being featured in the E! Story about Kate.

  74. Jen by your reaction I will take your word for it and not even bother filling my mind with that garbage. She is... ugh ...she is, ugh I cant even come up with words how stoopid.

    I wonder how much Jon pays INF to suck it.

  75. Good evening laides! INF has been especially hard on both Jon & Kate. They live to fuel the fire for the horrible trolls that post on that site. I was saying on Twitter today how I noticed that INF actually DELETED several fan posts from a girl named Sue. Actually did not want a SINGLE nice thing said about Kate, they didn't want a single fan posting because they didn't want the crazies over there to think there were some smart people around.

    from the 15min site: "Thankfully most of her (Kate's) fan base has seen the light and been depleted anyway"...ohh BL your SUPPOSED to be an intelligent lawyer right? I love how you believe your own dribble. Actually, I have to say, I have no idea if any of these haters that blog on that site and INF aren't really just one person posting over and over again. Another example of moderation intended to skew the truth in their favor...

  76. Had a good chuckle over an email forwarded to me. Supposedly Baby Mama and are both Jon haters and therefore we have issues with all men casting doubt about ourown sexuality. Say what????

    First, I do not hate Jon. I want him to be happy, successful and to find a true love. I am disappointed with his poor choices. IMO, you can make a mistake once. After that, it becomes a conscious choice.I'm disillusioned with his choices. I'm disillusioned with repetitions of the same acts, then saying "I'm sorry."

    I don't know Jon. From appearances, it would seem that he was not taught a strong work ethic. To me that's sad. Children make mistakes and hopefully learn from them. I'm certainly not sitting in judgment of his parents. However, IMO, children who are always rescued never learn from their mistakes and don't learn to stand on their own, nor do they ever learn that for every action there is a consequence - either positive or negative.

    I would no more sit for a year without a job than I would stop breathing. I'd be volunteering, networking, looking, dressing for success, acting like a "suitable hire." I might not "get" the job of my dreams right away, but I'd be demonstrating to employers exactly why I'd be a great hire. There's an old adage about stand up straight, and dress and look your best! The only time we see Jon doing this in the last year is when he's going to court. Think about it!

    There's another adage about being judged by the company you keep. His choices speak volumes.

  77. If I were an "ex-celeb", had a Twitter base of 60-80k followers, wanted to live a life outside the media, etc., then I'd be using that social media platform for all it was worth...
    1. If I didn't want my children in the media, I'd never Tweet about them or my ex. Tweeting about an ex is sour grapes and a really dumb move.
    2. If I knew paps were making my pix without my permission, I'd look like a million, dressed for success not ever appearing gangsta looking or homeless or the doper on the corner.
    3. I'd be Tweeting about my strong points and why I'd make a great employee in a particular field.
    4. If paps were following me, I'd stop and make a positive statement. eg My times with my kids are precious. Please respect our privacy. I'm asking fans to stop going to sites that use these photos. Thank you.
    5. I'd never smoke in public with my kids. Not ever!!! Horrible for my kids! Horrible to employers. Who wants to hire somebody who reeks, so addicted they can't quit even for a few hours, and the health costs for employers are staggering!
    6. I'd volunteer in areas that interested me, as well as those that give me experience. Volunteers are needed! Volunteering gets you up, dressed, and on a schedule.
    7. I'd fire my agent if I was really looking for a regular job. Duh!
    8. I'd kick butt (figuratively speaking) of ANY so-called friend or family member who discussed my kids, much less blogged about my ex, etc. Even a fish wouldn't get in trouble if he kept his mouth closed! The answer is a smile and "no comment."
    9. I'd learn to act intelligent, such as asking details about a job. Does it involve travel? Or, I can travel but with visitation, I'd need certain times off; is that acceptable?
    10. I'd look at habits of people in a profession where I wanted to be hired and emulate them. Or conversely, look at your habits to figure out where you'd make a good hire! IT workers don't smoke; it gunks up the 'puter. Sales takes a thick skin, dressing appropriately, and frequent travel. If computer games are your niche, maybe you can be a beta tester, etc.

  78. Last part was supposed to be; 4 evermore: 2 think about the future; not the past.

  79. The other 7 kids could be 1) at home with Kate, 2)with Jon's mom or brother, anyplace. I think it is great for each parent to be able to spend one on one time with the kids or have them in smaller groups.

  80. Good morning Everyone! I was runing around this morning in the snow, now I get a minute of quiet and it's beautiful now..Anyway, as usual, I'm sent an email that's normally someone elses quote that posses me off . It's normally by the usual gang, so let's read the comment sent that wad made by our own Weny Gal....

    1."I got the impression that the E! crew was trying to be fair and tell all sides, but I also got the impression they were having a hard time finding people " WRONG! E! Knew exactly what they were doing by bringing these 2 crazies on board. First what exactly does Eric Roberts have ANYTHING to do with Kate other than one stupid comment he made and got attacked for a few weeks ago? Absolutely nothing. They never did a movie together or spent any time with each other in person. But hes a name thanks to his sister...

    2. "This is an interesting discussion for me because once again I can't win. If my book doesn't sell, I'm a loser, but if my book does sell, then I'm a hypocrite for making money off of the kids. If I never see a K&8 taping, I don't know what I'm talking about and I'm just hating on Kate, but if I go to see a taping I'm a stalker. If I never say anything good about Kate I'm a hater, but if I say anything nice I'm backsliding and I've gone to the dark side.". WOW what an amazing way to change the words "I stalk Kate Gosselin & now I get to do it for money!!" Here Polly just talked her way out of her paper bag, and gave all of us the perfect way she needed to explain away her crazies.

    3. "I believe they did interview Beth Carson but I don't think Bob. And correction: They found me because of my chapter in Al's book, and then they read my blog, as I remember it." UGH They found you be reading Al's piece of toilet paper? This is how E! Investigates their stars? By reading Gossip Books? Well there you have it, straight out of the horses mouth. I often wondered how the people of these shows get their information. I really hope Beth does not actually interview and loose all respect we as Kate's fans have for her.

  81. Um...I can vouch that Baby Mama & Linda don't hate men. I love how that is always the "go to" statement of vindictive women. If you don't agree with them you either a man hater or lesbian. Seriously?? Get your ass out of high school and do something productive with your time.

    Jezebel did an awesome post about this called Evolution of Moms
    and one person comment(addition) was dead accurate:

    Mater Interneticus: Sits smugly behind her laptop keyboard taking rapid-fire potshots at all those other terrible mothers while secretly terrified someone will notice her own shortcomings and insecurities.

    Read more:

    I laughed for a full 20 minutes.

  82. Baby Mama- I agree with you, I also hope that Beth has not undergone the E! ths. Because it would be a disrespect to us fans, unless she defends Kate.

    Exciting and poignant statement Polly!. She is a poor thing lol same. If the book does not sell, not because you're a loser Polly, but because there are sensible people in the world. You do not need to see the recordings of K +8 to know what you say. I for one have never seen any of the recordings and I live in another country, and still know what to say and know what to believe. And if you hate Kate and speaks something good from day to night is because you are false. Be honest, who you foolin???.

    So to say that Polly Hater, was found through the book of Al?. How amazing, then to say that if I publish a book offending Gosselin, I'll participate in any television program of USA?.
    Polly, you've just been invited to participate because the E! invited crazy people like you.

  83. CraftyMomof3.
    lol ...
    me about your comment reminded me of a vengeful female Brazilian music.
    ** women do not cheat ... woman takes revenge **
    I think it's lining. (I do not know think it's a band called black panties)

  84. jacque... agree
    Polly does not mean it is losing
    is something people do not want to read
    nobody wants to listen to slanders ... especially a mother of eight children (I hope)
    Jacque loved your avatar.

  85. Hi Everyone!
    It’s been a long time, I’ve still been reading, almost daily, but had to take a break. There was just too much hate around the internet for Kate, so I took a step back from commenting, even on this, positive, blog. Just wanted to drop a line to let you know that I’m still reading and still a fan.

  86. Debora- thanks, I also love your avatar.:)

  87. Ali~ I miss you so much! Please comment here! We don't want to lose you.. :) Maybe you can come on with your own positiveness that you can share each day.. That would be great.

    Jen Santos~ It's great ot see you as well and the same goes to you as well. Its always hard when you see you have 620 followers yet none post. Negative can always be made postive. The goal of this site is friendship and support.

    I would LOVE it if the fans of this site will post and say why they like it, why they are fans of Kate & what they hope to see not only for Kate but for this site for this new year! xoxox

  88. Wait hold up? CraftMom I just read you quote.. Who said I hate men? I have the hots for lots of men right now including my husband Matt Damon. lol

  89. Haha Linda's gonna kill me because I just completely outed myself that I dont read all her posts! lol

  90. Opps wanted to say one more thing! For those fans of the site and Kate that don't post... Please do! We always love reading different perspecitves and it defitely is positive when you don't have to see me babbling lol. I have over 620 followers and I know many of you have been to scared to but I swear it's just like ripping off a I found this quote that is very relevant here...

    "If you think you are too small to be effective, you have never been in the dark with a mosquito."

  91. "If you think you are too small to be effective, you have never been in the dark with a mosquito."

    LOVE LOVE LOVE it, best quote I have heard in a long time.

    I love this site since it is a positive place to come talk to friends who feel the same as I do about a woman that inspires me to shoot for the moon and never give up no matter what. So thank you Baby Mama :) Yes, please post your thoughts people, its always good to see fresh faces.

  92. Ahhh...Baby Mama - I've known for about, hmmm, seven months that you don't read all I post. But, I love ya anyway.

  93. Baby Mama, we are getting close to 100 posts, maybe your knew post should be why do we post here, why do we like kate (or not but still respect her), and what we want to see for this blog for 2010.

  94. Fascinated~ Sorry I havent put a new post up. I'm working on one now which will be the first time in almost 3 years that I have done an entire post in MY OWN words...scary I know

  95. Ok for those having problems posting this morning I'm so sorry. I have a new post up and would love to take everyone over there now. The scent of the day is the cinnamon stick I have in my hot herbal tea right now.. Cause baby it's snowin outside! xoxoxox