Sunday, November 13, 2011

Kate Gosselin Poses The Red Cross & Shines At Steve Irwin Gala, Kate's New Job At Coupon Cabin!

Kate Gosselin Poses for Celebrity Red Cross Contribution:

Kate Gosselin was grouped with other celebrities for The Red Cross! The pictures are a campaign to collect money for the local Southwestern PA branch of the American Red Cross. She looked amazing! And haters can't handle both the amazing Kate and all she is doing in her spare time for charity free of charge!
What most people don’t realize is that these essential Red Cross Home Fire Relief services are funded exclusively through donations. No government subsidies. No federal funding. Just the generous contributions we receive from people like you. Yay Kate!

Kate Gosselin Shines At Steve Irwin Gala:

THERE was hardly a piece of khaki in sight - especially not on the Irwin clan - when the 2011 Steve Irwin Day Gala Dinner was held to raise vital funds for the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital. The Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre venue looked a treat and Terri, Bindi and Robert Irwin were dressed to the nines for the occasion.
Special guests included Kate Gosselin, star of the hit reality television series Kate Plus 8, international model Ellie Gonsalves, musician Xavier Rudd and Dr Chris Brown, host of Network Ten's Bondi Vet. The fun will switch to Australia Zoo tomorrow when many of the same celebrities are guests at Steve Irwin Day!

Kate Starts Her New Job At Coupon Cabin!

Former reality TV star Kate Gosselin reported for her first day of work at, an online coupon website on Wednesday. She'll be contributing blog posts to offer money-saving advice and shopping tips. Kate met with the CouponCabin account team to discuss creating exclusive coupons, blog ideas and money lessons that Kate has learned over the years. And she hung her picture on the wall in the offices in Whiting, Ind., just outside Chicago. Don't worry; she didn't move there. She will be working from home, contributing once a week to the site.
Her first blog post will go up on Tuesday with tips on how to navigate the busiest holiday shopping day of the year, Black Friday (Nov. 25). And when she's not blogging, she's running. Kate tweeted two days ago that she is preparing to run the Las Vegas Rock 'n' Roll Marathon on Dec. 4. "Omg!I can't believe I'm doing it! Scared2death!"


  1. In addition to the Sunshine Coast Daily story (thanks, LindaOriginal!) there's an associated photo gallery at Thanks to Linda for the story link; the link to the associated photo gallery is

  2. Peggy, thanks for the link to the associated photo gallery! Great pictures of the Irwin family. Kate appears to fit in very well and she loves the koala bears!

  3. Peggy this is so awesome, thanks so much! Please tell Ziggy I'm sorry I haven't been able to write her back, my jonkatefanpage email is on overload. My vacay will be over sooner than you know it, and then it's back to the real world. I will have a computer tomorrow night at the Animal Kingdom Lodge so I will be able to fix this mess of a post. And of course add all the great photos that were sent to me. Thanks guys!

    Linda I miss you as always and hope your getting on the mend. Xo

  4. That is great that the Red Cross reached out to Kate to help raise money. What a honour.

  5. Hi all. Hope everyone is enjoying a great day! Temp here yesterday was high of 73 but cold front is supposed to move in Wed night and SNOW is forecast for Friday! What extremes! I wonder what weather Kate is getting?

  6. I hope Kate is getting fantastic weather.

    I love how the haters are wondering why Steve is with Kate in Australia.

    Well haters, First, if you didn't stalk, threaten, and scare her, maybe she wouldn't need security. Second, Steve is from there isn't he?

    I would be lapping up these opportunities left, right, and center. You go Kate.

  7. Whoo hoo! Mama finally gets proper computer access! Wow a week goes by so quickly. Hope all is well and will be back to the real world on Wednesday night, with a little sadness :( It looks like I have missed a lot! Where is Kate now? lol

  8. Fascinated-ROL has panting and drooling story about Steve being Australia and describing Kate as cash-strapped but having him there. They even quote Jon's lame early quote about Steve travelling with Kate & him being "Mr. Mom" (he decided to stay home instead of travel).

  9. Thanks Peggy,

    Interesting, if Jon were really Mr. Mom, he would have the kids all week and Kate would have them every second weekend. I suspect the kids are with a trusted babysitter while Kate is away this week as opposed to Jon and that is why ROL had to use an old quote instead of a current one. If you can't support your facts...then imply.

  10. Thank goodness Kate is back home! Such a long trip...know she had a great time...but any mom is always glad to get back to her den of lil ones!

    Now back to reality for her...the work begins! LOL that's the bad part of trips...gettin back to your routine & all the stuff that awaits you from bein gone!

    I'm excited about her new bloggin gig! She's a natural for that one and CouponCabin was smart to catch her and make her a part of their team!

    Stay strong fellow Gosselin supporters! Be healthy and be happy! I can at least be 2 out of those 3! Strong and happy!

  11. Hello everyone! Yes its 1am and I'm finally home and back at my own computer. I hate coming home freezing cold and back to reality.

    I just wanted to say a quick hi and I will be back soon. What did I miss?

  12. Hi Baby Mama - so glad to have you and family safely home. I fully agree about the weather - it was 73 here Monday and today we are expecting light snow.

    It's so much fun to go away — but always nice to be back home!
    Glad Kate is safely home also.

    Busy weekend here just like everybody else. Woo Hoo. Only 2 more days and I finish the IV treatments and can at least be vertical more than horizontal. I was so blessed to be able to do it at home rather than hosp. and so thankful for docs. At least here it makes me part of our family's grand central chaos, lol!

    We thought about Australia during Christmas break but I just can't do that long plane ride and not sure I ever will be able to again. So if you make it Baby Mama, you'll just have to tell us all and we'll live vicariously via you and Kate.

  13. LindaO...You get on the mend woman! Geez, I don't know which of us is worse! LOL I will be travelin soon...not for vacay, but to get some different opinions about what to do for my crumblin body!

    Im lookin into laser surgery rather than conventional, you! Closest facility is a good 8,9 hrs away!

    So glad Kate is home...made me a bit nervous her being so far away from her babies like that! But all is well...she is safely home and has posted another really cute, heart warming post on her blog about "Honey", the lil Koala she named in her first visit to Aussieland!

  14. Those who get uptight with Kate being out of town may have forgotten that the kids did have a parent in their local area while Kate was out of the country. I am sure in any kind of emergency, he could have stepped in and dealt with it. Its funny because the kate haters are more often than not Jon lovers and yet they seem to have forgotten that he even exists.
    Linda, good luck finding the medical answers, you'd think in this day and age, there'd be more and easier to access ones.

  15. Wow i have some catching up to do..... i haven't been on this site in a very long time to be honest i thought u might of closed it as the shows ended need to catch up big time anything new here ?

  16. So great to see you girl where have you been? Don't be a stranger! You know I always said that if there was hating blogs out there I would never shut down! I know we have real, actual lives so we have all been busy. Bit I hope everyone still com by and let's us know how they are doing.

    I know I've been so busy and now overwhelmed having just got back from vacation & working. I went with my husband on his business trip so we can have some "alone time". But now I'm back and just like you, catching up via my iPhone. Will be back on tonight. What's going on now with those nasty haters with no lives? Are they still pathetically latching on to anything they can snark about when it comes to Kate? So very sad, those haters!

    Linda, miss talking to you. Will send you a text and maybe we can set up at time at the beginning of the week for me to call you :)

  17. Geez...see I opened a can of worms by just askin Kate to respond to that dumb Hollybaby article that sang Jon's praises as having the kids while Kate was gone...also implied Kate was broke and couldn't afford a sitter...thus Jon to the rescue! LOL

    Well, Kate just politely said...story was false! Jon only had kids for one 24hr period...and she said it was "his choice" other words...makin clear that he could have had them longer if he so desired.

    You know how critics always say Kate won't let Jon see them more!

    So Kate clears up a lyin tab story...says Jon chose to have them for one day...and now haters are sayin she bashed Jon? Seriously, nothin Kate ever says can be looked at as simply a statement...they always have to look at it in some negative content...lookin for some sinister motive!

    Well, I sure didn't mean to stir the pot! I just feel like Kate should be allowed to defend herself and clear up junk that sorry Bonnie Fuller continues to write about her!

  18. Kate should create a game off the concept of her name and spin. It could have cards with generic statements in it like Kate went grocery shopping, or Kate served chicken for dinner, and points could go to the player with the craziest most negative spin on the statements such as Kate, who should be conserving her money since no one will hire her for a TV and she is weeks away from being on food stamps gig was seen at Whole foods buying organic chicken for , or for the unweildy sum of $25 apeice. Her kids secretly cry themselves to sleep at night because they can't wait for Jon's days because he serves real food. As a variation they could look for a positive spin such as Kate and Mady spent quality time at the grocery store after which the two enjoyed a donut. its amazing how some extra adjectives can twist something in a whole other direction.

  19. LOL Tashapork, I think the haters own the copyright for the game already.

  20. Firedup,

    I like that you ask her to clarify those rumors. You aren't doing it to be contentious, the haters have the monopoly on that, you are doing it to allow her to finally have an opportunity to speak up for herself on these relentless, unconscionable, and fictional, attacks.

  21. I agree with Ali. If Jon and the hater's want to continue to put their crap out there, Kate has the right to respond when and if she chooses.

    What they really get mad at when Kate responds to one of their's or Jon's claims is that it proves both liars - consistently.

    They claim Kate throws Jon under the bus but they're too stupid to get it that it's their own lies & rumors which causes that when Kate clears up the lies and rumors. How is it throwing Jon under the bus when she gives truthful answers - such as how much Jon sees the kids, how much (little) he pays in child support, etc.

  22. Fascinating, you're probably right, more Gossploitation at its best LOL I hope everyone isn't getting stressed out planning Thanksgiving and that all are well enough to enjoy it. I am trying to decide if I want to try for a TV from Best Buy on Black friday.

  23. I am so excited. A few of my friends and I are travelling south of the border to do a little shopping this weekend. By the sounds of it, I am a lot farther North than most of you, so I probably won't see you, but I will be wishing you all the very best this US thanksgiving weekend. Enjoy your beautiful families.

  24. Good evening everyone! So happy to see you all here. We all have so much to be thankful for..

    We will always have Kate to thank that we have met so many wonderful, strong women on these fan sites. I'm shocked that Lisa Knight, her same 4 socks with new names and that 15 min blog is still even talking. I dont even think it's about Kate anymore. They just snark on people they don't know to make themselves feel better about themselves. Im so incredibly over it.

    Im happy that my site as stood the test of time and is still here after all these years. Its gonna be 4 freakin years next year. And thinking about all that has happened in these past few years is amazing.

    I was so happy to see Kate stick up for herself on Twitter and call those idiots out. It was fantastic. People dont realize that Jons way of getting crap out there is slick, sneaky and not at all public. There are times I think it may not be him and may be Ellen, but who knows....

  25. These next few days are going to be crazy for me and I'm sure everyone else. I hope that everyone stays healthy & strong. And I promise to put up some fresh paper soon! ;)

  26. Thing is...why do people that don't like her care? Why do they care if she's had plastic surgery? Plastic Surgery is her business, if she wants to keep it private and deny it, WHO CARES? How does that affect their life? Why do they care if she's saved her money? Why do they care if she has a 'job'? It's not like THEY are supporting her, THEIR money is not coming out of THEIR pockets to pay for her stuff. They don't know Kate, she's never personally hurt them or their family, so why get so wrapped up about it?

  27. This comment has been removed by the author.

  28. Excellent points! Who cares if she's had body work done.

    Interesting the pix they chose. The first one is from hospital interview day after she gave birth.

    The posts from Australia (top right on this blog) contradict the media hungry plastic surgeon though. Look at the face in those photos.

    Hope all of you in US have a great Thanksgiving with lots of edible turkey and can ignore the media turkeys, lol.

  29. kris, you said it well...we have all been asking ourselves the same thing...why & who cares? I have always liked Kate even before I read all the negative junk & was very releived to see so many strong women willing to support Kate no matter what the naysayers spouted! In the process all of us have met many other wonderful strong women & have become friends & fellow supporters! I am pleased that Kate is NOT the same person she was 7 years ago...she has grown & changed into a more confident, caring, self-sufficient & stronger woman! That's positive growth & it's what we all aspire to!

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone! If traveling, be safe!

  30. Thank you Baby Mama for showing support to Effie @LegendaryWriter. She can use the encouragement because she has endured such vicious attacks like many of us have for supporting Kate. She is a fan of Kate's and she doesn't understand all the criticism and hatred spewed at her. It was also very nice that Kate tweeted her today to thank her for her support when so many in the media are intent on hurting her. If any of you have Twitter be sure to show Effie encouragement to continue telling the truth about Kate and showing her support.

    Oh goodness, someone thinks Kate has had plastic surgery? Don't anyone believe in natural beauty anymore? Kate has worked very hard to take care of herself by eating right and running. What people are seeing is the effects of some good old fashioned hard work by someone determined to take care of themselves. I don't believe Kate has any work done other than the tummy tuck and that was a necessity not a luxury. Even if she did so what? It is none of my business nor is it anyone else's. I don't understand the obsession to delve into every slice of Kate's life and treat her as if she was some kind of biology study. Leave her alone and allow her to support her children and do what every mother out there tries to do, to bring our kids up to be polite, productive, honest, moral and decent adults who are a benefit to society and are happy people.

    Kate had done a lot of changing as we all do but frankly I like the changes I'm seeing in Kate and I admire her more today than yesterday and will continue to support all mothers and the right to run their own lives and make their own decisions on raising their children and living their lives without outside interference.

  31. kris you are so right. What Kate does, where she goes, the decisions she makes are her business and nobody else has a right to tell her what to do. I don't care if she gets a mani/pei every day of the week, or gets her hair done every week, whether she travels, etc. I personally feel she still needs a bodyguard when travelling and I am not about to tell her what she can spend her money on and what she can't. It's her life and nobody has a right to judge how a stranger to them lives their life.

  32. If I don't get back please everyone have a Wonderful and Happy Thanksgiving! xox

  33. Hello everyone! So sorry it has taken me so long to get a new post up! With Thanksgiving around the corner and family coming in to see the parade I've been crazy busy! New FRESH PAPER! The scent of turkey baking in the oven and warm green bean casserole is in the air. And warm apple crisp. I can smell it already! xo