Friday, June 24, 2011

Kate's New Blog Post, Second Havest Successful Screening, Kate plus 8 & DC Cupcakes

Hello Gosselin fans! This week Kate added a new post to her Parentable's Blog "How Lego's Brought Peace And Team Work". Hope you check it out. The Gosselins also were spotted in Georgetown for an upcoming episode at DC Cupcakes! And today has been Tweeting her story about saving a baby bird and building it a nest. It's all in a days work for the Reality TV Supermom! It gets me thinking again how blessed I have been to blogged about this now for 3 years next month! I'm proud to say I'm the original Fan Site and proud of it! I hope you continue this journey with me for many years to come! How fitting we get to talk about cupcakes right?  Happy 3rd Anniversary to this blog, there's a reason why a "certain" special someone is following it! xoxo BM

Kate returns: Reality TV mom makes appearance for screening of Second Harvest episode:

After filming segments of the episode around the region in March, Gosselin made a return trip to the area Monday in order to take part in the fundraiser screening, which benefitted the food bank. Filming of the hour-long episode was done at the food bank in Gray, at the Salvation Army Center of Hope in Johnson City, highlights include footage of Gosselin and her eight children at work at the food bank, on the serving line at the Salvation Army kitchen, delivering take-home food packs for children in need at North Side and taking a tour of the famous Bristol race track.
“This actually was such a great experience when I was here with my kids for our show ‘Kate Plus 8,’ and I left thinking, ‘What else could I do?’ ” Gosselin said before sitting down to watch the episode with local fans.
When Rhonda Chafin, executive director of the local food bank, told Gosselin they were going to host a special fundraiser screening of the episode, Gosselin said she knew she had to be a part of it. It was only a matter of making sure it fit into her busy schedule. “I needed to be here, because this area needs so much help and the fact that there’s hunger in our country is upsetting to me. I mean, I just left here the first time thinking, ‘I cannot imagine not being able to feed my eight kids.’ It’s too much. That is such a primary, elementary need,” she said.
Gosselin said it was a shock to learn about the hunger needs in the country, because when thinking about hunger needs, one often imagines needs in third world countries rather than in their own backyard.
“I wish I could do a lot more of this. If you can’t come and can’t do this, you can donate to your local food bank, go help make a meal in a soup kitchen,” she said. “It is really just that easy and we left here and I said to my kids, ‘Oh, this is just the beginning for you.’ We had a great time. It’s surprising where you can find fun.”The local food bank was chosen out of more than 200 food banks for the show because of the high concentration of need for food in the eight-county region. Chafin said having Second Harvest of Northeast Tennessee in the episode was “huge” in promoting awareness about hunger needs in the area.
“We’re real excited about that, because Feeding America, our national organization, could’ve selected any food bank in the nation and they selected Northeast Tennessee simply because this food bank and this community is very aggressive in hunger action and making sure that we do everything that we possibly can to feed more people,” she said. Fittingly, Monday’s special screening at the fairgrounds coincided with the kickoff for the 25th anniversary of Second Harvest’s work in the area. “We started off distributing that first year 60,000 pounds of food and now we distribute over 8 million pounds a year, so we’re real excited about the opportunities that we’ve had to help feed people, but we know that our work is not done."
Kate Gosselin kids have fun day at Georgetown Cupcake!

Kate Gosselin and her two oldest daughters, Cara and Mady, had a fun time at Georgetown Cupcake! The three went to the famous store on June 15 while they were in Washington, D.C.. Georgetown Cupcake is so famous that it has its own TV show on TLC (DC Cupcakes).
A spectrum of cupcake bites
"Kate was seen taking a tray of cupcakes out to the people waiting in line — the boutique shop is famously known for having lines that wrap around the block" It sounds like they all had a fun time being in the bakery - and probably eating a few sweet treats of their own! It's very possible that Kate, Mady, and Cara were able to bake and decorate their own cupcakes, because sources say that there were cameras in tow... an upcoming episode of Kate Plus 8? Most likely! They are so fortunate to have all of these amazing opportunities and to go on incredible trips. Cupcakes is just the bottom of the barrel, really.


  1. Baby Mama-I would have put this on the previous post but it's closed. Harpysnot was the person who started following me. I've blocked & reported her (I assume it's a her)

    H__________is going to be in for a lot of disappointment if she thinks she can start a blog war among supporters. In a weird way, it's flattering that they are so obsessed with you. You must be getting under their skin. Happy Anniversary!

  2. Yummy cupcakes! I get hungry just thinking about them. It seems like everybody has gone nuts for cupcakes. Makes you want to dust off the recipes and get busy baking.

  3. Great post BabyMama! I had no idea that Second Harvest has been around for 25 years or that the need was so great.

    DC Cupcakes is one of our favorites. When I watch it with the granddaughters, they always want to make cupcakes--well so do I. :) Am really looking forward to the DC Cupcake episode with Kate and the girls.

  4. Thanks for the heads up Baby Mama but I missed that harpy person but whoever she was it must have been bad because she/he or whatever it was, got banned or closed it after her attacks. It seems like they keep making up new accounts just to attack and they take it to the point of either being banned or had their fun and they are on to the next new Twitter ID. I do know that the lastest game is to pretend to be a Kate fan with a dual identity and one of the identities "attacks" them. When in reality they are just spamming themselves with their new extra ID's. They always give themselves away by a number of clues. Misspelling the same words or copying their own nasty tweets to us only in reverse on themselves, is only one of the few clues as to who they are. You must really be getting to them Baby Mama as you seem to be the latest concentrated attack. It disgusts me to see this stuff happens. The only ones that look bad are themselves for showing what kind of truly evil people they are. I am disgusted to see anyone attacked like that. I hand it to all you blog owners and helpers like Linda and Peggy for being so brave to ignore it and just move on in a more positive direction.
    Finally I see TLC promoting the next upcoming Kate Plus 8 show on TV. That Second Harvest episode in my opinion should have been promoted like crazy just to inspire others to help and shame on them for not taking the opportunity to encourage people and remind them of the showing of that episode. There seems to be so many people that unless they see an advertisement of the show on TV they forget there is an episode. Hopefully TLC will listen to our tweets and start promoting like they should have been. It's just a shame the Second Harvest wasn't promoted like it should have been. For many that saw the episode I know it inspired others to give so it's a lost opportunity they had to reach more people. Hopefully they won't make a mistake like that again.
    The idea of a blog war among supporters makes me laugh everytime I hear it. Why war? There's enough room for everyone and since everyone runs their blog different from the next what's the big deal? We can post on one or all of them, it makes no difference. So tell me what would be the purpose of being considered the most popular blog? There's no award, no trophy, no money awarded, no benefit. The only possible benefit it being rated higher in the search engines. Big deal. If you were a retail site that makes a huge difference but blogs are just a place to share things, no competition. The idea of a blog war or jealousy of each other is simply just plain silly and so "high school". If you disagree with how a blog is run then move on to another. So if that was the goal from the little I gather of the latest imposter, well anti fans you lose because it's no big deal. Hopefully we are long past "high school" but it appears that most of the anti fans are still stuck there forever. LOL

    One more comment. Whoopee and congratulations and a big Thank You to all our military men,women and their families. Many of our heros are coming home at long last. Now that's something to celebrate! God Bless you all.

  5. BM - I saw Peggy's warning to me in my e-mail before I ever saw this person was following. I blocked it without even looking at it's post as Peggy gave me the heads up about it, so I really don't know what it was saying, nor do I really care.

    Congradulations for Kate choosing to follow you on twitter!

  6. I almost feel sorry for this sad little bunch! Anybody who spends that much time hating on Kate & her fans..obviously is not very fulfilled in their own life.

    Imagine how much time & energy it takes to create these accounts with the sole intent of creating a problem between blogs? What normal person has time for that and still lead a normal life?

    They can make all the accounts they want they are not fooling anybody & in the end I think their personal lives are going to be what suffers.

  7. LOL, these haters trying to get into a positive, happy discussion with their hatred just don't get it. Their intention is purely to hurt someone else. They must really hate themselves and I feel sorry for their families.

    Lexxi compared the situation to high school. I agree Lexxi but would take it one step further. Kate clearly is the popular girl and she has a group of friends that support her and some feel inspired by her. But, this isn't the mean spirited popular girl that we usually see on TV, but the one that is inclusive of everyone and inspirers to do her best. Instead of shy girls just trying to impress the mean spirited popular girl, we have the angry high school girls trying to tear her down. These angry haters are jealous because once again, they are excluded from the fun.

    Holy haters, go to a counsellor, grow up, and move on. Focus on your own kids and learn to love and respect others properly. Maybe going back to kindergarten would be a great place for you to start.

    And… congratulations Baby Mama – 3 years. AWESOME. Keep it going.

  8. Just love coming here and reading this positive blog! keep it up ladies!

  9. Momsby, I totally agree! Very well put.

    Katherine Denise, also good to hear from you, glad you seem to be doing well!

    Linda, I've been thinking about you lots, hope you are doing ok. It's never easy.

  10. Ali- Thanks so much. It's isn't easy.

  11. I really liked Kate's Blog on the Legos! That is so neat. It is a great way to build teamwork.

    If you haven't read it, please do! It's great!

  12. As gals have said it all so well....what the heck can FiredUp add to this! LOL

    Well, first of all I guess I missed Miss Snotzy or whatever her name is. I really don't have time for all their stupid games.

    Imma goin good just to get my daily read & post here & at Ziggy's. Next I gotta tweet Kate some support & try to keep up a little there. But obviously I missed alot here. LOL

    Ms Goody2Shoes...well, lil lady YOU do have a mouth on you! LOL I'd never want to cross hairs with you. But honestly, you were the ONE gal who took it to the haters on their level...and you sure exposed who Jon Gosselin really was. I can't fault you for any of that!

    I know we all sometimes feel a need to get "in the mud" w/them haters and "duke it out" so to speak.

    Very nice post as always BabyMama! This is a place Kate can read and feel proud of the way you portray and support her and the kids!

  13. Martha's Law - Very nice comments!

  14. Good morning everyone! So nice to see all of you this morning. Esp. those I havent seen in a while. Ali, Momsby, Martha's Law, hope all is well.

    The situation with Twitter got worse after they finally got someone on Facebook to clean house on the nasty people nd the comments they were making. Once Twitter tried to do the same, they baiscally just created multiple socks under different names. You spot them quickly: They start off Tweeting Kate as some sort of "Superfan". Then they get on for hours doing nothing but tweeting her, then things get nasty pretty quick.

    The reason why the core haters havent been deleted yet was because they all made sure to link on to each other. Twitter deletes people with no followers, theyre spam accounts. Haters follow haters, then link on and follow unsuspecting fans. Tashapork is a big target because she's friends with me. I'm always telling her to check her followers. You all need to do the same if your on Twitter. Watch who they follow.You can easily spot then. Then just report them & block. If your not following me on Twitter thats fine, but I can't direct message you then. Thats why I had to tell Fired-Up to check her followers. They flock to her as well.

  15. Lexxi, funny I was talking to Linda on the phone today and we were discussing how TLC has made no effort in promoting Kate. But they do spend all their time cracking down on sites that have their episodes on line for fans to view. What the heck is that?

    Ziggy, glad you blocked them. But she will be back, we know that.. so make sure you check your followers often.

  16. Fascinated~ Tank you on the 3 years of well wishes. It's been a long road but I would have never met you all if I hadnt stuck with it. So thats a blessing ;)

  17. BM - congrads on making it 3 yrs. here's to many more! I have truly come to appreciate you and what you do as well as Linda.

  18. Didn't TLC get a new boss recently? I know the one before was very ProGosselin, but this one seems pro CakeBoss and people who act like a weirdo shows. JMO, Makes me sad that they don't show the family programming in the family friendly hours. I appreciate those who watch out for the Twitter meanies. I tend to try too harx to give people the benefit of the doubt. Some of them are confusing, for instance saying something that you aren't sure is sarcastic or sincere. Sometimes they show their true colors right away and are easy to quash, other times they sneak in like little bees with poisonous venom. I also don't spend as much time on Twitter as some do. For instance, some know what haters are tweeting to Kate, I only see what people I follow tweet to her and what she responds. I love how she quashes them, in a few short years she'll be dealing with her kids' twitter/facebook accounts. I am glad she's getting practice.

  19. Sigh... Some people are just plain nasty. There will always be people who want to put you down. Friends are the ones who take your hand and lift you back up.
    We do not allow anonymous posts. So the anon is deleted. Please return to your cave. Thank you very much.

  20. We still don't allow anonymous posts. Your post is in the hold box. Baby Mama will review and make a decision later.

    Anonymous posts have never been allowed here. I know you've tried before, and I'm trying to let you know that we still don't allow anonymous posts.

    You might want to try when you are not on a work computer. I'm not the final call, it is Baby Mama.

    Again... we do not allow anonymous posts. If you want to say something nice, have at it under any screen name you want to create. If you want to just try to stir the pot, I don't think it's going to work.

    Feel free to email Baby Mama and let her know you feel you were treated unfairly.

  21. Let me state clearly. We do not allow anonymous, anon, or other variations on anonymity. We never have, and I don't think the policy will change in the future. However, I am just the babysitter. The final call is completely up to Baby Mama. She will review and make a decision.

  22. Oh, I understand the anon issue now. I am not in the habit of making several names, too old and absent-minded for that. Thanks for clearing that up.

  23. anon - I'm going to let that one stand until Baby Mama takes a look.

    It's been a policy for almost 3 years not to allow anon posts. Additionally, there have been others doing their best to post some pretty unpleasant things today.

    They've been attacking many here as well as those who post on Twitter.

    Again, Baby Mama will make the call.

  24. that's one of the things I like about this blog is the lack of anonymous posters. You get to know some neat people here. I also don't understand why nasties like it here soo much, there are plenty of places where there are welcome.

  25. The haters could not leave well enough alone because Kate followed BabyMama. It really makes me angry that jealousy will cause others to ruin something for someone else.

    Jon's supporters and the Khaters will do anything to make your life stressful or threatened. That is when I go off. The last person that threatened me (jayakdaniels) had three followers: Jon Gosselin, Ellen Ross & Darren Ross. I captured the screen so they cannot deny.

    Good post BabyMama as usual.

  26. A Korean friend made us some kimchi and boy has it been yummy. It made me think of the episode where Jon made the Korean food so I had to go back and check to see if they had Kimchi which they did, but it was in a jar.

  27. Hello Tiggerfan how are you? Yes congrats to New York and all the amazing wedding I hope to be attending now!

    Hello everyone how has everyone's weekend been what are we all doing today? I know everyone's been busting at the gut to find out all that has been going on with me, and with me and Kate. I wasn't giving the trolls that read this blog anything they crave to hear about me so for now I'm just keeping all the public Reality TV stuff private till I see how things go. I'm blessed to be trying so many different avenues in my life right now INCLUDING taking classes & enjoying my family this Summer ON TOP OF working so we shall see how it goes!

    Regarding Kate, there is a reason she followed me and that's all I can say now about it. Now we are fortunate to be able to correspond privately and I'm sure that's eating everyone up so I don't care what anyone thinks! People can speculate all they want but I'm happy and all the haters can't handle it. As my baby says "too bad so sad!" lol

  28. Good Sunday Morning!! It's the 3rd beautiful day in a row here after a few days of rain. Have picked the strawberries and the rhubarb is next. Isn't summmer wonderful?

    BabyMama--You are so busy!! When do you ever get some time off?

  29. Hey, everybody! I am glad Kate has honored the oldest Kate friendly blog with her presence.

    Way to go!

  30. Today has been crazy.. I mention 1juicy thing about Kate & the RWA hags are licking it up like syrup. Poor Lisa thinks she knows something she don't know S$@t! They are all a joke. Took the kids to the Childrens Museum, now it's off to a quick pool party and I'm off tonight to go out with the ladies & have a nice dinner! thank you to everyone here that continually support & have my back! Im really bad on emails i know and im getting back to a few of you now ;) Xoxo

    A lot of celebrating today with Gay Marriages in NY. Having 2 friends who have struggled with this issue for years, this is a very long time coming. I'm excited to

  31. Baby Mama - Luv you girl, but you gotta quit reading that garbage there. No offense, but I'd sooner scrape dog poo off my shoe that read that junk.
    Glad you took the kids to the Children's museum. Followed by a pool party sounds great!
    I was supposed to work today (end of month and I'm behind.) However, my Hub convinced me to play hooky from work and go golfing instead. (I can't play any longer because of back.) I am the official cart driver and score keeper. It was a balmy 89, but with a good breeze, blue skies and puffy clouds. How fun it was to just laugh a bit and enjoy the company of others.
    Corrina - YumO those strawberries and rhubarb. Wish you could share a virtual taste!
    Have a great rest of the weekend, all!. :)

  32. Linda--I wish I could share some strawberries and rhubarb with you too. --Hmmm--maybe if I drive really fast I can get there while they're still good. :)

  33. Regardless of why she's following you BM, she should follow you!! You run a blog that supports her, it's to her benefit.

    Congrats and I look forward to maybe knowing the reason some day!!!


  34. You're always full of excitement Baby Mama. I can't wait to hear what you have cooking.

    I also can't wait for the next episode.

  35. Thank you fascinated! I really have to start cooking more! Lol for real I'm so tired you have no idea.. Let's hope one of these careers sticks! New post soon!

    Tiggerfan~ it's never been about that for me. It was just important & nice for everyone to know there's only one Coca-Cola you know?

    Corrina~ I love hearing you make all the wonderful things you do. Wish I was there ;)

  36. That was a great recipe Kate had on Twitter yesterday. I'd never thought of grilling asparagus.

    She said she just marinates them in Italian dressing and then grills them.

  37. OK, grilled asparagus is one of the best things in the world. Another trick is to grab about 3-4 and wrap a piece of bacon around them, fasten with a (soaked in water beforehand) toothpick, then toss on the grill. Delicious!

  38. Ali - Thanks for the tip! Asparagus is my favorite veggie but I've never grilled them.

    Will be interesting to see what the kids cook on tonight's episode.

  39. Ok, Gosselin fans, well Kate said she had some news tonite! WooHoo...I'd roll over in delight if it had somethin to do w/her DMing BabyMama for a few days!

    BabyMama, since I suspect you have an e-mail address to communiKate with be sure and tell her FiredUp sends her luv! LOL

    And also that FiredUp loves to aggravate and tease and not to become exasperated with my sometimes jagged humor!

    So Gosselin fans...we all need to make the effort to be sure and WATCH the show tonight! Kate needs to keep those ratings good and healthy.

    It means supporting her living and the lifestyle she has givin those beautiful 8 children. It's not in my nature to ever be jealous or begrudge another's good fortune. I'm so happy that Kate has found a means thru filming to provide such a happy, comfortable existence for her children.

  40. Good afternoon everyone! Whats everyone doing today? Happy Monday! I'm gonna try to get a new post up tonight, until then chat here!

    Kate really knows how to get everyone excited by saying shes gonna tweet some special new tonight.. wonder what it is? What do you think?

  41. Happy Anniversary Happy Anniversary Happy Anniversary Haaappppyyyy Anniversary! Xoxoxoxoxo

    I am sorry I have been MIA. Looking for a new house, working my butt off & kids have been home since June 8th! By the time my "me" time comes around I am exhausted, shoot off a few tweets on Twitter and crash! Love to all...


  42. On a side son says thanks for all the birthday wishes! I have a 14 year old...can you believe it?

    My daughters are psyched to see the new Kplus8 episode tonight...they missed last weeks while they were away so we will have a 2-fer tonight. Hodge Podge dinners are their favorite!

  43. Maybe Kate is going on a real date?

    TLC sending Kate+8 on a European adventure?

    She is going to tell the haters, "See ya, I wouldn't want to be ya!".

    Guess I'll have to wait and see like everyone else.

  44. How exciting. I am not on Twitter, so please keep us posted.

  45. Fascinated.......
    You might not want to be on Twitter. The Khaters are ferocious.

  46. Thanks MsGoody, I agree. I'd rather hear it second hand from everyone else. I think I would be like Firedup and get Fired UP.

  47. Hello everyone! Twitter is both a blessing and a curse. It's great to feel that certain people are approachable. But on the flip side, those idiots that got booted off Facebook spend night & day on Twitter thinking people care about the nasty, hurtful things they say. You gotta learn to do your own thing, and note care what they say and do, the jealousy is ridiculous. Block them, their hate and know that your the better one for doing so!

    Kate's big Tweet announcement: "It's official!Lawsuit against me was dropped(It was clear she had no case)!I'm relieved 2 no I don't hav 2 pay 4 services others received!"

    So basically she won the appeal! Yay Kate!

  48. Craftymom~ I have missed your smiling face so much. Please don't be a stranger! And e-mail me I miss those! ;)

  49. Xoxoxo I should be around more I am semi taking the month of July off for some me time & Girl Scout camp. Miss you too! You'll have to catch me up with Gosselinland. :)

  50. Well poop! Fell asleep after dinner and missed tonight's episode! lol. Now trying to stay awake to watch when it re-airs at 1 am!

  51. So happy to see you all! I decided to put a new post up! Fresh Paper smelling like toasted bagels and ice pops in honor of a Hodge Podge dinner! xoxo