Sunday, February 28, 2010

IT'S TRUE!!! Kate Gosselin On This Season Of "Dancing With The Stars"! & "Jimmy Kimmel Live"!

EXCLUSIVE: It's True! Kate Gosselin Will Be On Dancing With The Stars!
Reality TV supermom Kate Gosselin will be one of the celebs joining the ninth season of Dancing With The Stars.The official line-up will be announced Monday night during the big finale of ABC's The Bachelor.But Kate's new gig will not keep her away from her children.
The mom of 8 likely will do most of her practicing near her Pennsylvania home because she insists on putting her children first.The show was willing to accommodate her because they believe she'll be a huge draw, a network source told Kate is the breadwinner in the Gosselin family now that Jon has spectacularly flamed out and cost the family a ton of cash by first shutting down Jon & Kate Plus 8 when he denied TLC permission to film the children, and then breaching his contact with the network, which caused them to sue.That suit was recently settled but cost Jon -- and his family a lot of cash. TLC won a preliminary injunction, a sure sign that they would prevail at trial.
Kate Gosselin Last Night On Jimmy Kimmel Live!
Kate and Perfectly Paired Partner Tony Dovolani Talk Dancing on GMA!


  1. baahahahaha hilarious rip on Jon, Go Kate!

  2. It is nice to see people come back here to post that we haven't heard from in awhile. I have missed you. I really think that part of why Jon hadn't been spending as much time with his kids before was so that he would be spending more with them now. I think we may find that Kate can dance better than we think or maybe I am just hoping because I don't want to see a situation where she is ridiculed, the haters will do that anyway.

  3. Yayy!! I will definitely be watching when she's on. She doesn't think she can dance and lose in the first round, but I bet she'll do better than she thought. She'll learn a lot of new moves and and have fun no matter what the outcome.

  4. Good for her, but I probably won't watch. I never did get into the whole DWTS thing, and just because Kate's on doesn't necessarily mean I'll watch. Hope that she'll be able continue to inspire many women to follow their dreams, and maybe participation in classes for Ballroom dancing will increase.

  5. Hooray! I can't wait! Does anyone know who her partner is?

  6. We will have to be surprised to find out who she s partnered with when the season starts. She will be on Jimmy Kimmel live tonight! If you didn't catch it! Will try to put a copy on the site if anyone wants...

  7. Kate being on DWTS will not make me watch it, I hate most reality shows. The only one I really watched was J&K+8. Now that it is gone I do other things and am much more productive. I hope she does a good job.

  8. That line up sounds more like Dancing with the Hasbens

  9. So, it's official.

    I wonder if it was already in the works when she went on Jay Leno or if she was offered it because she mentioned it on Jay Leno. I'm curious to see how she does.

  10. Hi all,
    I have been here reading but hav'nt posted in a long time.
    I could'nt be more thrilled for Kate,she deserves to have a good year after last year.I hope and pray that this is her time to shine.I wish her all the luck in the world and I will be rooting for her. God Bless You Kate.

  11. I have never watched DWTS, but I will now. I think she will do an amazing job. She always seems to give 110% with whatever she does, so I am sure it will be great.

    P.S. BabyMama, I like the blog comments like this. It is like the old blog.

  12. Wow. I am really surprised. I will definitely watch. Good luck Kate!

  13. Schmeckygirl, I was thinking the same thing about whether they had this in the works since before Jay Leno and her saying that was to measure audience interest. I also wonder if her new tlc show could be about the process of rehearsals and so forth working through dancing with the stars. I wonder if the hairstyle was done specifically for dancing with the stars. Kate looks soo different, barely recognized her. She seems to have a unique ability to change her looks so dramatically over time. I hope she has fun.

  14. I admit, I'm curious and will watch. I heretofore have not really watched the show, but I want to see how this turns out!

  15. It's a good thing that Kate Gosselin is a strong person. Judging by the comments on the DWTS page, people are unfairly critical and down right mean when it comes to Kate. I haven't posted here for a long, long time, but it just bothers me to see the double standards placed on Kate. They say that she should be at home with her kids and yet she is going above and beyond trying to manage both. Other dancers (both male and female) have children and yet viewers are not "angered" by their time away from their children. Other athletes train away from their families year round in order to follow their dreams and also provide for their families. The very people commenting are likely away from their own children for at least 4-8 hours a day (equivalent to the practice time required for the dancers) to provide for their own is this any different? Not to mention that Kate has a seemingly unemployed ex-husband that should be with his kids too. In addition to this, she has made arrangements to practice while the kids are in school. IMO, Kate has made more than enough allowances to ensure that her children are receiving proper care and attention from a loving parent. She is setting a good example to the kids by teaching them that it is never to late to learn something new and that physical activity is beneficial. If it's a money thing that people are angered over, saying that hasn't she got enough from television, they should also be angered over Shannen Doherty's appearance for the very same reason. I'm sure that she doesn't need it any more or less than Kate does. If it's a more time in the lime light issue, than they should also be angered by the Erin Andrews' appearance after all the unwanted publicity following the peeping tom story, or the Olympic figure that the Olympics are done, shouldn't he put friends and family first (if the same criticism that Kate receives applies to everyone else)? I've never watched DWTS, but I will just to support and made laugh "with" Kate. Good luck, Kate!

  16. Her partner is Tony!! I cannot wait...gonna be fun to watch!!

  17. Oh...and not to mention the remarks about Kate not being a star and then in the same breath, saying how they had enough of her appearances on shows and magazine covers. Or saying that she is only known for her strange hairstyle and dysfunctional family...really? REALLY? and just what is Pamela Anderson known for? "Talented actor" certainly doesn't come to mind when describing her...famous for hair or it any different really? Kate has integrity and perseverance which are admirable traits to showcase on television. To the people that say they will vote her off right away, how would you feel if the Olympic judges voted someone off, not for their performance, but because it was their opinion that he/she was a B!t#&? or that he/she should be home with family instead of competing. Honestly people!

  18. She looked great on Jimmy Kimmel. Love the dress.

  19. YEAH KATE!Can't wait to see Kate!
    Hope all is well with Gosselin fans and Baby Mama. It's been a long time since I posted. Always a fan though and happy to "see" everyone!

  20. Loveli, couldn't agree with your statements more. I really hope she does well. DWTS is one of those shows I watch if there is someone on there I really like -- so I'll be tuning in faithfully this season. I didn't watch must last season as I didn't know the stars very well.

  21. Kate looked great on Jimmy! I like the hair slightly shorter. I'm so excited for her and Tony!!

    I too find the criticism of her "leaving her kids" ridiculous. It's both unfounded and unfair. Clearly Tony will be at their house all the time and second, tons of moms (and dads) have "left" their kids to be on the show. When Brooke started her littlest was 8 months old! You think that baby didn't need it's mom? Did she get harassed for that? No, she was PRAISED!

  22. Wow, that is pretty cool that she gets to be on DWTS! I can just bet she will work as hard as anyone to try and get really good. We all know Kate loves to do everything well and with all her effort so if she doesn't have a clue about dancing at the start of this, she will be a pro at the end for sure!

    Btw, did anyone notice how awesome she looked on Jimmy Kimmel? I have to say, this is my favourite look of all the variations she has tried with her new longer hair.

    I hope everything and everyone has been well. I have been mia lately because I have been dealing with my kids being sick (again) and just craziness in general. No time to breathe. It's good that it has been slow but I still missed it around here. lol Can't wait for all the excitement to come with Kate on DWTS and her new show and whatever else might be in store.

  23. Just an administrative question. Is everyone else having the same problem where if you try to comment on the website, you are redirected to the blogger site?

    I used to be able to make my comments at the end of the thread but now when I hit the comment button, I am brought to the page and cannot comment the usual way. Have you changed things Baby Mama? Just wondering. Thanks.

  24. Baby Mama said...
    Another Mom~ Thank you for your question!

    Lets face it, I know imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but lately more than one Kate site has popped up using my exact wall template to get bloggers to come to their site. I guess they figure if it looked like mine, people would think this site was associated with it. WRONG!

    I was a bit pissed and decided to jazz up the site a little bit and resolve the problems with people saying in was hard to read the light green font. Unfortuntely updating the template caused a few problems and one of them was Blogger making a separate page for the comments and not having them on the same page as the post like before. Sorry this may take a bit of time getting used to, but I did post your comments and now we look just like the hates sites! YAY US! lol.

    Also, since I orginally posted in white, all my old posts are not visible. I will be fixing that in the next few days. Besides that, I feel its easier to read. I hope I can get a vote on this and if people are not truly happy then I will go back to the old Blogger font every site seems to want to emulate. I also think this s a better way to read the polls no?

  25. I'm pretty stoked about the new season's cast for DWTS! I usually watched the last few episodes, but I will be watching all of them this season! Can't wait to see Kate, Niecy Nash (love her!) and Chad Ochocinco (I'm a Bengals fan!) boogie down!

  26. Phew! OK, as long as it is something you did, I'm fine with it. I actually did find it easier to read although the other one was pretty and calming with the soft colours. lol I was driving myself nuts trying to refresh the page and re-entering the website over and over wondering why I couldn't get to the other page. lol Anyway, anything new takes time to get used to but so far the changes are not bad ones. I like that it still has the choice to get the posts sent to my email so as long as that option is there, I'm happy! :)

  27. Another Mom~ This way is a bit of a pain in the neck for me. I really loved the soft colors of the old template, but it was a bit hard to read. My biggest issue was it was a stock Blogger template, and pretty much anyone can copy it and a few Kate "fan" sites have. Now I love and support others starting their own fan sites and do not begrudge those that want to blog elsewhere. But I do have the right to be a little pissed when they entirely copy the site.

    VOTES PEOPLE! Not just for Kate but if you hate the new look of the blog. Say so, or any suggestions is always appreciated. Seriously, I got more hits on this site in 24 hours than I had in exactly 3 weeks. 19,000+ and counting!

  28. Somebody needs to escort Hailey to the nearest loony bin for her own good. I knew I was doing the right thing a couple of weeks ago by unfollowing her on Twitter and boy did I not realize how right my gut was. Radar online says she has a picture of John's parts and a ruler on twitter. I wonder if he can take legal action. If this is true, it is soooo uncalled for. Does she not think of the kids. I am so thankful that Kate is mindful of the company she keeps and doesn't get into these fiascos.
    I thought it was interesting theat Neicey Nash is also on DWTS, she was with Jon on his Insider escapades. I wonder if they will discuss anything.

  29. Baby Mama thanks for posting the Jimmy Kimmel and GMA interviews. I think Kate looked great on Jimmy Kimmel. i am glad that they are letting her practice at home, so I really don't know how the haters can complain, of course they still will, but she will probably still be home more than most working parents...

    As far as the site changes, I did like the softer colors, but either is fine w/ me.

  30. So people are complaining now that she's on this new show, working and trying to support her family.... they complained that she was "exploiting her kids" before that. What the heck do they want from her? Seems like everything she does has a negative response from some, no matter what it is. I swear, she could fly to Haiti and help over there, and people would complain that she's doing it for the publicity.

    p.s. Hailey Glassman has posted (supposedly) a sensitive part of Jon's anatomy on her twitter account. Yes Hailey, you are not a famewhore. You haven't been in the tabloids for a few weeks now, guess you had to do SOMETHING to get your name out there again. Stay classy.

  31. Thanks for adding the Jimmy Kimmel interview.

  32. Where the heck is Jon? From

    "Do Jon and Kate know they’ll have less time for the kids?
    It looks like Jon and Kate Gosselin are prepping their family for life with less mom and dad. They’ve hired an extra nanny to help their head nanny Judy. Kate claims she’ll be dancing in her basement while training for Dancing with the Stars. She has to realize that will take several hours a day — plus regular trips to LA in order to be on the show. Kate knows she has to continue her job as the main breadwinner so we don’t blame her for getting extra work. Jon must not be stepping up to the plate because this is the first time in a while that they’ve hired extra help.

    So who’s the new nanny? “She’s a young local girl,” says our source. “She was out sledding with the kids during the snowstorm.” Our source also tells us that the kids prefer being around Jon. “The kids love it when he’s around. They really like being with their dad.”

    Do you hear that Kate? Do you hear that Jon? Maybe you don’t need a new nanny — just more daddy!"

  33. I saw Hailey's posted picture quite by accident. Disturbing on so many levels, but I'll admit it did make me giggle. No wonder Jon's overcompensating with these younger girls...

  34. I like the new background, not a big fan of this comment area but it's doable. LOL. I can deal with it.

    I'm not a DWTS fan but I might watch some to see how she does and I'll be rooting for her. Can't promise I will vote for her automatically.

    Take care everyone!!

  35. I love Kate landing on her feet (even without dancing).
    I am so tired of reading the crap said about her. I am trying to figure it out, and the only thing I can say is that these women really are jealous of her. I think she is a great mom with well adjusted well behaved children. You go Kate!

  36. Baby Mama - Yes, I bet it is a pain to have to change things. I have to admit it is easier to read but agree that the softer colours were prettier. Is there any way to change and personalize this format? You could try to carry some of those touches over if it's possible. If not, it is definitely livable. Easy to read. I will have to go to the actual site and vote if you have a poll up. Whatever the case, you certainly have a right to be pissed that people copy the exact format. That's not right. If you want a fan site, fine but do your own thing. I guess just keep telling yourself, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!!

  37. With the new intrest in this site (lol) I will be tweaking everything here so be patient with me!

    For those that wanted to see everyone from the official Dancing With The Stars dinner, see below:

  38. Kate looks amazing!!! I LOVE the medium length hair best look yet! I commend Kate for all she is doing right now! Its great that she is able to practice at home and she has support of her kids!
    I dont usually watch DWTS but will definatly be recording this season!

  39. I haven't been on twitter in a long time and Haylie was still on my twitter so I took a look and I would say that is definitely not Jon! Ok, before anyone asks how I would know(ew!)lol, I read the comments below it and someone said that if you put in a google search to that effect, that very image comes up and besides, it's with someone holding a measuring tape to the "part" so I would say, why would Jon let Haylie take a picture of him with his ding dong exposed and let her measure it to boot? He would have to be really stupid to allow her to make fun of him so blatantly.

    Still, I think she is pathetic for doing it. Yes, he may have cheated on her and he may owe her money but this is not the way to go about getting revenge, then again, she is not exactly the most refined or classy person in the world is she?

  40. Baby Mama,
    I'm fine with your blog either way. You can change your settings to allow comments on the same page like you had before instead of how it is now since some are complaining. I personally like it set to comment on same page but that's just me. I think it gives you three options to choose from. The third would be a pop-up which is the worst. lol.

    There's my input, since you asked. ;)

    Oh, does the "grass" in the background represent anything? Just wondering what it is...

  41. I am not into DWTS , But I will watch since Kate will be one. My advice to Kate is Go for it !
    I watched her interview & she has a nearby studio & a make shift dance floor in their basement. And she will only travel once a week for the show. PlENTY of parents travel way more often for work. I also heard they get $200,000 just for joining the show no matter what place they come in. Lets face it she is supporting her kids.
    And they obviously get more $ if they win.
    She is very brave to do it. Its great !!

  42. Ahhh I can't wait to see how Kate does! I think she'll do better than most people think too. But I'm not too sure she'll get good votes though, bc so many ppl are against her for whatever reasons. I'll vote! I haven't watched DWTS for many seasons, but I'll be tuning in for her!

    And I think she's starting to get more comfortable in interviews too. I guess it helps that's shes no longer having to talk about the divorce & Jon antics. She can finally smile, laugh & be happy, and she looks wonderful doing it!

  43. Baby Mama,

    Thanks for posting the GMA interview. I missed that one.

    Anyone know what that footage was they were showing in that clip of Kate with the kids and some other people in the background cooking? I don't think I've seen it before.

  44. Hi everyone!! It's been a while since I last posted a comment! Looks like some changes that Babymama's working one. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be loading properly on my browser too. Oh well as long as I can still read the posts! LOL

    Oh I am so excited about Kate being on Dancing with the Stars!! I want to watch her do something fun and exciting and nothing to do with j&k plus 8. I want to see her happy and have fun. I hope she does well!

  45. BabyMama, I'm echoing SchmeckyGirl. Thanks for posting the GMA interview. I didn't find out about that one until after it had been broadcast.

    Also, re the blog design. I've just learned that I have to go to the "big" computer to post rather than my iPhone. When I use the iPhone, it clears out all of the pages and is difficult to post. That said, I'm loyal enough to your blog to do whatever it takes to keep reading, etc. Thanks for what you do!

  46. Schmecky I think the clip they showed was from one of the last episodes over the late summer. I think it was when they went to Ronald McDonald house in Hershey to cook for the families staying there. I also think there were some other things mixed in w/ that episode...don't quite remember what though

  47. schmecky, I believe that was Kate making spaghetti at a Ronald McDonald house.

  48. Where are all my bloggers?? ;)

    I really like this article from Us Weekly today. Funny how a year ago I was screaming on the phone with them over their crap hatred and now here they are posting nice articles now?? odd.. anyway

    Kate Gosselin is fitting in nicely with her new pals from Dancing With the Stars. On Tuesday, the reality-mom turned amateur dancer met up with her DWTS rivals in a Hollywood studio for a photo shoot.

    "Kate was so nice," a set source tells "Everyone loved her. She was funny and cordial and accommodating." Adds the insider: "It was a surprise!" The 34 year-old star's dancing partner Tony Dovolani agrees. Following their Good Morning America appearance Tuesday morning, he Tweeted, "Kate and I are getting along great. She is [an amazing] Mom and it looks like she is going to become a great dancer too :-)."

    Later that day, he added, "Kate and I are having a blast today...[We] had a nice long day of photo shoots and title shoots and I think both of us are ready to just pass out lol."

    During a Monday appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Gosselin said she "can't dance," but nevertheless "I am gonna win." One strategy: she'll employ her eight kids to vote for her.

    Dovolani plans to travel with her to her Wernersville, Pa. home and rehearse at a "local studio" or in the the basement. She praises Dovolani as "a very positive person. Even when I mess up really, really bad - which is a lot - he still has something positive to say."

  49. Thanks Denise and Jessica!

    I forgot about that... and I even saw it! lol.

    Baby Mama,

    I used to be able to subscribe to emails without having to leave a comment, but in this format I can't. And like Linda, I don't think I will be able to comment from my BlackBerry either. Just F.Y.I. I'm fine with whatever you do.

  50. Hello everyone! Schmecky, I promise today I'm going to look into this. I may go back to the other format, these designer ones seem to be giving people problems...

    My husband only gets certain times of the year to take off, so we are paying some bills today and planning some small weekend trips and then our big Disney trip the week before school starts. It's crazy that at the beginning of June its been a year since we took our big 2 week CA trip. Mama needs a serious vacation stat! How crazy was that blogging mess! ;)

    Sorry to get on a Disney rant, but has anyone seen the Aquaduck that will be on the Disney Dream in 2011? The first ever coaster on a ship? Its sick. Sucks it only goes to the Bahammas..Ok rant over. FYI I'm thinking of starting a Facebook page to talk about the votes and entice more readers to my site.. What d oyou all think? I'm so motivated by hate it's not even funny..Whatever they do, I want to do better!

  51. Ohh and sorry it's been taking me so long to get through my e-mails guys! Crystal has asked for me to find out who made that beautiful peach gauze dress from Jimmy Kimmel. Everyone over the net is asking but no one knows, if anyone does let me know..

    Crystal I'm looking into this!

  52. Baby Mama,

    I think you can use the format you have. You maybe just be able to go to:


    Settings (2nd Tab)

    Comments (4th Tab)

    Comment Form Placement (3rd one down)

    Choose option:
    Embedded Below Post

    Unless that's the one you already have, then choose Full Page, but I think that's what you have now.

  53. Baby Mama,

    I'm not sure but I think the dress may be considered "Nude" not peach.

  54. OT:
    Really a roller coaster!?!?! Cool!

    I want to do the Disney Cruise so badly but I have a fear of CHILD OVERBOARD! I know it's irrational but I can't help it.

    I think you should do your own Facebook page. I don't really "do" Facebook but if it's something you want to do to support Kate then go for it.

    I think it would be interesting to see the number of fans for and against Kate. My only issue with that is that there are probably plenty of people like me that don't give my opinions on those places or do the "votes" on tabloid sites, so I'm not sure how accurate the numbers are anyway.

  55. OMG Guys! I am soo sorry!
    Was on with Blogger for two hours now trying to fix my blog and the comments situation. Basically, if I want to keep the posts coming up the way that they are now, I have to stay away from all those fancy schmancy blog templates and stick to something simple. Please be patient with me since I want fix this ASAP!

  56. Yay, thank you Baby Mama, it works now. Software can be so annoying sometimes. A lot of people are so excited for Kate, even Jon. I think maybe he's seeing that Kate wasn't so bad after all and I sense him starting to put his life back together. I hope it's not just wishful thinking. I've never been to Disney World, but in 2003, we went on a Disney Cruise and it was one of the most wonderful experiences of my life. In fact it was the only time ever that I went into debt for something with completely no regrets. It is really safe and their children's programs are top notch. It's really nice especially if you want a combination of some adult time with family time. You just need to pick excursions carefully with kids' ages in mind. It's my dream to go again someday. I hope you can go.

  57. Great new photo of Kate and Tony! I hope this show gives Kate confidence to express her more sensitive side. And I hope it shows the world how kind and funny she is!

  58. I came home today to the most stressful day, the kids fighting, and my blog A COMPLETE MESS. Did you ever have a day like that?? lol. Im taking a mental break, putting the kids to bed, and flipping back and forth between The Real Housewives and Project Runway.

    But that will not stop me for being the biggest Kate Gosselin Dancing With The Stars supporter EVA. More to piss off the naysayers that would vote for a 80 year old guy than let Kate Gosselin win. Haters take note, Ive already purchased 100,000 cell phones to vote for Kate this Season.. Be scared! haha

    P.S. The pictures from your profiles are still not coming up. What am I doing wrong??

  59. Well, Look who's going to be within 5 miles of my house next Saturday. Should I take her a special present of some kind? What would you suggest? Guess she's not practicing or visiting her kids so much...

    2010 Expo for Women

    March 12, 2010 - March 13, 2010
    Fri: 4:00-8:00 p.m. Sat: 9:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m.
    Century Center, 120 South St. Joseph Street, South Bend

    Contact: Cindy Cohen
    Phone: (800) 245-8917
    Admission: $7 in advance or $10 at the door/Adults; Children 10 and Under/Free
    Send e-mail
    Visit Web Site

    The Century Center will be loaded with exhibitors, activites, participants and even pets. Saturday's keynote speaker will be Kate Gosselin from TLC's Jon & Kate Plus 8. You'll enjoy seminars, demonstrations, dancing, music, shopping, information gathering and appointment setting. Log on to for a full line-up of events and activities.

  60. I have lost track of time and we got a new DVR so I have to reprogram all my shows, when is Kate going to be on the view (i believe) in March???
    Also babymama (any anyone else familar with Disney) we are planning a trip to Disneyworld and debating late Aug (for my daughters 3rd birthday), Sept/Oct or November (23-Dec 2). I know going during thanksgiving is busy. When is the best time to go. We live in Seattle and would like to get away from the rain and into some sunshine but still want it warm enough to enjoy the 2 waterparks. Any opionions??? Thanks!

  61. FWIW: Jon twittered this yesterday:

    "Congratulations to Kate for joining the new season of DWTS. I am thrilled for her. She has my support and vote." "Here is to 2010 for new beginnings and leaving the past mistakes in 2009."

  62. Don't know if this is still JOn's real twitter. There hasn't been a message in forever but this is what I saw the other day:

    "jongosselin1 Congratulations to Kate for joining the new season of DWTS. I am thrilled for her. She has my support and vote."

    He followed that one with another message wishing 2010 would be a year for new beginnings and leaving past mistakes back in 2009.

    Hmmmm, hopefully he is trying to turn over a new leaf. It would be wonderful if he and Kate could get to a place of being friends again. That would really be the best thing for them, and for the children.

    BTW, her DWTS partner is HOT!!! Since I don't watch the show normally, the thought crossed my mind that they might fall for each other during the show but then he talked about his wife and twins. lol Totally burst my bubble. I just hope the tabloids don't start crap about them hooking up or something just to sell magazines. I am actually pretty excited to see this season of the show. I can't believe the Bachelor Jake is already on it too.

  63. Just Wondering - So are you planning to go see Kate? Just an FYI - The contracts for the Expo speaking engagements were signed 18 months ago, before even the separation. Thank goodness one of the Gosselins, Kate, believes in honoring signed contracts.

  64. Strange, now the blog is not asking me to type in a code.

  65. I am happy for Kate. I think she will do great. I definetly think she will draw a new audience and ABC made a great choice when they chose her. I normally don't want DWTS but I will tune in to see Kate that's for sure. It's been a while since I commented but I've been very busy. I am going to have a baby next friday and I've been very busy with college. I will graduate in May, have the summer off with my munchkins and back again this fall to pursue my BA. But I still check the blog and read everyone's comments every now and then.

  66. Baby Mama,
    Go to the same tabs I gave you before and in "Comments" it's the 11th option down. Choose Yes to Show Profile Pics in Comments.

    I'm going to have to start charging you for this.... ;)

  67. OT:

    Brooke, Disney World is VERY hot in August and crowded. I used to go every Sept and it was usually around 90 degrees. October is a bit nicer and Thanksgiving is crazy crowded with long lines but I think they have longer hours to offset it.

    We loved Blizzard Beach and I personally need it really hot to enjoy water parks so Sept was great. Also, the rates are better in Sept and Oct than Thanksgiving. The rates and specials that they have may help you decide.

    Also go to and go to their "Specials" and also You get specials on there and subscribe to the email newsletter for special deals.

    There are a lot of things you can google to help you out. You can also google the average temp in Orlando for each month to help you decide.

  68. Kate's dance partner Tony is tweeting all their updates on their practices, etc. They went to some premiere together last night.

  69. An early congrats 3KMOM, on the impending arrival of your newest little one! I hope everything goes smoothly and all are healthy and well.

  70. Yes Linda, I noticed too that we don't have to enter the verification code anymore. I don't know if this is on purpose or not but I have to say I like it much better without it. It's a bit of a pain. lol

  71. Thanks SchmeckyGirl. Thanksgiving is about $1000 more for my family but we just want to enjoy our time there. I get the newsletters doesnt seem to really help.

  72. Brooke, I agree with Schmecky, it is a much better Disney experience to go when it is NOT as crowded. We went the beginning of Oct a couple of years ago and the temp was great, still warm, but not ridiculous, I think it average around 80-85 all week.

    I also saw a clip of Hailey and her lawyer on I think a local newscast and Hailey was asking for Jon to return the $200,000 he borrowed...My question is why not just take him to court if he really owes you the money...I think she is just worried her 15 minutes has expired and is trying to get back in the tabloids...

  73. Jessica, I agree with you that if the Jon owes Hailey, they should resolve it in court and not through Heiley's insane spiral. Kate had a financial issue with Jon, she went to court, and it was resolved. Hailey was around during this time so she saw how it works and she has intelligent parents, so the fact that she isn't in court makes me believe something fishy is going on. Maybe there is no proof, or it was moeny they spent together on their lavish lifestyle or something. I think she thought she was going to make a lot of money through her connection with Jon and she didn't. It is also so nice to have Michael Lohan and Stephanie's mouths shut these days on Gosselin matters. It is soo refreshing to see the change in Jon, he seems calmer and more together and I hope that is also evident during his times with the kids. That will really help them. It has been basically a year since we have been seeing positives happen in Gosselinland and I love it.
    I also really like not having to type in the code because I am a lousy code copier

  74. Hi babymama and everyone,
    I’ve been following this blog for quite some time but never posted a comment. I never really had the courage to or someone simply said exactly what I was thinking and felt no need to. But today I just wanted to say that I'm really glad that Kate is doing well, she deserves this and more. As do all loving and nurturing moms.

    One comment I never saw and kind of have felt the urge to put out there is that I was quite disappointed when no one really help/defended/came to Kate's rescue when she was dodging such harmful comments, rumors, and harassments. Everyone, media ppl(show hosts), were all for having her as a guest on their show when everything was fine but when everything was not so pretty not a comment out of them. The only ones that I will say helped a little were Regis and Kelly.

    Anyways that was it.
    BTW I'm definitely watching DWTS this season. =]

  75. Heyyyyyy Baby Mama, pleeeeeeease stop worrying about ur blogs layout so much. It almost hurts me to read about u freaking out over it. I´m one of the more quiet readers (I think I might have posted two or three times, but I dunno xD), but a very regular one (for almost a year now). I really dont think it all matters that much, at least to me it doesnt. Im here for news about my beloved Gosselins and ur point of view, not to look at a perfect topnotch layout to look at =) Having said that, there hasnt been a layout choice u made so far that I didnt like and I never had problems reading anything. I also dont care where the comment section is, I will always find it, when I wanna read it (and btw I really love that so many of u comment regularly, sometimes its like listening in on a teaparty *lol*). So be assured u have a GREAT blog in my opinion. Its one out of two I check almost daily <3

    Have a great day y´all!


  76. Thank you so much for the sweet note. While Ive been at this blog for QUITE a while, I always feel like I need to keep current and try to update a bit. Well what a hot mess that was! Blogger tried to fix the mess, but just going back to the simplicty of the site is what seemed to fix things. I learn something new everyday, and thank goodness I was shown how to fix the comments so that it was easier for you all.

    I guess it stems from being a bit lazy for a while since the Gosselin news for the past month was slow. Kate was WITH her kids ;) Now apparently she will be away from them again which has the blogs buzzin. My readers mean the world to me and I appreciate it. I'm really just trying to get the word out to VOTE VOTE VOTE! XOXO

  77. I love how many sites out there are just drooling about how amazing Kate looks these days, esp. on Jimmy Kimmel, the recent Discovery red carpet, & DTWS photos.

    Another point: Seems haters and even some TV personalities diss her about not having enough talent to earn "real" celebrity status and balk about her so-called "15 minutes" but I haven't heard as much contempt regarding the Kardashian girls or Paris Hilton just to name a couple.

    They don't hold a candle to Kate's personality, character, integrity, strength, and yes, it does take a gift to be a very capable mother to two sets of multiples. Also, being an author of best selling books takes a unique talent as well. So, keep going, Kate! Stay strong and keep holding your head up high. You deserve it!

  78. I found this story:

    It's about her outfits being "mom" appropriate and how happy Tony is to be bi-coastal with Kate because his wife and kids are in Connecticut and they will be visiting him in Pennsylvania!

  79. Hi,

    This is my first time visiting this site. If any of you are on myspace, I invite you to join the fan page I created to support Tony & Kate on DWTS. Here's the link:

    I'm so excited to see them dance next week. Please try to cast as many votes as you can. Fan votes are VERY important. Use all your phone lines, and all your e-mail addresses. You can even create more (free) e-mail accounts thru yahoo. Get your friends, family, and relatives to vote, too.:)

    Thanks, and have a great day!