Saturday, November 5, 2011

Kate's New Car Drama, Coupon Blogging, & Offering Advice To Students Speaking at a college campus may have inspired Kate Gosselin to put together a vocabulary list as an outline.The former nurse and mother of eight, whose life inspired a reality show on The Learning Channel, admitted she was a "crammer" in college. "I wrote my speech on the way here," she told an audience of predominantly women and students on Thursday at Penn State Fayette, The Eberly Campus.

Gosselin, 36, is a blogger on the website and travels to speaking engagements across the country. Yesterday, she used the words strength, perseverance, courage, focus, resilience and endurance in discussing a life that included parenthood to multiples, sudden fame and divorce. Gosselin encouraged students to complete their studies."I have eight kids to send to college someday. I'm speaking from a mom's perspective when I say work hard and do your best," she said. Now a single mother, she reviewed a day in her life, from overseeing homework, dinner and showers to bedtime. After cleaning up from "Hurricane Gosselin," she packs eight lunches before going to sleep. Her 2010 appearance on "Dancing With the Stars" also took perseverance, she said. The judges gave her low scores for her stiff dancing, and she was voted off after several episodes."Did anyone here vote for me?" she asked, to audience applause. "Thank you. I recommend you see your eye doctor. Who were you watching?" she joked. She found courage when her divorce "went so ridiculously public," and she had to face down paparazzi and deal with the tabloids' "lies of the day." "I feared people would not be able to see the real me, because of all of the crap -- sorry -- that was written about me," she said.

"I want my kids to grow up and look back on their childhood and say, 'You made good decisions. I'm proud of you. I love you and thank you,'" she said."I thought she was really down to earth, just a regular person," said Marian Jarina. She said she liked Gosselin's advice to moms and students to never give up, to persevere and to achieve one's goals. Student Brandon Mitchell, 20, of Masontown said he understood how having eight children could cause stress."I liked what she said about not needing everyone's approval. If her kids think she did a good job, that was what was important."

Kate Gosselin outrages child safety group after her 'unsupervised' young son crawls under the family van:
Reality star Kate Gosselin has outraged a child safety group after her son crawled underneath her van in Reading, Pennsylvania. They claim the little boy was lucky to escape with his life after jumping underneath the minibus, while he appeared to be grabbing a piece of schoolwork he had dropped. He and his eight siblings had just gotten off the school bus, where their former Kate Plus 8 mother was reportedly waiting in the family van. But despite his other family members jumping in the vehicle, the youngster decided to dart underneath it to retrieve his paper. Kate allegedly remained in the driver's seat when her children got off the bus. While the little boy safely got into the van after his dangerous duck, the incident has still outraged child safety president and founder Janette Fennell told RadarOnline: 'A minivan is a 3000-pound lethal weapon and having children crawling around it is not prudent.'

Miss Fennell said Kate should personally made sure all her brood got in safely. She said: 'She should have gotten out of the car to supervise them, especially when you have that many children.' 'Kids tend to put themselves in harms way in an instant. 'You should never leave children unattended in or around motor vehicles. 'Even if they are all capable of getting themselves into the van and getting buckled up, children at that age are unpredictable.' She added: 'She is blessed she didn't run him over.' Miss Fennell also was keen to point out that motor vehicle accidents are the number one killer of children. She said 50 children are backed over by vehicles every week in the US, and at least two of them die. A further 1.5 children are killed every week by being driven over forwards very slowly in a parking lots. The criticism will come as a further blow to the one-time darling of reality television. It was announced in August that her show Kate Plus 8 was cancelled after seven seasons and 150 episodes. She has since found employment as a coupon blogger. announced today the news about its new hire, who is a longtime advocate of couponing. Company president Jackie Warrick said: 'Kate has embraced coupons her entire life. We look forward to sharing the unique insight she has gained over the years.' Kate added: 'No matter what your financial situation is, there’s no reason not to use coupons. It’s like free money in your pocket!'

On a final note... Having young children of my own, there are days I'm mortified at the things kids do in a split second. Having said that, I think no one has any right to judge Kate based on this incident. Do we even see her as the one in the car? And if she was, do we see what happened after this? Why are there no photos of anyone getting out? What if she didnt know? When you have children this age and cameras following you to take photos to make you look bad at any given moment, then please contact me. BM


  1. I saw the series of photos on Radaronline. The BBB was parked a very short distance from the school bus and the kids proceeded directly from the bus to the BBB. With Kate in the driver's seat of the BBB, she had a very good view of the children. Kate tweeted on Wednesday, "
    Kate Gosselin
    Re stupid article: it was on Tuesday&kind Collin offered w my permission2retrieve Hannah's dropped h2o bottle. Typical tab tale; no facts!
    3 Nov via Twitterrific<< Hannah was standing in front of the inside of the open front passenger door of the BBB. Kate knew where everyone was. That van was not going anywhere. (Also, the ROL article decried her not getting out & helping the kids with their heavy backpack. In the photos, instead of a bunch of mini-Sherpas, the backpacks are barely visible, slung over kids' shoulders.

  2. Actually, November 3 was Thursday. I need to get to bed.

  3. I've gotten under the car to get something, if one was around I sent a child under to get it. We survived completely unscathed. Having said that, children all over the world are being kidnapped, abused, traded in the sex slave market, starved, beaten. I worry about them far more than the Gosselins any day and twice on Sunday. I did not have the luxury (I am not talking about the material goods here, but the love, structure, and care, of even half of what Kate provides for her kids or even what Jon would provide for that matter until I was 17 and adopted. I just don't understand the hate.

  4. Oh, just another day at the office of stupid "public outcry" over nothin!

    Kate addressed this again this mornin saying it was a "less than 3 second" event for Collin to retrieve the bottle.

    She was there...the door was open...Hannah is in full view watchin was Kate's call as a mother and she deemed it harmless enough and she further tweeted that everyone "needed to move on"!

    Love how Kate is using her twitter to correct these lyin tabloids who make up "fairy tale" scenarios and then proceed to prounounce Kate a "bad mother"!

    Kate looks very nice in that bright blue print! Was it a dress or a top? Anyone out there have more photos of her at the PSU event and any more details on what was said?

  5. Good morning everyone! So sorry if you had problems posting! I was so frustrated lately w/blogger, even I had issues posting! Thank goodness I seem to do my best work at night ;) ok so what's been going on and what did I miss?

    Poor haters must be beside themselves having nothing to fill thir days snarking about! Happy Sunday! What's everyone doing on this beautiful day! Xo miss you!

  6. This year I am making many of my Christmas presents...table runners with coordinating placemats; embroidered napkins & towels, pot holders, etc. I already made one full-sized bed quilt & waiting for my queen-sized bed quilt to come back from the long-arm quilter. Today I am working on a special shower curtain for my daughter for Christmas (she thinks she isn't getting it until February!). She provided me with the 100% cotton fabric to make a quilt top to the size of a regular shower curtain which I will back with a high-quality sheet & make the outlets for the rings at the top. I'll also include the plastic shower curtain to protect the quilted piece. I love seeing what I can create with my sewing machines. I do hope everyone else is having a great day as well!!!

  7. Freespirit. That's the spirit of Christmas. Those gifts are so meaningful to the recipients. Enjoy your craft

  8. Freespirit-- What nice Christmas presents you're making!! So far all I've made for gifts this year are socks and it's taking me more time than I thought it would.

    We're watching the Packers--Go Pack!!

  9. Thanks, tashapork & Corrina. I think I enjoy making them more than the recipants who get them! I had already given my daughter a queen-size bed quilt in October which was her original Christmas present...she wanted it early because she lives in Denver, CO & it was starting to get cold she will be very surprised when she gets the special shower curtain! Corrina, I think it's awesome you are making socks! I considered making socks but due to arthritis(?-sp) in my fingers, I had to pass it up.

  10. Freespirit -- So sorry about the arthritis. It's great you're doing all that sewing. I've always
    wanted to have one of my quilts done by a long-arm quilter. I love doing the quilt piecing but boy does it take me forever to do hand quilting. That shower curtain sounds very interesting too.

  11. Talk about a busy mom. Kate is in high gear gettin everything organized for her trip to Australia!

    Can only imagine so much she has to get done there at the house...pre-cooking meals and puttin them up in freezer for her kids.

    Laundry has to be all caught up...bills paid...sitters briefed and organized.

    Her own packing...on and on! I am always in awe of her organizational skills and ability to get so much done!

    LOL...also was surprised that Kate wrote her speech for PSU on the way in the car! Most people would have had their speech written well in advance and even practiced beforehand.

    She is incredibly self-confident & has a unique ability to focus at a moment's notice to get something accomplished.

  12. Corrina, I enjoy the quilt top piecing process the best. I am looking for a long-arm quilter who is similar in style & skill as the one I used in Colorado before I moved to California. I do my own quilting on lap-sized quilts or smaller but send out the bed-sized ones to the long-armer. The shower curtain is my daughter's idea. I hope it turns out as well as she envisions. :)

  13. FreeSpirit~ I too feel horrible about your arthrisis. Hope you feel better! I know when I was having a hard time with people online Corrina took it upon herself to cheer me up with her amazing crafting abilities and she made me to most beautiful towel.. I'm more of a scrapbooking girl myself..and just like Kate do things at the last minute. I wasn't surprised at all that she wrote her speech in the car! Lol

    Packing for my family is the biggest pain and I hate doing it. I can only imagine the challenge of packing for 8. I'm off to Florida as we speak for a well needed break. I will still be here for my ladies though! Plead give prayers & hugs and kisses for Linda. I hope her back gets better soon! We miss you! And I'm telling you, my next trip now thanks to Kate is definetly Austrailia! I just wish it wasn't so far away! Lol

  14. Corrina & Baby Mama, thanks. I find that I do better in dryer climates so I had to make some adjustments since moving back to CA. I consider myself blessed when I hear about Linda & others who have had to have surgeries & content with pain far greater than my arthritis. Will keep Linda in my prayers & sending hugs her way!

  15. freespirit--I hope the dryer climate is helping your arthritis--also hope you find the long-arm quilter you're looking for.

    BabyMama--So glad you like the towel--I should be making more for Christmas gifts but got hooked on knitting socks for now. I hope you have a wonderful trip and take lots of great pictures! I didn't know about Linda and am praying for her and send lots of hugs and much love.

  16. BabyMama, enjoy your trip. I hope Linda feels better along with everyone else dealing with chronic pain. I wish they could come up with better safer pain relief in this day and age with all the technology out there. I am glad Kate seems to be busy doing what she enjoys.

  17. Thanks everyone for your prayers and good thoughts. Much appreciated.

    I'm here reading in the background keeping an eye on things. Just not up to writing much. It's sciatica, an ongoing problem and not able to walk right now without a lot of pain. Don't want more surgery so trying other methods.

    freespirit - those quilts and the shower curtain sound amazing. How fortunate your daughter is to have a marvelous gift and an heirloom to pass down through generations. I have several of my great grandmother and grandmother's quilts and I treasure them!

    Baby Mama - Have a wonderful trip!
    All- xoxoxo

  18. Oh sorry! But you know I can and do relate! Every is very painful, but I DO make myself get up and walk.

    After the walk...its in bed for several hours with a pain med. It's the unfortunate existence I have right now.

    I am lookin into "laser surgery". I have been offered conventional surgery...but it is very invasive and dangerous what they want to do.

    Trouble is...there are no "laser" surgery institutions near me. Would require travel to another section of country. I'm still doin research on their success rates and options they have discussed w/me!

    They actually do this w/out puttin you to sleep! No blood loss and most patients have surgery done like "out patient" care and get up and leave after a few hours.

    I'm still thinkin its too good to be true! So like I said...checkin it out! You take care of your self and my prayers are with you. enjoy your vacay. Guess our Kate is probably on her way to Australia by now! She did well on WGN TV news interview this mornin in Chicago!

  19. Linda, thanks. So sorry to hear about the sciatica pain...been are in my prayers.

    firedup4kate, we are so glad you are back blogging with us. Hopefully you can find a form of surgery that works best for you.

    Baby Mama, enjoy your vacation!

    Also praying for all those who experience pain for whatever reason on a daily basis. One of the reasons I like this blog so much is that for all the ugly stuff (pain, etc) we each go through, we all do our best to maintain a positive outlook & are quick to post positive thoughts to encourge others who are having a bad day. I call it the "Strong Women supporting other Strong Women" blog! Everyone cares about everyone else & wants the best for others!

  20. Hello everyone! As exhausting as it is vacationing with both your kids & your parents we are having an amazing time. But I would never forget my site and all of the amazing ladies on it!

    I was excited to keep up with all that Kate is doing as well. As amazing as Disney & Legoland is, Kate is giving me the urge to plan the next trip to Australia! Lol I mean if she could do that with 8 kids that time then me & my famy would be cake. Ok, so what have I missed? I LOVE being part of the Strong Women family with all of you! Xo

  21. I forgot to mention that a new post might take a bit this time. With Linda being so sick & me being away it may be a few days longer. Please help me keep my post fresh by keeping the conversation flowing and pray that Linda feels better soon! I miss her :) thanks!

  22. Hello everyone,

    Wishing everyone the best. Back pain is a frustrating experience. The longer you lay, the more your back hurts; however, your back hurts so you need to rest it. My thougths and prayers are going out to everyone.

    I hope TLC or a different provider, films a holiday special with the gosselin kids. I miss my Monday night ritual.

  23. There are pictures of Kate on the internet at her first day of work. She inspires me to take better care of myself. She looks absolutely fantastic. I should put a picture of her up by my treadmill.

    I appreciate how she is just an average women and has grabbed every positive opportunity that came her way and has done what many of us dream of doing. She is a great role model.

  24. Fascinated, I agree, the Roloffs are doing like 4 specials this year, I'd love to see Kate and kids able to do the same.

  25. Wishing everyone the best on this Remembrance Day and Veteran's Day.

    Whether you are for the military or opposed; people just like us serve each day, risking their lives to make sure we have the freedom that everyone should have.

    Let us remember the ones who have lost their lives, let us pray for the ones that continue to serve, and let us be compassionate to the ones that have brought the war home with them in their thoughts and dreams.

    It is because of those that serve and have served that we are privileged enough to express our opinions without fear of prosecution.

  26. Ok BabyMama...FiredUp is here! Tryin to stay outta trouble. With Kate gone...always a temptation to just jump on twitter and stir the pot! LOL

    I'm still very upset with this young Dave guy even suggestin Kate give him another pic! That whole drama about her lil innocent face with blanket wrapped around her body...implyin that there was ANYTHING amiss with that picture makes me ill!

    How about him bein more critical of that former felon Danny Bonaduce layin in bed w/blanket lookin like he is "in la la land"! Now that might be a more "inappropriate" picture...but oh wait....he's a guy...and I guess the guys always get a pass from another guy...kinda like the Jon thing, always a pass! Kate never gets a break!

  27. Fascinated--I sure hear you about missing the Monday night ritual! And thank you for your thoughtful words about Veteran's Day and all of our men and women who have or are serving our country. My father, husband, son and nephew are veterans and it's an important day for us to honor and thank them--all of them--past and present.

  28. I was thinking of Kate today as I was giving the refridgerator a rare, but thorough cleaning. Reminded me of the episode where they went to their new house, only the cleaning didn't seem worth it since she got a new one anyway.

  29. Hi all. Hope you've all had a great weekend!

    Sounds like Kate is having a grand time in Australia.

    First the Kate obsessive haters bashed her last year for taking the 8 to Australia last year. Remember? Now those idiots are bashing her this year for not taking the 8 with her to Australia this year. Just more proof that their obsessive hate has nothing to do with protecting the 8 and everything to do with their warped hate.

  30. Oops. I hit post before I was through.

    Thank you all for your prayers, thought and emails. Much appreciated. Xoxoxo

  31. LindaOriginal, thanks for the website address showing beautiful Kate with the adorable koala bear! I'm happy that she got to return for this fundraiser!

    1st of all, let me say I dislike the hater behavior but I have to say "thank you" to them for keeping Kate front & center of everyone's awareness! I know she has gotten more media related oportunities because of it!
    2nd, way to go Kate!!!

  32. Linda I'm so happy to see you back' I missed you all very much! Still having blast on my family vacation but that will never stop me from checking up on my ladies! I know this page is stale bread and I promise tonight I will get something up. It may not look pretty, bit this will be a rogue operation from my crazy iPhone that changes my words around so we shall see! I'm still looking to se if I have time to get to the corporate computers.. Heres a prayin! Xo

  33. Thanks to Linda for the story link; the link to the associated photo gallery is

  34. Yay LindaO...nice to hear from you and thanks for that link to the Aussie coverage about Kate! Hope your on the mend some!

    Yep, nothin ever pleases the critics. If she does ...she's condemned...if she don't...she's condemned!

    Its always "them" wantin to tell Kate how to live her life...makin decisions for her! LOL For shame that Kate does not check in with them and get their input every day!

    Glad you're still enjoyin vacay Babymama!