Friday, October 28, 2011

Watch Kate Gosselin On The View! Kate Plus 8 Not To Be Blamed For Reality TV Problems Heading out for an interview session, Kate Gosselin was all smiles during her chat on Raw Dog Comedy’s “The Phone Show” at SiriusXM Studios in New York City on Thursday (October 27). The floundering reality TV star looked sexy in high black boots paired with a black and teal dress upon arrival and seemed to be enjoying herself immensely during her sit-down. Just ahead of the interview, Kate tweeted, “I'm doing Sirius radio soon... Howard Stern 101 'what's worth watching' listen gift of gab at work, lol.”
And shortly after exiting the studios, Gosselin wrote, “Can I just say how F.U.N. @siriusradio is? I had a blast on 'the phone show'(Howard stern 101)&'what's worth watching.’

Kate Gosselin

YES! See me on on Monday! Yay! I love my View ladies! I miss them and can't wait to dish with them on Halloween! Don't miss it! 4 hours ago
Former TLC Editor Arrested for Child Pornography A large bust in North Carolina included the arrest of William Johnson Blankinship, credited by TLC as Bill Blankinship, who is listed as a writer, editor and on-line editor for Jon and Kate Plus 8 from 2007-2009 and an on-line editor for Kate Plus 8 from 2010-2011. Blankinship also worked on 19 Kids and Counting, Sister Wives and Table for 12, three other TLC shows about children.

Kate Gosselin

The haters are having a field day with this one. Why are they trying to blame Kate for this?  If anyone should be faulted for overlooking this mans character it was TLC. He was never in the home or had access to the kids. Nor was he ever part of the crew. Why are they so concerned when there was also a FIREMAN arrested. Because they are secretly THRILLED that it can somehow be linked and therefore can be blamed on Kate. More for their sad lives to talk about all day every day...What do you think? Feel free to discuss xo BM

Watch Kate Gosselin as a zombie on The View HERE!


  1. Hmmm... Except that if you check the Figure Eight staff you'll see a different situation. An online writer pretty much just writes captions, and online editor, etc. has zero contact with the "talent."
    Those on the crew were/are squeaky clean.
    There is a huge difference. Doesn't really matter since the Khaters will take it however they want.
    He doesn't even live anywhere near Figure Eight but is on the other side of the state.

  2. Whether or not he had any direct contact with these children (and not just talking about the Gosselin kids, but all the other kids that are affected by this), the fact that he was able to be associated with TLC and these shows and to have not did a very through background check on him is outrageous. Not blaming Kate or the other parents, I blame anyone who hired him. I hope that Kate and the other parents can speak out and say that they are horrified that they ever put their children in this type of situation

  3. ADIN - He was five states away from Gosselins in PA, five states away from Duggers, etc.

    Would I hire him? Not in this lifetime. My company, my choice.

    If the mans talents are in websites (as In "online") or techie in editing, he wasn't in contact with any of the kids. He paid his time for his crime. He has to work. Again, would I hire him even as just an editor?no, but I admit I'm biased!

  4. By the way, background checks are done on crew.

    To come into contact with kids is a violation of his terms of release. Working in production or by remote computer link isn't coming into contact with kids.

    Again... Would I hire him? No!

    Sounds like he's going down to the slammer again and as a repeat offender, it will be for life, hopefully. But he isn't convicted yet.

  5. Forgot to mention that NC has an online registry so it's pretty easy to check if they are registered offenders.

  6. has a great article about the way people over-react to news articles. These over-reaction so remind me of the Khaters.

    One of the over-reactions is how people creatively fill in the blanks to what isn't mentioned. ROL, reports that the Kate plus eight editor is caught with child-porn. The Khaters fill in the blanks by implying that Kate had something to do with hiring him and knowly endangered her children. The media throw out a hook and the Khaters jump on it, hook, line, and sinker.

    Some of the other over-reactions were - have to make a law; good guy versus bad guy; and why is this even news. That one was my favorite. I thought of Kate and her speeding ticket, so many months ago.

    If you want to check out the rest of the other over-reactions, here is the website.

    It is quite funny and made me think of the Khaters the whole way threw.

  7. Guess you maybe saw I made the mistake again of tryin 2 defend Kate about this mess. Like what responsibility does she have w/a online editor who works for some subcontractor related to the show?

    He's so far down the "food chain" of importance...he had zero contact with kids. Anyone can take any pic of a child on internet, in school annuals or whatever and photoshoppe it and post it on porn site!!

    These things are truly beyond a parents control. With cell phones camera abilities...everytime your child steps outdoors in public...there is possibility of them bein photographed!

    How stupid to blame parents for pedos and what they do out there! We as parents have to take what precautions we can. We also have to have that serious talk w/our children. Make them aware of dangers and make them feel comfortable to always talk w/us about anyone that makes them feel violated in the slightest way!

    The naysayers are goin on and on and on and on...seriously like a broken record about this. But hey, its because we all know...everything and anything that ever goes wrong in this's Kate's fault according to them! LOL!

  8. So glad to hear Kate is goin on the View again. Kate is more confident, mature and ready for those gals!

    She showed last time that she wasn't gonna take no stuff off of Joy either! Kate can dish it right back at 'em!

    Hope she has a good time there! Sure wish she would use that venue to tell us some kind of good news about her future?

  9. Praying for everyone in the East that are affected by the storm.

    CNN - October 29

    A freak fall snow storm slammed the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast on Saturday, leaving three people dead, more than 2 million households without power and thousands of air travelers stranded.

  10. Gosh, they actually think that Kate would let her kids freeze to death. What morons!! And I don't like calling names, but how ignorant can we get??

  11. When I think of all the kids that probably could freeze to death in the winter because they have abusive parents...........Kate is definitely not one of those!!!

  12. Good morning everyone. Had a great night snuggling up with the family. How crazy is this snow? Then freezing rain? Now it's freezing out but quite beautiful. My husband ran out for some bagels this morning and no longer wants to leave the house today!

    The sad fact is, there are sickos everywhere. This guy WAS just a subcontractor for the show and worked on many shows not just Kates. So what responsibility was it of hers exactly? Why blame her? That situation was nothing different than someone getting ahold of someone's photos of my children on the web and attacking me and thinking it's ok. Then saying your name is Linda Lee Thompson and begging me not to press charges. Lets try to remember all I went through because loser idiots with no lives and no self-worth are that vindictive. Hey they're everywhere!

    I'm so happy to hear Kate will be on the View for Halloween. The haters can all scratch. I'm sorry to those that lost power & trees, I have a few friends myself still without power. Tiggerfan we know Kate would never let the kids freeze and I'm sure they had fun playing in the dark. Hope it wasn't too cold though!

  13. The responsibility lied with TLC doing background checks, just like any company that employees children. It's like your kids school, the school board should do a thorough check of all employees or anyone working on the school grounds. If they fail and a child is molested, would that be the parents fault for sending that child to school? No, it would be the school's failure. TLC dropped the ball on this but unfortunately, in this day & age, perverts can get pics pretty much anywhere. :(

  14. Wow, that HersheySue person is giving it back to them!!!

  15. Background checks are not a panacea. They won't catch someone who doesn't have a record. BTW, I am not defending the man, but it does need to be noted that he has been arrested, he hasn't been convicted.

    To Another Day in the Neighborhood-Are you attacking Jon Gosselin's parenting skills or the Duggars? Blankenship did work on film from J & K +8 and on the Duggars' show. Should parents not send their kids to school or church or the scouts or choir? Just as pyromaniacs try to join fire departments, pedophiles favor occupations that bring them into contact with children. In this case, even if Blankenship is convicted, he was never in contact with the children. Any film of the Gosselin kids would have been of the same sort that parents and grandparents send out all of the time. Do you believe they should be arrested for trafficking in child porn?

  16. awesome! It's always great ot hear when stong people stand up to those horrible haters! I used to fight all the time, but personally I'm just sick of them.

    Hope everyone has a Happy Halloween & watches Kate on The View. I have my babies Holiday Party and will have to tape it. Please tell me how it goes!!

  17. Happy Halloween!! Everyone be safe and gather lots of goodies. :)

    I look forward to seeing Kate on The View today.

  18. Kate handled herself well on the View! Whoopi lobed a sort of critical question at her...but Kate responded appropriately!

    LOL...not Kate's best wardrobe or make-up for sure!

    BabyMama...are you close enough to attend Kate's speech that she is giving at Penn State University?

    Would love to get a first hand account of how she does and what she talks about? It's this Thursday right? 2pm? Someone out there, please attend and get back with us!

  19. fired up - I agree Kate did handle herself well on the View!

    Stay warm friends. It's really cold here (for the Southern US anyway). We survived Halloween. Gosh we're only 3 months into the school year and I'm already tired of shuffling schedules and trying to coordinate who goes where and when. If it isn't sports, it's orthodontist or dentist, or dance, or youth group or - or - or, we need to just call it Mom & Dad's taxi service. Is everybody else tired of this already??

    One more day of candy here and then it all gets tossed (the Halloween witch returns and carries it away from our house.) Hurrah, I want that junk out of here.


  20. Good evening everyone! Hope you all had a great Halloween. My kids were both sick so the night was quick. What have I missed in Gosselin land?

    So the horrible people over at 15 minutes are encouraging people to call and make reservations over at Kate's Penn State speaking engagement and then not show up. They think that it will show Kate is is some kind of loser everyone really hates.

    THESE are the type of people that go to that site. Its really sad. I wonder why pushing people to do that would make them feel better about themselves. "Admin said: It's a dinky satellite campus" which is most certainly not. Then having to curb her own wolves after making her stupid comment adding "Please be careful about making statements that could be libelous"..yeah you should be careful BL...

  21. I also wanted to mention all the great things Kate is doing right now Penn State Speaking engagement, Las Vegas Rock 'n Marathon, Steve Irwin Gala..I guess she's not fading into the woodwork like everyone thought? lol

  22. Baby Mama - I expect we'll see more great things with Kate!

    On a totally unrelated non-Gosselin topic ... Baby Mama - I just read that Filene's Basement has asked for bankruptcy protection again and this time it looks as if it will close after 100+ years in business. Wow! Gosh, even years ago shopping trips to NYC with my mom always included a stop at Filene's. Imagine - no more "running of the Bride's sale" etc. What a bummer! It was always such a hoot to go there!

  23. Linda--I just heard that about Filene's--I have only been to the one at the Mall of America and will never forget the awesome deals we got there. What a shame.

  24. Funny the only actual Filenes Basement I ever went to and bought something in was the one in Boston! And I did actually buy things in the store above it I think but that was like 10 years ago. The big place to shop here if your not in Bloomingdales or Saks is Century 21.

    But thank you for telling me, yes it will be missed!

  25. If I had Jon's address I'd send him a sock for Christmas. He really needs to stick a sock in it sometimes even when he has good intentions.

  26. I actually pushed send on accident and need to clarify. Jon has issues with intentions and agendas. His true agenda is to gain publicity or money for himself so he ties it into something that on the outside looks like a noble cause and twists it to his advantage. That is why he needs the sock.

  27. LOL Tashapork! Last interview man needs a permanent sock when it comes to his love of yakin w/the tabloids!

    It gets him two things he needs...quick cash and attention!

    Sad thing is once again it is at the expense of his kids! Just like the awful stories sold about his two kids taken out of school!

    So many lies were told then...Kate tried to protect her two lil' ones. When truth finally came out, we saw that they had some medical issues.

    Tabloids never retracted their lyin stories about those two sweet lil' Gosselins! And neither did Jon!

  28. Holy, Kate is no longer on television, but the media can't stop reporting about her misbehaviours.

    She reportedly allowed her child to play under the van while she sat in the drivers seat and that she was lucky she didn't drive off and run over him.

    Yes, because Kate would have driven away knowingly leaving one kid behind. Kate is blessed that the paps sent a photo to a child safety group instead of talking to Kate.

    And as the article states, eventually the child got into the van. Did they neglect to mention that Kate probably got out and told him to get out from under the van and into the van???

    I am sure Jon will soon be interviewed about what an unfit mother she is and how he would never let the kids play under a van.

  29. Fascinated, I was just going to comment that one of the kids was probably retrieving a dropped item from under the van when I turned to Twitter and saw Kate saying that exact thing. Like you said, nobody bothered discussing the incident with Kate. We had that problem about 15 years ago when we first got cable, a nephew about 12 years old at the time used to spend summers with us was extremely excited that we were gettting cable and was out front waiting for the truck to come. A few days later, a lady from Animal Control was at our door to talk to him because the lady accross the street called thinking he was out there antagonizing her dogs. This kid was afraid of strange dogs so no he was not antagonizing her dogs, his out of the ordinary presence and excitement may have been bothering them as he kept checking down the street. Instead of coming and talking to us to find out what the problem was or asking us to keep him inside she had to jump to conclusions and waste a lot of people's time.

  30. Hello everyone! Sorry been Mia but the kids accidentally left the hamster cage open& the little guy escaped. I had work, scouting, one kids sick and the other one hysterical over finding her pat. We found it but not after destroying my place.

    I also found Jons sock he left here so let him know its ok, but may need a good bleaching.. Lol

    And what up with this story now about Kate throwing kids under the car. Where to these ridiculous stories come from ? Your right for someone not on tv she's still getting a fair amount of press!

    Feel better miss linda! ;)

  31. New drama this mornin ladies! Seems the old drama from last Nov. is bein recycled again on Perez's site about two tups bein home schooled.

    Guess what...Kate confirmed on twitter that only two people knew about circumstances with her kids...she and Jon. And she confirmed what we all sort of suspected...she never released any info about what who did?

    In fact we all know that Kate did a round of interviews to dispel nasty rumors and to protect her kids. In the end, Kate learned that her kids had some medical problems and all is well now.

    How sad that someone chose to put this story out there again to cheap media rag! We know Kate didn't do it.

  32. Regarding the Perez Hilton article. It is an OLD article published in Dec. 2010. It was a FAN on twitter who linked the article and asked Kate if any of it was true. So if your going to place blame, blame the FAN for putting the story out there again.

  33. I forgot to mention, that if you look at the page that contains the linked article you will see other OLD articles there. The article is not a current posting on Perez' site.

  34. Sadly Jon seems to be a graduate of the Michael Lohan school of Fatherhood Ethics. That man spends more time sabatoging his daughter than any I know and Jon seems to admire the approach. Sadly, another thorn for Kate to deal with. Baby Mama, do you want me to send you a couple of Costco size Chloroxes and boxes of Oxyclean. If you could get that sock out of your house all your space problems would be gone. LOL

  35. Good evening/morning ladies! I guess I do my best work at new post up! Fresh paper and scent of the day is warm hot cocoa. I worked a very long day and had to be up to give out medicine and check on our little hamster. So enjoy! xo see you on the other thread.