Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Jon Gosselin Settles TLC Lawsuit, Is He Back To TV? Analyzing 5 Seconds Of Kate TLC has settled its lawsuit against Jon Gosselin."TLC has reached a settlement with Jon Gosselin and will be undertaking procedural steps to conclude the litigation. All terms of the settlement are confidential. The whole Gosselin family remain under contract with TLC,” TLC said in a statement released Wednesday.

The network had sued Jon for breach of contract and won a preliminary injunction against him late last year. Jon’s paid interviews and public appearances brought negative publicity to the network and violated his contract, TLC charged. A judge agreed. Trial was set for April but sources close to the situation said all TLC wanted was for Jon to abide by his contract. Sources also told that Jon couldn’t afford the expensive litigation.

He told TLC that he would allow them to once again film his children for a reality show. But the network has not committed to bringing back Jon & Kate Plus 8, or its retitled successor, Kate Plus 8. “The network says this is not about the kids. It’s about Jon breaching his contract,” a source told Kate has a new show in development with TLC.

Jon Gosselin, TLC Call a Truce: Is He Coming Back to TV?: E!

Jon Gosselin and TLC shared a little, well, TLC today, announcing an amicable end to what had been acrimonious dueling lawsuits. And by the sound of it, the deal not only will allow Kate Gosselin to resume her reality antics with an in-the-works spinoff show, but it seems to pave the way for the octodad also to make a return to TV."Jon has expressed his desire to close the litigation chapter of Jon & Kate Plus 8...He's hoping that TLC will move forward with the best interest of the Gosselin family," Jon's attorney, Mark Heller, said."Sometimes litigants kiss and make-up, finding their relationship is much better the second time around. As Jon's attorney, I truly hope that this new adventure for TLC and the Gosselins is a much more joyful journey."

The network also confirmed the confidential settlement, stressing "the whole Gosselin family remain under contract with TLC." As the TV show fell apart, TLC launched the first salvo in October, suing the Jon & Kate Plus 8 patriarch for misrepresentation of the facts and breach of contract after he accepted paying gigs from the likes of Entertainment Tonight and The Insider and made several unauthorized disclosures about behind-the-scenes behavior on the Jon & Kate set. He fired back with a
$5 million countersuit in November, accusing the cable net of violating child labor laws during filming of his brood and forcing him to sign a "one-sided contract" that kept him from capitalizing on his fame. Finally, he claimed TLC still owed him at least $175,000 from the show.

Things grew nasty, as TLC deposed several of Gosselin's former inner circle, including flings Kate Major and Hailey Glassman, and one-time potential partner Michael Lohan. Jon's stonewalling, meanwhile, kept the network from filming his children for Kate's new reality excursion.
Had the two sides failed to reach a resolution via mediation, the case was scheduled to go to a jury trial in April. But last week, Team Gosselin signaled that they were willing to make a deal and had softened their stance. Heller tells E! News that another show is under consideration but nothing is official: "I assume that time is money and TLC likes to enjoy the profits of good programming, so I assume that they won't wait too long to make some decisions.
"We'll just have to wait to see what unfolds."

Attacking Kate Gosselins 2.3 Seconds Of Windblown Hair

Recently several hate sites including the garbage that is GWOP printed an unflattering photo of Kates hair blowing in the wind when she went out to dinner recently. The comments were almost laughable.. "Ohh she looks like shes chewing gum. Her hair and her face look awful." I'm TRYING TO FIGURE OUT exactly how you are supposed to look when it's windy outside, and your trying to keep your mouth closed so the idiot photogs don't get a nasty shot of you with your mouth open. But leave it up to them to pick the most unflattering of the bunch to publish and attack. Her hair for the record is beautiful, and probably twice as fantastic as any of the women on that site trying to make themselves feel better by criticizing a split second of 5 seconds of video and photography. Its amazing to think about what they would do to a photo of us, taken in the cold wind...makes you wonder huh? UGH! Watch the video yourself below and decide whether Kate got a bad rap...


  1. Yay maybe getting away from the likes of Mike Lohan and Hailey did Jon some good. I think too he realized that networks weren't beating down the door with lucrative offers and a paycheck from tlc is better than no paycheck at all. Maybe also with the end of the Teutal's show there is room for a male oriented gig for him. I am glad tlc didn't get hardnosed with him. I think it would have hurt them to do so. I hope that this may mean that Jon is looking at getting his life back together.

  2. Confidential? Confidential?!????? But I want details!

  3. Quite possibly the insane wreckage J created became evident to even him. I am the forever hopeful! Time will tell but I really hope that TLC does something with both Kate and kids. I miss it so.....

    Now J? just release him to go off to TMZ or who ever would pick him up.

    Hope springs again!

  4. I'm hopeful. Hopeful that ALL the Gosselins can find peace in their lives. Hopeful that we can see an occassional special of the kids. Hopeful that we can have something good on Monday nights again. Hopeful that the GWOP garbage can find something different to hate or that they can get the mental health counseling they so desperately need.

  5. I forgot to address the "picture" of Kate you mentioned. Since you brought it up....

    I do think Kate looked nice with her new hair that night. I just think that the paps or whoever it was that took that pic just got lucky enough to capture that one most unflattering shot, unfortunately for Kate.

    I personally thought it was kind of funny, for two reasons:

    1) Because she didn't look anything like that in any of the other pics and it was almost shocking to see that one moment captured. Her hair looked like it wasn't even sitting on her head.

    2) I think the hairstylist really had a lot to prove with Kate's hair. He was taking a lot of flack for how it was being styled when she was doing it herself at home. I personally think they wanted the cameras there that night to show the newest style, etc. He has a reputation that he wants to uphold and it's really been taking a beating lately ever since the People cover. I can just imagine his face when he saw that one pic after all his hard work "again". If he was just an up-and-coming hairstylist trying to catch his first break I'd feel bad for him, but since he charges a ridiculous $5000+ for his hairstyles I can't say that I do.

    Of course it is wrong though to base your opinion on Kate's looks from a picture like that. I think some of the sites that put that up could have just done it for the sheer humor in it. Maybe it's because so many people always comment how beautiful Kate is on the People cover or her new book cover and they are trying to show that it's all touch-ups by showing the flip side, kind of how they do the "stars without makeup" shots.

    I do think it's totally unfair to show pics like that but if you're out in public and you're famous it's bound to happen. But I really do think that most people realize it was just a very unflattering shot.

    I will say that in the video clip you have posted you can see her really chomping on her gum and it's very unflattering even in the video. I think someone needs to tell her not to "chew like a cow" out in public. It's not flattering in photos or video or in person.

    That's why I love digital cameras... those unflattering shots get trashed immediately. Candid photos like that one are the main reason I chose not to be famous. ;)

  6. Interesting... The article says that TLC has not committed to bringing back J7K+8 or Kate+8 and that it's not about the kids but rather Jon breaking contract. But the reason those shows ended/never started up is because Jon broke contract. The article sounded like Kate already has a show in the works and they are working with that for now. Hmmm. I do hope they can revamp J&K+8 so that they can continue with the premise of Kate moving on after the divorce but not focus as much on the kids. Of course a big part of moving on for her is coping as a sole parent with that many kids and that is a big part of her new life, but since the kids are in school anyways most of the time, they can do it so that they are not on film all the time anymore. That way the kids won't be overexposed but we still get them and Kate back. I am sure if the people write in and demand it, TLC will seriously think about putting something like that back out there. As for Jon, it says the whole family is still under contract but what could they possibly want Jon for now? He has screwed them so badly over the last year that I don't know how much of a relationship is left there. Another thing to stay tuned for I guess.

    As for the hair thing, am I missing something? I totally didn't see anything in that short clip of her hair blowing into her face and making her look bad. Is there some other footage or picture that is referring to? The only thing I did see in that clip was Kate chewing her gum, which I have to agree was not the most flattering look but it wasn't something to be plastered anywhere and made fun of. It was so quick, all I saw was her walking from the door of the restaurant to the door of the cab.

  7. I think GWOP will always be around as long as the Gosselins are.

    I think an occasional special about the kids would be great. I always like shows that update you as to what the people you watched on shows about are up to. I do think it should be done once things calm down surrounding the Gosselins. I think if their parents can stay out of the tabloid media the children have a chance at not being followed by the paps for the rest of their lives.

    Unfortunately the parents need to keep their public image alive if they want to capture viewers and interest in their new projects so I'm not sure if that will ever happen.

    I do wonder what the latest development between Jon and TLC means for the future of the Gosselins. I typed out a comment about it earlier but towards the end of my comment my new laptop changed screens and announced "you have been signed out" so I lost it all and I don't know if I want to bother retyping it. lol.

  8. another mom:

    It was another pic that I've seen online so I knew to which one she she was referring.

  9. I think the timeline regarding the lawsuits brings into question what TLCs real motives were.

    TLC only decided to sue Jon once he stopped them from filming the children. TLC can say whatever they want but from May onward while Jon was running amuck TLC didn't file a lawsuit.

    Jon said to Michael Lohan in that taped conversation that TLC didn't even do anything legally to try to stop him. TLC only filed the lawsuit when Jon stopped them from filming the children. In fact, it was immediately after. I think that is very telling.

    Jon now allowing TLC to film his children again, or at least letting them be under contract with TLC again, and TLC settling the lawsuit is also very telling, in my opinion.

    I think one had everything to do with the other.

    I would love to know what Jon's reasonings were for caving in to TLC filming the children again. I doubt he will ever explain since it's all "confidential".

    I always knew the chance was there Jon would let them film his children again because he used the "filming while they were going through a divorce" excuse, but I really was hoping Jon was trying to take back control of his family or children from TLC.

    I wonder if there is anything new in the contract regarding the children and filming. I hope they get salaries this time. I think that will make a huge difference.

  10. GWOP is whole pack of flat out mean and hateful people. If they really cared about the well being of this family, they wouldn't be sitting around all day digging up the worst of the worst about certain family members and trying to escalate their issues. We all have problems.... that just isn't fair. I know that there are many people who don't support the Gosselins, but it is evident that they really truly want things to be different for the sake of the entire family, and they certainly don't want to hurt them. I completely respect those people. The haters on GWOP I do not.

    I honestly want the best for Gosselins. They have many struggles and a whole lot of drama to deal with. I hope that Jon and Kate will decide what is best for the kids and if that means revamping J&K Plus 8, then so be it. I don't necessarily agree... I think that annual specials or frankly, no show at all would be a better idea, but that is obviously not up to me! I hope that Jon and Kate are successful in whatever they choose to do for the sake of the kids, and that those 8 children grow up healthy and happy. (And that's all that really matters, right?!)

  11. SchmeckyGirl - My recollection Of the chronology of Jon's events And his reason's for stopping the filming seems to be very different from yours. However, we've gone back and forth over this very issue many times in the past. I don't think we'll ever see eye-to-eye over this. I really don't think that Jon left them any choice but to file suit. Our perceptions, as I said, are very different. As I said, we've been back and forth, so I'll just stop.

  12. Linda,

    You can correct me if I'm wrong. I don't mind. If it's just my perception of it versus yours then that's one thing but if I'm wrong on a factual timeline then I'd love to know. I don't need to be "right", I'd rather know the facts.

    Here's what I thought happened in order:

    I thought on Larry King that Jon claimed he stopped the filming of the children first and then TLC filed the lawsuit. I thought that TLC stated that Jon sent them a letter saying that if they don't let him out of his contract he will stop them from filming his children and THEN TLC filed their lawsuit against him.

    In fact I thought it was very important to TLC that it be known that Jon used the children to get out of his contract and they replied by suing him. No?

  13. I agree with Linda. My feeling is that TLC was trying to get Jon to honor his contract committements all along, and Jon let it be known that he was not going to let TLC tell him what he could and could not do. I recall TLC not agreeing with his appearance on some tabloid show. Jon began to listen to the Hellers, which made him feel that he had more power, than he really had. I think that him pulling the kids off of the show, was just the last straw for TLC.

    I do agree that TLC finally did let everyone know that Jon was using his kids as pawns to get what he wanted and it didn't work.

  14. Schmeckygirl - I am right there with you! That word 'confidential' sucks! haha Just simply not acceptable. Inquiring minds want to know! LOL

    I've always thought there was more going on behind the scenes then we will ever know. I believe the timing of TLC filing was because it was the first time Jon threatened them and that caused them to re-think things. I think it was maybe at that point, where he not only said he wouldn't let the kids be filmed, but also had his attorney hashing out that he believed their contract was not legal, that TLC decided to take the offensive position in court rather than wait to be on the offensive. Most attorney's will tell you that it's better to be on the offense than the defense. That's what I've always kind of felt happened. Could be wrong though!

    I also really wonder about the terms of their agreement. Time will tell - but I think it probably came down to Jon not having any further monetary liability to TLC (not having to pay them back for the gigs he did which violated his contract), maybe some sort of small compensation until his contract runs out? I wonder if they tied him up with their option to continue the contract for the extra year (which if I remember correctly they had the right to do) but that Jon would continue to be paid some amount of money? On the other side - I'd say that they may have set it up so that Jon can't write a tell all book for some period of time, the kids can be filmed (maybe with restrictions), and TLC will have some absolute and solid recourse if Jon goes amuck or violates this agreement. That to me would be semi-close to the best for all that could come out of this? Again - I don't know.......but it would be nice if I did! :) :) :)

  15. Schmecky Girl~ Yes I agree with you about Kate chewing the gum. I guess she had no idea that some idiots on a hate site would post a split sceond in time of her hair in the wind and her mouth all distored from chewing gum, and make it into a (seemingly) 10 year post. But lets be exactly are you SUPPOSED to come out of a restaurant or anywhere for that matter, and pose so that EVERY shot they take of you is perfect. The clip I posted was to really make the point.. that no matter what you do, someone will find SOMETHING to say bad about you if they are that insecure. Now for this link, it's just kinda sad in this economy, the Gosselins sold the house at a loss:

    Jon and Kate Gosselin not immune to real estate bubble; exes sell starter house at a loss. Friday, February 19th 2010, 12:20 PM

    The Gosselin's starter home, featured in the early days of 'Jon & Kate Plus 8,'..The now-divorced couple took a loss on the 5-bedroom Elizabethtown, Pa., home, according to the real estate site

    The original setting for "Jon & Kate Plus 8" went on the market for $325,000 last March. It was reduced to $299,900 in September, and finally sold for just $258,000 last month. That's 21% off the original list price. It's also $22,000 less than the Gosselin's paid for the house in 2006, Zillow reports.

    The news comes the same week that Jon Gosselin and TLC reached a settlement that lets the entire Gosselin family remain under contract with TLC. The network had filed a breach-of-contract lawsuit against the reality TV dad, and he filed a counterclaim, alleging TLC hurt his career by banning him from making other TV appearances. Gosselin had also tried to block the network from filming his eight kids.

  16. OMG GUYS! I just got this sent to me as well from, you just gotta laugh...

    Jon Gosselin Staged Break-in Because He's A 'Dimwit', Says Ex-Pal. In an exclusive new video interview with, Michael Lohan and new girlfriend Kate Major revealed that Jon is now desperate for money and also said they believed he staged the break-in at his apartment.

    "If Jon was smart... and I don't think he is smart, he would listen to what TLC tells him to do now," Major, 27, told when asked what she thought the end of his lawsuit with the cable network. "I think once Jon was deposed, from what I've heard, settling was his last option. I don't think he had any other choice."

    And when discussing the alleged ransacking of his apartment by ex-girlfriend Hailey Glassman, both Major and Lohan expressed their opinions that Jon staged the event. "There's no doubt in my mind that Jon did that," Major told "If he did stage that break-in, which I think he did, it's just another pathetic way for him to get a lawsuit and get money out of it. Jon needs to grow up. One day he'll get what's coming to him.""It takes a dimwit like Jon to actually try to pull off a caper like that," Lohan chimed in.

  17. Yeah, it's too bad they sold the house for a loss. I'm sure though that they were probably very happy to put it all behind them. Selling a house is very stressful. The extra mortgage payment every month is a strain too. Just think, one episode's income covered their loss. lol.

  18. It's just funny that Lohan and Major's interviews are based totally on their opinion and they don't even know anything about what is going on with Jon and TLC and the apartment.

    Seeing them both together in that interview was just gross. I didn't even click on it... just saw the still shot of it. Blech.

    Did you hear they are doing their own reality show together? Who the heck is going to watch that? Oh, maybe Hailey.

  19. I never got how Kate Major would just up and quit her job for Jon Gosselin. Stupid move #1, #2 obviously involves dating Michael Lohan who flat out skeeves me. I feel bad for this girl, I really do. However for some reason the knife on the note basically sealed the deal for me that this was IMO no break-in at all. Keep in mind that the police never persued it anymore on Hailey's side.

    And for the record, I am still scratching my head as to why that woman would pose in pink undies and biker gloves on the cover of a no-name magazine..

  20. I just nauseated myself listening to that interview with Mike and Stephanie. It is amazing that they are still getting paid for their association with Jon and all they did was dig his hole deeper. Stephanie looks terrible compared to how she used to when this whole mess started, could be the drugs or booze or amybe he treats her badly behind closed doors. The thought of a show with Michael, Hailey and Stephanie grosses me out and I hope I never actually turn that channel on when it is showing. The sad thing is that the loser in this whole mess is Jon and by default his kids. I hope he can sit down and take a good hard look at who should be involved in his life. I wonder if they are right and Heller is going to sue him. I wouldn't put it past that sleazebag. Jon is the one being exploited by the people that he claimed on national tv were so much more his friends than Kate. Remember how he loved Hailey so much more than he ever did Kate. I wonder if one of those two were the ones who staged Jon's break in to get back at him.

  21. If you can believe it, they already have photos of Kate up from today shopping. It's amazing how quickly things can go up on the web. I guess we were all doing the same thing today...:)

  22. Is this true? Has it really been WEEKS before he's seen his kids??
    Jon Gosselin Visits His Kids At Their Home For The First Time In Weeks: Jon Gosselin made an increasingly rare visit to his former Pennsylvania home where he visited with his eight children on Sunday, has learned.

    The former Jon & Kate Plus 8 star brought out the shovel but the kids did more playing in the snow than their dad did removing it. The littlest Gosselins also got their scooter going in the driveway. Mom Kate Gosselin wasn't far away. She was spotted Friday picking up her mail and Saturday she hit a nearby mall where she shopped at numerous stores.

    TLC has settled with Jon on the breach of contract lawsuit the network filed against its former reality star. TLC is still developing a potential new show for Kate.

    Jon Gosselin Won't Be Back On TLC

  23. I am glad that Jon is with his kids, they seem happy and sooo cute. At least if the paparazzi is around they don't seem to be as obtrusive as in the past. I am excited about the prospect of them being in a show. Kate looks more relaxed than I've seen her in awhile. Like so many, they had to lose money on their old house. If I was richer and able to move to Pennsylvania, I would have bought it myself. The layout is perfect for my family.

  24. Just wanted to tell you that in Sweden right now they are showing old-reruns of the show. The news about the divorce and what happend are´nt known over here... I must say I´m shocked! Sorry to hear about it all. I have laughed alot att the show and I´m still impressed with Kates way of handeling 8 kids!

  25. Wow, that's interesting that other countries don't know about the divorce, etc. Maybe that's why the cookbook is being sold overseas.

    I wonder if the new Kate show will be TLC following Kate around on her book tours, and media appearances, etc. They could show everything that goes on for her to prepare and behind the scenes and her interacting with her fans, etc. Not sure if it will be interesting enough, but it may.

    It was nice seeing Jon with the kids. I hope he stays put for a while. At least we know he's getting a salary from TLC and can still pay the child support. I wonder what his plans are.

  26. Hi Baby Mama,
    Also to all the fans here. Boy I have been out of the loop on all things Gosselin. I heard on the news about Jon settling with TLC. Go figure.
    No computor at home yet, but i am dog sitting while my son is honeymooning in Aruba. Its like a vacation for me 5 miles from home. lol.
    Well, I am going to try and post this but the last couple have not gone through. cu

  27. Things are so quiet in GosselinLand. I guess that's good. I hope Hannah feels better soon, since it seems Jon took her to the doc today or yesterday.

    Hi #1caregiver! I looooove Aruba! Hope he has a great honeymoon!

  28. I know quiet is a good thing for them, but at the same time it stinks because I miss all the great girls chatting!

    I'm working on keeping it light for my new post, and perhaps putting another favorite episode. I'm glad that Kate is waiting until her appearance on the view to really come back into the spotlight. I mean, shes taking care of her kids, people only seem to dwell when shes away from them right??