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Kate Major Suing Jon Gosselin, Did Jon Make Up Hailey Abuse Claims?

Hello Gosselin fans! I have been so busy these past few weeks, I'm sorry I haven't been able to post as much. With the Holidays seem to start so early now, he kids in so many activities plus..uhh I work.. Lets just say it's been hard to keep up! But sometimes when you hear juicy info like this.. your blogging juices start to flow and you wanna share it with everyone!

And I just want to give everyone extra hugs and kisses for all the sweet notes and appreciation for my blog. I truly love the support, and it's not lost on me that the blog hits have gotten better and better. I know it wont stay that way once the show ends, but I hope my girls here will still come and comment every now and again ;) I'm focused on not going anywhere, and perhaps taking the time to go back to old posts and discuss them a bit..Like Gosselin therapy lol!

Kate Major Retains Lawyer to Sue Jon Gosselin:
Kate Major's Gonna Sue the Ed Hardy Track Pants Off Jon Gosselin: E

Jon Gosselin’s embarrassingly public blunders are hitting him right where it counts – the wallet. learned that the reality dad’s former fling, Kate Major, has retained an attorney and is moving forward with plans to sue him for breach of contract. “Kate called me and has retained my services regarding a possible breach of contract between herself and Jon Gosselin,” Major’s attorney, Ben Pietra, confirmed to “We are keeping our legal options open, but if a breach of contract has occurred, we will be moving forward with a lawsuit.”

Gosselin and Major signed a secret handwritten agreement back in June, in which Kate agreed to work for Jon as his personal assistant, earning a percentage from his accounts and pledging not to talk to the media about their relationship .
All was quiet on the Gosselin front—for a few days, anyway—but not anymore. And you have Kate Major to thank. The tabloid reporter turned comically contracted personal assistant/romantic interest of Jon Gosselin is ready to launch a battle royale against the reality douche dad.

"One day this nightmare will hopefully end," she tweeted today. "If he would have told the TRUTH we wouldnt be in this position…."You don't have to strain too hard to figure out the "he" to whom she's referring. Major has already lawyered up in advance of a potential lawsuit, which, will include claims of breach-of-contract, fraud and loss of wages. She claims that Gosselin apparently failed to make good on the hand-scrawled, half-baked terms of their contract, which promised Major a salary commensurate to her Star paycheck and "a percentage of accounts for payment based upon involvement."

Hailey Glassman's abuse claims about Jon Gosselin made up - by Jon! Fox

We've heard of tangled webs, but this is getting ridiculous. Father of eight Jon Gosselin is embroiled in a "he-said she-said battle" with girlfriend Hailey Glassman and Octo-mom Nadya Suleman. Hailey says he has emotionally abused her, and Nadya says he was talking about teaming with her for a new reality show.

Only one of these statements is true - and according to a source close to Gosselin, it isn't Hailey's. A close confidante to Jon Gosselin tells Fox411 that last week's taped confession by Hailey on "The Insider" was all designed for TV by Jon himself. "Jon actually made the decision to have Hailey go on air and bad mouth him," says the insider. "Jon and Hailey get paid for their appearances on these shows and they need the money. It was easy for Hailey to conjure tears, their lives are less than stellar right now, but Jon hasn't abused [her]."
So why go on TV and say that he did? "They agreed to have her go on and make the abuse allegations!" our shocked source says. "Jon doesn't have much money left and he is not currently searching for a real job. Jon still seeks money through his fame and notoriety. He really wants a reality show of his own, and he is stretching out every moment of the drama for a dollar."
Which means Hailey's abuse allegation was just a "Balloon Boy" type stunt to attract reality-TV producer attention. However, the other rumor of the week, that Jon would be involved with Octomom, was true, even though he denied it, says the source. Jon released a statement on Thursday night denying he even heard about a reality show with Nadya Suleman. But emails seen by Fox411 and show Gosselin was contemplating the show and hoping to get close to a million dollars for a slew of fake dates with Octomom.
"His whole team heard of the project and was involved in brokering the possible deal," the confidante tells Fox411. "His managers, lawyers and publicists need to get something rolling for him or he won't be able to pay them. Jon doesn't have a big bank account loaded with money. He has to do something and this would have been funny, plus Hailey had no problem going along with the fake dates and pretending to be upset. She is along for the ride and enjoys being on TV."
The insider says Jon is still using excuses to explain his bad behavior and the poor example he's setting for his children. "Jon still believes he got married too young and had too many children that he wasn't ready for - that's what has led to the demise of his relationship and the TV show," says the source. "Kate doesn't even talk to him. She leads a totally separate life, and their schedules are worked out far in advance to completely avoid each other."


  1. Wow... just... wow. I hope Kate Gosselin is protecting the family assets because all these suits against Jon are going to be ugly.

  2. This article is SOOOO telling! First off he is a greedy greedy fool!!! He doesn't care what people think about him but even worse he does not care what his children think about him and what he is doing (or what they will think about him when they all can understand it). He came up with the abuse skeem JUST FOR MONEY. Plus he was going to go on fake dates with octo mom for a million dollars. Jon has some serious issues!

    Last but not least he blames getting married too young and having kids at a young age for his mental state. What a cop out! Lets just say what it really is.... He is a loser, he thought that he was reaching celebrity status so he cheated on his wife and ruined not only his life but his childrens.
    sorry but he is such a D-bag. I hope that the whole Kate major thing is true and i hope that she sues him, maybe then will he realize how dumb he is acting and hopefully he will start acting like a real man.

    thanks again baby mama for having this site and posting news! I would not know what is going on without this site.

  3. OMG, Baby Mama,
    I have no words about this mess yet. So you and everyone just have a HAPPY TURKEY DAY!!! YUMMO!
    Oh, wait, yes I do. What a funny picture you put up there. lol

  4. MobiusDesigns says ....

    There really isn't much difference between this site and sites such as GWOP. Both dissect one of the parents behaviour, believe every report against one parent, crititize one parent at every turn and support the other parent no matter what. The only difference is the parent which each site mainly supports.

    I go to GWOP sometimes and see three huge differences in that site and here.

    1) I tried to post something very similar to this on GWOP (about criticizing Kate and not Jon for the same behavior) and it never saw the light of day. There is an openness to different opinions here that does not exisit at GWOP.

    2) I have never seen awful comments about the children here like I have seen at GWOP. Nothing about their weight, how attractive some are or not, their supposedly inappropriate behaviors, etc.

    3) I don't see Jon ragged on here about his appearance, weight, height, or even chose of clothes. The number of comments regarding Kate's shoes, hair, sirts, ankles, thighs, etc. That level of cattiness is not evidenced here.

  5. I don't think there will actually be a lawsuit.

    “Kate called me and has retained my services regarding a possible breach of contract between herself and Jon Gosselin,” Major’s attorney, Ben Pietra, confirmed to exclusively. “We are keeping our legal options open, but if a breach of contract has occurred, we will be moving forward with a lawsuit.”

    possible breach of contract, they worded this carefully.

  6. My question is, why now Kate Major? Why not a couple of months ago when he dropped you? Why wait for TLC to sue and Jon to countersue before throwing your hat into the ring? Why? Because you know you have no chance of winning this potential lawsuit! I'm not saying Jon didn't breach a contract with Kate Major -- I'm just saying that a scribbled napkin is not going to hold up in court and in fact looks like a drunk party joke. Which seeing that it was written in some hotel room during a drunken fling - that's probably exactly what it is!

    As far as the made up allegations from Hailey - big surprise! They are both media seeking "fill in appropriate expletive here"! Jon is a chronic liar - anything to stretch out the 15 minutes of fame. He's soon to be a tabloid footnote. As in "Jon Gosselin loses apartment in NY", "Jon Gosselin's cars get repossessed", "Jon back living in old house that would never sell and working at the local gas station". Can you say loser of the century?

  7. MosbiusDesigns said...
    Wow I don't know where to begin....

    Linda, I know we have a difference in opinion but you're assumptions about the Deanna and Jon relationship hold true for Steve and Kate as well. BOTH publicly deny it and there is no basis in factual evidence.

    Once again you can't have it both ways. Believe every tabloid report against Jon and then consider every negate report against Kate a lie. There really isn't much difference between this site and sites such as GWOP. Both dissect one of the parents behaviour, believe every report against one parent, crititize one parent at every turn and support the other parent no matter what. The only difference is the parent which each site mainly supports.

    Wow. I don’t know where to begin either.

    If you think this blog and GWOP are the same, I really don’t know what to say. Give me ONE example of anything PRO about Kate on the GWOP site? Just one? IF you don’t hate Kate, you can’t post there!

    Baby Mama allows both sides to post here, as long as it isn’t hate. Otherwise, how would you explain your own ability to post here? It was an entirely different blog 10-11 months ago. Some of the same people that post now were posting then. It was pretty equally split. That changed over time as Jon’s behavior got more bizarre.

    Another difference is that you’ll never, and I mean never, hear anybody on this blog ever wish Jon, Kate, or the Gosselin children any physical harm, illnesses, etc. On GWOP you’ll find people with other horrible, venomous spew, not only about Kate, but also the children.

    I don’t believe every tabloid report against Jon. However, for the last 11 months now I’ve seen photos and video of Jon doing one stupid thing after another. He gets caught, we get an epiphany, he does it again, we get an apology, he does something else stupid, we get another epiphany...and so on.

    Photos with college girls, exiting bars at 3 a.m., coming out of Deanna’s home at 7:15 a.m., taking Deanna on a skiing trip to Utah, with Kate 2.0, with Hailey, with, Stephanie, saying he “despises” Kate, and on and on.

    Remember, I was one person who initially defended Jon for going to the college bars saying “Give the guy a break. He’s helping his mother, he’s out of town, and he just wanted a beer. What’s the big deal?” The big deal is that this IS apparently the “real” Jon.

    I’ve heard that an illicit photo of Kate would be worth more than $250k! If there were sleazy photos of her, and with paparazzi following her constantly, doesn’t reality tell you that there are NO photos, because she isn’t doing sleazy activities? TLC hired the bodyguard(s), and there’s more than one who’s accompanied Kate. Additionally, although she stays very much in the background, the publicist often accompanies Kate.

    Another major difference is that I still CARE what happens to Jon. I think he is getting horrendous advice by some really ignorant people. No, I don’t expect to have the Jon back that I thought he once was. Yes, I’m still hopeful that he can find peace and figure out what the heck he wants to do with his life. I guess I’d just like for him to grow up!

    Do I think Kate was wrong to speak to Jon in the tones she often used, or with the words she used? Heck yes. I don’t think that was appropriate then or now. I’m just saying that if this “new” Jon is what she had to put up with for the last 10 years, I think it’s remarkable that she didn’t send him to another planet. I’m in awe of her restraint, at the same time thinking it was inappropriate to have said it like she did.

  8. After watching a mix of older and the latest episodes I think they both love the spotlight to some extent. Kate wants a career without the paparazzi drama and I think Jon is about the drama without the job.
    I voted that it will get worse before it will get better.
    I also see Jon asking for alimony if Kate gets another show.

  9. Mosbius,s, I also feel that is indeed a basis in fact regarding Jon commiting adultery with Deanna. IMO, those “facts” also meet the guidelines for what constitutes grounds for divorce based on “fault” in the state of PA.

    No-fault divorces are now considered a more humane way to end a marriage. Kate opted for a no fault divorce. IMO, Kate’s past love for Jon was one reason she opted for no-fault.

    I just checked again, and PA also has various grounds for “fault” divorces which include adultery. (Source: Secondary source: Chap. 33, C.S.A. 3301. Grounds for divorce: Fault, (2) Adultery.

    In the PA section on grounds/examples needed on How to Prove Adultery:"Most adultery cases are proven by circumstantial evidence, which means that you have to establish that your spouse had the disposition and opportunity to commit adultery.
    Public displays of affection, such as hand-holding, kissing, and hugging, between the guilty spouse and the paramour are generally sufficient evidence to indicate an adulterous disposition. Opportunity may be proven by showing (for example) that your spouse was seen entering the paramour's apartment at 11 P.M. and not coming out until 8 A.M. the following morning and that they were alone.”

    You don’t have to catch them in the physical act with a photo, you just have to prove both disposition and opportunity.

    1. We’ve got the published photos of Jon sitting snuggled beside Deanna in Utah with his arm around her shoulder and the same incident in a video recording where you can hear Jon giggling with her. (I think that could be construed as “hugging.”) We have the recorded photos and video of Jon & Deanna, exiting the bar, and the recorded “Babe, babe, I need my jacket” (I think that could be construed as “terms of endearment” unless you additionally feel it’s appropriate to use words like “Babe” referring to someone who is just a “friend?”) So that would seem to be the disposition part.
    2. Then we have the photos of Jon leaving the bar with her at 2 a.m. and subsequently exiting her home after 7:15 a.m. Additionally you have Jon taking her out of state for a skiing trip. (I think that the overnight visit and the out-of-state trip could be construed as “opportunity.”) These were no business trips!

    By the way, in PA, “both alimony and child support obligations are debts which cannot be avoided by a Declaration of Bankruptcy.“(That’s listed as Divorce Tip: #32 by

    That same site offers tip #32: “Some believe that it (adultery) can be useful in a property settlement negotiation or spousal support dispute. Judges still look with disfavor on adultery, and some lawyers believe that proof of adultery may sway a judge to a particular point of view.”

    At the least, I think the above would clearly indicate a violation of his morals clause in the TLC contract..

    Kate was very generous to Jon in filing a no-fault divorce. Additionally adulterers are not equal under the blanket of the law in PA. Adultery may impact custody. I think this very issue is what Jon was referring to in his interview (“I despise her”) with Chris Cuomo where he spoke about regretting some of his actions and that it could even effect custody of his children.

    Except now, I’m not so sure whether Jon really regretted his actions, or regretted that he got caught. I’d hope that he truly regrets his actions.

    By the way, you can go back to BabyMama’s early January blogs from one of the ski trips and see and hear many of the comments that would contradict Jon’s whole rebuttal of TLC’s lawsuit. I guess attorney Heller never bothered to spend the time even doing a simple internet search. Jon even says in that video “I wouldn’t lie.” So, are you lying now, or lying then, Jon? IMO, the saddest part of all is that Jon has lied to himself about so many things that I feel he no longer is able to distinguish between fact and fiction. As somebody who used to be an admirer of Jon’s, that just breaks my heart!

  10. NJMOM said...
    Well, I do not know how you can compare Jon with Kate. He has been involved with several women in past 11 months that were all social situations. Steve is a bodyguard. How are they even comparable? He apologizes in one breath and the next breath he has thrown many, many people under the bus. What has Kate done?

    This blog was a site that supported the entire Gosselin family and the tide only changed when Jon started acting irrationally. I supported both of them until my daughter's friends saw him out hitting the college scene, which I thought was inappropriate for a married man with 8 children.

    I have a hard time understanding how anyone can continue to support his behavior. Kate is capable of making fun of herself and she acknowledges her mistakes and yes she poked fun at Jon.

    Jon continues to embarrass himself and his family. What has Kate done? Nothing, that's what I thought.
    Very well said! I wish I'd read your response first!

  11. Things that make you go "Hmmmmm."

    I wondered why Heller had tried to stall the J&K divorce? I kept thinking that surely both J&K are ready for it to be over.

    I remember Jon stating in August, "The divorce should be over in late August or early September." Then it was October, then November, and now ?

    Ah ha. ROL noted "Potentially complicating a resolution is the fact that Jon is being sued by TLC for breach of contract. He not only faces large legal bills but also could be on the hook for a huge sum of money if TLC prevails and is awarded damages. One scenario has Jon dragging out the divorce so that the couple’s money is still pooled – with Jon hoping Kate will convince TLC not to proceed against him because it will take money away from her and the kids."

    Hmmmm... That makes sense. No wonder Heller wanted to slow down the divorce. If the divorce isn't final, the liability in the TLC lawsuit is spread out over both of them. Would that be having your cake and eating it also?

    "But Kate doesn’t want to drag out the divorce. And if she has her way and the marriage is officially dissolved, the reality TV dad will be on his own if it comes time to pay TLC, and that bill could be astronomically high."

    ROL also says that "One One source says that instead of the harsh rhetoric he’s been using against Kate, he’s now ready to try a more conciliatory approach. Sources close to Kate say she wants to move on with her life as quickly as possible."

  12. I wonder if Jon's true intention in having Hailey make up abuse allegations (if it's true) was to shed a bad light on Kate, ie "she abused me so badly that I'm so messed up... please help me." I know, it makes no sense to those of us that think logically. But Jon hasn't been thinking logically for a long, long time. And he'd do or say anything to make Kate look bad.
    It also seems to me that Jon hasn't been taking any of Rabbi Shmuley's advice... he's not acting any differently than he was before, and he can't seem to stay out of any sleazy media outlet he can find. Just sad...

  13. If Kate Major sues look for another counter suit since she spoke out against him to the media. Since he was in breach first she could claim the contract was null and void but that doesn't mean the counter suit wouldn't be filed anyway.

    As I said in the previous thread I was really hoping things would quiet down once the show was over and the divorce was settled. The TLC lawsuit and any others that come along are only going to keep this three ring circus going.

    Until now I thought Jon was just...I'm trying so hard not to name call...slow-witted. Getting himself into situations and not being able to connect the dots to the damage he was causing. But the idea that Jon could be purposely trying to make money off of made up drama is so sickening.

    For the love of money he would encourage someone to call him abusive?! He knows that sooner (kids at school) or later (google) his kids will hear about this. How could he not think about the pain he could be purposely bringing to them. Not just in hearing that their father is abusive because let's face it, they may have already heard something like that about their mother with all the negative press she used to get. But Gosselin is their last name too and they shouldn't have live it down. That he would purposely ruin his reputation and THEIR name is beyond my comprehension. If all of this is true then SHAME ON YOU JON GOSSELIN.

  14. OMG! The whole hand written contract is a little fishy. This literally gets worse and worse by the day!

    PAR- I completely agree with what you said about GWOP! Everyone here is much more open to hearing different opinions, even if we don't agree. Majority of the people here favor Kate over Jon, but I think that we have a reason to! LOL! He's obviously having some issues.... Also, that was a good point that no one has EVER said anything rude or hurtful about the kids. That is what's most important.

    Awwww Baby Mama your so sweet! I won't be leaving anytime soon! XOs back!

  15. LOL. Hailey has once again removed Jon from her list of people she's following on tweeter. Not a big deal in that I think she did this once before over controversy with Jon. Jon seldom tweets, so not like she's missing much.

  16. It's starting to become comforting that some things never change! I have been crazy busy and not keeping up with "Jon" news and I come back and nothings changed.

    BTW, I LOVED Monday nights episodes. Even Jon was could tell it was taped awhile ago before he became "cool".

    If I don't get back on before Happy Thanksgiving every one! Enjoy the much needed day(s) off!

  17. Linda, Well said. I love all your posts. You have such a great way of getting your point across.

    BabyMama, Love your site and will always be here.

    The shows were great. The kids are so darn cute.

  18. By the looks of Hailey's tweeting, Jon must have done something new to upset her. While I believe Hailey has to take responsibility for her actions, I feel really bad for that family. If Dr and Mrs. Glassman hadn't helped Kate out, Jon would never have met them and they wouldn't be involved with Jon's mess.
    As much as people fault Kate and yes she makes plenty of mistakes, Jon is soooo lucky that she hasn't really socked it to him in court. Many other woment would have done a fault divorce and also hauled him into court over custody issues such as the babysitters, smoking, and pot use. Kate may make sarcastic remarks and sometimes be a bit of a drama queen about some of what Jon does, but she doesn't jeopardize her family's financial security, flaunt her relationships, go on the Insider and make a fool of herself, get in legal trouble. It's like with drinking, some is okay, too much is alcoholic and a problem. Kate doesn't do things nearly to the extremes and to the degree that Jon does. For instance if he had one affair, or went on the Insider once, it would be a mistake, but when he keeps doing it it is a problem. I don't hate Jon, I just want him to wake up and be the man that his kids can respect.

  19. Linda I know that we are on the same page along with many others that post on this site. As a married woman with my own children, I cannot wrap my head around woman that still try and defend Jon and his actions. I myself thought that there were times where Kate should have definitely edited herself, but as time has gone on, I can now really understand where she was coming from. I have never wished ill will to Jon but I have met other men just like him and I just have no patience with his sneaky lying behavior. It's just despicable and every time I read about him I feel more and more sorry for his children.

  20. Heller makes the claim that the contract made by Kate 2 & Jon is a joke because it was handwritten on a napkin. However, according to my law textbook, it doesn't matter if it's on a napkin, paper plate, on a receipt, or even toilet paper, it's the content that matters. Their contract contained all the requirements to make a binding contract: Agreement, Consideration, Contractual Capacity, Legality, Genuiness of Assent and Form (written).

    Now whether or not Kate 2 can win is another matter since there are a lot of unknown details as to whether their so-called business relationship actually existed, and if so, if and how it was facilitated.

  21. Malach, I don't believe it was you who made the comment it was more towards people critcizing the Cruella deville (sp?) and supporting the dog collar comment.

    PAR, I agree with you that this site is more open to discussion then others, but its within their right. I have not found that they attack the children. They do however point out their behaviour and how their parents respond to it. I find it hard to believe that a site detected to getting the kids off TV will attack them. GWOP some times talks too much about Kate's appearances but when you say you can't pay the bills and wear $350 heels you're bound for criticism. You can't base your assumptions, all on the bad apples. If so there's a few on here I can bring up to, that were not appropriate.

    Linda, I believe you're talking about the ski trip picture from US watching a concert. I can't seem to copy and paste but you can clearly see he does not have his arm around her. (Google: Deanna Hummel Jon Ski). The trip was also part of the trip where Jon went to work with handicap children, not quite the "not a business trip". If your talking about the same night she drove his car, in the same "report" Jon was stumbling drunk. Do you want him to drive home drunk?

    I don't see how Kate could file for a fault divorce when SHE said the marriage was over "sometime last year". Clearly they were separated already and living practically separate lives. You can't consider it adultery if you're already separated and did not divorce simply to maintain you're public image. That site which says to prove adultery all you need is opportunity and disposition. By that same reasoning Deanna's bother, who you agree was paid, says they were intimate, then the Detroit radio host who saw Kate and Steve holding hands proves disposition. And all their time alone during the book tour proves opportunity. If Kate's relationship with Steve was purely professional she could have just gotten a new bodyguard and dispelled all those rumors and still be friends with him. I'm not saying Kate cheated but but the same circumstantial evidence you can prove she committed adultery by those terms. Kate said the divorce was a "mutual decision" not a single person's fault, not adultery, not cheating.

    I'm not supporting Jon, I think it was inappropriate for him to be out with women before he was officially divorce. It still is by no means cheating or adultery on his part but a bad decision and he has to live with that. Because I don't believe all tabloid reports on Jon doesn't mean I support him and doesn't mean I "hate" Kate. I'm just pointing out people how don't believe one tabloid report simple because people were paid for it when its against Kate but they're speaking the truth when its Jon even if the person was also paid.

  22. When it comes to those who argue that we should judge Kate as harshly as we do with Jon or even claim we're not being fair to him, I'm still asounded by that as well.

    I'd rather keep a dog as a pet than a wolf in my house with my kids. Sure, they're both canines but they are two different species with opposite dispositions. You might be able to tame a wolf temporarily, but it's still a wild wolf through and through.

    Kate's little sneaky jab at Jon can not be compared to his outright name calling her "Cruella". Both comments may be considered negative but they are different "species" as well. Jon's wasn't just snark, it was downright vindictive.

    Likewise, the argument that the accusations about Kate's rumored infidelity should be taken as seriously as Jon's has absolutely no comparative value neither, since, as Linda pointed out, there's soooo much more weighted evidence against him, and none on Kate.

  23. I agree with most of what has been said here by the majority, but I wonder what Jon's family, mother & brothers, are saying to him. I can't imagine that they are very proud of his behavior. At what point is Jon going to wake up and realize he's the common denominator in all this drama?

  24. Linda You put things in a way that i can't. I loved your comments. Also the deanna hummel (It was her or the girl he was sleeping with next.) Was tanning in a bikini on the gosselins yard and jon is sitting in a chair watching her. I saw that photo on google.

  25. Just a quick comment about the 'contract' between KateM and Jon:
    1. The contract does not contain a 'time period' for services which I believe *may be* a requirement for enforcement. What I mean is, it does not state that she will provide services from X DATE to X DATE or something like 'for a of 6 months'. I believe that for a 'subcontractor' as Jon calls her - there needs to be some sort of time frame within the language.

    2. What would give the document credibility is if KateM actually did any work, that she can prove, after the document was signed. For example if there were any media outlets that she arranged for Jon to meet with or if she released any of the statements he made for him or on his behalf or if she can prove acts she did on his behalf as his 'personal assistant'. If not - then the work she was hired for never began meaning the contract was never fully executed. If she cannot prove she ever actually performed 'work' --- this would be grounds for legal argument by Jon's attorney.

  26. MosbiusDesigns,
    If GWOP was dedicated to getting the kids off of TV, there would be no reason for it to continue after next Monday or it would change it's focus to getting the Duggar, Roloff, and Hayes kids off TV. However, I expect the site to remain dedicated to snarking on Kate.

    Believe what you want. I have read GWOP and the children ARE attacked. One of the girl tups has been referred to as fat several times. There are comments on how certain kids havethe "awful" body shape of Kate with a dicussion of their future canckles. What does that have to do with behavioror parenting?

    Sorry but comments like the one you made about $350 shoes is exactly what I expect at GWOP. You have no idea how much Kate paid for any of her shoes, where she got them, if they were on sale, etc. You assume she paid a certain price for them. And no I don't see the connection between her having some nice clothes and being worrried about not being able to pay the mortgages on the two houses they currently own.

    As for basing my assumptions on bad apples, that is not necessary. I will base it on a quick review of the first page of posts of the most recent Free Discussion thread 11/14-11/20. There are posts about Kate's supposed efforts to make the tups look younger, posts blaming Kate for Jon's bad behavior, of course the obligatory comparison to the Dione Quints, posts mocking Kate fans and people who read/believe ROL, a coomment wishing the show would go on with Kate homeschooling (presumably so the mocking could continue), posts convinced that TLC or Kate are reacting to their comments, someone wondering why Kate hasn't been beaten egged, booed, or killed, and discussions about a theoretic social worker interviewing Kate about the kids.

    I am still looking for the good apple at GWOP.

  27. always, I completley agree with your comments above!!!!!

    Kate's personality in a nutshell seems to be "what you see is what you get", which may be what got her into some trouble in the past.

    Jon, however, is a wolf dressed in sheep's clothing (is that the right phrase??lol)....and it is the sneaky, quiet type that is much more dangerous in the end. I think we've seen that proven very true in this case.

  28. I've always tried to avoid GWOP, based on what I've heard from so many people about all the bashing. Decided to head there today since there was a comparison of it with this blog. Trust me, I did go with an open mind. The "Rules For Posting" seemed pretty decent, so I scrolled further. MY GOODNESS! I was so NOT prepared for the onslaught of bashing. I have no idea how it is possible to put this blog in the same league as GWOP.

    It was so hurting to read even one article. I read the recap on "Gymnastics and Baseball". The post was snide and full of hate. Yes, hate. Every sentence dripping with a level of sarcasm that made me so disgusted. Examine the following snippets:
    "Well done, Mrs. Gosselin! Yes, they sure are round and perky and plump, and we all noticed; how could we not?"
    "a stern admonishment from the Succubus (referring to Kate)..."

    People actually comment that they thought it was a fantastic article and one even said she was touched to tears! Another cheered the writer for using "Succubus" for Kate because she couldn't call her a "Mother" and would have called her a "Birth Vessel" instead.

    This is what we are comparing BabyMama's blog and everyone's comments to??... I don't even know what to say...

    GWOP has invoked so much anger in me. I think Jon has made so many many mistakes and it is just getting from bad to worse. Many here agree, but I have never seen that level of bashing towards Jon. And I don't think BabyMama would allow it to pass either. It's so hateful! If anyone here bashed Jon that way in here, I'm sure many of us would speak against this (even if we are not liking Jon much these days).

    As for the comment on Kate and Steve and that she could simply change another bodyguard, I'd like to voice to say that if I were Kate, why should I? Assuming that there really is nothing going on between Kate and Steve, and assuming that she is truly good friends with him and his family. If I were in Kate's position, I wouldn't change a bodyguard for the following reasons:
    1. There is nothing to prove and nothing to deny. It's pure fluff, so why should I act on anything and make myself look guilty or like i have something to hide?
    2. The Neilds are friends who have stood by Kate thru'out this whole "ordeal". She said as much herself. Why would she terminate the working engagement of Steve? This is his job, and what he earns on the job is for the livelihood of his family. How could I terminate him because of stupid rumours? And assuming his family and himself are friends to Kate, who better to trust when it comes to her and her children's safety?
    3. Kate doesn't just has Steve as a bodyguard. TLC probably helped Kate engage a team of bodyguards and that's why we see different bodyguards at different times.

    The rumours will come flooding, no matter what she does. Why let it disrupt the few close relationships she has with something that is beyond her control? So no, if I were her, I'd say to hell with the paparazzi and I'm going to keep doing what I am doing, as long as I do it with integrity and honesty.

    GWOP has made me so upset, I really want to verbally bash some people there. But no, I will not stoop to that level. Urrrghh.. I really shouldn't have visited that site....

  29. There is a Duggars without pity site, but it isn't anything like GWOP. People that like the Duggars and the show actually post there and the hate is way way toned down. It is stuff like them not liking how they filmed Jill crying in the dentists office or if they think there is sex discrimination and I have seen actual discussion pro and con. I have even thought about posting there, but I haven't been able to bring myself to support the title since it reminds me of GWOP and I am unsure how they could be related. I even wonder if some of the hate behind GWOP is actual jealousy. I do know that there is a lot of spouting off of the mouth by people who don't even have their facts straight and know what hey are talking about. Maybe it's wanting to be part of a group, or venting out the stress and hate in their lives on someone that isn't in their lives to defend themselves, or maybe they think they are getting involved with a politically correct bandwagon. It is sad. I wish people would spend their hate on something worthwhile like child abuse(real abuse not the stuff they make up about Kate)gang violence, or teenage trafficking. There are just so many juicy worthwhile things to hate that they could take their pick. It is sad that they don't. I personally don't have room for all of that hate in my life. I am looking forward to Monday night.

  30. Raelin, I totally agree with your post. I could give GWOP the benefit of the doubt if all they discussed were things that could possibly be see as detrimental to the children. However, when a ridiculous summary of the episode "brings someone to tears" and is described as "brilliant" and "astounding", not to mention one person mentioned she was "awestruck," you have to realize these people have a screw loose. And to describe Jon as awesome?? Now that gives me a chuckle right there.

    I don't see the problem with putting Joel in the laundry room, but I can see how someone else might think it's bad. However, they undermind their supposed purpose by constantly making fun of Kates clothing -- which I think is PERFECTLY normal for a 34-year-old -- Starbucks, hair, etc.

  31. I have not gone to GWOP in a very long time. I had posted their several times, prior to the whole Jon thing blowing up, trying to give what I thought was a balanced view. I also went to the Chat room several times trying to give a balanced view. My point at all times was trying to make people realize that they say they are advocating for the kids, but IMO, they were harming the entire family with all of their hateful negativity. They did not want to hear it, so I realized I was a fish swimming up stream and that it was a waste of my time to try and make people take a more balanced view. IMO Kate had made mistakes and IMO had over-reacted on several occasions; however, I was not in her shoes; however, I could understand some of her stress, as I am the DOER in my house.

    Anyway I visited GWOP last night and I saw that there was a thread labeled "Request to the Sheeple" where it asked: "sheeple please take the time to write and explain the attraction of Kate, leaving out the tired stock phrases, "yer just jellus, a hater, she has 8 count 'em 8 kids, you should walk in her shoes. Blah blah blah." Take your time and THINK carefully before writing."

    I thought what the hell, I am not a sheeple, nor a Kate lover, but I am up for the challenge, as I totally disagree with that hate blog and I am always amazed at the lengths that people will go to trash a family. To this day, I just can't wrap my head around it.

    So I spent the time and I wrote my post, which I thought was fairly well written and backed up my position where I am not a sheeple; however, IMO they have painted Kate out to be the devil incarnate, which IMO is not deserved and so not true and they paint Jon has "father of the year". I also stated that I felt that the blog is so far off it's mission statement of child advocacy and IMO the majority of the posts are ridiculous and that they must be written by people that are just jealous of Kate.

    Well I should have known that it would not get published. Those moderators do not want people to read a post about common sense. They want their "sheeple" to continue to live in a vindictive, miserable, hate filled world. And for the life of me, I can not and will not ever understand it.

  32. On Access Hollywood they dedicated it to Oprah now that her last show is in September 2011. There is now a poll asking who should replace Oprah in her time slot, and Kate Gosselin was nominated! Vote for her here:

  33. While I am not a supporter of Jon ( or Kate either for that matter) I looked at the "contract" between Jon and Kate Major and wondered how someone with half a brain would take it seriously -

    As far as the timing of the divorce - it could drag on forever - mine took 3 months to the day it was filed to the day it was final - we went into court with everything worked out - the judge simply signed on the dotted line so to speak. I have a girlfriend whose divorce took nearly 2 years - and these were people that owned basically nothing - did not own a house or property - 3 kids. But they could not agree on a thing and so on it went. By the time it was over the lawyers made out better than they did. They had joint custody of the kids and once they figured out who owed who what it was pretty much a wash

  34. As for voting on who gets the Oprah time slot, I would like a better variety of candidates. Also, who said its going to be another talk show. The Network gets to fill in the blanks, not Oprah fans. Boy, I am going to miss her show, there will be no replacing her. It will have to be something totally different. Maybe, reality TV, puk! lol

  35. New Kate Show Info!
    TLC Confirms Kate Gosselin Gets New Show
    Atlanta,GA 11/20/2009 06:43 PM GMT (TransWorldNews)

    TLC has confirmed Kate Gosselin has a new TV series. A spokesperson for the network said Thursday that Kate’s new show will launch in the spring of 2010.
    Earlier this year TLC announced that Jon and Kate Plus 8, the reality show Kate shared with estranged husband Jon Gosselin, would be retitled Kate Plus 8 as Jon would no longer be appearing on the show. Jon halted production with a cease and desist order that banned TLC film crews from entering the Pennsylvania home he owns with Kate. TLC was eventually forced to end the show. They are now suing Jon, 32, for breach of contract.
    TLC now denies Kate’s show is ‘Kate Plus 8.’ “Kate Plus 8 is not in production. We are focusing on the launch of Kate’s new series in early spring,” said a network spokesperson.
    It is unclear if Jon and Kate’s 8 children will be featured on the show. Kate, 34, has not commented.

  36. I wanted to make a couple of comments about things I've just read.

    First of all, the contract with Kate 2.0. I don't specialize in contract law, or any law for that matter, and I'm sure it varies from state to state, but what I do know is that verbal contracts still exists, and they don't require a time period or any actual work to be performed to be enforced. My guess would be that having something in writing is even more legitimate than a verbal contract, because it can definitely be proved. But again, it will differ from state to state, and I'm far from being a legal expert.

    I've been thinking about this whole idea that "we" adore Kate & "hate" Jon vs. what other sites say/think, and I think I've come up with a reason for why so many people are backing Kate, and why she has her haters. Since the very beginning, when she was admitted to the hospital, she would not take "No" for an answer about anything she was adamant about, i.e. the vitamins she was taking. Any other time she wanted something done a certain way, she had to have it done her way, and that's the way it was going to be done,... or else. If I'm not mistaken, she even had a group of nannies replaced, because of the way they were doing things when the sextuplets first came home. As a person, she has ALWAYS been strong willed & if she feels a certain way about something, you don't have to guess. You know, because she'll tell you. Some people find that to be VERY off putting. I, do not, but some people don't know how to take it, or deal with it. As a mother she will go to the ends of the Earth to do what she can to make sure her kids get the best of everything, while still making sure they are disciplined and know how to "take care of themselves"... age appropriate, of course. Throughout the entire 5 years we've been following the Gosselins, Kate's personality and ways of doing things has not changed. Sure, she's become more fashion forward, but what's so bad about that? Even Jon wanted her to be that way. It's admirable to see the same Kate Gosselin we saw 5 years ago that we still see now. Don't get me wrong. She's grown as a person, and such, but she still has the same morals, same personality, the same strong will and the same desire to put her children ahead of everything. But with Jon, we don't know who this guy is. For four years he was a guy that so many married women thought, "I wish my husband was like him," or single women thought, "Does he have a brother?" And now none of us know what to think, because we don't know who he is. From day to day we don't know which Jon we're going to see, and when you love children, that scares you... FOR them. Even if they weren't the Gosselin Eight, I know I would feel for the kids if I knew they were in a similar situation. NO CHILD should have to go through such a situation like we saw on Monday with Hannah asking Jon for a popsicle, and that is probably mild in comparison to what they have and will go through.

  37. As for Steve, I agree with whomever said Kate shouldn't have to get a new bodyguard. Besides, I don't believe that's her personality. Kate does what Kate wants to do, and if she feels safe, both physically and with her privacy, with Steve since we know she has been "sold out", even by family, she needs to keep those who she can trust.

    $350 shoes... I think the part you're forgetting to mention when you say Kate is wearing $350 shoes, if in fact she is, is that money and paying the bills wasn't an issue until Jon STOLE the money. You make it sound like she was crying about not being able to pay her bills and then going out to buy the shoes (cough cough Octo-Mom), which wasn't the case. She was upset about the bills after the shoes, and there never would have been an issue about bills had Jon not taken the money that didn't belong to him in the first place.

    GWOP... This is a topic that I could go on & on & on & on & ... about for ages, but that's what they want. We are talking about them, aren't we? That's what our new rule should be, "No talking about GWOP. It's like cancer." hehehe But seriously, I believe they are ALL unhappy people, and the way I've learned to deal with those kind of people is to think about how lucky I am that I don't have to live their lives. That's what happens to a person when they let hate & negativity consume the, and I for one, don't want to live the rest of my life like that. I've seen people like that up close and personal and it's a sad sad sight to behold.

  38. What the heck is going on here??
    EXCLUSIVE: The Secret Contract And Payments That Will Destroy Jon Gosselin In CourtEXCLUSIVE: The Secret Contract And Payments That Will Destroy Jon Gosselin In Court Posted on Nov 20, 2009 @ 02:08PM

    Jon Gosselin entered into a secret deal to earn money in violation of his TLC contract, and has obtained the document that proves it. The document is a contract that spells out a business relationship between Jon, Hailey Glassman, Mike Heller and Michael Lohan. And although it is unsigned, the contract led to Jon being paid for outside appearances that violated his TLC deal, Michael Lohan told exclusively.

    The document plus those payments could be the “smoking gun” that will doom Jon in the breach of contract action brought against him by TLC. The document spells out a business relationship between Heller and Lohan, and says they have “entered into an agreement with Jon Gosselin... pursuant to which TR is entitled to certain fees resulting from the arrangement of business transactions on behalf of Gosselin and Glassman (the “TR Management Agreement”). TR is a company that was a joint venture of Lohan’s company and Mike Heller’s company.

    But Heller never signed the contract after his father Mark advised him against it, according to Lohan. “I brought Jon to the table so I told Michael Heller we needed an agreement. He said no problem,” Lohan said, explaining the origin of the document. “We were representing him. If we got him interviews, if he did promotional events, anything. “I brought Jon Gosselin to Mike Heller, so Michael had an obligation to pay me a percentage of what he made.”

    And, in what is sure to be strong evidence for TLC and its law firm Williams & Connolly, Lohan says he was paid for deals that Jon made money from – deals that violate Jon’s TLC agreement. Heller “was paying me all along, which basically proves that I did have a deal with him. Why was he paying me checks and giving my wife and my son checks?” Lohan told

    Lohan said some of the payments he received for helping get Jon paying gigs was in cash. “A lot of it was cash, so I would imagine that there were a lot of things that I wasn’t paid for too,” Lohan told “We’re going to find out in this court case, when they’re deposed we’re going to find out exactly.”

    The fact that a paper trail exists on outside business deals for Jon will be powerful evidence for TLC and its law firm, Williams & Connolly, as they seek a preliminary injunction against Jon in December. They are sure to argue that the contract and the payments prove Jon was developing (and executing) business opportunities knowingly in violation of his TLC contract.

    Paul Gaffney, the lead attorney for Williams & Connolly on this case, will depose a number of people who were close to Jon during this summer when TLC says he began breaching his contract.

  39. I so agree about GWOP being a cancer. That is one of the reasons why I did not go there for many, many months. I do not know what drew me there the other night. But I so agree that the people that run that blog and those that post there are very sad, miserable people. I am very grateful that I do not know them personally. Lets hope that with the end of the show that they will all disappear.

  40. I just pray that Jon and Kate have a productive trip to the arbitrator so they don't have to drag the divorce on and on and on. I also hope Jon takes a real attorney with him that can talk some sense into him. I am sorry, but that man needs a reality check. His adventures in La La land are coming back to haunt him.

  41. MosbiusDesigns - Sorry I couldn't answer you right away.

    1. No, I was not referring to the USMagazine photo of Jon and Deanna at a concert. I was referring to the hugging photo made in Colorado in March on the skiing trip with Deanna, her two friends, and two male friends of Jon's. The photo was made by a local CO newspaper. (I seldom read USMagazine.)
    2. No, I gave Jon a "bye" on the January ski trip where he assisted the handicapped skiiers since that could perhaps be considered business.
    3. No, I didn't want Jon to drive home drunk from the bar where he was subsequently photographed in the car with Deanna driving.
    What I wanted was for him to NOT be in the bar drunk in the first place. Then, I'd have liked for him to do the responsible thing and call a cab. (I think Deanna had be drinking also and probably not wise for either of them to drive.) BUT, I also remember well that at the time, initially Jon stated "I wasn't drunk but I had a friend who was thinking about buying a car like I have so she was 'trying' it out." Oh, puleeeeze! He later said, "What did you want me to drive drunk? That's why she was driving." Oh, puleeeze again! (Which "truth" Jon?) What further cinched it for me was the video of him calling to her, "Hey babe! Babe! Babe, I need my jacket!" You idiot, Jon! If she's just your "friend" you wouldn't be calling her "Babe." Or, perhaps you were too drunk to remember her name?
    But, like the old Jim Croce song, I don't have any desire to "tug on superman's cape" or "to spit into the wind." Your mind is made up and you certainly are entitled to your opinion.

    Jon has an amazing ability to convince a number of women that he is telling each of them the "truth." As I said earlier, I really don't think he knows what the truth is any longer. Or perhaps his truth is the "flexible" "situational truth" that depends on how much of a jam he's in at the moment and what he can say to get out of trouble.

    Small children do this until they learn differently. It's horrible if developmentally children get "stuck" in that stage. I'm not talking about sociopathic liars. I'm talking about children who grow up to be chronic and habitual liars. You tell a lie, nothing happens, and it seemed to "work" for you.

    As for me, I just call the "situational truth" what it is... a lie. And if my children lie, they have to be prepared to pay the consequences.

  42. I am sooo excited for Kate and her new show in the spring. Hoping there will be more details soon. She'll be successful at whatever she put her mind to, whether it's TV work, books, or even owning her own business if she wants to.

    As for Jon, sadly he's let his life spiral out of control and he still has no direction. Seems he's toxic to everyone he gets involved with. Or maybe just birds of a feather?

    Even after all of Jon's drama and the way it's affected them negatively, I'm sure Kate and the kids will be fine because of Kate's intelligence, steady convictions and her true heart.

  43. LOL!!! OMG!! Good laugh for the day by Jon: So now Jon is playing nicey, nicey to Kate by bringing red roses to the divorce meeting?! He really has his brain mangled up by booze and whatever if he really thinks Kate, her lawyers or anyone else are gonna fall for that? I can just see them all rolling their eyes and trying hard not to laugh in his face. Then finally figuring out that he’s not going to get whatever he wants, Jon’s just going to go back to doing or saying something to bury himself again.


    Can you beleive this

  45. Malach said...
    I've been thinking about this whole idea that "we" adore Kate & "hate" Jon vs. what other sites say/think, and I think I've come up with a reason for why so many people are backing Kate, and why she has her haters. Since the very beginning, when she was admitted to the hospital, she would not take "No" for an answer about anything she was adamant about, i.e. the vitamins she was taking. Any other time she wanted something done a certain way, she had to have it done her way, and that's the way it was going to be done,... or else. If I'm not mistaken, she even had a group of nannies replaced, because of the way they were doing things when the sextuplets first came home. As a person, she has ALWAYS been strong willed & if she feels a certain way about something, you don't have to guess. You know, because she'll tell you. Some people find that to be VERY off putting. I, do not, but some people don't know how to take it, or deal with it. As a mother she will go to the ends of the Earth to do what she can to make sure her kids get the best of everything, while still making sure they are disciplined and know how to "take care of themselves"... age appropriate, of course. Throughout the entire 5 years we've been following the Gosselins, Kate's personality and ways of doing things has not changed. Sure, she's become more fashion forward, but what's so bad about that? Even Jon wanted her to be that way. It's admirable to see the same Kate Gosselin we saw 5 years ago that we still see now. Don't get me wrong. She's grown as a person, and such, but she still has the same morals, same personality, the same strong will and the same desire to put her children ahead of everything. But with Jon, we don't know who this guy is. For four years he was a guy that so many married women thought, "I wish my husband was like him," or single women thought, "Does he have a brother?" And now none of us know what to think, because we don't know who he is. From day to day we don't know which Jon we're going to see, and when you love children, that scares you... FOR them. Even if they weren't the Gosselin Eight, I know I would feel for the kids if I knew they were in a similar situation. NO CHILD should have to go through such a situation like we saw on Monday with Hannah asking Jon for a popsicle, and that is probably mild in comparison to what they have and will go through.
    Very well said!

  46. I offer the following to Jon from somebody who’s hired many employees. Not trying to be sarcastic here. I really wish I could help Jon.

    Memo to Jon Gosselin
    Re: Tips on How to Get a Job

    1. Stop the smoking. Employers in the Entertainment field, or other fields, have no desire to hire smokers because of the increased liability in health insurance, missed work days, and increased frequency of illnesses.

    2. Don’t badmouth your previous employer. If you talk about your current employer in a negative fashion, future employers figure you will do the same with them.

    3. Don’t overestimate your earning potential. You are worth only what you are offered. While you may think you are worth gazillions, your employer probably will not. It doesn’t matter how much your employer makes from your efforts, your contract will likely require that youo work for whatever you agreed upon in the contract.

    4. Should you need to go back to IT, it is even more important to stop the smoking. You carry the second-hand and third-hand particles on your clothing and most companies want to keep their computer facilities super clean.

    5. It might be a good idea to forego the bar-hopping and partying. Your actions reflect upon your employer. Employers feel that the 3 a.m. bar photos “chugging shots” are not what they want to see in their annual reports, and certainly not in tomorrow’s paper. These are simple to avoid: Don’t do it! If the need for this is too strong to avoid, please seek help with substance abuse.


  47. 6. Employers prefer staff that are conscientious about their health. You don’t have to do the organic, but you might want to walk a few more blocks, forego the taxis, and look at more balanced meals with fewer snacks. This will help you shed those 30-50 pounds you’ve gained and be a health benefit.

    7. While on the job hunt, you might find it a good idea to spend a few hours in a gym. Most people experiencing a divorce also experience a weight loss. With your large increase in weight, this might be difficult to explain. Why not look to your health, and shed those pounds now through walking and healthy meals! You will look and feel better. Exercise has the added benefit of being a great stress reducer.

    8. Watch what you say. Those job interviews can be brutal. With the high rate of unemployment, companies can pick and choice among the “cream.” Get a friend to record you and practice NOT saying “like” or “dude,” etc. repeatedly while explaining things. Instead of a well-versed person, it will make you appear to be not particularly well educated, or articulate, much less a mature, responsible perspective employee.

    9. Make sure you avoid any temptation to do drugs. Even pot will remain in your system and in your hair for months on end. Getting a contract today often means you have to experience drug testing before the contract gets signed and the “hire” gets offered. If you are suspected of having recent drug use, you may also be asked to provide a hair clipping. It is most common for people experiencing divorce to lose 20-30 lbs as a result the experience. (My physician says perhaps 1 in 500 or higher gain weight during a divorce. He went on to say he hadn’t had a single person undergoing a divorce in the last 20 years who had not lost weight.) However, people on pot frequently have the “munchies” and gain weight. You may find that people look at you with suspicion. If you are clean, you have nothing to worry about. If your red eyes are merely from outdoor pollutants or allergies, consider investing in eye drops that help clear your eyes.

    10. You might want to rethink your career choices. You have stated that you don’t want another reality show but do want to remain in entertainment. If you are determined, practice speaking clearly and avoiding “teeny-bopper” expressions. Try reading paragraphs aloud until it becomes comfortable and natural. Working on extemporaneous speaking will also be of benefit.

    11. Your track record on employment longevity isn’t very good. When an employer invests promotional money in your career, or funds for training you, etc. they want to feel that they are getting an employee that will “stay the course.” At one time, you wanted to start an IT company with your younger brother. This might be a good time to consider it. At least then, you’d be your own employer.

    12. And last, dress for success. You do not need to always be dressed in a coat and tie, but for heavens sake, ditch the slogan bearing t-shirts that appear soiled, the backwards ball cap, and your flip-flops (both those on your feet and those statements you make flip-flopping from once stance to another.) Always make sure that you are clean and that any clothes you are wearing look fresh. Remember, you are likely to be photographed when you least expect it! If you dress and act in the manner you want people to perceive you, you have a much better chance for success.

    All of us wish you well, Jon. Good luck with the job hunt.

  48. .....I'd love to be a fly on the wall when Jon tries to hand those red roses to Kate!!! Even looking him in the eye at this point must prove challenging for Kate.......

  49. Jon and Kate agree to divorce terms

    Is Jon and Kate Gosselin's "War of the Roses" over? Only ET interviewed both sides after they met face to face in Pennsylvania on Saturday -- and apparently reached an agreement, in principal, on the terms of their divorce arbitration. Plus, we break news about Jon's love pledge to Kate!

    ET special correspondent Diane Dimond reports that after the feuding ex-couple met with an arbitrator for about five hours, both sides emerged to say they'd reached an agreement.

    Dimond says the arbitrator will commit Jon and Kate's agreement points, along with his own recommendations, to a document. Lawyers expect to receive the document in approximately 30 days, and both sides have agreed to abide by whatever the arbitrator rules.

    Dimond says that after the meeting ended, Kate declined to comment, but Jon said he'd written his estranged wife a note indicating that he loves their children, that a part of him will always love her, and he will never let any harm come to her.

  50. If I were Jon, I'd be wiping off that after-arbitration smile pretty quick. He won't be smiling after TLC gets done with him. If he got any assets from arbitration, he's going to end up giving it all, and then some more, back to TLC who will in turn, pay it all to Kate for her own show!

  51. I don't love Jon but, I thought it was a honest attempt to start fixing things and at least talking like adults. Give him a little slack.

  52. who is giving Jon advice and can they get a clue? Maybe that idea came from his unprofessional spiritual advisor that advises the half of him that is not Korean. Like he doesn't know Kate well enough to know that she isn't smart enough to be swayed by charm or maybe it comes from the lawyer who doesn't practice in the states where he has pending legal action.

  53. PAR,
    I do believe they do focus on Kate's appearance too much, just like some Jon haters too. I was commenting on the general mentality behind both blogs. They are entitled to their opinions just like you can deam just to be a weak man. Just like people can excuse Kate's verbal abuse of Jon for his recent behaviour, call Jon a slime ball or say Kate needs a bodyguard to protect her from Jon. GWOP has changed alot after the media frenzy began too, more leaning towards Jon and more conspiracy theories though. I leave it there on GWOP... many people don't enjoy the topic here.

    Onto recent events, I think the Kate Major lawsuit is a joke. Its hard to sue for breach of contract when you infact breached the contract as well and its difficult to prove who breached it first. The Lohan papers aren't that much of bombshell since they aren't signed and basically prove Lohan served as an agent to Jon. Just like Kate's agent but instead of a nominal fee he would earn a percentage.

    The flowers were definitely a weird idea for Jon today. I guess no one told him he should of gotten yellow roses because they signify riendship not love with red. Jon seemed pretty happy coming on and Kated didn't. I found it interesting that TMZ is reporting Kate received primary custody, from what I read all that means is that Kate gets the majority of the time. (4 vs 3 days a week?). That will be intersting if she does decide to go ahead with their television career. I guess we won't receive all the information due to the confidentiality agreements but maybe that points to Jon's reconcilary tone he was talking about. I really don't think their custody agreement was working now as it was. They need more of a defined custody agreement so they don't need all this drama surronding holidays and a changing schedule every week for the kids. That way a parent can go to a court instead of the media if one is violating it.

    Linda, I liked your list but there are a few celebrities they have made a career of not obeying number 9 ;).

  54. Malach~ We can't edit posts on Blogger. Only publish or delete them. So feel free to re-submit your post without the link if you want...I just couldn't publish it because I don't put things like that on this site. Thanks!
    And yea, it's very late here, but I know there is A LOT going on in Gosselin land and I will def. do a new post on Sunday for the big Monday FINALE!

  55. The roses was amusing. The note about a part of him always loving Kate?? OK, that just totally made everything feel forced and fake. I don't know about Kate, but if not so very long ago I had heard Jon saying that:
    - he despised me
    - no longer loves me
    - I'd suit a Cruella Deville voice
    - he loves Hailey more than he loved me (after a mere what.. 6, 7 mths?)

    Wow that note was have made me roll on the floor laughing, if I were her. About loving the children, yes, I totally agree that he does. But the rest of it was just... wow...

    Denise, you left out the best part of that radaronline article. THat Kate left the meeting WITHOUT the flowers. LOL....

    I don't know what to think. I guess it's become so much like the boy who cried wolf. Jon has spun so many stories time and time again. And he's shown such "revengeful" actions, it's just so hard to trust him and give him the benefit of doubt. If even we find it hard to do that, how much more so for Kate?

    He's said it himself: Actions speak louder than words. Well, isn't it about time we saw some form of action on his part to be a better man? People change over time, and I don't expect Jon to be exactly the same as he was before, but he needs to let go of those horrible habits and choices. I don't think Kate is expecting him to be the man he was before because she has changed and so has he. But the good values that they had before, well he should still keep them, not matter what. People change the way they see things or act, but the key good values should never been forgotten or thrown away.

    LOL, Linda, I loved your "Memo" to Jon. Really, these are all the nasty things about Jon that he needs to get rid off, or at least tone way way way down. And that will make him a much better person!

  56. Linda- I will help you out a little more to prove your argument about the bar and Deanna driving his car. He stated his friend wanted to drive his car because she was purchasing a new one. Well my mother has worked for Nissan for 32 years, so I asked her. The Nissan Nismo Jon is driving is a 370z, which is a race car for Nissan. He does have a limited edition that was available for street use. Now Nissan is producing the Nissan Nismo 350z that is between $31,000 to $36,000 and releasing another 370z that is more affordable. So, there is no way I believe Deanna was buying a car like that, she might have thought she would be getting Jon's as she was the flavor of the the month then. Just thought I would help your argument.

  57. If it is true, I believe Jon did the first mature thing that I have seen him to do in the last year at the arbitration meeting. If it actually happened, he gave Kate primary custody. He put his kids needs above his own ego for once and did what was best for them. We know not the details and maybe there was more money in it for him that way or something, but I am happy he did it for their sake. I hope it means that Kate has control over the sitters and such. That does more to work on his relationship with Kate than flowers ever will.

  58. I cannot believe she turned down the roses, she could have at least brought them home to the kids:(

  59. my2girls, seriously....... The roses at this point are an insult.
    He has been on tv w/ other women & has gone on with his life.
    Its a disgrace to his family . If he did not want to be in the marriage, then yes divorce. Not every marriage works out.
    And a home with argueing is not a happy home.
    BUT he chose to go public with other women & disgrace his family. Thats a choice that will effect his children.
    So roses? No thanks.

  60. Also, I am hoping Kate gets the divorce all wrapped up before TLC pursues Jons assets in the suit against him.
    I would hope that Kate can be all set & then TLC can deal with Jon did not honor his contract with their company.

  61. Its The 'Series' Finale tonight, not just the 'Season' finale.