Monday, November 9, 2009

Jons New BFF? Michael Lohans Revenge, Taylor Swift Does Kate Impression, Watch Favorite Viewers Moments

Hello Gosselin fans! The new episodes are coming to an end soon, and I for one am really sad..I feel like it will leave a huge hole in the TLC lineup. When Table For 12 first came on, people criticized me for not liking it. It really had nothing to with my loyalty to this show, I guess for me I just found Kate and the Gosselin children more interesting to watch. I will not watch that new season of that show.

Levi Johnston and Jon Gosselin: New BFF's? NY

Levi and Jon, perfect together. Levi Johnston, the ex-boyfriend of Sarah Palin's daughter, and Jon Gosselin of "Jon & Kate Plus 8" fame posed for photos on Sunday night in Times Square.
Johnston, 19, arrived in New York to shoot a photo spread in Playgirl magazine.
The hunky ex-hockey player from Alaska drew a curious crowd of hundreds to an outdoor taping of an interview with a panel of "The Insider," a syndicated television show.
Before the show started, Johnston ran into Gosselin, who was in town to film promotional TV spots.

Michael Lohan Scorned By Jon Will Spill The Beans In Court:

TLC is suing Jon Gosselin for breach of contract in part because of other business deals the cable net claims he was doing in violation of their exclusive agreement, and they've subpoenaed his former best friend Michael Lohan as a witness. "He did deals with me," Lohan told in an exclusive interview. "I was working on a deal with him for a Nutrisystem endorsement and a book deal. He got a paid a lot of money for different promotions, clubs, magazines, and by a TV network." Even Jon & Kate Plus 8 advertisers were complaining to TLC about Gosselin's recent behavior which interferred with production of the show.

Lohan told us he didn't know his deals with Jon might be in violation of his TLC contract. "At times he said what we were doing was ok; at times times he said it was a problem. I guess that’s why he got paid cash for so many of the personal appearances so no one would know.
"He would get paid between $2,500-$5,000 or even more," Lohan claimed. "Some casinos would give him poker chips. I was negotiating a deal for Nutrisystem but when the negative press came out Nutrisystem ran for the hills. We didn’t get to the numbers with Nutrisystem but it would have been six-figures."

Taylor Swift Does Kate Gosselin Impression on SNL: Do you think it was funny?

Your Top Jon & Kate Plus 8 Episodes!


  1. Jon and Levi Johnston being best frinds is just plain weird. I thought that Taylor Swift did not do a good imperssion of Kate, the people who did the imperssions of the other women were hilarous! And since Jon and Micheal are not friends anymore does this mean no more Divorced Dads Club?

  2. I didn't think the skit was that funny, either, but only because Taylor Swift looked like she was reading from a cue card and they've done The View skit to death.
    My favorite moment... I hope they show the one where J&K were talking about after the kids went to bed and Kate was in the kitchen washing dishes and Jon came up behind her and they were giggling. It's one of those "everyday" moments, but very sweet and sad because of all that's happened.

  3. I'm thinking the skit won't bother Kate and that someone probably told her about it before they did it. I think it was done in fun like the one she did herself.
    Although I do like Table for Twelve for its own reasons, it can never replace Jon and Kate Plus Eight. I am interested especially in how the Haye's show explores raising a special needs child and I think it will do a good job raising awareness and bringing acceptance and inclusion for some of these families whome I deeply admire. Having said that, I do not have nearly the attachment to them as I do the Gosselins. I also don't think it is fair that so many people criticize the Gosselins for exploiting their kids when the other families are doing exactly the same thing and they have older and younger kids. Kate protected Mady's privacy by not filming when she got her braces on, the Duggars filmed when their girls were having oral surgery and the Hayes filmed their son getting an extraction. I am not saying either way is right or wrong, it is up to each family and production team to assess what is best for them, only that it is a double standard to say the Gosselins exploit and to single out their show. I really enjoy these types of shows and getting to know these families, but while they can fill a time slot, no show can substitute for another.

  4. I only saw bits and pieces of the Kate impersonation, but Taylor appeared on the View with Kate and I'm guessing extended tickets to the Twins, because they were spotted eating at a PF Chang's in Pittsburgh and at the Taylor Swift concert, also in Pittsburgh, after the View appearance.
    They are actually BOTH from the same town (Wyomissing, PA)

  5. Tashapork~ Thank you for the great post. It expressed exactly how I feel about the attachment so many have with the Gosselins, that I don't think Ive seen in a while. I think it will take even longer to have another family come into our lives that people invest so much of their time on!

  6. I still think the best scene was in an early episode when the boys were being questioned about a broken off doornob. One of the boys (I forgot which one) danced around being happy that he didn't get punished. Classic!

    As far as the more recent episode, I do like the one where Kate took the boys to a dude ranch.

  7. Tashapork - I agree with your comments!

    SchmeckyGirl - I liked your circus analogy in the last post. Don't agree with all you said, but it made me aware enough to cancel our January tickets to the circus.

    Maria - I agree, it did look like she was just reading from a cue card. My guess is that Kate would think it was funny.

  8. I'm also very attached to the Gosselins. There is another family with sextuplets, the Masche sextuplets in Arizona. They have a show too, I tried to watch it but it didn't capture my interest like Jon and Kate plus 8 did.

  9. Okay folks, I'm on my soapbox again.

    I am passionate about adults and kids wearing helmets when riding ATVs or bicycles. You need a helmet each and every time. I know Papa Gosselin has an ATV helmet because he's been photographed with it. I know that the Gosselin kids have bike helmets because they've been photographed with them.

    Do you put on your seatbelts even when making a short trip? I sincerely hope so! Do you need helmets when riding just a short distance? Yes.

    I put my money where my mouth is on this issue. I volunteer with an organization ( whose focus is preventing brain disorders and helping those with them (runs the gamut from alzheimers to accident-caused brain injuries, from birth defects to whatever the reason. Their motto is: Protect your brain for life!

    Each year for Christmas, my wish list is bicycle helmets or gift certificates for them. In addition to providing new or repaired bicycles for disadvantaged children - never does a bicycle get gifted without a helmet and teaching the need for wearing one. When I lived in FL we had many Spanish- and Haitian-speaking communities. I struggled with learning Spanish and French so I could explain to them the necessity of helmets in their own language.

    Most brain disorders cannot be prevented. Medication, etc. is available for a few. Brain injuries from ATV and bicycle accidents are often permanent. Most of these COULD be prevented if only a helmet was worn!

    The bone in the skull is only about the thickness of a dime! It is only fractionally as thick as an arm or leg bone. Yet the skull protects the most important organ. Break an arm or leg and you can probably get it casted. Break your skull and your injury most often has permanent results.

    Wearing a helmet needs to be a habit. Habits come from re-enforcing that it should be done every time. On a bike, the pavement in your driveway is just as hard as pavement in the street. Children will be children; adults need to set the example and enforce the rule.

    Two weeks ago we had an injury to a child in our neighborhood. (And yes, I'd stopped and knocked on their door to plead about helmets and got the "Look we're on our property and they are only riding on the driveway." And from the looks I got they really resented my interference. The child is 8. He'd watched older kids do "wheelies" and decided to try one. He popped the bike over backwards and hit his head on the driveway. Right now he isn't able to communicate; we're praying it isn't permanent.

    My own children are so hurt that one of their friends is injured. A lot of people want to blame and point fingers. My kids feel guilt that they should have pressed harder for him to wear a helmet. Blaming isn't the answer. Encouraging and making wearing a helmet the "cool thing to do" and a necessary habit, IS the answer.

    Car seats and seat belts prevent brain injuries. Helmets prevent brain injuries. Most car accidents happen a short distance from home. Most bike accidents also happen close to home. Most ATV accidents happen on the owner's property!

    Your children and grandchildren are your most precious beings. Please don't ride in a vehicle without your seatbelt. Please don't ride or let your children ride on an ATV or bike without a helmet. It only takes a split-second for an accident to happen.

    Manufacturers and Government safety guidelines are that no children under 16 should be on ATVs.
    Always wear protective gear, especially a helmet!
    Do not drive ATVs with a passenger or ride as a passenger.
    ATVs are difficult to control on paved roads.
    Do not permit children to drive or ride adult ATVs.
    Please check this link:
    and for bikes:

    Shame on Kate and Jon, and any babysitters for letting the Gosselin children ride without helmets. How would you live with yourself if an accident happened that could have been prevented?

    Okay, I'm off the soapbox for now.

  10. Taylor didn't pull off Kate the way the others pulled off the people they were impersonating. It was disappointing because I felt it COULD have been funnier had she nailed Kate better. Her lines weren't that great either. Whoever wrote those did a bad job. Also, I do like table for 12 and 18 kids and counting but like others have said each family has its own dynamics and brings their own thing to the table. I appreciate different things about all these families. By the way I haven't watched LBPW in a long time but caught a few clips recently, what is up w/ amy and matt? Are they on their way to divorce as well? They seem to really dislike each other.

  11. I love Taylor Swift, but that skit sucked. Her monologue song was hilarious though.

    I think there is NO show that can fill the void that will be left when the Gosselins leave.

  12. I'm a huge fan of Taylor Swift, so I may be biased, but I really liked the skit. Taylor Swift isn't really an actress, although she has done some work in the area, and for that, I thought she did great. For anyone who does skits on SNL, the ability to hold it together & not burst out into hysterical laughter is amazing to me, so she wins just for being able to do that in my book. :)

    When it comes to my favorite moments on the show, I think there are tooooooooooooo many to count. I did see a short clip of when Kate came home from being out of town for a couple of days (maybe the tummy tuck, but I’m not sure) when the “little ones” were still in their cribs. It’s when she says, “Hi,” to Alexis, and then Alexis says it back. After that is when Alexis had a diaper explosion, and Kate says, “Oh my Lordy B,” which is something one of my friends and I say all the time now. But, in addition to when Alexis says, “Hi,” I like when they cut to Mady & Cara explaining what happened. Mady’s accent is so clear, and he choice of words is hilarious.

    Another of my favorite moments is when Leah says, “Hannah pooped in Hanna’s underwears,” when Joel tells the camera that the girls when to get “pedicures”, when Aaden says, “I’m a super her-o,” during the ice cream meltdown of Disney, and when Alexis says, “I don’t know why her do dat,” in the hallway of one of the hotels when Hannah hits her while she’s being filmed. Can you tell I LOVE the things kids say? Oh, and I can’t forget when little Leah says, “We’re all Korean,” and Cara & Mady are asked which “little one” in their favorite, and after Mady answers, Cara says something like, “They’re all my favorite,” and then Mady changes her original choice and says they’re all her favorites, too. But, I’m with the majority and really like the moments when you can see the love and LIKE for each other between Jon & Kate. As someone who’s less than a year removed from my divorce in which I hear myself in Kate’s words far more often than I’d like to admit, it’s nice to be able to look back and see when times were nice & happy opposed to the excruciating pain divorce brings.

  13. OMG! By now you all have probably seen ROL's article on Jon countersuing TLC for $5 million!?? On what grounds!? I don't know whether to laugh or be shocked. 'Course, I shouldn't be shocked at anything he does anymore.

    Holy canoli, He has definitely lost his mind!

  14. Radaronline reports - Jon is counter suing TLC for 5 Million Dollars. The Hellers are representing him in the lawsuit.

  15. The thought of Levi Johnston baring all in Playgirl, makes me want to VOMIT.

    What a pair. (Jon & Levi, that is...not anything

  16. After a rough start the kids are FINALLY asleep. I'm watching the episode right now and it literally brings a tear to my eye. It's so sad how things went downhill for this family so quickly. I wish we could continue to watch such great times with these adorable kids. I literally have to chuckle at Kate..She is who she is, and I really admire her for still trying to press forward during this difficult time in nher life...

    I look at this year and how quickly my baby grew up..after my computer crashed and I lost all that baby video, I wish I had my own memories like that.. Although now for a million hate sites to judge lol.

  17. I enjoyed the show tonight, it was kind of neat to see Kate talk about these past memories. I wish they could have involved the kids in this discussion, it would have been neat to see some of their take on things. I did notice that in the bike riding episode, they were wearing helmets. I too am a stickler on that type of thing Linda. It is just as important as using a carseat and seatbelt. I remember the episode where Jon was riding the kids on the lawn tractor and Kate had safety concerns that Jon blew off. I wish she had more say over what happens when she is not there. I am excited about next weeks's show. They might show the Smithsonian footage that we never saw. I don't know why, but my gut tells me that someday, Kate Plus Eight will be back. I really feel it, it may be a while, it may be less often, but it will be back.

  18. It brings a tear to my eyes too....I feel like these kids are family.I hope we get to see them again as they grow.

    The other shows with sextuplets and the one with twelve kids I just cant seem to get into like I did with jon and kate.I will miss them alot.

    Levi and Jon ,geez everytime I think he cant sink lower he does.

  19. Saturday Night Live isn't funny. It hasn't been funny in decades. I would have no expectations of Taylor to be funny.

    About the helmets, I completely agree. Where I live, it's a law that children must wear helmets. Sadly, since it's creation 15 years ago, it's compliance levels have gone down. It's unfortunate that it takes tragedy for people to learn that the ground is deadly to heads everywhere. I commend you Linda for your post!

    Ok, on to the actual show- it was a nice retrospective, I felt. Kate was very honest about her past behaviour and really showed how she learned from her mistakes.

    The most interesting part, quite frankly, though, were the clips for the next two shows. It sure seems like TLC is going to throw Jon under the bus, where he belongs. I, for one am glad that it looks like they're going to show some of his poor behaviour. I'm sure it won't stop people from hating Kate, but it is harder to deny his part in all this when faced with the footage.

  20. OMG!! Jon is countersuing TLC?!?! Is he insane?!
    This better not be true because I am really laughing deliriously right now, I think I'm going to burst something.

    I don't get it, why does he even listen to the Hellers? By now doesn't he know that they are not doing any good for him AT ALL? Someone in the previous post mentioned about Jon desperately needing to depend on others for direction. If this story is really true, I think it's the best evidence to support that point.

    Oh Lord... Jon what the heck are you thinking?! Have sandflies invaded your brain and blurred out any ounce of sensibility (or rather sanity) that you possess? I'm sorry, I just can't get over this. I didn't think it could get any worse, but he's proved me wrong yet again. The word "disappointment" doesn't even cut it when it comes to Jon's recent behaviour.

    Oh please, let this not be true..

  21. We've had the Gosselns as a weekly part of our lives for so long they do feel like family.

    I enjoyed last night's program. I enjoyed Kate's reactions and comments. I'm teary to think we won't see them much longer. I, for one will miss those kids. They are just so doggone cute.

  22. My thoughts on the Hellers telling Jon to sue TLC and Jon doing it?

    What's the old saying "Fool me once...."

    Wasn't it the Hellers who 'advised' Jon and acted on Jon's behalf to try and blackmail TLC which led to this lawsuit in the first place? That didn't go so well, and now, it seems that's the tactic they want to try again - to try and intimidate TLC with a 5 million dollar counter-suit? I'm thinking that's not gonna go so great either.....

    I can't imagine what Jon's legal bills are - unless Mr. Heller is representing him pro bono? Maybe Heller likes being in the media spotlight? Maybe he subscribes to the philosophy that there's no such thing as 'bad' publicity?

    If he is representing Jon pro bono - that might explain why Jon doesn't have representation in MD yet? Maybe he can't find an attorney to represent him without Jon paying a HUGE retainer - and maybe Jon has burnt through the money he's made already - and just doesn't have it? (I mean he is paying the expense of the NY apartment and parking, travelling back and forth to PA, travelling for all sorts of reasons - and he did buy new cars, etc, etc?) Other than these talk show appearances - how IS Jon supporting himself? I wonder if he's getting himself in debt with credit cards with the hope that he'll be marketable again at some point? (just a thought I had - not implying that's the case!)

  23. Maria said...
    I didn't think the skit was that funny, either, but only because Taylor Swift looked like she was reading from a cue card.

    I could be wrong, but I think that was part of the skit, trying to say that Kate wasn't a natural in front of the camera when she was hosting. I think anyway.

    I liked this one better than Kathy Griffin's. I love Kathy Griffin, for the most part, but I just didn't find hers that funny.

  24. Okay, so I think I really need to step away from the Gosselin saga. I actually had a DREAM about it last night! Pathetic.

    In my dream Kate was at a live conference and someone asked her if she was having an affair with Steve and she denied it. Then Steve walked up to her when she was getting ready to leave the stage and whispered in her ear "They have to find out about us sooner or later", and Kate gave him the look of death and said "I can't believe you did that" because she still had her mic on and everyone heard. tee hee hee. I blame it on TLC blurring Steve's face out on the plane to Utah last night... he must have stuck in my mind.

  25. Sarah RDH, I agree with you!

    Re: Jon and Levi, I know Jon hates that word but talk about an "infamous" pair. I doubt there were two people better suited to the word; welllll except maybe Heidi and Spencer. lol

  26. I didn't get to watch last night's show yet. I taped it and then couldn't stay awake long enough to watch it so I will watch it today. I am sure it was full of heart string pulling moments. It almost makes me sad in advance of watching it.

    Have you guys ever seen those sit coms back in the day where the mom and dad in the family had a fight, and the kids would get scared they were going to get a divorce so they would plan these elaborate walking dowm memory lane presentations? Practically 75% of family based shows had an episode like that. They either recreated a scene from the parents' first date or made a compilation of all their cute video moments set to romantic music and of course the parents would look lovingly at each other and all would be well.

    Don't you wish we could mail this favourite moments show to Jon and make him sit down with Kate and watch it and then they would both remember what they loved about each other? If only life were really like that!

    In the meantime, we are jerked back to reality with yet another crazy Jon story. What the heck does he think he's doing countersuing TLC, and for 5 million? I guess that's one way to make a quick buck!

    Seriously, on what grounds? I can't wait to hear what Heller has in rebuttal. I just can't think of anything that could take away from Jon's breach of contract and end up awarding him compensation. Please don't tell me he is suing for pain and suffering that TLC inflicted on him and the kids while making them all rich!

    On another note, isn't Jon afraid that a judge will see that Heller is representing him and have his mind half made up already? I think he should get himself actual counsel!

  27. I can't believe Jon and Levi are wearing matching pea coats. lol.

    Wow. Jon is counter suing! Good for him! I'm not condoning not living up to a contract in most cases in life, but I think it was a bogus contract anyway. I think TLC had too much of a hold on this family and exploited them and their relationship. I think TLC had a hand in their marriage falling apart. I think they wanted the show to go in a certain direction and the family suffered for it. "Poor husband, mean wife" (whether it is reality or not) playing out on television certainly can't help a marriage.

    Then there's the whole issue of "child actors vs. non-child actors" and whether or not it falls in the "documentary" catagory.

    I do wonder about the lawyer they had when they signed the latest contract. I noticed it said they had A lawyer (not THEIR lawyer) and THEIR manager present. I wonder if TLC provided or recommended the lawyer, of if their manager did. I think that could be a conflict of interest if the lawyer wasn't there to soley represent the Gosselins and have only their best interests in mind.

    I also hope Jon is suing on behalf of his children too, if it does come out that they should have been compensated separately for the past 5 seasons.

  28. Well, SchmeckyGirl, I am all packed to go, but toooo bad I can't go to Disney World with you. I am dog sitting for a week, so my daugther and her family (one 16month old grand baby), can go to Disney World. Mannnn and I have to stay here. lol
    Oh well, that what good Grandmas do. lol
    I hope their plane makes it through to Orlando, and the storm is over.

    On to the show..... I did watch and enjoyed it. Buttt, I keep thinking that we have a big surprize coming from TLC. I guess I just don't believe that they are going to cut them (J&K) loose! Thanks to all your post of favorite moments, I enjoyed all of them too.

    Well, I will say Good Bye for now, and If my daugther takes her lap top with her I don't know if I will be able to check in this week. cu

  29. Okay, now about the show last night. (I try to keep all my "thoughts" separate in comments in case Baby Mama chooses not to publish one. That way I don't lose them all at once.)

    I enjoyed watching all the clips. Those kids really were absolutely adorable. It will be sad to not watch them grow up, even though I think that's best. I do hope they do updates down the road.

    I wish the Collin drawer knob dance was on it, but I saw that one recently anyway.

    Aw. Alexis outgrew her alligators. Sad. But I know it happens because my little one outgrew her ballerina frogs already. *sigh But it's funny that people give Kate alligators for her. I wonder if any of them actually made it home to her.

    Collin pulling the kids around was so cute, as was Joel riding his bike. It was so nice seeing Jon running along side him. Holding hands in the dentist chair was adorable.

    I cringed watching the children hitting each other. I hate seeing that, even though I know it happens. I just feel bad for them. lol. But it wasn't just the boys that hit, the girls hit too. In one episode Mady kicked her sister. I wonder if Jon and Kate actually watch all the footage?

    I really did enjoy watching all the clips again. Makes me remember why I loved the show.

  30. I decided to make this one a second comment since it was longer than I expected...

    Watching the meltdowns was funny and Kate was a good sport about it. OMG. Toys R Us and The Coupon. ROFL! I'd be MORTIFIED.

    I do think though that although she admits it was 100% wrong, etc she still tries to defend why (He was playing with toys, like he was in a corner playing alone and left her with all the children, or I was stressed from the move).

    However, when Jon said "Pull the stick out" she made it seem like that was worse than anything she's ever said or done and that it was unforgivable. He was wrong, but he had his "reasons" too, just like she did. And his was a result of the way she was treating him, not because he was stressed in general. Then she commented that it could be a sign of "things to come". I think they were all signs of things to come.

    One thing I noticed was she said those meltdowns were the old Kate (or something to that effect) but she recently said she still has meltdowns. I just hope the children aren't around for them. That can be so traumatic for them. I just worry because if Jon was the one that always got her frustrations/stress taken out on, who gets it now?

    I know that some people feel that Jon was a source of her stress, which he may have been to a certain degree, but he was also a huge help to her. He was a hands on daddy and did a lot of the grunt work around the house and with the kids, like baths and breakfast, etc. I can't see her life being easier now that he is gone. And now she is "alone" and angry. I worry about her and the children. There is no way this divorce has no ill effects on them.

    I also think Kate has to have a lot of anger with Jon for not allowing the children to film and for, in effect, ending the show. I can't imagine how she feels. I agree with that decision myself, but if I didn't I'd be LIVID. How is she dealing with that?

  31. Linda,

    Again you and I are on the exact same page about the helmets and child safety. Who would have thought? lol. I'm not sure if my comment about it posted but I said a lot of what you did, especially about the hard driveway. A small hit to the head can be dangerous.

    Did you REALLY cancel your circus tickets??? I feel terrible now. But at the same time, good for you! Or were you joking? It's hard to tell when reading comments sometimes.

    Well, if you really did, then I'm happy to have raised awareness in at least one person. Not that I picket outside Madison Square Garden or anything like that. Mine is more of a personal stance, but now you have me thinking I should! Maybe I can really make a difference.

  32. From RadarOnline:
    "Jon is likely to argue that TLC is preventing him from earning a living with a contract that is too restrictive. In its court filing, TLC noted that it offered to keep paying Jon when it planned to change the show from Jon & Kate Plus 8 to Kate Plus 8. The suit also notes that TLC is not stopping Jon from earning a living and contends he is always able to go back to his former job in Information Technology."

    I just think it's funny that they want to be able to tell Jon what job they are okay with him getting. IT work. lol. Kate is allowed to get a job being a talk show host with Paula Deen, she can be a co-host on The View, etc. but Jon can't do anything in the media. It's not fair that they will give Kate permission and not Jon.

    Not that I would agree with any of Jon's choices on what shows he would do, I probably wouldn't, but he should have the same choices as Kate does. Should TLC tell Kate she can go back to being a nurse and that's it?

    What about "reality"? If it's a documentary and a show based on their real lives, TLC should not be telling them what they can or cannot do. It really seems like TLC bought their lives and all the rights to it. Yes, they signed a contract for that, but it's just wrong, in my opinion.

    Larry King was right. TLC is controlling their lives.

  33. Last nights show was so sweet! It was nice to look back at where the show started, and were the Gosselins were when we first "met" them. There are so many moments that were on the show that I absolutely love. They really do feel like family! I'm am beyond sad that the show is ending. I know that it will be great for the kids to live a little more normally, but I'm sure going to miss them!

    Speaking of favorite moments from the show.... here are mine!

    1. When Hannah says, "Enjoy YOURself!"
    And when she tells her parents, "I'll take care of the kids!"

    2. Leah's famous "Hannah pooped. In Hannah's unnawears." And when she says "I'm little!" randomly on that bouncy bus (or whatever it's called)

    3. Alexis and her obsession with "aldergators" and on Kate's Labor day when she says, "I is coming!"

    4. Aaden holding up a brownie to the camera and saying, "Do you see this?" And when Aaden and Leah are pulling a box in the new house when Leah tells him to get off, he says, "Nope. Remember we're buddies?"

    5. Collin pulling the kids around the driveway in his little car. And when he leaves on his special day and says, "I will hug you and give you a kiss so you don't cry."

    6. Joel riding his bike without training wheels. (He was finally the 1st!) And when he asks Kate if he can smell her face.

    7. Cara talking about her siblings and saying that she loves ALL of them.

    8. Mady dancing in front of the mirror when Kate does her hair with chopsticks (in the Korean dinner episode!)

    9. Jon telling the little kids that if they can lick their elbow then they can eat their cupcake at the store. (On the 4th birthday episode) And then they all try to do it!

    10. Kate saying "honestly?!" (I think that she says that a lot, not on just one particular episode.) I have picked that saying up from this show!

    Wow. There are just SO many. I could sit around all day and talk about all of the things that I love about this family! There is NO WAY that the Hayes come even close to the Gosselins! There is nothing bad about them or anything, but I feel like we know the Gosselin family so much better and I certainly have a strong connection with them, after being a "part of their family" for how ever many years. I don't know... I guess that's something that the Hayes just can't replace. I'm going to miss the Gosselins!!!!

  34. Schmecky, having that dream is just too hilarious!!!! Yep, a nice little holiday to Disney and away from the Gosselins is just what the doctor ordered!!!!

    I'm so glad they showed my very favorite line with Alexis' (mommy....hi mommy.....), omg, I could watch that over and over again. But they are all adorable each in their own little ways.

  35. I can appreciate how some people and perceive that the contract they signed with TLC is too restrictive, but I think they're missing the larger picture. ALL reality shows have contracts. Every reality show contestant signs an exclusivity contract with their network. Frankly, if you look into them, the TLC one seems pretty tame by other shows standards. Almost all reality shows make you sign away your right to control your own editing (which Jon and Kate retained control over) and right to complain about it if you don't like it; many reality contest shows will kick you off for bad behaviour that took place years in your past, like American Idol; The Bachelor and The Apprentice contracts have lifetime gag orders in them, and the list goes on. I think Jon will find his contract with TLC was a good and fair one. The only reason he has a problem with it is because he's trying to profit off his own scandals.

    The fact is, I don't think TLC would have an issue with Jon going on these other shows if either a) he wasn't being paid or b) he wasn't going on because of his bad behaviour. That's the difference between his appearances and Kate's- she's not out there bashing Jon left, right and centre, or carrying on with half a dozen 20-somethings on the covers of all the rag mags. Jon need to smarten up and just go sit in a hotel room somewhere and let it all blow over.

  36. So, I live in MD and I thought I would check the MD Judiciary court case searches to get the real info on Jon and his court case. And as of yesterday they called Kate Major to testify. Everything is on there all the info for the case, I just think its funny how ROL always has "exclusive" info and "insider" reports when really its all public info. :-P

    Anyway, thought it was another dig at the hole this has become for Jon. Scary what the outcome might be.

  37. LOL! I figured I'd be the only one that thought he should sue TLC right back. Well, at least it will be interesting to see how it all plays out.

    I just had a thought... if Jon sues and wins (I know, a long shot) what happens to the money? If they're divorced then Kate won't be entitled to it, will she? Is he suing under their "company name" or just on his own behalf? Is there still a company for them both since they are getting divorced? Can you imagine if Jon gets 5 million dollars and Kate gets none of it? Ouch.

    I'd also like to add that I do know how to spell category. Darn typos. ;)

  38. Table for 12 is boring, I will not watch it. I love(d) jon and kate plus 8 and will be so sad not see new episodes.

    I do like 18 kids and counting, but it's not going to replace the gosselins!

  39. Baby Mama, I "subscribe" to the comments in the new posts, but it won't let me unless I make a comment first.

    So... in case you see me leaving just a short Hi or even just a . it's so that I can get the comments via email so I don't have to check your blog when I'm on vacation. You don't have to post it though. lol.

    Not that I expect to have time to read comments or even think about Jon and Kate at Disney World (I sure hope I don't) you never know... I may have a moment of peace and quiet and a few minutes to catch up.

    If I never get back online before Thursday when I leave, have a nice week everyone! Speaking of peace and quiet, try not to miss me too much. ;)

    #1 caregiver: Aw. I feel for you. You are a good grandma. I had an extra carry-on just for you! Oh wait, you probably won't read this... you don't have a laptop now. :(

  40. TLC has every right to control and maintain the integrity of their show. That includes their right to restrict the public statements and appearances of all their participants, including J&K. They have had no reason to place restrictions on Kate's public appearances as much as Jon, since she has always been fully compliant and cooperative, whereas Jon's erratic and uncooperative behavior has given them every understandable reason to place restrictions on him.

    They have several reasons to protect their integrity, namely for the sake of protecting their advertising income. When advertisers begin complaining about Jon's behavior, they have every right to reign him in. That is why entertainment and media contracts typically have exclusivity provisions in their contracts.

    And as far as TLC being a contributing factor in their divorce... no credible shred of evidence on that. Given the differences and dynamics of their personalities, I believe it would have happened anyway. I remember Kate brought up at one time, that parents with multiples have a higher rate of divorce, anyway. Add those two reasons, and you had a volatile mix ready to explode at any time. TLC just happened to be an observer of it all when it happened.

  41. On an added note... Would love to read or hear all the court transcripts and/or proceedings. Wonder if they will be made public.

  42. Jon can sue anyone he wants, it doesn't mean he'll get a dime. I do think this case will be precedant setting and will affect future negotiations and contracts. I noticed on Little People Big World that they blurred out the boy's t shirts. TLC is probably trying to show that it doesn't single out Jon and Ed Hardy.
    I don't think Kate's meltdowns will cause harm for the kids as long as she isn't having them constantly and there is a positive relationship in between times. It helps that she has sitters that can take over when she needs time to calm down. Jon snaps at the kids directly at least as much as Kate does and unless it has changed drstically, I don't think it will harm them either. It is just hard for us to watch because we care about them so much.

  43. Schmecky, this is one of the odd times I disagree with you. lol When it comes to contracts, I think that even if they are the most ridiculous thing in the world, if you agree to it and sign on, you are bound by its stipulations.

    If looking at things from an emotional point of view, yes, I agree that perhaps TLC didn't have the Gosselins best interest at heart at all possible times because after all they are in it to make money too. It is advantageous for them to slant things a certain way to make the show more interesting to viewers, thus more marketable. If you take the emotion out of it though, it is probably good business.

    TLC had to know that just the mere idea of a couple raising 8 kids was not going to hold peoples' attention for long and so after the initial oohing and awwing over this huge family was over, there had to be something else to keep people watching. IMO, this is where they probably started playing the poor husband, mean wife angle. Is it right? Maybe not but having said that, Jon and Kate went on like this for years without complaining about it. Also, I don't think they were 100% acting either. Jon has shown himself to be a very passive, needing reassurance and approval kind of person off the show as we have all seen lately and Kate has also admitted to being tougher than necessary and controlling and all the rest of it off camera as well.

    Yes, I do believe TLC had a hand in editing things the way they wanted it, like when Jon says that they never showed resolve between him and Kate when they fought. I do believe that they figured it would be more interesting not to show the part where they resolve their fights but at the end of the day, Jon and Kate are who they are and short of giving them an actual script, I don't think they can fake their personalities to that extent.

    Another thing which tells me the judge will not see Jon as a poor soul that got bullied by TLC, is that if things were that bad, then why didn't he or Kate speak up sooner? Jon did have moments where he complained that the show was not letting him just be Jon and that he had to always be Jon and Kate Plus 8, but I think that was more of a personal unhappiness than a gripe with TLC.

    I think the timing of events kind of shows that Jon is crying sour grapes. Why did he only cry exploitation and foul by TLC AFTER they took his name off the show? Why not in all these years before that? When the whole Kevin and Jodi exploitation thing came out, why did he insist it was ridiculous and that his kids only film when they want to, doing things they would be doing anyway? If he really felt that the kids were exploited, why didn't he speak up about it then? I think it was because he had no reason to. He and Kate made good money from that show. Maybe not as much as TLC made, but it sure was enough to make sure each child had a sizeable college fund according to Kate and the lifestyle they're living is not too shabby anymore either. Obviously TLC was not giving them pennies.

    In addition, don't forget they signed a new contract with lawyers in 2008. You would think that if they had complaints about anything, the lawyers would have addressed them at that time.

    cont... sorry my posts always run so long :o

  44. ...cont from above.

    Don't get me wrong, I am not defending TLC completely but the fact of the matter is that TLC is going to look out for numner one first and as far as I can see, unless there is something else that we don't know about, TLC has been fair with the Gosselins when it comes to abiding by contractual obligations on their end. Despite the way Jon stopped the show, TLC did remove their equipment and stop filming because I am sure they had agreed somewhere that if one parent felt that filming was bad for the kids, then they would stop. Even though TLC probably doesn't believe Jon stopped the show because the kids were unhappy, they have to abide by that and they are doing so.

    I guess we will have to wait until December to see what is what. Like I said, there could be something that comes out about TLC and their dealings with the Gosselins that prove they were not forthcoming with them. That would be a whole other story but from what we know right now, I don't think Jon has much of a chance because both he and Kate have said many times prior to the whole Kate Plus 8 thing, that the kids were not being exploited and that they were happy doing the show and that their marriage ending was not something the show did etc. etc. Now Jon wants to recant all that and I don't think the judge will buy it. JMO!!!

  45. SchmeckyGirl - I did indeed cancel my tickets to the circus in January. Ringling Brothers gave us "lifetime" tickets when the last twins were born. LOL - that meant 5 years, and I've been buying them since then and putting them in my hubby's stocking for Christmas. But, I'm open to change and in re-thinking it - I went online and cancelled them. I've got to do a lot more research on this before I can attend in good conscience.

  46. SchmeckyGirl said...
    LOL! I figured I'd be the only one that thought he should sue TLC right back.
    Unless I missed something, who else (prior to your statement) are you referring to? I couldn't figure out who else on this thread felt that way.

  47. Not putting words in Schmecky's mouth, but in response to "lucysmom" - I think it was intended as "I FIGURED I'd be the only one" emphasis on figured, sarcastically in jest TO herself ABOUT herself. And now that I've explained her comment, I'll add that I agree with her comment ......... although I'm sure no one is surprised about that! LOL =-)

    I think that a countersuit is probably the best response he can have at this moment. I do not have a thorough understanding of contract law, so I am in no way qualified to argue the specifics. From a logical standpoint (yes, I know - Jon & logical in the same sentence is indeed an oxymoron) - but logically, if he is saying that to continue filming the show is harmful to the kids, it seems reasonable that he should respond with a countersuit outlining those damages.

    I do see that Radar and others have reported that his countersuit argument will be related to the restrictive nature of the TLC contract, but nowhere have I read that documented. I think that's conjecture on the part of Radar, and then others have picked up that line, using the old stand-by "as reported by RoL."

    I do agree with Jon filing the lawsuit, but feel compelled to add that I don't think he has an "ice cream cone's chance on a hot Disney days" chance of winning said lawsuit.


    Whomever commented up-thread, that Jon should check into a Holiday Inn and wait for it all to blow over (media tsunami) was very very very much correct.

  48. Schmecky Girl, hey I found a way to use their old computor. I just took all his work stuff off it secured it, I HOPE, LOL and now i am set to your The dog is sleeping, and this week will be boring...

    oh well, i am one person who is glad that Jon is counter-suing. He has to be able to make a statement in his defense and that is how it goes. You can't just let a Big Corp. tell you that you are not allowed to work. Let a Judge make that decision.
    cu, now i have to try and send this. bye

  49. SchmeckyGirl - we disagee on the contract business; we disagreed weeks ago when it was first discussed, and it hasn't changed. The Gosselins renegotiated their contract(s) with each season - so that's 4 times after the initial contract.

    Jon states that he still wants to do tv ( but I think the latest was but not a reality show.) If Jon considered himself "in the right " in his position, he could have (and still can) prove that in court. By filing a countersuit, if he does, he has effectively sealed his fate in ever getting another TV contract - for anything other than the sleazoid program. I think Heller and Heller are giving him really poor counsel and it saddens me that he isn't wise enough to realize that.

    Even if you ignore the $$$, which I think is the only reason Heller is in this, there is the morals issues. I think he's dead in the water on that issue alone.

    For the record, how would we know that perhaps there were other things that Kate wanted to do that TLC said no to her doing? Difference is, if that were the case, she's smart enough to keep her mouth shut about it!

    The initial contract allowed Kate to do nursing, and she worked part-time the first season to maintain their health insurance. Jon was allowed to do IT work in addition to the show.

    Jon can't claim loss of income, because TLC was willing to pay him the same $$ even with a reduced role in the show. The Heller's didn't like that because they couldn't get $$ for negotiating that contract (already a done deal) nor could they get the 20% as managers because the contract was with Jon's old manager and that firm got the percentage. They would only get $$ for newly negotiated contracts. I think it mostly boils down to greed, not necessarily on Jon's part, but on the Hellers. How could any attorney advise a client to knowingly violate a valid contract.

    Have a great trip with your family. Should you go into Gosselin saga withdrawal, you can go to the Communication area in Epcot and check the net for free. LOL

  50. Hubby has surgery at 7 am tomorrow and we gave to be at hospital at 5:30. Either I won't be able to communicate at all, or I'll end up spending the day sitting and surfing the web. If I post too much tomorrow, forgive me in advance. If I don't post at all, you'll know why.

  51. Odd side note: Does anyone else find it ironic that Jon lamented about always being seen as Jon and Kate Plus Eight and how he always just wanted to be Jon, and now that's exactly what he's become?? No one else would ever want their name associated in the same sentence as Jon Gosselin. Kate probably cringes every time she hears the moniker.

  52. I so agree with lucysmom's posts...there is absolutely NO PROOF that the show contributed to demise of their marriage. I think that the Haters caused stress for that family.

    Contracts are like any other commitments and if you don't comply you get sued. You are supposed to abide to your commitments, plain and simple. But I think that Jon has big commitment issues and his counter suing is all about spite, like everything else that he has been doing lately. He will get everything that he deserves in the end.

  53. Amy, if this is truly a documentary then the J&K brand is however or whatever Jon or Kate choose to do. It was supposed to be just a show showcasing their life not what TLC decide their lives should be like.

    I think we can all agree that under the terms Jon breached the contract. I bet Jon would even agree to that. The real argument in this lawsuit is whether the contract was indeed valid. All the affidavits TLC is releasing show that the show and the Gosselin brand is also more managed then people thought.

    I think the counter-suit by Jon was inevitable. I think he's just calling TLCs bluff. TLC has made this quite public and whether anyone likes it or not they did have a large part in the disintegration of the family. They may have split up anyways but it definitely wouldn't of been such a bitter public divorce.

    I don't know if anyone else remembers the fourth of July episode at Beth and Bob's when Jon wouldn't let the kids on the ATV because their was no helmet and he told Kate to put one on. I guess times have changed.

    I found it very hypocritical and in poor taste of Kate on how she commented on the "pull the stick out" comment. Every time someone mentions a blow up of hers she states it was due to stress and Jon has had a few blow-ups too but now they were inexplicable? I don't think how she stated that "it was a sign of things to come" with a big laugh was in good taste. I know its good to not take everything so seriously but to laugh about a bitter public divorce is in poor taste I believe, but that's just my opinion.

  54. Linda I will pray for your hubby that his surgery goes well.

    I also wanted to state that I didn't like the Taylor Swift skit at all either, but I know a few people wanted to see it and thats why I posted it.

  55. TLC and contracts:

    The Hellers can't be so stupid as to believe Jon has a leg to stand on. Kate's been able to make money just fine under contract with TLC outside of the show.

    The difference between Jon and Kate's public statements and paid appearances is that Jon didn't get permission for his; Kate did. By staying within the bounds of the contract, Kate made money from her books, her appearances, her guest hosting. Had Jon also sought permission from TLC, he could have been out earning a surplus living, too.

    Jon and his lawyers give me the heebee jeebees. Are they really so stupid and creepy or is it all an act and one day they'll say: Gotcha!

  56. I am sorry, but I still do not understand the micro analysis of everything that Kate says. Of course stress makes someone blow up, otherwise, they wouldn't blow up. Kate has acknowledged her blow ups and has tried to explain the reasons why she has acted like she has and it still is not enough for some people. She has even tried to explain some of Jon's actions by saying that he is angry. Give the lady a break for Christmas sake's. I just don't get it.

    And talk about no class, did anyone see Jon tonight on The Insider. First of all, they all constantly fun of him, when and they said that he was fighting for the bottom of the "Good Father hood Barrel" and yet he continues to go on that show. Does he have no self respect?. He says that he wants to do right by the kids and Kate, but ONCE AGAIN, he threw Kate under the bus. He just can't keep his mouth shut. In one breath he is saying that he understands that Kate should be mad about him "socializing" before the divorce is final and in the next breath when he was asked what character Kate should play, he said "Cruella De Ville". I want to see someone defend that comment. He is spiteful and mean and there really has to be something really, really wrong with him. In one second he seems almost normal and in then in a split second he is creepy and sleazy. I can't even stand to look at him anymore, he just grosses me out now. Is it just me?

  57. Countersuits are common - almost the norm. It's just a way of saying, "I'm not going to lie down and take it." Generally meaningless.

    I didn't watch sleeze-bag on the Insider. Changed the channel. It's so easy to do. Everytime I see his lying face, I just change the channel or shut off the TV. Peace.

    : )

  58. As for reality tv goes, why does anyone think it is "news" that it isn't all about just following people or a family around doing what they do?That would be so incredibly boring.

    Documentaries record things exactly as they happen with some voice over and/or interviews explaining what is being observed. Reality TV is putting people in situations and having them react to them without scripts. Survivor, Big Brother, The Amazing Race are all reality shows. People are put in a situation and there responses are "real" not scripted.

    I see TLC shows in the same way. Some natural family events are filmed (Roloffs pumpkin season,Gosselins going show shopping, Duggars going to a family birthday party) but more are set up events where the family is put in a situation and it is filmed (trips all the different families take or suggestions like camping in the backyard).

    As for Jon just doing whatever he wants because it is reality TV, that is bogus. If there was a morals clause in his contract, he knew that when he signed it. He should not have signed it if he did not want to live up to the terms of the contract.

  59. NJMOM.....I totally agree with all aspects of your post, both micro-analysis and re: Jon. Well said.

  60. OH my goodness my life has been so crazy I just now got to sit down and watch the episode. Thank you Baby Mama for posting them and for continuing to have an amazing blog where us Kate fans can come and read.

    That was a cute episode, what a trip down memory lane. Reminds me why I fell in love with this family. My all time all time favorite moment was Leah announcing Hannahs accident, lol Hannah pooped in Hannahs undawares, ugh so adorable!!!

    And oh oh Levi Johnston and Jon together, ha isnt that a match made in heaven.

    NJMOM said...
    I can't even stand to look at him anymore, he just grosses me out now. Is it just me?
    NO its not just you, when I see him on TV or online I just turn the channel or page. I have no intrest in what he has to say anymore. Just watching the best moments on the last episodes just reminds me what he has done to this family and it makes me sick!!! the cheating, the womenizing, the lies. Absolutly beyond disgusting.

  61. MosbiusDesigns said...
    TLC has made this quite public and whether anyone likes it or not they did have a large part in the disintegration of the family. They may have split up anyways but it definitely wouldn't of been such a bitter public divorce.

    Explain please, because I dont understand how you can come up with that statement. Blaming TLC for Jon and Kates actions? I dont get it.

    I found it very hypocritical and in poor taste of Kate on how she commented on the "pull the stick out" comment. Every time someone mentions a blow up of hers she states it was due to stress and Jon has had a few blow-ups too but now they were inexplicable? I don't think how she stated that "it was a sign of things to come" with a big laugh was in good taste. I know its good to not take everything so seriously but to laugh about a bitter public divorce is in poor taste I believe, but that's just my opinion.

    You know its the darn truth though, anyone who talks to thier wife like that has no respect for her and will show his true colors evenually. I mean they had a very stressful life with so many children that young and I know getting them ready and out the door is hard. I think both of thier blowup through out thier marriage are moments they didnt mean, stressful moments bring out the worst in us, I know anyone that is married would agree and I think is totally normal.

  62. There is a new video of Jon on TMZ. It's for the website or something like that.

    It's a skit where Jon "goes back to the old Jon" (like we all would love for him to do). He throws away his hair gel, takes out his earrings, and gets rid of all his Ed Hardy clothes. Kind of corny, but I thought it was amusing... expecially the bikini dj part.

  63. It's not just you NJMOM.

    If Jon isn't actually bipolar, he's very good at acting the part of a person who is bi-polar.

    You're analogy about the computer was so good, Linda -- a real "aha" moment. It is sad and frustrating that it appears as though it didn't "stick".

  64. Linda I am praying for your husband.I hope all goes well

  65. NJMom I completely agree with you about Jon on Insider, they must be paying him big bucks for him to belittle himself like that, or maybe he is trying to get a permanent job there. I wonder too if how he comes across could be an editing issue and who is advising him to be on there. I had never in my life watched an episode of that show until he was on it and I still don't watch most of them so I really don't understand it's agenda and premise and I wonder if Jon does either because the Insider is looking out for the Insider and not Jon Gosselin.

  66. Regarding Jon's lawsuit. I'm not surprised at all. Every time I see a celebrity in the news suing or being sued there is always a counter suit by the other party. The counter suit is just the way the other party is saying "you say I did that, and I'm saying this is why I had a right to." Whether or not someone "has a leg to stand on", that counter suit is never far behind. With all of the mistakes Jon has made and being up against a big corp. like TLC, I too, do not believe Jon has an "ice cream cone's chance on a hot Disney day" of winning. (Dhwh1993- I love that line!)

    SchmeckyGirl- Speaking of Disney, I am so jealous! I have been a Disney freak forever. My husband and I took our first trip to Disney World for our honeymoon 15 years ago and took our 3 children back there for Fourth of July 2007. Our first night there we saw a parade at the MK with the floats all lit up. Mikaela, my 3 year old, had her Minnie Mouse costume on. Minnie saw her and put her hands up to her face, pointed to herself and then to my daughter as if to say, "Hey, we're both Minnie!" For a few moments my daughter was Minnie's complete focus and as Mommy cried Mikaela sat in awe of the recognition. Two years later she still remembers Minnie "talking" to her. So if your daughters' have princess costumes (I'm not sure I thought you wrote they did) make sure you get a good seat at a parade where the princesses will be. Disney cast members are wonderful and will take any opportunity to make a child feel special! Have a great trip! Sorry about getting off topic ladies, Disney is just so great I couldn't help myself:)

  67. I just saw the clip of Jon doing his own parody and it's actually funny in a sick twisted kind of way. I think its in poor taste on Jon's part - like he's flipping off the public and their perception of him?

  68. Oh yeah - on Jon's supposed countersuit -- um, it hasn't happened (yet?) -- just rumor at this point. I think it came from a comment Jon made when being interviewed by a pap where they asked him about the TLC lawsuit - and he said something like "I may file a 5 million dollar lawsuit against them....." Other than the 'report' that he's doing it -- there's nothing else. Nothing has been filed in MD in regards to any 'counter suit' to the current litigation.

  69. I am glad that I am not the only one that feels that Jon is off the charts.

    I am sorry, but I get very, very frustrated when people brush over and try to rationalize Jon's words and actions and then totally micro-analyze Kate to the Nth degree. I know that I can scroll and I sometimes do and I know that I can change the channel and I sometimes do, but I just don't how people can continue to try to justify Jon's actions. He lies, he cheats, he has no self respect, he has no respect for his family, he says one thing and then does the complete opposite, he has no self-control, he is spiteful, he is mean, he is self-absorbed, he has no moral compass. He is such a disappointment. He says that he needs to take responsibility for his actions. When is he going to do that? His children will look back on this and they are going to be crushed by his behavior. He really is beyond disgusting. How does this happen to someone?

    Some people say that they need absolute proof when it comes to Jon and his actions; but yet they will pick apart, take out of context, and over analyze everything that Kate does and says. I am not giving her a free pass, but I just can't wrap my head around people defending Jon. Maybe in the past, but not now.

    Linda...hope all is well with your husband.

    Schemky...enjoy Disney


    Here is the link for Jon's parody. It's quite funny, but also sad that this is what his life has come to!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy.

  71. KatherineDenise said...
    Explain please, because I dont understand how you can come up with that statement. Blaming TLC for Jon and Kates actions? I dont get it.
    I think my comment was misunderstood. I think the divorce would of have happened with the show or not. I'm saying that bitterness and anger in the divorce would not of been so high unless TLC had not made it their mission to paint Kate as a poor single mother and Jon as an absent father. There would be no tit for tat media tours and there would have been no derogatory public statements towards each other. Because as the lawsuit against Jon states every public statement and appearance is approved by TLC.

    KatherineDenise said...
    You know its the darn truth though, anyone who talks to thier wife like that has no respect for her and will show his true colors evenually. I mean they had a very stressful life with so many children that young and I know getting them ready and out the door is hard. I think both of thier blowup through out thier marriage are moments they didnt mean, stressful moments bring out the worst in us, I know anyone that is married would agree and I think is totally normal.
    By the same reasoning any wife that talks to Jon like Kate did has no respect for him and will eventually show her true colors. With the added blanket statements about "men" and "icky boys". I'm not saying that Jon was right to say that to Kate but she was not the only one under stress. You can't criticize Jon and then excuse Kate for doing the exact same thing.

  72. I saw Jon's video parady of himself "reforming--NOT!!". I didn't think it was in the least bit funny. In fact, I was pretty disgusted at the end when it was very apparent that it was just a big joke on us and he was actually just thumbing his nose at us. I certainly don't think it's going to give him points with the public. In fact, it's just going to backfire on him.

    At least Kate owns up to her treatment and overreactions on her part. Not so much Jon. He apologizes for his only "mistakes" being caught with other women in public. He says he wants to apologize to Kate. That's laughable since he continues to throw her under the bus, still calling her names and being spiteful and mean.

  73. OMG! Did anyone see the Insider a few minutes ago? I just caught the last few minutes as I was flipping the channels and it was the part where they give the results of the daily poll.

    The poll question was: Who would people be more likely to want to date, Jon Gosselin or Levi Johnston?

    Even Lara said she was really surprised that about 70% (can't remember the exact number) would rather date Jon!! She tried to recover from her less than flattering reaction though by saying that she would have expected the results to be more equal (yeah right, more like she was expecting no one to vote for Jon. LOL)

    I was surprised to hear the results too. Even though Levi is pretty slimy a character, he's better looking than Jon and younger too. Wow!

  74. NJMOM and others... I completely agree!
    I don't even understand Jon these days. He's SO different from even just 1 year ago. He suddenly became very greedy, mean, and overall just slimy. (How's that for a Jon Gosselin adjective?!) Sometimes I think to myself, "Who is this guy?" He has turned into a monster and although he continues to tell everyone that he is going to turn things around, he hasn't done anything. He seriously needs to stop talking and start doing! He COULD make things better if he really wanted to. But he clearly lacks ambition and honestly, who knows if it's even what he wants anymore? It's probably just his "trusty" lawyer and manager spoon feeding him all of this garbage.

    I also agree that it's frustrating when people pull apart Kate and let Jon get by so easily. Kate has made her mistakes, but I think that by now its pretty much obvious who is keeping the kids best interests at heart, who has their head on straight, and who is overall just a much better person. I'm not saying lets go and pick at what Jon says and does. (Although there is a lot that could be said about him!) Just that going to an extreme at analyzing everything about Kate is not exactly necessary.

  75. I also got to see both the end of the creepy TMZ sketch (not sure what it was for) and The Insider. Both were beyond tasteful IMO. Jon was snarky, and making nasty comments about Kate yesterday and calling her Cruella and now today, new attitiude. Now he's telling Levi how to get what you want by starting positive communication with youe EX. It was as fake as the day was long.

  76. For the record, there werent THAT many people looking at Jon taping The Insider. People in the city don't care and it was cold Monday.

    I am SUPER excited however that the Christmas Tree in Rockerfeller Center is on its way! At 9:45 this morning, the 76 foot tree was cut down in Connecticut at a 5th grade teachers house. Very cool indeed!

  77. I just started reading Jon/Heller's response to TLC's lawsuit claiming that the contract is null and void due to their own subclaims of it being against public policy. I always thought only a judge can void a contract. Otherwise, anyone could decide to breach contracts left and right and enter into a bunch of unnecessary and costly legal mess like this one.

    Also, if the State of PA Dept of Labor had uncovered the fact that permits were indeed required for the kids and not submitted or filed properly, wouldn't they have responded back sometime soon after the initial probe back at the end of May?

  78. *******************
    Hope said...
    Oh yeah - on Jon's supposed countersuit -- um, it hasn't happened (yet?) -- just rumor at this point.
    I read the court papers, it is indeed filed. Radar has the story up. Jon's stategy is TLC broke PA child labor laws and that it was too restrictive (which is the part everyone was guessing.

  79. Wow........I cannot believe that Jon has called Kate Cruella. Absolutely unbelievable. I think I have missed alot of the Jon/media stuff on lately (or perhaps avoiding it?). The way that he makes a joke of his life with Kate and in turn the kids is just sickening.

    I will refrain from a lay-person diagnosis (altho' I was a psychiatric nurse in the past...does that count?)....but there are certainly some disconnected wires in his brain. It really is very, very sad.

    I really wish he could just shut up already. Sick of seeing him, and even more sick of hearing him.

    I feel for Kate in a way that I can't really even comprehend. I can't imagine dealing with him and all the resultant pressures, within the media spotlight.

  80. Oh man, I didn't see anything but the poll results. Jon was actually giving Levi advice on how to deal with his EX???? Sigh...

    As for the supposed parody, I was actually confused by what it was. From what I read here, I thought it was a joke but by the way Jon was acting it seemed like half joke half reality. Then at the end that STUPID pop up of him looking like an idiot said to me he doesn't know how to be funny, just obnoxious. I think Kate said it very well on Monday night's episode when she was talking about their top most shocking moment (the separation announcement). She said that she realized she and Jon had gotten married young and that a lot of times people change as they mature and that the circumstances of their life didn't help any but even though she changed over the years, she still remained who she was at heart but Jon changed and became someone totally different than what their family needed him to be. I think she summed it up perfectly in a nutshell. Jon just didn't want to be the family man anymore. He basically started resenting all his duties as a husband and father especially as Kate traveled more and he became Mr.Mom. I'm sure he loves his kids but I guess he didn't have what it took to be the head of that kind of family. I have to say though, getting married at 22, and only having Mady and Cara would not have made a difference in my opinion. He might have lasted a bit longer but eventually he would have resented losing out on his youthful days all the same.

    Anyway, I didn't mean to wander off topic but I guess I was just trying to say that the comment Kate made about the demise of their marriage makes you say 'case in point' when you see that "parody" of Jon's.

  81. dhwh1993 said...
    Hope said...
    Oh yeah - on Jon's supposed countersuit -- um, it hasn't happened (yet?) -- just rumor at this point.
    I read the court papers, it is indeed filed. Radar has the story up. Jon's stategy is TLC broke PA child labor laws and that it was too restrictive (which is the part everyone was guessing.


    Those papers are a response to the case against him - NOT - a civil filing for 5 million dollars. (Please correct me if I'm wrong - but I saw nothing in them looking for monetary damages from TLC)


    .....and speaking of the response. I read over them last night - and I have to tell you -- they were so bizarre in places that I just feel 'done' with the whole mess. It's ridiculous and I can't help but think that Heller is TRYING (although I think he doesn't have a CLUE) to make this more 'media sensational' rather than legitimate for Jon's sake. I also wonder if the court will reject it since it is signed by a 'witness' as Jon's defense. Since the motion to depose Mr. Heller was already granted - I'm not sure how the law goes along that line.

    This was a last straw for me in regards to Jon. I think in the back of my mind I still had the thought that 'it takes two' - and put some accountability in both Jon and Kate's hands. After this weeks antics by Jon (and his hired lawyers) -- I just simply feel SO SO VERY SORRY FOR KATE.

    We sit back and armchair quarterback these goings on and it's atrocious- but she is LIVING it. I can't even imagine it.

  82. Rita - concerning your comment about how Jon suddenly became greedy!
    J&K, didn't just suddenly become greedy, they both have been in it together for the last couple of years. JMO
    Mobious D... I totally agree with you about TLC having a hand in leading this couple astray.

    Baby Mama,
    I must have missed the announcement of Table For Twelve taking the spot of J&K. Is it for sure? Just this last couple of weeks, I have tuned in to that show and also the Duggars.
    I would have thought the Duggars were getting ready to take that spot. Here's my take on the changes that I noticed about the Duggars and Table For Twelve, compared to J&K show.

    Both moms are wearing make up more often.
    Dressing up better.
    Duggers have been traveling more:
    Trip to SF to celebrate anniversay, show of them out west dressed in cowboy outfits. talk about being a copy cat. TLC is not coming up with anything original.
    Tuesday night Table for Twelve had a campout in the backyard, not new.
    Get the idea, we are not going to see anything different in these shows. TLC better get some new ideas if they they want the prime time slot.

  83. Ok - so NOW the civil litigation is out there:

  84. I am not going to click onto any Jon stories anywhere anymore. He is a faux celebrity now. A wannabe. He was semi-famous because of his precious children - then it was because of BAD behavior, and still is. Even if it's a story about him AND the kids, I won't be clicking on it. I want him and his trashy antics off of my favorite celeb sites. I hope TLC wipes the floor clean with him. At least then this will have all served a purpose, other than hurting his family and taking away a show that we dearly love.

    As long as people continue to click onto stories about him, he won't go away and he won't grow up. And the Hellers will continue to see $$$$ signs when they look at him. IOW, continue to give him bad advice as long as it makes them money.

    Not filing a counter-suit could have gone a long way in showing an earnest desire to work things out. But nooooooooooooooooo that would not have been as profitable for the Hellers.

    I am so sick of the lot of them.

  85. lucysmom said...Also, if the State of PA Dept of Labor had uncovered the fact that permits were indeed required for the kids and not submitted or filed properly, wouldn't they have responded back sometime soon after the initial probe back at the end of May?

    I used to work for a state labor department and they take FOREVER to do an investigation. I believe they had a year in our state to investigate, which I find ridiculous.

  86. #1caregiver-
    I wouldn't say that they both have been greedy. I think that when they were still together, they were just fully enjoying the benefits of the show,the books, the fame, etc. It gave them more opportunities for their family. I always felt like they did more helping than they could have otherwise when they grew more wealthy. I just felt like at some point Jon took it all to a whole new level, like he was misusing all that he had. JMO! ;o)

  87. Georgia Peach: I agree.

    Much as I have enjoyed following the stories, I, too, am going to definitely not be clicking on all the Jon stories anymore. I know I'm just one person - but if one by one we STOP - it will eventually not be worth it for these tabloid agencies to pay him anymore.

  88. Rita,
    I was just thinking of all the free things they have gotten, and I know it's been nit-picked alot but I still diagree with their acceptance of these things. Also, they haven't given back that much!
    Did they really have to accept the brand new kitchen?
    Did they get the crooked houses for free? I thought at first they pd for them, but later read somewhere that they were free too! Not sure.
    My point is when is enough, enough?
    They both are using the fame to the max for their own benefit! JMO

  89. I really don't see anything wrong with them getting free stuff. If a company is offering them something, why turn it down. I do not buy the "they ask the companies for everything" argument. And if that were the case, the company can say 'no.' Remember how the person who owned the crooked houses company said his business jumped tremendously after the show aired.

  90. I'm not sure if I should be putting this on the new thread/post or not, but here it goes!

    I think that it's safe to say that we both have differing opinions on this one! LOL! I'm not sure wether the kitchen, crooked houses, etc. were free or not either, but if they were offered to them... I say, why not? The Gosselins have gotten a lot of things for free through all of this, but if I were in their position I would be doing the same as them! ;o) Why wouldn't they want to go skiing in Utah for free? (or whatever the case may be) I don't know, maybe they did push it at some times; but I don't see what they have gained from this as wrong. Also, I think that I wasn't really clear about the giving back part. Believe me.... I think that they could do SO much more! I just meant that without this whole rise to fame and excess money, they wouldn't have done anything. And something is always better than nothing!

  91. Hey! Really enjoyed the video of you yelling at Jon in toys r us now that was so funny, (and ya and ya)lol. There must be alot of guys fighting for your attention out there. It's going to be interesting to see how Jon makes out in his court case, but I'm also sure that TLC is not a bunch of idiots to make that charge, breach of contract. GOOD LUCK divorced husbands club lol.

  92. hey does anyone know where kate got her gray and white sweater?