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Kate Plus 8 Helping Feeding America, Will Jon Gosselin In Construction Save His Image? Has Tony Dovolani Betrayed Kate?

Kate Gosselin in Tennessee For The Second Harvest Food Bank on behalf of Feeding America:

UPDATE: KINGSPORT — Kate Gosselin, star of The Learning Channel’s reality show “Kate Plus 8,” will make a special appearance at a “Kate Plus 8” food drive and celebrity bagging contest for Second Harvest Food Bank of Northeast Tennessee this morning at the Kingsport Food City store on Eastman Road. “The food bank and Feeding America are excited to have been selected as the charity for this segment of ‘Kate Plus 8 Giving Back,’ ” said Rhonda Chafin, local Second Harvest executive director. The show follows single mother Gosselin through the challenges and joys of raising eight children. “The food bank is asking for help from the community to meet the growing need through food drives like this,” Chafin said.

The need for food assistance in Northeast Tennessee continues to grow. Last year approximately 7.8 million pounds of food and grocery products were distributed by the food bank, serving more than 33,000 individuals each month through its agencies and special programs. Gosselin’s visit today follows a surprise visit to Johnson City’s North Side Elementary School Tuesday where she and her children, with camera crew, dropped off 100 snack bags to be handed out to students throughout the week. North Side Principal Sharon Pickering said Gosselin and the children spent the morning putting the snack bags together at Second Harvest before taking the assortments to the school. Pickering said the snack bags, which include items like peanut butter and soups, will be given to students by the school’s leadership team. While it was a short visit, Pickering said some of North Side’s students were lucky enough to talk with Gosselin’s children while the camera crew filmed the visit. The local food bank is a member of the Feeding America national food bank network. For more information, call 477-4053 or visit

Jon Gosselin's New Construction Gig Might Help Save His Public Image:

Pop-Ed: I'm not a fan of Jon Gosselin. In fact, I'm one who still likes Kate, so Jon's behavior following their separation has been all the more reprehensible to me. I mean, the guy's got eight kids. Did he really think it was OK to go buck-wild and hit the town drinking like he was 21 as soon as he was single again? Well, you'll still never catch me in anything Ed Hardy, but Jon's recent toned-down behavior has significantly improved my opinion of him. We haven't been seeing as much of him in the tabloids, trashing Kate and ex-girlfriends, hanging out with Michael Lohan or being skuzzy in general. In fact, a few months ago, the 33-year-old returned to his original line of work as an IT consultant. Now, TMZ reports, the quintessential deadbeat dad is earning a paycheck once again. He's working in construction in Pennsylvania installing solar panels. Construction work certainly isn't as glamorous as a lucrative reality TV gig, but it's an honest living. I commend Jon for breaking a sweat and doing some real work. The guy's had some notorious money troubles, including owing Kate $125,000 in child support payments and even reportedly still owing his 24-year-old ex Hailey Glassman $200,000. Laying down solar panels might not be the quickest way to earn big bucks, but it's better than nothing.

Of course, this isn't to say I'd begrudge Jon if he were to take on another reality gig. Unlike a lot of people, I didn't scoff when Kate did 'Dancing With the Stars.' It's a paycheck, and a big one at that. If you're in a position to cash in on your personality and you need the money -- and I think supporting eight kids certainly constitutes having a need for cash -- you'd be crazy to pass up an opportunity like that. But there's a difference between family-friendly reality TV and shamelessly selling out the person you used to love to the tabloids for a buck. I'm really glad to see that -- for now at least -- Jon is taking a moral, grounded approach to making a living and being a responsible father. I'm betting
Kate's pleased he's at least making an effort to help her out financially. I'd say Jon Gosselin has taken a step in the right direction toward redeeming his public image.

Tony Dovlani Talks About "Quitting On Kate Gosselin" on The Wendy Williams Show

Tony Dovolani,  Wendy Williams partner on the upcoming season of 'Dancing With the Stars,' appeared on 'The Wendy Williams Show and recalled temporarily quitting on partner Kate Gosselin in season 10 of the dance competition. "I did quit on her because, you know, we had a stressful moment there for a while. Normally, I don't drop my cool at all. For me to get to that point, something must have really happened," Dovolani said. But Williams seems determined to avoid drama. "You've got a good, even-tempered partner who just wants to win. I don't want to fight. I just want to win," she said.

What do you think? do you think that it's easy for Wendy to talk before she even starts practicing? Or do you think she will go farther than Kate did? Do you think that what Tony said was sticking up for Kate, or betraying her? Let me know your thoughts...


  1. Re DWTS - I watched more weeks with Kate on than any other season. Usually didn't watch at all or only as they approached the finals.

    Tony quit for how long? Seems like it was a really short time. I think Kate was his first partner who didn't spend all her time devoted to dance and I'm sure that was frustrating as well as having a nondancng partner.

    As far as the DWTS "arguments"... I can't remember a single partnership...not a single one...where there weren't some pretty vocal arguments. That said, Tony and Kate seemed to argue less than most but got more publicity for it.

    Seems like I recall others who "quit" and then were back together wearing the same outfits so couldn't have been too long.

    Doesn't matter. Kate got a pot load of $$$. That says a lot for a non dancer. Kate's one of few who didn't have her kids in the audience ever. Ever! The kids got a trip to California but were not on the show.

    There are some pretty vocal, mouthy ones this season. Should be interesting.

    Just a few months ago Jon was lobbying to be on there. That was before, of course, before the most recent epiphany. And, of course, he also didn't get invited. I probably would have watched but I think I'm in the minority.

  2. Tony said that Kate had too much going on and probably shouldn't have taken the gig.

    When she took the gig, Jon hadn't accused her of being an absent parent and sued her for full custody.

    Therefore, I think he slammed her.

  3. Great post Baby Mama. I think Tony didn't know what hit him when he got Kate as a partner and I think he has said things that "could" be interpreted as against Kate but I honestly think it wasn't a great time for her to be on. She did her best. I actually didn't like the comment that Wendy made right after he said that, I've watched her show. She not actually even tempered. She too outspoken sometimes (you have to be waay out there for me to say that, I dig outspoken people)which is why I no longer watch it. Good luck Tony!

  4. *sorry for the typos. tired, heading to bed....

  5. He's betraying her and a few months ago on Jimmy kimmel Tony sayd she hadnt returned his texts gee I wonder why he's been trash talking her ever since season 10 was over

  6. I think that the powers that be wanted her on at that time and wanted to capitalize on the ratings she would bring. I am not saying that they knew Jon was going to be slamming a custody suit at the time, but they knew he was violatile and that she was just getting used to dealing with him and the divorce. Kate was also desparate for the financial stabilization. They also put a lot of emphasis on the fighting, tension, and controversy and played it up while ignoring when things were going well. They didn't just do it with Kate, but with everyone. That was the whole point of having Bristol on. Dancing with the Stars is as much or more about celebrity drama than dancing. Too bad I hardly know any of the Stars this seaason.
    A carpentry job might be great for Jon, he can work out his frustrations, feel good about a job well done, have some comaderee with the guys, and get some great heart strengthening exercize. The sad thing is that others exploit him for their own benefit and I don't see evidence of him getting that.

  7. Truthfully I think Tony plays to the "audience" at hand. If he is among someone that supports Kate he plays nice but if he is around a different person that has been negative towards Kate he plays on that "audience". It's about fans for Tony himself. He speaks at the moment which will draw him the most support. Tony has made is clear he wants to win it all and he wants that big trophy real bad. This is just my impression but it appears that he wants as much attention as possible & that he is the focal point not the celebrity. Maybe Kate drew too much attention away from Tony and he wasn't happy about that. Linda you are right, there have been quite a few dancers that have quit their partners for short time periods. I wouldn't judge them for that though as everyone gets frustrated at one time or another especially under so much media pressure.

  8. I wish nothing but the best for Jon but I do agree tashapork that Jon has been used by many whether it was Lohan, his lawyers, girlfriends, etc. and Jon doesn't seem to realize that he is being used for their own personal benefit. In his own way I think he is quite naive about everything from handling money, business, relationships, etc. I will reserve judgement as to whether he has really changed six months or more down the road and only if he keeps a steady job. If this job isn't what he likes hopefully before he quits next time he will already have a replacement in place before he quits. The economy is tough and with the limited skills and education Jon has hopefully he plays it smarter the next time around. Who knows maybe he will really enjoy this job? Hope so as long as he enjoys it and stays stable. My only wish is that each parent continues to succeed at whatever they choose to do and they can work together helping each other in raising and supporting those lovely children.

  9. UGH! PLease don't be mad at me but when I'm sent trash that is written about me that isn't true you know I have to go nuts. This idiot over at BL'S blog has been annoying me for months now because I always get sent quotes she says. Now she's rehashing LIES from that one time I posted on GWOP:

    "Hippie Chick said... I was over at GWOP yesterday looking at old posts (I'm not feeling too great) & there was 1 post that struck me. Someone wanted a story or a sentence or a WORD, anything about Kate who may have had a run-in with her at some point, like a neighbor or fellow nurse, or someone at a book signing, instead of something negative. Well, there was nothing. UNTIL a certain blog owner came over & said some things about meeting Kate twice at a book signing. Come to find out, the second time she had lied about the whole thing. She had photshopped her child into the picture with Kate, lied about her conversation w/ Kate, & nothing happened as she said it did. She was trying to defend Kate, saying she was sweet, nice & funny, with NOTHING to back it up. Then made a point about how the G8 couldn't even take gymnastics because of security reasons, which helped OUR point because Kate put them in that position in the 1st place!

    So, I am re-asking the question. Does anyone have anything positive to say about Kate? Seriously. We know the negatives. We have facts to back up the negatives. We know the kind of the person she is. But there has got to be something good in there, & as a hippie chick I believe everyone has good somewhere. Or am I just going to hear crickets... March 6, 2011 8:02 AM"

    First off, we all know this girl did not sit for hours reading old crap from GWOP. If that's the case I feel sorry for her. Second, it was ME that posted at GWOP after I was baited by them AGES AGO after they swore they would print it. fyi IT WAS MY DAUGHTER! Your psycho stalker friends from that site stole the photo from my old blog. It was not photoshopped and it's my daughter with Kate! Sharla had it, everyone knew I met her a few times and this is old news.

    OPEN POST TO HIPPIE CHICK AT BL BLOG: Please stop spreading lies about me. Photo was real. Kate Gosselin loved talking to my incredible child. I was on GWOP writing how great she was. THAT WAS ME. It WAS intentionally posted since they ASKED ME TO RESPOND! The reason I don't go over there to comment is to not catch whatever it is that you have which I see is nothing other than a case of the stupids...

    Better yet, why do they still keep talking about me on every single hate site?

  10. Ok I needed to get that out.. Moving on.. I refused to put Ellens video as a post but I wanted to give you the link since everyone is discussing it. If you were Ellen and people were catching on that you were the "leak" of all things Jon..would you stoop so low as to throw in 1 negative press article to throw everyone off? Us Weekly this week made a comment from a "source" that Ellen's dogs pee on Jon's stuff. So Ellen apparently got so mad she did a youtube video about it. Because Ellen is THAT MUCH into publicity. Check it out for a good laugh...

  11. I don’t think Tony sold her out at all. I think Tony was explaining his behaviour without blaming Kate. He said what you see is what you get with him and it was very stressful. Kate was going through a lot of stuff and he knew it was hard for her.

    I do agree that he could have acknowledged that what was happening to her was out of her control as it was being done to her, not her choosing it. But I think Tony was focussing more on his own behaviour as opposed to Kate's.

    The person that was negative in the interview was Wendy. Her response implied that Kate had an uneven temper and that if Kate had responded differently than Tony wouldn’t have quit on her. Which is not at all what Tony said. But Wendy had her own agenda and wasn’t listening to Tony.

  12. Fascinated, I don't watch Wendy and am not familiar with her so I can't comment about her part, but explaining it the way you did in regards to Tony makes sense to me and I see Tony's comments in this case a bit differently than I did originally.

  13. Okay, first off, Tony looks a little "not so manly" here. what happened to him?

    Part of the interview was not quoted here. In the whole video Tony acknowledges Kate's tremendous responsibility as a mother with 8 kids and that this was also a big factor in her attention span dilemma. The audience applauded his comment on that.

    Kate had only been divorced 2 months when she took this job. She had just had a horrendous 6 months of media turmoil and dealing with Jon's absolutely vulgar behavior.

    Emotionally she was already probably wasted. But as has been that time...Kate had no show! No income! She didn't know when or if she would have a future for sure with TLC.

    So there is no doubt in my mind, Kate did this to feed her family and pay the bills! Kate's not a slacker..she'll do whatever to take care of her babies and this was good money for a short amount of time invested.

    She had zero dance experience and knew she was going to be ridiculed I am sure. It took alot of courage on her part to agree to do this in the fragile state of mind she was already in.

    Then Jon's idiotic custody filing came right in the middle of her doing this.

    Next idiot to step up was Kate's brother Kevin and jealous Jodi going public with civil hearings to accuse Kate and TLC of abusing kids by filming!

    Third idiot Jon's lawyer List going on TV calling Kate an "absentee parent" because of her appearance on DWTS!

    Here she is trying to juggle taking care of 8 kids, running her household, flying back and forth 7 hr trip one way to LA, learning to dance in front of 25 million people and then these 3 stooges all attack her!

    Plus she was trying to promote her just released book, doing interviews, dealing with the tabloids calling her a difficult diva...saying the DWTS cast hated her...blah, blah, blah!

    God knows Kate has guts and nerves of steel to deal with all of that. She has my admiration!

    Tony really could have given her more credit. Who amongst us could have handled it as well as she did?

  14. I have to be honest; I’ve never been a big Tony fan, even when he was dancing with Kate. I think he is a fascinating combination of whiney and arrogant. I don’t think that he was being a turncoat in this interview, anymore than he has been in the past. I think he was trying to look like he wasn’t throwing her under the bus while doing it. He sure liked all the attention he got while he was dancing with her so for him to now say that he doesn’t think she should have “added other things on top of being a mom”, was asinine.

  15. Gonna take a whole lot more than a construction job to improve Jon's image!

    He's at this point not of his own choice or's because he is broke and no doubt the court ordered him to get off his behind and get working.

    If he wants to improve his image, he needs to stand on his own for a change. Quit shacking up with the "government worker" and playing all the stupid media stunts with her for publicity...all the while yacking out of your twitter account and tabloid interviews about "wanting to be a regular guy with a private life."!

    That stupid video shows how petty "government worker" is. So what...a tabloid said your dogs peed on Jon's stuff!

    Let's have a "call to arms" to protect the honor of the pissy little dogs! Like they really care?

    I love dogs...but I wouldn't dare cage them all day in a pee stained cage while I worked an 8 hr. job plus commute!

    Sorry "government worker"...but that video made me feel bad for the little pups. And made me wonder what your priorities are in making that video in the first place?

  16. I think its interesting that Kate is still a talking point for Tony. DWTS had the highest ratings ever because of Kate. and thats why I think Kate came up and why TONY needs to bring her up.

    Off topic, but, I finally got to listen to the Irene part of ninas show. My point isn't about Irene or Nina but about legislation. Does anyone think Kate wouldn't comply with any legislation? I think she is and would. Can others legislate children off TV? NO, so wheres the power? You continue to film within the confines of the law . They can't use legislation to ruin Kate. Is the power in thinking you're important because you attached yourself to a issue you have no qualifications legally to warrant your involvement? Legislate away but while they are all involved wouldn't the children be better served if we could legislate against the hate directed at a Mom of 8?

  17. Great post PinkCadillac. I couldn't agree with you more. I didn't listen to the show but have received updates enough about it to know that it was a very one sided interview. It boggles my mind that people think that because they are "important" on the internet that the outside world will think so too. If a judge bases his ruling on internet rumors....he/she is not a very good judge now are they?

  18. I just think that, at the time, Tony could have been a whole lot more supportive than he was. I also don't think he came across as being a particularly good teacher. Particularly in a one on one situation like that, a good teacher does adjust to determine the most effective way of getting through to the student. It can't have been easy dealing with someone who was a total amateur (as opposed to Nicole, who I really don't think should have been considered an amateur) but I don't think Tony seemed at all flexible in his methods.

  19. Firedup4Kate~ not so manly.. You crack me up! I know one of the reasons I love this site is because no matter how I feel about something, someone can say something that changes my mind. I love everyones different opinions on this site! More from me later ;) xoxo

  20. Interesting comments and insights. I know very little about Wendy Williams, never really watching her program, just changing the channel with nothing appealing to me. So, it's interesting to read the take here.

    I did think it was strange when Tony refused to try to show Kate a different way to learn the steps. When you have a student who can vocalize "I'm not getting this" successful teachers look to other methods. I'm not really a dancer so maybe it's different. Trying not to judge but trying to figure out why he wouldn't say, "Well lets look at a video, or let me do the steps in front of you and you follow."

    Maybe he'd just never encountered a complete novice before?

  21. Agreed Linda-
    The best teacher teaches to the individual's learning process. Not the other way around.

    This works best when in small classes (individually) and less in a classroom situation like elementary or high school. While they can try to help individually, there are usually too many to give total individual attention.

    In this case, Tony and Kate One on One is the perfect situation for greater learning. It's too bad tony didn't realize that and put his ego first.


  22. I kind of understand where the difficulty Tony had in understanding Kate's need for a different way and his difficulty figuring one out. I have motor planning difficulties and I have a horrible time figuring out movements such as dance steps or how to ride a bike. I never learned despite being sent outside for the day as a kid and told don't come in until you learn to ride it. I find that the people who have had the most success teaching me things, either take for instance my foot and actually put it how it needs to go, or they are able to break it down into little enough parts for me to get it. I also have left right dyslexia. I can get left and right if I think about it, but it isn't natural for me. I often end up trying to move really heavy things by myself because I have a hard time while I am trying to concentrate on something understanding a helper's directions. They want to say move a little to the right and I have to stop and think. Its better for me if they say move a little toward the door.

  23. It was clear Tony taught the way he taught, he even said he is the expert. If the student didn't learn, it was the students fault, in his eyes, not the teachers.
    As said, a good teacher adapts to the way the student learns and listens to his student.

    IMO, Tony did neither.

  24. Kate plus 8 facebook site has posted new rules. They are asking for comments regarding the rules. I encourage everyone to support their rules in order to keep the discussion site friendly, respectful, and appropriate.

    I think they are learning how to be better moderators from Ziggy and Baby mama's sites

    : )

  25. Evening ladies,

    I watched Tony and I think the underline problem with Tony is that he has never won the top spot on DWTS. When your a dance teacher, your dream would to be on top. He was polite and didn't dish what was realing going on with Kate, but he had to know. The schedule had to be horrible for Kate, and I don't think she can dance, but the show was viewed with high ratings. I'm not interested in all in watching the program. If he thinks he would tell Wendy that he was quitting on her, she would give him a smack down.

  26. Good morning everyone! I was out like a light last night! After working plus a field trip with the kids I just needed my Teavana Tea & my bed lol.

    fascinated~ are you on FB? Email me privately.. ;) I saw that they thankfully didn't bring back the discussion boards. That was a hot mess that was just a way for bullies to post things. Dang they even had a thread about wondering who I am!! I see the 5 or so haters are still there making stupid comments. I blocked them but can still "see" them if you know what I mean. I don't like going there honestly. It got real nasty...What d oyou think? Do you think these rules will work or even last? It doesn't seem that they changed anything...

  27. Ok so check out this juicy gossip. I was on Twitter this morning which is my new obsession. There is a girl named TaraStreet who was at the TN airport...and who is on her flight? Kate and her 8! With Steve of course. Well I guess she lost her in the airport, but saw the van at her hotel. Now is looking for her everyone and even got up early to exercise to see if she can see her (sadly she didn't) anyway, you can check out her saga by clicking on her name on Twitter.

    @andkathleen Saw her+8+silverhair bodyguard at baggage claim then getting into limovan. Same parked empty limovan at hotel. #Deduction

    We actually saw him wrangling those eight suitcases in baggage. Kate even peeked her head out of limovan to delegate bag placement. Perfect.

    At Tennessee airport w Holly & Megan. Holly almost pinched my arm off in baggage. Why? Kate Gosselin walked by with her entire brood

  28. ugh I think I'm gonna be sick.. BL is already discussing this. Already complaining that they should be with their firends on their Spring Breaks.. I just hate those people for attacking this family. When I'm on Spring Break I'm with my kids I'm not having them hang out with firends. Thats what school is for. I love how those that don't KNOW better post such crap.. Pisses me off!

    More of course later..I'm fuming now

  29. What do we know and not know.

    1. A person on Twitter reports seeing K+8+Steve in airport and coincidentally at same hotel.
    2. I could not find reference to film crew being seen. In every other "filming" situation, there has been a crew traveling with them.
    3. We do not know if G's are or are not being filmed.
    4. We know, based on their habitual actions, that there is a group of non-fans that protest the kids making trips, but they protest too when the kids are at home. It would appear that their actions have little to do with the kids, and much to do with their hatred of Kate.

    Mostly, IMO, they will not stop unless and until Kate is engaged in work of their choosing. Okay, does that mean we also get to choose what work these non-fans do? Since they seem so talented at shoveling crap, I vote for employment by them in this line of work at venues such as a dairy farm, horse farm, or pig farm. They've already demonstrated their experience.

  30. Great post BabyMama..
    The one thing that totally ticks me off about the whole DWTS thing is how the darkside totally ignores all the stress factors FU4K brought up & now spin it that Kate did not try! Just the fact that Kate is a single mother with not dance experience, of eight kids who chose to practice at home & commute had her at a disadvantage.

    Considering, the kids were not involved(except for the bkia's calander) you'd think they could take a break from the hate or just not watch...but no it actually intensified.

  31. About the legislation I've never read any fan-site that does not agree that it is a good thing. It seem's the Gosselin's are abiding by all the necessary requirements. I maybe wrong but was that not Peterson's intent all along?

    I've never read anywhere that he is lobbying to get the show of the air completely? So, maybe he & Irene will begin to focus on other reality families & advocate for those children?
    Not, Nina though it's only expoitation when it's the G's.
    P.S. I saw an old episode of the Kardashian's with two young girls dancing on a stripper pole, lifting their shirts ala Girls Gone Wild, filmed in California, several years ago.

    The two youngest Kardashian sister's are also getting their own show on E. I probably won't watch...but I'd LOVE to see some of the FCA's take on Chris Jenner...LMAO. I'm sure she'd come back swinging! Peterson, could contact E & offer his services like he did to TLC.

  32. Wonder if the non fans have wiped the egg off their faces yet?

    It would appear the Tennessee visit is for the Gosselins to help with and promote the Second Harvest Food Bank. Kate has been promoting 2nd Harvest for a long time.

    Guess what? Our family spends most all of spring break volunteering to box food, help at the Father's Table (soup kitchen), and Habitat for Humanity. Add us to the bad parent's list for not just letting our kids sit around and play video games. Frankly, if this is bad parenting, I hope we can sign up the whole world! Our kids are not given a choice about volunteering, we make the decision as parents.

  33. PRESS RELEASE: Second Harvest Food Bank teams up with Kate Plus for food drive

    Second Harvest Food Bank of Northeast Tennessee will be holding a Food Drive at Food City, 1205 Eastman Road, Kingsport from 10 a.m. to noon tomorrow with the help of TLC’s Kate Plus 8.

    “The Food Bank and Feeding America are excited to have been selected as the charity for this segment of Kate Plus 8 giving back,” said Rhonda Chafin, Executive Director.

    The need for food assistance in Northeast Tennessee continues to grow. Last year approximately 7.8 million pounds of food and grocery products were distributed by the Food Bank serving over 33,000 individuals each month through Food Bank agencies and special programs. The Food Bank is asking for help from the community to meet the growing need through food drives like this. People are also encouraged to help meet the increased need for food assistance by making a monetary donation, becoming a Food Bank agency, volunteering or holding a food drive.

    Second Harvest Food Bank of Northeast Tennessee feeds the hungry by securing donations of food from national and local manufacturers, grocers and individuals. They redistribute the donations to non-profit charities that feed the hungry in an eight county region of Northeast Tennessee composed of Carter, Greene, Hancock, Hawkins, Johnson, Sullivan, Washington and Unicoi counties.

    The Food Bank is a member of Feeding America, the Nation’s Food Bank Network and is one of 5 Food Banks in Tennessee and one of 200 in the Feeding America Network. For more information about Second Harvest Food Bank of Northeast Tennessee visit For information about Feeding America also visit

  34. That is AWSOME good for The Gosselins & good for the Original family :) Yet, another wonderful life experience for the Gosselin's.

  35. Horrible haters already are complaining as to why she isn't supporting her local food bank. Maybe she is, you only get ot see what she SHOWS you. How about instead of them complaining they go and support their LOCAL food bank.. geeze, the jealousy and hatred they show is insane. For those interested in listening tomorrow.. I want to make sure theres a streaming link HERE:

  36. So great to see you Momsby! How are you? Haven't seen you on FB in a while...Hugs to the kids :)

  37. Kate does support food bank efforts in PA and has been quietly doing it for some time. Her name appears in contributors lists.

    Second Harvest additionally uses many celebrities to promote particularly needy areas. If having the Gosselins generate more donations because of folks wanting a glimpse, duh, that's what it's all about.

    So instead of typing away about the negative, you non fans, why not put those fingers to use helping others!

  38. I'm hanging in BM it's been a challenging winter! LOL, my sister was just giving me the gears that I didn't respond to her messages on FB.
    I'm going to get together a bag of groceries for our local food bank today! They run low on donations this time of year. Wouldn't it be great if everyone involved in Gblogging, would get inspired & contribute what they could? Rather than dissing those who do :)

  39. Baby Mama - I emailed you a King Cake recipe (Emeril's but I usually use Paula Deen's). King Cake's are sold in grocery stores here, or you can buy a circle coffee cake, add a topping of white frosting, and sprinkle on the Mardi Gras colored sugar (green, purple, and gold.) you can tuck in the plastic baby or fake gold coins. It's eaten during Epiphany, particularly Fat Tuesday (today.)

  40. Also, another great place to donate time,$ or food donations are the local school breakfast clubs.(I'm not sure if you guy's have them..but we do in Ontario). I can't donate as much time this year to that program, I tried but my little wild child did not co-operate.

  41. Momsby,
    I'm just replying to make sure you didn't misunderstand the intent of my post. After listening to Irene it occurred to me that although the talk for some has shifted to legislation, I don't think it will be enough for those who want to ruin Kate. I don't have any idea what Petersons intent is. He seems to stand for legislation and I agree that's great. My post wasn't about his involvement but about those who have attacked Kate and are now involved with him. I heard him say on Ninas he wasn't going to bash Kate, he seemed to give it a go on E THS though. I just think some are trying to legitimize their bashing by attaching themselves to legislation. I noticed, and I am way behind those of you who have been watching this for years, that the shift went from we hate Jon & Kate , to we hate Kate to we are "child advocates" to we are working towards legislation but the intent still seems to be the beat down of Kate Gosselin.
    Kate and her childrens travel to TN proves shes a winner , a good mother using the opportunity to do good and teach her children the importance of doing good and if the other side can't even acknowledge that then it proves they are just common haters.

  42. No sorry Pink your observations were spot on! My post & the sarcasim in it was directed to those individuals who jumped on the child advocacy bandwagon but really it's all about their dislike for KG. Or Fake Child Advocates as I like to refer to them, who read here. Irene IMO is one of the worst offenders & Nina's stand that reality is o.k. for everyone else just not the Gosselin's I find hypocritical to put it mildly.

  43. I do think there is a big difference between Kate haters and what somebody called Anti Kate obsessives. True kate haters don't want anything to do with her. Anti Kate obsessives lovve the act of picking apart and analyzing every move she makes. They love watching her show so they can critique it. It makes them feel fulfilled and powerful and occupies their time. They can take anything and break it down and critique it. For example, Kate picked her kids up at school turns into one of the kids wasn't smiling and laughing so he is afraid of his mother and wants to live with Jon, or Kate picks up her kids so she can show off to the paparazzi, otherwise she would hire a nanny to do it. In order to enact appropriate legislation you have to do so out of care and compassion for the best interests of the families involved not hate. I never liked 2 1/2 Men so I don't watch it.

  44. Announced today by TLC:
    Kate Plus 8 returns April 4th!

  45. Linda if I gave you my Momsby email would you mind sending me your cake recipe? It might be too late for a celebration this year(although we are doing pancakes for dinner). I think a Mardi Gras party sounds like so much fun, I'm going to try & do it next year.

  46. Good day news! Yea! It's wonderful that Kate is taking the children to a charity drive and participating in it as it's my understanding that because of the economy many of the food banks in the country are either very low and even some are totally out of food to provide for the needy. Teaching to give back is a great gift to teach your children.

    Then to top it off, the show is coming back soon makes this a good day for news.

  47. Good evening everyone! Linda I'm so happy to hear about this email you sent me. Momsby let me know if you didn't get it and I'll forward it to you. I was thinking it was something totally different. Too funny ;)

    The Khaters all need to clean out their bank accounts & donate to the world. Until then they need to quit complaining about what Kate dies with her own money. And what she does with her children.

  48. Momsby - Sure I would. I sent Baby Mama a recipe by Emeril legasse, but my favorite is Paula Deen's. It's no secret, and you can get it from her website or from Food Network.

  49. Momsby:

    Biggest difference is I use no lemon zest and I used candied fruit rather than just candied citron.

  50. Momsby, oh, I also just poke the little plastic baby or the gold coin(s) into the bottom AFTER it cooks. I don't bake it into it.

  51. Oh that just reminded me a very special child hood memory. My grams used to always put money into everyones birthday cakes.
    She always liked to tell us about the time, when her kids were little & her mom was visiting . They discovered unwrapped coppers in their cake. Seems my uncle thought she'd forgotten to put them in so he'd scrounged up all the loose change from the couch cushions.

    Thanks Linda, I'd never heard of that kind of cake before. Our bluberry/bannana pancakes were yummy! That's my idea of a fun fuss not muss.

  52. Regarding the Kate plus 8 facebook site, I am eternally optimistic so I am hopeful that TLC is truly trying to create a different site. I know I won’t spend much time there because my life and this blog is pretty much all I can keep my mind on. I do dabble over at IW, Ziggy and Sue’s site when I can… : )

    Their rules are not constrictive; however, they are just learning to become a better site.

  53. Okay, parental failing #2 – we never stay home during the school breaks, including summer. Our children have always complained that they wanted to play with their friends.

    They don’t’ realize that they are very independent from their friends and have seen so much more than they would have staying home on the xbox.

    If Kate is to be judged for going to help other families strengthen their access to food instead of keeping her kids at home then I proudly stand beside Kate.

    I can’t believe someone would think that it is better to ignore the humanitarian efforts the kids are being exposed to. For the sake of the hater’s children, I hope one day they realize their petty, jealous, anger and pull their socks up and become better people.

  54. Hello to all you ladies.

    It is truly mind boggling that the naysayers can turn something so positive, helping the needy, into something negative about the Gosselin family.

    In the naysayers world I was also a bad parent. When my kids were growing up we went somewhere every spring break and also during the summer. The difference is my kids loved traveling!

  55. Egads! What all have I missed? Looks like alot of water has trickled out of the hater's pee pot!

    Now don't they just look awful silly for getting all wound up about Kate being on a trip less taking them on spring break...and here we find our Kate setting a good example in "giving back"!

    The Gosselin kids are living a privileged life by many standards. A beautiful home, 26 acres to roam, a private education, the best organic food...and plenty of it, clothes, toys, trips!

    This is so important that Kate teach them the lesson of sharing and doing things for others. They need to learn that most kids on the face of this earth go to bed hungry at nite!

    Haters, go suck a dandelion! (they will never get all those little furry things out of their mouth and it will keep 'em quiet for a while!)

    You are beyond stupid to criticize Kate for this!

  56. Firedup- totally agree with you.

    It's ridiculous to criticize Kate for going to travel with their children.
    They not only traveled to film the show, they were for a good cause which is to help those in need.
    And I think that being a good cause the Gosselin children will love to help. This is not the first time that the Gosselin's do something for the benefit of other persons, which is great ...

    Hey haters because you do not follow the good example of Gosselin and will help others??!.

  57. Hello,

    Yes, I would think the BKKI would post on her site and show pictures of herself standing in a warehouse sorting groceries and bagging them for people who need help. Until then, she can just shut up!! BKIA is just like most lazy people in the world that I know, others do the work, and I will write and tell bad things about you.

    Maybe I should start a blog about BKIA and her sheeple that thinks the world owes them something. Now, that might be fun. :)

    Good for Kate and her children.

  58. Kelly, you poor thing. You live in lala land don't you?

  59. Yes, Adele she does, We've sent her home.

  60. Sorry Linda. I could not help myself. That kind of thinking is so sad. Poor thing must be constantly filled with dispair.

  61. Adele - No problem. She's obviously lost. 21 page views and hanging around for an hour now, She must have taken a detour and thought she'd get to post. It isn't her first drive by.

  62. Thank you Linda for showing our troll back under the bridge. I find it funny that these people all seem to sound like they are coming from the same crappy hate site...

    I'm still waiting for these same people to quit complaning about Kate helping people out in empty out their bank accounts and help shelters in PA themselves. I don't think theres anything Kate could ever od to make them happy other than the show not airing.

  63. They try to tell her what size house she should live in, what kind of job she should have, not much of a stretch that they would try to tell her what charity to help....I think they should spend a bit more time on their own lives. If you don't like someone, quit following their every move! If you are truly worried for the children, go to the right places to help, NOT a blog.

  64. Thank you Lori! I appreciate that. you hit the nail on the head.

    Ok So the support for having Kate Gosselin & her family there has been huge in TN. They so appreciate having here, so we can all laugh at the hate blogs that are trying to make light of the amazing charity work that her family have done.

    "On the radio show this morning Kate said what she and the kids have been doing the past couple of days in TN has made her realize how important it is to give back. She said she is going to make it a monthly event now for her and the kids."

    What exactly are any of THEM doing? Did anyone hear her on the radio this morning?

  65. I wasn't able to listen to it. Do they have archived interviews that we can listen to later?

    I can just imagine the haters now - Oh, now she will have a monthly show, forcing her kids to work feeding others and not playing with their friends.

    I am really hoping that the haters say, man what a fantastic idea. I think we should too.

  66. A certain group of people are complaining about where the food drive is taking place but it's a shame they don't know why TLC chose Tennessee for the location. It was chosen based on need as the original food bank and everything in it was destroyed by the floods. That's why TLC and it's families like Kate and the kids are there. They hope to build up stock for the new food bank that had to be built to feed those in need. Anyone that complains has no heart or soul. Kate and the children have also gone to a local school to pass out snack bags and how fun for the G kids that they also have the time to talk and interact with those children. Making new friends is always fun. Teaching the G kids how to help others is truly a great gift Kate is giving to her children.

  67. BabyMama – Ziggy has an article from a Tennessee newspaper posted. Don’t know if you want the entire article so below is an excerpt.

    Gosselin’s visit today followed a surprise visit to Johnson City’s North Side Elementary School Tuesday in which she and her eight children, along with a camera crew, dropped off 100 snack bags to be handed out to students throughout the week.

    North Side Principal Sharon Pickering said Gosselin and the children spent the morning putting the snack bags together at Second Harvest before taking the assortments to the school.

  68. fascinated - evidently they don't archive. It wasn't long, 60 sec. if that. I almost missed it that's why I didn't get it recored. They just announced they had Kate there and asked how she was going to be helping out, she said bagging groceries or whatever (didn't catch the name she mentioned) had she and the kids doing. She encouraged people to buy a can of corn or something to drop in the food drive. They invited her back to their area when the weather was better (there is currently flood warnings in effect for that area) and said she could come to the Bristol races (they are famous races) and told her she could use their box. She said wonder if there was anyway she could drive a race car, that she always wanted to drive a race car. They said maybe, although not fast, that sometimes they do let people drive one of the cars. Then they laughed about she could drive the food drive truck, thanked her for her help and that was it. Kate said less than a dozen sentences, as the hosts did all the talking. Frankly, I thought they had her come in for THIS?

  69. For some, looking for the good in others, volunteering, being compassionate, etc. Is a way of life.

    For others, always finding the negatives, scorn and hatred for all around them is a way of life.

    Pesky flies are drawn only to hate.

  70. Just speaking for myself Linda I would prefer to be looking for the good in others, volunteering, being compassionate, etc. That's my way of life and the road I prefer to go down and have always gone down.

  71. Okay fly. If you ever want to comment here again, please send Baby Mama an email outlining volunteer actions you've taken. I just checked, and there are more than 100 volunteer opportunities in your area. Have you EVER done anything except to denigrate others? Do you help? Or, do you just spend your days and nights lurking and spewing hate? How pathetically sad!

  72. Need a boat and paddles to get out of the house today. Heavey rains, some flooding in low areas!

    Saw where Tennessee is having same kind of mess. Hope Kate and the kids get home safely.

    You all remember when Jon was at a bar signing autographs for $15 and supposedly giving it to some charity for a soccer team I think?

    The haters were gushing all over the internet about what a wonderful thing Jon was doing. I was so impressed.

    He got to sit in an air conditioned bar sipping his beer and straining that right hand doing about a dozen autographs, all the while posing for a few pics amongst the few adoring fans.

    Now here's Kate really getting busy...going out of her way as a volunteer with TLC participating in this Feed America thing...not just once, but as an ongoing campaign and teaching her kids to do the same.

    And what grief she is getting for doing it! These people have to be the most unhappy folks to see negative in something so positive that Kate is doing.

    Don't know if and when Twist of Kate is coming. But Kate said the whole premise of the show was to "give back" to people she had met or learned about on her show. I think Kate's heart is in a good place.

    Walk on Kate and show your children how to give and rise above naysayers and their idle talk!

  73. Thanks Ziggyflo.

    I wonder if they will have more TLC families interviewed throughtout the week or is it just Kate and the kids? Maybe when Kate and the kids are done, they will be site seeing or visiting family?

  74. I would hope that some of the other TLC families are also helping in the drive and hopefully we will hear about them also participating. So far the only ones mentioned is Kate and the kids. I had heard the Cake Boss sometime back was also going to be part of it so I hope more member of the TLC family are taking part in it.

  75. If you would like to see the interview on video here is the link:

  76. What a wonderful interview. Kate and the children sound like they are having a great time and both Kate and the children are learning so much about helping others.

  77. TLC has already had stars from other shows in their sponsorship of Second Harvest. Kate did commercials for them, as did Buddy from Cake Boss, the Little Couple and others. These aired in the fall.

    Discovery Channel has sponsored 2nd Harvest for a long time.

    Food Network sponsors a different food charity. Their stars promoting it have included Giada DeLaurentis, Rachael Ray, Bobbie Flay, and Paula Deen among others.

  78. Thank you Linda. I'm glad to hear that there are many others participating.

  79. Ziggy & Lexxi~ thank you so much for the Food Bank info and Lexxi for the video. I love watching Kate say that the kids were so excited to give back. How she herself is so thankful for what they have. 3700 kids will get special backpacks & fed and this is so huge. It's disgusting how begrudging people are because they dislike Kate so much. Watching it and hearing the stories brought a tear to my eye.

    I updated this post so that everyone can see it. Thanks again!

  80. And by the way the question of the day needs to be this.. Why isn't Kate being hailed for giving this Cause publicity instead of being bashed for it?

    How is it even possible to take something so important, like child hunger, and make it appear wrong because we are bringing cameras in to address the issue. I think it's sad that whenever this family does something this wonderful, these horrible attacks come from nasty spiteful people not understanding that it's not about Kate, it's about the cause and getting the word out there.

    So sad....

  81. Thinkin' the same thing, BabyMama!

    It's like taking a tasty donut and instead of eating and savoring it...using it to wipe your nose!

    Like what idiot would think of such a vile, wasteful way to use a donut?

    That's the mentality of the haters. They take something so obviously good and positive and come up with some brain dead logic to spin it as something bad.

    Thanks for posting this interview. Kate looks very appropriately dressed for what she was doing. Loved the way Kate continues to "talk with her hands"!! LOL Kate being Kate!

    The haters claim to be such child advocates...yet here the Gosselins are doing something very crucial to the well being of KIDS in that area and they find fault!

    Even the lady interviewer noted with approval that Kate and the kids were doing this "on spring break"!

    I appreciated Kate saying that this was not about drawing attention to her or her children doing a good deed...but more importantly it was about drawing attention to the need and encouraging others to do the same!

    Also Kate said twice that this was just the beginning of the "Gosselins giving back." Excellent...shows she is going to make this a way of life for her kids!

  82. I agree BabyMama it is such a shame that hateful, spiteful people can't see past their blind hatred under the cover of child advocacy to see that Kate and her children are helping children and lots of them. If only they could open their ears & open their hearts and listen in the video that Kate and the children are very grateful for this opportunity to help others and they are also learning so many valuable things themselves including Kate. Those words are coming from her heart not some script and if they are so blinded by their nasty, negative attitudes to hear that, then I feel nothing but pity for them. I for one am thrilled that Kate & her children have the opportunity and even more thrilled that they are helping a large number of hungry families.

  83. firedup4Kate said.....
    It's like taking a tasty donut and instead of eating and savoring it...using it to wipe your nose!
    I just love they way you put your southern flavor into your comments. Right to the point with a little added humor.

  84. I’m not a big Kate fan, so this comment might not get posted but I’ll give it a try.

    Just want to say Kate doesn’t bother me half as much as the anti-Kate bloggers with their ignorant hate-filled and constantly rehashed diatribes. I read their blogs until I realized how addicted they are to Kate and how blind they are to their addiction. You can’t even post the mere suggestion of addiction on one of their blogs – not allowed.

    When there is no news on Kate, they go back and read old posts at the same time they’re saying they wish Kate would go away. They watch old clips, for heavens sake. How pathetically sick is that? They’re driven by their hate, addicted to their hate and addicted to talking about Kate. They cannot stop even when all is quiet on the news front. If they weren’t addicted, when there was nothing to talk about, they wouldn’t be searching old posts and videos for something to keep the hate going.

    This whole flap about Kate’s appearance at the food bank perfectly illustrates hate that has become uncontrollable. She appeared at a charitable event. So what if TLC spent some of their many millions sending her and her kids there. Their UNcharitable, ignorant comments are beyond ludicrous considering the nature of the event. So what if it’s filmed? Showing the episode will make MORE people aware of and think of the needy. Maybe some will even contribute to the food bank after seeing the episode.

    Furthermore, I don’t believe for one minute that those people don’t watch Kate’s show. They are way too obsessed with her NOT to watch. They need more and more and more reasons to fuel their voracious appetites for hate. There is no way they can spend hours, days, weeks, months and YEARS talking about how awful she is and then NOT watch her show.

    As I said, I’m not a Kate fan, but I certainly don’t fit into the same category as those who have let their hatred fill their minds and their lives.

  85. Claire - IMO, you stated it very well.

  86. BabyMama - NF has just posted 'Team Jon' on his Twitter page! This woman is a dilly! Could she be trying to get Jon to join her 'dream world'? Blech!

  87. Well ain't that just a big ole surprise HB! Meana Nina is "Team Jon"!

    So that is just fine...she can get her butt on the roof with him and put some solar stuff up as well. Because considering how dumb her radio and communication skills have become...she may just need another job!

    Maybe a little fresh air and sunshine will help what's between her ears!

    Guess you can tell I don't like "backstabbers" and people who try to play both sides of the fence!

  88. HB she has gotten so deep into the dark world she has lost all capability of thinking for herself. NF also posted a tweet that said,

    Is Kate Gosselin working in Tennessee or volunteering? #Kategosselin #Kateplus8

    Kate and the children are helping the hungry and I don't care whether the kids and Kate are getting paid. Kate and the kids are doing instead of just talking so the naysayers can go take a flying leap. They will bring in many more donations by people that want to see Kate and the kids. How can that be negative?

  89. You know NF has gotten herself in pretty deep when she says publicly she wants to be an intern of Charlie Sheen. Oh my talk about a change in personality. I really don't understand such a drastic change unless she is only showing the real person now, like unfortunately CS is.

  90. firedup4kate I feel NF had a right to change her opinion but it's the explanation and her reasoning that doesn't make any sense. No sense at all & her reasoning keep changing week to week. Especially since in her mind it's OK for the Duggars because they spread religion but not OK for Kate because she feels there is no "purpose" yet she I'll bet will feel feeding the hungry isn't a good reason either because Kate is getting paid. The Duggars are paid too for spreading their religion but that's OK? She also stated on her blog because the Duggars are married and Kate isn't. When did being single or divorced become a moral judgment? That's my problem. NF's reasoning and explanations are all over the place and not consistent.

  91. Firedup - 'meana Nina', indeed! ;0)

    She's also signed up for Ellen's big give-away on her Ask-away...! Love is in the air....

  92. I hope Kate gets a chance to drive a race car. That would be so much fun and the kids sure would enjoy watching mommy drive that kind of car. Don't worry they would probably limit the speed of the car and she would be dressed in all the protective gear. I say go for it you'll have a blast Kate.

  93. Claire, I think your comments were well said and I am not saying that because you are speaking against negative Gosselin sites.

    I cannot understand why someone who doesn’t like Kate spends more than a nano-second obsessing over her. I am very honest in that some things about Kate annoy me; however, I post on positive Gosselin sites because I believe Kate needs all the support she can. I think she tries to make the best decisions she can and when they hate someone, they twist their actions to be negative, regardless of the truth that is staring them in the face.

  94. Firedup - "Meana Nina" is so fitting.

    I have a feeling the judge has silenced Jon and Ellen so her sucking up to them will get her nothing.

    NF trying to turn Kate and the kids awesome volunteer trip into something negative proves she is nothing but a hateful, vendictive, pathetic HATER.

  95. fascinated said...
    Claire, I think your comments were well said and I am not saying that because you are speaking against negative Gosselin sites.

    I agree with you fascinated and it has nothing to do with Claire trying to speak out against the negative. I am of the same opinion as you. If I don't like someone I don't obsess over them or watch anything they are on,read anything or comment on anything about them. That remote that came with your TV works pretty darn good and it's so simple to use it so for the life of me I don't understand why they don't just change the channel. Anyone up for giving lessons to anyone in need of them in how to use their television remote to change channels? I won't even charge for the lessons.

  96. Claire you are one smart woman. The road you have chosen is the most logical one and whether you like Kate or not, it's nice to see someone that uses common sense. It's just plain crazy to spend that much time saying you don't like a person. Such a waste of time when there is so much more you could accomplish.

  97. Claire -- Your post was right on the mark. Thank you for showing that it's possible to be a "non-fan" while still being respectful and without being swept up in the anti-Kate obsessiveness.

  98. So, all the people that work at the food bank, at men's and women's shelters, hospitals, and the SPCA, should stop getting paid. NF’s is insane. Do these people even think before they spew?

    Oprah’s show is about helping others and she is paid every day. I agree Lexxi, her rationale is full of holes.

  99. Hey Gosselin bloggers over at they are matching donations to their local foodbanks with each other. Will GFFS please join the feel good fun?

  100. Yes, Puff has delivered a message to all of you. Please donate to the kids cause or to your local food bank with canned good (check the expiration date on them) or donate a few dollars. Join Kate and her kids for a good cause.

    I wonder why Nina is not putting the Duggers down for going on a mission trip in another country, getting paid for it, and it was filmed.

  101. I've already made my contribution. It's very quick an easy. You can donate by either credit card or if you have an Amazon account you can donate through the link they have provided on the Feeding America page. It's quick and easy and any amount is welcome. So if you are able help this very worthy cause. Any amount will help feed our nations hungry.

  102. I deleted my above post because I didn't feel it was right to name a negative blog and give them credit in any way.
    Want to know something really sad and sick in my opinion? A certain group from the one of the anti Kate blogs are going to the article from the Tennessee newspaper that was posted and making nasty comments about Kate Gosselin and even posting the link to their web site for people to see their brand of truth about Kate. I cannot believe how vile and nasty people can truly be. In my opinion this is about as low as you can get because Kate is in that state to try and help feed the hungry and they are trying to throw dirt on it. They should be ashamed of themselves. The drive is about feeding the hungry not about Kate

  103. NN, BKIA, etc. all seem to strike me as wanting to BE celebrities or, at the very least, part of the entourage of a celebrity. Kate didn't give them the attention that they were sure they deserved so now they turn to Jon & Ellen. It sounds disturbingly like an entry-level erotomania when people convince themselves that they have a "special" relationship with a celebrity and, in extreme cases, then turn on the celebrity when they feel that the celebrity has "betrayed" them or their image of the celebrity (Exhibit A: John Lennon's killer). Trying to pick apart the food bank visit is typical. They can't just acknowledge that it's a good cause that deserves attention and, if Kate & the kids can help it to get that attention, cool. Doing that wouldn't mean that they have to change their overall opinions of Kate.

  104. erotomania - PeggyP, I think you hit the nail on the head.

  105. PeggyP - Erotomania? Interesting. I shy away from labels when I don't know or haven't met the person. However, since knowledge of these haters only comes via their Internet postings, that's what one is left with to observe. (With the exception of Zirene who traveled from MS to PA to pursue her hatred of Kate.)

    I did speak with several former professors who are also clinical psychologists(APA). There comments were that most people have individual(s) they admire in sports, celebs, business, etc. and it is typical to follow them in their fields. However, to continue to pursue any individual for whom one professes hate to the point that you are going from blog to blog to write about how horrible the person is, or how much you hate that person, certainly crosses a line into Erotomania, borderline personality disorder, or schizophrenia. The typical response when one dislikes someone, particularly in tv or sports, is avoidance, such as changing the channel.

    The fact that many of them post under different names (with the same IP) to try to indicate support for their position crosses another line. When there is a rapid shift from "everyday" conversational styles to deep profane cursing ("spewing") is another indication of a shift, schism, with reality. They don't fit into mainstream and skirt the fringes trying to find somewhere/anywhere they can find approval.

    Rescue syndome. These individuals are quite capable of ignoring a person in need in their own environs (because it would require real and not imagined interaction) while directing their efforts towards a distant or unattainable, or personally unknown situation because they can do it without requiring or having to stand up to close scrutiny or real interaction.

    We block them when they do this here. That doesn't stop them from sending us hate emails. However, that is why there is a delete button. :)

  106. Good morning everyone! I hope you will enjoy more video footage of the adorable Gosselin children at The Second Harvest Food Bank on my new thread...FRESH PAPER! The sent of the day is the yummy fresh sandwiches and snacks these wonderful children are packing for kids in need ;)