Friday, June 17, 2011

Kate Gosselin Goes Back To The Food Bank, Gosselins Film Episode With DC Cupcakes! Reality TV star Kate Gosselin and two of her daughters heading into reality-TV hub Georgetown Cupcake on Wednesday. The cameras following them suggest this was no mere snack stop — both Gosselin and the bakery are on TLC, after all.

We have already seen Kate Gosselin spend some time with the "American Chopper" gang back in her "Jon and Kate Plus 8" days, and we have also seen her camping disaster with Sarah Palin -- now, the reality TV mom is getting set to appear alongside some other TLC stars. Kate was spotted outside the famous Georgetown Cupcake store -- site of the famous "DC Cupcakes" program. Kate even teased this upcoming appearance a bit in a new post on her Twitter account:
“GM all. It’s a sunny one here… Working on having fun today… Oh&filming for a new show too.. :) Don’t u wish u new what?;) Hav a gd day!”
Of course, it's likely that this "new show" she is talking about is "DC Cupcakes" -- but she's likely to film plenty of footage for her own show in the city thanks to the kids being off for summer vacation.
What do you think about Kate continuing to cross over with other network stars?

Second Harvest to appear on national television, screening held to raise donations, Kate Gosselin Scheduled:

On Monday, June 20, 2011 millions of people nationwide will see hunger relief in action at Second Harvest Food Bank of Northeast Tennessee in a segment of The Learning Channel’s Kate plus Eight.
The Food Bank invites everyone to be part of the excitement while helping feed people in need at a special premiere showing of the hour-long episode on a large screen at 8 p.m., June 20th at the Appalachian Fairgrounds Main Stage, Gray, TN. Admission is 8 cans of food or $8 at the door. All proceeds go to feed the hungry in the Northeast Tennessee region. Everyone who attends qualifies for door prizes to be given away including a 26” Sony Vizio Flat Screen Razor Television provided by Charter Media, Kate Plus Eight collectible items and more.

The television show airs nationwide on June 20th at 10 p.m. on the Learning Channel. This giving back episode tells the story of Kate Gosselin and her eight children on a visit to Northeast Tennessee where the family volunteers to help feed people in need.  Highlights include Kate and the children volunteering at the Food Bank, serving a meal at the Johnson City Salvation Army Soup Kitchen, delivering Food for Kids bags to Johnson City School’s Northside Elementary, conducting a food drive at Food City’s Eastman Road, Kingsport, and touring the Bristol Motor Speedway race track.


  1. First of heart, love & prayers extended to LindaO! I was late to find out about it. So sorry for your loss and I know this is a difficult time.

    They says "time heals"...but in truth..loss of a loved one is always painful. You take all the time you need Linda. We have all walked this path too...losing someone we love who has been such a part of our life.

  2. LOL...Kate is filmed with some family members now. Hmmmm, haters always said...Kate has no family...that they have disowned her. Looks like Kate is gonna debunk that dumb rumor here too!

    Looking forward to all these new shows. Kate is really opening up her life, personality and feelings to her much more now than ever.

    I think she has been surprised to know that there was a hard core of dedicated, sane fans who have been sticking up for her...and she does appreciate it!

    Twitter has shown more and more folks what wackos the haters are and just garnered more sympathy and admiration for Kate as they see what she puts up with!

    Saw your comments last nite BabyMama...yoo hoo...hate caught you and responded!

  3. My cable gets hooked up on Monday (in our new place)!! Yay, I get to watch!!! :)

  4. Hi all. I got an email that Sylvia LaFair withdrew her legal action against Kate. Can anybody else confirm?

  5. I have been hearing the same thing, but I don't think Kate had been notified at least as of this morning. It is sad that both had to pay so much through the legal system, but Sylvia got her day of fame and that is probably what she wanted. I think she was getting a lot of flack for going after Kate and it was hurting her in the wallet more than the lawsuit would have helped her. Its telling that the media found out before Kate. I was just thinking about how on the Show Kate mentioned being tied up with the lawsuit during the kids' birthday week might have given her bad publicity.
    Linda, I hope you and family have as relaxing as possible of a week end.

  6. LindaOriginal-PattyPie found it & alerted the administrators at IW. LaFair herself announced it on her website, with a nasty crack at Kate and some truly bizarre rationalizations.

  7. Hello everyone! It's so great to hear about that. LaFair had to have something going on for her to withdraw, perhaps through the appeal she may not see a dime anyway, so why bother? Either way it's one thing to be under contract to receive services, but imagine if that was you and you were getting billed for services you never felt you received. Anyway, that's great for Kate!

    TGIF! Bingo night for me was another BUST. I have to remember why I started going, which was to have a fun night out with my friends, rather than getting pissed off I didn't win! Lol What's everyone going this weekend?? ;)

  8. Babymama, thats the attitude we have to take on the few nights a year that we head to the gambling casino. We limit ourselves to an amount that we consider an evening's entertainment so if we lose which lately is every time, we didn't spend too much. Hopefully Jon will have a nice father's day with the kids. I notice a big difference in the preparations that Mom makes for father's day compared to what a lot of Dads do.

  9. A gamblin moma I'm not! LOL! But I will wager some chips 4 family poker sessions! Hubby says I have a good poker face. Fool him all the time!

    We have some more bad weather headin our way so hope the internet & electricity and all stays on!

    And I could do w/out these tornado drills we have had...3 sirens yesterday!

    Everyone have a good weekend! Lookin forward to Kate's tweet party Monday nite!

  10. Soooo very happy for Kate that LaFair withdrew!

    firedup--Be safe. I hope that bad weather fizzles out.

  11. Good evening everyone! Hows your weekend going? Excited to get back here and see whats going on with everyone. Kate has Tweeted she is so excited about the Charity event, and even has a few surprises in store. Do you think it will be aired?

    Firedup~ how are you? Keep me posted on whats going on and please stay safe! xo

  12. Help from friends??

    Need decorative way to tie back plants. Outside-huge decorative grass plants. Got so big and wide. Twine not pretty. Suggestion?

  13. BabyMama, LindaO...FiredUp is covered in chigger bites! LOL Not a good week for me! Hubby has smirk on face about it...I'm a fixin to whack him! southern gal pal...I just took quick bath w/some bleach to try and kill em. Now puttin on clear nail polish to smother any survivors and help with itchin. Got any other suggestions?

    Just watched cute videos up there. Who can deny that those are some happy kids!

  14. Tiggerfan...without seein plants...a little hard to imagine what you are doing...but Home Depot or Lowes usually has lots of different colored and sized, blue, yellow...some thick, some thin. But would probably take care of what you need to do there.

    Just a thought!

  15. Tigger - don't know if this is an option, but I use tinted/colored rushes like you use for basket weaving in a dark green. They eventually fade over tme but not too bad for a season's use.
    FiredUp - we use toothpaste (not gel) and it's a staple in our first aid kit. It stops itching from bee stings, fire ant bites, and chiggers.
    laFair seems to be as poor a choice for Jon as was his attorney Heller! Holy guacamole, glad that she isn't my counselor or life coach!!!

  16. Ok I have heard of chiggers, but I thought it was like thorns on something. Please tell me what they are.....and why they need smothered?? and bleached??

    And Linda, what is a rush?? (other than adrenaline related

  17. Tigger - Rushes are thinly sliced reeds that are used in basket weaving, about the thickness of grass but very tough.

    Chiggers are tiny little bugs that bite (they live in grass, the woods, and on fallen logs.) The bites itch so much they drive you almost mad.

  18. Ok linda ya got me thinking. We could take some of the grass, it's like 9 ft long, and do a rope thing around it. Make our own rush.

    No thank you to the chiggers!!!

  19. Chiggers are all over hate blogs disguised as normal sane women. They enlarge to become trolls! Lol

    Kate really used Twitter to her advantage by promoting her appearance for second harvest! I hope they do well & make money for their cause. I hope everyone had a great weekend!

  20. I am just thankful that there are finally some good shows back on. It was soo boring for awhile

  21. Good morning all! Just wanted to show you all the pics this weekend that have the trolls in a tizzy. KTe looks great in her shorts & heels. Those crazy bats only wish they looked that good. She could but on a muni and they would still be attacking her. Anyway, Kate was back in TN while Jon had the kids for Fathets Day....

  22. Dontcha know haters would love to rock those cut-offs like Kate does! LOL But cows in short shorts don't look too sexy!

    Everything is comin up roses for Kate! All that positivity she keeps churnin up is now gone from a stream to a river...flowin faster and faster.

    No amoint of negativity from the hater brigade is gonna stop this hot moma Kate! She just busted another one on twitter yesterday for spoutin stupid lies and made up trash talkin about her travel plans.

    He posed himself as an insider w/ all the details about her travel arrangements. Turns out everything he put out there was WRONG. All lies. Haters beware. Kate is one smart cookie and you aren't going to outwit her! LOL

  23. It is amazaing how a difference of perspective can change the meaning of something. Radar Online said

    She divorced ex-hubby Jon Gosselin in 2009 and was got to keep the family home and won primary custody of all eight children.

    I have always interpreted it as

    After Jon and Kate's 2009 divorce, the children's best interests were deemed to be served by granting their mother primary custody and remaining in their family home. As a single Mom, Kate has done an excellent job fulfilling this responsibility.

    The first statement makes it sound like Kate won the lottery or just happened to land up with a sympathetic judge and she doesn't necessarily deserve what she has.

  24. TLC added another one today (June 20) with K+8 volunteering at the Soup Kitchen.

    Here's the link:

  25. FiredUp - ITA, there's a bunch of folks that wish they could rock those shorts like Kate!

    I'm laughing my head off at how dumb some folks are (ok, Bonnie, we all know you read here, lol.)

    Let's see... obviously there are a lot of folks that have zero idea that the short shorts (denim cut offs, or Daisy Dukes) are like THE hot thing of the summer.

    I just had to take a look and see what other celebs were photographed in the last week with short shorts and heels. All of these were wearing the short shorts and ALL except Michelle Obama were also wearing heels.

    So, here they are with their ages:
    Angelina Jolie – 36
    Michelle Obama - 47
    Vanessa Hudgens - 23
    Julia Roberts -44
    Rachel Bilson - 31
    Nicole Ritchie - 30
    Charlize Theron – 36
    Kate Gosselin - 36

    So, I'd have to guess that Kate was in great company! :) xoxo

  26. Hello everyone! How are you? Just got through watching the episodes, loved them! Really loved seeing the kids get rides at the race track. That was my favorite. I dont understand why people are going around saying no one came to the Food Bank. Looked like a ton to me!

    I really hope the ratings stay high. Why is this show on so late at night? I really think change g the time earlier would help.

  27. Wow, this episode has to be in my top 5. Those kids are soo darling. Collin has the cutest things to say about his mom carrying them downstairs and about how the bags compare to what his mom buys. It also touched me how the kids wanted to write their names on the boxes with such pride. They have no clue that this has autograph value and that someone would feel really special to have a box signed by them. They are just proud of themselves. I love how Kate gives them choices when it comes to dealing with the crowds. This is soo opposite of exploitation. One advantage these kids will likely have over some of their peers as they grow is the ability to work collaboratively with a group. Awesome episode, and true family programming if I've ever seen it. It needs to show earlier though.

  28. What a great episode. I really like watching the show again.

  29. Baby Mama,

    I totally agree about the episodes being on so late. I have to get up really early for work, so staying up to watch something at 11 or later does not work. Ugh! Just put them on earlier! They even had Sister Wives on earlier than Kate + 8 and K+8 is more of a family show.

  30. Well, Imma bummed for sure. Power outage last nite and I could not see the show...& of course, couldn't record it either!

    This has been the worst week or so for me. One of those periods where you felt like it would of been best to stay in bed!

    Chigger bites are still driving me crazy. Im ill and the kids are stayin away from me! LOL

    Hubby is walkin on "egg shells" too! LOL He knows he better be nice to me right now. Im seldon in such a foul girls better come on here and say something to cheer me up!

    Ok...just kiddin...certainly nothing major compared to all the world's ills. Haters are goin full blast on Kate's twitter again. They are goin way beyond the boundaries of human decency now.

    Seems that whenever things go well for Kate they feel a need to ramp up their disgusting behavior even more. They are a sad, sorry bunch... a huge boil of disgusting infectious pus! Wish twitter or some legal authority could come along and cut them out of the human sector!

    They are not human. They are below animalistic in their behavior. I don't even know what they are anymore...beyond description.

  31. Firedup said:

    Seems that whenever things go well for Kate they feel a need to ramp up their disgusting behavior even more.

    - - - - - - - - - - - -

    I could not agree more. I have a friend who acts like this. Since I am dating someone she takes it as a personal affront and is so mean! If there is a day or so when there has been a misunderstanding or something with the man, she eats it up. I have never been able to understand that kind of thinking process and mean-spirited way of living. Still don't!

    And to CONTSTANTLY look for the bad in Kate or anyone else? How exhausting and such a terrible way to spend time.

    Sorry you are not feeling well!

  32. I guess some people would rather have their kids watch spoiled kids selfishly talking back to their parents like they do on the Disney Channel than sweet kids working together with their Mom to help the hungry. I don't understand the logic. It's okay for Hillary Duff or Lindsay Lohan to make buckoo bucks that a lot of it goes to managers and such often doing innappropriate things in the name of acting, but Kate and her kids don't have the right to earn a check filming a show. News casters make a check when they cover charity events, Geraldo was getting paid during Katrina when he was helping people get rescued and nobody says his help therefore didn't count. Firemen and servicemen get paychecks that in no way dilute the effect of their help, they in fact allow them the ability to be helpful.
    When I block someone, does it keep them from seeing my tweets, I hope so since not only do I not want to see theirs, I don't think their eyes are worthy of mine. Sorry I am hot from yard work and the AKOs have got me even hotter.

  33. I did not see the show but did watch the video of Kate signing autographs. I am critical of Kate when it's deserved, but gosh, in that video she looked relaxed and happy, and appeared to be enjoying interaction with her fans. I did not see anything hateful or mean... so I don't know what the haters could possibly have seen to make them all happified.

  34. Oh my--feel better soon, firedup. Also so sorry about your power being out. I missed the show last night too. Hoping it's aired again soon!

    Hopefully sooner than later the haters will be muzzled. It's really getting old. It must take an incredible lack of intelligence for them to focus on the negative side of things. The only answer I can come up with is that they're just jealous and very unhappy with themselves.

  35. FiredUp - So sorry about those chigger bites and your power outage. Bummer. Do try the toothpaste! It does wonders for stopping itching with fire ant bites, chiggers, and bee stings!

    Wish I could give you a great big hug! xoxoxo

  36. Nancy - Most of the negativity is instigated by the same old group of 6 along with Holly Baby.

    Bonnie/Holly made a huge deal of a Tweet that Kate made. One of Kate's followers wished Kate a Happy Father's Day because she is a single Mom. Kate thanked her. Big Deal. However, the nuttso folks did whole blog posts on Kate putting Jon down. Kate never did that; all she did was thank a follower. Then, the same group made a huge deal out of Kate wearing cutoff shorts on Father's day saying that Kate only wore them to make Jon jealous. Can you believe the stupidity? The kids were, as they should have been, with Jon on Father's Day. I think Jon probably doesn't care what Kate wears and I seriously doubt that Kate dresses at all with Jon in mind.

    Of course, once nutty lady made her Holly blog post, the Examiner had to spout the same junk.

    Jumping Jeminy! It is really sad that this group has nothing to do but put down Kate. Get a freaking life! I'd like to know how much they've ever contributed toward helping anybody???

    It always seems to get nuttier towards the last third of every month. I'm beginning to think that must be when their medications run out.

    The jabs about the shorts are why I did the comment on the number of celebs seen wearing cut off shorts and heels.

  37. Holy smoke, before I start off, did Linda say something like "jumping Jimminy?" What the heck? lol

    Helloooo everyone! Yes I know, Ive been completely MIA from my own blog. And for that I'm truly sorry. Going full steam with all that's going on with positive things in my work life, on top of the kids ending school every day early this week has been driving me nuts. I'm usually the late girl but Ive been so exhausted I cant keep up. Plus I'm getting ready for our mini Summer trips since our big Vacay this year isn't until the fall. So like Kate says its all planning planning, busy busy!

    OK I need to get numbers! Does anyone know what the ratings were for these 2 episodes! Gotta go check!

  38. BabyMama-The numbers were:

    Cake Boss, 0.4 A18-49, 1.198 million total viewers
    Kate Plus 8, 0.3 A18-49 rating, 0.938m total viewers.

    TV by numbers didn't initially list K + 8. They must have gotten inundated by hater e-mail (assuming that the ratings had totally tanked)the columnist added:

    "Robert Seidman Posted June 21, 2011 at 2:38 PM ah, conspiracy theorists. TLC can’t doctor the #s. Unfortunately (as explained in the post) we see a limited subset of the daily numbers and Kate Plus 8 was not among them. It means nothing though, my guess is it was a bit lower due to Cake Boss (I’m not even sure if last night’s Cake Boss was a new episode, which is why I didn’t include it) was much, lower than last week."

    As it happened, the Cake Boss WAS a new episode which, unlike the Kate + 8 food bank episode, TLC heavily promoted (humongous cake shaped like a Transformer for a NY auto show).

    However, to put it in even more context,Ziggy posted, on her blog, the ratings from shows on other cable networks:

    Daily Show - 0.8
    Real Housewives of OC - 0.8
    Colbert Report - 0.6
    Chelsea Lately - 0.5

  39. Good Mornin everyone...chigger-me is gettin some better. My body looks like a war someone shot me w/a bunch of shot-gun pellets. LOL Amazing how those lil critters got all over me so fast without me realizing it!

    I have to wonder...why in the heck did God make those critters? I guess to keep us humble?

    My husband ate my last oatmeal muffin! I was blazin mad this morning when I went to get it. He's in trouble when he gets home! LOL

    So I think by the numbers show Kate had like .098 that was down a bit. TLC did zero promotion of this episode. All they did was yak about Cake Boss. And from what I hear it was such a good episode!

    Hater brigade now is throwing "govenment worker's" name all over Kate's twitter as the best mom for kids. Just another vile attempt to hurt Kate. Noticed "government worker" no longer has picture of her & Jon on her blog site. Makes one wonder?

  40. I finally got around to looking at all that today. Thank you Firedup. I never knew exactly the importance of ratings vs. the coveted 18-49 demographic. How many times with the haters shout from the rooftops that Kate is now over?

    I'm wondering if new episodes are on the way...and sadly still looking for anyone that can upload episodes for me :(

  41. Hey Baby Mama - lol, I did indeed say that. I grew up in a home where profanity was never used. My parents felt that those who have to resort to profanity are truly stupid, mindless people who use profanity because they are unable to come up with original thought.

    Profanity would have earned us having our mouths washed out with soap.

    Sometimes we got around it by using what we called "cowboy cursing," i.e. doggone, dagnabit, suffering horned toads, etc.

  42. I never ceased to be "amazed" at the utter and complete stupidity of some of these "haterz"!!!!

    First of all, the "government worker" is NOT married to Jon, and apparently if Jon wanted to be married to her, he would have proposed. DUH!!!

    Second, not a court in the world would give custody to an unmarried, live-in, girlfriend. It just would not happen.

    My only conclusion ... (yes it is snarky!) ... this mindless group has probably never had the benefit of marriage themselves!!! Thus, they find complete justification for the government worker doing anything. Heaven help ... she's barely old enough to be a big sister.

    I don't give a rip that Jon is enamored with a 25 year old. I hope he will, indeed, find happiness. BUT, obviously he, himself isn't sure or he would have married the chicklet! Can't they give him credit for realizing it isn't the action he wants to make at this point.

    She works (although she blogs a lot on "work" time) outside the "home." Jon works outside the "home." These mindless folks really think it would make sense for Jon to hire a sitter to take care of the kids while he works??? If he paid for a sitter, I really don't think he'd have much money left over from his paycheck.

    Of course, let's not forget ... this same group of 6 trashed Jon constantly UNTIL they got a Tweet mentioning them, and suddenly they did the about face and became in complete agreement with Jon.

    There is NO logic in their words, their actions, etc.

  43. Woo Hoo big time! BabyMama...did U see Kate is followin U on twitter! How special is that! What a compliment after all these years that Kate took a look at this site!

    And now decided to follow YOU! You had better keep up girl and give Kate plenty of promotion for this site and her show! You and LindaO have done such a fabulous job of keepin this a safe place for sane, rational upbeat support for Kate and her 8.

    And a similar kudos to Peggy & Ziggy also having such a Kate friendly enviroment. Imperfect Women & Sageways too all deserve credit for keeping the truth out there and the support for Kate!

    LOL Linda on the substitutes for "cuss" words. That's exactly how I was raised and we are raising our kids to be respectful & never to consider stooping to such a vile way of communication you see going on in the world today.

  44. FiredUp~ Ohh your too sweet girl. Don't you know what this does to my ego? lol. Funny how everyone counts me as out because I don't have 100 comments from the same socks as the others. My people are real doncha know?

    But in all seriousness, I appreciate the fact that the person I've done this site for, for now 3 years is showing people there's only one Coca-Cola baby! SNAP!

  45. Well my goodness it's been wayyyy too long since I have stopped by. Things have finally calmed down around here, thank god.

    I did watch the episode and agree it was SO one of my favorites as well. I would love to take my spoiled kids who take food for granted around here and show them how some kids sadly do go hungry in our country. What a great experience for the Gosselin kids.

    Baby Mama congratzz on the following, so jealous!! How awesome :)

    Well I better get back to work, just wanted to stop by and let everyone know I am still alive and doing better than ever :) *mwah* miss everyone

  46. Well hellllooooo stranger, Katherine Denise! A Southern shout out to ya!

    So glad to hear from you! I've asked about you several times as I was concerned about what you were goin through. Sure hope all is better with you.

    Ain't it grand how personable and outgoing Kate has become toward her fans? She's a sweety just like we always thought!

    Take care young lady and don't be gone so long! better tweet some sweet love to our Miss Kate today!

  47. I am GUILTY of cursing. When I was growing up cursing was not allowed either. I didn't curse arounr my kids either. I am not using as an excuse but after Catholic school environment & becoming an adult, I did not care.

    I do not want to offend anybody.

    BabyMama, as usual, great article.

  48. Good afternoon everyone! Someone was just a TAD jealous that Kate Gosselin follows me on Twitter that she processed to inundate Kate with a million Tweets telling me I fraternize with the enemy!

    Imagine coming home and finding out there is a twitter war about you using Kates name. Ugh what is this.. west Side Story? I know things have been quiet on this site, so I'll be putting up a new post tonight in order to freshin things up a bit. I'll be honest & say I've just been too busy. Any thought or suggestions as always are greatly appreciated!

  49. Baby Mama-I think your stalker tried to follow me on Twitter. If I don't recognize the name when I get notice I check out their tweets. I saw the pattern of absurd accusations against you that you reported. I blocked the person & alerted Ziggy who will block her too

  50. KatherineDenise - I was so happy to see your post!!! Been really missing you! Xoxo

  51. FiredUp - Hope those chiggers have stopped itching!

  52. Ms Goody - I don't care for cursing. That said, I enjoy many of your Tweets and just skip over the ones that are a little blue. :) You are able to converse on a multitude of topics and I can appreciate that; I've enjoyed our chats.

    I'm certainly not a saint and I certainly have cursed on various occasions, usually when some physically painful mishap occurred. I avoid it because I don't want to hear it from my kids and feel like I can't use words I don't want to hear them repeat. And it's for sure if my kids hear me say it, it will get repeated. When they are adults, they can decide for themselves.

  53. FiredUp~ I can't DM you but check out your Twitter followers and block & report for spam @harpysnot. I cant get over how many of these crazies try ot follow us!

  54. Good evening everyone! New post up! I thought it was way due time for some fresh paper! Scent of the day is the yummy smell of vanilla cupcakes! In honor of DC Cupcakes! Sprinkles and all! Get a Yankee Candle and enjoy! lol