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Mourning The Loss Of Jon & Kate Plus 8: Its a Crazy Life, But Its Our Life , Assets Divided By December

Why We're Sorry to See 'Jon & Kate Plus 8' Go :

As Jon & Kate Plus 8 wraps up its final season, it's strange to think of the Gosselin family no longer coming into our living room. From the adorable twins and sextuplets -- Mady, Cara, Joel, Collin, Aaden, Leah, Alexis and Hannah -- to the love/hate relationship we have with parents Kate and Jon, this oversized brood has been a part of our lives since the family first appeared on TLC on May 14, 2006. We'll miss the cute kid moments ("The boys did it!") and one-liners ("Hannah pooped in Hannah's underwears.") We'll miss Kate's blow-ups (screaming "What is the rule about receipts?" after Jon didn't -- gasp! -- use a coupon) and her tender scenes (Alexis saying an adorably sweet "Hi, Mommy" after Kate returned home from getting a tummy tuck). We'll miss Jon's funny exchanges with the kids ("Did you pongu in there?"). And, of course, we'll also miss the fact that the Gosselins have provided us with endless fodder for us to gossip about.

Though we've loved them from the beginning, we first really started talking about the Gosselins when rumors started that Jon was cheating on Kate. Then Kate went on the Today show to talk about the affair accusations. She told PEOPLE magazine that she and Jon might split. And suddenly Jon got a new girlfriend -- the younger Hailey Glassman. In the midst of all the relationship drama, Jon and Kate were investigated for a child labor complaint. Suddenly, their lives seemed more like a soap opera than a heartwarming family show.

On June 22, TLC announced that Jon and Kate were making a major announcement. That night we watched the couple sit on their interview couch and tell us they were splitting up. The same day the episode aired, the couple filed for divorce. Kate stayed strong in the midst of it all: Admist rumors that Kate would get her own talk show (while we had some helpful suggestions other reality shows Jon should join), she was a guest host on The View, where she showed off a hot, new do. She even mocked herself on The Jay Leno Show. When TLC announced that the show would start being called Kate Plus 8, Jon forbade the cameras from filming his kids. TLC sued Jon and Jon sued back. And the lack of fresh footage forced TLC to bring the series to an end. Now, as we gear up for the sure-to-be-tear-filled series finale of Jon & Kate Plus 8, we remember the kids' cutest moments. After all, through the Gosselin family's ups and downs and tabloid coverage, those "eight little faces" are the heart of the show and the reason we'll miss watching it on TV each week.

The Jon & Kate Plus 8 series finale will air on TLC tonight at 9 p.m.

Jon and Kate Financial Assets To Be Divided By December 21:

A divorce arbitrator will divide Jon and Kate's financial assets by December 21, has learned exclusively. That timetable makes it likely that the couple's divorce can be finalized by the end of this year, as Jon's lawyer Mark Heller told previously.

Jon and Kate spent much of Saturday, November 21 with an arbitrator who went though the marital property line by line. Many - but not all - decisions about who gets what were made and the arbitrator will resolve the outstanding economic issues with a ruling by December 21, a source close to the situation told Things got off to a rocky start when Heller showed up 45 minutes late with several shopping bags full of documents, learned.

And as we previously reported Jon brought roses for Kate in a publicity stunt to try to further Team Jon's characterization of the divorce as the War of the Roses. Kate did not accept the roses and a source familiar with the situation told, "She was disgusted by Jon's actions. She sees right through him. "He told the press he brought the flowers as a peace offering but Kate knows he just did it for attention. You can't go on TV and say you despise someone and then bring them roses. Kate is keeping her focus on pushing this divorce through as fast as possible." Kate had hoped to keep Saturday's meeting out of the spotlight and avoid a sideshow to what has been a painful and public divorce for the Jon & Kate Plus 8 star.

When the couple's finances are decided by the arbitrator's ruling Jon will be looking at some potentially hefty legal bills coming out of his share. TLC is suing him for breach of contract and seeking a preliminary injunction against him. examined the court docket and there are proceedings scheduled past the first six months of next year. If TLC is awarded damages against Jon, he could see his share of the marital assets disappear with record speed. Watch And Discuss "Its a Crazy Life, But Its Our Life" Series Finale HERE!


  1. I'll miss Kate and the kids. God bless them and watch over them as their lives take a new turn. I will be watching with a box of kleenex.

    Thanks Baby Mama for a great site. Hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. Shelly~ thanks girl! I too will be watching with the kleenex. I hope that you will continue to post here, as I vow to conitnue this journey with the family, and hopefully bigger and better things are on the horizon.

    Looking forward to seeing the Thanksgiving Day Parade, only a few child meltdowns and my mom doing the Turkey for me this year. Everyone have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  3. From previous thread:

    my2girls said...
    I cannot believe she turned down the roses, she could have at least brought them home to the kids:(
    My2girls, I'm surprised that you're surprised. It was such a phony publicity stunt. Given all that he's done and still doing to humiliate and embarrass Kate and the kids, most of us here believe she wouldn't nor shouldn’t have accepted them. Why would she want any reminders of his insincerities?

    Renee, I’m with you there. Let’s hope the TLC suit can leave Kate unscathed. Dec. 21 is only a week from TLC's 1st court date against Jon. In the long run, Jon may end up paying for part of Kate's salary.

  4. As for tonight's show, what a bittersweet episode it will be. I will miss all their 8 little faces but looking forward to seeing updates later. I'm hoping with Kate's primary custody award she'll have more say in all their opportunities and day to day [peaceful] affairs that they deserve to have.

  5. Also... I hope Kate gets full ownership and control of their current house, too, in the asset arbitration.

  6. Oh you said it well. I'll be an additional one with the Kleenex.

    I'm thankful that I found this site and that I've enjoyed watching the adorable Gosselin children. Hopefully one day in the future we'll be able to see specials on what that are doing now.

    May you all have a Happy Turkey Day! Let us all count our blessings.

    I'm wishing Kate a speedy end to this divorce nightmare. May she and Jon both find peace and a new beginning. I'm looking forward to Kate's new show (in whatever form it may be.) I'm hoping Jon can one day figure out what he wants to do when he grows up, and then sticks with it.

    I chose this red rose by my name before Jon decided to give Kate roses. It's kind of funny now.

  7. We're staying BabyMama! As long as there is a blog to come home to, we're staying.

    I also read in my local paper, the Sacramento Bee, that Jon didn't contest Kate having primary custody. Thank God for the kids!

    Thanks for all your hard work and dedication! Happy Turkey Day!

  8. I especially like the way People reported the roses incident:

    "...Nor was she shocked when Jon showed up to the session with a bouquet of roses. His lawyer said they were a peace offering, but Kate saw it as something else and refused to take them.

    "In what should have been their most serious moment as a couple," says the source, "Jon again resorted to a publicity stunt."

    I can't think about tonight being the last episode yet......I've got too much to do today.

  9. Will you post the last show asap? I just moved and don't have cable yet. I am devestated that I will not be able to watch:(
    Unless someone knows where I can watch it online?

  10. Baby mama I cant thank you enough for many hours of reading and staying true to Kate. God bless you and yours on this thanksgiving.

    Hopefully Kate will read this blog and know that we love her and the kids and wish them all the best.Kate is going to bloom and grow I just know it.

    And Jon I hope you get your life together and leave your family some peace.

  11. Hi I have a question, does the fact that she has primary custody is the same as full custody? Can she make the decisions about the kids doing the tv show all by herself now?

  12. Hey guys! I found this really wonderful article that I was going to post, but I'm just going to give you the link and let you read it there. It's really true to what most of us feel as fans of the show...I will be around Manhattan today, but my computer is coming with me ad I will moderate when I can. As soon as I can get the show up tonight on this site I will for those that have asked!

    "In the end, ‘Jon & Kate’ too sad even for fans"

  13. I too am sad that the show has finally come to an end (as we know it). I think that Kate will definitely come out on top, and I hope the kids can stay happy throughout this ordeal!

    You know what's always bothered me about this picture? Jon is wearing a shirt with the logo of Hailey's school on it....the first time I saw it, I wondered "Why is he wearing that?" as it seemed very random, then I heard that its where Hailey just graduated from. If that is true, that was a poor choice on his children's birthday!!!

  14. Oh my goodness..... today is the end of our beloved Jon and Kate Plus Eight! I agree with many other posters here that it is definitely a bittersweet moment for me. I'm happy to see Kate and the kids go on to bigger and better things, or maybe even "smaller things" like a normal life without all of the drama and celebrity spotlight. But at the same time I'm sad to see them go! I feel like I know them so well after these past few years, and boy am I going to miss them!

    I hope you all enjoy this evening's show (If that's even possible.) And I too, will be in "kleenex club" tonight!

    BTW I saw this article when I opened up to the internet (it's on Yahoo) I wouldn't say that it's a fabulous article, but there are some clips of tonight's show, if you're interested.

  15. ****************************
    Sage Waldorf said...
    Hi I have a question, does the fact that she has primary custody is the same as full custody? Can she make the decisions about the kids doing the tv show all by herself now?
    The term "primary custody" just refers to the amount of time the kids are scheduled to spend with whichever parent. A custody day is determined by the "overnight." It doesn't say anything about who has control over the larger aspects of raising the kids.

    My husband and I have "primary custody" of his son. What determines that is, we have my step-son 4 nights a week, and his mother has him 3 nights. All major decisions pertaining to education, health and medical treatment, and child care are to be handled jointly.

    USUALLY that's how the decision making process works in PA. Without Jon or Kate supplying the details spelled out within their specific custody agreement, the public really won't know how it's set up (nor should we know). But the courts rarely hand one parent or the other complete control, unless there are extenuating circumstances (abuse, neglect, etc.)

    While much of his behavior has been questionable (to say the least) since the seperation was made public, I doubt that it rises to the level of the court system intervening. He may be pretty much a jerk, but he still loves his kids, they still love him, and to remove him from the equation would be detrimental to the kids.

    This is where both Jon and Kate put their oft repeated motto "its all for the kids" into action; by doing what is best for the kids regardless of whether they like it or not.

  16. Wow, I have a really heavy heart right now. I am both looking forward to and DREADING this final episode. Every time I have seen the commercial over the last few days, it has put a lump in my throat. I don't do well with emotional situations. I tend to crumble.

    Baby Mama, Thank you for everything you have done here; for giving us a safe haven to come and discuss all things Jon and Kate and the kids without prejudice. I don't care what anyone says, there is no way you can compare this blog to GWOP or the like. There is too much class here - period! Yes, we have had disagreements, even arguments and sometimes things getting too heated but still, it has never gotten to where I have thought of it as a hate situation or anything comparable to the other sites. Anyway, I just wanted to say that even though I am a relative newbie to your blog, thanks for accepting me and letting my thoughts be known even when I tried to give Jon the benefit of the doubt and held onto the hope that he would realize the error of his ways. I will be here supporting you too, just like you are still going to be here supporting the family and us, your blog family!

    I just hope I can get through the last episode without falling apart. I am hoping there will be some kind of announcement reassuring us that the family, in part at least, will be back and that it is not the end of the road yet.

    Oh, and one small comment to end this post, I too don't think Kate should have accepted those flowers. I think more than ever, it is evident of how bogus Jon's actions are. I think he wants to get in her good graces so that she will be nicer to him when it comes to the divorce. He probably thought he could butter her up and make her feel sorry for him so that she would relent on some of the divorce stuff. Who knows but I definitely feel that it was NOT from a sincere place!

    Happy Early Thanksgiving to Everyone!!

  17. The thing that bothers me the most about this show ending is the way in which it is ending. If the family had faded into obscurity after 10 yrs because it was boring that would be one thing. But the show is ending because the father of these kids is being completely selfish and powerful. He is doing it only because he can. I truly think this show is greater than that. I know me personally has done something with my 1 child and thought, Thank God I'm not doing this 8 times. This show, at first, gave us all a little encouragement, and I think that's what this show should leave with, not scandal and heartbreak.

  18. it's really going to be hard to watch Tonight...but I wish nothing but the best for the family. The song featured in the promo that TLC is running is by a young Christian musician named Francesca Battistelli and according to her site, the ENTIRE song will be used during the episode. (It's also available for sale at iTunes and and search her name)

    I'll continue to follow the family but it's gonna be hard.....they are my Monday night staple. Good Luck Kate and kids!

  19. Baby Mama,
    TLC is running re-runs all afternoon, so I decided to record them. I would just like to wish everyone again, Happy Turkey Day!

  20. I still can't decide whether to watch tonight or not. I broke down just watching the teaser (that song just tore me up) so I don't know if I can stand to watch the actual episode! I was surprised at my reaction until I realized that two of my three kids are the same or near the same age as the Gosselin kids. I couldn't imagine my kids having to go through a divorce and it breaks my heart that these kids are.

    It's not unusual for marriages to go through rocky times, when I was a child my parents were talking of divorce. Sometimes things are so bleak (and things were VERY bleak between my parents) that there seems to be no other answer but to divorce because the effort seems futile. The reason my parents decided to hold on? Me. They didn't want me to grow up a child of divorce. In the end they not only gave me a gift but themselves one as well, after fifty plus years of marriage they are still very much in love.

    Maybe Jon has always been the ugly person he is exhibiting now and Kate couldn't put up with it any more. Maybe Kate is even more controlling that they showed us and Jon couldn't put up with it any more. We don't know what happened in the Gosselin household when the cameras weren't there and we never will. But just from what we do know of them prior to the separation, I always felt they moved very quickly towards divorce. Perhaps it wouldn't have made one bit of difference had they taken more time because sometimes divorce is the best option, I'm just saying for the sake of the kids I wish they could have. Maybe it would've made watching this last episode a little less sad to me. Maybe not:(

  21. I enjoyed the IVilliage article too. I check out the MSNBC one next. I am glad your site will be continuing! Looking forward to tonight's show, although it's bittersweet. I wish the very best to Kate and the kids and hope Jon has another "epiphany", drops Heller, and begins to recapture a little bit of the maturity and concern for his family that he seems to have lost during the last nine months.

  22. I think primary custody means joint custody with their usual residence being with Mom. Could be wrong, but the word primary would indicate there is a secondary. Usually sole custody woiuld be the wording if just one parent had custody. I honestly believe its good for the kids - despite Jon and Kates differences I truley believe they both love the kids and would never hurt them

  23. one more thought - I hope for now the kids are not filmed - much as I love watching them they are older now. When they were young as long as the parents liked doing it they were for teh most part going to like doing it - now with them in school they need their privacy. There is too much going on. It's time to let them be, for now at least.

    Also if I am correct about what primary custody means I would assume both parents have a say unless they made a separate agreement on that

  24. Wanted to join in to thank Baby Mama for this site. Happy Thanksgiving to all, in case I do not get back on before Thursday.

  25. I haven't posted in forever, but still read the blog almost every day. I just finished watching the series finally...I am so sad the show is over:(
    I was a little irratated with Jon and the lemonade stand. I am hoping TLC put a bad spin on it because I thought the children were not in the safest situation, being that close to the paparazzi and Jon admitting that he couldn't watch them that he had to man the stand, nothing against firefighters, I think the are wonderful, but I would not let stragers be responsible for my children.

    I thought I was going to not shed a tear and then they played that song at the end with all the old footage and I was practically sobbing, especially seeing how Jon and Kate were so playful with each other.

    I will truly miss the show and I can't wait to see what Kate's new show will be about.

    Baby Mama thank you for the fabulous blog and I definately plan on sticking around. I just hope for the sake of the family all of the tabloid trash goes away and they can focus on living their lives!

  26. I'm so sad tonight, I really am. It's hard to describe in words what it means to watch these kids grow up and become so emotionally involved in this family. There is an encore presentation tomorrow night...I will say more when I can..

  27. That was so sad watching tonight's show and how sad Kate looked when she talked about it all coming to an end. Hopefully we'll get updates throughout their lives. I really look forward to seeing what show TLC comes up with for Kate. I will definitely be watching.

    Thanks to Baby Mama for all your hard work on this site. I really have enjoyed coming here and reading all the different insights and views about Jon and Kate.

    I would like to put my two cents in about those roses Jon brought Kate. Has anyone really looked closely at them?? They looked like they sat on someone's table in a vase for about two weeks. They look very dry! I think one was completely dead. It looked like Jon just pulled them out of their vase and wrapped them in saran wrap so they wouldn't drip all over him. I'm sure Kate just rolled her eyes when she saw them. Ha!

  28. Although I read this blog often, I seldom comment. But I just had to say thank you to Baby Mama for the great job you do. Thanks for letting us all air our opinions without being afraid of being attacked. Tonight's episode was so sad on so many levels. I will miss this family so much.

  29. Thank you Kathryn for your post. The last 3 minutes of the finale was the best I had seen.. I was literally crying. It was that touching..

    I spent a year and a half dedicated to this family. It was time well spent and I met some amazing sweet people. I will try to continue to be here till I can't anymore.. I hope you and everyone else, continue to stop by and say hi!

  30. Just watched the final episode. I believe I now know why people pick apart Kate's words - because they don't like her. Because the whole time I watched, I picked apart Jon's words!! That guy just makes me so irritable when I listen to him. If I hear the "met Kate at 22, married at 23, 8 kids at 27, didn't have time to grow up" spiel one more time.... please!!! That is a tired excuse! Be accountable for your actions for once and MEAN IT! Okay... breathe...

    I'll repeat that it's bittersweet. TLC should thank their lucky stars because if 1/2 of the viewers are like me, I never, ever watched shows on TLC until I started watching J&K+8 about a year ago. (My 22yo daughter got me hooked). Besides the Duggars, who I admire, I doubt I'll watch any other show on that channel. I'm really not a "reality" show type person. But the Gosselins, really, the Gosselin kiddos drew my interest. 3 months before all heck broke loose!

    I fell in love with Francesca Battistelli awhile back so when they used this song for the last show, I couldn't get over how appropriate it was! I used it for our youth group's summer slide show this year and thought it worked well for that but I'm almost convinced that the song was written for this last show. But how could that be...?

    I look forward to what is in store for Kate. I still feel so bad for her when Jon says things like, "When we separated, I felt free!" (something along those lines) and speaking of their kids " matter if we're married or divorced.. (and we're never getting married again! laugh)". He's just so hateful. Wants to be "friends" and yet so mean about it all. Enough...

    Kate, best wishes to you. Hope that you know you have "virtual" supporters out here in blog & internet land, prayer warriors as well. Set your eyes on the Lord and let your life be an example to your 8 sweet children.

  31. I am watching the final episode right now. I am SOOOO sad! J&K+8 helped me get through the baby blues and being terrified of how to be the mother i needed to be. I had just had my first child when i started watching religiously. I had seen it a couple times during my pregnancy but after I had my little guy I couldn't stop watching. I look up to Kate. she is organized and strong and I respect her.

    I have not seen the whole episode yet but Kate spoke very kindly about jon and it softened me a little. I don't like Jon. I think that his true colors started to shine through. I think that the footage they have been airing of him is probably the best footage they could get of him and the kids. He just doesn't seem to care. I won't be watching Jon in the future, he just makes me so mad.

    I hope that Kate will be on T.V. in the future and I hope that we will get updates on the kids and how they are growing. I'm just so sad! I just hope that we will see them on tv again soon.

  32. Our cable company has their digital transition messed up (we are waiting for boxes that are noww required to view certain channels -ugh-) - and so I was terribly disappointed when I went to watch the final episode last night only to find TLC is one of the affected stations (I wonder how that will affect last nights ratings?)

    Anyway - I ended up watching the last clip of last nights episode with my iphone playing Franny's song so I could hear it/see it the way it actually was last night. I definitely think it was the perfect song. (Met FrannyB at my church just a couple of weeks ago - she is an amazing, sweet, teeny little thing with the most powerful voice - it's hard to believe it comes out of her - she is AMAZING).

    Anyway - I found this on youtube when searching for the final clip - and I've never seen it before - but it's really good. Another look at what was - and makes you feel so sad to realize it is no more.

  33. I agree BabyMama, the last three minutes were the best and most touching. I held it together until the final frame. TLC printing the words, Thanky TOu to the Gosselin Family made it so final to me. I will truely miss watching the children and feeling that connection with Kate. I do look forward to the possibility of another show coming real soon.

  34. Hey everyone...
    I just watched the episode in the office, thinking I could avoid the Kleenex that way. Well at least I just used one. I'm planning to watch it at home again later. I think I'll be needing half a box...

    Jon is soooo sooo... Urgh.. No words! The comment about feeling free once their marriage broke down, urrgh! Then sending Maddy and Cara away when Maddy commented that she enjoyed activities more with their mummy. Sure, it's not something any parent wants to hear, but you should never take it out on your kids. They don't say it to hurt; they just speak what they feel. If anything at all, I think Jon should reflect on Maddy's comments and consider if his recent behaviour may be causing his relationship with his kids to take a negative turn.

    Kate's choice of words were very very calculated. And I feel that that's the way she speaks when to her children as well. How she manages to have so much restraint is beyond me!She doesn't make excuses for Jon's mistakes, but neither does she use it against him. Many women, given the situation, would have acted out against him and, subconsciously or not, painted a nasty picture to their kids. Can you imagine how much pain, sorrow, and insult she has had to swallow? Some people complain about how Kate is trying to gain sympathy onscreen with her tears. But I, for one, am surprised that she has managed to maintain her composure. I swear, if I were Kate, I would have been pitiful heap of mess and tears, onscreen or offscreen. Once that stage is over, chances are the anger and resentment will kick in full force.

    One day, Jon will regret his choices. I hope it's not too late for him by that time.

    BabyMama, I would like to say that I'll keep supporting this site, and you've done an amazing job! I'm glad I found this site and have had a place to share the joy and pain while watching the family grow. It's been a pleasure coming here all the time, and I'm so glad you will continue to run the site.

    Happy Thanksgiving everybody! Happy Thanksgiving, Kate and 8! As for Jon... boy, you have so much thanks to give for the tolerance people have shown you, and for your kids who continue to love you unconditionally, depsite all the terrible choices you have made.

  35. It was truly bittersweet. No, correct that, it was predominately sad. I couldn't stop thinking ... no more new episodes on Monday nights. I'll admit that I had difficulty blocking out my current feelings for Jon. And with the kids, I kept thinking "How cute! How poignant! How completely Mady! Oh those precious sayings!"

    Against Monday night football (a dead zone previously) this cable network produced a show that captivated the hearts of so many. Whether you love Kate, or love to hate Kate, it's difficult to find people who are indifferent. When you have discussions of tv personalities, I often find myself thinking "Who the heck are you talking about?" But, with the Gosselins, I can't imagine anybody going "Who are Jon and Kate?" It's sad that because of Jon's actions in the past 8 months, there are more people whose feelings are inflamed.

    I first "met" the Gosselins with their special. I was recouperating from back surgery and had to do no weight bearing for a period of time. The show came on and for some reason I taped it. Up to that point, I'd only done bedrest while pregnant (and I thought that was hard.) Doing bedrest while little ones are running around and trusting others to do primary care was hard. I remember both laughing and crying during that special. The physical pain I had at the time was no fun. To be alert (at least mentally) with my kids I opted not to do pain meds. I could do it if I could be totally focused on something. Not hard when everybody was awake but much harder when everybody was asleep. Then, I'd turn on the TV and watch that taped special. So in many ways, the Gosselins helped me get beyond physical pain. I wish I could "give back" and help them overcome emotional pain.

    Because we also have multiples, my children also loved the program. They have been so sad that the program has ended. So often they relate to something the twins are doing or the sextuplets are doing. Then they want to get out our movies and compare.

    While I'm sad and, in fact, crying again right now, I'm thankful that I had the opportunity to get to "know" this family in whatever limited means we came to know them. I'm sad for the hurt they are experiencing now. I am a believer that for whatever hurt you experience, an equal amount of joy comes along later. For that reason, I believe Kate and the children have much joy in their future. For Jon, I truly wish peace and a healthy dose of "growing up".

    Thanks BabyMama for keeping this blog going. Thanks also for my "blog" friends here. Some of us don't always see eye-to-eye but then I have that same experience with actual family, so not much is different, lol.

  36. WOW! What an episode last night. Totally was not what I expected. I guess I thought that it would be a "reflection" type episode. Since the title was "It might be a crazy life, but its Our life" , and it turned out just being a "normal" episode until it was about to cut to commercial and the end. I have to admit I did cry before every commercial break and the end. The song at the end was so beautiful! And before I posted, I was going to ask if anyone knew who the artist was...but someone had already mentioned it ;-)

    side note: Who else thought of Shmecky when Kate said the word "facetiously"? LOL

    Though I am sad to see the show end, a part of me is happy that this is a new start, for everyone. Though it may take time for the kids to have a "typical" childhood, the paps will soon leave and life can go on. I am one who thought that the show the past 8 months has been doing more harm to the kids than good. Not because of exploitation, but because of the media attention that was brought on by it. Many things about those children should have never been put on internet for the world to see. ( their school name, their bus stop, etc.). This family will be financially set for a long while. They will receive royalties from the show as long as it is in re-runs somewhere. Kate will continue to get royalties from her book . And I think Kate would do well on her own in something. She can obviously keep cool under pressure now and she's likeable (whether you want to admit it or not). Jon I hope finds peace. I do think he is a likeable person too. His actions lately have not been so likeable and his conniving ways of doing things have made some of us really dislike him. But, if we look back, he was once a good guy or at least a fairly decent guy. I hope that he will look at that man in the mirror, and find some peace.

    BabyMama, I will continue to read as long as your here. Who knows maybe Kate and/or Jon will give us some updates on the family now and again. Do you think Jon will update the website for the kids?

    Sorry this was long! Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

  37. Well, this is it. The waiting is over. The show is over. It was truly as sad as I thought it would be. Aside from me being sad watching it, I really felt the sadness in Kate time and again. She looked sad, she felt sad, she even said over and over how sad she was and that it was taken away too soon. You could really tell how painful it was for her. Imagine how attached all of us were to the show and we are just outsiders looking in. For them living it, it must truly be heartbreaking seeing it end. The worst part was at the end when she thanked everyone for their support and to TLC for all the memories on tape with her voice breaking. Honestly, I think Kate could have done the show till the kids were in university. She looked like had this not have happened, she couldn't have imagined giving it up anytime soon.

    FRegarding ending the show/filming the kids, I've had many opinions over the last few months but right now, I do feel for Kate and the kids having the show yanked out from under them. I am sure that it is going to be tough for Kate knowing that the kids had gotten used to all the opportunities they had from the show and now many of those opportunities won't be there anymore. Deep down, I know that even though Jon didn't neessarily do this out of the most sincere place in his heart, it still is good for the kids for now. I am hoping that whatever endeavour Kate undertakes next and I am sure there will be one, hopefully the kids will still see benefits and opportunities out of that. I also think that aside from the trips and experiences, Kate is fearful that the kids won't be able to maintain all the other things they have gotten accustomed to like the private school and their home etc. Unless Kate is involved in something big again, it is going to be hard to uphold this lifestyle for long. I really pray that she will do something new with TLC and that it is a success that keeps her on the air for a long time! A part of that is selfish too of course, because I am sure we would all be thrilled to have our connection to the family kept alive somehow.

    Like Leslie said, I too hope that we will get to keep up with the kids through some specials too. I wonder if that will be possible though if Jon has put his foot down and said no filming of the kids. Just what does no filming mean? If he is not allowing the kids to be filmed, then how will they be able to film any specials? I also wonder why the show is so finally over if things are still in court? If TLC has all this breach of contract stuff on Jon, then how come there is no talk that the show could still be on again after the court case is final? It would seem that Jon is still accountable for the episodes up until the expiry of the original contract unless of course they had it in the contract that at any time if one parent said filming of the children was to stop then that would override anything else. Still, you would think they would have had it where both parents would have head to agree on stopping the filming. It doesn't sound right for one parent to get to decide. Still so many questions unanswered!

    Despite the show being over, I am sure we have not heard the last of the Gosselins in the media!

  38. Wow. I can't believe that was the last show. Definitely bittersweet. Although I'm not sure why Kate said it was bittersweet because I think for her there is no sweet side, I definitely agree with that term. I am sad to not be able to watch the children grow up, but also thrilled for them. I think their privacy is more important (I think the gymnastics episode made that clear).

    As for the show last night... I thought Jon could have handled the poster making situation with Mady and Cara better. However, I do feel that Mady and Cara needed attitude adjustments and were miserable making the posters so I'm not sure why Mady was upset she couldn't finish hers anyway. She JUST complained about doing it. I think Jon was right to stop Mady from finishing the poster, but went too far with Cara. At that time Cara seemed okay with it (although something could have been edited out).

    I think they should have been made to go to the fire station because it was charity work and it would have been a good lesson and experience for them. I understand Jon was probably hurt and insulted and even angry when Mady said she liked Kate's projects better, but this wasn't about having fun, it was about doing something for charity. Jon could have explained that to her. Although I admit just listening to them arguing about the markers for the few seconds that they showed it I was ready to take them away from them myself.

    As for Jon leaving the kids with the firefighters while he manned the lemonade stand, I don't see what the big deal is. I thought it was surprisingly "mature" of him to stay and hand out lemonade instead of doing the fun firefighter stuff with his kids. I'm sure he would have rather done that.

    As for leaving the kids alone with the firefighters, they weren't really "alone". The TLC crew that they call family and trust so much with their children was there with them. Kate left the three boys "alone" at the dude ranch while she went off and did her thing.

    I agree that Jon sounded like an idiot during his interview. He really needs to stop with the "lost twenties" thing. But we do have to remember that that was old footage. Kate's interview was recent and taped for the last episode. Jon's wasn't. We don't really know when Jon said all that, and what he would have to say at the present time. I think that was unfair on TLC's part just because the timeline was off, but I didn't expect TLC to be fair anyway.

    As for the flowers, I'm not sure what Jon was thinking. The saran wrap! LOL! What the heck?!?!

    P.S. Disney was awesome! We did EIGHT days at the park. Whew. Ten days isn't enough. Next trip is two weeks for sure. Thanks for all your good wishes for our trip. I may actually do a blog about it one day soon (as soon as I go through the 1,000+ pictures I took).

  39. Regarding the "primary custody", I don't think it's a big deal who has primary custody in this case. I don't think the fact that Jon didn't fight Kate for primary custody means anything.

    From what I understand Kate has them for 4 nights and Jon for 3. If there were 8 days in a week it probably would have been split evenly, but there are only 7. Somebody had to have them one more day than the other. I think it's great Jon for wanted them more than just weekends.

    I do wonder if either of them filed for sole custody or if both wanted shared custody. I can't imagine either one wanting full custody anyway because both of them are away from the children quite a bit for "work". They'd need to pay babysitters anyway and it's better the children are with a parent when the other is away.

    Regardless of all of Jon's stupid antics I think he loves his children very much and they love him very much. He's very affectionate and loving with them and vice versa. I just hope he concentrates on being a father and role model first and foremost.

  40. I had a few observations on the episode last night and I didn't want to tack them on to the other post because it would end up too long.

    First of all, I just don't like Jon's demeanor. It makes me physically cringe now everytime I see the new Jon talking. His whole stance is different, his accent is even affected I find. He is trying to sound cool and use expressions and gestures you would see in college age kids. Obviously the clothes contribute to the overall image greatly too. Just looking at him sitting in that chair, I feel revolted. Wow, such strong words from someone who tried so hard to see the good in him and to convince others that the good was still there. I feel so angry and misled at that. I don't really think he was this person all along but I do think that he likes this person better and does not want to go back to being old Jon. The only problem is that new Jon is just a made up persona. Thinking about it, I don't think he has really been this jerk all along. I just think this jerk emerged from his unhappiness at how mundane his life had become in his eyes and he figured that being the farthest thing from old Jon was this. Why do you suppose it doesn't suit him? Why do you think we all cringe seeing him make an ass of himself? Why does it all just look so fake? Because it is not the real him. It is someone he is trying so hard to be but it's not working. Yes, maybe he did look like a bad boy before he met Kate and maybe he wore black leather jackets and smoked and whatever but on the inside, I think he has always been the not so confident, kind of geeky, meek guy we knew on the show. You can't fake reality and who he was all these years up to the last several months was natural looking. This new Jon though is not real. It looks like it takes a lot of effort to "be" the new Jon. It is really sad for him.

    Also, I wonder when the footage from the last episode was shot. I know the kids' footage was from just before Jon put the breaks on filming but it's apparent that Kate's segments were new because she was referring to things that were too new to have been among the last footage they had. I am sure they never had footage of ending the show and how it was taken away etc. That is all a result of Jon ending things. The reason I ask is because the comments Jon made about becoming friends with Kate and moving on with Hailey, that must have been before they supposedly "took a break" from each other.

    Speaking on the subject of Haylie, I love how Kate said that where that relationship was concerned, she wasn't too worried because she definitely didn't see it as something that would last and definitely wouldn't be something that would end up involving her children. I guess she totally sees it for what it is,mjust a part of Jon's mid life crisis era (fast cars, fast girls etc).


  41. ... cont (last part)

    This leads me to the last comment and then I'll stop. If the whole lemonade stand event was a display of what time with Jon is really like for the kids, then that is sad. He seems to have no patience and boy did he get pissed when Mady made the comment about wishing they were doing this with mom or something to that effect. Did you see how he snapped and just sent her off and said she wasn't going? In fact, he figured to heck with Cara too! All she did was complain about the markers before hand and then was quietly colouring. Jon just up and punishes her too while making the comment that he was not going to put up with it and that he had to be tough and punish them. He made it look like the new Jon was not going to be passive and let them walk all over him but that is a bunch of bs! I remember many times throughout the show where Jon would get mad and punish and yell at the kids while Kate got mad that he lost it and just blew up on them. I remember they'd even argue about it because Kate was the type to explain and try to make them see their wrong doing more calmly while Jon would get mad and yell. No, this was not new Jon stepping up and being a man all of a sudden. I also didn't feel bad for him when Mady said what she did about wishing Kate was there becaue you reap what you sow! Jon acts like his kids bug him when he is at home and they are calling him out on it. Get used to it Jon because they will be doing a whole lot more than that pretty soon!

    Anyway, Jon is who he is now, whoever that is. I really do hope he can find himself and try to make ammends with his family in a real way and not through some stupid publicity stunt like the whole roses thing. Actions speak louder than words and the only way he is going to look like he really means anything he says is by just doing it. Don't talk about how you are going to be a better father, more honest person and treat Kate better. DO IT! He keeps saying stuff and then doing just the opposite which is why no one believes him anymore. He says he made mistakes and is now owning up to them and taking blame where he never took blame before but his actions continue to prove otherwise.

    Oh, and one last thing (I promise!) what is the whole thing about where supposedly he put Hailey up to going on the Insider and bad mouthing him like that? I read somewhere that is was some elaborate plot to make her go and say all those things about him and he would look all noble accepting that he has put his anger on her etc. If that is true,then boy he is not only a jerk but a sick, twisted jerk. Oh, and I HATE how he keeps saying that just because the marriage failed doesn't mean the family should fail too and then quickly qualifies it with a statement like just like me and kate won't be married - we won't ever be married again, blah, blah, blah. It's like he needs to make it known that there is no hope that they will ever be together again. It's so sad to hear him say that so vehemently especially since after all the animosity, Kate still broke down and said that it is never lost on her that when she goes places with the kids, it should be Jon in the driver's seat not her and that she never wanted him to be out of that position. I know she must be glad to move on from this new jerk of a Jon but I really don't think now that she wanted this marriage to end. Sigh.....

  42. OH NO!!! It won't show the last 7 mins.....AHHHH, where can I see the last minutes?? The video won't play.

  43. ...cont from above

    Now referring to Jon and his mid life crisis era, it disgusted me even further hearing him say that he was stuck raising kids all through his twenties and that as soon as he and Kate separated, he felt free. Ugh! Even worse was when he continued on about his precious New York and how it was an escape being 3 hours away and that when the media and paparazzi and fast paced life got to him, he'd come to his house in the country (yeah, you heard it right people, his house in the country, not his kids) and get away from it all. He has the best of both worlds now. Awwwwww, isn't that sweet? :( How disgusting is it to hear a man who is a father continually say how great it feels to just be a few hours away where none of that chaos can get to him? I'm sorry but when you get married and have a family, you really need to buck up and get your head around the fact that you brought these kids into this world and they are your responsibility and you can't just shirk it off when you don't feel like having the chaos around you. Maybe things didn't end up ideal but once those children were here, how could you feel anything but love for them and want to be there for every step of their lives? I just don't comprehend that. Maybe that is the difference between men and women. Men can so easily separate themselves from emotional situations.

    I am sure things were hard for Kate too. I am sure she realized how dramatically her life was going to change at the news of having 6 more kids. I am sure she was devastated wondering how she was going to handle it. I'll even go so far out on a limb as to say that maybe the thought did cross her mind that they shouldn't have had the second round of fertility treatments. Any normal person would have wished for a moment that they could turn back time. BUT, once they have a moment to regroup and focus on the situation at hand, there is no other choice but to love and accept the blessing that those children are. I truly believe that from the moment the initial shock wore off, Kate committed herslef to those kids for better or for worse and has loved them with every fibre of her being ever since. I don't doubt Jon loves his kids too but I just feel like he loves them when it is convenient for him. He loves them when he gets bored of New York and wants some peace and quiet. The rest of the time he feels free of them. That kind of love is not real love. Real love is not wanting to be away from your kids for one day. Real love is feeling their absence so badly it hurts to be away from them unnecessarily. Real love is not about convenience. One day those kids are going to feel this. I really think Mady and Cara already do feel it which is why they have an attitude towards him. Mady plays if off as pffft, who cares but Cara always breaks down and cries like with the lemonade stand sign making scene.


  44. All I can say is OMG.

    May 4th, huh? That's quite different than what he's said on film, right?

    Wow. What a potty mouth. Hope he doesn't talk like that to the kiddos.

    Also - he talks about 'putting his kids out there for pedophiles' but his complaint? THAT THEY DIDN'T GET PAID. Does anyone else agree with me that's quite a twisted statement?

  45. Jon acted like a tool tonight. Good luck to him, because he is going to need it. Once his 15 minutes of celebrity dries up, along with his bank account, goodness knows what he will do to feed his monster size ego. Hope the kids don't suffer any longer due to his poor choices.

  46. SchmeckyGirl~ Glad to see you back!! How was your trip? I am planning mine as we speak for April..Was there any new rides? I head there are a few..we are very excited :)

    For everyone that has issues watching the last 2 minutes of the show, I think it was fixed. It was by far the best last minutes of the show, but due to copyright issues with the great some everyone was talking about, it had to be removed. The nice girl that makes these videos had to add another song over the video! So that we could watch it. Let me know if there are any more problems..

    I have had such a hard time commenting today. I'm just angry at all the people that attacked this family out of sheer hate of Kate, and not out of genuine concern for the kids. I wish just like Kate that the show could have continued. I hope that things can be resolved in the Spring, because I have the feeling people will miss this family, and be excited to see them back on the air.

    #1Caregiver~ I got your sweet note and I hope things are OK. I know how you feel, and I need you here back commenting SOON!

  47. Great episode, great family! I will support Kate and watch whatever type of show she does. I will miss those cute kids and their adorable sayings and precious smiles. But, also happy for their new beginnings and new adventures! My youngest is the same age as the sextuplets and my oldest is the same age as the twins so its been cool to watch the Gosselin kids grow with my kids:)
    I will never stop coming to this fansite. Once a fan always a fan:D

  48. Hope said...
    All I can say is OMG.

    May 4th, huh? That's quite different than what he's said on film, right?

    Wow. What a potty mouth. Hope he doesn't talk like that to the kiddos.

    Also - he talks about 'putting his kids out there for pedophiles' but his complaint? THAT THEY DIDN'T GET PAID. Does anyone else agree with me that's quite a twisted statement?

    First I'd like to say that it's disgusting that Lohan recorded private conversations and then released them. Shows he was slime from the start, but I think we all knew that.

    From what I remember Hailey and Jon both said their relationship started in May after Jon and Kate were separated. I also think she said they didn't have sex until July.

    I agree that the "pedophile" comment sounded twisted, but I don't think it was meant the way it sounded. It's not like he purposely put his children out there for pedophiles and thinks they should be paid for it. Again, Jon is not very well-spoken so many things he says just come out wrong. I think Jon reads a lot of what is said online and it's just something he picked up from bloggers and comments on articles, etc and maybe he realized it's true after the fact.

    As for all his comments about his children being paid, I think that could be seen as a good thing. At least he was concerned about his kids getting money. It would have been worse if he said "I put my children out there and I didn't even get paid for it". Also, it's not like he knew he was being taped and said it because it sounded better so I really feel he thinks his children deserve a separate paycheck. So do I.

    I think Jon genuinely feels TLC screwed his children out of money because of the way they set up the contract. I agree. And if it's true then TLC does not look good for doing that.

    As for all the other stuff he talked about it wasn't all very clear but I think he basically said he spoke out and TLC never said anything to him about it after the fact. He was probably shocked TLC didn't confront him after he spoke publicly, he even said he could have done it sooner. They may have tried to "scare tactic" (lol) him before but I guess he was under the impression they were bluffing? Of course, now they are suing him so he was obviously wrong.

    So why was only Jon's side of the conversation recorded? I didn't hear anyone on the other end. Odd.

  49. I enjoyed watching the kids on the farm, after all watching the kids is what the show was supposed to be about. So ending much of the show that way seemed very appropriate. They appear to be happy and pretty well adjusted (considering).

    I continue to be very impressed with Kate's handling of the entire situation. I would have a very hard time not criticizing Jon, even to the kids. She is very strong, mature, and rational in her thinking. I feel she has always expressed her true and honest feelings to the viewing audience. Last night continued to be a fine example of that when she said she never envisioned Jon not being in the driver's seat.

    As for Jon........I couldn't believe how short and disrespectful he was in many of his interactions with his kids. And that was on camera....wonder what he's like when not being filmed? I agree with Kate's take on the Lemonade stand, in that it appears that there was (yet again) an ulterior motive in his doing that. And his comments about "being free" and "New York" and yes, the dreaded "married at 22, twins at 24"....blah blah, blah continues to show him as a child in adult's clothing. His two minutes of fame are over (I hope) and he will soon find himself broke and alone. I hope it was all worth it. Enough said.

    I personally still think a break from the show is a good thing for the kids. They really have no other perspective on life other than being filmed. They may find they love life alot better not being filmed, and with all the controversy, sparked by Jon, it will probably be of benefit to take them out of the limelight for awhile and let them deal with the divorce, etc.

    Finally, I just want to comment on Whoopi and Joy (especially Whoopi) on the View today, commenting on the show being over. They are both SO disrespectful, and it's astonishing to me hearing them talk that way about "Jon and Kate Plus 8" after Kate appeared on the show as a co-host. There is no doubt as to how they really feel. Sherri is the one who always supports Kate, she did it again this morning.

    May Kate find the peace for herself and her kids that she has been seeking. I hope everything works out for her and the kids in the way that she wants it to.

    This is a great blog and I will definitely be keeping up with it.

  50. another mom said...

    Even worse was when he continued on about his precious New York and how it was an escape being 3 hours away and that when the media and paparazzi and fast paced life got to him, he'd come to his house in the country (yeah, you heard it right people, his house in the country, not his kids) and get away from it all. He has the best of both worlds now. Awwwwww, isn't that sweet? :( How disgusting is it to hear a man who is a father continually say how great it feels to just be a few hours away where none of that chaos can get to him? .................... I don't doubt Jon loves his kids too but I just feel like he loves them when it is convenient for him. He loves them when he gets bored of New York and wants some peace and quiet. The rest of the time he feels free of them. That kind of love is not real love. Real love is not wanting to be away from your kids for one day. Real love is feeling their absence so badly it hurts to be away from them unnecessarily. Real love is not about convenience. One day those kids are going to feel this. I really think Mady and Cara already do feel it which is why they have an attitude towards him. Mady plays if off as pffft, who cares but Cara always breaks down and cries like with the lemonade stand sign making scene.

    First off, I think we should remember that the timeline of this interview is off. We don't know when Jon said all those things.

    Second, I could be totally wrong, but I don't think what Jon said had anything to do with how he felt about being with or without his children. I took it as just how he felt about having a place in NYC, the busiest city in the world and having a nice quiet place in the country to go back home to.

    Lots of people, myself included, miss the hustle and bustle of NYC and like the option of being there for work but still having a nice quiet house in the country to come back to after a few days.

    A lot of people, not including myself, and men especially, feel a need to have a job outside the home. Jon was home 24/7 when he was the stay-at-home dad and he admits it wasn't something he was thrilled about. He admits to not wanting to be home in the country all the time and would rather have the option of "working" in the city. I think a lot of people feel that way. Kate herself said she loves traveling and doing conferences and book signings. I think a lot of people here defend her wanting to do that and say it has nothing to do with her not wanting to be home with her children. Wouldn't the same hold true for Jon?

    While I do feel that Jon should be home near his children when he doesn't have custody, he may feel that commuting all the way back and forth to PA for three hours each way every day doesn't make sense for him if he is in NYC for "work" (and I use that term loosely because I'm not even sure what he does for "work").

    A lot of people have places they stay in the city while working and come home to their family in the country or suburbs just for Friday through Sunday. Besides, it's not like Jon has a choice. He can't go "home to the country" whenever he wants, only on the days he has custody, and he does. Also, it's not exactly Jon's "home" anymore. As far as I know he doesn't even have access to his bedroom anymore. He probably feels like a guest in his own home. I think all of Kate's belongings are there and she just packs what she needs when she doesn't have custody. It's the opposite for Jon.

    So you are right, he never once mentioned his children, but I think that's because he wasn't referring to them.

  51. The episode left me feeling unresolved and empty. It did not feal like a finale. I know we will see them again in a special (Becuase Jon is going down it that lawsuit).

    What struck me the most was how he treated Mady and Cara. I have worked with girls that age and they are not always nice, but Jon is an adult. He should acknowlegded Mady's feelings and talked about how they made them feel. She was trying to push his buttons and he reacted badly. He should tell her that it hurt his feelings and then try to think of ways to have more fun with the kids. I was awe struck when he lashed out at Cara for nothing and sent her away. If he had sent them away when they fought ove rthe markers that would have been okay, but he sent Mady away for being Mady and Cara for nothing.

  52. dancnmommy said...

    side note: Who else thought of Shmecky when Kate said the word "facetiously"? LOL

    LOL! I did! ;)

  53. I was surprised by the tone of the last episode. It turned exactly what became wrong with this show over the last season. It was less about the kids and more about each parent getting in their jabs. I think Jon did not handle the Mady and Cara part very well, but I'm pretty sure there was more to it then TLC edited in.

    I don't know how Kate could think this show could and should go on forever. I don't see how it is in the best interest of the kids for the show to continue. The only good reason is purely monetary. Look at the gymnastics episode where all the kids were just staring at Mady and Cara at the end. Not the best scenario especially kids at their age. It would be nice to see them again but definitely its the right time to end it. Families with sextuplets serve every day without a TV show.

    I think the Jon interviews were from August 24th-25th. TLC always cut them to act like he was talking about the end of the show. I don't think Kate's words were too calculated last night. She complained how he doesn't take them places but then when he does he has ulterior motives? Can Jon say the same thing about Kate?
    She said he never says anything negative about Jon but she said he needed a dog collar last week..

    Another mom,
    I don't see how you can say he doesn't really love his children. Have you seen the interactions between him and the kids? They kiss and hug all the time, clearly there is love there. Because he doesn't say he loves his kids every single second like Kate doesn't mean he doesn't love them. I don't see how the fact he doesn't want to be home all-day as a stay at home dad means he doesn't love his kids. Plenty of people's husbands here probably work for full-time for a living. Because they do that and don't enjoy being a stay at home Dad doesn't mean they don't love their kids. Plenty of men could not imagine staying home all day doesn't mean they have any less love for their children? Some people are different and always have to be doing something.

    I liked the end of the episode a lot when it was just kids in the montage. In the end it probably won't be the big extravagant trips the kids remember the most but the simple times spent together with their parents.

  54. Baby Mama said...
    SchmeckyGirl~ Glad to see you back!! How was your trip? I am planning mine as we speak for April..Was there any new rides? I head there are a few..we are very excited :)

    Thank you! It was really a great trip. Perfect weather. No lines! Except for the new Toy Story Mania in Disney Hollywood Studios. That's a new ride. It was a lot of fun! But get a Fastpass early and another one right after or you will never get on it. The Aladdin carpet ride was new for me too. Not sure when you went last. It's like the Dumbo ride but the carpets also tilt forward and backward besides going up and down.

    I will let you know when/if I blog my trip. I may give details, etc. if I have time.

    We did the Dining Plan and it worked out great. I recommend it. The only problem was having to plan your day around breakfast, lunch and dinner reservations and you have to make them at the very least a few days in advance. The more popular restaurants should be booked a few weeks ahead if possible. We aren't big on "structured" vacations so we didn't do that. We planned our first four days ahead of time and then planned the rest of our trip after we got there.

    Disney's Magical Express was awesome! It's a free service. They pick up your bags for you at baggage claim and take them to your hotel. You just have to board their shuttle bus and they do all the work. They also take your bags to the airport to go home. They do your flight check-in and print your boarding passes for you and send it all up to your room before you check out. They also hold your carry-ons for you after you check out on your last day so you can go to parks or Downtown Disney before your flight. I recommend that too. But you have to call ahead and request it. It's not automatic.

    You also use your room "key" card to charge anything and everything. Shopping, dining, etc. They are also your park passes. No more getting your hand stamped to park hop, they save your fingerprint and you use that. We only used cash for tips. Other than that we didn't need a credit card or cash for anything.

    The Princess lunch was awesome! One thing I will tell you is DO NOT eat the vegetable stuffed pasta at Norway. It was PUTRID. It is now how I imagine human waste would taste. It's my only bad memory of the vacation.

    If I think of anything else I will let you know.

  55. It's really sad and unfortunate the clip couldn't be youtubed with "It's Your Life" playing - because as the day goes on - I just keep thinking that the choice of that song was really good. I wonder if Kate is still listening to the Christian Radio station there - and had heard this song and was the one who picked it to be the finale song.

    For those of you who didn't see it (me included) I thought I'd pass along the lyrics:

    Album: My Paper Heart
    Artist: Francesca Battistelli

    This is the moment
    It’s on the line
    Which way you gonna fall?
    In the middle between
    Wrong and right
    But you know after all

    It’s your life
    What you gonna do?
    The world is watching you
    Every day the choices you make
    Say what you are and who
    Your heart beats for
    It’s an open door
    It’s your life

    Are you who you always said you would be?
    With a sinking feeling in your chest
    Always waiting for someone else to fix you
    Tell me when did you forget


    To live the way that you believe
    This is your opportunity
    To let your life be one that lights the way

  56. SchmeckyGirl - welcome home! Glad you had a great trip and returned home safely.

  57. First off, I really have to apologize for the tooooooo long posts. I'm sorry. There was just so much to say and I can't keep it short nomatter how hard I try. Yeah, it was a complaint of University professors too. lol

    Seriously, I just wish this family well.

    As for subjects to talk about, somehow I think Baby Mama is going to be quite busy for a while yet.

    It looks like Jon really has his hands deep in the doo doo pile with the latest audio tape recordings of him. I can't even believe he made a comment like that (thanks Hope for posting the link)about putting his kids out there to every pedophile and they didn't even get paid!

    I am serioulsy hoping he didn't mean it the way it came out because it sounds SO bad! It sounds like he knowingly put his kids out there to pedophiles with the hopes that they would at least get paid! OMG man, pimping your kids out for money????? It is just getting harder and harder to even believe this man is any kind of decent human being lately, never mind giving him the benefit of the doubt. If this statement was said in the tone that it sounds like it was said in, I don't even want to hear another word this man would have to say ever!

    Wow, those poor kids. I just hope somehow he snaps back to reality and stops looking at his kids like cash cows! I am sure he will defend this tape by saying he was looking out for the best interests of the kids but making that kind of comment, it sounds more like his best interests that were getting screwed!!

    Ok, rant over. My goodness!

    Schmecky - I just wanted to say welcome back! Glad you had such a great time.

  58. Sometimes I wonder what the initial attraction was between people. Certainly with Jon and Kate, you have to wonder how they ever appealed to each other. (I found myself wondering this a LOT with my first husband, particularly after the divorce.)

    I came across this old joke today and thought you might find it funny ... it is sent only for a laugh and completely in jest.

    UCLA STUDY (Very Interesting)
    A study worth sharing with friends both male and female:
    A study conducted by UCLA’s Department of Psychiatry has revealed that the kind of face a woman finds attractive on a man can differ depending on where she is in her menstrual cycle.

    For example: If she is ovulating, she is attracted to men with rugged and masculine features. However, if she is menstruating or menopausal, she tends to be more attracted to a man with duct tape over his mouth and a spear lodged in his chest while he’s on fire.

    I commend Kate for the strength she has shown (for the most part) in not trashing Jon during the last few months.

    I can say that I never verbalized ill feelings about my ex to the kids - I never wanted the kids to hear those things. But, there were certainly times when I visualized him with duct tape over his mouth!

  59. I can really cannot believe it is over!It feels like yesterday the kids were only 3!!The Gosselins came a long way!I would have never thought it would end like this!I will miss every Monday watching my favorite kids on TV. That family really changed my life! I rember the very first episode I ever seen of J&K+8 it was Games Gosselins Play which is my favorite episode, after that I was sucked into that cute and funny family!Before I even saw an episode I use to think that Jon and Kate plus 8 was one of the stupidest shows on TV!Boy was I wrong!Now I have all the books, seen all the episode, I even met Kate!This family means so much to me!It so sad to see it go! I was bawling me eyes out yesterday,lol!I REALLY REALLY REALLY hope at least Kate will still be on TV!And Baby Mama, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE keep doing what you do, you are the best Gosselin blog that I kow of!

  60. agh Jon just sounds like an idiot. His facial expressions are even different now when he talks. I swear he's on something. He keep squinting & blinking weird, and doing some sort of weird wide smile thing as he talked. I think he did handle Mady's comment wrong when she was making the poster. And I think it's ridiculous for him act like he's all grown up now, and "becoming a man". WHATEVER!! He's been doing this crap for months, he still hasn't stopped making a fool of himself, but he thinks he such a great person now?!?! And when he wa stalking about going back & forth, he made it sound like he leaves the kids whenever he feels like it, and living 3 hours away is more of a convieniece for him, like whenever he gets bored with being Dad, he just goes back to NY. How pathetic.

  61. Last night was truly heart-wrenching! The last few minutes were really touching between all of the clips and that wonderful song. It reminded me of why I love this family so much. I had a few tears flowing by the end! I was just sitting on the couch for about ten minutes after it was over, just thinking to myself about the Gosselins, and the show and all. It's really hard for me to put words to why I feel so sad, like there is a gap in me now. I will miss my Monday nights with Kate and the kids! :O(

    I feel like this is the end of it all, but I think that we all need to remember that it's really just the beginning. There are a thousand open doors waiting for this family. Kate is an amazing woman and I can guarantee that there will be more of her in the future! (Sorry, haters!) As for Jon, I can only hope that someone helps him get on the right track ASAP so the Kate and the kids don't have to suffer any longer. And most importantly... this is merely the beginning to (hopefully) a more peaceful, normal, and exciting life for the 8 little kids that we've grown to love so much!

    Happy Thanksgiving everybody! I hope that you all enjoy spending time with your families, and being thankful for what you've got! (And that you're not Jon! LOL!)

  62. mamaholly said...
    it's really going to be hard to watch Tonight...but I wish nothing but the best for the family. The song featured in the promo that TLC is running is by a young Christian musician named Francesca Battistelli and according to her site, the ENTIRE song will be used during the episode. (It's also available for sale at iTunes and and search her name)
    Thanks so much for posting this info. I just downloaded the song at iTunes. I think it's great.

  63. I haven’t commented in a long time mostly because either other people have said what I was thinking, (Linda, etc), or I just plain don’t know what to say. Sad. It’s very sad.
    I was frustrated with Jon and hoped that it was just editing making him appear so self-involved and on the mean side with the children even. Sheesh.
    Thanks again for keeping us posted and for posting the shows, Baby Mama!

  64. I read the article you gave us a link to BabyMama and the last episode I watched from your site. So what was the last two minutes of the show controversy since I did not see it in real time? I agree it was sad to see the show end. I appreciated Kate jumping in to "clarify" that she did not want Jon out of the picture, I took that as a rebuttal to Jon saying that it was she that called it quits on their marriage. I have no doubts Kate will be able to move on and find a show that works for her. The whole when God shuts a door he opens a window thing. I am sure it's sad for them but I think Kate is talented and she will be able to go in new directions. I wish the best for all of them. I think Kate loves her kids and will do whatever is best for them. I don't think Jon necessarily has the best judgement to do what's best for them. By the way, I totally agree with the article BabyMama posted. It was well written an right on target.

  65. SchmeckyGirl~ Not to get off topic, but my worst memory of Disneyland was wating an hour and 15 min. w/cranky crying kids waiting for Toy Story. There was no fast pass there like in FL...

    The hate blogs are a blazin thinking I'm devastated and on meds over this. Laughing hard I am not. While I'm pissed that bitter Jon messed it up for his wife and kids financially by pitching a fit and pulling his kids on TV.. hes going to be broke at the end of this. TLC is going to hose him. I'm scared that he will be on VH1 in a few years on one of those "I was famous once" reality shows.

    Giving the trolls a bit of time to move into a new feeding tank and find someone else to attack is just what Kate needs. Time to no longer be overkill in the media, and come back strong with a new show in the Spring. It's something to look forward to and I'm excited about that.

    The Holiday season truly will be crazy for me, and it gives me time to focus on getting gifts early this year, not the week before! And blog about all the things that happen inbetween the new show. Who knows, Jon might realize what he did and all he lost, and work with Kate in other business a few specials with the kids we all miss so much.. Now that would be smart!

  66. 3KMOM~ Apparently all I was told was that the song had copyright issues in regards to anyone re-posting it on the web. So another song was put over the montage.

    I'm happy to report to all the haters that Kate Gosselin was just named as Barbara Walters 10 Most Facinating People for 2009! Do you think she will be #1? Find out on ABC December 9th. Other Nominees include Lagy Gaga & Adam Lambert from American Idol..

  67. What a good show. I was a little shocked at the new footage (not new, but that it was like a regular show). I was fine until the end of the show. Then the tears came rolling. It was sad to see Kate cry and to know they will not be in my livingroom on Monday night. I really enjoyed the show. Jon on the other hand I have no comment for except blah blah blah. My husband has gotten into watching with me and even he can not stand Jon. OH well I am not going to waste my fingers talking about him.

    On a better note, Happy Thanksgiving to all of my great friends and fellow bloggers, and specially Baby Mama and her family. Love to all.

  68. Linda,
    Thank you for the joke, boy I needed to laugh tonight. Whenever I use my duct tape i will have to chuckle about that. TX
    Baby Mama, I had a big long story for you typed in and hit the wrong button & erased it. Eyes are tooooo tired to do it again. Oh well, somethings are better left unsaid. cu

  69. Ok I found the song that was actually on the show from what some other posters wrote and went to her site and listened to it. It was awesome and I liked it a lot, I hope her sales sky rocket for her, it was a great song.

  70. BabyMama, you should post the pic of Kate from the link you gave of JJ saying Kate will be one of the most fascinating people. She looks so beautiful in it in my opinion. Maybe you already did and I missed or forgot it. Anyway, I saw it and just thought it was a great pic and thought I'd suggest it. :)

  71. I think if series fanale ended to soon. Jon should have been responcible and not selfish and made an agreement to have the show end after season 5. I work on Monday nights and usually watch the show right when I get home and I don't know how I am going to fill the Monday night void. I dont watch many shows and always looked forward to Monday nights.
    My daughter had a proceedure done at the doctors office on Monday and I asked if the tv could be turned to TLC because J&K+8 rerun was being shown. It was the episode where they announced they were moving into the big house. Even at that time I could see that they were having a hard time in thier marriage.
    I think Jon was completly out of line when he told the girls they couldn't do the lemonade stand, I think Jon said it was the girls that had been wanting to do one all summer.
    Thank you Baby Mama for this fan-blog! Its wonderful having a virtual support system for Kate and I hope she reads this blog! I can't wait to see what the future holds for Kate and the kids. I don't have any ill wishes for Jon I just hope he can grow up sooner than later for the sake of his kids.
    I hope everyone has a wonderful turkey day!

  72. I know this is silly, but I loved the soft gray sweater kate was wearing, any ideas where it is from? i checked ATL and ann Taylor

  73. Thanks to you Baby Mama for a wonderful blog and Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

  74. Hello all--just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving, and talk a little about the finale. I don't usually have a chance to read every single post, so I'm sorry if I'm just repeating what everyone else has said...

    I was surprised with this last show because it was more of a "regular" show--with the kids going on an adventure, etc. I guess i expected more of a "closure" type of show.

    I was going to talk more about the show, but after listening to that one-sided conversation of Jon taped on ROL, I'm kind of thinking more about that. I was very surprised at the way Jon spoke. I don't even really care about the rest of the content of the conversation, just the fact that this person whom I actually thought was a true believer of Christ, and a person that was giving a Christian example to the rest of the world on television could be so backwards. I know it isn't my place to judge, but after hearing Francesca Battistelli's song in connection with the show, I've just been really doing some thinking about it. (I had already previously heard the song, but never thought about Jon when hearing it. But it really hits close to home for how he is.)

    "It's your life, whatcha gonna do, the world is watching you, every day, the choices you make, say what you are and who your heart beats for, it's an open door, it's your life."

  75. (continued)
    And yes, it is sad that Michael Lohan betrayed his "friend" and (supposedly) released tapes of Jon's conversation with him, but you know what--that's what happens when you choose people to be friends with that are not stand-up people and you know you should not be associating with. It does however give you a taste of how Jon really does act, since it IS his voice that we can hear.

    Sorry this post is so long, it's just so hard for me to watch Jon change from someone he was into this, and hearing that song along with thinking about his life just saddens me. And I don't say any of this out of hate at all, I just really feel sorry for him and hope that God opens his eyes and heart soon to change. I know people "backslide" and may go away from God for a time--I have myself--so I am just continuing to pray that he has a change of heart and becomes more of the person God wants him to be, and so he can be a better example for his children.

    I know Kate is far from perfect (and has slipped up and said a few not-so-high-road type things in interviews), and I know Jon isn't the brightest crayon in the box when it comes to presenting himself in public, but there has to be a point when people stop making excuses for him, and accept the fact that he is making incredibly poor decisions that are directly and indirectly affecting his children in a bad way. I don't mean that as directed towards any of you, I just mean in general.

    I'm always kind of scared to post these things because people may not always agree with what I think, but I just had such a heavy heart when hearing the song and thinking of how much it fit in with Jon's current life.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  76. (continued)
    Not only is the rest of the world watching what he is doing, but so are his children--and whether he is able to truly filter his words and actions in front of them (which I'm not very confident of his abilities to do so) or not, he is human and must slip up OFTEN in that area and is teaching his children not-so-good things. Garbage in, garbage out--his lifestyle allows too much garbage in that inevitably is allowing "garbage out" to happen in front of his children. I think we've truly seen from MANY of his actions--whether the tabloids are reporting things or not, there have been MORE than a handful of occurrences that prove he is much different than who he used to be. And some people (myself included) may have been wondering whether this Jon may have always existed, but TLC just edited it out--I cannot see Kate with someone that has a complete potty mouth as that, or is completely two-faced and went against many of the Christian beliefs he must have once had. I don't really know if both of them had already been Christians and regular church-goers before meeting each other or what, but I know that when you have a personal relationship with God, HE is who your "heart beats for", and I cannot see the person that we used to know as Jon as being the same person that he is now. And yes, I know that we don't know if things such as affairs happened with his babysitter Stephanie, or whatever, but we do know that he has been photographed looking very intoxicated, we have heard his actual voice using swear words every other second, we have heard him (or Hailey) admit to having premarital sex--none of these things need to be proven, because they have all been shown as proof, not as something alleged. Basically living a party boy life style--in front of the world. Not something that you can teach your children to not do when they reach that age when they KNOW you have also done it, and have proof of such things. (Going on the fact that Jon and Kate both want to raise their children to believe in God and the Bible). Clearly Kate isn't a perfect angel, but there are no photographs or conversations such as these to go against her.

  77. Mosbius Designs,

    I'm sorry you misunderstood the context of any comment I made that sounded like I was saying Jon doesn't really love his kids.

    I have never said he doesn't love his kids and in fact, I always maintain that I am sure deep down he does love them.

    Honestly, these days he just has a funny way of showing it. Through many of the words that have come out of his own mouth recently, it just seems obvious how happy and free he feels when he is away from PA, and therefore the kids. He said it himself in the last episode where the minute he and Kate actually separated, he felt so free. He also said it the first time when he mentioned being excited about his upcoming separation. He shows it every time he talks about his 20's just being gone because he had 8 kids by the time he was 27. He has said that he was unhappy being at home with the kids and likes that when he goes to NY, it is work. Ok, I'm sorry but did he have to go three hours away to be able to distinguish the boundary between work and family?

    Speaking of working away from home, you mentioned that there are many parents who have temporary residences because their jobs are several hours away or require them to stay over sometimes. This is a very different thing to Jon's situation and we have actually had this same conversation before on this blog.

    Other people are in a situation where their family dynamic already included a parent that worked or sometimes stayed away from the home and that is fine. I absolutely have nothing against families where part of their job entails travel or the like and to imply that I think families that travel for work love their kids any less is ridiculous! I also realize that not everyone is cut out to be a stay at home parent and I don't fault Jon for that and never have.

    What I do take exception with, is the fact that his family was not one that was set up like that. Yes, Kate was travelling more in the latter part of their marriage due to committments that arose from the book and the show and in fact, they were traveling tours that he was a part of too at first. It could have very well been either Kate or him to do the speaking engagements but he wanted out of that because he didn't enjoy it and so that left him to always be the one at home with the kids. Obviously, he enjoyed that even less because he grew more and more resentful until the marriage just crumbled.

    He only decided to relocate to NY when he and Kate were separating; right at the time when his kids lives were in upheaval because of the decisions made by him and Kate. It hurt me so much that he could not see that as a parent, his first obligation is to his kids and making sure they are coping and pushing through this difficult time. It is a time where both parents need to rally around their kids and make sure they are ok. Not Jon, what does he do? First order of business is moving 3 hours away and I don't buy that it is because of any "career" he was trying to pursue. He has said it himself. He needed to be able to get away from the chaos of his life. Great timing dad! All this says to me is that he is selfish and putting his own happiness and needs ahead of his children.


  78. Ok, something weird happened. I was typing a comment and it was too long to fit in one entry so I cut part out to paste to a new entry and the order of my post got all screwed up. I don't know which part was on the second entry so I'll wait till the first half appears and then put the rest on accordingly.

    Sorry for the confusion.

  79. I hope all of us including the Gosselins have a good Thanksgiving and can stay well through it. This is the one place people don't think I am crazy at because I care about the Gosselins and love the show. We had company this week and when I said I was going to watch Jon and Kate, I got an earful on overpopulating the world. This was before I was going to watch the tearjearker episode. The one thing I really did catch when watching it and last weeks shows was that filming really did need to stop on Jon's custody days. I wonder if that played into the decision on Kate plus 8. People may feel that TLC put a bad spin on Jon and edited out the good parts, I have to say I believe that it had gotten to the point where there were no good parts. Jon carrying on about his freedom and coming to his country house and clearly acting like he doesn't want to be there are the norms. When I saw him snapping at the girls basically for them picking up on his lackluster attitude toward making the posters and Maddy basically being Maddy and missing her mother. Remember Kate saying that at the airport Maddy was complaining about wanting to be with Daddy and then being fine when they actually got there, I fully understood what I had heard Kate speak of on numerous episodes in the past. I understood why she got after him about his grouchy attitude ruining the day and him yelling at or putting kids in time out basically because they irritated him. There was no teaching when he snapped at them. He could have said "I know you miss Mom, but she isn't here right now, and you need to make the best of what we are doing. When you say that it hurts my feelings. There are better ways to tell me how upset you are." Also sending her away for a time out should not have meant they both had to miss the lemonade stand. Maybe there were things we didn't see, but I don't know. When Kate does things with the kids she may get grouchy sometimes, but she can snap out of it and she tends to try to keep the activity upbeat which makes it run more smoothly. Maybe Supernanny or a good family counselor could help Jon. Also at least we heard it from Jons' mouth so he can't turn around and say the girls were not there because they didn't want to be filmed.

  80. I agree that it was wrong for Michael Lohan to sell his taped conversation with Jon to ROL. I can, however, understand ML's frustration with both Jon and Heller. He thought he was doing deals and both Jon and Heller denied this. The tape(s), first Heller's and ML, and then Jon's and ML directly contradict what Heller and Jon said. Hmmmm. Looks like ML was telling the truth after all.

    Like it or not, he's been supoenaed so he'd have had to say that they were, indeed, making deals. I'm not sure the tape would (will) be allowed into court as evidence. Without that tape, many people would have probably said that ML was perjuring himself and the "deals" were lies. The tape does lend credence to what he was saying.

    If you watch what you say, it doesn't matter whether it's recorded or not. (Again, I think the selling of the tape was wrong.) If you tell the truth, Jon, you don't have to worry about remembering what you previously said.

    I really don't personally care for ML at all, but I can see his frustration. Jon needs to "get away" from things. He's with Kate Major and she takes him to her friend's fiance's home (ML.) Jon and ML become fast buddies and start to do deals. Then it falls apart. We heard ML state that Jon and Kate M were sharing a room and there was a lot of PDA. Jon subsequently denied it. But, after hearing the two tapes, I really think ML was telling the truth, not Jon.

  81. Jon's whole demeanor has changed so much in the last 9 months. I don't think he can realistically blame anybody but himself. All of us are responsible for how we react to things, as well as how we live and conduct our lives.

    As for the "he needed to be away from the chaos" and the stay at home Dad part, Jon again is at odds with himself.

    I'd like to refer people back to a video that BabyMama posted on January 13th of part of the Utah TV KUTV interview with Jon. (The station had the interview in 2 parts - Baby Mama has one whole part posted - the other part was about Kate's parents and other issues which I'll talk about in another post.)

    He talks about many things:
    1. staying at home,
    2. their arguing,
    3. that it isn't scripted, and that the crew is like family and they don't even realize they're filming,
    4. that the kids aren't being exploited because they aren't working they're playing,
    5. how much help he has (4-6 hours a day)
    6. Kate cooking and freezing food for him to reheat,
    7. how much more relaxed Kate is now (mellower) since she doesn't have the total responsibility of the kids 'cause he's home helping (she had them 3 years with a part time helper and he was home 4 months with a part time helper while she was traveling)
    8. that they always resolve their arguments and that editing doesn't show Kate as they worked it out.
    9. the new house.
    10. the contract.
    11. need for a manager and security when traveling.

    Here's the link:

    [BabyMama does comment on the interviewer being annoying and prying, lol. Of course that was before the tabloids got really nasty.]

    Please go and pull up that blog and watch the interview. It may give you a different perspective. If you are unable to open that blog, I've typed the interview in transcript form and I'd be happy to post it.

  82. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone.Enjoy your day and I pray Kate and the kids enjoy thiers

  83. Ugh, I lost the second part of my post. Oh well, I guess you got the gist of it from the first part.

    Sorry if my words were harsh but it is just how I've seen things play out these last several months. People might jump on me for saying this but I kind of feel that Jon is divorcing his whole family. I don't feel that his unhappiness was only with Kate. A lot of why he and Kate had been fighting was because he was so unhappy and the reason for his unhappiness was because he felt caged and unfree being stuck at home being Mr. Mom. I don't think he had or has it in him to buck up and be the dad he needs to be. He is fixated on his lost youth and by separating from Kate that is what he feels he is free to recapture now.

  84. Hi BabyMama!
    I haven't posted in a while, but usually watch the episodes you post and scroll through the comments. I felt that I had to put smething out there to mark "the end" of J&Kplus8.
    Just wanted to say "Thanks" for taking time from your busy life to run this blog. It is the only one not tainted by hate. I appreciate that everyone gets posted if they are fair and non-venom-filled!
    I too am sad that there will be no regular episodes of the Gosselin kids: they are smart, funny and cute kids. My youngest is 3.5 years-old and I got hooked on the show around the time of her birth...My then 6 year-old daughter was fascinated by the concept of 8 kids in one family, and we'd often watch it together.
    Lately, I haven't allowed her to see full episodes, just pieces of the kids activities, because it was just too hard to explain to her what Jon or Kate were talking about: separation, divorce, custody, living arrangements, etc.
    To watch Jon's public antics of late have been sickening.
    I hope that Kate and the kids find that peace that they so deserve.
    I'll keep on checking the blog, everyone has fascinating and unique point-of-views!

  85. So the post that Linda put up with the link to Baby Mama's old site of the interview with Jon in Utah was in January of this year right? In which Jon himself says something like "we aren't the lovey-dovey type, but we know that we'll be together forever..." So that shows that the marriage wasn't over in October of 2009, right? Or do I have the wrong date of the Utah interview.

    I know we'll probably never know all of the events that led up to this divorce, but things had to have gotten really, really, really bad, VERY, VERY, VERY quickly for a 10 year marriage to be over in like 4-5 months (since Jon stated that his relationship started with Hailey on May 4th, I believe, in one of his sold conversations on ROL)... it still boggles my mind!

    Jon seemed pretty genuine in the Utah video, so I pretty much believe that he was telling the truth about still wanting to be with Kate. Ahh the mind games!

  86. If I didn't mention it before I want to say again how nice it is to see some of my old bloggers back.. where have you all been?? ;)

    I do hope that you all have a realxing and Happy Thanksgiving.. Am I the only sicko thats going to ToysRUS at midnight after Thanksgiving because my behind will be to tired to hit it at 5am?? UGH I have become one of those dreaded people....Its just that some of the toys the kids want will be on sale then! haha sleep well my friends, I envy you. Between the Parade and the stores, I may be typing this from my Hospital bed....ENJOY THE DAY!

  87. LINDA,
    As always, I couldnt agree with you more.

  88. oops, I meant October 2008

    Good luck with the late night shopping Baby Mama! Stay safe--it's become scary these days!

    Happy Turkey Day--may you have a blessed day with friends and family :)

  89. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone, and wishing a peaceful one for Jon, Kate and their adorable 8.

  90. Baby Mama, I too will be at ToysRUs at midnight followed by Walmart at 5 am. My husband is trying to get me not to go. He keeps saying, just pay full price and order it online. I think I just can't bear to pay full price when I can get it on sale! Maybe my middle name is "sale!". However, it is raining now and temperature is dropping. Hmmm...sit by the fire, or save money? At least I havey spreadsheet of items printed along with the store maps. Lol, maybe that name should be "anal" or just "crazy!"

  91. The lack of maturity Jon displays is mind boggling for a person his age with the responsibilities he had. Thank goodness the kids have Kate or where would they be? I think Kate is a little into Kate, but she is still doing what is needed for her children. I am so thankful that she isn't as selfish and resentful of Jon. She's doing what she needs to, it's most likely a relief to have him out of the way. It was just one more person she had to manage and take care of. I am excited to see what she does with her life as soon as she's free of him.

    He's getting so fat, he looks like an old frumpy college boy wanna-be. I still wonder if it's the fact he isn't getting home cooked organic meals, or is he just eating junk, or is he doing some kind of drug that causes him to have the munchies. Seeing the company he is keeping, I would vote the latter.

    I didn't watch the show much this year, it wasn't fun and all the drama surrounding it made me tired just watching it all transpire.

    Jon will fizzle out once the divorce is final, nobody will be interested in him at all. He's not able to articulate, he sounds ridiculous, like a broken record with the 'lost youth' mantra. I for one am so tired of seeing his face everywhere. And those earrings......PLEEZE.......grow up!!!

    He's uninteresting IMHO, I'd rather watch Kate and see what she's up to. I don't know if it is because I too am a nurse, or because she isn't whining, she's moving forward, and she has not trashed Jon in the process. No matter how stupid he acts.

  92. Linda, just got back from dinner at my parents house in Queens, the kids are exhausted, and the baby is asleep. Setting the alarm clock for 11:30pm..I have no problems going at night, but all my friends are going to Walmart at 5am for two of the big TV/Computer blowouts. I could only imagine how that will be. I will be dead at 5am, but if I go at 9am all the good stuff will be gone. So I may be copying you.. we will see!

    Do you think Jon will be in disguise and get up at 5am to pick up the kids gifts at Walmart too? Apparently he has to hide them from Kate. I would too, I mean, he always pays full price!
    Shame on him! lol ;)

  93. Ohh I forgot, I was going to start a whole new post but I'm forcing myself to take a nap before my rediculous shopping night..I WILL be doing a new post this weekend but this is good...

    "Hailey Glassman Tells World Jon Gosselin Lied, Calls Him Ridiculous: Hailey Glassman Tells World Jon Gosselin Lied, Calls Him Ridiculous
    Posted on Nov 26, 2009 @ 05:05PM
    Splash News: He Tweeted that he was going to his "grandma's" for Thanksgiving but his girlfriend Hailey Glassman says he lied.

    "LOL-U are in Utah snowboarding w/"friends"-lol-ur redic," Hailey shot back. So what is going on with these two, anyway? Are they on a "break," as Jon likes to say, or is it something far more permanent.

    At least we know where Kate Gosselin really is -- at her home, with her kids, and best friends, the Steve Neild family."

  94. LOL! at Jon lying about being at his grandma's for Thanksgiving. At first I was like Why the heck would he lie about it?!?! Doesn't he realize that people will find out. Then I was thinking that he was trying to throw off the paparazzi. He probably wanted to be left alone if he was going to Utah skiing, or he gave someone else the exclusive to his trip and didn't want anyone else there taking pics. But why lie? Why not just comment? Funny that Hailey called him out on it in her twitter. Not sure why she felt the need to, but I guess all his lies are really getting to her.

  95. Slightly OT: Has anyone seen TLC's new show Little Parents First Baby? I happened to come across it on the plane back from Florida and OMG! they are a mini Jon and Kate. Literally!

    She's got a strong personality and is controlling and "organized". He's laid back and "slow". He drives her crazy with the way he does things. They have only one new baby (they don't know yet if it is "little" or regular size yet).

    She complains about the way he does things, because he doesn't do them the way she would, etc. They sit on the interview sofa and sound just like Jon and Kate. I was in shock. Where the heck did they find these two!?!?!? It was like deja vu. I wonder why I never heard of the show or saw previews for it? Anyone else watch ever see it?

    Totally OT: is having great sales by the way. There are also additional coupon codes available on top of the sale prices. I bought the Frog Princess and Tinker Bell tag books and Frog Princess and Tinker Bell Leapster cartridges all for less than $50. My daughters love their Tag Readers and their Leapsters... in case anyone is interested.

  96. TLC does have a video of the last 2 1/2 minutes of the finale with the music "It's Your Life"

    Here's the link:

  97. I don't think Jon tweeted that he was going to his grandmother's. It was a video interview on one of the gossip sites. Hailey's response was a tweet saying that he lied and went snowboarding in Utah.

  98. oRachie404o said...
    So the post that Linda put up with the link to Baby Mama's old site of the interview with Jon in Utah was in January of this year right? In which Jon himself says something like "we aren't the lovey-dovey type, but we know that we'll be together forever..." So that shows that the marriage wasn't over in October of 2009, right? Or do I have the wrong date of the Utah interview.
    Yes that was in January of 2009 for Jon's interview in Utah.
    Then Jon went back to Utah later with Deanna.

  99. SchmeckyGirl - thanks for the Leapfrog tips. I got two Leapfrog books at Walmart for $8 each, and a couple for same deal at Target.
    My shopping is pretty much finished, Hurrah! I only have to wrap everything now. But I won't start that until Monday when kids are back in school.
    We made a great trip to the country today to get out tree and sang carols there and back. It will be chaos central here tonight since all the kids are having sleepover friends tonight so we can decorate the tree(s). I wish the Gosselins a peaceful and fun filled holiday season. It's time for a little peace on earth, beginning with their household.

  100. Fellow Bloggers,
    I too agree with all that said Jons handling of the twins was not appropriate, when making the posters. It shows how much trouble they J&K are going to have with them. Being 9 years old , it is not going to be easy for Jon to handle them.

    Do to a personnel incident that evolved in the news and developed into a hate site, I have experienced how hurtful it is to a family to be over analized on a site when all the facts are not reported. I am feeling guilty about posting anymore. Soooooo, even though I have been addicted to the show and also this site, I am going to try to stop. J&K are done for now and so am I. All I can say is:


  101. Awww...I enjoyed watching the last 3 min. recap and song on the TLC website, that was well done!

    Sounds like everyone had a great Thanksgiving and the shopping.....amazing!!!! 5am. wow. But I must admit, living between Toronto and Niagara Falls, I take every opportunity I can to cross the border and shop. You guys have so many more choices and amazing deals. We also don't have a Black Friday in Canada...our Thanksgiving is much earlier, in October. But it's exciting just hearing about everybody else's shopping adventures!!!

    May Kate and her 8 enjoy a peaceful Christmas season!!!!!!

  102. Hailey must be pretty ticked off at Jon or getting paid by Radar or such. I am surprised that there hasn't been pictures of him in Utah like there usually is. Maybe the Utah story was a cover for being someplace else, you never can know with Jon. He might wake up with an epiphany to get a job in Utah on the slopes. Nice dream, I know. I wonder if Kate did Black friday shopping since she likes to save money so much. I am glad everybody stayed safe this year. Monday will be sad with no sweet kids to watch.

  103. Tashapork~ I know how you feel. Don't get me wrong, I really like Cake Boss, but it is no where near as engaging as this show. And how long will we be able to watch him argue with his relatives and make cakes? Doesn't that get old after a while?

  104. Is the queuing still screwed up with blogger because the posts and dates are still all screwed up.