Thursday, November 12, 2009

Jon Sues TLC, Jon's Very Unfunny Video, A Very Gosselin Christmas

Jon Gosselin Sues TLC For 5 Million:

In a $5 million countersuit against the network that made him famous, Jon Gosselin says TLC has harmed his reputation and caused him to lose business opportunities, according to court papers obtained exclusively by In addition, Jon claims the network owes him $175,000. The court documents making their way through Maryland’s Montgomery County Circuit Court system confirm our world exclusive scoop that Jon was answering TLC’s lawsuit against him with one against the network!
EXCLUSIVE COURT DOCUMENTS: Read Jon’s Lawsuit Against TLC Here
The papers reveal that Jon was earning $22,500 per half hour episode of Jon & Kate Plus 8 and $45,000 per hour-long episode, according to the terms of an April 29, 2008 contract.
COURT DOCUMENTS: Read Jon’s Response To TLC’s Request For A Preliminary Injunction
His countersuit is filed as part of his response to TLC’s breach of contract lawsuit and the network’s request for a preliminary injunction, which is scheduled to be heard December 14. Jon’s lawyer Mark Heller has enlisted the help of Maryland lawyer Christopher Hostage in the fight against TLC, which is represented by Williams & Connolly, widely regarded as one of the best law firms in the country.
EXCLUSIVE: Court Rules TLC Can Depose Kate Major

Jon claims that his outside money-making ventures are legitimate and his contract with TLC is against Public Policy, rendering it null and void. In his $5 million counterclaim against TLC, Jon’s lawyers claim TLC’s parent company, Discovery began contacting media outlets on August 9, 2009 to get them to stop dealing with Jon. Jon’s lawyers say: “As a result of Plaintiff-Discovery’s conduct and actions, Defendant-Gosselin has suffered and will continue to suffer harm to his reputation, lost business opportunities, lost profits, and other consequential damages, such as, but not limited to, a loss of good will and name recognition.” Meanwhile, Paul Gaffney, the lead attorney for Williams & Connolly, has won several court motions allowing him to depose various people close to Jon, including girlfriend Hailey Glassman, Jon’s bodyguard, his Team of Hellers and Michael Lohan.
EXCLUSIVE: TLC Lines Up Bombshell Witnesses In Court Case Against Jon Gosselin
While Jon contends that TLC’s contract is unlawfully restrictive and prevents him from earning a living, TLC alleges Jon breached their contract and would still be receiving a paycheck from the network if he had not decided to compete with it. Jon charges the network with violating Pennsylvania child labor laws and taking advantage of the Gosselins, who negotiated their first (of several) contracts without a lawyer or manager. Those court papers are available only on, although they were briefly “lifted” by another site, which decided to remove them after a phone call from’s lawyers!

Jon & Kate To Spend Christmas Together With The Kids:

The holidays are coming and for families of divorce, it can be a difficult time of year -- something the Gosselin clan will have to get used to. But Jon Gosselin tells PopEater that everything will remain the same for his eight children despite his estrangement from wife Kate Gosselin, so that "they have the sense of security with everything that's going on."The 'Jon & Kate Plus 8' dad -- who will be spending both holidays with his kids -- details for us their family traditions like his apple crisp, and also discusses the foundation he set up with his brother to honor their father and help children in need.

Are you getting ready for the holidays?I'm going to spend Thanksgiving with my kids when I get back from Hawaii, not all day, just like half the day.

What are your plans for Christmas?Christmas Eve and Christmas day are joint-shared custody days, which means we're both in the house. So we'll be there.

Have the kids started asking for presents yet?I haven't started my Christmas shopping yet. Don't put pressure on me! It will probably be all Internet based this year, pre-wrapped. You know, I'm a guy, when there's free gift wrap, I'm like, 'Yeah, yes please.'It's easier that way.Oh my goodness, doesn't your back hurt so much? And why do we sit on the floor and reach over, you can never reach the end of the wrapping paper, you need monkey arms, it's annoying. Nothing ever matches up. My mother is like the best wrapper on the planet. The pattern matches perfect and she puts Hershey kisses on top [of the gift.] I'm envious of her wrap jobs.

What are your favorite family traditions to do at this time of the year? On Thanksgiving I make apple crisp, that's like my thing. They always ask for it. I juice up my mom's recipe, I add more sugar and stuff. So they are always happy about that. They do like apple picking and make cider, all the Pennsylvania stuff that we've been doing for years anyway. We still keep those traditions. We have an organic apple orchard that we go to. There are a couple of apple trees on my property, so we can pick those ... We do stuff outside. I have landscapers, but I still tell them to leave leaves, so we can make a big pile and jump through it ... We do stuff like that at Christmas, hanging the stockings. They do the stockings early Christmas morning. Kate makes sticky buns. We keep it all the same. Nothing has changed. That way they have the sense of security with everything that's going on. But, this year, there's a lot of paparazzi, so who knows? Every year it's different.

Do they get up really early on Christmas?Oh yes, because they are used to school. For school they have to get up at 5 o'clock in the morning. And the parents [do, too].You started a new foundation.

What can you tell me about that?I started the Jon Gosselin Children's foundation in the name of my father. It's something that my brother and I wanted to do, but we never had the finances to do so. And obviously this year has been a pretty good year for me financially, so I started the foundation in memory of my father. My father was a children's dentist for 30 years and he dedicated one day a week for 30 years to handicapped children for free. It never really hit my brother and I. When my dad passed away that's when we started noticing at the viewing all these handicapped patients coming in. Now ... they were adults by now, but they were so thankful for all the work he did. He fixed their cavities and stuff like that. But he dedicated full service to them. That was amazing to me and my brothers and I always thought, "That's amazing what Dad did." All the time he spent with us and all the dedication he spent with us and he still had time to help other people. And that's what I want to do. I'm not a doctor obviously and the only way we could do this was start a foundation to allocate funds to children and a few parents that need help with medical bills. We're trying to get corporate sponsorships and hopefully everything will work out and we can continue the legacy of my father.

Is there anything else you'd like to get involved with?Once you start a foundation, then other foundations call you. Now I'm not trying to reinvent the wheel because I've never ran [one] before. But you learn from other people and what they do and sometimes you can link foundations together, which would be great. Stuff I do, I visit cancer kids, not because it's a pat on the back for myself. It was just a turning point in my life going to St. Jude's. I did a film shoot with TLC last year at St. Jude's. That was the first time I really was shocked. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. You have kids who are not going to make it. You're happy they are there because they are getting the best care in the world. But, it really touched my heart. Just because we showed up, they were happier just that one day. That's amazing you can change someone's life and attitude just by appearing. It's something that you have to realize within the public eye. People look to you and that's why I decided to change my life in recent months and started taking initiative for my actions, owning up to my mistakes and learning from them.It must be difficult to reconcile the fact that you're in the public eye, but it also gives you the opportunity to help people.Right. People always say to me, 'Jon, you are famous.' And I'm like, 'Yeah, OK, whatever.' They say, 'You can do two things with your fame. You can have your 15 minutes, or you can take your fame and do good for the world.' And that's what I'm trying to do.

Jon Gosselin On Funny Or Die: Ohh How We Wish This Was True!


  1. At first, I didn't think it appropriate for Jon or Kate to be joking around at this time. Both skits made me just a little uncomfortable the first time I saw them. Then I realized, if they have the ability to make fun of themselves then good for them. Who am I to judge? Maybe it relieves just a little of the anxiety to make a joke. Looking at it this way, I thought both were kinda funny.
    Oh Jon, if only you weren't joking and really would "turn back time" and be the Jon we all loved!

  2. What in the heck was that??? Jon's blathering were almost too much to take. Most didn't even make any sense. And I thought he was going with Haliey for Thanksgiving? TLC ruined his reputation? Are you kidding me?? Jon, I think you did this single-handedly by YOURSELF!!!

    Completely pathetic!! It's amazing that when Jon is quoted directly he sounds like the idiot he is. But when the lawyers or the rabbi make a statement for Jon, it sounds all professional. Jon is clearly up for moron of the year. Those poor children!

  3. That video was horrible, you would think Jon being so funny it would be funnier. Kate is a much better comedian. I'm glad that all the Gosselins are spendning there Christmas together.

  4. OMG, he is accusing TLC/Discovery of ruining his reputation?????????? PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is now making a mockery of the legal system in addition to everything else.

    I truly don't see what Kate saw in him? Clearly he stayed in the background during interviews because he has never been able to put a coherent, logical sentence together. I guess TLC knew that and therefore put Kate in the forefront of the show. It's too bad she has had to live down the reputation of being the bi*** of the family, she has had to deal with 8 children and a moron single handedly for a decade. Who wouldn't meltdown??

  5. That video... Oh my. All I could do was laugh at how ignorant Jon has become. If he really wanted to change he would have done it by now. Actions speak louder then words.

    I missed the SNL skit...The video wasnt working on here.

    I am glad to read that Jon will grow up for a brief moment to be a father to his children over the holidays. I just wish he'd be a better person ALL the time.

  6. A lot of people including Kate have made references to the "Old Jon". How does the New and Old Jon differ? There has been physical changes on both sides so that doesn't count but how has Jon changed as a parent and as a husband? I think it would be interesting of what people on here think. Mostly the ones that call for the "Old Jon" to come back.

    I thought the video was kind of funny and it was more a comment on people judging him on his new apperance. When really ones apperance doesn't changed the person you really are.

  7. I don't get the point of Jons' video. Supposed to be funny,?????

    All that crap about spending the Holidays together, after he was just on the insider calling kate cruella? No one has commented that before he said this, he stated that Kate through his laptop and stuff to the door and was telling him to get going. She came home late around 11:30 I think he said. He had fallen asleep in Alexiss' bed and she woke him up and demanded to know when he was leaving.

    Now here's my problem: How can they be in the same house and keep the same traditions. The kids are going to feel all the tension and that is not a good thing. I really don't think Kate should be there when Jon is there. He can still do the traditional things and share the day, Better yet, since you are now divorcing, start new traditions.

    Here's what I would if I were Jon. Pack those kids up, the good nanny too, and take them to see theStatue of Liberty. Since he is being blamed for no trips, show the kids that they still can go places. I am so un happy that he has not done this yet. They could take their sleeping bags, and have a one night stay at his apartment and see where he lives. Hailey could disappear for one week end. J&K, are going to have to admit one day that they are not ready to be in the sme room yet. too much tension. JMO

  8. MosbiusDesigns....

    I think it may be difficult for us to comment on how Jon has changed as a husband and a father. I take what Kate says at face value. She has said that on more than one occasion and she is truly the only one on earth who can be the judge of that.

    IMO, it's quite obvious that he is a cheating, lying, hypocritical spendthrift. For all I personally know, however, he could have been the same way all along and just did a good job of hiding it until he was ultimately caught.

  9. WOW!!!

    How can Jon claim TLC has "harmed his reputation and caused him to lose business opportunities" which boils down to losing money, and as we've read before, "TLC has kept him from being able to return to work," or whatever the exact wording is where TLC claims he can go back to the IT business, when he states, " It's something that my brother and I wanted to do, but we never had the finances to do so. And obviously this year has been a pretty good year for me financially, so I started the foundation in memory of my father"? That statement right there tells us that he has made more money this year than in the past, and that he is able to do more things than he did in the past? I'm not an attorney, or a witness expert, but I think common sense tells all of us that he doesn’t have a case, and Jon is his worst enemy. I can't imagine any attorney that cares about winning this case allowing his client to keep putting his foot in his mouth like Jon has. In addition, these interviews are a direct violation of his contract, do he NEEDS to stop doing them… FOR HIS BENEFIT!!! I don't believe he has a leg to stand on, but I come from the school of thought where "it's better to be safe than sorry," and when he contradicts his claims in interviews, that's something to be sorry about.

    I also think this Heller guy is the root of most of Jon's legal problems. While I whole-heartedly believe Jon is responsible for every one of his actions, it seems like he is being led astray by some guy who doesn't giving a flying flip about Jon's, or the children's, best interest. And as Jon isn't an attorney, I can see how he would trust this guy when he tells him to do something. I don't know who vouched for this guy in the first place, and it may be someone Jon really, really trusts. I know that my first attorney in my divorce screwed me over royally, and she was someone I thought was my friend. I've known her for over 20 years, and her actions, or lack thereof, made things far worse.

    I also have some concerns about his new "spiritual advisor", if you will. I don't know how he can sit by when Jon says, "I'm half Jewish & half Korean," and not correct him. Ummmmmmmm, you can't just change half of your race, because you change your religion. I'm not sure if most people are aware, but Jewish is both a race AND a religion, and you don't have to be one to the be the other. My ex-husband is from Israel, and under race on the English side of his birth certificate, it says "Jewish". What he's saying would be like my best friend saying she's part Japanese, because she was born there on an Air Force base. You can't choose your race, and all Rabbi's know that. At least they should.

    I also wonder if Rabbi Schmuley Boteach has counseled Jon about Heller. In my experience, Jewish people like to work with other Jewish people and stick up for them even when they may need to walk away. PLEASE, don't take that statement as fact about Rabbi Schmuley and every other Jewish person on Earth, because I am not stating that. I am speculating based on my long, personal experience. It is worrisome, though, IF the Rabbi hasn't noticed what Heller seems to be doing and not said anything, in my opinion.

    Ok, dinner time, and I'll be back with my thoughts about the TLC lawsuit, and what I think is being completely overlooked, as well as my "defense" about the bipolar comment. :)

  10. Okay first off... the video was not funny at all. And I don't think that I'm being bias when I'm say that Kate is definitely a better actor/comedian compared to Jon.

    Secondly, I'm glad that Jon and Kate are at least making the effort to spend the holidays together, but I can't help but think of how awkward it is going to be. The tension will probably be through the roof. I'm sure that the kids will be happy, as long as they don't pick up on it.

    And this is a little off topic, but I just have to add that the picture on the cover of the DVD for season 5, totally gives me the creeps. They all look like wax figures. It is completely unnatural. I don't know why I brought that up... it's just so strange to me!

  11. Just made him look like a bigger idiot, it was not appropriate. Not the time to make light.

  12. I do have to say that the bikini dj part made me laugh. Perhaps it was not the best time to be joking about himself, and certainly it was not super funny. I think though, that if no one has a problem about Kate doing skits poking fun at herself they shouldn't be outraged that Jon is doing the same, IMO.

    As for the interview... It really is tiring to even follow this stuff. The flip-flopping that is going on is pretty disgusting. If you despise your ex, and compare her to Cruella De VIlle (if that is spelled correctly) do you REALLY think you will be able to spend time together with arguing (or at least having a tension filled room)? I hope he realizes the kids will pick up on that. Please don't ruin their Christmas!!! Let Kate have them for half the day, then you take them for the other half, with maybe an hour where you are all together opening presents.

  13. Wow, where to start?

    The video: Not funny. It's actually completely rude if you ask me. It's just another way he's trying to make digs at Kate. He's making a mockery of the love she still has for him and wishes could be again. It's disgusting and pathetic of him to dismiss her feelings like that. Also, he looks way more chubby. He should be more careful.

    The interview: Incoherent at best. Just a jumble of thoughts and ramblings. It's a wonder he CAN run a foundation. I mean, good for him, I hope he does good work, but jeez, he really needs to get a better spokesperson for it.

  14. Oh Brother! I did not think that video was funny at all. Do you know what the difference is between Kate doing a skit and Jon doing a skit? Kate is poking fun at herself BUT Jon is poking fun at us! He's making fun of all of us who were duped into thinking he was that other person who wore polo shirts and didn't wear earrings or smoke and was faithful to his wife and family.

    No wonder he seems so screwed up and confused now. He's been living a lie for the better part of 5 years creating a public persona that was nowhere near his true personality.

    I wanted to mention the interview Jon did with Hailey most recently. I know everyone on this blog thought that it was a "fake" break up. I must be naive because I thought it was pretty awkward and too embarrassing to be fake. The part where Hailey belittles Jon for once again claiming he's going to change his ways. She says something like: 'I'm rolling my eyes Jon, just like the rest of the public rolls their eyes hearing you say you are going to change again. Actions speak louder than words.' (That's very loosely paraphrased). I didn't see much difference in the treatment Jon was getting from Hailey than what he used to get from Kate. Women get frustrated with his immature wishy washy ways.

    Despite all of Jon's legal woes, I think we'll eventually see him on one of those D-list reality shows like "I'm a celebrity get me out of here!" or Celebrity Fit Club.

  15. the more things change, the more they stay the same. there won't be a change in Jon!
    Radar online is reporting that he's in Hawaii (again) for the wedding of Shane Victorino......the phillies outfielder they met when they went to the Phillies game in 2008.

  16. I have a problem with Jon and his lawsuits. Per Radar Online this morning he is quoted saying that he is too famous for a regular job. He said that due to all the cameras, media interest, reporters etc, that he can't get a job.

    Well Jon, If you would stop talking with everyone and anyone who will listen then maybe all the cameras and media attention would go away.

    Generally I am not a person to critique or criticize but I am at my limit of listening to him whining when it is convenient for him.

  17. Jon's doing a countersuit, it doesn't surprise me. Why not try and get something out of TLC??? Do I think he will win, heck no! TLC has too many people against Jon that have been with him recently. Watching that video I sat here thinking, if only.... If only he really meant that stuff... You know its not true because his bodyguard was/is a paparrazzi. Actions speak louder than words Jon, noone believes it. But, at least he has realized he has changed and maybe some changes will stem from that, eventually.
    I don't get it, is Jon spending Thanksgiving with the kids or Hailey cause it sounds like he has changed his plans and spending with the kids. As far as Christmas, IMO, spending it together in the same house is a huge mistake. I like the idea that #1caregiver said.

  18. OMG has a story about the last show and a sit down with both Jon and Kate and what the future holds. Plus, TLC is creating a new show for Kate and they also have plans for "specials" to air which will be called 'Kate Plus 8'

  19. I never cared for Jon so I am not into bringing back the old one. Jon always struck me as a very weak man and I do not like weak men. I do think he was more tolerable to watch when lead by Kate than he is now led by Hailey, the Hellers, etc.

  20. I guess it's true that you can file a lawsuit about anything; that is if your pockets are deep enough to cover the attorney fees.

    Lawsuits I'd like to see:
    1. TLC addendum against Jon for his lies to Jodi and Kevin. When the trolls got going it was largely due to Jodi/Julie. I went back to the Jodi/Kevin interview with ROL where they said "All we know is what Jon told us about Kate giving him a contact about just showing up and doing whatever he wanted with girlfriends." Even though Julie subsequently removed a lot of it, it's still archived, if you know where to look. So TLC had major bodyguard expenses due to Jon's comments and hearsay repeated by the Kreiders.
    2. Class action lawsuit by fans ( like us) who will not get to enjoy the Gosselin children due to Jon's flip-flopping about the children filming.
    3. Suit against the trolls for their vitriolic hate spewed against anybody who supports Kate.
    4. Class action suit against paparazzi for compromising the safety of children with their photographs.
    5. Suit providing all fans with scorecards to keep track of how many times Jon reverses his position on any given action.
    6. Suit to protect Jon from inappropriate legal advice on family law from an attorney not licensed in PA Family Law. Can you protect stupidity? Probably not.
    7. Civil suit by Kate and Gosselin kids for anxiety induced by paparazzi as a result if Jon's bar-hopping (a la Deanna, Kate, Stephanie, Hailey.)
    8. Civil suit against a "counselor" who divulged topics discussed while in counseling.
    9. Civil suit against Jon for all people who've worn out their remotes from changing channels whenever he appears with the latest epiphanies or spouse bashing.
    10. ---I could keep going, but you get my drift.

  21. Thanks, my blogger friends for prayers during my hubby's surgery. Much appreciated!

  22. Brooke, thank you for liking my idea. To explain the nanny comment: By the good nanny I meant one of the regulars, if he needs help. I didn't want anyone to think I meant Step... who??? lol Eventually J&K should just get over their arguing about who gets the Holidays but that won't be until the war is over and all is said and done. Then there will only be the kids to share.

  23. OMG I'm so excited to see Jon and Kate back together. That will be VERY interesting!I thought that I would never see Jon and Kate together in a interview again but I guess I was wrong!This is going to be some episode!

  24. #1caregiver, I agree with you that Jon should share New York with his kids. I don’t understand why he doesn’t , even if it is just a few at a time. I applaud their desire to spend Christmas together with the kids, but I hope Jon doesn’t blow it like he did before the twins’ birthday and do something stupid. Maybe they can take the children to church.
    I also think his skit is kind of sad because although giving up the booze, affairs, and likes of Michael Lohan would be in his and thus the kids’ best interests, his problems stem from his attitudes. The mentality that the world owes him something, he should just do what he wants without consequences, it is okay to spout off your mouth however you want are at the root. If his attitudes changed, his behavior would follow suit. Kate doesn’t need to see him take his earrings and Ed Hardy shirts off, she needs to see him working with her to parent the kids, stop sabotaging her, stop going on national tv and calling her names, and setting a good example for the kids. The fact that he sees it as a joke shows that the attitudes haven’t changed. I hope Linda and her husband are okay.

  25. I can’t help it, but I don’t totally buy this idea that Jon and Kate are interviewing together for the last episode. I think they might be playing old unused footage and possibly interviewing both Jon and Kate separately, but especially with pending litigation, I think it is more like crafty advertising. Maybe I am biased, but I don’t think we are going to get a bunch of answers. Linda, I liked your list of lawsuits and found it entertaining, but what about the one to pay Kate and the Neilds for all of those nasty affair rumors.

  26. I don't think they will be interviewing together either. TLC is great at making something seem one way when it really is not that at all. I think we'll see them interviewing but just seperately. I am skeptical of Jon being willing to do anything TLC wants him to so on him being interviewed with any recent footage, well that remains to be seen.

  27. If you read the entire article from somewhere it states that it is old footage of Jon, and they are creating something from there. Kate will be new I believe.

  28. Jon..I never read anything anyone writes about you, kate or your family. I loved the video and I love you and your family. I hope you are one day soon reunited and can put the past behind you as you build your future. I love you all.

  29. Tasha:
    Jon and Kate Gosselin NOT Sharing Couch for Finale
    Contrary to a report from The New York Post that Jon Gosselin and his ex-wife Kate Gosselin will sit down together for "Jon & Kate Plus 8" series finale, Access Hollywood obtains the information that they will not do so. They were said to share the same couch and talk about the recent life events but Access said they are not even going to be in the same room.

  30. From US Magazine taken from the NY Post:
    Friday – November 13, 2009 – 11:05am
    Jon and Kate Plus 8: The Final Chapter?

    The New York Post reports that TLC will air the very last episode of the reality series Nov. 23 -- and the saga will end with a sitdown between future exes Jon and Kate Gosselin. The battling couple will "provide new insights on their recent life events" and forecast "what the future holds for them and their eight children," the Post writes. The swan song will also include Kate and the kids' jaunts to a dairy farm and a firehouse -- plus a montage (with music) of highlights from the show's five-year run.

    The paper also clarifies that a previously announced Kate Plus 8 show will in fact not air as a regular series (although "occasional specials" with the same name are a possibility). Instead, TLC is developing a different show for Gosselin, 34 -- its details have yet been revealed. The reality mom also shot a pilot with Food Network's Paula Deen.

    What will replace Jon and Kate Plus 8 in its 9pm Monday time slot on TLC? Cake Boss, an Ace of Cakes-like series centered around a New Jersey baker named Buddy Valastro -- and "his mother, four sisters, three brothers in law and other extended family members," the Post explains.

    Stay tuned.

  31. Ohh I forgot to add that the footage on Jon, was taken right before he was canned from the show and the lawsuits started! Guess the caught him right at the perfect time! lol

  32. Linda, I don't want to be rude but its called freedom of speech. Jodi, Kevin and "Haterz" have the right to disagree with Kate or Jon if they want unless they threaten them. Just like anyone on here has the right to call Jon a moron and weak among other things. As much "hate" as there is towards Kate there is just as much or more towards Jon. Go read the comments on various tabloid sites, theres much more name-calling and malicous comments towards Jon then Kate. Cost of a bodyguard? TLC made millions of the Gosselins after the paps started. More then enough to cover the costs of a bodyguard.

    I think if you believe that Kate hates the paparazzi, you have to be kidding yourself. Jon
    "may" have started it but he was definitely not the only one that helped it progress to where it is now. I don't think there is any safety issues with the papparazzi. Go look alot of real celebrities, they have pictures taken of their kids all the time. Kate is not being chased by papparazzi down the street, they are taking pictures of the kids and her from a distance. You can't say that the paparazzi could be anyone, because you or I could walk into the same situations as the papparazzi.

    Kate loves the publicity why do you think she goes on the Today show to discuss any problem she has with Jon, or calls into The View. She has stated it several times that she wants to remain in show business and refuses to go back into obscurity. I think that everyone needs to take their blinders off and realize it takes two destroy a marriage and it takes two to fight.

  33. Wow, I was really sad to see the commercials for the end of the series. I didn't think I would get as affected emotionally as I did. I guess it is easy to talk about something when it hasn't happened, like when we say that the kids should not be on tv anymore (and I still think they need a break) but when it comes to the reality, it is going to be hard for me not to see them anymore. I hadn't realized what a big part of my life they had become and I'm sorry to say that I had taken the show for granted in a way.

    I was hoping for Kate Plus 8 to work out once the court stuff was over in December but according to the article Baby Mama posted, it doesn't look like it will be picking up where J&K+8 left off. Sounds more like a few episodes here and there to just peek in and see where everyone is at and how the kids are doing. I guess it's better than nothing but oh, how I'll miss seeing the show regularly. Who knows though, Maybe the judge will allow fimling to continue until February 2010, when the original option on the contract was set to expire.The judge might even award TLC with being able to film retroactive to the day Jon stopped them because technically, they were bound under contract at that time too. As for new shows beyond the current contract , I guess they would need both parents' consent and I know Jon won't give his so any hope for Kate Plus 8 or even a new show involving the kids probably has no chance at all.

    I'm glad TLC is still working on a new show with Kate alone. It will be great at least to keep up with Kate regularly but it still won't be the same without the children. If only there was a way that Kate could get away with having the kids with her in the show some of the time without needing Jon's consent, that would be awesome. At least we'd get to see them at times but I doubt that is possible and it would depend what the subject of Kate's new show is. Hopefully they are working on it as we speak so it will not take a whole year to debut!

    Finally, I hope it's true that Cake Boss will replace J&K+8 on Monday nights rather than one of the other multiple children shows. Somehow it isn't as bad if it is a totally unrelated show that replaces them. It seems kind of sacreligious to me to replace the Gosselins with other kids. Also, Cake Boss is already on Monday nights, just an hour after Jon and Kate so it won't seem as big a change.

    I don't know why, but I have just never warmed up to any of the other kid shows on TLC like Table for 12 or the Duggars. They're ok but they are certainly not Gosselin kids! I think the Gosselins, even Jon, were a very unique bunch and that is why their show became so popular. I just don't think the others live up to them. I kind of like the Roloffs too and The Little Couple but other than that, I'm not into any of the other kid/family focused shows.

    One last thing, I don't think Jon and Kate will appear on the final episode together either. I think, as usual, TLC is very good at manipulating the commercials to imply something for the sake of creating hype.

    Since Jon formally made such a stink about his kids and him appearing on the show, I can't see him sitting down with TLC to answer questions about thoughts on the show and the future of his family. It would make him look like the biggest hypocrite. I also think with the pending legislation that it wouldn't be allowable anyway. I agree with whoever said that it would probably be old footage. I can't even see him giving TLC an interview to include on the show. Like usual though, I don't think we will be left knowing a lot more than we do now.

    Baby Mama, have you thought about what you will do once the show is officially over? If there will be no Kate plus 8 will you rename the blog and have it to discuss Kate's new show? I couldn't imagine you just closing up shop!!

  34. Mosbius,
    First of all, just because Kate is willing to be interviewed by only a few reputable and classy tv shows or wanting a tv career is not anywhere near the same as being willing to be hounded by the paps and sleazy tabloids.

    Jon, by far, is the one who peddles himself to whoever and whatever media outlet. Compared to him, Kate has limited her media exposure outside of TLC only a few times and only to the forementioned reputable outlets and avoids talking to the paps. Kate only wants good quality publicity, unlike Jon who doesn't know what that means... he'll take and invite all kinds.

    Secondly, spewing UNDESERVED vile hatred and lies is nowhere near the same as disagreeing with someone. That isn't always protected by freedom of speech, neither. That's why we have laws to protect from libel and slander.

    And I totally disagree with the statement that he's not the only one who brought on the pap craziness to where it is now. Kate in no way deserves to have to take any of the blame for it. She hasn't done anything to deserve it.

    If anyone deserves to be villified, Jon brought it all on himself. Kate may have issues, but she owns up to them and take responsibility, unlike Jon, who continues to lose credibility and character.

  35. I wanted to make a comment about Jon and Kate spending the holidays together at home with the kids.

    At first I thought it was a great idea because the kids would have both parents at home, but the more I think about it, the more I don't feel that a.) Jon and Kate are ready for it and b.)it's in the best interest of the kids.

    Jon and Kate are too raw in their emotions right now. They are in the middle of some ugly court battles and I don't think they could truly put that tension aside sufficiently so the kids don't feel it.

    Regarding the kids, I think having their parents there might put more pressure on them, mostly Mady and Cara beacause they will probably be a bundle of nerves watching how their parents treat each other. They'll be more sensitive to words exchanged between Jon and Kate and I think it will only ruin the day instead of making it better.

    I also think that it is not fair to the kids because on the off chance that Jon and Kate really do put their differences aside and make nice, it might give the kids false hopes that maybe their parents will forget about being mad at each other and get back together again. In the end, they will only be heartbroken all over again.

    I think whoever said they should make new traditions, was right. Since this is the Gosselins' reality from now on, Jon and Kate should find ways of being with the kids on the same day but at different times in order to avoid just pretending that everything is OK. All this talk about family traditions and stuff is all nice and sentimental but they are not a family anymore and it might hurt the kids more in the end to try and keep everything the same. It will just be that much worse when things go back to the new normal again.

    I think it was a good idea to still carry on the things they normally do (Jon and his apple crisp, Kate and her sticky buns) but not all together. Each parent can do their thing when they are with the kids. Each parent can also do a couple of new things with the kids too so that gradually the kids can start looking forward to the new things as time goes on.

    One day when all this is behind them and everyone has moved on and had time to grieve the end of this family, maybe then Jon and Kate will be able to do holidays together and really be friends. That way, they won't be faking having a good time and there won't be tension for the kids.

    If they really do go ahead with doing the holidays together this year, I pray it goes as planned and doesn't end up in them snarking at each other and having a big blow out.

  36. Mosbius designs, I agree with you that both Jon and kate were responsible for the dissolution of their marriage and that they have both enjoyed perks of celebrity, but I understood Linda’s post in a different way, I thought she was pointing out kind of humorously that Jon’s lawsuit was kind of ridiculous like the other ficticious lawsuit examples she had. I read the suit and felt that way. Also the paparazzi issues that are problematic aren’t when they stand at the edge of a parking lot taking pictures from a distance, but when the kids have to trip over them, when they are shining cameras in their face in the car, making derogatory comments about their parents in front of them, and publishing what should be private moments without appropriate consent such as Leah being spanked or the dogs being taken away. Paparazzi also cause other celebrity children harm, Michael Jackson’s kids were recently in an auto accident with paparrazzi, they weren’t physically hurt, but it did affect them.
    Anothermom, I agree that it is better that they are filling the time slot with and unrelated hole, the idea that another family can take the Gosselins’ place bothers me too.

  37. MosbiusDesigns - Sorry if I offended you. I was trying to be funny (apparently not effectively) and at the same time point out that there are so many frivolous lawsuits. My point was, because we enjoy freedom of speech in this country, anybody can file a lawsuit about anything - as long as they have the $$ to pay the fees and hopefully pay the attorney.

    I wish Jon well. Let me correct that statement - I hope he can find peace and stability in his life; he sure as heck needs it. Personally, I'd have to say that Jon has never held any job for longer than 2 years, and I doubt that he's ever going to find stability until he grows up, quits blaming the world for his problems, and accepts responsibility for his actions. You can find the citations for the last 3 job losses online; his bosses were less than complimentary, and one job firing was by a friend of Jon's father.

    There is no job in this world that is perfect. Just about everybody has to deal with the mundane from time to time, but most rational people "buck up," go to work day in and day out, and meet their responsibilities. If you don't like the job you have, look for another, renegotiate your contract, or whatever. You don't just walk away from it unless you are really immature.

    I don't think Jon's "fame" is preventing him from getting a "regular" job, I think it's his lousy track record from getting fired from repeated IT jobs. If you add TLC, that's essentially getting fired from 4 jobs in a row. I don't think many employers out there are going to be too willing to hire somebody who seems unable, unwilling, or incapable of doing what they were hired to do. When you hire an employee for a given job, you have a right to expect them to do the job.

    I'm sorry - I also think a contract is a contract. Okay, housing prices have come down since I bought my last home. I think it's unfair that I have to pay a mortgage on the old amount, when clearly if I bought it now, it would be for less. Mean old bank won't let me just walk away from it. Actually I could, but that bank would repossess it! I signed a contract and they expect me to pay.

    I'll stand by what I said - I do think Kate hates the paparazzi. She doesn't talk to them, doesn't stand by the fence, and abhors them shoving cameras in her children's faces. She doesn't sell them photos, etc. etc. But, I'm entitled to my opinion, and you are certainly entitled to yours.

  38. another mom.....

    I pretty much feel the same way in that I've never really taken to the other family shows on TLC either. So disappointing to not be able to watch them on Mondays after this month. Wow.

    My feelings about them being together on Chrismtas are the same as well. It did sound great at first, but how can they possibly put all those hard feelings aside? You can't just turn them on and off for a day. Jon talks about her sticky buns like nothing has changed in the last 12 months. He's got to be kidding. If I were Kate there would be no way I could possibly stomach spending a day faking my emotions. Kids are very sensitive as well, they won't miss a beat. But I guess we won't really ever know the outcome.

  39. I also agree that both Jon and Kate are responsible for the breakup of their marriage. I agree that it takes 2 to fight -both are getting their digs in. And both love publicity. Kate may be more subtle about it but she too likes being in the spotlight - she wants to stay in the business and there is no way she can if she loses the publicity she is getting.
    As to Jon and the lawsuit - I think what he did was expected - frankly it surprised me it took him so long. Do I think he can win - probably not, but stranger things have happened. Lets face it - it is next to impossible for Jon to make a living at the moment doing anything but staying in the spotlight - I can not imagine any company hiring him, no matter how talented he may or may not be - their business would become a 3 ring circus. As I have said before - the more successful Jon is at whatever he does, the better Kate will be - if she wants child support etc that is all based on income- Jon has to have income. And if she is making more than him and they retain joint custody she could end up paying him. Wishing Jon ill may make you feel better but it's not going to help Kate.
    I agree that this may not be the time for joint holidays but I hope that day does come soon - as someone who is divorced I can tell you it is 100% better for the kids for their parents to be comfortable in the same room together. Whether it's all sitting down to dinner or a special occasion the kids need both parents present at times and while it is easy to say do things separately it is not that easy - there are events that happen once - graduations, weddings etc - both parents need to be comfortable with each other and possible new spouses. It is possible because I have done it, and so have others I know -
    Last but not least please consider that we do not know as much about Jon and Kate as we would like to think - reality tv is only as real as they want to make it and we know only what they want us to know- I hazard a guess that there is plenty we do not know and never will

  40. Well let me tell you, this lawsuit against Jon is going to be very interesting. Between Hailey, Michael Lohan & Stephanie being called offically to the stand I could only imagine what they are going to say. But will it really take a whole year to be settled? Up to date court records for the suit are found here, you jusy have ot put Jon's name in after you check off to agree to the terms..

  41. I don't mean to offend anyone by saying this, but I think it's totally unfair for any of us to say that it's wrong for Jon & Kate to spend Christmas together with the kids. Afterall, they aren't our children, and unlike with the marriage/divorce it is showing them that their mother and father are making a concerted effort to do what they have said FOR THEIR CHILDREN!!!

    I don't know about anyone else, but one of my biggest issues about the decision to divorce was, according to Kate in the beginning, Jon didn't even try to make things better, and to me, that is unacceptable, especially when you have children. If for no other reason, I believe anyone with children should attempt to try saving their marriage to show their children that a) they, the kids, are worth "fighting" past turmoil, b) even when times get hard, you don't up and quit & c) because marriage is a sacred institution. Now I don't follow everything as closely as everyone else, but as far as I know, Jon & Kate got along well during Cara & Mady's birthday party. If they can do that, they can certainly do it at Christmas. I mean, who can't be happy at Christmas, especially with those eight kids? I believe the more they do together shows Cara, Mady, Alexis, Aaden, Colin, Hannah, Leah & Joel that when they say, "The kids are the most important thing," they mean it.

  42. Honestly, I don't think it's a bad idea for them to be celebrating the holidays together. Honestly, if they are able to keep it amiable and focus on the kids, it's a great way to prove to the kids that despite all the bad press, family will still be family and that does not change.

    Can they keep it amiable? I think it's very possible. On normal circumstances, they may find it hard to constantly make the effort to not argue, considering the amount of anger they hold for each other. But considering how strong the human will power is, I don't think it's impossible for them to put this all aside and spend time on a holiday together with the kids, without arguing. Just needs some effort, which for the kids, I think they'll be able to do.

    Now, that said, I've just watched the clips on the new Insider interview with Levi Johnston. Let me say OMG!!! After all that's happened Jon is still in his old ways spouting dirty laundry that should be kept behind closed doors! The paparazzi is bad enough and he has to fuel the fire and say all these nasty things?! Perhaps he isn't lying about Kate impatiently asking him when he's going to leave. I think it's very likely that happened, but here's what I feel:
    1. Considering all the things he's been doing and all the nasty words he's been spouting about Kate, who wouldn't be angry?! I'm not the one on the receiving end and yet I already feel so much anger towards Jon's actions. Can you imagine how Kate feels and how much it takes not to retaliate in public when she's being outwardly criticised by someone who promised to love and care for her till death do they part?
    2. I no longer trust everything Jon says. Even if there were truth to it, Jon has proven time and time again that he exaggerates when he tries to attack Kate and he also leaves out alot of information. Not saying that Kate doesn't leave out the negative rebuttals she gives to Jon when they argue, but just consider how often and how much nastier Jon tries to portray Kate.

    And telling people she'd suit the voice of Cruella Deville??? Gawd that is such a darn low blow, I am shocked! He should know how these things fly across the Net, and his kids are going to pick this up! It's disgusting. It really is. This is equivalent to if Kate called him a "Lame Fish" on TV. Mind you though, Jon's the one who's been spreading the things Kate calls him in private, and not Kate herself spouting it to the media.

    From my experience in family disputes (not my parents, but more of my aunt and uncle), the kids will hurt when there's a family argument. That's the truth. But when they see that their parents make the effort to come together amicably and spend time with them, it eases some much of the pain. However, having to hear about the nasty thing "daddy" is saying about "mummy", and having other kids goud them about it? Geez... That's going to hurt so bad. Will Jon just stop it! This is a terrible choice for a TV career path.

    Sorry guys I just watched the video and I'm so miffed! My sister asked me why I torture myself watching these videos. Dang if I know... Mayb I just hope that some day they can resolve their differences and be the best parents they can be for their kids.

  43. Slowly, but surly the tension between J&K will ease-up. It takes time!

  44. LOL.. I just realised that in my haste to let out all my frustration in the last entry, there were so many typo errors! It's terrible! And my line of work makes me even more of a stickler for the right grammar and spelling. So let me apologise and at least correct some of the spelling and grammatical errors:
    - It's "eases so much of the pain" not "some much"
    - It's "goad" not "goud"
    - "Maybe" not "Mayb"

  45. Linda, I apologize for misinterpreting your comments. Sadly sometimes people win those kind of lawsuits and get a lot more money then they deserve.

    I just find it weird how people are making such a deal how Jon says he can't go back to IT work but when Kate says she can't go back to nursing its just fine. I agree that they can't go back to their old jobs now but maybe in five years or so. Both would bring too much attention to their workplaces which wouldn't be good for anyone.

    A contract is a contract but by all means you can stop paying for your house and become homeless if you want. The bank will take your house but that's it. If Jon wants to pretty well "quit" the show just like anyone can their job. Unless it says specifically you can't quit your job without this penalty then you can just give your two weeks notice.

    I agree that Kate doesn't like the paparazzi but I believe she likes the attention they bring to her. If Jon brings them to the fence and allows the kids pictures to be taken its no different then any photo shoot or taping they've been to in the last 4 years. Jon selling their pictures is the same as Kate (and Jon) selling the family photo for $20 at books signings.

    BabyMama, I really do think there will be a settlement of some sort before the trial. The lawsuit is public and TLC has a lot to lose if all their dirty laundry is aired. Jon on the other hand has very little left to lose in terms of public image.

    I was searching around and found this site: Is this the asian nanny? These are different costumes the People reported, who is telling the truth? If this is a fake site, it is one of the creepiest things ever. No wonder the family needs a security system on their property. And people say they need a bodyguard for the "haters"

  46. I am also hoping that TLC calls and deposes Deanna Hummel and her brother. Remember, Deanna is one of the "flavors" that Jon took to Utah. I don't know the other women, but Deanna's face is clearly recognizable in the TV interview with Jon, sitting right beside him. Jon's (and Deanna's) response to her brother initially was that "he does drugs," etc. I looked up the brother's court case; it was 10 years ago, and he wasn't convicted. Similarly, Jon wanted us to forgive and forget Hailey's drug use because it was "a long time ago when she was in college." Hello. She just graduated so it wasn't so long ago.

    I believe that the court in PA was asked for a jury trial. Also, I think that court is open to cameras, but not sure. Who knows - we may see Court TV follow this one.

    For our curiosity's, I'd like to watch it.

    For Jon's sake, I kind of want it not to be broadcast. I think it will make him look more stupid. Although, since Heller wanted originally to try things in the "court of public opinion," and likes his notoriety so much, he may want it to be broadcast.

  47. Kate and Jon have been criticized so much over the years for a variety of things; sometimes fairly and sometimes IMO, unfairly.

    Sometimes I think people leap to conclusions.
    With Kate, there is the ToysRUs shouting at Jon. She’s said she was wrong something like 11 times now. I agree; it was wrong. We seldom see the end of that episode though where they were loading the toys in the back of the car and cameras were still rolling. Jon calls Kate out on her actions and after she listens to him, she apologizes right then and there. Does it make it right? No, she was still wrong, but she did apologize first on the same day it happened.

    With Jon, some of the more recent ones are when he was taking the kids for the “walk” in the woods. All three boys, and one girl are saying, “Daddy we don’t want to go in the woods. Daddy I don’t want to do this. Daddy don’t make me go.” Jon yells that they missed the deer because of their crying. Later we had the fall, lip bitten through, and trip to the emergency room. Sometimes you have to encourage kids to do new things and experience something different – i.e. moving out of your own comfort zone. The accident could have happened anywhere. I couldn’t help but wonder if it had been Kate with the kids if we’d still be hearing that she “injured” them and screamed at them in the woods. Same issue with the fishing episode. Neither the little kids, nor the twins wanted to go. They complained and complained. While they had no fun that day, they did have fun fishing on a subsequent day.

    With Kate, there is the time she had the sick child on the floor in the laundry room. I remember well the comments of “How could she be so mean?” Guess what? I have a sick child now and my child’s on a pallet in the laundry room. Did I want to be mean? Heck no. First, I wanted to segregate sick children from well children (as I was advised to do by our physician.) Second, their bedroom is two floors above the main floor, and it’s difficult to hear them if they need help. With multiple kids, I needed to prepare meals for the rest of the family and the laundry room is near the kitchen. Yes, it has a tile floor and easier to mop up accidents, but my main reason was to have them away from others but close to me. So I put sick helpers in the library, one room away from laundry room, and put my sick child in the laundry room so I could be close enough to assist with upset tummy.

    Did I learn this trick from Kate? No I was doing it years ago. When people were being so critical I thought, geez, she can’t be three places. She wants to keep sick and well kids apart. She needed to prepare meals and the laundry room was diagonally across the hall. And she wanted to hear and get to the sick child which is difficult when a child is upstairs and there are other children in the house making noise.

    Anyway, I was just thinking about the old episodes and these came to mind.

  48. BabyMama - Thank you for your concerns. Twitter won't let me reply to you for some reason; It says you aren't linked back to me or something like that.

    Also, you will love your iPhone 3GS more and more as time goes by. I love the instant access to the internet, and the ability to get photos and movie clips wherever I am with the kids. I get frustrated that I can't watch flash clips on the web. I also get frustrated that it tries to "correct" what I'm typing even when what I was typing was what I wanted to say. If I type "love" for example, it wants to correct it to "live" - not sure why. But, I love the apps and it comes in handy giving it to one of the kids to play games while I need to concentrate on getting/driving somewhere.

    Hubby is home from the hospital but we had to go back to the emergency room last night for a secondary problem. One kid is sick and two helpers are sick. I'm wearing a dorky mask because I can't afford to get sick. I'm clomping up and down 4 flights of stairs still wearing the walking boot from my fall a couple of months ago. At least the four days of incessant rain have stopped and the sun is shining. That always helps the attitude.

    Don't need to post this; I just couldn't answer your Tweet.

  49. The whole holiday debate is a toughie!
    I think that if Jon and Kate can grit their teeth and bear it, than it would be great for the kids to see that their parents are putting in the effort to try to make things work. But on the other hand, they both have a lot of frustration and anger with each other. I'm not sure if they can put that tension aside for the day. If it's too difficult, I don't think that it's worth it. The most important thing here is the kids, and as long as they are happy, then it's all fine!

    Another Mom, I feel the exact same way about the show ending! Whenever I see those commercials, I have to change the channel because it makes me so sad! I agree about Cake Boss being the replacement too. I think that its better for something totally unrelated to take the show's place. It actually surprising to think that we're all so attached to the show. Sometimes I ask myself "Why do I care so much?" I don't even know them! I think it's hard to explain, I just feel like they are a part of my family after all of these years. It's hard, because they are leaving us! Ugh! It's so sad! On a lighter note, I 'm glad that Kate is going to get her own show and all! Although, I don't think that it will be quite the same. And I hope to the high heavens that they keep us updated with Kate Plus 8! I'm going to miss those kids SO much!

    One last thought..... Does anyone think that either Jon or Kate are feeling a little sad that the show is ending? It has been such a hug part of their lives! I figure, that if all of us fans are getting a little emotional, then they must be too, right?

  50. Personally, I think it would be nice if there wasn't so much tension between J&K, however, since there is, I believe for the sake of the kids, they each split the day(s) with the kids separately to avoid more tension, confusing them and/or giving them any false hopes. Perhaps at least until after the divorce is finalized or better yet, even after all the kids are old enough to have fully processed and understood the reality of their parent's separation and divorce. Isn't that how most divorcing households do it, anyway?

  51. As far as the holidays go and how most divorcing families handle it - everyone finds what works for them. In my experience ( I have been divorced 10 yrs and raised 2 kids) it seems like the most successful are those who are able to put the kids first and spend time together with them for holidays, birthdays etc - the parents are still parents and the kids have to realize that they are loved by both and that the divorce has nothing to do with them and is not their fault.That they still are part of a family unit, even if its taking a differnet form than before. These kids seem the happiest and most secure- I have friends who even continued to vacation together with their kids after they divorced, Both realized that they could give the kids far more by joining forces than they could alone, divorced or not. Another family continues to spend time together even with both parents remarried- even all the grandparents and new spouses are there for holidays etc . Now obviously this does not work for everyone, but it is all about the kids and what is best for them. Bottom line is what is best for the kids and if the parents are willing to put the kids first. I can still remember my attorney telling me at the time of my divorce that it was not about me - it was about what was best for the kids.

    I am sad about the show ending but I do honestly believe that every member of that family needs a break from the spotlight. It's whats best for these kids and not whether we will all miss seeing them

    One last note - I do agree that it would be difficult for both Jon and Kate to get a job right now in the private sector - what company in their right mind would want to put up with the craziness that surrounds both of them at the moment - when things calm down yes, but right now their business would become a 3 ring circus

  52. Linda...I agree with your comments about jumping to conclusions. The bottom line is, you can find fault if anyone if you choose to. The haters in particular will twist absolutely everything to shine Kate in a negative light. Objectivity goes right out the window.

    I do think of her often as I have meltdowns with 3 kids and just cannot imagine coping with eight. Even one helper (IMO) isn't enough to deal with eight really young kids. She gets my kudos for keeping it all together!

  53. It was a busy weekend so I'm sorry if some of my comments are coming in well after the original messages.


    I have to agree with SO much that you have posted in the last couple of days; from Jon's self-imposed inability to go back to any job other than in entertainment, to the idea that "a contract is a contract", and to sick kids on the laundry room floor! I agree with it all!

    I do believe Jon stands in his own way regarding finding a "normal" job again. As it is, he doesn't have a good track record pre TLC, and now, with the mockery he has made of himself in the limlight, who would want to employ him? I don't think any company would want that drama. The difference is that Kate says if she has to, she would work as a nurse again but Jon just says he's too famous now to be able to get a regular job. I think Jon just doesn't want a regular job. Despite how he bashes TLC and the show, I think he got too used to getting paid good money just for being who he is and having the family he has.

    I also agree that a contract is a contract. I recently got myself into one with those darned gas marketers and despite their predictions that natural gas prices would be climbing through the roof, they have continued to drop since I signed on with those marketers. I now pay a god 20 cents more than the current gas rates through these marketers and I'm mad as hell about it! What can I do? Sure, I have tried to appeal to the fact that they promised me gas was going to sky rocket and it has just done the opposite and I have told them that they misrepresented the situation and now I am stuck with this higher rate, but all they say is that at the time I signed my contract, they bought my portion of gas for the price set in my contract and for the appropriate number of years set in my contract so even though gas is cheap now, they have paid for my gas at the expensive price. I'm still mad about it but at the end of it, a contract is a contract and if i choose to fight it, they would win becuase I signed onto those terms. Contracts may not always work out in your favour and sometimes there are shady contracts but for the most part, when a contract is legitimate, it is your responsibility to make sure you don't get screwed by the terms. I believe Jon sees the terms of his contract differently now because he has been exposed to this industry and is more recognizeable so he figures the terms are not in his favour anymore. Back when he signed it though, he was a nobody and he probably thought TLC was giving them the world. You can't just walk away from your contract now because you don't like the terms anymore.

    Regarding the sick kids on the laundry room floor, I also never understood why it was such an issue when Kate had the kids on the floor in there. When you have that many kids, it is a nightmare tending to them especially when they are mostly or all sick. As Linda said, not only do you have to worry about keeping sick away from healthy but you have to be able to deal with messes in a timely manner as well. It's a lot easier and more sanitary to clean up vomit from a tile floor than from carpet. Scrub as you might, stuff gets in carpet fibres and can bury down despite cleaning. At least on the tile floor you can wipe it up and disinfect it effectively. Also, I recall in that episode where all the kids were sick, that Kate mentioned something about the laundry room floor being warm and feeling cozy for the kids. She said it was nice for the kids to have that warmth against them when they were all shivery and achy. I just don't see why it has always been such a crime that she does this. Recently my daughter was sick and I felt so bad because I kept her locked up in the kitchen so she wouldn't go near the twins. She's only 3 and doesn't get the concept that kissing and hugging her brothers can pass germs along. It's not easy raising kids let alone when you have as many as Kate has. You just really have to think of them in everything you do.

  54. On the subject of spending the holidays together, I read through what others are saying and I do believe there are valid points on each side.


    As I said before, I started off thinking it was a good idea and then thought better of it. That said, I think you are right, they are Jon and Kate's kids and they can decide what is best for them to do. They know their kids better than anyone, especially us. I was not trying to come off as blaming them for wanting to spend the day together, I just feel that at this point in the game, they are not ready.

    It's not just that they are going through a divorce, there are some ugly side issues between them too. Kate cannot like Jon very much right now for putting a stop to Kate Plus 8, as well as she cannot be very happy with all the mean things he says about her in public (ie: Cruella comments). All these things are bound to influence the kind of interaction they will have with each other and I just feel like once the raw anger and pain has subsided a bit, they will be in a better place to successfully have a day together.

    I guess as a child, you would want to have your parents together and it might give them some comfort. Looking through an adult's eyes though, I'm not so sure. I guess I remember back to my childhood and when my parents would argue. My parents were not divorced or anything but my dad had a bad habit of holding a grudge after a fight. I hated that!! He was a very strong personality and hated to have things not go his way and he would make you miserable for opposing him by giving you the cold shoulder or silent treatment for days. Ugh! As a child, the last place I wanted to be was around my parents when they were in one of their "tiffs". Thankfully, it didn't happen that often but when it did, it was miserable. I guess knowing how much magnified things between Jon and Kate must be, I just feel it would be awful for those children to spend their Christmas under the pressure of having to read their parents' every action between each other. I guess this applies more to Mady and Cara who are older and more in tune to these things. The little kids may not be as sensitive to it but they will definitely pick up any bad vibes. Anyway, in the end we each are entitled to our opinions on what we think and feel but they are the Gosselins' kids and therefore they will utimately make the right decisions by their kids - hopefully.

  55. To those that expressed similar feelings about the show ending, I just wanted to say I'm glad I'm not the only one!!

    I know I can be overly sappy sometimes by nature and as I was writing it, I felt a bit dumb because how can someone be so attached to people they see on a tv once a week? Granted we have seem a whole lot more than just their show lately and I guess that has made us even more bonded to them.

    I'm just happy to know that others feel the same way and will miss them and their kids just as much. I really have to fight the battle within myself of wishing for Kate plus 8 to work out, and at the same time, reminding myself that it is probably good for those kids to have a breather from all this craziness for a while.

    Maybe it is just the wishful thinker in me, but I have a feeling we will not have heard the last of the Gosselins after Nov. 23rd!

  56. There are a couple of clips on Radar Online from what appear to be tonight's episode. It seems like Kate is opening up more and more about her pet peeves where Jon is concerened.

    In one clip, she refers to this invisible fence they had put in for the dogs where they wear a collar and it prevents them from crossing a certain set boundary and running off the property. After explaining this, she says something to the effect that maybe they should have gotten a collar for somebody else too. And then she does this little "did I just say that?" routine. lol pretty funny though I am surprised at how she is getting more open with her barbs at Jon. She cleverly doesn't name names though!!

    The second clip was not as light hearted. She was talking about how Jon is always on the phone and that a lot of times she will come home and ask the kids if they played with daddy and they say "no, not really" and she'll ask why and they'll say "because he was on the phone all the time". Wow, that really made me mad! They even have a video clip of Jon ignoring the kids while on the phone and at the fence and Mady actually blows a whistle and yells at him to come on!

    Gotta love Mady, she's a mini Kate in the making. lol

    Still at the end of the clip, Kate sighs and says for the millionth time that she wishes the old Jon would come back that used to roll around on the ground with the kids all the time.

    I just HATE the person he is turning into. It`s like he really feels like the kids are in his way or something. Poor kids! I hate saying this but one day he is going to wake up to find that the kids have moved on too. They are only young and adoring for so long. Pretty soon they will just start shutting him out of their lives. So sad!!

  57. Shoot, I meant to say I think tbd MD court is a jury trial, not the PA court. I think in MD whether it's covered by media is up to the judge.

    I'm hoping the divorce court in PA stays closed to the media.

  58. It takes two, to make a marriage work, or bring about it's end. It is for sure the hardest work you do in your life. But regardless, you cannot do it alone, even for the good of your children.

    I soloed for four years after my first marriage. I can honestly say a part of me will always love him, and a part will always hate him. It may get better between Jon & Kate after the divorce is final. When can only hope that the tension lightens up for everybody's sake.

    With the Gosselins, it's a much bigger picture. Sorry Mosbius, but to me there us a vast difference between paparazzi 24/7 and a show that films for a few hours a day, a few days a week and also includes months if hiatus. Also vastly different from selling a posed shot and even a photo shoot. The difference? With a show filming or even a photo shoot, the people are vetted and there is limited involvement. The paparazzi and even the people standing at the fence are total unknowns and a whole different genre. No background check and no qualifers.

    TLC retains the rights to all the used and unused footage. If, indeed, we had a good cop/ bad cop situation going, I would imagine that we've seen pretty much the "wad" if negative Kate shots. I think we may get a little sample of Jon stuff in the last two weeks. However, bear in mind that TLC may be sitting on a vault full of pieces that could be very negative for Jon. Maybe, maybe not. For Jon's sake, if so, I hope it never gets aired or at least not until the divorce is final.

    I don't think this change in Jon just happened. I think it's been evolving over time. Some of us just like him less and less as he's evolved; others if us like Kate more and more as she's grown and developed as a mother and person.

    I laughed in the Morales interview when she said "Kate you look so different now." Hello - those photos were comparing Kate right after she gave birth to the Kate of now. (I don't think hospitals let you get highlights when on bedrest. ) BUT, if you compare the Kate of the marriage photos to the Kate of ten years later, she looks remarkably the same, only better, more healthy.

    I think part if Jon's anger is because Kate us looking great, and he looks like he's gone to Hell in the proverable hand basket. IMO

  59. Linda, I was going to correct your statementon the PA being private but I thought you might catch it your self and you did. MD court records are public for the TLC lawsuit, but on radar there is paperwork that is requesting the judge to seal the records. Then Jons' attorney has the statement to block the request. Sooooo, here we go.
    Also, on Rol they said that tonights show will be Kate bashing Jon. Those are my words just to shorten things up. The bad footage you mentioned might be shown after all, don't know.
    Everyones been quiet this week. Whats up Baby Mama????