Friday, October 21, 2011

Back To Australia For Steve Irwin Auction Gala, 10 Parenting Tips We Learned From Kate Gosselin

Hello Gosselin fans! With Sacarlett Johansen fetching a whopping $41,000 for just a dinner at a recent charity auction in the UK, Kate was smart to take advantage of this opportunity to show those constant naysayers her charitable side and try for herself to help Terry Irwin for her foundation. How do you think Kate will do? And how wonderful is it that she gets to visit Australia again, this time for such a wonderful cause.. take that haters! ..BM

Steve Irwin Day, November 12th, 2011: The annual Steve Irwin Day Gala Dinner celebrates the life and legacy of the original Wildlife Warrior - Steve Irwin. All proceeds from this fundraising dinner go towards Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors, so that we can continue the conservation work Steve was so passionate about and continue to keep his dream alive. Our goal in 2011 is to continue to keep Steve's dream alive; to celebrate the life of the one and only Crocodile Hunter and raise vital funds for Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors.

LUNCH WITH KATE GOSSELIN, STAR OF KATE PLUS 8A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for you and 9 friends to dine with Kate Gosselin at the multi-award winning Chalk Hotel in Brisbane, plus a signed copy of her book.

10 Parenting Lessons We Learned from Kate Gosselin:

Parentables team took a look back at the show's run -- and at the many lessons we learned from Kate herself. From motherhood and fitness to education and hairstyles, here are ten teachings that we'll remember long after the credits roll.

1. Take Control: Order is possible in the midst of chaos. Kate's keen sense of organization makes daily adventures with her eight kids a reality.
2. Get Organized: Organize as much of the chaos that you can, and just roll with the rest. We've always admired how she could mobilize eight kids in under a half hour when it takes us 20 minutes to get our little urchins out the door.
3. Hit the Road: Education doesn't have to happen in school. Kate takes education where ever they go...she is a closet homeschooler!
4. Teach Your Children Well: Kate makes education fun, and she incorporates it into everything they do -- even vacations. The kids learn in hands-on environments, giving them lessons that will last a lifetime
5. Slow Down: Take each day one moment at a time. When things seem to be at their worst, recognize that this is a moment in time and it will pass. We can't put a finger on a singular episode that this lesson was gained from. Rather, it came from watching many episodes and seeing her take each moment and dealing with each new challenge one at a time.
6. Turn Lemons into Lemonade: Lesson learned: Never be afraid to reinvent yourself.
7. Trust Yourself: Kate has taught us that you need to do what you feel is right for your kids and stick to your beliefs rather than letting everyone else in the world tell you how to raise your children.
8. Pay Attention: Kate taught us that each child, no matter how many you have, is deserving of your undivided attention. She makes it a priority to have one-on-one dates, cook together, read stories--despite the fact that she is strapped for time.
9. Be Yourself: Kate taught us to make room for ourselves. Having kids doesn't mean you lose yourself--you can still run, dance, and enjoy life.
10. Enjoy the Moment: We are reminded by Kate Gosselin that the beautiful thing about being a parent is that it keeps you real. Even a person who is a celebrity in the eyes of the world is just "mom" to their kids. Successes, achievements, awards, and honors are nothing compared to the hug of a child who loves you.


  1. I know a lot of the AKOs (anti-Kate obsessives)refused to believe that Kate & Teri had formed a genuine friendship and that Kate meant what she said about a commitment to wildlife conservation via the Australia Zoo. I'm sure they find some way to deny that they've been proven wrong.

  2. Good morning Peggy & friends! I admit I've been out of the loop a bit, but when I got wind that the hate blogs were analyzing photo time stamps and accusing Kate of yelling at her kids like it's this horrible thing I lost it. I had ended the previous post with a link from INF where they said they took photos of her and I just had to laugh. How, by looking at those pics do we know Kate was screaming? Because Chis the pap says so? He's like 2 months behind on rent or something, he's gotta do whatever he can to sell a photo! Lol

    I wasn't gonna post that crap on my main page. It's all happy here at my site. But when I found out that there were accusing Kate of lying about a photo and when it was taken I realized this... Haters are so starved for something to attack her on, they get high on any little info they (meaning nasty vile Preesi & Co) can find and feel like a bunch of super sluths. They even went as far as creating fake Twitter accounts just to pass it around. Terrible.

  3. I forgot to add a funny email I got today asking me why I'm up so late. Well Sue feel free to comment here and don't be shy! I do have a toddler who is in the last stages of potty training. I have to get up at a seconds notice, and sometimes it's hard to get right back to sleep ;)

  4. Bringing over from the last thread...

    I do laughed when they said she shops at ON b/c of financial reasons. I have a son almost 6 and I shop at ON and I've seen several outfits from ON on the Gosselin kids over the years so it's not like Kate is all of a sudden shopping there b/c she's broke. *rolleyes* Please. ON has CUTE kid stuff!

    Tashapork...I agree about "Couragous" Such a good movie! You laugh,(Javier the Snake King, Hilarious!) you cry, it's suspensful. I loved it!

  5. Wonderful happy post BabyMama! And loved that you brought over Kate's "Parentables" comments!

    It truly reminded me of the many reasons I have admired her skills as a parent...and much more so now that she pretty much does it alone!

    Can Kate get amy more gorgeous looking! Love how she did her hair on those pics posted on the side bar! Can't wait til she puts the originals up on her site!

    And can you now believe some fool followed Kate to a Chinese restuarant...when Kate went inside to pick up her take-out order...woman took pics of kids inside car & contacted Enquirer screamin Kate was a neglectful parent for leavin kids in car as she picked up the food!

    LOL...I am high on suspectin the town peeper...Ms Polly probably was in on this. If apologies...its just so soundin like her MO!

    If the woman really was concerned...I think she should have gone inside to get Kate...or better the police! LOL

    But no...she shows her concern by sellin a story to the Enquirer! I'd like to have her locked up for harrassin Kate and stalkin her kids!

  6. Based on what I've seen in the news and with the many kids that I am seeing growing up around me is that parents in general are tending to make a big mistake and its not intentional, its more cultural and different families have issues with it to different extremes. Other parents take great effort to try to avoid these pitfalls. Parents want their chilren to have a happy idealic childhoold. They want them to have high self esteem and feel free to express themselves. They don't want their child to be abused or opressed or denied anything, but its gotten too far for a lot of families to the extreme. Plenty of kids aren't learning to help themselves, my college aged neice has an issue because she has no clue how to clean the bathroom in her dorm, she hopes her dorm mates don't notice. Look at all the times that Amy Roloff was looking for her adult children's ID's and getting them out of bed before school. Parents rush in to defend a child from a teacher without even hearing her side of the story, parents do things themselves because they are tired and its easier than teaching the kids to do it and they can avoid the conflict.
    Kids are growing up unable to cope with conflict, many think life is always supposed to be happy and centered around their needs. They haven't developed patience and they feel free to say whatever they want with no restraint or consideration for others. They feel abused or victimized if others are in a bad mood and don't treat them with immediate curtesy like their parents did.
    This is what I love about Kate's parenting style. She is teaching her kids how to cope with issues such as not getting your way or waiting for things. They are learning that while she loves them eternally, life isn't always peachy, but you can cope. An example of this is how she didn't rescue Aiden right away when he was struggling with the water and look at what he learned. Yes there are times she's grouchy, but there are many times we encounter grouchy people in life and we need to learn not to take it so personally. Her kids are learning that. She doesn't say, "oh we can't go to Alaska because it is too cold and the flight is too long and the kids might not like the food there," she shows them how to make the best of it and that we all are human. When people criticize a photo of Kate because not everyone looks happy, that tells me that either they have no kids and have no clue or if they do, they are making some bad mistakes.

  7. Good evening all. I saw that big bru-ha-ha over the Chinese restaurant. I agree with FiredUp - If it was an unsafe situation, call the police, or confront the parent, duh - but not rush to try to sell it to a tabloid, 'cause when you do that it is like you stretched the facts.

    For folks who are rushing out to try to follow Kate 24/7 to make photos to sell, at least get the names of the kids and their ages straight. Mady and Cara are the twins; they are the oldest. None of the following are 11 years old: Alexis, Hannah, Leah, Aaden, Colin, Joel.

    Kate has shopped at ONavy for years, as Kris pointed out. She has renewed her Nursing license every year. She has shopped with coupons her whole adult life. I've never seen Kate in designer clothes except at Emmy's; most of her clothing comes from White/Black, Ann Taylor, and Ann Taylor Loft. None of these things are new; none of them just started happening because of her unemployment situation.

    Don't you wish if it was a paparazzi shot that somehow the paps picture had to be posted in a small corner of the celeb photo or adjacent to it? Then the public would get a better idea of how much some of them stalk celebs.

    Baby Mama - it's no fun being up half the night, or up in the middle of it. Somehow it's the mama's of the world that get up with any member of the family not sleeping, be it child to potty, sick child, sick husband, whatever.

    It's a busy weekend. With the cold snap we've been picking up blankets from donors for the shelter, taking canned goods to the soup kitchen, and picking up some end of season produce donated by farmers to the soup kitchen. Kids are working at the pumpkin patch (a community effort that sells pumpkins with proceeds going to youth advocacy programs.)

    Our weather here is probably equivalent to a summer high for Fascinated, but for folks with only light clothing, no winter clothes, and no roof over their heads, I worry.

    When it starts getting colder Food Banks need more donations, too.

    Don't forget when you are cleaning out closets and swapping out seasonal clothes, donate those gently used items.

    This year some of my kids voted to take their used clothing to a consignment shop. When things sold, then they gave their "earned" money to a charity.

    Ok, off my soap box now, lol.

    Have a great weekend, all. xoxo

  8. I see that courageous is from the makers of fireproof. Has anyone seen Fireproof. I thought it was really good movie. Not your typical hollywood number, but a heartfelt romantic drama. I'll have to check out Courageous.

  9. Oh FiredUp, you said it. Since when has the Enquirer replaced the police for emergencies. Get your priorities straight Khater.

  10. Good evening everyone! So this will be an early night for me (midnight) as I'm very busy with the kids tonight. But what now? One minute the big scandal is when laps lie & said Kate screamed at the kids at an old Navy (no audio on the photos) lol. Now another scandal the same weekend that Kate left her kids in the car. Do we have video now for this showing how long they were in the car exactly? Were the older kids watching the younger ones? What if she wad just picking up takeout & coming right out, how do we know this? People think the got this big damning scoop and it's usually just a scoop of poop.

    Tonight I got the opportunity to see Kathy Griffin. Second row, shook her hand it was awesome. She ripped Jon a new one and talked smack on all the Housewives so you know I was in heaven. She's Team Kate and boy did she rip into many of the TLC shows. she called them a gold mine of material that speaks for itself.

  11. Fascinated, I liked Fireproof too, but thought Courageous was even better. It had a religious moral, but there was suspense, action, tear jerker, all in one. It was a little more Hollywood and less Hallmark than Fireproof IMO.

  12. Thanks Tashapork, I will definitely watch it.

    Oh Baby Mama, Kathy must have been hilarious. She is right in that TLC is just creating fodder for comedians, because nobody can take most of their shows seriously. LOL.

  13. Love the pictures of Kate on the right-hand top side "Getting Ready For Fall"! Kate looks like she is enjoying herself & looks so relaxed!

  14. Good evening everyone! Beyond exhausted so this will be a quick post. Kathy was hysterical last night. She did a whole bit on Michael Lohan & Jon Gosselin. Pretty funny stiff I can't repeat here. Let's just say she's on team Kate. Even though she pokes fun and has done bits portraying her. In the opening monolog she did show that bit when she imitated Kate it was funny.. Lol

    Free spirit~ I love those photos they are actualy the best I've seem her. this is definitely her best look. So what's everyone doing on our Sunday? ;) xo

  15. Baby Mama-I agree on the hair. When she first had it long again, it was a bit too curly, and, IMHO, a bit too pale a blonde for a while. I like her hair straight but I really like this look where the hair is more wavy than curly and the color is perfect. She really rocks those jeans.

    I'd love to hear what Kathy G. had to say but I realize the constraints on you.

  16. I think the bit darker blonde looks better on Kate. She certainly does have a beautiful head of hair.

  17. Good morning all! I see the rumor mongers were busy bees over the weekend. How sad that they have no friends, family, or loved ones to interact with and must spend their weekends online making up garbage. :(

    Kate just seems to get better looking every day. She eats healthy, exercises, etc. Despite the stress of job hunting, it's obvious that the "lack of Jon" has de-stressed her life in so many other ways.

    Funny how pictures can distort an occasion by selecting just a target photo from a whole bunch of photos. We were out this weekend and a friend saw us leaving the hospital (hubby was having tests).

    Because we were dressed (by accident) in color coordinating clothes she snapped a group of photos unbeknownst to us. We laughed later because in the first shot, we looked grim and quite the frowns on our faces. Not a thing more than exciting the building into sunshine at first the glare and no sunglasses we "auto" reacted by squinting and frowning.

    By the third and fourth shots, we were all smiling.

    Mind you, we did not know the photos were being taken.

    If you looked at only the first shot, you'd think a tragedy had just happened and we'd gotten some very bad news or were arguing or whatever. That wasn't the case at all. It was merely the bright sunshine in contrast to the darker indoors; that assumption of anger or tragedy would have been total baloney.

    I think that's a lot like the situation with Kate.
    If she's smiling: paps label it "cheesing it up for the press"
    If she's neutral: paps label it "Kate was not happy about ..."
    If she's squinting (and she does without her contacts or glasses): paps label it "Kate was quite angry"
    If she has her mouth open and isn't beaming a smile: paps label it "Kate was yelling at her kids"
    If she's squinting, not smiling, and not with kids: paps label it "Kate is quite depressed over ..."
    If the whole group is out and one or two kids aren't smiling: paps label it "Oh! Kate's kids are wishing they were with Dad"

    It is almost an impossible feat to do a photo shoot and get a group of 8-12 people smiling at the same time. And that's with them knowing the cameras are there.

    Photos of a group of people where they don't even know the photo is being taken ... and the expectation or conclusion that because all weren't completely beaming it means they are unhappy is just a stupid idea.

    Besides that ... the kids were with Jon this weekend so it's obvious that the photos were not even actually made this weekend.

  18. Good afternoon everyone! Have missed everyone, just like you all it's that crazy time of the year! I really hope everyone is feeling better. Linda, do you have access to Jons Tweets? I didn't even realize my old account was following Hailey Glassman. I think that's thevreason why I got locked out ;)

    Kate has a new recipe on her site today. It looks super yummy. I wished I cooked. For real someday I wish I could make one of her meals. recipes scare me. But if you knew how much we spent on takeout & restaurants in a year you would be so mad at me. I'm mad at myself.. So let's make this one of our new year resolutions!

  19. No way Baby Mama, I refuse to support your wish to cook. You keep the service industry thriving. If it weren't for the awesome people who eat out all the time, then there wouldn't be any restaurants around when I go out now and then. We don't all need to cook, that's why there are restaurants. Keep up the good work.

    PS, I'm serious, don't sweat it.

  20. Babymama, its funny that you talk of eating out too much. I have been so disgruntled by the prices of groceries lately even when buying on sale. I wss telling my mom that I thought that we should stop cooking so much and start eating out more. Some meals are literally cheaper in restaurants than the ingredients to make them and a lot of restaurants serve meals big enough to have leftovers the next day. Some things are better had at home, but it seems that you don't really win one way or the other. LOL

  21. Good evening ladies! Kate's picture with her soft curls do look good on her. I do wonder how much Kate will fetch for charity. Whatever the price, the Khaters will have something to say!

  22. Evening all! I'm not going to get caught up on the "eat out" vs "cook at home," lol. I say, whatever works for you and your family is the right choice.

    Baby Mama - the BF ads just sent the email on the ToysRUs ads - if you didn't sign up for the Black Friday notices, here's the link

    Reminder to all for holiday shopping. (This is my "annual" comment on it) Don't forget all those bonus points you've accumulated for frequent flyer miles, credit card points, and bank statement bonus points, and hotel bonus points. Many of these include shipping. You can save a ton of money and they ship your choices right to you. Many have some great stuff this year and the gift certificates seem better than ever. And since at least some of your points expire Dec. 31st, why not use them to get "free" things you've earned.

    Hope you all have a great night. Gotta run. Tonight there's a PBS special I really want to see. xoxoxo

  23. I am very glad that I don't have to cook every day anymore. I now have the luxury of cooking when & if I want. Yay!!! If only more places delivered, I'd never cook.

    Now to put up the dislclaimer: Yes, if my son could still eat, I'd be tickled pink to cook for him. I am NOT glad he has a feeding tube and can't eat. But I don't miss cooking every day.

  24. In reading the news about Michael Lohan this morning, I can't help but think, what if Jon were surrounded by loving, healthy, supportive people. If he were he may not have responded with such hatred toward Kate.

    I think they still would have divorced, but it may have been in a more mature way. I watch how Michael reacts and comments about women and there is such hatred. He is stuck in a state of constant overreaction and then projects the anger he has for himself onto the women involved.

    I can only imagine being fed this perspective on a daily basis by Lohan. I too would eventually refuse to take responsibility for my own behaviour and project the hatred I have for myself onto the other person.

    Michael shows up in the media here and there, chirping his perspective on his loved ones much like Jon likes to parrot this behaviour whenever something happens to Kate.

    For example, when TLC cancelled the show (If Jon really hated the kids filming so much) Jon could have said, this is a set back for US financially, although I was not comfortable or supportive about the children filming, I am relieved that they are no longer doing this. Kate and I will work together to ensure that the children are properly supported, financially, and I will be working closely with Kate to ensure the bills are paid.

    No, instead his response was - good, now she can finally get a real job. Of course, the projected feeling is, good, I couldn't make it in the industry, nor should she.

    It is just so sad to watch, two grown men respond with such anger and dysfunction.

    What is even more sad, is listening to the Khaters that believe Michael and Jon are justified in their feelings, for reasons I still do not understand and probably never will.

    Wishing everyone the best this morning.

  25. Very good comment Fascinated! I so agree! I can think of over "20 turtles sittin on a log" reasons why Jon could have been more supportive of Kate and his kids!

    Every time Jon opens his mouth...its negativity in a subtle, underhanded way. I can see why he and Lohan were buddies.

    Kate's meals are intimidatin for sure. She has all these different ingredients...take me an hour worth of shoppin to find them all! Im from the school of simple meals...a few basic ingredients...salt, pepper & Southern hot sauce! LOL

    Since I've been sick I have really slacked on my cooking. Hubby has been very good to do most of the weekend stuff by grillin...he's good about bringing home take-out when Im really feelin bad.

    Im so glad that Kate is healthy, well organized and loves to cook...such a bonus for those kids! And they clearly enjoy eating her food!

    I imagine when they go to Jon' is usually fast food...but they don't get that but two weekends a month so is ok.

    I see Kate had her mornin "luv affair" with Chris the pap! LOL Could tell by her tweets she was really irritated with him this mornin. Apparently, he slept in his car to catch her before 7am? you know those are goin to be prized expressions on Kate's face! LOL!

  26. Michael Lohan has done a lot of damage to his daughter. I pray that Jon realizes this and stays away from him. Jon was fortunate in that he had a good Dad even if his parents were divorced. I wonder if his Dad was still alive, if Jon would have strayed so far away. I am not saying that his dad would have prevented the divorce, but maybe discouraged the aftermath.
    I love how Kate's kids enjoy their mommy food. They find the stability comforting and there are certain meals that stand out only when made by certain people. For instance, nobody makes fried potatoes as good as what my Grandpa made. It is just a special memory and Kate's kids are getting that.

  27. Fascinated~ you made me LMAO!

    Linda~ thank you so much for the link! Very helpful! I'm so wrapped up in fighting w/ one of my kids over a Halloween costume that I can't wait for the Holidays to come up. I want this Monday to beaver with! Lol

    FiredUp~ Poor Chris HAD to sleep in his car. He was late on the rent last month and is now living in it. Kate sadly is his meal ticket.

    Tashapork~ Michael Lohan is a sad example of a father and makes me sick. Sadly he injected his Douche infection onto Jon & he wasn't able to ever recover from it. Because of Michael Lohan, Jon Gosselin was separated from his true love ED Hardy. he was never able to wipe all the tool off of him. There is still hope for Jon, but not for Michael.

  28. Kate's on a radio show today at 2:00pm EST Howard 101 on sirius radio!

    Hicksville gal here...don't have access to sirius please BabyMama or LindaO or someone out there...LISTEN...and then give us feedback on what was discussed and how Kate did!

    Hate that I will miss it. Always want to support Kate when I can.

    Sendin our warm southern sunshine to all of you! Still nice and warm here! (Im smilin!)

  29. Hello everyone! What a miserable afternoon here! Freezing cold rain, makes it very hard to get around, pick up kids etc.

    Adorable shots of Kate & the kids below. They are getting so big! Glad to hear that Kate will be on Sirius radio but I dont have it either. Do they put any recaps on thew web or does anyone else have it?

  30. I had wriiten a three paragraph post and lost it when I was trying to add it under my Goody name. When I previewed the post it was under the wrong name. Anyway, to Mae a long story short, I lost it.

  31. MsGoody~ So sorry! Your comment was probably a good one. Would you consider adding it to my new post.

    FRESH PAPER! Scent of the day is yummy hot lasagna my mom is making for us tonight. Early Halloween celebrations! See you on the new thread!