Monday, November 16, 2009

Watch Gymnastics & Baseball & Never Before Seen Footage Here, Jon Parties Hard In Hawaii

Hello Gosselin fans! I hope that you are all getting ready for the Holidays, could you believe that its a week and a half until Thanksgiving? Then it's full swing till Christmas..I have been asked many times if I was sad the shows run as we know it was ending. For me I am truly sad about it. This show seemed like it helped out so many women going through the challenges of being stay-at-home moms, me included. I truly still love watching the show. I still fully support Kate 100%, and excited to see what the future holds for her and her wonderful children.

That doesn't mean I'm going anywhere...Are you kidding me? I'm excited to watch the haters, nasty trolls and every crazy in between fade away & find new people to let out their frustrations on. For everything to die down a bit, and once again be the last blog standing. I will say it comes at a good time for me. I will be so busy once December starts, my loyal readers may have to tell ME the inside scoops! But know that my comments sections will ALWAYS be open for you all to talk to each other and me...I have met the most wonderful people here and look forward to meeting more!

Sneak Peak For Tonight!

On that note I am very excited to see these two new back-to-back episodes!

Jon Gosselin Parties Hard In Hawaii:

Jon Gosselin surfing, partying like the rock star he's not. Jon Gosselin is living the life. Have you ever seen an out-of-work dude with eight children from the Pennsylvania sticks party like this? We think not.
Jon Gosselin is in Hawaii with his mom and stepdad to attend the wedding of Philadelphia Phillies outfielder Shane Victorino. And while he's there, Jon's not letting any grass skirts grow under his feet -- he's been living the life of a native, partying like nobody's business (except in true Jon Gosselin fashion he makes it everybody's business).

Last year around this time Jon was in Hawaii to renew his vows with estranged wife Kate Gosselin...but this weekend Jon was touting his new no-ties lifestyle, snapped out surfing in the Pacific. Whether he actually got up on the board is unclear, but apparently pretending to hang ten is good for press. Meanwhile Saturday night after Victorino's wedding Jon got loose at a bar with -- it's a mystery to us too -- lots of ladies around. Paparazzi caught him looking completely smashed at Lulu's Lahaina Surf Club & Grill. We're so proud of Jon for turning over a new leaf.

Watch Baseball & Never Before Seen Footage Here!


  1. Love the Jon and Kate Plus 8. I have season 1 to 4 and look forward to when season five comes out on DVd. Does anyone know when it will be in sotres? I wish that the show was not going to end. Look forward to tonights episodes.

  2. I am uncomfortable with the way TLC is portraying Jon in that preview. I understand that yeah, he probably is just like that. I don't think they should have brought up his cell phone usage unless they are 100 percent certain that he is just talking with friends. Kate said herself that she is on the phone a lot. Truly I have seen more photos of Kate on the phone than of Jon.

    This show was started as a way to preserve memories for the kids. I don't think I would want my kids to see a show where their father is being portrayed in such a negative way. I understand that TLC is not very happy with him right now, and rightly so... I just wish they would have kept their unhappiness out of the tv show, if that makes sense.

    The timing of this episode is suspect. TLC is suing Jon, Jon is countersuing TLC. It almost seems like a way to take out their anger at him, and I feel it should be done in the courts, not on the tv show that they used to let the kids watch (God I hope they don't any longer.)

    With that being said, the gymnastics parts look neat. And it looks like they got their passport pics taken after Mother's Day brunch because of the girls outfits.

  3. While I don't post a lot and when I do post they are rather short and to the point, I could not go a day with out this blog. I read it multiple times a day. I too am a Kate supporter 100%. I hope to see her in the short future again on TV. Baby mama, I am so grateful for all you have done for this site. It has been very helpful to me over the past year. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.
    I can't wait to see tonight episodes. I hope I don't cry too much.

  4. Well said, Baby Mama!!!....and thank you for all your hard work and dedication. I`m looking forward to watching the 8 cuties tonight....and yes, I feel very sad about it too, as you expressed anothermom!!!!!

  5. Without you guys, there would be no blog. I started this more to find people like myself, then to be dedicated to everything Gosselin. I hope that once the show ends and a new chapter begins, you all with stick around a while.

    On that note, US Weekly is stating that while Jon partied this weekend, Steve Neild's wife and Son spent Sunday with Kate enjoying the kids. It's sad and sickening that sites would make up such lies when it's obvious none of what they say is true.

  6. I just saw at the end of the first episode "In Memory of our Nana Janet"!! What happened!!!!

  7. Humm....look at that on the that the logo for Kate's new show. Very nice in pink and black.

  8. Aww I guess you didn't hear that she passed away in October. Some info is here...'s_show&alreadyAsked=1&rtitle=Where_is_nana_janet

  9. used991823.......I hear your point about the portrayal of Jon, I really do........BUT.......I think Kate has been portrayed in a negative light for much of the five seasons. Yes, it was via clips of meltdowns or whatever that she was caught doing on camera. But I believe TLC gave Jon a very easy time of it over the years. Perhaps the snipes should have been kept out of the very end of the series. I`m sure both Kate and TLC have a ton of repressed anger. So for once in the show they`ve shone the negative light on Jon.`s still nothing like Jon saying he despises Kate or that she is Cruella. Jon (IMO) deserves what was long overdue, and then some!!!!! But the lawsuit against Jon and all that is involved clearly signal it is time for this chapter of the show to end.

    And yes, clearly I am 100% Team Kate....(it wasn`t always 100-0, more like 50-50)...but let it be what it may at this point. But for me, there is simply no going back.

    I will definitely read and keep up with your blog, Baby Mama. I`m sure with everything happening in the next little while there will be alot to discuss.

    But for Kate and mostly the children`s sakes, I hope that they find the peace that she has wanted for them and a sense of normalcy that they all so very much deserve. These kids have been through so much.

  10. While I'm sad that the show is coming to an end. I have a sneaking suspicion that this is NOT the last time we will see Kate and the kids on TLC. TLC would not be putting all this money into a lawsuit if they did not think they could get those kids back on TV. Paying there lawers is much more expensive than the money Jon has made on appearances (isn't this what they are seeking to get back). However, it breaks my heart to see it got because the future is so up in the air. I hope for the kids sake they can disappear for a while because the paparazzi thing is way to crazy. I hope they get bored and leave. Well that depends on Jon's behavior if you ask me.

  11. I was touched that they remembered Nana Janet. I had been hoping they would do that. The gymnastics episode was sooo adorable. Those kids seem to really enjoy filming, some of them especially are naturals and I think they may go into acting careers. They seem so proud when they talk into the camera. That looked like a really fun gymnastics class. Those kids were so well behaved in the restaurant. With Kate. I am glad Jon took them to do something "he liked to do". They really liked the characters. I have to admit that I was thinking to myself that Kate probably would have brought a first aid kid. Nothing against Jon in that, just a mom thing. They are growing into such a darling age and I am sad that the show is ending. They are really developing personalities of their own.
    I was glad they showed the next episode even though it was so sad. Jon surely had the opportunity to put the events into perspective and he didn’t so I don’t especially feel bad how he was perceived. He knew he was being filmed during those times. He also was quite aware that he was being filmed when he was doing the things that people find objectionable. There are some things I would not do if I knew a film crew was watching me. I feel that Jon plays with the children in front of the paparazzi on purpose., maybe he needs the attention or something. I was livid with him when I saw him at the fence while the kids were waiting for him. I wonder if that was the day we all heard about where the kids didn’t want to do Jon’s activity and wanted to swim. If it was, in that context especially, I totally do not blame them and it had nothing to do with filming or TLC. Jon didn’t pick an appropriate activity for the time and he was clearly unexcited about it and that mood affected the kids. If he would have been pumped about it and made it fun, they probably would have had a good time. He was too busy on the phones and at the fence. The cool thing about texting is that you don’t have to answer them immediately. If he needs to spend so much time on the phone, he can set the kids up with an activity or video and do his business, or do it at nap/school time. I like how she took the kids to Ronald Mac Donald House and is exposing them to helping others. The way that Kate was enthusiastic about the obstacle course made the kids enjoy it, if Jon would have been that way they would have had fun with his soccer game. It was sooo cute to see the dog under the mat, my dog would do something like that. I also appreciate how Kate admits that she handled the passport incident wrongly. It is sad that they couldn’t go to Korea. I wonder though if it might be better to wait until the kids are a little older.

  12. I have to tell you, the second half of the hour is truly the best. Will save the rest of the videos later, but it was really nice to see all that we didn't get to see with the kids this Summer!


  14. OMG, was it not one of the cutest things in the world when Leah said, "Madytary, a Hannahtard, Leahtarh & Lexitard"? At first I didn't get it, but then I couldn't stop laughing. It's so funny how kids' minds work. Those kinds of things are what I miss about being a pre-school teacher (10+ years now) and will miss about this show.

  15. I was saddened that this was coming to an end. What will I do with my Monday nights? I loved being a part of the Gosselin family and really wish them well.

    Kate has grown more independent with the seasons, she has become her own. I hope she stays home, focuses on family and pursues whatever endeavors come her way. As far as Jon, I really hope he follows through one day with all his apologies and so on. Apologizing and being regretful and then repeating your mistakes is a sign of weakness, he needs to reevaluate what is ‘important’ in life and start to realize that yes, he became a dad really young, but now I have a responsibility to eight children.

    Lastly, I think the children have come so far. They are intelligent and real people persons. I feel that they might end up having repercussions later in life, which is unfortunate. They won’t be able to completely trust, or feel secure going out alone. Hope for the best though!

  16. Oh my. I just saw my post, and I needed to do some serious proof reading before hitting send. How embarassing. The quote was meant to read, "Madytard, a Hannahtard, Leahtard & Lexitard."

  17. The second half hour was the best. Im glad they showed him on the phone & how he ignores the kids to talk on the phone.
    I see Kate on the phone alot BUT the photos of her on the phone are when she is by herself !! And did you see how Hannah was asking for a popsicle over & over because she was hot & he ignored her?? Funny , if Kate did that his lawyers would be all over her for it.
    Also I was glad how they showed him down by the fence socializing w/ the papparatzi while his kids yelled for him.
    Unbelievable !! You dont see Kate down by the fence talking to these people.
    I was glad TLC had the balls to show Jons true colors. FINALLY !!!!!
    Sad to see the show end, But glad for Kate & the kids that they will have some peace, she is a totally self sufficient mom & she will work things out so she can support her children. Jon will be sad when he is no longer in the spotlight, Imagine that he will have to get a REAL job ! Oh No.
    Actually scratch that , He will probably get it so Kate ends up paying him allimony.....
    We'll see I guess :-)

  18. Malachm I missed that part when Leah said that, I will have to watch it again. She is do damn cute ! So excited for Gymnastics!

  19. I agree with everyone that said the negative comments about Jon and also the pics, should not be on the show. It doesn't make for good memories. I am sure TLC can get them across in court, and Kate is saying these things in front of the kids, not good. Get back on the high road kate, if you want to have a show in the future!

    We haven't heard anything from Paula Dean yet. HMMMMMMMMM? I wonder if they are just waiting for the Big D to get done!!!!

    I did enjoy watching the kids do everything, and hope they find piece and quiet in the future. No paps and no filming. Pretty soon their school work will be more demanding and they will need to have more individual help with those things. I somtimes wonder if Kate is going to have enough patience at the end of each day to help them! I did it as a Single Parent of two, but 8 is alot!!!!

  20. Whatever happened to the Kate Plus 8 show? Is that still up in the air or is that not happening at all now?

  21. I just stumbled upon this blog last week, and I'm so disappointed I hadn't found it sooner. Since the show is ending, I've been looking back wondering where it all went wrong. I've looked at both sides, Kate and Jon, and though they are both at fault, in my opinion, Jon is to blame. Yes, I realize, this is based on what info the media has given us. Basically, we had a show about a couple raising 8 kids. We had a control freak versus a more relaxed personality. It became popular. It was making the family so much money, that neither dad nor mom had to work. One parent was always with the kids. It gave the kids a big house with lots of room to play. It was a very successful job, and probably would have continued to grow. I love my husband dearly, so I don't know what I would do in the same position, but I would think I would do everything I could to protect our great job that allows us to spend lots of time with our kids, give our kids better than we ever thought, and doesn't require alot of hardwork. Again, based on what the media has told us, Jon was the first one to step outside of that boundary. He was the one pictured in bars and with other women creating the storm that ensued. I don't care who you are, as a parent, your job is to provide for your family, and he has single handedly ended that opportunity. At some point, and this I have been through, you come to a cross road in life, and you consciously make a decision. At some point, Jon had the choice to go to the bar with another woman, or to go home to Kate. We have all been there and thought, This is what I want to do, but this is what I need to do. When you choose to do what you want to do,that is directly disregarding all the other people in your life who will be hurt by that decision. It's reckless, careless, and completely self absorbed and that is what Jon has done.

    Now that I've got that off my chest, I realize that at some point Kate and Jon had to make the choice whether to continue with the show or not. And some will say that Kate did what she wanted rather than what was needed to be done when making that decision. Everybody has their own opinion I guess and can say what they want to say, but I 100% believe that a better person would have thought, I need to do what's right for my children and my family and go home to my wife, rather than go to the bar with this girl, even if she is a friend. All of the other issues in this Kate vs. Jon debate can go in Jon's favor, but this is to me is non-debatable and takes the cake. Take it for what it's worth.

  22. ECUgirlKrystal~ TLC made statements saying that until everything with Jon is resolved, Kate Plus 8 will not be weekly episodes but specials through next year. Hopefully those will start filming soon!

    I have to say, there was many a mention on the hate sites about Kate saying "Kate Minus Jon" at The Ronald McDonald House and she made a few comments throughout the show about his behavior..Ohh please Jon WAS never there anymore except when he had to be, and they were going though a painful separation. GET OVER IT! The big stink everyone made a few months ago aboutthe kids not wanting to film..they wanted to go into the pool that day..big deal..ugh people make a big deal over nothing..

  23. txchic25~ Welcome. I started this fan site in July 2008. Feel free to go back through this site and my other...the link is on the right side of the page in my profile.. I have done almost 300 posts and I'm proud of each and every one. I'm thinking that once the show is over I will go back each week and pull one of my old posts to discuss. So much has changed in a year and a half!

  24. Baby Mama,
    Tx again for putting those videos up because i fell asleep before the end of the old???

    I thought TLC was just going to film Kate, and the Kids could not be filmed any longer. Did Jon give in?

  25. BabyMama, I think that is a great idea to go back through some of the old posts. I enjoy reading them even though so much has changed. Things that used to be a big deal are unimportant now and things that seemed inconsequential when they happened now seem like red flags. Also, a lot of us weren’t around when they were first put up. The one thing that has really stuck me in the more recent episodes is how proud the kids seem to be to be on camera. So many people carry on about the negative aspects to their filming and while there re some definite costs that they pay, there are some very important rewards. What if there was no show and Jon couldn’t keep a job. Kids whose parents have to hold down two jobs or one 60-80 hour a week job pay a consequence of having their parents not as involved in their lives, but they have the advantage of having food and other things that they need. I see the filming not as black and white, but a shade of grey. These kids are developing people skills that they might not otherwise learn. They are also being exposed to a world that they would never see. Ron Howard was on TV as a child and look at what he has become. That may have never happened if he hadn’t been exposed to that life. I don’t think the question needs to be to film or not to film, rather how to create balance and combat those negative effects. I am hoping they are so proud of what they have created and that we will see them plenty in the future.


  26. With all the "in and out" this week, hospitals, and sick folks I spent little time waiting in lines, which is usually when I surf the internet. I missed a few things, and don't recall seeing them on here. So, I'm going to post one from the Huffington Post before I comment on last night's show. If you've already seen it, please just scroll on past. It kind of summed up how I'm feeling about Jon and his attitude right now; except, I don't think I'd have said it quite this bluntly.
    Jon Gosselin Can Go Back to Work... at Foot Locker
    by Steve Marmel (Posted on Huffington Post)
    In the latest skirmish in his war with TLC, Jon Gosselin has filed a $5 million claim against the network, saying its representatives damaged his reputation and career by preventing him from working with other media outlets.

    In the suit, the reality star dad claims that the network contacted various media outlets he'd been in touch with to persuade them to stop dealing with him. __"Their behavior has caused Jon great anguish and it has caused him financial losses," says his attorney, Mark Heller, who maintains Gosselin did not have an attorney or a manager present when he signed the contract for Jon and Kate Plus Eight with TLC last year.
    Dude, shut up.

    Nobody owes you another show, another shot, another anything.

    "Damaging your reputation and career?" WHAT career? Before the show, Gosselin was an IT analyst. And even though unemployment is at 10.2%, I'm sure, if you put your limited mind to it, you could hit and drum up a gig at Cisco Systems. Or figuring out why the Wifi doesn't work at Corner Bakery.

    TV doesn't owe you a job. TV gave you a job. Then, TV decided it didn't want you anymore.

    You can go now. You can disappear into the corn, never to be seen again, like 99% of the people of Survivor or American Idol. We barely remember the winners, why would we waste valuable brain space on the losers? Nobody owes you fame... And nobody is stopping you from doing what you did before you were on TV.
    It didn't pay as much, and it didn't get you dates despite your penchant for Ed Hardy douche-wear, but that's not the point. You can find another job, anywhere else you want.

    Just not a day care center, or as a relationship counselor, okay? Because I'm sure the performance reviews on both were pretty damn negative.To obscurity with you.

    Some article! I'd only interject that actually before the show, Jon was an unimployed IT analyst.

  27. I have watched the show from the beginning but I haven't seen all the episodes like so many fans here. So, I was a little surprised to find myself having to hold back the tears (okay, I was actually crying) as I saw the previews for the final episode. I have loved watching those beautiful children and will miss them and hope they will do occasional specials to allow us to see how they're doing.

    But to be honest, the main reason I really got hooked to begin with was because of Kate. The first time I saw the way she talked to Jon I called my husband into the room to watch and said, "see I'm not the only one!" He just rolled his eyes and moved on. Kate was milder in the specials and I could identify with someone who kept on top of things. I take care of the bills in our household too and that job in itself makes me a control freak!

    I was less able to see myself in her as the seasons went on. I could not see myself yelling at my husband across a store or most of the other things Kate was able to do nor would my husband have put up with it. But it made her no less fun to watch!

    Perhaps had Jon called her out more often Kate could've learned to check herself. It's my personality to use a "tone" that my husband doesn't like and he points it out when I'm using it. I'm usually not even aware I'm doing it but it can sound rude. So, I do think if you don't like something it's your responsibility to say so and the other persons responsibility to then learn from it. Had Jon spoke up more often and Kate in turn realized she couldn't get away with it, perhaps things could have been different.

    I will miss the family terribly and hope these parents can learn to communicate better for the sake of those children.

  28. Well I for one think it's time for the show to stop. Yes, you read that right. I love this show! I love Kate and the kids, but I believe that it's time to turn the camera off. After watching the epidsodes last night, I just think all that's been said and done is enough. The last "Never Before Seen" footage was nothing to write home about. Sad really. All it showed was that the marriage was strained for awhile.

    And during the gymnastics episode, I just kept thinking, it's time to give these people some privacy. The kids were so stinking cute - I have one in gymnastics myself. But I couldn't help thinking about all the sickos out there oogling over little girls in gymnastics outfits and I just wanted to protect them. I literally wanted to step between them and camera. And near the end when we were watching Cara and Mady, did anyone else notice the other girls staring at them in the background? Girls Cara's and Mady's age get embarrassed easily. It's time to let life return to normal where no one is staring and pointing at them. Just my opinion.

    They will be dearly missed and I hope TLC gets to do those check-in specials they're talking about. But for now, it's time to take the power out of Jon's hands to further harm this family. I look forward to whatever show TLC comes up with for Kate.

  29. I loved, loved, loved last night's program even though it was clips that spanned the late spring through the early fall.

    Gosh those kids are just so adorable and completely comfortable in front of cameras. I'm really going to miss the weekly dose of Gosselin children. They just make you want to cuddle them. Amazing how a cable show on Monday nights against pro football captured the hearts of so many people.

    I really thought TLC was very kind to Jon in the editing with the phone bit. They could have let it go on and on and on about Jon ignoring the kids to work the fence, text, and to take phone calls.

    Hurrah for Mady blowing the whistle when she couldn't get Jon to leave the people at the fence. Hannah trying to get a cooling frozen treat in the heat I thought showed politeness as well as determination. Many kids would have had a meltdown at that point from sheer frustration.

    When Joel scraped his knee at the ballpark and Jon looked at the alcohol packet and then went ahead with it, I kept thinking please, please, please don't do that. Oh well.

    I admire Kate more and more as time goes by. She makes errors (don't we all), but she acknowledges them. At least we don't have an epiphany of the week with her.

    I can't wait to see what the future TLC project holds for Kate. The filming won't include the children, hopefully the divorce will be final very soon, and she can get on with her life sans Jon. Hopefully the trolls can find his NY address or contact info so they can hang out there. Hopefully, too, they'll find a new person to vent their venom against, and leave the Gosselin children alone.

    Again, I'm going to miss the children so much!

  30. One other thing, as I watched last night, I heard Jon and Kate say, as they have several times in the past, that this show was their job. However the children were just living there lives with a camera present.
    I understand their reasons for wanting the distinction but the kids have done interviews (albeit not as extensively and their parents) and had to do the TLC press release photos, etc. just like Jon and Kate. If it has been a job for Jon and Kate then because of the other things the children have done, it should have been considered a job for them too.
    I know, I know, they can't call it that because it could have brought up all sorts of labor law and salary issues for people but I wish they would've stopped calling it that for themselves then. JMO but it always bothered me.

  31. I thought the first episode was good but the second episode seemed to be more of a PR episode then anything. I'm pretty sure the Ronald McDonald part was the same one as the OCC one. I'm pretty sure if the Jon ignoring the kids moment is the worst that TLC can come with that wasn't that bad. Was that the same episode where kids quit filming just to jump in the pool? Kind of hypocritical of Kate if she is on the phone the same amount of time. She really has no clue what his phone calls are about, they could be with his lawyers, PR guy, agent or whatever. The dog collar comment was also quite low road and she didn't do a good job of hiding the fact that she meant to say it.

    Linda, I agree with you that everyone makes errors and its right to own up to those but I think this is another point where we disagree :P A lot of the time when Kate acknowledges her errors, she doesn't own up but gives an excuse or blames it on Jon for her actions. It takes more to own up to your error then it does to acknowledge it and and blame it on someone/something else.

    I don't think you can say Jon has not acknowledged his errors. Just take a look at the "pull the stick out" comment. In the same episode he said he regretted that comment. He also said he regretted going out to bars too and said he apologized to Kate. Because people decide to ignore what one person says or deem it a lie doesn't mean it never happened.

    I know in the last thread you asked why Deanna Hummel hasn't been subpoena. She also denied any affair with Jon and obviously that was true so she wouldn't only harm their case. I wouldn't call the witness list too exceptional, It has a deadbeat dad, a tabloid reporter who quit her job for Jon but "didn't want it to get too serious", someone who will obviously say anything for money and caused National Enquirer to possibility be sued for lying. Oh yeah and a lawyer who doesn't have to share his attorney client communications.

  32. allibrootob said...
    used991823.......I hear your point about the portrayal of Jon, I really do........BUT.......I think Kate has been portrayed in a negative light for much of the five seasons. Yes, it was via clips of meltdowns or whatever that she was caught doing on camera. But I believe TLC gave Jon a very easy time of it over the years...... clipped for space....

    I don't really think she was shown in a truly negative way on the show. Yeah, they had clips of her freaking out over nothing, and yelling at Jon. IMO she didn't mind it, if she had I'm sure it wouldn't have gone on for 5 seasons.

    I just feel like via the show she was given a platform to explain her behaviors, and now with all of the nonsense going on between Jon and TLC they're putting these clips in to basically say "Hah, you wouldn't listen to us and are DARING to sue us... let's throw some bad footage of you onto the show and see how you like it!" And obviously he isn't given any time to explain those behaviors. And they freely admitted they don't really know who he is talking to during those phone calls.

    Please don't get me wrong, I think Jon is a spineless wimp and is completely undeserving of the wonderful life he was given and then threw away... It just really bothers me that TLC is using the show to portray him in a really negative light. The show was supposed to be for the kids to watch. It really doesn't seem like something they need to see.

  33. Angelsmama, I too get tearyeyed over the show ending as well as some of the other traumatic parts of their lives such as the divorce and when Jon took the money. It is nice to see that others feel the same way. One of the reasons I enjoy this blog so much is seeing how so many other people care about them as well.
    Linda, I for one never want to scroll past what you say. You have a clever way of putting things and have very informative things to say. I hope your family is feeling better and that you are taking care of yourself. Babymama, I hope your kids feel better soon and that they aren’t too grouchy.

  34. As I figured, this episode and the commercial for the last one put chills down my spine. It just gets harder and harder to watch. I know I'm going to cry next week. This week I was too sick to cry (strep throat - kills to swallow, let alone cry).

    I'm not too sick to have a couple of opinions though, so here goes. lol

    I agree with those that said Jon's distasteful or bad parenting moments shouldn't be included on the show. These are episodes that will be seen by the kids someday, if not already. I know there are bad memory episodes already, like the separation announcement one but that was an unfortunate part of their lives which not airing was not going to change.

    They didn't have to include parts that made their dad look like a total ass and are probably even edited to make him look like more of an ass than he originally was. Not that I think Jon or his actions should be protected, but why rub it in the kids' faces that their dad couldn't really be bothered with them, because basically that was what it looked like. Some of those clips look like Jon couldn't care less what his kids are doing and would rather be on the phone or at the fence. Even if this was the case, why hurt the kids with it?

    All in all, it was cute to see all the kids doing gymnastics. That part of the episdode reminded me of the old Jon and Kate Plus 8 shows. So much of that has been lost in all the divorce drama.

    It also hurt to watch the parts where Kate laments doing things without Jon. It's so obvious that she misses him with all of her being and it makes it so hard to think that he doesn't even give one iota. The way he talks is that it took him so long to get over it and that he was devastated and was acting out because Kate cut him loose but his actions don't reflect that. In fact, his actions show coldness towards his own kids too and that just sucks! It's like if he could, he'd walk away from it all.

    I do have one tiny little criticism but it's not really a huge deal. It was great that they put the little blurb at the end of the first half about Nana Janet but I thought they might have included an actual little clip in the episode of a favourite Nana Janet moment. They didn't talk about her at all and then the in memoriam just appeared out of nowhere. I don't mean to be picky, maybe there were reasons they couldn't include a clip but it would have been nice.

    Reenie, I agree about Jon denying the popsicle. Had it been Kate, the haters would hav been all over it. Remember "watergate" when she didn't let Mady have water before an interview and Mady called her mean? I think that graced a good 4 tabloid covers that week!

    Baby Mama, I just wanted to say that that is a good idea picking out old episodes to discuss each week. It will give us something to tide us over until new shows can be aired. Again, thanks for all you have done thus far! Your hard work shows!!

  35. For those who think they shouldn't show Jon's bad parenting moments for the sake of the kids, uh, the kids were THERE! They were the ones asking for his attention! They don't need it to be filmed to remember that feeling of neglect! They've (repeatedly) shown Kate's bad moments and have glossed over Jon's for 4+ seasons. It was about time they evened the score for the record. Maybe Jon seeing how horrible his behaviour looks from his kids' perspective will help him change it in the same way it has made Kate more introspective about her behaviour.

  36. Baby Mama said:

    I have to say, there was many a mention on the hate sites about Kate saying "Kate Minus Jon" at The Ronald McDonald House and she made a few comments throughout the show about his behavior..Ohh please Jon WAS never there anymore except when he had to be, and they were going though a painful separation. GET OVER IT! The big stink everyone made a few months ago aboutthe kids not wanting to film..they wanted to go into the pool that day..big deal..ugh people make a big deal over nothing..

    “GET OVER IT” is the understatement of the year!!!

    As I’ve said before, I’m not big on passing judgment on people, especially those I don’t know, and one thing I try really hard to do is see things from other people’s point of view in order to understand where they’re coming from, BUT there comes a time when ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!! I’ve read a lot of the stuff these people post on one of these hate sites, and it blows minds mind. What’s worse is that there’s very few things in this world that surprise me anymore. Yet, if I want to be surprised by human behavior I know exactly where to go.

    As someone who has gone through divorce within the last year, I can totally relate to Kate saying, “Minus Jon,” and all of the other off-hand comments she’s made. MANY people deal with pain by using humor and making jokes In her mind, I’m sure, that’s how she sees what she’s doing. I did, and do, the same things, and we had no children, nor has our life & divorce been played out in front of the entire world. It has someone been “played out” in the world of Olympic Speedskating, but that’s a totally different story all together, and no where even close to the number of people Kate has to deal with. But I’ll tell you, the comments about her saying, “Minus Jon,” and the like are not what bother me the most.

    A week ago I logged on one of those sites to see what they had to say about Kate’s interview with Natalie Morales. At the time they didn’t have a recap, which I found rather odd, and even thought, “Was it good enough that they have to think hard to tear it apart & that’s what there isn’t a recap,” but then I remember who I was “dealing with“, and I kept reading. I came up an entry titled “Lies Kate Has Told - Jon Also Lies” which then said, “We were asked last week to put up a thread to list all their lies and con games. This seems a good time.” Again, I thought it would have legitimate entries. WRONG!!!! I honestly couldn’t believe what I was reading. It was absolutely ridiculous. Actually, I don’t think there’s a word to explain how absurd it was. The ones I found to be the most ludicrous were:

    1. "I am not a quitter."
    (Except for my marriage, my parents, most of my siblings, our dogs, old friends, neighbors....)

    - Hello!!!! So, if your husband cheats on you, your friends stab you in the back/sell you out, your family does the same, are you just supposed to say, “OK” and keep them in your life??? As long as you try, you aren’t a quitter.

    2. "Real cooks don't follow recipes"...cut to the episode where she's making Monkey Munch and yes, she's following a recipe.

    - First of all, isn’t it possible Kate wrote HER recipe down on a piece of paper??? And secondly, if she did use someone else’s recipe, ONCE, that hardly makes her liar.

    (to be continued)

  37. Part 2 (continued)

    3. (all of these came from the same delusional person)
    “My kids don't work.”
    “I work hard.”
    “Everything I do is for my kids.”
    "This is your house and come hell or high water we will always live here"

    - I’m not exactly sure how any of these qualify as lies. I can see how there may be an argument about the first one, even though I don’t agree with it, but the other three???

    “I love Jon, I always will.”

    - This one is the worst in my opinion. She obviously doesn’t live in the real world and know that, unfortunately, love isn’t always enough. I mean… It’s insane to even question this, much less call it a lie.

    "this means daddy and mommy are going to be married forever"

    - You know when they said this they meant it.

    "I can't/don't sleep at night. I wake up every morning"

    - Good Lord!!! Talk about picking someone words apart & then tearing them apart. Any REASONABLE person knew exactly what she meant… She sleeps POORLY, and it feels like she hasn’t slept. Give me a break!!!! How would YOU like to have every word you say picked apart? Don’t say, “You aren’t a reality star,” because now you’re put yourself out on the World Wide Web for EVERYONE to see, and that opens you up for criticism, too. You may have the admins on that site to protect you from people posting there (total hypocrisy), but not on other blogs. If you can dish it out, you better be able to take it!!!

    “this Christmas we are getting not one but two dogs" (but I get to pick them out, name them, ignore them and send them back)

    - Finally, I don’t know how she figures this one to be a lie, either. They did get two dogs for Christmas… and yes, Jon & Kate picked them out & named them. I, personally, don’t think that’s such a terrible thing. Can you imagine trying to get 8 kids to agree on 2 dogs & 2 names? As for ignoring them, how does this woman know that’s what was going on? That’s total speculation, and I think it was actually responsible for them to give the dogs back to the breeder instead of leaving them at the house where they weren’t being given the best care possible.

    Do these people even know what the definition of a lie is? Well, let me inform them, because we know they read this site.

    WEBSTER defines a lie as 1 : to make an untrue statement with intent to deceive
    2 : to create a false or misleading impression

    In all the years I’ve been online, I’ve run across several of these kinds of hate sites, and each time, the same 2 questions immediately pop into my mind… “Do these people have a life?” and “Do they have so much self-hatred that they have to bash others to make themselves feel better?” I mean, really… I know I’ve taken a long time with this post, but this is a first for me. I can’t sleep, and when I saw BabyMama’s post about the hate site, it got me thinking.

    (to be continued, again)

  38. We live in a world where many, many, many horrible things happen every day. We’re at war in TWO countries. Less that two weeks ago we have the largest shooting on a domestic military base. Our fellow Americans who were once successful professionally don’t have roofs over their heads and can’t put food in their children’s mouths. People who were once able to get jobs easily, can’t even get an interview. People we all know are dying everyday. Children are being abused, and I mean TERRIBLY abused, and KILLED everyday, and these people, along with the media have decided to pick this family apart at the seams. I think back to this past Spring when Jon said, “Our soldiers are dying for our country, and people care what I had for lunch,” or something to that affect while describing how ridiculous the paparazzi was, and as much as people may not like him, I believe that was the best assessment of this entire situation. I realize we, Americans, have this fascination with celebrity scandals, but to be so mean about it is beyond my comprehension. I don’t have enough time to get the thing I need to get done each day, so it’s I don’t understand how people can spend so much time on something so incredibly mean and negative.*** Can you imagine if they took all the time they’ve wasted on being ugly and nasty about Gosselin family and used toward goods things how much better the world would be??? And not only for those they’d be helping… for themselves, as well!!!

    And that concludes today’s soapbox by Malach!!!

    ***As someone who has a lot of psychology knowledge I understand that it doesn’t necessarily have to make sense. It’s my reasonable side that has the problem understanding these actions.

  39. anothermom, LOL I love your "watergate" !!
    Seriously though, Isnt that true, If Kate had denied Hannah that pop on a hot day like that after she asked repeatedly for it the press & haters would have been all over her !!
    My take on the watergate issue, is if one has water they all are gonna start asking for it & I think they were about to go on air & it was probably easier for Kate to tell Maddie to wait. Knowing the taping would only be for a few minutes.
    I think the public is way harsher on Kate. Jon gets judged , but not as harshly as Kate does.
    I pray for 2010 to be a more peaceful year for Kate & the kids. They need to gain back some privacy & get back to living.

  40. MosbiusDesigns said...
    I don't think you can say Jon has not acknowledged his errors. Just take a look at the "pull the stick out" comment. In the same episode he said he regretted that comment. He also said he regretted going out to bars too and said he apologized to Kate. Because people decide to ignore what one person says or deem it a lie doesn't mean it never happened.

    Jon would have been given a lot more credibility with all his apologies if he had truly made an effort to change his ways. But instead, he continues to throw her under the bus and humiliate her and the family with all his errant ways. Plus, he never really apologized for all his intimate female relationships, just that he’s sorry he got caught in the public eye with some of them.

    At least Kate is growing as a person and making a concerted effort to learn from her mistakes. And as far as her dog collar comment, compared to Jon’s “Cruella” comment, I don’t think it was a “low blow” at all. It was a witty, well deserved observation, which I believe most of us already would agree with.

  41. I have come to the conclusion that some people just want to see things one way and they will do whatever they can to spin it that way, so I am done trying to reason with people. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and some people see the glass half full, some half empty. And of course Linda's famous line, making chicken salad out of chicken shit.

    After all that Jon has said about Kate and TLC and all that Jon has done, the last show was merely a very, very minor poke at him. But you know Jon is the down trodden one. (sarcasm).

    Cream always rises to the top, we shall see what happens.

  42. Amy said...
    For those who think they shouldn't show Jon's bad parenting moments for the sake of the kids, uh, the kids were THERE! They were the ones asking for his attention! They don't need it to be filmed to remember that feeling of neglect! They've (repeatedly) shown Kate's bad moments and have glossed over Jon's for 4+ seasons. It was about time they evened the score for the record. Maybe Jon seeing how horrible his behaviour looks from his kids' perspective will help him change it in the same way it has made Kate more introspective about her behaviour.

    Amy, I agree completely!

    To use a Kate expression: Hello!


    The fact was, the kids WERE there when this was being filmed. The kids WERE trying to get him to come back from the fence. Hannah WAS trying to get a frozen popcycle on a hot day. And Jon KNEW he was being filmed.

  43. Kate never used Jon's name with the dog collar comment. Of course, we knew whom she meant.

    You know what? I agree with her! We have freedom of choice in this country, but at the time Jon was blatantly bar hopping, etc. I kept thinking "it's a crying shame we can't just do an 'intervention' with him and get him to slow down and at least think a little bit about what he's doing!"
    Earlier someone commented about Deanna Hummel and that Jon never acknowledged that he was having an affair with her. (Sorry, I'm on my iPhone and it takes forever to scroll and hunt. My apologies for not noting the name.)

    Oh pleeeaaasseee! Married men do not customarily take single women on an out-of-state skiing trip. It was not a business trip for Jon, but was just a pleasure trip. IMO, he did indeed have "pleasure" on that trip, and it wasn't limited to "fun" on the slopes!

    Subsequently, we have photos of him exiting Deanna's home after 7 a.m. in the morning. Whether you believe her brother or not about the "sounds" coming from that room, there's just no way that a male and female spent 5+ hours in a bedroom after spending hours bar-hopping and expect me to believe that nothing happened?

    Jon didn't acknowledge an affair because he was denying everything at that point. At best, I think he was trying to keep her from losing her job! Again, IMO, perhaps she should have lost her job. That is totally inappropriate judgment on her part! Do you really want this person teaching your 2nd- or 3rd-grade children? Not in this lifetime for me!

    I'd be very surprised if she doesn't also have a morals clause in her teaching contract. She made a serious error in judgment. I feel that she's probably quaking in her boots for fear that she will get deposed.

    The bar-hopping was one thing. She is a single woman and she's allowed to socialize. However, you cross the line when you take a married man home with you. And, you cross the line when you do it on multiple occasions.

    And geez! It was after he came home from this skiing trip with Deanna when he said Kate was "mad and not talking to him, so he moved to the apartment over the garage." It was shortly after this point that he also made up the rumor "well Kate wasn't sleeping with me so she must have been sleeping with Steve."

    Hells bells! That's nothing more than a juvenile, immature response. The only thing Jon is sorry about is that "he got caught!"

    Until that point, I had solidly been at least 50% in support of Jon. The tide began to change then.

    Perhaps instead of a dog collar with an electronic warning system, Kate should have just bought super glue for Jon's zipper!

    I didn't realize how angry I still was with Jon's behavior. Did he ever wise up and think "Duh. Maybe I better walk the straight and narrow until the divorce is finalized. I keep getting caught so maybe it would make sense to slow down the drinking and clubbing until it gets finalized?"

    Nope, it's like he has a terminal case of self-destruction, or he has zero self-control, or he's really not intelligent at all! It's as if he's the Energizer Bunny and he just can't stop! It's a shame somebody didn't yank his batteries.

    He does have the freedom in this country to do any stupid thing he wants. I try very hard to explain to my children, yes, you are allowed to make decisions and do things that you KNOW are wrong. However, when you knowingly do something that is wrong, you have to be well prepared to pay the penalty. Jon got caught and he's in the penalty box. Until he stops repeating the same mistakes, he's probably going to be in the public opinion penalty box for a long time to come!

    Baby Mama, edit or cut or delete as you please.

  44. Linda,

    Couldn't have said it better myself!

  45. Last night's episodes were pretty good! It just made me realize how much I will miss watching it! I really enjoyed Leah's big "leotard" comment as well. She's just too cute!

    I was glad that TLC showed Jon ignoring the kids, and doing his little show at the fence. Lets face it ladies, this is what his life has come to. It's no secret that he talks on the phone a lot and spends an awful lot of time talking to fans or the paparazzi at the fence. Kate talks on the phone too,(although I think she tries to limit it) but she doesn't completely ignore her children when she does so. JMO.

    My whole point of view on the show ending is really bittersweet. I'm more upset than I thought that I'd be. I feel like the Gosselins are part of my family after all this time, and I'm so sad to see them go! But on the other hand, I think that it will be a nice change for the kids and Kate. Especially now that all of the kids are older, they will appreciate the privacy in the long run. (Hopefully the paparazzi will die down at some point!) And I know that Kate will manage just fine... she is one tough cookie!

    Baby Mama, I'm so glad to hear that the blog will continue! None of my friends or family are anywhere near as big of a Gosselin fan as me, so its always nice to talk about them with other dedicated fans! ;o) Thanks so much for all of the work that you put into this! It is greatly appreciated!

  46. Linda, I couldnt have said it better either.
    I keep hoping for a miracle that we wont lose Kate and the kids .I know that is selfish. I really do wish them all the best.

    Baby Mama, Thank You so much for this site and all your hard work keeping it up for all our enjoyment. I hope all of you keep posting

  47. Wow I don't know where to begin.
    Malach, I think its the fact that as a country we have a fascination with celebrities' lives. Gosselins are the flavour of the month, just like Paris Hilton was during her DUI or the Kardishans were during their whole marriage pregnancy thing. Whether you like it or not there will always be there people there to critics these people's lives. Where they like it or not if you going to make your living off public life, they'll have to deal with that stuff.

    I find it interesting that everyone comes to Kate's defence when she makes snarky comments and explains they do it as well but as soon as Jon does it theres malicious intent? You can't have it both ways. You may find the "dog collar" comment true but some people may find the "Cruella Deaville" (sp?) comment true as well. It doesn't make either right or wrong.

    Critiscing someone for disecting Kate's bad moments but its ok for you to do the same thing to Jon?

    Linda, I know we have a difference in opinion but you're assumptions about the Deanna and Jon relationship hold true for Steve and Kate as well. BOTH publically deny it and there is no basis in factual evidence in any of it except for two peoples words against one. Two people of the opposite sex can be friends and thats it. If I were to state the same thing about Steve and Kate's relationship based on my opinion I would be labelled as a hater and a troll.

    Once again you can't have it both ways. Believe every tabloid report against Jon and then consider every negate report against Kate a lie. There really isn't much difference between this site and sites such as GWOP. Both dissect one of the parents behaviour, believe every report against one parent, crititize one parent at every turn and support the other parent no matter what. The only difference is the parent which each site mainly supports.

  48. I just read on AOL that Jon had a handwritten contract with Kate Major to be his personal assistant. I think things are going to get much much worse. I was hoping once the show ended and the divorce was finalized maybe things could change for the kids. Now I fear they aren't going to get any peace for a long time.:(

  49. Well, I do not know how you can compare Jon with Kate. He has been involved with several women in past 11 months that were all social situations. Steve is a bodyguard. How are they even comparable? He apologizes in one breath and the next breath he has thrown many, many people under the bus. What has Kate done?

    This blog was a site that supported the entire Gosselin family and the tide only changed when Jon started acting irrationally. I supported both of them until my daughter's friends saw him out hitting the college scene, which I thought was inappropriate for a married man with 8 children.

    I have a hard time understanding how anyone can continue to support his behavior. Kate is capable of making fun of herself and she acknowledges her mistakes and yes she poked fun at Jon.

    Jon continues to embarrass himself and his family. What has Kate done? Nothing, that's what I thought.

  50. Mosbius, in the event you were including me in the statement "everyone comes to Kate's defense when she makes snarky comments and explains they do it as well but as soon as Jon does it there's malicious intent" I want to make it clear that I have not made malicious comments about Jon. As I don't agree with A LOT of the things he's done, I've been one of the few people here to say that I think he's not a bad person and attempt to understand him as well as try to explain my view on Jon's actions here.

    I don't know about anyone else, but for me, the biggest issue I have with Jon is that it's extremely hard to believe that he's sincere in his apologies, because every time he's apologized, he turns around and immediately repeats the same behavior he's just apologized for. It's similar to an abusive spouse who apologized after saying he/she has beat the crap out of their spouse, yet they turn around the next day and do it again.

    In addition, until Jon admits his wrong doings... all of them, nothing is going to change. In the words of Dr Phil, "You can't change what you don't acknowledge." And right now maybe Jon isn't in the right place to do that. I personally don't know. But, until he admits everything he's done, stops lying to everyone, including himself, takes responsibility for what's happened in his life & stops blaming everyone else, nothing will change.

    As for Kate, I think most people see her as someone who is doing things the "healthy way", as well as "the victim" in some sense. And when I say "victim", I mean that she is the one who was cheated on, and even people who have cheated on their significant other will stand up and say it's wrong to do. But, when you see Kate now, she has come so far from where she was just a year ago. She's taking up so much of the slack from Jon being gone & doing the things he used to do. I mean, did any of us EVER think we'd see her taking the boys to a Dude Ranch, riding a horse and shooting a gun, or even something as simple as grilling? I know I never did, but she did it so her kids could have those opportunities, and she wasn't sure Jon would give it to them. Does it make her a saint? I don't think so, but I think she has definitely shown more growth than Jon. And many may venture to say that Jon has regressed.

    (to be continued)

  51. (Part 2 continued)

    I also want to say something about cheating, because even if someone isn’t having intercourse, that doesn’t mean it isn’t cheating. First of all, I believe that Jon did cheat on Kate, and still is, because legally they are still married. Besides that, in his interview with Hailey on ET, they said, “7 months,” which would have made it the end of March, early April and we know they were still “together” then if I’m not mistaken. Either way, I also agree with Linda. There is absolutely no reason why a married man should be spending the night with a woman 10 years younger than him in her bedroom after a night out at the bar, or for him to take her on a vacation to Park City, Utah… ABSOLUTELY NONE!!!! Just because both of them deny there was an affair doesn’t make it true. Of course they’re going to deny it. They have everything in the world to lose. Wouldn’t you? As for “not being able to have it both ways”, I’m usually a firm believer in that philosophy, but when it comes to the tabloids, that’s silly. Tabloids get things wrong all the time. Besides, can you really see Kate having an affair with anyone? I don’t mean this to be rude, but she is too… too… frigid, I guess. She is one of the last people on the Earth that I believe would have an affair.

    Again, I want to make it clear that I don’t think Jon is a bad person. I think he’s made poor choices, is being advised by the wrong people & in going through some kind of mid-life crisis, or something, but it still doesn’t make him a bad person. I believe he’s gotten himself trapped in a crazy tornado like lifestyle that he can’t get out of, and because of that, he just keeps picking up more and more “debris” along the way. I pray for his sake, as well as his children’s & Kate’s, that he’s about to find his way out sooner than later, and the first think I believe he needs to do is get himself out of the public eye ASAP!!!!

  52. Other than the public displays of affection with other women and making statements indicating that he wanted to make peace with Kate, which were always followed by him lashing out at her again a couple of days later, the most flagrant thing he did was invite and allow Jodi and Kevin in her home without her knowledge or permission - after everything they've said and done - including contributing to GWOP. The roses gesture wasn't sincere. It was just another swipe at Kate. They looked days old and were wrapped with saran wrap FGS.

    Why does ROL mislead its readers by changing the date on news stories to make it look like they are new? The divorce finalization story was there last night. This morning it has today's date on it, and there is nothing new in it.

    Any how is it that Heller is still representing Jon? Is he given the same priviledge as Jon would if Jon declared he was representing himself? Can Jon have a non-lawyer represent him?

    Heller appears to be (other than Jon himself) Jon's worst enemy.