Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Repairing The Corporation That Is Kate Gosselin Inc.

Hello Gosselin fans! I know I have been a bit slow on the posts this week. I'm not the type of person to just put an "open discussion" sign on the door and cop-out on having a real topic worthy of putting up. But since the topics this week only give me more Kate going to Target photos or trying to accuse her of alcoholism buy going to a liquor store to buy Sake, I wanted to to try something different. I talked a bit in the comments section about fans of Kate and wanting them to speak up about it. I have over 620+ followers, and I know many of you send me e-mail of continuous support. But I'm hoping that those that have never posted, or at least haven't spoken in a while, to come here and tell us why you are a fan of Kate Plus 8 and what makes you a follower of this site. Hey you never know, you may meet some cool newbies like yourself, and enjoy commenting with us. I promise I don't bite, unless I'm really hungry LOL xoxoxo

Restoring The Image That is Kate Gosselin Inc. Or Does She Really Need To? By BabyMama

With the funny mess that was Sarah Palin's Alaska many of the anti-Kate fans felt that she hurt her persona as a reality-tv super mom quite a bit. Did she appear to be too high maintenance? Was she nasty to her children, even though tricky camera editing and multiple "sad-sextuplets" shots proved otherwise? Was she appearing bratty or just perhaps, like some of us, had had enough of the cold and wanted to jet? What steps should she take to re-build her brand as wonder woman/super mom? Or are you like me, that only feels that this has made her more famous and kept her in the limelight so she can support those wonderful children? I don't for a minute feel her reputation or image and a true celebrity has hurt her one bit.

While I don't feel that Kate made any mistakes, and was just being her funny in a non-funny way self, most feel that she went too far on her trip to Alaska. Whenever you make a mistake, you are always told its easier to just own up to it. Or so I'm told. You need to tackle the issue upfront and as soon as possible. Kate has done thins a few times when rumors (or lies depending) get too rampant. That's when the haters/anti-fans flock to the blogs in droves saying that she should have "laid low". What that really means for them is, when no one hears about her, they feel in their minds that they "won" and got rid of her. It's not really that they truly wanted her to disappear altogether, because what would those hate sites do? It's a form of guilt and it's not what will solve her image problem. If she does in fact have one, because in the end, it's only what side of the fencee you ask.

Many people feel that she should use the the talk shows to come on and apologize for her behavior. Tell people that she is sorry for how people saw her on Sarah show, and that's not who she is. I don't agree. Apologizing for being yourself does not make good Reality TV. And in order to get the viewers, why not be you right? You may disagree with me on this, but again that is the discussion on whether or not there is a need to re-build Kate Inc. Some others feel that we have seen enough of the target/going tanning/ going to FedEx photos. We have discussed this at length in the comments section. She is entitled to live her life. These are things we do on a daily basis, yet it's NOT OK for Kate to out and run her errands in whatever the heck she wants to wear? How about telling Chris's Watts from INF to stop following her around and leave her the heck alone. You know why they wont? They have their own blog to snark on. Kate needs to once again do some print interviews with possibly People whom she trusts, and tell the world how she feels about the negative criticism surrounding her Alaska trip. Because "laying low" isn't going to do anything to restore her persona, it only gives those that wish her to lose her fame to keep her down and her image out. Because in actuality she IS out of the spotlight, but people like INF is dragging her private personal business out there.
If Kate watched that Alaska appearance, what do you think she felt about it? If she felt bad and was upset, would it make you feel better for her to publicly acknowledge it? Would her fans support her even more, or would it make a difference. If you didn't hear any more stories of her getting her hair done, going tanning or spending a whole $11.99 on Sake would that make you feel better? If she publicly apologized for her behavior would that matter at this point? Wow that's a lot of questions to ponder. Please free to talk about them with me in the comments section. And thank you for the continued support of this site for the almost 3 years I have been here. Still in support of Kate Gosselin. Always her #1 fan..
Do you have any suggestion for Kate to rebuild her image?


  1. RWA is already crucifying you about this topic, stating you are begging for posters because you dont have any. I think if anyone has been hitting the sake, its those stinky girls over there.

  2. Funny, I put this topic up one minute 30 seconds ago. They could not be THAT QUICK COULD THEY? Welcome shortnsaszy!

  3. I would love to see Kate do a topic on the hater blogs. They are so blinded by hate towards her, that they dont realize by making her the most hated woman in American is going to make her relevent for many many years. She will continue to get exposure, but I agree, the Target, tanning, hair saloon, etc is really getting old. If she went to school to be a class mom, that would never be shown because they dont want a media circle at the school, so how do we know she doesnt do that? OH yeah Werny Gal would tell us.

  4. She's not begging for posters, just trying to assure people that the bullies on the other sites don't have value. She's just letting people know that its safe to post here about positive things. What is the expression? You catch more flies with s**t than honey? Unfortunately people find hate easier than kindness.

  5. CraftyMom~ thank you! Love you girl, you always know what I mean..

    Shornsaszy~ I agree! That would be really great to see. But I know where she's coming from in terms of not allowing them to be "acknowledged". I would personally say I'm sorry to those I offended and that people hope this is the person I am. Also It's not my fault that I am followed doing what I like to do. How do you handle that? Is she not allowed then to have a life and get some Sake for dinner?? lol Or go to Target for that matter. I live there too, you just dont see it..

    "Give me a smart idiot over a stupid genius any day."

  6. I think Kate reverted back to her act first, think later habits when faced with the cold and rain - and Sarah. I suspect in retrospect she wishes she had done something else. No problem, Kate. We understand and no apology is required. I am an experienced camper and they would have lost me at bear school.

    I have watched J+K+8 since the original specials on Discovery Health. As time goes on I am amazed at this family's ability to adapt and change with the unique situations they find themselves in. I know the situation is not perfect, but whose is? Many families with multiples rarely leave the house and very few of them travel around the world. These are amazing opportunities and Kate is doing a great job navigating uncharted waters, raising the kids, making money and keeping Jon under control. Whew - makes me tired just thinking about it.

    Go Kate! You are doing a great job. Please keep the show going, at least a few times a year, so we can see the kids grow up. And to the haters - get a life. You are so jealous you can't stand it. Go out and do something nice for someone else. It might make you feel better about yourself.

  7. Hey there shortnsazy and oregpsnow! Nice to see you both post after a long absence & Ali too from last post! Waves to all of you - ~ ~ ~

  8. I read the postings here only occasionally now. I've lost sight of and touch with the Gosselins. I find myself not really caring if she's crucified in the world. She's a strong woman with goals and ability. The haters hate her because they are pathetic minded no goal people that fulfill their lives by trying to beat down Kate. Sooner or later you'd think it would get old. <> I guess not!

    Kate's on to other things, good for her. I miss the show with the kids and think Jon is a huge loser for throwing tantrums and not allowing the kids to be on TV.

    So I lost interest. I should probably stop following the blog, but I do check in once in awhile.

    I read at a hate blog at it is just what it was, I sat there thinking....REALLY? Screams of jealousy and petulence to me..........let's move on....and I did. It took me about 5 minutes to search for a positive Kate site, found this one and never looked back.

  9. I think it's time for a road trip! My bucket list includes a big tour bus with "Stop Mindless Hate!" in huge letters on the side. Everybody on the bus gets a free digital camera.

    We roll into the towns of these hater/stalkers. We act in kindness not shouting or stalking or "outing" but letting news media know that "this" town is home to an obsessed hater. I'm talking about the vile ones who spew wishes of physical harm to children, Kate, and anybody who is a supporter of Kate.

    We provide the media with copies of the blog posts and let them deal with the issue of a local filled with rage and mindless hate. Let's see... All aboard... First stop is ...

  10. Welcome back Cindy, even if only for a "drop by!"

  11. First of all, isn’t sake used in a lot of Asian cooking? Does she not enjoy Asian food and cooking? And anyway, who cares if she purchased alcohol.

    I thought she went overboard in Alaska, but I don’t think she needs to publically apologize to the people of America because of it. When/if she watched, she probably felt stupid and realized she went too far, to me that’s enough. Just be a little better every day, and isn’t that important for all of us to do?

  12. Well ladies, this is how I see it. Kate brought us here, but what keeps us? One thing that I can own up with, is that this site has been slighly different in the people that frequent the site.

    There are sites that people spend there entire day on commenting. Thats why you see 300+ posts in a day. And then I was attacked because I didnt have that. Well you know what? it was never a site like that. I moderated for a long time. Poor Schmecky used to beg me to take it off moderation just so we could all have a free-flowing conversation. And thats what happened. People got fustrated with my site and went elsewhere. They figured.. "Hey we can do what she does! We can chat all we want!" And thats where the problems started..

  13. Shoot I lost my post! Ok I will say more..Then my ego flipped hard core and I was like "what the heck is this about?". But my site again was never those quick back and forth post where a comment was like "yeah great". I think the point I wanted make was, that this site has more longer, thought out posts. And the haters would judge that I didn't have 300 posts therefore my site is going down hill. When in actuality it was thriving..

    I want people to come here for the wonderful ladies that are here to chat with, not just about Kate Gosselin. And I think thats why I havent had so many people post as of late. Why does it just have to be just about how wonderful Kate Gosselin is? How about these ladies are the "real divas" and I need to talk to some amazing people behind these cute names!

    Thats the path I want to take here. Kate Gosselin is human. She makes mistakes. If someone filmed us we may see things about ourselves that we may not like either. But why does she need to publically say sorry to each and every one of us before those that were supporters then will come back again now and feel comfortable enough to post their thoughts? Even if they are not about Kate Gosselin?

  14. And finally welcome back to all my old friends. I have missed you and I'm so happy to see that you are here still reading. This month I have been blogging for over 3 years about the Gosselins. No site can take that away from me. I'm still here fighting since then for the same woman. That freakin says something about loyalty. This Summer my blog will be 3 years old!!

    HOW AWESOME IS THAT? xoxoxox

  15. Hello BM & LindaO, Congrats on the longevity of GFFS. I enjoy reading GFFS because of the positive affirmation of a struggling mom of multiples who is doing a fab job without a how to manuel and in spite of all the hate & adversity. Although an infrequent reader & poster I like knowing you are current and available with positive Kate + 8 news.

    On another note my sincere thanks for all your well wishes. BB's are thriving, have gained back up to their birth weight plus a few ounces and we no longer put them under the billy light. Girls are back in school, Puffman is on maternity leave, and has secured a helper for me 4 hrs daily weekdays. So we are sorta kinda getting a regimen established.

    FUFK sometime back I read some of your comments and was unable to respond....My husband is a Life Flight pilot and a licensed emergency medical paramedic...I am very proud of his dedication to his work & his family. I also wanted to say I heard your southern twang when BM was on that traitor Frye woman's radio show. I loved your accent and as my G-mom would say, "honey child your syrup is dripping out." That means you sound sweet. I once heard a stand up comic say that when a southern gal tells you to "go to hale, you kinda want to go." Funny and also very true.

    I enjoy reading the girls from Brazil although I sometimes am puzzled about what they are saying. They obviously read english better than I read their translations.

    Take care and keep posting positive and uplifting bloggings.

  16. I think the big issue has to do with Kate finding her identity after a traumatic divorce and being okay with it in the public eye and she is often trying to be someone she isn't, maybe to please others, maybe for the thrill, maybe because that's how she needs to make a living. Kate doesn't need to apologize for being the mom that would rather make cookies than go out camping. I really feel that in the Alaska episode, Kate was the honest one and Sarah Palin was trying to be someone she's not. The episode just prior, she was carrying on about needing her Dad to protect her, then all the sudden she's shooter extraodinaire. If anyone owes anyone an apology, I think whoever set Kate up in that situation owes her and the kids an apology. I also think Sarah Palin owes Kate an apology for going on Fox News and making derogatory statements about the experience to push her political agenda.

  17. tashapork-I agree with you about Alaska. The next episode, the Palins were going camping again but this time in their humungous RV with all the comforts of home. If they'd had that at the campsite, IMHO, Kate would have been fine. I think she was set up. Maybe she could have handled it better, but for Palin to pretend the way that they camped for the Gosselin show is typical for them is a fraud.

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  19. Hello Cindy, oregpsnow, Ali and Shortnsaszy, good to see different names here.

    Puff- is good to know you and your twins are fine.
    Glad you enjoy reading what I write (even if just for fun lol), but generally, I am translating my comments, for more than thirty minutes to comment on here. Because I struggle enough, so you all can understand what I mean. Even if the translation is not the best.
    I do not know if the last thing you wrote was for us two, but either way do not worry, I know myself very well take care, know what I do and I know what I believe. :)

    I find ridiculous, accusing Kate of being an alcoholic or something. Kate just bought a bottle of Sake. What's wrong with that?. She is an adult, has his own money and can do whatever you want.
    I think Kate does not need to rebuild an image. The image of it is already formed. It is up to all the want to see, she does not apologize for the actions it takes, because when we err, we are hurting ourselves. (And she's not wrong, on the contrary).

    And finally:
    Baby Mama and Linda- Congratulations to the nearly three years of the blog. It's great to know there are people who think like me, and who see the reality.
    It is better to have a support blog with 100 comments per post than to have a blog with hate, with hundreds of comments without any foundation. Continue forever with this site, because here is a nice place. With smart and funny people who practice the love and support to Gosselin.
    And I hope people do not write here anymore, come back and share their opinions, because here is also an open space for several other points.

  20. Hi everyone !

    I don't post here because i'm french and my english is not so good, but I read every bir mama's posts and enjoys it !
    I admire kate besause I think she's a very good mother, I'm sure she's not perfect, I'm not either, who is ? But who could say he raise 8 kids of that ages, 8 beautiful, healthy, happy, well-behaved and grateful kids ?? she can ! She did and does a wonderful job every day with this 8 and I'm sure all of those who are criticizing her wouldn't be able to do that !
    And I love seeing this 8 little faces growing up so fast ! they are wonderful !

    Sorry for my bad english I hope you will understand !


  21. Oh and when will be the next Kate + 8 ??

  22. Hello and welcome Twins' proud godmother - We are glad to have you here! Don't worry about your translations.
    Bonjour et bienvenue ! Nous sommes si heureux de vous avoir ici. Ne vous inquiétez pas de vos traductions.

  23. I also agree that this blog goes way beyond Kate Gosselin, truthfully if it was just about Kate, I'd probably check in maybe once a week or two, but its about friends and Moms, strong women, and being who you are and about conquering the hate. Hate against Kate is symbolic of all of the hate in this world and it is rampant and needs to tone down, whether against a divorced Mom of multiples, politicians with different beliefs, teens who may be questioning their identity, or people of a different religious group.

  24. Debora & Jacque, Yes I was referring to the two of you and enjoy your postings and tenacity with the translations. Your English is better than mine!!!
    It is nice to know that a mother of multiples has so many foreign fans. WOW, 30 minutes to translate to English? I think the more you do it the better you will become and soon it will be quite easy for you. Keep up the good work.

  25. Puff !!!! So happy to see your comments and glad all are doing well! :)
    Jacque - Thank you. It is Baby Mama's blog. I'm just the friend, occasional blog babysitter, and sometimes helpful computer assistant.
    To the snarky haters: Sorry you are so very unhappy with your lives. Since you share perspectives with Werney Gal, perhaps you can seek counseling from her.

    Haters, you will be disappointed, but not only do we still enjoy Kate and the kids, but web traffic here increases, get that, each month. Perhaps that because we don't allow the cursing, hating, and flack! Many of us have also become friends. May you one day come to have sincere, caring people who are there when you need them.

  26. Debora and Jacque - your English is much better than my Portuguese would ever be!
    Debora e Jacque, Seu inglês é muito melhor do que meu português seria nunca!

  27. Linda- você faz parte dessa equipe, e merece muitos agradecimentos.
    Linda- you are part of this team, and deserve many thanks.

  28. Linda, you teach me how to speak English and I'll teach you to speak Portuguese, can it be?

  29. For all my international friends welcome! Linda has shown me all the amazing countires that have been reading my site! I can't believe how crazy it is! lol

    For my Brazil Girls!:
    Oi Jacqueline & Debora. Obrigado para vinda a nosso local. Eu aprecio seus pensamentos e tão feliz em ter encontrado tais ventiladores doces divertidos de Kate Gosselin.

    For my new French friend "Twins Proud Grandmother":
    Bonjour et accueillir ! Remercier vous venant et poster vos pensées sur mon site. Je suis un ventilateur de Kate Gosselin et le Kate de spectacle Plus 8. J'espère que vous continuez à venir ici et partager vos pensées !

  30. Kate Inc seems to be doing just fine. I would not want her to apologize for anything. Seeing she isnt the perfect mom with the perfect hair and the perfect everything is what made me interested in her to begin with. I think she is doing a fab job of raising her kiddos with pride and showing what hard work it really is to be a single mother with a deadbeat for a father. Unfortuntley, today, there seems to be alot of single mothers doing everything on their own... and thats what Id like to see Kate focus on too.

  31. If I were Kate, I wouldn't even know that people were talking about me. I wouldn't visit the hate sites, I wouldn't read the rag mags, and I probably wouldn't have time to watch E. I definitely wouldn't be apologizing for how Palin's show tried to make her look real and me (Kate) look fake. She owes no one an apology. She needs to continue finding work that she enjoys and entertaining her fans and admirers.

  32. Puff thanks
    just because he bought a bottle of sake has been accused of alcoholism.
    that crazy stuff ... nothing to see.
    young minors buy drinks
    so they not are accused, arrested or barred.
    Now a mother of family can not buy a bottle of sake for oneself or for others without being charged.
    (I agree with you Jacque)
    Baby Mama I'm happy with what you said with regard to us.
    is also very nice to talk to a foreigner ...
    thanks for writing in Portuguese
    easier for us ... your Portuguese or his translator is very good!
    I'm glad you said
    much obliged
    Thank you too Linda,
    proud godmother 'Twins
    how nice
    Americans, Brazilians, French ... etc
    wow I'm meeting people from all over the world
    besides I know about kate and gain new friends
    Kisses !

  33. I love this site, because it is positive. Posts are thoughtful and supportive. We talk about our interests as well as why we are interested in Kate. Baby Mama has transitioned this blog into a great little community.

    Keep it up.

  34. fascinated~ I can always count on you to perk me up. Your such a greast part of this site and I always appreciate you.

    To all my international readers please use this:

    So Kate picked up the kids today from school, and YES it made news. So once again people will be mad about seeing those photos.. but blame once again INF lol

  35. Lindsay
    I agree with you
    she has a big task ahead.
    I love the ``dad deadbeat term
    actually create eight children alone must be difficult.
    She is a courageous woman
    and haters never mentions it.

    Baby -thanks (link)

    Good Night !

  36. I have been following your blog for a long time now but never posted. I come here to see nice positive posts and no hell raising attacks like I have expeirenced over yonder! You ladies do a great job!

    Kate doesn't need to rebuild her image in my opinion...this is Kate. She loves her kids and will do anything for them and to provide for them. She is let the haters hate. She can hold her head high.

  37. I love coming here because there are different takes on certain situations and that causes me to rethink my opinion.

    As for Kate--I hope with all my heart that she never ever wastes time worrying about the small-minded naysayers. As shown in the past, when she is ready and feels the need, she will address an issue.

    I wish her the best with whatever endeavor she decides to pursue. We know she doesn't do anything halfway.

    It's great to see the new posters here along with all the awesome regulars.

  38. Okay I come with all my southern charm and tom-foolery!

    Thank you Puff for the nice words about my southern drawl. I can outlast the haters any day...just start my slow speaking, syllable drawing yawn and I can irritate them to death!

    Brazilian girls...southern smacks to you too! Love you girls and all your nice comments and loyalty for Kate and the kids!

    So what do I think about Kate Gosselin, Inc?
    Kate's soul is just fine and in tact. She doesn't have to apologize to anyone.

    I love Kate's humor, wit and self-expression. So many people are much more talented and gifted...yet given the choice, I would always rather watch Kate on the interview couch.

    Why is that? Kate is quirky and unique! Not another like one even comes close. She has such a take on life...her blog is so fun to read the way she takes small events in life and tells such an interesting story with it.

    And my gosh, what a mama she is! She's done such a fine job raising those kids, giving them structure and morals and plenty of love.

    Yessiree, Kate's got my support and I'll run a verbal semi-truck over anyone who tries to demean or hurt her!

  39. Oh, and forgot to say...Kate, please give us some more blog entries!

    I wish they would let me moderate that TLC site fore her. I'm mighty good with the "delete" button!

    That's only thing I guess I wish more of is to actually have Kate address her fans more with regular blog posts or those sit-down answer question specials she did a few times on the show.

    But phooey, I know she stays so busy so we will take whatever Kate Plus 8 we get!

  40. I have posted here a few times,i do not post a lot because I am not too computer savy. i really became a Kate supporter when the divorce issues surfaced and i started reading things on the internet about the family. I could not believe the hate that some of these people were throwing at her. I remember the Z on Tv blog would always come up under Google alerts and there was never one good comment about Kate. I was just horrified that this young mother was being crucified in this way. i had watched the show and I felt that Kate loved her children fiercely,and in fact seemed the type of mother that would do whatever it took to make sure her children were taken care of. Yes sshe could be abrasive at times, and yes she could be a little dramatic at times, but did she deserve to be crucified any more than any other mother in America,and in my mind that was a big no. Somehow I finally found this site and some other pro Kate sites and was relieved to know that Z on TV didn't speak for everyone. I am still amazed at sites like WG and BKIA. They spend 24/7 hating on every move that Kate makes.There is something seriously wrong with people who spend all day long spewing hatred on the internet.They have to have something seriously lacking in their own life to do that.I wonder about their children,are they teaching their children to hate and bully other people the way they hate and bully Kate. I admire Kate for being who she is and staying true to who she is. I cannot imagine the inner strength it must have taken for her to keep going through everything she has faced over the last several months. BM thank you for having a site where there are intelligent and compassinate people who can express their views without being attacked.

  41. Debora, Jacque, and others - Also, if in a hurry, I use
    Welcome back Mimi! So glad you posted.
    Hi there Lindsay!
    Welcome Martha's Law! So glad to have your post!
    Corrina - I'm with you!
    fascinated - Excellent points!
    FiredUp - I want to ride on your Semi, lol.

  42. Always got your back Baby Mama.

    Linda- my dad loves babelfish. He uses it for his Japanese clients all the time.

  43. Linda & Baby Mama, thanks for the suggestions of translators, soon I'll use them.

    Our today is very hot in here!, it makes me stay up until four in the morning (I hate the heat!), I'll watch a movie now.
    So goodnight to you all.

  44. I don't think Kate needs to apologize for anything. She was gracious when she talked to Sarah before leaving. As far as apologizing to her fans for her actions on the show, that is a bit ridiculous too. Its reality tv and she was being herself. She is what she is.

    Like all of the woman I know...she is not perfect. But every single one of us have our redeeming qualities and she has many.

  45. Thanks so much everyone! As you can see I changed my Avatar to my beloved Kate because I feel this pic is more appropriate for my site. A took the cartoon version of me and added it to my Twitter page because that is my personal page with other things that intrest me and that I also love to talk about.

    I would like to say that I think it's rediculous that poor Kate isnt allowed to go to a liquor store and buy Sake. I don't use it, or drink it, but she is allowed to buy whatever she wants no? I don't understand why it's so news worthy and inappropriate.. Because Chris followers her everywhere she goes, she should NOT go to a liquor store? How dare she?

    I was e-mailed by someone who "claims" that Kate only runs her errands on Tuesday, so It's easy for Chris to know exactly where she's going. My advice to her is mix it up a bit so the guy literally isnt waiting in the parking lot for you at every tanning/fedex/Target trip.

  46. She is who she is. If you dont like her, dont watch her. Doesn't seem that difficult if you ask me.... ;)

    Yes, I think the Alaska thing was a little over the top. And I am actually a very down to earth person- but I am NOT an outdoor girl, and I would've done/acted the exact.same.way. I'd have gotten the hell out of dodge too. I'd prefer to enjoy Alaka from a cruise ship.

    Ktae has chnaged a lot over the years, but HER ENTIRE LIFE HAS CHANGED A LOT. We all evolve. I do miss the "original" Kate, but I really do hope to see more of her, and I hope she finds a career home.

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  48. Tashapork - TYVM for posting the recipe. I really wanted to try it when you Tweeted about it! I always wanted to know how to make it. :)

  49. Hmmm... I'm not much of a wine drinker (I just fall asleep or it makes my blood sugar whacked since I'm diabetic.) That said, what's the hubbub over a bottle of wine. Wasn't the first miracle Jesus performed turning water into wine. Uh, she bought a bottle, not a case, not a truckload. Big deal, lol.
    Waves to Sarah and Adele - ~ ~

  50. Congrats to Baby Mama for surpassing a million site visits to this site! That doesn't count the more than a million visits to the former sites. You Rock!

  51. One of the earlier episodes showed Jon and Kate at a restaraunt drinking a glass of wine. Bill and Jen on The Little Couple have it all the time and they want to be parents. I know the Duggars have issues with alcohol, but a glass of wine does not an alcoholic make. I don't drink a lot but I like a little and we use it in cooking too. A small glass of wine a day is good for your heart.

  52. Wow and thats not even counting the page views or the old site! Amazing! So cool!

    I think I need a shot of Sake!

  53. I forgot to answer a fan question tonight! yay!

    I got an e-mail asking me how to get Kate Gosselins infamous yellow coat from the Jon & Kate Plus 8 commercials..Thanks for your e-mail Sue! Keep those questions coming!

    ANSWER: The coat is made by Banana Republic and not Ann Taylor loft as was suggested. And while the coat is currently unavailable in Yellow they still do have in available in White. For the link see below. It's called the Short Wool Trench:

  54. I tell ya, I miss Gosselin Garb so much.. I was thinking for my next post if the Gosselin news is slow that I should do a post on all of Kates best and most infamous looks. What do you all think? I want you to all come up with a look you loved and I will be like a mini Gosselin Garb for that post.

    Ohh Teresa how I miss you...please email me! lol Lets start with that coat.. I want to also find out about that peach lace dress from Jimmy Kimmel Live... I NEED IDEAS!

  55. Congratulations baby mama on the number of posts. Awesome.

    As for Kate buying the Sake, it doesn't matter what she buys, she will be judged. If they had a picture of her buying a loaf of bread, people would say - that's not organic, or not whole wheat, or that is only one loaf. The pictures are pictures and the haters judge. Their ability to critically think is minimal. Their ability to love is non-existant.

    You go Kate, make the haters even more jealous that you can get out of the house and look hot.

  56. While I don't think Kate should have to go out and defend herself, I also would LOVE to see her stand up and talk about the "real" experience. I am sure that the situation was played up much worse on TV then it really happened. I am sure she did have some meltdowns or issues but the edit so much to make it look the way they want it to. But TLC probably wouldn't let her stand up and say "wait this isn't really how it happened. They edited this to make me look bad" She doesn't need to apologize to anyone about her behavior no matter how it looked, but it would certainly quite down the haters for a bit. Well I guess probably not cause they would just say she was lieing to make herself look good, I guess she can't win.

  57. I don't think she has to repair her image because of the Sarah Palin incident or any other incident. She knew the cameras were there when they were at the camp out, filming her, she could have put on a happy face for the sake of the audience (if not for any other reason) but she didn't. She's been with TLC long enough to know that they'll air her meltdowns, which leads me to believe that she doesn't really care what her critics think of her. It's funny because a lot of the media said they could relate to her freak out because they are also city dwellers and wouldn't do well in the cold wilderness. It's the haters who were up in arms, but they would be no matter what, wouldn't they? If she was nice and sweet to Sarah throughout the camp out, wouldn't the haters say she was faking it for the show and for Sarah, because Sarah is a BIG TIME politician and Kate can modify her behavior if the "celebrity" is "important" enough? I'm sure they would. Look how crazy people are getting because she bought a $12 bottle of sake! She didn't buy a case, she's not at the liquor store everyday, she bought a bottle, which of course means that she's an alcoholic! LOL It's the haters that need to start repairing their own hearts and souls because of the feelings of anger and hatred and resentment they feel about this woman that they don't know but have decided is the worst human being on the planet. When you make hatred your hobby, it's time for a major overhaul to repair whatever is happening in your mind.

  58. I don't think Kate has anything to apologize for. Kate is Kate. I thought she was pretty restrained on the Alaska episode. I would have been way bitchier if I'd felt like I had been roped into something I had not explicitly agreed to. She didn't agree to the rain or the cold. I'm sure TLC said, "Look. While you're in Alaska, we'd love to tape you meeting Sara Palen and maybe doing a little camping with the kids." Kate said yes, but when she got there she couldn't exactly tell her employer to get lost. No, she grinned and beared it for a lot longer than I would have. She was polite. It just really wasn't her cup of tea. I see no reason to apologize for that!

  59. Hello Everyone and good morning! Im posting right now from the ladies room at work! Haha this is a first. I had to be at work today and I went literally through hell & back to get here. So I'm keeping my comments on the DL! I was so happy to see everyone today post so thank you! Keep it coming! Please pray for my hubby today that is home alone w/my children. He has only done this but a few rare times their entire lives. He works very hard and was never really a "hands on" kinda dad. And I refuse to call the house again cause he's freaking out!

  60. HellO.

    Linda thanks to the translator.

    Baby Mama-congratulations by the hits, this is a site that deserves great access and therefore have them.
    You do everything right ... and even better.
    I know that most of the hits were me and Jacque lol lol lol!
    I'm with you Linda, was just one bottle.
    rumors ran just jealous because they want to end on call kate.
    has no news to raise and try topple Kate Gosselin!
    I saw many comment on the matter of drink.
    here in my house do not have the habit of drinking. (alias never )
    I heard a colleague say that the father takes time to relax the muscles before bedtime, because he has insomnia therefore a little drink before bed
    ... or a case of people who make beer without alcohol to help the problem of kidney stones.
    because of this know logically that a bottle drink by someone or just purchased by a person not to say alcoolotra.
    really is a very absurd accusation.

  61. Ugh I totally lost my last fustrating! Lol

    I was talking once again about the post that talks about how Jon took the kids rollerskating this past weekend. I could not get over how it appears that Ellen Ross or someone obviously in PR camp (aka his lawyer), would make sure his actions went to press even though he wasn't photographed. He apparently took his kids to a roller rink party. Which is exactly what a dad is SUPPOSED to do. But the article states several times how Jon & his GIRLFRIEND were so loving & wonderful w/the kids! Ellen please I'm going to have to call you out on this one. I loved how slick you wrete in mentioning how the kids were "finally" doing something normal. And while I'm sure that was a pot shot at Kate, I would like to instant what's NOT normal with a family going on a wonderful vacation that they were so blessed to take?

    If you were Kate, how would you handle these types of lies that are being said about you? Would you wait and go on Tv again even though you have defended your relationship w/your bodyguard in the past? Or would you just let it lie? How would you feel if you saw articles such as this that paints Jon and of couse his girlfriend as "saints" just because took them to a party on their time? What could you do at this point to restore your image?

  62. All of HB's articles are "a pitch in the dirt". Kate won't swing. HB is in the Elin's pocket. We all know it. Jon's a saint for being a parent and Kate's a devil for trying to earn a living and just live her life. The kids are barely on TV at all anymore and still the hate continues. The haters stated they'd be ok if the kid's were only on the occasional special. Really? Because they are and still people are hating on someone they don't even know. Arghhh!!! I'm never going to HB's site again. All that's there is dirt and propaganda. Blah! Back to reality!

  63. Nice to see the loving support of Katie G..she is am awesome example of a great mother & woman...

  64. Congratulations Baby Mama on the million+ hits!
    You too Linda!!

    About all the lies--It would be/is getting very annoying and I know what I would do and that would cause trouble. From what we see, Kate doesn't seem to rush into addressing these lies/pot shots and I really have to give her credit for that. Hopefully she considers the source.

    That stupid statement of the kids finally doing something normal is just so much doo doo.

  65. Fascinated, you got that right about the bread but the haters wouldn't stop there LOL or it would be that it was organic and if she just fed them regular bread they wouldn't have to be on tv or she makes them eat wheat bread when Jon lets them have what they really like which is white, or that she's a hypocrite because she says she likes to bake and she's buying the bread instead of making it herself, or that she is going to a store that is farther from her home than she could because she wants to be away from her kids, or she's buying bread in bulk so she can give it to her kids moldy. LOL That was the same reason I chose to shut the news off right after the state of the Union speech the other might and haven't watched for a couple of days because no matter what was said, it would just get tore apart and criticized.

  66. Jen said it well honey!

    I'd like to SaranWrap "the government worker's" toilet about right now...she has pissed me off with this stupid "oh how wonderful" Jon is story about the skating party. And of course, she glorifies self in there as well.

    Big whoop! He took them to a pre-arranged party that he didn't have to organize, or pay for!

    Truth is he was probably delighted that someone else footed the bill for his kids and provided the entertainment.

    Daddy gets them a few days a month and he gets credit for them being well-behaved?

    Let's be honest here, Kate is the 24-7 parent who sets the standards and rules for these kids.

    Kate doesn't get the luxury of coming home with the kids and saying..."I'm too tired to fix dinner for you guys, or I don't feel well...fend for yourselves."

    Kate's got all the responsibility and upkeep for these kids. Jon just does the easy playdates.

  67. Great comments today. I enjoyed reading the many perspectives.

    Hope you are all safely home now. Is anybody else really, really ready for spring? I can't imagine all the wet clothing Kate must deal with with 8 in and out of snow and wet. Ugh!

    Welcome and welcome back to Mischa and BJ.

    FiredUp - really needed a laugh tonight & you provided it. Never thought of that use for SaranWrap! You rock!

    Hugs to all, catch ya later! I love this blog!

  68. Congratulations BabyMama on your million + site views. That is awesome.

    I do not think Kate has anything to apologize for. They were filming a reality show and she was real. I also think the show seemed set up. Kate was pleasant to Sarah before they left so nothing else needs to be said.

    The haters continue to amaze me with their constant judgment of Kate. I have never seen another celebrity ridiculed from head to toe and had their every word and action dissected.

    I am so glad Kate is strong and ignores the hate. I believe that is another reason their hate has intensified. Nothing they have done all these years has stopped her from doing what she feels is best for her and her family.

    Too bad haters Kate takes after the energizer bunny and keeps going and going! LOL

  69. I tell ya what, that "the government worker" needs to put a sock in it right about now. This must be so insanely frustrating for Kate. She works her butt off to provide for these kids, takes alot of flack for it and then Miss bimbo swoops in and acts like Jons all that and some when he cant even hold a J.O.B. to provide for these kids. Yes he's doing what Dads are SUPPOSED to do. You know you are lame when you need this much praise for doing something you cant even do half-assed.

    ITA FU4K...Kate's got all the responsibility and upkeep for these kids. Jon just does the easy playdates.

    Yes just proves to me what an amazing job Kate does. She gets up everyday, cooks, cleans, makes sure they have nice cloths to wear and cleaned. Dentists, Dr. appointments, you name it she does it all. And Jon??

    You know, as mad as Jon makes me its not even really him that makes me so mad. He is those kids Dad and I don't believe keeping kids from seeing their father just because he can't get it together but Its her mouth that just HAS to blab about everything all the time and has no business doing it.

  70. LOL, Tashapork, you are so right.

  71. Micha said...
    She's been with TLC long enough to know that they'll air her meltdowns, which leads me to believe that she doesn't really care what her critics think of her.

    Micha I totally agree with your whole post, very well said. Love it and very true!!

  72. Good evening everyone! The person that wrote the story about Jon rollerskating w/his kids on Hollybaby follows him on Twitter. I think it's great he's spending time with his kids. But duh he's supposed to, and why make it out that he's so wonderful because he does so. Kate is a good mother that takes care of her kids. But it's not her fault that INF takes photos of her! Sorry people are "tired" of it, but that's not her problem. If she wants to go to a store,tan, or do whatever, on her own time, doesn't give anyone the right to attack her. None at all! People need to complain to INF. Tell them to leave her alone! Am I right? Lol

  73. Baby Mama- Congratulations on more than one million hits, that's great, keep up the good work!
    -------------------------------------------------- -
    I was happy today because I could review a few episodes of Kate plus eight, it really comforts me because maybe I'll find the episodes of Australia, after the premiere. :)
    Geewhiz said:''I am so glad Kate is strong and ignore the hate. I believe that is another reason Their hate has intensified. Nothing They Have Done All These Years has stopped her from doing what she feels is best for her and her family.''
    I totally agree, maybe that's why the reason for Kate to be so attacked, is that she gets revenge with his own success (saw this on in another post lol).
    Good evening, ladies! here are already 3:40, the night is super hot, so now I go to bed, melt!!

  74. Hello
    I commented here with my family in the case of Kate Gosselin and bottle
    *in my family not there people who watch Kate and her kids or who are interested so much for them as I
    but decided to tell my mother what had happened and she also agree that just because a person bought a bottle does not say an alcoholic.
    mama said she Kate may have bought the bottle to give away
    or himself there is no problem, it was just a bottle.
    even my mother who is not a fan of Kate the defends
    Kate is seen by many others that even without a fan the defends
    the fact is that even someone who does not care much for the series or family, ended up defending Kate.

    I believe that

    --> Kate can reconstruct the image by acting in His Way, as it is, not change for anything or anyone ... it will be a great example for your little ones.

    I think must Kate to keep doing the same things without saying anything about it.
    not comment on it and act normally

    I hope you understand my point of view
    ... kisses

  75. Debora - We understand. :)

    Gee whiz - waves ~ ~ ~

    Crazy schedule here. Our kids are rotating the coughs and sore throats. Hope everybody is well, warm, and not snowbound.

    Great points fascinated, tashapork, Katherine Denise!

    Baby Mama - Sorry our schedules keep missing each other.

  76. Linda Linda.. where are thou Linda! Wait, let me lay down my hair so you can climb up to the castle! ok I'm done now...

    Today I was told that ROL closed down their comments section after the negative backlash with the post "Kate downs her problems in Sake". What problems does she have exactly? Is the real problem you guys are just another version of Werny Gal but in an office with lots of cameras? You both follow her around, and you both make money off her!

    I was happy to think that for a brief brief moment, they were embarassed by what they had written, and even more embarassed by the people that post there! Yay! Have we broken ground??

  77. Baby Mama,

    Personally, I would rejoice if the comments at ROL were permanently disabled. I've never posted there although occasionally I'm told somebody posted there using the LindaOriginal. Not me, but I can guess whom the culprit(s) were.

    I don't even read there now, it's just too sickening. Then, the fact that they buy photos from INF and re-write whatever spin Jessica used, lead me to decide I'm not even going there. My guess is that it's the same folks who spew the hate at TLC, etc.

    Hey, we even have a wine cellar (an elected cooler, ha!) so even though I seldom even drink wine, I guess now I'm also an alcoholic? We get gifted a lot of wine. I use it in cooking and it makes friends shudder that's how I used it (wasted it, lol.)

    I think we need some good photos of WG, Chris the pap, etc. That might make a good blog. Hmmmm....

  78. Oh wow broken ground maybe? That would be really smart of ROL to close the comments permanetly. Hopefully they realize they were contributing to such bullying and hatred. They should be embarassed.
    HA, wonder where the snakes are going to slither now?

    Linda, you put wine in your food??!!!??? WHy alcoholic!!!lol

    This talk about Kate being an alcoholic just because she bought a bottle of 'sake' is just laughable. I mean REALLY? Good grief!!

  79. KatherineDenise - I've even been known to pour a little brandy over ice cream, light it and serve a flaming dessert. Guess I'm just a sot, lol.

  80. LindaO...A southern Sot you are! Only thing that gets me grinning ear to ear (more than usual) is a Margurita! (LindaO dear, did I spell it right?)

    Well, in all the years that Chris has been following Kate...this is the only shot of her going after the "sauce"! She must be funneling a drop at a time for it to last so long!

    And all the stupid horrification about the "fire lane"! I hope next time Kate has a big, beefy fireman on her arm when she parks in the "supposed" fire lane!

    Or maybe she is enticing a handsome policman on the block to come and give her a ticket!

  81. I have come up with some rumors about why Kat bought the sake.
    1. She was doing it as a decoy to divert the paparazzi from being at Cara's soccer game.
    2. She needs it for a pilot of a cooking show she's working on
    3 She's found that it is a favorite of her trash collector and since this week she went over her quota, she's rewarding the trash guys.
    4. It is the Nanny's birthday and she bought her a little something to celebrate with her friends on her week end off
    5. She is trying out recipes for her new cookbook and the marinade calls for sake.

  82. Kate bought the Sake for me actually. She knew I was nuts after hearing that word "sheeple" or as I call it the "s" word.. And knew I was going to go crazy reading about "non-fans" (nicer word see?) without any sense of reasoning ability, intellect, or writing skills! And then accusing us of the same!

    I'm all about being a positive fan site. But I do go nuts reading it sometimes and they are so toxic that the Sake is needed to cleanse you see! And it does work wonders :)

  83. OH OH MY, now,now you are just too much. Can you say REHAB. sheesh Linda, lol

    After we started talking about it I was curious what those quackerjacks were saying about it and I can't stop laughing, I mean you cant even make up this stuff.

    This is one that really made me laugh....
    Another great example for her children. Then she wonders why they get in trouble at school.

    NOW I undersand why my son gets B's, hahaha

  84. Débora said...
    mama said she Kate may have bought the bottle to give away.

    Never thought of that and is a great thought Debora.

    tashapork I like #3 :)

    FU4K said...
    Or maybe she is enticing a handsome policman on the block to come and give her a ticket!

    Haha, you naughty girl Kate, LOL

  85. tashapork - I like your rumors!
    Brighten the world, share a smile (ˆ◡ˆ) 

  86. Hi all,

    I am a big fan of Kate plus 8. because i can so relate to her. I think she's a great mother, strong and a good role model.

    So that's why i love Kate and i am so of support of her.

    Did anybody hear that her bodyguard quit on her.. is that true or another rumor like the alcohol story..

    Love you Kate and dtay strong.

  87. Hello Kate, welcome:)
    I saw just now, something related to this story. But I do not know if it's true. But it surely must be another invention, as history of alcohol. When a rumor ends, another begins, it is always so.

    Good night girls!

  88. I told Linda on Twitter that you only share a smile if your teeth are not jacked & you brush before bed. Therefore until I check all of you, you must smile with your mouths closed! hehe

    Steve Nield will not quit Kate Gosselin. She had him at "Hello"! And as far as his divorce from Gina, well people start that one every week. Where did you hear it from?

  89. FYI Ive become a bit sick (obsessed) with Twitter lately, its my new obsession. So when I'm on I tweet alot! Bear with me because you may not have the same interests as me, I'm kinda all over the place, so just remember it's my personal account. If your on it let me know! xoxox

  90. Good morning everyone! Just coming on to check the site & say hi! What's everyone doing today? Have a great Saturday!

  91. You too BM, I am just here reading, always lurking. You have a great evening.

  92. No problem! Apparently every one is lurking tonight! Ans writing posts about me. I'm very blessed to be as amazing popular as I

    "Behind every successful person a pack of haters awaits."

    I was thinking today, that if these so-called haters really wanted to giv the kids their privacy There's something to be said about making a convincing argument in order to get one person to see the "light," except you have done NOTHING to pursuade anyone that the show needs to be stopped other than saying Kate does not deserve all she has thanks to the kids...

    Anti-Kate SITES: How about doing your part by giving the kids the prvacy you say you wan't for them? Stop talking about these children and attacking their mother!

  93. Hi all. Hope everybody has had a great Saturday!

    Busy day for us. Kiddos still sick with sore throats, no strep, just laryngitis and that barking cough.

    Then date night tonight. Even got to dance. Special!

    Baby Mama - the anti-Kate sites believe in privacy only for themselves! Nobody else in the world is entitled.

    Goodnight all. Gotta take off my glass dancing slippers and hit the bed. After all, I turn back into a pumpkin at midnight...or is it the cinder sweeper?

  94. A Great Morning hello to all.

    As I listen to the barking cough of my kids, I'm reminded of Kate coping with all kids sick at the same time... The criticisms she got for coping in the way she did. Okay idiots, if you haven't been there, you don't get to complain!

    No sooner did I post last night, than the copy and pasting began to show "what a bad mother I was for going out and leaving my sick kids at home." WTH? You have not a bit of compassion or understanding!
    1. I was a whole 3 blocks away.
    2. I did not leave my kids alone but with a competent, well vetted and completely checked out caregiver.
    3. I didn't go out until my kids were in bed.
    4. I kept my cell phone in my hand all evening so I could dash home if needed.
    5. Adult time helps build a stronger parent.
    So, put that in your hate-filled pipes and smoke it!!!! How petty you are!!!

  95. Linda O - the comments from the haters offer us a quick glimpse into their twisted world. I can't imagine how unfulfilled their lives must be. Every comment is laced in jealousy. So you should read their comments as such -

    linda is a bad mother because she left her sick kids at home.

    translation: I wish I could go out dancing with my partner and rekindle our relationships as opposed to projecting my life fantasies and goals onto my children hoping that I can live through them. I am so enmeshed in their lives with judgment and hate that they are not able to breathe or live a normal life. I envy you Linda O for your strength and ability to create healthy relationships but I can’t articulate love so all I can say is you’re a bad mother. That statement really says, I am a bad mother but I am in denial.

    I feel sad for them more and more each day.

  96. They are all just hypocrites, Linda--that's the nicest thing I can say for them. They have their double standards--limited/no capacity to think rationally.

  97. Linda-Please follow Kate's example and don't let yourself get sucked into defending your parenting decisions to these fools who manage to make motherhood sound like a cross between a modern supermax pentitentiary and a really strict cloistered order of nuns (hair shirts and self-flagellation mandatory) or maybe like a leech, a blood-sucking parasite (helicopter parenting doesn't describe this style; helicopters still have to maintain a safe distance).

    I don't think it's healthy for a child to feel that either parent has completely subordinated their identity to serving the child. Yes, a parent needs to make a child feel loved, safe, and secure, but there are many ways of doing that. One of the most important roles for a parent is to prepare a child for adulthood and a world that will most assuredly NOT cater to the child's every whim. That preparation includes being able to establish priorities and to view things in perspective. Your children were safe, asleep, and well-tended. If caregivers don't occcasionally tend to their own needs, ultimately the caregiver burns out. One thing that, IMHO, might well have gone wrong for Jon & Kate was that, with all of the sheer work needed to meet the legitimate needs of their children, how much time, if any, was left for them to nurture THEIR relationship?

  98. fascinated & Corrina - Thank you both. Usually I can just ignore it. Mentioning it, which is what they want, was not the best choice. Some days the hate just hurts! When they spew it, it's bad enough... when they then email it to you, it "sucks"

    To the haters: My wish for you is not hate in return, but that your hardened hearts may open to the beauty and love that is abundant if you'd only look!!!! Feeling down? Get out and volunteer with somebody less fortunate. It will help you put your own life in perspective!

  99. PeggyP - Thanks a bunch you dear person!!! You said it far better than I ever could!!
    The Sunday afternoon tutoring time with some of my favorite local kids starts soon. Gotta go crack the books to see what we need to cover, lol. They give me far more than can ever be offered in return. Far more!
    Have a great day everyone!

  100. Linda--And all this criticism from people who only weeks ago said you didn't really have kids! That's how hillarious their drivel is!!

  101. Good morning everyone! I put up a new post today.. For the second time entirely in my own words. Trust me it's not something I like to do. But the pickens for Google articles are slim.. Why? Cause Kate and family is living the it normal lives outside of the glaring INF lens. Which is great for them right?

    I did the post for the first time on my IPad. I'm figuring out the kinks and will post photos and update it slightly a bit later tonight. But I wanted to make sure I got it up. The scent of the day is pancakes with yummy maple syrup. Cause that's why I'm making my parent for brunch today. I'm even making eggs! yay me! Lol