Friday, November 6, 2009

Jon Chooses Hailey Over The Kids, Jon's December Coutroom Drama, Kate Gets "Witchy"

TLC Lines Up Bombshell Witnesses Against Jon Gosselin In Court Case:

Forget about tear-filled TV interviews and dramatic walking-off-the-set moments. The most explosive and revealing interviews about Jon Gosselin's life are all about to happen - under oath! Not only will Jon's girlfriend Hailey Glassman be deposed by TLC's law firm Williams & Connolly, but so will Jon's bodyguard and four other witnesses.

The Washington, D.C. law firm with a reputation for fierce and effective tactics has been extremely busy since filing suit in a Maryland court on October 16 for breach of contract against Jon. The firm has filed motion after motion in the Montgomery County Circuit Court. On November 4 the court granted a slew of motions filed by the law firm, allowing them to depose Hailey Glassman, Jon's bodyguard Thomas Meinelt, Michael Heller, Mark Heller, Michael Lohan and Matthew Kirschner. The fact that Williams & Connolly has been granted the right to depose the Hellers should mean that they will not be allowed to represent Jon in the case, as they are now witnesses.

TLC alleges that Jon breached his exclusive contract with them and Williams & Connolly has gotten off to a fast start on a fact-finding mission to determine Jon's other sources of incomes. The Hellers will certainly be asked about every non-TLC payday Jon has received and Hailey will also be forced to reveal what she knows under oath. Michael Lohan has stated publicly that he and Jon were lining up a new reality TV show about divorced dads. Most interesting perhaps, is Meinelt, who went from paparazzi to Jon's bodyguard. His knowledge of Jon's financial and personal affairs should be extensive and he is certain to face intense questioning during deposition.

UPDATE: Jon is required to appear December 14 in a Maryland courtroom when a judge will hear TLC's motion for a preliminary injunction. And yes, it is likely that he will be questioned under oath about his outside income, statements about TLC and more.

Jon Gosselin to Spend Thanksgiving With Hailey, Not the Kids:

Jon Gosselin won't be spending Thanksgiving with his eight kids. In a new interview with Entertainment Tonight, his "semi-single" girlfriend Hailey Glassman says that Kate Gosselin will be with the kids on the big day (along with bodyguard Steve Neild).

So - even though she and Jon, 32, are slowing down their relationship - Hailey, 22, has invited him to have Thanksgiving with her family. "My family and I would never let him eat Thanksgiving dinner alone in an apartment," says Hailey. "He's coming to our house for Thanksgiving. I don't care."

Jon, 32, says that was the plan all along. "I still planned on going to her house on Thanksgiving; that was on my schedule," he says. But Hailey isn't thrilled with his answer.

"On your schedule? What do you mean, 'On my schedule?'" she asks. "Let's see, Kate has the kids, and she's having a nice huge meal with Steve and his family. Uh, let's see, should I go to Hailey's or should I sit in my apartment all alone?" "Sorry, I used the wrong term," says Jon. "I plan on going -- I made a promise to her family I would go to her house." "Made a promise? You're not doing my family any favors!" replies Hailey. "We know what the right thing to do is. We know what we both need," she continues. "He needs to do his thing and I need to do my thing. We both know this."

Kate Gets "Witchy" For Halloween:

It's no surprise that tons of trick-or-treaters donned blond helmet wigs and Ed Hardy T-shirts to become reality TV's unavoidable couple, Kate and Jon Gosselin, this past Halloween. The surprising news is that the real Kate Gosselin managed to head out with her kids – without a single photographer in sight. "This year, she was able to go trick-or-treating without paparazzi, just like a normal mom," a friend of Kate's tells PEOPLE.
Two days before Kate expressed deep pain and remorse about her life in a revealing TLC interview, the reality star dressed up as a glamorous witch and joined her sextuplets when they hit the streets in their quiet Pennsylvania neighborhood. "Alexis was an adorable witch, Hannah a Spanish princess, Aaden a pirate, Collin was a Spider-Man, Leah was a kitty and Joel was Batman," says the friend. Meanwhile, 8-year-old twins Cara, a ghost, and Mady, the devil, went out with their friends instead of their sibs. The family's show – Jon & Kate Plus Eight – stopped filming earlier this month after Jon Gosselin sued TLC to stop production.


  1. Thanks Hope for the new Us Weekly Article. I brought it over to this new thread to discuss it....

    "Jon Gosselin is ready to go to the mat: the yoga mat! See Us' exclusive photos of Jon Gosselin doing yoga -- and find out what our yoga expert has to say about his form!

    The latest stop on his quest for inner peace was a yoga studio at a Los Angeles hotel Nov. 5. As exclusive photos at show, the 32-year-old reality star -- in shorts and a tattoo-revealing tank top -- tried out basic poses, stretches and breathing and meditation exercises."

    US EXCLUSUVE is actually code for "paid $$$ for exclusive photos". See this is what TLC and everyone else is talking about. He's quietly selling photos of himself for $$. People like Heidi and Spencer make their living this way lol.

  2. SchmeckyGirl said...
    Jon was smoking in the car with his kids?!?!??! OMG! What an ass. He needs to be stopped! NOW!

    I totally agree with you. That is OUTRAGES!! He should absolutly be ashamed of himself. I hope more sites and news corp. make a big deal about this, although I havent seen any pics of it. And I am sure Kate will put a stop to it if she finds out. ugh that makes me mad.

  3. Oh dear, I hope US didn't pay too much for these photos because I cannot imagine paying to see these (ugh) I hope Hailey's family feeds poor Jon some healthy and nutritious food on Thanksgiving because it looks like he's eaten one too many greasy burgers as a single guy!!!!!!

  4. BabyMama - I love, love, love the new photo that posts beside your entries! How perfect!

  5. I had discussed smoking in the past thread. Wow. SchmeckyGirl and I agreed big time about this. ;) Mirable dictu! (Latin for it’s a miracle, or speaking of miracles.)

    Rather than copying over I’ll just the question part here to dhwh1993 and Mosbius Designs - I think both of you live in PA. Would you answer a question? Many states have passed laws against parents smoking in cars with children present. Does PA have a similar law?

  6. While I think it's ridiculous that Jon is making money by having US take pics of him, etc I say who cares, as long as the children aren't involved in it. Of course all that money may go to TLC now anyway...

    I have to admit that I'm not sure I believe the "source" or "friend" saying that Kate took the kids dressed up to go trick or treating.

    I really think there would be pics SOMEWHERE of it even if it's not by the paps. Anyone on the street could sell those pics to radaronline or any other media source. I'm not sure I'll believe that one until I see pics of it. If it's true I'd also love to see the kids dressed up. I'm sure they were adorable. Of course on the other hand I'm hoping there are no pics of it because the kids need their privacy. And thus the wicken battle within myself. lol.

    I'm off to go shopping for our family vacation. Hubs and I are taking the girls to Disney World for ten days starting next week. Lots to pack and get ready. It's their first time (well Peyton went when she was a year old but that doesn't count). We are surprising them so I'm very excited. And you should be too! Ten days without comments from SchmeckyGirl! Enjoy! ;)

  7. Regarding the Thanksgiving, Hailey sounds mean to Jon. I'm starting to wonder which one of them is the "abusive" one. lol. Did Jon have a choice about spending Thanksgiving with the kids? It wasn't very clear. I know Hailey thinks he should, but was it an option? I just can't see Jon and Kate spending Thanksgiving together at this point in time. I really wish they could. Again, those poor children. It's really not fair to them. Okay, now I'm really out of here...

  8. Things that get funny! Remember last week when ROL made such a big deal of Kate's speeding ticket? I don't remember anything about Jon's speeding ticket. Do you?

    I was looking at articles in Reading Eagle and came across this (posted from another newspaper.)

    Jon Gosselin won't challenge a ticket for speeding on Interstate 78 last week.

    The Lower Heidelberg Township resident, of "Jon & Kate Plus 8" fame, pleaded guilty this week to speeding while traveling east about a mile west of the Trexlertown/Fogelsville exits on Sept. 8.

    He mailed in a check for $165.50 to District Court in Upper Macungie to cover his fine and court costs, according to court records, meaning he avoids a hearing.

    Gosselin was traveling at 78 mph in his Mercedes ML 350 station wagon when he was pulled over by state police at Fogelsville, according to court records.
    Is it important or even newsworthy? No. But Trolls made such a big deal of Kate's ticket that I thought it was funny.

  9. can someone post a link of Jon smoking w/ the kids in the car?

  10. I think it is impossible to clear up misconceptions without giving a source for the informtion. I have a few questions.

    1) Someone reported on the last thread that Kate claimed she wrote the first book. What is the source for that statement?

    I heard Kate explain that she and Beth went to a hotel a few weekends and Kate would relate the events and Beth would write it. This was on the show in a question/answer episode with Jon and Kate sitting together.

    So when and to whom did Kate claim she wrote the book?

    2) Someone reported that Kate wanted to keep the book money for herself and found out from her lawyer that she couldn't. What is the source of this?

    I have never heard Kate or her lawyers mention that. So I need to know where the information came from to determine if I believe it. If it came from Jon or his lawyer, it is very suspect.

    3) Someone also posted that the cookbook was delayed because Kate wants to keep the money from Jon. I read a press release from the publisher (a Christian publishing company) that they were postponing release of the book because of the divorce. My understanding was that they wanted to disassociate from the mess that was brewing. So where did the information come from that the publisher wants to go forward and Kate is postponing it to cut Jon out?

  11. Lord, I hope that man has enough sense to tell the truth on the stand. Perjury carries serious penalties!

  12. Ah, Jon's at it again. Mady gives him a big "I get hungry you know" when she realizes Jon didn't bring her a snack?

    And - he's going to Hawaii to see his family (so he says?) I wonder when that clip was done - since we know he was in LA yesterday - yet he says 'it's Friday' in the clip? Something's not right?

  13. PA does NOT have a law against smoking in cars, regardless of minor passengers or not, at least there is no law yet. In the last year or so, a more stringent "no smoking" law was passed the final piece of which took effect in September. It in essence forbids smoking in public places. There are some minor exceptions (bars that serve no food, private clubs, etc.). But nothing forbids smoking in a personal vehicle even if young children are passengers.

  14. Linda: I'm pretty sure Jon's speeding ticket was also posted on Radar. I know I read about it online when it happened. And in all fairness, the "Kate nuts" on Radar MORE than beat him up about it. Sorry, that is not intended to be "disparaging" about Kate per say. But many of the people who post comments over at that site are totally WACKO (to put it mildly). They put the posters on Kate hate sites to shame. BabyMama you can choose whether or not you post this, I know. I wasn't trying to be snarky, but I hope those commenters are not "typical" fans LOL.

  15. Linda, there is only a law in PA for no smoking in public places. It was only passed a year ago and none for cars with children yet. I believe California and Ontario, Canada are one of the few that has the actual laws. Some states have laws for foster parents specifically can't smoke in the car. Very few people actually get caught and most people of the sense in them not to do it.

    1)Beth Carson said, "They lived it and I wrote it"
    2) I believe the Kate wanted the money rumour came about when Jon was added as an author to the book. I believe the initial book did not have Jon's name on it if IIRC.
    3) I think all of those are speculations from various fans, but I do believe Kate's christian fan base took a hit after the divorce was annouced.

    The US pictures look like they are from his bodyguard/papparazzi friend. (Splash News). I really wonder if TLC made a fuss about the loving offerings and $20 pictures. I guess Jon will be a good example of people signing their lives away with contracts (literally). I'm not a lawyer but I wonder if theres legal precedent where two people sign a contract and only one is given permission to speak out while the other is not. I also find it interesting that Stephanie signed an Non-Disclosure agreement but TLC is not going after her, yet there going so hard after Jon. I guess they let it go when it plays into how TLC wants to protray Jon and Kate.

  16. Baby Mama,
    Are you ready to change your introduction again, fast. lol Radar on line has the court documents of what they are accusing Jon of. It's a bunch. I am surprised nobody here posted on it yet.
    Looks like they are going for an injunction against him, to stop him from talking and appearing on different shows and channels. It's a long read. OMG Also, there is no mention of money. So it Kate is safe. for now.

  17. Schmecky Girl,
    Can you pack me and take me along too? lol I haven't been there since 1980 or so. Oh well, have a great trip, and say hi to Mickey for me.

  18. Schmecky-Even though we don't see eye to eye most of the time. I hope you and your family have a great time at Disney. What a fun trip. Enjoy yourself.

    The smoking in the car with the girls is just wrong! Jon shame on you. They passed the law in Louisiana last year.

  19. Shoulda known it wasn't family related....

    He's going to Hawaii because he's a staaaaaaar: *roll eyes*

    Our pals at TMZ have learned that Jon Gosselin is heading to Hawaii to attend the wedding of Philadelphia Phillies centerfielder Shane Victorino.

  20. I am sick of Jon and Hailey they just want attention and its like an annoying teenager who does everything they know is wrong just for the attention.

  21. #1Caregiver~ I really wish that I could be the first one to have the latest in all things Gosselin, but we all know at this point thats what does. Its really a place at this point to be a forum for those to discuss the days topic.

    I'm so busy with working and my kids now, I feel terrible that it takes so long for posts to be moderated. But I see a bit of a brake for the Holidays, so things will speed up some..But thanks for telling me! WELL THIS IS A HOT MESS! From

    "Several of TLC’s long-time advertisers complained to the network about Jon Gosselin’s “erratic, widely publicized behavior,” according to court papers obtained exclusively by

    These complaints and Jon’s continuing breach of his contract caused the network to decide to change the show to Kate Plus 8, the papers reveal. An affidavit from Edward Sabin, executive vice president and chief operating officer of TLC, contains new and damaging charges against Jon Gosselin and his representatives. obtained the information from the Montgomery County, MD court file in TLC’s breach of contract lawsuit against Jon. The affidavit reveals many of the terms of the Gosselins’ contract with the network and details numerous breaches by Jon. And despite Jon’s claims that he didn’t have adequate representation, it states the contract was signed in June, 2008 “after extensive negotiations, during which the Gosselins were represented both by an attorney and their manager.”

    The court file also reveals that CBS has admitted to TLC Jon was paid to appear recently on two of their programs – also a violation of his contract. As reported exclusively, Jon will be questioned under oath when TLC’s motion for a preliminary injunction against Jon is heard on December 14. has now learned that Jon will be questioned by Paul Gaffney, a partner in Williams & Connolly, the Washington, D.C. law firm with a “scorched earth” reputation. In his affidavit Sabin also says that Jon refused to cooperate with TLC’s filming schedule and that on the day the network decided to change the show, Jon’s lawyer demanded release from the exclusivity provision of the contract but still wanted to be paid.

    “Mr. Heller informed TLC’s representative that if this release was not forthcoming within an hour, Mr. Gosselin would object in public fashion to any further filming of his children.”

    The preliminary injunction sought by TLC would prevent Jon from violating the exclusivity, non-endorsement, confidentiality, and publicity provisions of his contract with TLC."

  22. I'll post the link for Jon's smoking with kids as soon as I can get home to big computer. It was an INF credit and done same time as last parking lot video. Sorry. I'm out of town now and using laptop and iPhone.
    SchmeckyGirl have a great time at Disney!

  23. Mosbius D. and Par,
    Thank you MD for posting the comments about Beth Carson. I was tring to answer Par q's, and then my computor froze up againnnnnn. They did have to re-do the title after Jon complained too. Tx again. I couldn't remember where I read that.
    Also, Kate was in LA meetings with a big corp. CPA, ATT. There where pics of her coming out of their offices. Source was probably radar or TMZ! Then later that same week an article stating she learned she had to share all book and appearence profits that are related to J&K +8.
    Thus, then came the annoucement that the cookbook was going to be delayed.
    Christian publishing Co. or not??? They probably printed exactly what Kate told them, IMO.
    I feel that from the time-line of these events, that the articles are very close to the truth.
    Sometimes you have to read between the lines of what is happening and what is said to make a decision of what your O is going to be.

    That's why Jon was questioning about the missing monies. during the LKL show. He asked where's the money Kate(1.2M) in book profits. He knows how much is put away in the trust fun, so Kate will have to account for the rest.
    OK, I have to say this again Kate is smart and sneaky. Hear me out on this one, you have to be when you arein a WAR over money. I hope she has it stashed in cash in a safe place. lol It will be up to the mediator to find it.
    She didn't lie about anything in her interviews, she just danced around questions, and she does it so nicly. I like how she is handling these things. Look at the clauses in their contract and u will see that they are not supposed to say anything negative about anything at all. So, Kate has to dance around the truth which is OK by me.

    From now on I think it should be called The TLC Dance. They taught her well.

  24. Baby Mama,
    Thanks for all that you do on your blog. I know everyone here appreciates your work. I myself don't know how all the working MOMs keep up with everthing.
    I was going to post something about Jon, but now after remembering my Dads' words, I decided not to. He passed anyway at age 90: If you haven't got anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.

  25. 1)Beth Carson said, "They lived it and I wrote it"

    I know Beth wrote the book. My point was that Kate has said Beth wrote the book while she told Beth the story. So where does the rumor that Kate claims she wrote the book come from? Kate didn't claim it on the show.

    2) I believe the Kate wanted the money rumour came about when Jon was added as an author to the book. I believe the initial book did not have Jon's name on it if IIRC.

    Exactly a rumor. You can't clear up misconceptions by siting rumors. You create more misconceptions.

    3) I think all of those are speculations from various fans, but I do believe Kate's christian fan base took a hit after the divorce was annouced.

    Again, rumors do not clear up misconceptions.

  26. BabyMama - Please, no need to apologize for any delays. Sometimes we get anxious (me included) when something "big" happens but that's only because we love you blog and want to see other people's comments. BUT, all of us do realize that you have a family and a job. We're glad that you keep going with this blog and we'll take it any way we can get it.
    dhwh1993 - Thanks for the update on smoking laws.
    3kmom - The pix of Jon was INF credit and was shot just after the "video" of Jon talking outside the car (with twins inside). When the video was stopping, he got inside, and I think lit up without thinking. The same or a different INF photographer caught the shots. It was this week in last few days. It may be next week before I can send the link. Soccer team won so have to stay all weekend for the playoffs. Sorry, I'll note the link as soon as I get home to "real" computer.

  27. SchmeckyGirl - The Halloween Trick or Treat story was on People and I trust them. Although the don't publish "source" names they do require a name and call back phone # before they print. Also, I know you are well-prepared for your Disney trip. If you haven't been before, the Birnbaum book on Disneyworld has the best info on routes inside the park for different age groups. Also if can't get into castle for special meal for your daughters, the Epcot castle with breakfast with princesses is great and can get reservations on fairly short notice.

    Sorry for typos & stuff - on iPhone and it keeps "correcting" / changing what I'm trying to type.
    lol One of the troll sites is guessing what kind of lies I had to tell the school when I called about tuition several weeks ago. Didn't tell a lie. I called, gave them my real name, phone#, and name & phone # of private school my kids attend here so they could verify my identity and asked for a call back. Told them I was tired of the speculation. They were very gracious.

  28. OMG Schmecky your going to Disney?? Have a wonderful time! How sad is it when I find out about things through other people on my blog. Where are you staying? I have stayed at all the resorts minus 2. The campsite and the Floridian. They are my new Bucket list goals.

    Linda, I keep getting e-mails from people that they are saying on hate blogs that we are the same person! Imagine that! I should be honored right?

  29. Baby Mama,
    The campgrounds at Disney is great. We stayed there for 4 days and did the whole park. Fabulous back then (1980). Now I am aging myself but who cares. The park was barely developed back then and if I remember correctly it was only $28.00 per day and there were 3 adults and 2 kids under 6 in our group. The package deal included passes to the whole park for an additional $25.00 per adult and $10.00 each for the kids. The water park might have been extra???
    You could just hop on a little shuttle bus and go where ever you wanted. I bet it would cost big bucks now? Hope you get a chance to complete your Bucket List.

  30. SchmeckyGirl said,

    "I'm off to go shopping for our family vacation. Hubs and I are taking the girls to Disney World for ten days starting next week. Lots to pack and get ready. It's their first time (well Peyton went when she was a year old but that doesn't count). We are surprising them so I'm very excited. And you should be too! Ten days without comments from SchmeckyGirl! Enjoy! ;)"

    LOL Schmecky, don't say that. I think the fact that you are not afraid to say what you really think even though you know it is not the popular opinion is what makes things so interesting around here. If everyone agreed with everyone else's opinions, what would there ever be to debate or discuss?

    Have a great vacation by the way. It's so nice that you are making it a surprise for your girls. I hope you all have the time of your lives!

  31. I hope this time I can get this to go through, I have been having problems with it and my computer skills are “not so much. I think it is wonderful that Kate could take the kids trick or treating and yes I believe it is true that there are decent people out there that can give children a holiday in peace. Maybe that is why Jon didn’t do Halloween with them. I do wonder if he is turning down Thanksgiving with them so he can use it later for a pity play to make Kate look like she kept them from him. I can’t always understand how he thinks.
    Schmeckygirl, I hope you have a fantastic vacation and cherish the memories with your family. I know it is silly, but up until a month ago, I had visions in my mind of the Gosselins taking their children to Disneyworld next summer like they originally talked going when they are 6 and 9. I imagined them going as friends and staying in separate rooms. I pictured them maybe each taking different groups of kids and meeting back up for lunch or something. I no longer have that fantasy. People hoot and haw about thee Gosselins and the Roloffs going on such expensive vacations while filming, but I see it differently, Some of us who may never get to go can go vicariously with the families and yes someday they might just get to go too. And then they will be able to make good plans.

  32. I want to clarify what I just said. I meant they won't go to Disney together because of their relationship, not because of the show. I was thinking about it and that's what it might sound like. I could see them going there without filming it, they did before with the twins, I just can't with their relationship like it is. I am finally my posts to send again. I think I was having a problem with AIM. Thanks, Linda

  33. After reading through the TLC affidavit, all I can think to say right now is: Jon, you'd better save up all that ill-gotten money, trade in your cars for a cheap used one, get out of your NY lease if you can and move back to the old house until it's sold, and quit traveling around so much and get a job that doesn't violate your TLC contract. Even if they don't want you back at least you won't be out on the streets after they're done with you.

  34. #1caregiver - Thanks for posting about the court papers. It was an interesting read! I guess you had to read into the article to find the link to the court papers so it wasn't something that would have been seen right away.

    Baby Mama - I am sure no one blames you for not being at your computer, blogging 24/7. lol Please don't feel the need to apologize for delays. As Linda said, we appreciate all you do to even keep the blog going despite getting attaked by trolls and being busy and if that means having to wait sometimes, or hear news from someone else then so be it!! :) I just want you to know you are much appreciated!

    Regarding the court papers, I would say that TLC definitely has an airtight case. I cannot imagine anything Jon or Heller could come up with that would negate any one of the points made by TLC. The fact remains that Jon and Kate sat down (with Lawyers and Manager) and agreed to all of the stipulations set out in the contract in writing. Jon doesn't get to use the excuse that big, bad TLC intimidated them and that their inexperience was a result of them agreeing to things they wouldn't normally have agreed to. He might have had a 10% chance if said contract was the original one they had signed at the start of the show (without representation), but it obviously isn't.

    It really pisses me off to know that Jon sat on LKL and said they were this poor little family that TLC made millions off and that they gave them pennies in comparison which they gladly accepted just to get out of poverty. At the time, some of us (like me who has not read every single detail printed or talked about) may not have known that there had since been other contracts but knowing that now, how could he sit there and make people believe they were taken advantage of by a big company? All of his behaviour is completely hypocritical when it comes to the contract with TLC. Anyone knows, you can't just agree to a bunch of stuff and then change your mind when life changes. The fact that seals his fate even more, is that he kept on breaching his contract after he was warned that doing so would result in action taken against him. He probably figured he would be protected by the stipulation where TLC would have to agree to stop filming anytime even one parent felt it was not in the best interest of the kids anymore. Unfortunately for him, it is not going to fly. Too many things had happened before he ordered the cease and desist to prove he was already in violation of his contract; not to mention that he has been recorded as saying that his kids being exploited is ridiculous. He stated very clearly to the paps that the kids only film a few hours a week and doing things they would do anyway and beyond that if they don't want to film, they don't have to. He has basically absolved TLC from any fault in that statement because it shows that if the kids don't want to film, TLC has never made them. It will be interesting to see now, if he tries to come back at this lawsuit with the angle that TLC made filming conditions bad or forced the kids to film when they didn't want to. The only thing I agree with in Jon's LKL interview was when he said that he doesn't think the kids should be on camera now because the family is going through a divorce and that they need some privacy. I don't think however, that he said that comment with sincere intention but it is a valid arguement even if by default. I think his sole reason for claiming his children are harmed by the cameras is due to him being taken off the title of the show and now, knowing that he and Heller gave TLC an ultimatum of taking his exclusivity clause out within an hour or else he would blab on TV that his kids were being exploited, reveals further the shady tactics he employs when doing business.


  35. ...continued from above.

    So where do they go from here? IMO, I would guess that since the most recent option exercised in their contract is good trhough February 2010, the judge will order that filming of the show can continue until then. At that time, I'm not sure whether they would have to have a new contract altogether for Kate Plus Eight or just exercise another option on the existing contract. I gess it would make sense to start anew so that Kate alone can be responsible for deciding the terms of the contract with TLC. Still, because Jon is the father of the children, there would likely be a clause of some kind where he would have to give his consent regarding the children. This is where it might get tricky. He, out of spite, will obviously refuse his consent so I don't know whether Kate Plus 8 will eventually happen despite Jon being in breach of contract. The judge can force the show to continue for the remainder of the contract but maybe not after February.

    These are just my thoughts on the matter. Anyone else have any ideas? The bad thing is that the show will still have to be on hold till mid December's court date. After that, there is not much time left to film anyway.

    Oh, as for the money thing. The points that TLC makes all say that it is very difficult to attribute a monetary figure to these breaches in contract. It sounds to me like they haven't really asked for any monetary compensation. I hope the judge tacks some on though. Kate should sue him for the period of time she was without employment because of his breach of contracts. I am sure they are all out money in some way.

  36. First off, I am totally in agreement with the general consensus on Jon's actions/behavior, in basically he's causing all of his problems for himself, in the most part. (I do not agree with the second-hand amateur diagnosis of any mental disorders, and that falls right into the same category as hate sites diagnosis various developmental delays re: the kids)

    But (I know, I was doing fine until now, right?) - his Hawaii trip plans - who CARES? He does have family in Hawaii. Obviously he was INVITED to the wedding of the baseball guy, I don't think he'd be so crass as to invite himself (close, but not quite that far). So who cares if he goes? The comment about him being a star, etc., just comes off as pure snark.

    If Kate were invited by a well known public figure to attend a wedding in Hawaii, would you tolerate the same type of comment from those who dislike her? Or would you think it was her personal business, etc. etc.

    Like I said, I don't exactly care for Jon. I don't really care for either Jon or Kate. But I care even less about whose weddings they attend.

    Schmecky - have a great time at Disney, haven't been there in many years (my boys are now 23 & 24, went to Florida when they were 8 & 9), but still remember what a fabulous time we all had. And I'll miss your comments, no LOL at all! =-)

  37. Hi...just wanted to let you know you have a great site.

    I like the fact you post both sides of the story as long as it is done with respect.

    I am so sick of the hater sites.

    Yours is a breath of fresh air.


  38. BabyMama - That is so funny. I haven't a clue about how to even set up a blog. I've been asked to do one on PR-media relations, but I have neither the time nor the ability. I'm still spending too much of my life (by choice) sitting in car pool lines, shuttling to orthodontists, homework assistance, and trying to work some. Thank goodness for iPhone that I can surf, blog, and look up things instead of just steaming in lines.

    Yes, I could have others do it, but this is my last set of kids and I want to enjoy more with them than I was able to do with their older siblings.

  39. I haven't posted in a while because I didn't want to get tied up in the whole controversy on nit-picking. (or whatever it turned into) But I will be the first to say that I'm SO glad things are back to normal! I like it so much better when we are all getting along! :)

    OMG! Those pictures of Jon make me cringe! I think that he has gained some weight during the divorce. (Probably because he doesn't have Kate's healthy organic cooking anymore! LOL!) And I personally get a little chuckle when I think of him doing yoga. Although, it may help him.... he seems to need lots of it these days. ESPECIALLY if he is smoking with the kids in the car. First off, smoking = gross. But more importantly it is SO horrible for you, and secondhand smoke is just as bad.

    I'm glad that Kate and the kids had a nice Halloween. Their costumes seemed like they would have been cute! I wonder why there wasn't any paparazzi? It's fantastic that they weren't there (of course!) but it puzzles me as to why all of a sudden they completely lose interest in the Gosselins. They have been trailing them for months, and now they fall off the face of the Earth? It seems a little strange to me.

    Speaking of holidays... Jon isn't going to see the kids on Thanksgiving?! That is too bad. I'm sure that the kids will miss him! At least they will have lots of Kate's yummy cooking!

    Have fun in Disney, Schmecky Girl! Enjoy that nice warm and sunny weather with your family!

    Have a nice weekend everyone!

  40. SchmeckyGirl~ You and I have daughters around the same age. We go to Disney every year, so we decided to try California this time thanks to Jon & Kates visit there. I have to say I am excited to go back to Orlando again. Last time we stayed at the Coronado. In April its back to Port Orleans again I think..You and your thoughts will be missed :( Not to mention I am jealous!

    #1Caregiver~ Holy smoke $28 dollars a day?? That WAS a long time ago (lol) just kidding..They have really increased the prices and taken away many extras (does anyone remember flex features where you went ot the water parks free?) Anyway, I have heard the campsite is nice, but were more hotel folk ;)

    I still find it weird that Jon is doing Yoga and all this stuff in LA and getting paid just for photos. It will be interesting to see once this all comes out how much you really do get for photos..It's sad to read comments that he would actually rather be with The Glassmans that never trusted him than his own kids..

    Linda, the haters live and breathe for this site and I just love it..They can cut and paste all they want. If I'm you then I'm honored to be as articulate! lol I love the fact that youre here!

  41. Baby Mama,
    You made me really lol with your response. It was a long, long time ago, and I do not not camp anymore either. Man, I am done sleeping on the ground or air mattresses.
    To All A Good Nightzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

  42. Jon doesn't look very comfortable doing yoga (but then neither would I.) I figure it might be good for him and perhaps help with his anger. TLC is going to want any money he made for the photos so maybe he'll at least have something he learned that's supposed to help you relax and doesn't cost anything yo do.

    Thanks for kind words BabyMama. I think I'm probably almost old enough to be your mother, or your really older sister.

    I think at the rate I'm going I'll be in PTO till I die.

  43. I don't recall Kate taking any trips for something like a new BFF's wedding? I don't think she would right now? I think all of her traveling has been for contractual commitments? Have I missed something?

    Jon on the other hand has gone to the Hamptons, CA, and now Hawaii for play. Probably more than that but those are the three that come to mind.

    That, to me, is a BIG difference.

    Just my 2 cents on the matter. :)

  44. Have fun at Disney, SchmeckyGirl!
    OMG I wish I could make a trip there some day! You guys have no idea how lucky you are living in the U.S. and getting to see and experience all these exciting things. Not that I don't like living where I am. I love it, but sometimes I envy how much more accessible it is for someone living in the U.S. to get to these awesome museums, theme parks,etc. For me, I'd have to take a plane halfway around the world just to get there and then transport to get around to these destinations.. LOL talk about money constraints! Some day perhaps..

    I saw the Yoga pictures. My goodness, I am constantly amazed at how much weight Jon has put on!!! I mean seriously, he needs to watch out for those clogged arteries. On top of that with the smoking!?!? Wow, he really needs to live healthier for his kids.

    I HATE cigarettes. HATE THEM!... And I hate even more when parents choose to smoke around their kids. Seriously! Everytime I see a parent holding his/her cigarette over a stroller, I feel this inner turmoil, and I'm bursting to snatch that cigarette out of their hands and give them a good tongue-lashing. Do you know that there is something called third-hand smoking? If second-hand smoking is breathing in the smokes from a smoker's cigarettes, then third-hand smoking is actually the residue or remaining cigarette scents that are left over on fabrics, etc. Apparently lingering cigarette smokes on clothes can harm too!... Gosh I wish Jon will stop this disgusting habit.

  45. BabyMama - We've stayed at many of the Disney properties (not campground though.) You might want to hold your bucket list with the Disney Grand Floridian until your children are a little older. Of all the Disney properties, I've found this one to be the least friendly to young children, but perhaps that was just our stay. We did enjoy the afternoon princess tea (my kids really like scones.) We've only stayed there once. My personal favorite is the Yacht Club. Our kids loved playing on the "beach" there, the ship water slide, the pool with the sand bottom, and being able to take the boat over to the back side of Epcot.

  46. Linda, regarding Jon's speeding ticket, I posted it on this site. See? I post "negative" stuff about Jon too. lol. Here's what I posted:

    SchmeckyGirl said...
    Jon Gosselin might not move fast just with the ladies.

    The scandal-ridden ''Jon & Kate Plus 8'' star was charged with speeding on Interstate 78 around 10:40 a.m. Tuesday.

    Gosselin was cited by a state trooper for allegedly driving 78 mph while heading east about a mile west of the Trexlertown/Fogelsville exits in his Mercedes ML350 station wagon. The speed limit there is 55 mph.

    He was ordered to pay $165.50 to cover a fine and court costs.

    Here is my defense of Jon: It's obvious he mistook the I-78 sign for the speed limit sign. ;)

  47. Thanks everyone for the vacation well-wishes!

    Linda, thanks. I know Disney World like the back of my hand (except for the stuff added in the last four years). My husband and I took two vacations a year (up until my second pregnancy) and Disney World was always one of them. We did the Leave a Legacy one year too. I'm upset we won't be able to do that for our girls. I did get the Birnbaum for Kids book though. We plan to go once a year with the girls too, but we hate going when it's crowded so I'm not sure how we will do it once they are both in school. I did book the lunch at Epcot. I checked them both out and thought the Epcot one was better for my girls. I did it so long ago, I don't remember if it was the menu or the availability or which princesses would be there that helped me decide. Oh! I think it got better reviews.

    Baby Mama, we are staying at the Pop Century for the first time. (We stayed at the Coronado once. That's SOME walk around the pool though!) Since our kids our so young we thought it was the most fun looking resort for them. I've never stayed at the Grand Floridian either but it's on my list for when the girls are older. Jon and Kate went to Disneyland? I thought it was Disney World?

    Tasha, yeah I would have liked to see Jon and Kate go to Disney World together again too. There is so much to do and see there that I was disappointed they had such a short stay. I'm doing ten days and I only have two kids! lol.

    #1caregiver, Wow! I wish it cost that much now. I did the Magic Your Way so we did Park Hoppers for the length of stay.

    Okay, enough OT (off topic) for now... but thanks again ladies! You still have me until Thursday. lol.

  48. dhwh1993 said...
    PA does NOT have a law against smoking in cars, regardless of minor passengers or not, at least there is no law yet.......... But nothing forbids smoking in a personal vehicle even if young children are passengers.

    Except common sense. ;)

    And thanks for your nice comments in reply to my Disney absence! I always enjoy reading your comments. Mainly because I don't feel so alone. lol.

  49. Linda = Baby Mama?!?!? LOL! I think whoever wrote that had to be saying it "facetiously".

  50. One thing I wonder is if Jon and Kate signed the contract as a "couple" or "family". Can you sue one and not the other? Did they have separate contracts? What about the children? This has to have a big negative impact on them financially.

    I really wonder what Kate thinks about it. It can't be good for her except if it is used to bully Jon into letting the children film. I don't see the children being allowed to film after all this though. It was just look really bad for TLC.

    Maybe I'm being naive but I just don't see TLC getting anything out of this. I understand they have to do it because they want to make an example out of Jon to their other clients but I just think it makes them look like a bully.

    As for my comment earlier: "Of course on the other hand I'm hoping there are no pics of it because the kids need their privacy. And thus the wicken battle within myself." I meant WICKED! Hate typos! I just want to assure all of you I am NOT wiccan!

  51. Raelin said...
    Also, I was watching the episode on How They Met. I think it was Christmas and they were already engaged. Jon was filming a home video of Kate and himself, and he was speaking to the camera. Kate was in the background asking if he was recording. And Kate being Kate, she repeated herself twice when Jon ignored her, the last time more firmly. Jon got irritated and snapped at her. From the looks of it, he looked pretty miffed. Here I was sitting and watching a mere clip and I flinched, but Kate just laughed at her own silliness, wished Jon "Merry Christmas" and gave him a few kisses. Jon just looked sullen and irritated, like a spoilt child (I kid you not).

    Hey Raelin (Is that your real name? I love it!) Sorry you can't go to Disney. :( Where do you live, if you don't mind my asking?

    As for your comment above, I could be wrong but I saw that recently and it's when they got engaged, I think. The last present Jon gave her was an engagement ring (I think).

    I remember that also but I saw it so differently from you. lol. I remembered being annoyed at Kate (even though that's when I really, really liked her) because Jon was so obviously talking to the camera (like you said) and she kept interrupting Jon WHILE HE WAS TALKING asking "Are you filming? Are you filming?" Well obviously he was filming, why else would he be talking to the camera?

    I think he was just annoyed at being interrupted while he was talking and it was just such a stupid question to ask. I could be wrong, but I don't think Jon would have been talking to the camera UNLESS he was filming. lol. He was trying to film their engagement.

    Anyway, that's how I saw it. And watching it again recently I felt the same way lol.

  52. I think part of this lawsuit for Jon is to satisfy TLC's advertisers that it is doing something about this so they don't pull out. What I think is interesting is people make a big thing about how TLC and Jon and Kate Plus Eight has changed Jon and Kate, but how has Jon and Kate Plus eight and LPBW, etc changed TLC. TLC used to be the nerdy documentary channel that didn't have a big name, now it is a powerhorse among cable tv, not HBO, but definitely up there. I think some day there will be college courses in the media industry on this impact and also on reality tv production practices. This kind of programming is basically a social experiment and boy are they learning a lot. It is very different than when professional actors come to the studio. For one thing. Studios struggle with actor's personal lives affecting their work, but what about when their personal life is the work. The contract that the Gosselins set up seems to not have contingencies set up for the direction that their life turned. They never imagined that Jon could use the kids' filming as a divorce tactic because the show was about a happy family who was in this together. My concern is that this understandable lack of foresight could end up hurting Kate and the kids because the contract was set up for them in this together and there is no separate Jon part. I just pray that very wise heads prevail on this.

  53. dhwh1993 said:(I do not agree with the second-hand amateur diagnosis of any mental disorders, and that falls right into the same category as hate sites diagnosis various developmental delays re: the kids)

    First off, I stayed away from posting for some time, due to the fact I did not want to be a person who bashed someone. By no means did I want to say anything negative about Jon. But, the man leaves no choice. He is an idiot. I have had a very close family member diagnosed with bi-polar disorder, and I stated that I see a close similarity to Jon's behavior. Its called an opinion, not a second hand amateur diagnosis. As for comparing it to the hate sites that diagnose the children, thats just ridiculous. Anyone that has such a low class as to talk negatively about a child isn't worth my time. However, Jon is an adult on a destructive path, and IMO needs help.

  54. My personal opinion, regardless of the outcome of the TLC suit, any filming of the children is probably kaput for the future except for perhaps brief specials on "what the kids are doing now." TLC has moved on with their programming and scheduling.

    Hopefully the kids will get ignored by the paps inthe future more and more as time goes on - I'm thinking that with just 6 kids and with Kate also in costume that perhaps nobody recognized them. We had so many kids at Halloween that I didn't recognize my next door neighbors kids. I would sure have lived to see photos of them, but not having paparazzi!

    Jon just forbid TLC but I don't think that would prevent photos by magazines like Good Housekeeping, etc. after the contract ends.
    SchmeckyGirl (and others) thanks for correcting me on Jon's speeding. I must have been brain dead that day or was when I had strep throat in September.
    If your girls have Disney Princess costumes have them wear them to the meal at Epcot. Each of the princesses and Mary Poppins go table to table to speak to the kids and pose for pictures - makes for great photo memory albums.

  55. I don't know about anyone else but I find the Thanksgiving thing kind of funny. Its weird the Jon and Kate aren't sharing the day or anything but do you really expect Jon to show up to the Nield's house for dinner? That would be the most awkward dinner ever. I find it weird that people make such a big deal of what they do on their non-custody days. What do you want them to do? Pitch a tent on the other side of their fence and just sit there and cry?

    I read the court papers, I don't think they are as airtight as some people make it out to be. All the sources for everything are tabloid newspapers, no Judge in their right mind would allow that as evidence. Using the National Inquirer and rumours as evidence is pretty weak. I find it interesting that Jon could not speak at all without it being approved by TLC.

    I don't know why alot of people on here are so intent on seeing the show continue. All the kids are in the school now. This is the time to just let the kids be kids again. Let twins play in sports if they want, let the sextuplets stay in gymnastics. The kids don't need to go on lavish vacations every other week or be taken out of school to go on outings. You could get a few episodes out of it but on a weekly basis parental duties are quite repitive and not that entertaining for TV. The kids should be able to make friends and go over to their houses. They shouldn't have to wonder if they're friends with them because they are on television or do they actually like me. You shouldn't have to learn "life lessons" at this age, just be a kid. I'd be happy for Kate to go on and doing anything she wants to support her family as longs as it doesn't involve taping her children.

    PAR, I don't know what you're looking for but I dont't think you're ever going to find anything about where the rumours started. They're called "rumours" because they aren't based on any substantiated facts.

  56. *******************************
    Hope said...
    I don't recall Kate taking any trips for something like a new BFF's wedding? I don't think she would right now?
    You don't think she would attend a friend's wedding, should she be invited, sometime in the near future? I think that is just a guess.

    Why SHOULDN'T she attend a wedding?

    I don't know whether she would or not, I don't know her. But I would not begrudge her any such outing.

    And on that same note, Jon was invited to attend the wedding of a friend (we don't know how new of a friend, didn't the whole family last season attend a Phillies game?).

    The wedding is in Hawaii, Jon does indeed have family in Hawaii. I don't see anything wrong with the trip. That was my only point. I don't see the snark-worthiness of the story.

    It is WAY different than "hosting" a pool party in Las Vegas. Now that is a completely snarkable story, start to finish. Snark away, and I'll happily join in, LOL!

  57. I thought the Nield family was coming to Kate's house for Thanksgiving?

    I thought TLC cited national TV appearances by Jon, e.g. ET, The Insider, along with appearances at the Candy Shop, Wet Republic, and the CT casino. And yes, the contract prohibited appearances not approved by TLC.

    I don't think the show could continue now. But I would have watched the kids at gymnastics, violin and piano recitals, etc. I think it would have shown what it's like to shuttle/cope with multiple kids and multiple directions. Would people have watched? We'll never know. If you don't like it change the channel.

    Z on TV made a big deal of last week's ratings. Those went from something like 1.9 to 3.79; and his point was that the show couldn't be sustained with such low numbers. Of course the haters jumped in with how much they dislike Kate and exploitation of the kids. Most TLC shows would love to have the 1.9. I think the jump almost equaled a doubling in one week. But the point was moot since the show is ending. It is a cable show not network. Cable shows are by design about specialized niche topics.

  58. ****************************************
    I haven't been able to post here in quite awhile (thanks Blackberry & slower-than-Christmas computer guy), but I did want to say something about dhwh1993's comment where she states:

    I do not agree with the second-hand amateur diagnosis of any mental disorders, and that falls right into the same category as hate sites diagnosis various developmental delays re: the kids.

    I think I was one of the first people to say I believe Jon is exhibiting all the signs & symptoms of Bipolar Disorder. If not, I apologize to whoever did, but either way, I hadn't seen it anywhere else. That said, I have this to say...

    1. How do you know that those who have said Jon may have some sort of mental illness are "amateurs"? I happen to be an expert on the illness, so I think I know exactly what I'm talking about when I say he exhibits the behaviors.

    2. Stating that you believe someone has a mental illness, or chemical imbalance, because that's really what it is, is so far from the things posted on the hate sites that it's beyond absurd. If Jon had cancer, diabetes, HIV/AIDS, hepatitis, Graves Disease, Chrohn's Disease, the flu, a cold or any other illness, you wouldn't have a problem with someone pointing it out. To say someone exhibits the signs and symptoms of mental illness is NOT an insult. It's an observation, and when I said it, I meant it out of concern, because if he does have Bipolar Disorder, he can't help A LOT of what he's doing. If it were a brain tumor causing him to act this way, everyone would view it differently, and that was what I was trying to do. There's no hate in that whatsoever.

    3. I may lose some, or a lot of you with this one, but I'll say it anyway. I don't really think Jon is a bad guy when it comes down to who he honestly & truly is. I absolutely agree that he has made many, many, many poor choices and bad decisions, but that doesn't necessarily make him a bad person. He's a human being, and that happens. Do I think I would make the same decisions? Probably not, but I'm not in his shoes, and there's no telling what is going on in his mind right now. Men and women are different, and most, if not all, of the people who post here are women, so it's hard to see Jon's side. Men react very differently than women, and A LOT of the time, especially when they are not "socially mature", running away is there solution to the problem.

    When I look at Jon, I see a guy who's mind & life is complete chaos, and he doesn't know where to go, what to do, who to trust (including himself) & it's spiraled out of control to the point that he is completely... lost, I guess is the best word. It's like he's on a merry-go-round that won't stop, and people keep throwing rocks at him. He can't protect himself, and he can't get off the ride, either.

    (more follows)

  59. (continued)

    I'm sure a lot of people disagree with me about Jon, but I believe we shouldn't judge people until we've walked in their shoes. I haven't walked in Jon's shoes, so I don't feel like it's right to judge him, or call him names.

    I'm sorry if it sounds like I'm picking a fight, but that is not my intention. I just think people should be more aware of what they are saying, and to whom. To call me an amateur was an insult and could have made other's believe I had no idea what I was talking about, when, in fact, I do. I don't appreciate being compared to the hate sites, especially when I don't hate/despise/dislike Jon or Kate and when you consider the things those people say and have done. I also thinks it extremely important for people to know that mental illness is not taboo. There is help, and if you have a chemical imbalance, there are ways to get it under control and lead a happy, healthy & productive life. It's the belief that saying someone has a mental disorder is an insult that is a huge factor in keeping people from getting the help they need, and/or sharing they have it, as well. I think everyone would be surprised if you knew all of the people who actually suffer from mental illness that they come into contact with every day.

  60. My point was that no one can clear up misconceptions by stating rumors are "true." We do not know why the cookbook was delayed and can't state that is was because Kate wanted to cut Jon out.

    As for Jon and Kate's getting together, Jon did say on the show that he liked Kate was a girl with plans .. that she was different from the other girls he had dated. Jon was pretty aimless and directionless even then. Kate had finished nursing school and was working. It seems like it was a case of opposites attract but I think we can see the seeds for their dysfunctional relationship in that early home movie.

    Kate keeps pestering about the camera being on but Jon does not answer immediately until things escalate. It takes two to create that dynamic and it was played out over and over through the years.

    I just think those two were not right for each other from the start. Love does not conquer all when your personalities do not compliment each other.

  61. PA bloggers - I have another question. Is the grass still green or has it turned brown for fall/winter? I'm trying to figure out if the photos on the ATV are from this weekend or were made earlier.
    I see Jon is doing another Insider - this week Lara and crew are going to Times Square and among those featured is Jon. Gosh. I wonder if it is being done outdoors or indoors? Since it is closer to so many of the "east coast" haters, I wonder if they'll get protestors?
    I thought Jon was on the way to Hawaii? I was hoping he might get a little stress reduction with the trip. I don't begrudge him any trips that don't bash Kate or the kids. He needs to do something to reduce his anger; with the booze, cigarettes, and unhealthy lifestyle his life is dangerous now - to himself.

    When my first husband and I separated, the first thing my doctor did was a complete physical. He said experiencing divorce wrecks havoc on one's health - and that's without extraneous things like alcohol, smoking, and overindulging in food. He also said stress greatly lowers your immune system (and made sure I had a mammogram), can increase your blood pressure, etc. I really don't care for Jon's choices in the last 6-8 months, but it's hard to watch him spiraling downward.

    I keep hoping he'll have a health ephiphany where he changes his eating habits, drops the smoking, and is careful about his alcohol consumption. I truly don't want to see a news flash that he's had a heart attack or worse.

  62. Malach:

    I agree with you about Jon. He has issues and needs help. I do feel sorry for him because I think underneath it all he is a nice guy and a really good father and probably a good person. He either got lost along the way or has deeper issues. I really hope he gets help.

    As for the "amateur diagnosis" comment that dhwh1993 made, I don't know who it was directed to and I'm not out to defend her (only because I don't know exactly who she was referring to), but I think there were a few others that didn't seem to express a "professional" opinion on Jon being bipolar. Some people may know people who are bipolar and may compare the symptoms. I also think dhwh1993 was referring to people on other sites commenting on the children having developmental delays, etc.

  63. PAR said...
    Kate keeps pestering about the camera being on but Jon does not answer immediately until things escalate.

    True, and I see your point but I just think that if Jon is talking to the camera Kate should have known the answer. It just seemed silly that she kept asking if the camera is on when he's sitting there facing it and talking into it. I was suprised he was as patient as he was. I think he was just hoping she's realize it on her own so he could finish what he was saying.

  64. Linda,
    I too would like to watch the kids doing their activities, etc., I just personally don't think it SHOULD be shown. Now that they are past their infant/toddler years, they need to grow up like regular children. It's not fair to them that they are our entertainment.

    Not that this is the exact same thing, but I've always wanted to take my girls to the circus. I know they would love it. I would too. But I honestly feel it's wrong for them to keep those animals as entertainment. I won't take my girls to the circus because I feel it is just wrong, especially for those poor elephants and lions and tigers (only because some animals like seals and dolphins and monkeys enjoy doing "tricks" that they would do in their natural environment). Some animals aren't made to do tricks and entertain people. I know they are just animals but it breaks my heart that they don't have a choice. Again, it's not an exact comparison, but I feel it's just wrong when it really comes down to it, no matter how much enjoyment we may get out of it.

  65. Malach, you make some interesting points. I have a different perspective on some things but I am sure that comes from having different experiences than you do.

    I wouldn't get too insulted by people referring to you as an amateur regarding mental illness. Nobody can verify the credentials of people posting anonymously on the Internet. There are alot of uninformed people who claim to be experts to make a point.

    You are correct that you did not diagnosis Jon has having a mental illness; you said he exhibits the behaviors of someone with Bipolar Disorder. But that is a subtle distinction that I believe just gives you an out. Since you are expert, you know that people can not be diagnosed from a distance without meeting the person. So for most people, what you have written lays out there as a "diagnosis."

    My son is autistic. As a result I really notice the number of people who look at the behaviors of a child (in our neighborhood, school, etc.) and say they exhibit the behaviors of autism. There is very little distinction in most peoples minds and that then circulates that the child is autistic. I have also heard professionals "diagnose" public figures (Bill Gates) and historical figures (Albert Einstein) as autistic. I find that presumptious.

    Now to the issue of mental illness. Jon is either mentally ill or not. But that does not mean he is not responsible for his actions. Mental illness is not a blank check to not take responsiblity for the things you do. That is why in courts "not guilty by reason of insanity" is defined as whether the person knows their actions are right or wrong. The very act of lying about actions indicates a knowlege of right and wrong.

    So whether or not Jon is mentally ill, he needs to be help accountable. My sons autism may explain why he acts out some days but it does not give him a blank check to behave inappropriately and hurt others. We work hard every day to teach him that lesson.

  66. Hi SchmeckyGirl,
    Afraid Raelin isn't my real name, but I love it so much, it stuck as a moniker online! I'm glad you like it too!

    I live in Singapore, Asia. It's almost a one day flight from the US over here! LOL... You can imagine the cost of flying. But I will save up for it and it will become a reality! LOL or I have to put it as a goal at least.

    I think you're right. It did look like Jon was gave her a ring as the last present, though I think he proposed a month or two before. The clip before that showed early November in a restaurant and he called her his fiancee. Unless I got the year wrong. LOL

    Though I don't think it was an engagement video (based in the above, and the ring did come last anyway), I do agree that it was annoying that Kate repeated her question twice. But we all know Kate is that kind of a person who needs to be very sure things are in order, and I believe she was just wanting Jon to double-check and confirm that the camera was indeed rolling before they went further with the recording. Also, I can totally see how she would be that ignorant of how the red light symbolises recording LOL. Think back to her multiple disasters with the old camera. LOL

    If I were Jon, I'd be just as annoyed, but just felt that the tone and volume her used when snapping at her was really harsh and uncalled for. Also, when Kate kissed him and wished him Merry X'mas to sweetly and lovingly, I just felt he could have graciously laughed it off with her. On one hand I could give him the benefit of doubt and say that maybe he was just really young then and had trouble controlling his anger. However, I guess my issue is that in so many episodes, there are times when we do see that side of Jon appearing, but so often we just see Kate's "flaws" (I use that word pretty loosely here). So essentially it just made me feel that there may have been so many of such episodes occurring but that it was just never shown to us. And that perhaps it's this side of Jon that meant Kate had find a way to deal with it, as well as what's going on with Hailey now.

    LOL I am just making an observation based on my own opinion, so it's not for sure. Just looking at possibilities.

    On a last note (at least for tis loooong post), I think the "bi-polar" comment was meant to be the same thing--a mere observation and opinion. Not a fact or a rumor, but rather an observation to share the possibilities with everyone. Waaaay different from baseless rumours meant to intentionally cause hurt. Observations stem from concern and a want to help, while ruthless rumors are just that--ruthless, and meant as an attack.

  67. Malach: My apologies regarding the "amateur" term, it was not meant in disrespect, and you are 100% correct in that I do not know anyone's credentials and/or level of expertise in reference to diagnosing a mental disorder. But I do disagree on the comparison to those who also label the kids with various disorders.

    Your statement that in observation of behaviors etc., you see symtoms of the disorder you mentioned, in Jon. Those that make similar statements in reference to the kids, are using the same theory.

    Neither you nor I know whether or not someone making such a statement has certification/education/experience to know what they are talking about. On this episode or that interview they saw behaviors that would indicate child A demonstrates disorder B.

    My point was simply that it is not our place to diagnose either the parents or the children, as part of the viewing audience of a television show. Right or wrong, qualified or not, it's not our place.

    If any members of this family had a physical disorder that was publically acknowledged by the family, discussion of that disease would be different than speculation on whether or not they were sick. (referencing diabetes, Crohns, etc.)

    Discussion of a chemical imbalance resulting in a mental disorder, were anyone in the family to publically acknowledge such, would also be different. Just like if any of the children had a developmental delay, and it was acknowledged and discussed by the family as public is also a different story.

    To say that one of the kids shows signs of such, or Jon appears to exhibit behaviors similar to bi-polar, would be like saying one of them appears to be losing weight, perhaps they have cancer. Kate sneezed, maybe she has a cold (who knows, maybe it's an allergy, maybe the flu) ........... just a slippery slope. It's their business, if they choose not to discuss their health, mental, physical or otherwise.

    I don't think any of the viewing audience has true insight into the personal mental and/or physical health of this family. This is such a difficult time for ALL of them, that to recede into privacy would benefit them all in the long run.

    I did not intend to disparage mental illness, and you are so very right in the stigma that the public projects. I've worked with mentally and physically disabled children and adults throughout my career. I do understand your point. And I apologize regarding the "amateur" statement. I was wrong to jump to conclusions.

  68. Linda, in case you don't get an answer from someone actually in PA, the grass is still green. Some trees are still green, others "fall colors" and some are bald. My grass is still green and I'm just a few minutes from the PA border and just a bit further north than the Gosselin home. We share the same temp/weather in most cases.

  69. Regarding the ATV rides, I have to say that I'm surprised that BOTH Jon and Kate aren't as safety conscious as they should be. Those kids never wear helmets on their bikes. They never wear helmets on their scooters. At least from the pics of seen online they rarely do.

    A helmet is necessary on a hard surface especially, like their driveway. It doesn't matter if they ridely slowly on their bikes. A fall and hit to the head is bad no matter how slowly you are going. You can get hurt if you fall and hit your head when you're just standing in one spot.

    They are not teaching their children good safety habits, and they are risking them getting hurt. My daughters know that they are not allowed on their bikes without their helmets. They won't go on without a helmet.

    As for the ATV rides, BOTH Jon AND Kate let those kids ride ATVs without helmets. They don't wear them themselves either.

    I will admit that my husband does drive the girls around on our lawn tractor without helmets (although I think it's safer than an ATV), but that's on the grass and he's going slowly on flat terrain. He's also holding onto them. But now that I think about it, I think they will wear helmets for that too. Why take the chance?

  70. Did anyone see Taylor Swift as Kate on The View in an SNL skit? I'm not sure die-hard Kate fans will find it funny, but I thought it was.

    I do wonder what Kate thinks. I guess if Kate found Kathy Griffin funny she could have found this one funny too. I just thought she and Taylor Swift were kind of friendly because they were on The View together and the kids went to the concert, so I'm a little surprised she did it.

  71. SchmeckyGirl~ I'm running around like a crazy person today. It's my one day off and my parents are coming over to see the kids. So I will have a new post up this afternoon and will include SNL skit for everyone to see!

  72. Just a couple of things:


    I don't think the references in the TLC vs. Jon court papers are solely based on tabloid information. TLC is a huge company with a legal staff and I doubt they would be filing papers based on what they have read in tabloids.

    Yes, everything has played out in the tabloids but there has been way more than enough that Jon has said and done personally that is sufficient, IMO, to prove he has breached his contract on all counts noted.

    From what it seems, the stipulations in the contract, at least on the points in question, are quite straight forward.

    TLC has requested that Jon and Kate abide by an exclusivity clause. This means they can't go on any other shows and be paid unless they have the consent of TLC. Jon has clearly violated this clause. There is physical evidence of him on other shows, all over the place and talking to the tabloids divulging all kinds of details that he shouldn't be talking about. Has Kate been on other shows as well? Yes, but I assume she has gotten permission since TLC is not objecting to her actions in any way. Also, Kate is very careful of what she says about the show, the divorce and even Jon. I guess that goes back to the Vanity Fair article and having the TLC rep sitting there telling her what she should be doing and not doing. Jon has not watched what he is saying at all, in fact he has divulged salary information and he has spoken in a derogatory fashion about TLC, calling them liars and accusing them of taking advantage of him and his family.

    Secondly, the Gosselins were bound to the dates of a contract whereby they had exercised one of three options to extend the 2008 contract by a year for each option. This current option expires February of 2010 which means they are still bound to all the terms of the contract until then. Jon is obviously not abiding by the contract since he has put a stop to TLC filming the family after threatening them. If TLC had given in and released him of his exclusivity, he probably wouldn't have interfered with the show because he would have gotten what he wanted. This is an extremely shady way of doing business and I am sure the judge will not look favourably on it. He is probably going to claim that as a father he felt continuing the show was detrimental to his kids and that that should negate everything else (not sure if there was a clause in the actual contract about that) but even if he has a point about that, I don't think it will have much merit because he essentially blackmailed TLC with shutting down the show if they didn't release him from his exclusivity clause.

    In terms of why TLC should even have the right to stop him from being on other shows, I think the reason is obvious. Look at what he has been doing. He has been bad mouthing them all over the place and speaking out of turn on subjects concerning TLC themselves, private contract details between the family and TLC, and about the show itself. Frankly, that is damaging to TLC as a brand. It is obvious they would have protection built into the contract for situations just like this where someone becomes disatisfied with their contract and starts acting out. It's fine when everything is hunky dory and everyone is happy but I am sure it is not the first time that virtual nobodies become famous or infamous and start having diva demands. Companies need to protect themselves against this and rightfully so.

    I just feel like any way you look at it, Jon has breached the terms of their contract and I would be extremely surprised if any judge could find that he had not.

    Just my take on things.

  73. Malach,

    I just wanted to say that I agree with everything you said about the whole "amateur diagnosis" thing and even about Jon's character.

    I know you were trying to express an opinion and not make a diagnosis. I also know some people have made flip comments about Jon acting so strange he must be bi-polar, similar to saying someone is acting so weird they must be crazy. Unfortunately, not speaking face to face, a lot of those differences are not noticeable to everyone and thus it's easy for people to get lumped into the same category of having mean intentions. Just wanted to say that I didn't think that from your comments. The kinds of things that are said here are nowhere near the cruel and disgusting things said on the hate sites, even at times when people get irritated with each other and get a bit "personal". You can just tell the individuals on the hate sites are just of a completely different and lower class, and NO, I do not mean financial class. lol

    Regarding the things you said about Jon as a person, I agree there too. Lately there has not been much to redeem him of his bad image and he has made ohhhhh so many bad choices. I have lost most of my patience and ability to give him the benefit of the doubt that I once had but if I stop to put everything aside, I can say that I don't think he is a monster. I think he is a very lost soul that constantly needs the guidance and approval of another person and he also doesn't have good instincts when it comes to confiding in and trusting people. Look where he has reached if his sole support is coming from a 22 year old girl. No offense to Hailey, but she's really just a kid herself and to be going to her for advice, well I think he really is just lost.

    When he was married to Kate, he needed direction from her. She was the one to make decisions and tell him what to do. He followed along sometimes sullenly but it's not like he ever tried to take charge. As it has been stated many time, he has said that he likes that Kate has direction and knows where she is going. It's obvious he needs someone like that. I don't think he has the focus and motivation to make things happen for himself. Unfortunately, now that he is not with Kate, he is looking to anyone and everyone for advice and guidance and he has yet to learn that not everyone, in fact barely anyone, has his best interests at heart. I believe everyone is playing him like a marionette and he doesn't know any better. I think he is starting to realize it though and the more everyone lets him down, the more angry and self pitying he becomes. Lately he has become this little child that stomps his foot when he doesn't get his way and says it's all everyone else's fault.

    Add to this the possiblity that he could have something else going on mentally (I am NOT an expert so I will refrain from commenting)and more than ever I agree that he may not be able to help what he's doing. In his eyes, he's probably right. Yes, that doesn't give him an excuse to just do what he wants but at least it's a clue that he is not just a rotten person by nature.

    I continue to be frustrated with him, especially these days, but in the end I know that neither he nor Kate were, are or will be perfect so I just continue to base my opinions on things as they happen. Where I once felt compelled to give Jon the benefit of the doubt, I don't so much anymore, until he starts proving that he is really trying to make more intelligent choices. That being said, I always pray for him and wish that he gets the help he needs. I'm not saying that he necessarily needs mental help but he does need someone objective that can help him distinguish when people have his best interests at heart or not.

  74. As far as the safety helmet thing, Jon and Kate not making their kids wear their helmets in their own yard and driveway while riding their bikes is no different than I would guess most homes in America, mine included. I know when my kids are outside playing they are riding bikes, playing in the sandbox, running around, etc and switching between all these things multiple times. My point is they would not put helmets on to ride their bikes in our driveway and take them off every time they went to do something new and then onto their bikes again. Now if we go for a family bike ride around our neighborhood or to the park then I do make them wear their helmets, just not in our driveway. As far as the ATV goes, we do not have one but as a matter of fact are saving up for one for our oldest at the moment (he's 8 1/2). I will probably make him wear one when he's on it by himself but when he has been on one while my brother takes him for a slow ride I do not require it. I think it's just a personal decision and viewpoint. I think situations and circumstances vary and there is'nt a black and white answer to the helmet issue. It depends on circumstances. Just my opinion. :)