Thursday, March 10, 2011

More Of Kate Plus 8 Giving Back In Kingsport, TN for Feeding America KINGSPORT — Eighteen helping hands came to the Tri-Cities Wednesday as the reality series “Kate Plus 8” filmed inside Food City on Eastman Road, collecting items for an area food bank. Kate Gosselin and her eight children were greeted by a capacity crowd that brought donations of food and cash for a chance to meet the reality television family whose show has aired for nearly six seasons on The Learning Channel (TLC). Second Harvest Food Bank of Northeast Tennessee Executive Director Rhonda Chafin said officials with TLC and its parent network Discovery Channel contacted the food bank’s national office Feeding America to donate to their operations specifically.
“They had to determine which food bank they felt could use the support of TLC and the ‘Kate Plus 8’ show, and they selected our food bank because we are very aggressive in our outreach to our community to help feed the hungry. Out of 200 food banks in the national system, she chose ours,” said Chafin. Kathy Smith, the food bank’s director of community relations, noted that the eight-county region Second Harvest serves contains one of the highest concentrations of families living below the poverty line.“This all came together within the last two weeks when we were contacted by Feeding America. They chose our region because we are one of the most needy regions in all of the country,” said Smith.

Chafin reported that approximately 90,000 individuals throughout Northeast Tennessee fall below the poverty level, and the food bank serves 33,000 individuals each month with food supplies shipped to local church pantries and other human resource agencies along with special after-school programs for students. Ron Bonacci, Food City vice president of marketing, said Gosselin’s visit is part of an initiative she plans to spell out in an upcoming season of the show, where she will go to different parts of the country volunteering her time for charities. Although representatives of a number of local and regional media outlets attended Wednesday’s event, Gosselin gave an interview to only one local television and radio station. Food City has been assisting Second Harvest for nearly two decades by hosting food drives and having its stores serve as drop-off locations for donations.
Bonacci said the chain recently contributed $328,000 to the regional food pantry as a result of a Race Against Hunger campaign during the winter months. You can sponsor a child, make a donation, or find out how to get involved with a food drive by contacting the Second Harvest Food Bank of Northeast Tennessee at 477-4053 or visiting www.netfood


  1. Just wanted to say thanks for your kind replies on the other thread, folks. I actually commented in a polite way, following all the rules on one of the anti blogs today and it didn’t pass muster. (I don’t know why I even tried.) Pure rancor and loathing have become the norm over there. I saw a video clip of the crowd. It seemed pretty large to me, probably larger than they have on a regular day. That’s got to be a good thing for the NEEDY. I thought that was the point of charity. I’m done with all of it now. I need to flush the ugliness out of my mind. Maybe doing the laundry will help. Thanks again for your kind replies.

  2. Claire welcome. We always appreciate varried opinions as long as people are not here to attack Kate, start trouble or change anyones minds. We always value different perspectives other than our own. You can always feel like you can voice your opinions here as long as they are done so respectfully. I appreciate your posts :)

  3. How wonderful and such a worthy cause. Look at all those people! There is no reason for anyone in our country to go hungry & the only real solution is if we as citizens give a helping hand in any way possible. Donate cash, food, or volunteer at your local food bank. How anyone could possibly criticize TLC, Kate and her family or anyone that participates in this very worthy cause is beyond me. Very interesting that they even help with after school programs which is badly needed in every part of the U.S. The Gosselin children look very eager and happy in the video to be participating this his and hopefully it's something they will learn from and follow in their mom's footsteps and continue helping others even after they've grown up. Just so happened to watch an interview last week where a new and upcoming celebrity was asked why he is spending so much of his free time helping others. His response was that his family made it a regular part of their lives while growing up. His parents always taught their children it's important to give back. He said he found it so enjoyable and so badly needed he decided to carry on his family's tradition with his own family. So hopefully the Gosselin children will carry on with their own families when they are grown up.

  4. Second Harvest also collects for summer distribution. This is one of the programs I kept begging people last June and July to contribute to...

    More children and families than ever are needy due to the economy. Needy children often participate in breakfast and lunch programs during the school year.

    Holidays and the summer months, there is no food for the children and families unless we, as fellow citizens contribute. If all those who are employed would just contribute one can of food a week, think of how many people could be fed. Just one can would go a long way!!!

    There but by the grace of a higher power go all of us. Please consider helping.

  5. Sadly Linda sometimes words don't make the impression we would like them to make but thankfully when you visually see someone in action like TLC and Kate and the children involved in helping others it makes a greater impact than words. I personally have already donated to Feed America and I can only speak for myself but would like to put it on my must do list to do it more often. It does give you a good feeling to know you have helped someone and that's an emotion I would like to feel much more often now. Our family has always contribute to charities just maybe not as often as we should have. I'm hoping to change that now and like you pointed out especially now in this economy when the need is so high.

  6. How sweet it is! Nothing makes a mama or daddy happier than to see their children learning to share and give back!

    What a wonderful little video here. Can anyone deny the happy, eager little Gosselin faces here?

    The kids are enjoying this and are having a positive interaction with the public, learning the gift of charity.

    The Firedup4Kate family has gone online and made our contribution...$50 for each family member...$200. This is in response to Ziggy's challenge.

    Ok, you haters...pony up or shut the fool up!

  7. Oh, and I would like to suggest that "government worker" take some of the money she made off the "pee" story about her dogs and give to this cause as well!

    Meana Nina...maybe you could take a step in the right direction and chip in some money instead of mouthing off about being 'team Jon' and criticizing Kate's motive for doing the food bank event.

  8. Firedup4Kate how absolutely wonderful of you to of done that. Just think of the number of meals and people that will feed. That's what it's all about, giving from the heart. It's not even the amount because it all adds up but to do something to help is the best thing anyone or any family can do. Even if every single American donated one dollar can you imagine how many people that would help.

    You're right Linda if all of us just bought one can of food and more if we can every time we go grocery shopping it would make such a huge difference. Many of the grocery stores in our area has a donation drop off right there in front of the store. It can't get much easier than that.

  9. thanks for this update and UPBEAT story. It's great to see that they can give back, with the resources available to them. Everyone needs help once in a while, and while the Gosselins are NOW fortunate enough to be in a position to help, they were once the receivers of good tidings. With the snippet about Kate traveling around working with various charities around the country, is this what Twist of Kate holds for fans?
    Keep up the great work Mama! Always a reader!

  10. Fired up!!!!!!!

    Love your post, put up or shut up!!

    This is one time Jon should issue a comment about his children doing something great. I just hope he knows that 16 little hands were really working hard and giving back. I didn't see him or Ellen in a line anywhere. There are food banks in PA that he could work at. Of course the Khaters say Kate should stay home and volunteer there. Well, if you are reading here BKIA, Jon could get off his behind.

    Thanks for donating everybody. We are feeding one child at a time.

  11. Firedup - thanks for taking up my challenge.
    Your heart should feel very warm.

  12. It's mind boggling that the haters can't see that when this episode airs it will probably inspire more people to donate.

    Firedup4Kate - You have the best sayings. LMAO at "Ok, you haters...pony up or shut the fool up!"

  13. Anybody can end up in a needy situation.

    It could be a lost job, floods, hurricane winds, accident, catastrophic illness of a primary breadwinner...

    Not everybody can give at the level of Bill Gates or Warren Buffet. But every employed person in North America sure as heck can give a can of food a week which would equal 2 cases of canned goods a year.

    So write that check, or pony up that can. You CAN make a difference.

  14. I've given, too, in response to Ziggy's challenge: to the national Feeding America organization ($50.00), to a local Feeding America foodbank ($50.00), and to Second Harvest of NE Tennessee ($75.00) (because of their good work and because they stood up for Kate against the haters' attacks)

  15. Wait a second, did I see Kate signing the book that supposedly no one bought. LOL. That is great.

    I agree Claire, I think they had a larger response than normal and that is fantastic.

    My children were pre-kindergarten when we began donating their toys and clothes to shelters, havens, Salvation Army, and Value Village. The kids loved it because they knew they were helping other kids that didn’t have toys or as many toys as them and they knew that they could get more toys to replace their old ones. As they got older they realized the true value of giving and are always throwing money into collection pots or buying food bags at the grocery store.

  16. This is GREAT! Shout outs to Second Harvest Food Bank of Northeast Tennessee for the great work they are doing. And thanks, Kate, for supporting Feeding America.

    Feeding America

  17. Dear Linda Original: Just wanted to say that I definitely agree with your post - anyone can end up in a needy situation. I think Kate and her children deserve thanks from the people of Kingsport for their efforts to bring awareness to their plight. However, if I or you were homeless and in need of a handout, would you want to be filmed in line for that handout for a television show? Could we please just agree to disagree on that point?

  18. Kudos to TLC for partnering with Feeding America, and to Kate Gosselin and Buddy Valastro for joining in the effort to increase awareness about hunger issues which affect many families across our country!

    I have read some of the negative comments that have been made on other sites, which in my opinion, only show the ignorance and social and emotional limitations of these individuals. They are obviously blinded by their hate for Kate, which prevents them from seeing the good in all of this. Some of them have even said that they will never donate to any organization associated with Kate… Now, THAT is SAD!

    Kate is being criticized for getting paid (do we know for sure that she did?) for her appearance… Celebrities are “used” every day to promote charities, such as this one. And many of these celebrities do get paid for their appearance and their expenses. Allow me to use Celebrity Apprentice as an example. I don’t know for sure if the celebrities do get paid for their appearance, (I suspect they do, and I am pretty sure that their expenses are fully covered), Mr. Trump’s organization and NBC are making money off the show (More power to them.) But the important part is the exposure the show will give these charities, which will generate awareness, which will, in turn, generate contributions.

    She is also being criticized for having their children spend their Spring Break doing this, instead of “playing with their friends.” Really? Let’s see… would I want to expose my children to the rewarding experience of helping others or keep my children home to so what they can do any other time? Hmmm…. Oh, I get it, they would rather have their kids play with their friends, so that they can sit in front of their computers and continue to obsess over Kate. LOL

  19. Lynn, I am not sure how Kate not being there would change anything in that the people may or may not be filmed. This is no different than the filming they are doing regarding the devastation in Japan. Public events, are public and people don't necessarily want to be filmed, regardless if there is a celebrity present or not. Now if they were being interviewed that would be a different story.

  20. I want to apologized for my long comment above :0

  21. I can’t believe there is even a need to defend Kate on this. Honestly? What celebrity doesn’t pick a cause and try to create awareness of it?

    Also, true many people may not want to be filmed while receiving needed assistance, but it doesn’t just happen with Kate, it happens all the time, celebrity or no celebrity. At Christmas time, there are always local tv or radio personalities doing drives for needed items for homeless shelters or food banks-and that always makes the news.

  22. Lynne - The vast majority of the video shown is about people who are contributing and making donations. It is not about showing faces of those who are receiving donations. There is a vast difference. Can you see the difference?

  23. I found a quote last night which I think spells out the difference between those who look for positives, and those who are consumed with hate.

    “For many, negative thinking is a habit, which over time, becomes an addiction...”–Peter Mc Williams

  24. One last thought-For now-
    Taking a bite out of others is sadly the only success some will ever achieve!

    I prefer to live my life helping others, and living as much as possible in a positive frame of mind.

    Have a great day all. Feel good about the good things you do for others. Try to ignore the naysayers, for they shall have to answer for themselves.

  25. I remember when TLC first announced their charity fund drive over a year ago it was stated in their press release that they had asked members of their TLC family if they would volunteer to help them with their fund drive. They were not ordered. This was on a volunteer basis and not part of their contracts with TLC. There are some that chose to not participate and most certainly I feel it's morally wrong to bash those that have volunteered their time to this worthy cause as well as it would be wrong for anyone to judge those that chose to not participate. The fact is that Kate and her children volunteered to help in TLC's drive for the hungry. There are far too many people making assumptions instead of going by the facts. In the end many families are being helped and will not be going hungry and that's what matters the most.

  26. Linda I'm with you. I choose to live with a positive attitude and there are people out there that would have much happier lives and so would the people around them if they made the same choice.

  27. Ahh I lost my long post. Don't you hate when that happens? What the heck is going on with Blogger? Linda am I the only one thats seeing the page all messed up? Forgive me if you have texted me, I can't locate my phone! I had some things going on these past few days. So sorry I have been MIA everyone!

    I'm going to go back and read everyones posts today. Again welcome to all the new readers & esp. commenters. I hope you do so often, these ladies are a great bunch!

    I just got an e-mail from Corrina. She has become a dear firend on this site and always one of our regular commenters. When she told me she needed to find something to give up for Lent that meant something to her, I never figured it would be the internet! (I wish she would have given up chocolate like the rest of us! ;) I will miss her this month terribly. She says she will be happy to be back after Easter! I give you so much credit Corrina. And just like Kate Plus 8, I will have to wait for you intil April! xoxox

    P.S Please for the rest of you do not give up the internet for

  28. This is my third time trying to post!

    I don't like giving handOUTS. I prefer giving someone a handUP.

    To make a long story short, I thinks folks should donate their time, money or both for charity. Charity can also saying kind words to a depressed person.

  29. Folks, I'm sorry for my grammatical errors. I am using my Android smartphone and I don't always catch the errors.

  30. Speaking of donations.......

    I gave to the Red Cross, specifically tor the people in Japan that are suffering from Mother Nature's earthquake & Tsunami's double whammy:

  31. MsGoody2Shoes~ I love your Twitter posts..They always make me laugh and on a stressful day I need a chuckle! Thanks to you I'm offically not getting mad that other blogs call me a B-I-T-C-H, because Im proud to say I'm a "Beautiful Individual That Checks Haters"!

    So take THAT! hehe And by the way.. Why is Jon Gosselin on Twitter asking everyone what they are giving up for 40 days, when everyone is asking him why he didn't just quit smoking?

  32. I mean no disrespect by my comment, but is Jon a Jewish-Christian now??? I thought he decided to become Jewish? Or 50%, why is he observing Lent?

    Re not going on the computer for Lent, don’t worry Baby Mama, I don’t observe lent, so I will not be letting go of my addiction, but appreciating it even more in that I belong to a fantastic group of positive women who understand the meaning of giving and tolerance.


  33. Good Mornin' everyone! Counting my sad about situation in Japan. Still so much we don't know.

    Who knows what Jon thinks he is? Jewish one Catholic? Whatever, he's not practicing any form of religion that I can see except self indulgence.

    Here's three things I'd like for him to give up:

    1. Harrassing Kate and thus hurting his kids and exposing their privacy.

    2. Cigarettes...2nd hand smoke is a killer! I worry about the apartment the kids sleep in with him!!

    3. Shacking up with his "government worker"! Try abstinence for a while Jon, grow up and see what the really important things in life are. Learn to stand on your own.

    Now a shout out to Jacque and Debora from Brazil!

    Also Katherine Denise...honey, are you alright? check in girl so we know you don't have the blues going though this rough patch!

    Imagine what positive chatter the G's will have when they go back to school after spring break! Instead of just playing around the house, they did something very worthwhile and beneficial!

    They took a big step this week in learning about one of life's most important lessons...sharing, helping and giving back!

  34. Lynn,

    I never saw one person getting a bag of groceries, so why did you say that at all. This was a center to bring donations to. See how lies and rumors get started. Please read the article closely, 12,000 lbs of food was donated. I hope the ones receiving it on the other end will have children who get have a full tummy.

    I donated to the Red Coss to help for the terrible mess that Japan is in. How sad for them all.

  35. Sorry I've been MIA. Missed all of you!!!

    It's College Basketball tournament time, and ACC Tourney. My DH got tickets for me, so I'm not missing much of it. Four games today was too much even for me. Next several weeks, I'm pretty much at the games, watching the games, listening to the games. Must be something about short people (5'2"me) being drawn to tall basketball players, lol.

    Did have contributions made via DH.

    I'm reading comments, but too hard to type much on the smartphone screen.

    Hugs to all!

  36. will write whatever complete crap they can make up! Check out this story.. Anything to keep Kate on their site! How is Kate a Diva when she has 8 kids to protect?: Kate Gosselin Is Such A Diva: Demands Police Escort Through Airport! Exclusive

    The mom-of-eight had police protect her and her eight little ones when arriving in Tennessee– too much? Kate Gosselin demands the A-list treatment everywhere she goes! We told you that Kate took her kids to Tennessee, to shoot scenes for an upcoming episode of Kate Plus 8, despite the fact that it was the children’s spring break. A source tells that Kate “made a scene” at the Tri-Cities Regional Airport in Blountville, TN., and had police give her an escort through the relatively small airport.

    “Kate had the police walk her through the airport and into the parking lot,” our source says. “She was talking about wanting them to escort her limo to the hotel so the photographers didn’t get near her. But I’m not sure if they ended up going that far.”

    While in the southern city, the kids and Kate held a collection drive for a food bank at a supermarket and ended up bringing a lot of awareness to a great cause! We reached out to the Tri-Cities Regional Airport and have yet to hear back.

  37. Good evening all, or should I say morning! I hate having to lose an ohur tonight, but wanted to forward you Kate on the radio in case you wanted to listen to it. Share your thoughts...

  38. Just found out that apparently those unstable immatre KHaters over al BL's site were posting nasty comments over at the TN newspaper. Then they try to stick the blame over here, like any of us stable women would ever do anything like that! She actually left the link to her disturbing hate site over at the charities website. Then tires to implate that we would do that to hurt them. Ate they insane?

    Why are some people so focused on attacking TLC, the sponsor of the charity event that brought in 12,000 lbs of food for the hungry? Anyone that follows that link back to her will know first hand those vile comments came from her and her readers. When I say that your site is only as good as the admins that run it I wasn't kidding! I feel for people this nasty..

    BKIA said.....
    No one here indicated they were posting vile messages on the charity's web site, it could very well be sheeple trying to make us look bad. Because sheeple do things like that, sadly.
    March 12, 2011 10:31 AM

  39. Despite the fact that the kids were on Spring break, last time they went the fuss was that they were missing school. Make up your mind AKO"S (anti kate obsessives) Since I am a sheeple Sensible honest earthings enjoying positive lives everyday, I will just be proud of it. There are some really sad people out there.
    Boy do I hate changing clocks, especially the watches. Now at least some of them change automatically

  40. Baby Mama said - "Why are some people so focused on attacking TLC, the sponsor of the charity event that brought in 12,000 lbs of food for the hungry? "

    This statement validates the need for Kate to request security when she can. If people are angry enough to attack a valuable charity event, can you imagine what they would do to someone they hated?

    And that the hate sites don't even realize that their hatred is damaging their own lives (love Linda's comment about hatred being a habit then an addiction) and the lives of others is scary at the very least.

  41. BabyMama "unstable immature KHaters" is spot on. They have now shown people outside of the Gosselin blogging world just how crazy and hateful they are.

  42. So what haters...I doubt that Kate asked for an escort...let's see, she has traveled the world and just about hit most any kind of airport there is!

    Don't recollect ever seeing her with a police escort!

    Be dam the waters if she did! Next time she comes into town I hope they have a big parade as well! Maybe with full red carpet treatment.

    Hail to the Queen...Kate of TLC! Eat my grits haters and don't blame your crap on us! We know how to behave and act like we have our cards stacked right!

  43. There are some people who believe that the hungry need only pull themselves up by the bootstraps and fend for themselves. They have no idea of the complexities of the issue and how big parts of this country are very few paychecks away from hungry or how it is to have to choose between food and gas to get to work so you can keep your job or food and rent or food and medicine. That is why they can criticize TLC for helping. They think it is good for our government to bail give subsidies to big corporations, but the food stamp program should be cut. I saw this attitude from the woman who put Kate down on the O Reiley Factor for not being able to hack the camping trip she took her on. The whole premise of her show seemed to me to be a political statement to that effect. Kate knows what it is to need help and she is very aware that she could be in the food lines herself if she didn't have some good fortune.

  44. fired up said -Hail to the Queen...Kate of TLC! Eat my grits haters and don't blame your crap on us!

    You go, firedup! I second that!

  45. tashapork - Excellent points! There are people who take advanage of the system, there always will be people who take advantage of anything.

    To lump all in the same basket is not only unfair, it shows that one really doesn't know the issues they speak of.

    Some promote that everyone can acheive 'the dream' if they just prepared and make the right choices. That just isn't realistic. Also, society could not function if everyone acheived 'the dream'. Who would pick up your garbage? Who would do the manufacturing jobs? Who would serve you your food at the drive through? Who would _______ fill in the blank with any less than high level job you choose.

    Off my soap box.

  46. Good afternoon everyone! What did everyone give up for Lent and has anyone caved yet? lol

    So basically on the other site they are rehashing Kate still having her nursing degree and if it's still valid. I was wondering why is this a topic again? Is it because Kate mentioned that she wanted to help more children? I found this article from a while ago that touched on her current status...

    "Kate Gosselin--former Labor and Delivery Nurse--Renews Her Nursing License..The star of Jon & Kate Plus 8 reality TV series and mother of eight has renewed her nursing license. Kate Gosselin said that while she plans to explore entertainment options in TV and possibly film, she is keeping her options open and plans to use nursing as a fallback career.

    Gosselin wanted to renew her nursing license, which was set to expire on October 31st. The $45 fee would renew her license until 2011. She is currently qualified to practice nursing but will have to complete 30 hours of continuing education credits before her next renewal in 2011 to comply with Pennsylvania Heath Department regulations"

  47. Kate saying she wants to help more children could mean she would like to help in a number of ways. Why assume that her wanting to help has anything to do with nursing? There are so many other ways that Kate could help besides nursing. It seems to me that there is far too much assuming on some other blogs and let's be honest their blogs have been made up of only assumptions, guesses, rumors, and unidentified "sources" rather than facts and it seems that facts are ignored and in their world they base their criticisms solely on assumptions,tabloids, rumors and made up stories. I would prefer to go by the facts and only believe what I see and hear directly from the person that is the subject of discussion rather than on tabloid rumors or made up stories like I've read or heard about on these other blogs who try to give credence to their hatred and judgement of someone they've never met. I would love to see the Anti Kate Obsessives give up all the hatred and vile rumors for Lent. I'll give up reading their disgusting blogs and their disgusting comments and assumptions for Lent.

  48. firedup4kate~ I was thinking about the recent nightmare in Japan and the sad, horrific bus accident in the Bronx and my heart has been so heavy. I don't want anyone to think that because I didn't mention it, or since I was joking around that I wan't thiking about it.

    I pray for all in Japan as well as the families that were woken to the horrific news of their parents in this bus tragedy.

    But back to Jon, I agree with your list!

  49. Thanks for all of your posts, and thank you Baby Mama for making it possible for us to see video of Kate and the kids that we would other wise miss. I had the opportunity to work at our local food bank this winter and it really opened my eyes. How can we have so much and ignore the people around us who need our help. I really hope Kate reads this blog, because she needs to know she is really appreciated and inspires some of us to keep trying. Thanks again to all of you.

  50. Our school donates 2x a month to the foodbanks and my mom, my kids & I buy large amounts of toiletries, toys, hats & gloves to donate during Christmas.

    I read the stuff going on at the tri city site. Sad. And they were pretty proud it was them until the Feeding America person took them to task. The all the sudden it was "sheeple". Funny. None of us "sheeple" knew about it until they were advertising it and IW was talking about in a post. I didn't know until some one emailed me the link.

    Helping a charity is good no matter how you go about it. All the celebrities get paid to endorse charities. Some donate the money, some don't. None of our business. Nothing that Kate or Jon do with their money is our business. We can speculate, but ultimately none of our business.

  51. As I spend way too much time with license boards (DH is licensed in 9, including PA, I took 30 seconds to check Kate's - it's public record and it really took less than 30 seconds. She is a Registered (as opposed to Pratical) Nurse with an active license until 10/31/2011. Most, if not all, professional licenses require continuing ed courses, if you are using the license or not. This is between the licensee and the licensing State should the State with to audit. So, yawn, next...

  52. Oopsie - should have been "wish" to audit...time for that second (or is it third) cup of coffee!

  53. Getting my time in where I can :) Lent, while still a time of fast and abstinence (which is where the sacrifice comes in now) the focus now is more on doing something positive during Lent as opposed to "giving up" something. Daily Bible reading, attending Bible study groups, volunteering at charities, charity events, fish fry, food drives, meals on wheels, building bikes for an orphanage, that kind of thing. Much different today than the ashes and sackcloth stuff of my youth? PLUS - if you count the days in Lent you find there's more than 40, Sundays don't count :) Ironic, no?

  54. Is anybody else having trouble posting comments?

    I got an email that there were Blogger problems. Perhaps it is Google problem like the recent Twitter problems.

    I can try to help but you need to include a few details in the email to give me clues in tracking things down. Thanks.

  55. Hello everyone! I missed you! As you can tell Ive only been able to get on late at night. I had my own "Kate Gosselin" dilemma of sorts. My best friends son needed to be removed from school for a week for some biting issues. She couldn't fully take off of work so I stepped in a 2 days. Problem was I already have my toddler so having 2 for 2 days made me lose my mind. And of course I had to watch carefully as I had my own concerns.

    At the end of the day the issue was quickly resolved. But word traveled as to why he wasn't in school and both his parents & myself flipped out over the catty nosy parents. I wondered how pissed off Kate must have been knowing that some nasty mouth over at her kids school ran to some rag mag to spill the beans that 2 of her kids were not in school. If that had been my child you would have seen my behind go over there like a psychotic Wolverine. Nothing pisses me off more than jealous haters disguised as nosy catty parents.

    I think about how upset she must have been paying so much more for private school thinking there is a higher level of security, when in the end they will sell you down the river if they think they could make a buck off of it. So sad...

  56. The actions of nosy neighbors and gossiping parents is very harmful and I think is more harmful than taping a reality tv show. The reaction from the haters will cause emotional scarring, not being with a film crew in your house.

  57. Babymama, that is so nice of you to help your friend. You express one of the primary reasons I like Kate so much. AKO"S(antiKateObsessives)act like something like a child having issues in school is soo out of the ordinary and can only be caused by horrible parenting, but it is a really common issue. It helps other moms not feel so alone to see Kate dealing with it as best she can. Those other nosy parents do not have concern for the child involved, I really think they see it more as an ego boost because it isn't their kids. They will get what's coming to them one day.

  58. I am hearing again online about Hailey's issue with Jon's size and it really bothers me. She has every right to be upset with him and to vent her side about the negative impact that he has made on her and criticize his behaviors and choices. She has every right to sue him for any money he owes, but I really wish that for the sake of the kids that she would stop online with attacks of Jon's sexual anatomy. When the kids see this it could really hurt their self image and cause a lot of pain, I believe more pain than hearing about choices that he made and behavior that was under his control.
    Fascinated, I agree with you about the hateful or nosy people in one's own communtiy being more damaging than a filmcrew ever could be.

  59. Clearly Hailey is still clinging on to the relationship. She needs to let him go and move on. :)

  60. Funny we should be mentioning Hailey because on Twitter I found out that Hailey is firing back and creating her own advice blog! Yes, check it out, her and Ellen get ot duke it out!

    RT @hAiLeYgLaSsMaN1: My Blog coming soon----

    So I wonder...Ellen used to have a simple advice blog until she figured out she could score swag using Jon's name. Smart girl. So the blog format changed a bit and now she uses it to get freebies they use a spare as giveaways. I wonder if Hailey will do the same thing? lol

    And before you think I'm liking Hailey, I honestly feel bad for the girl. Because seriously, who would be stupid enough to lend like $200,000 or whatever to your boyfriend.. Seriously would you want to date a guy with 8 kids hitting YOU up for money?

  61. I think it's great the Gosselins are promoting the food bank and encouraging people to be charitable and help the needy.I am sorry for my other comment about jibberjabbers but a simple warning would have been enough, banning me for it seems unfair :( I was respectful to everyone here.Also, Linda, I don't think the kids should be off tv, that is not why they have so many problems now, I suggested less exposure.Have a great day everyone :)

  62. lexipedia21 -Let's be perfectly candid. We did do multiple warnings. Both to you posting as lexipedia and under other screen names with variations of RoxyHelen, We are quite aware of your postings on hate sites, your comments about regular posters here, and your praise of the most horrific khaters. I even suggested that perhaps living in another country there were misunderstandings on your part. You continued to post some pretty nasty things. 

    You did say quite specifically on the "attorney" blog some pretty nasty and vile things about people here, Kate Gosselin, etc. Your comments on the Gosselin children weren't appreciated either.

    While you are most certainly entitled to your opinion, you are not allowed to voice it wherever you choose. There are guidelines here and when you don't follow them, you are blocked.

    We wish you well but at present I have great reservations about which opinion you spout is your true sentiment. Voicing a 180 degree shift isn't believable.

    I would suggest that you email Baby Mama. If she changes her mind and you can convince her you've changed your stripes, she will tell me to unblock you. Until then, you'll have to post your comments elsewhere.

  63. We do not take blocking anyone lightly. I never make the decision alone. When there are questionable comments, first cautions are sent and comments are sent to a "hold" folder. This is Baby Mama's blog. She reviews the questionable comments and makes the call on "block" or "watch closely, if it continues, then block."

    There are certain things that will get you blocked future chances:
    Denigrate the Gosselin kids by calling them insulting ethnic slurred names, make fun of their weight, eyes, hair, intelligence, etc. = blocking
    Dropping the F-bomb repeatedly against Kate, kids, or this site owner = blocking
    Going to another blog, copying and pasting from this blog and using it to cite why you hate this blog and all things Gosselin = blocking

  64. The blocking software is getting better and better. However, we have had "non fans" with IPs very close to regular readers here, and I have in the past inadvertently blocked regulars. When that happens, an email to Baby Mama or to me, gets those released along with an apology from me.

    Additionally, there are regulars on here who "alert" Baby Mama and/or me when offensive comments are made. At that point, we pull those comments until they are looked at a bit closer and a decision is made.

    Just as people have a right to differing opinions, the blog owner has both a right and a responsibility to set guidelines. If you radically disagree with those, then please find a place where the guidelines fit with your own interests. We have a right not to be inundated with hate, filth, etc.

  65. Oh the haters! They are amusing to watch. Just reading around this morning...I see they have visited a couple of other blogs that are "Kate friendly" and have tried to stir up some trouble.

    Their methods are so juvenile. A supporter can make a comment that we all know is true and can be verified and the hater comes back with "no, its not"! "not the way I see it" "it's my opinion and I'm entitled to it".

    No it's not...yes, it it's not...yes, it is!

    I swear, they know nothing about debate. They don't have the intellect for it. That's why I prefer this nice friendly, sane atmosphere here. We all have some different views of things...but they are not in the vile, negative vain we see spewed on other sites.

    I'm in total agreement with your list for blocking, LindaO and BabyMama!

    As regards Hailey, well I see her more likely to succeed that the "government worker". At least Hailey never participated in the "hate campaign" against Kate or interjected herself in the kids lives.

    She never got chummy with the hate blogs or tried to use the kids to further her agenda.

    I do feel sorry for her...she made a bad decision following a young, foolish heart and gave away her life's savings to Jon. She bought his lies and deception and he used her horribly.

    She has a right to be bitter and a right to go after her money. I don't see Jon doing the moral thing and owning up to this debt and starting a procedure to pay it back. He's almost the same amount behind in his CS payments!

  66. Linda and BabyMama that's why your blog is one of my favorite places because not only will you not tolerate over the top criticism towards Kate but the one firm topic that is not allowed is any negativity towards the children. They are adorable children and no child deserves to be criticized especially by strangers.

    Fireup4Kate you are right, that was part of the reason that Hailey and Jon broke up because Hailey did not approve and didn't want to participate in the hate towards Kate and certainly not against the children either. I remember one of their last on camera fights and Hailey was very firm on her stance that Jon needed to stop all the attacks and focus on what was important, pulling himself together and moving on with his life. Everything concerning Hailey was right on target firedup4kate in your comment. Hailey most certainly does have a right to try and get her money back that she loaned Jon as it was money she had taken out of her trust fund. Poor girl kind of ironic that she used her trust fund money to loan because she "trusted" someone. It's a lesson she learned like we all do and one I'm betting she won't repeat again.

  67. Lexxi - Sorry,i didn't realize your comment was n the "to be moderated" queue until jus now.

    Baby Mama - I knew you were busy today so I'd tried to keep an eye on the blog. :)
    You are so right IMO, FiredUp, about Hailey. When Jon started dating her she was in her final year of college and I think she was in over her head. That last public argument they had was because of Hailey refusing to participate in Kate hate. She should have every right to pursue legal and/or public means to regain her loan to Jon. Hmmm...the thngs you do when you thnk you're in love!!! Even her tv appearance $$ were withheld to pay Jon's legal fees.

    Hope everyone had a great day. DH and I had a cooking class tonight with an area chef. We learned not much because it was so noisy but we did get to sample some delicious foods. (Hey, I'll take a date night out any way I can get it!!!)

  68. I am not a therapist, clinical psychologist or a psychiatrist, but I do read and in my opinion, based on the DSM-IV, Jon Gosselin has a classic passive aggresive personality disorder that he has honed since adolescence. People like him are manipulative. Jon is very good at manipulating people.

    That is how he swindled $200,000 from Hailey who was 21 years old at the time. That is how he extorted $50,0000 from Kate. That is how he has shirked his financial responsibility to his marriage/family by working sporadically, being fired from jobs several times, and never staying employed for more than 6 months on a job.

    Jon thought his passive aggression, manipulations and lies would continue to serve him. Instead, all of his manipulation bit him in the ass and deservedly so!

    I'm sure when he moved to New York buying $1000 shoes, dining at 5 star restaurants, traveling, etc., Jon thought (no planning) it would go on forever.

    Jon has been reduced to earning a low wage job because he is an inexperienced, unskilled laborer.Jon didn't quit the first "green" job that supposedly paid him $75,000 to work at another "green" job earning $9-$12 hour (Jon.IS NOT earning $35 hour because he has no experience).

    If I had only a high school education, didn't want to go back to school, wanted to quit reality TV paying me big bucks AND I knew I didn't want to he broke, I would have bought a money making franchise like McDonald's.

    Just sayin':.....

  69. What happened folks? I see comments are not visible as soon as you post.

  70. Okay - I just checked to blog. I'm not sure what is happening. Moderation is not turned on, nor is the " auto send to spam until cleared." I don't see any problems at first look with lines of code. I'm not aware of Baby Mama changing or adding anything.

    I have email in to Google. There are some things being reported as problems on a number of blogs. Thus, I have no immediate answer as to what is happening with comments. Some that were here have disappeared but do not show as deletions.

    I will check with the code gurus. Beyond that, all I can do is say, keep trying.

    Thank you for your patience.

  71. Okay, I'm losing comments also. I'll keep checking.

    MsGoody2Shoes - I don't dispute anyone's right to their opinion. I don't know Jon personally. I've observed him in person for only about 30 minutes during the Disney World trip. I tend to shy away from labels. 

    That said, as somebody who watched from the first special, what appeared on screen in the Disney trip and what I observed in person made me question a lot of things. It was a hot day. Ice Cream was melting, Kate was frustrated and fussed at Jon for not helping. What wasn't shown was Jon pretty much not aware of his kids, or Kate's repeated requests in a nice way for Jon to help which he ignored as he chatted up the crowds. She did not get his attention until she raised her voice for him to come help, right then. He came then, but was rolling his eyes the whole time.

    My DH had been a huge Jon supporter until then as had I. My DH's response was "That guy needs to grow up and get his rear in gear and help!" One cranky kid with sticky hands, arms, and clothes from ice cream is tough. Multiply that times all the kids. Kate had been flying around trying to wipe up and it was melting faster than she could mop up.

    As I said, I don't know them. I haven't walked in their shoes. I continue to hope that Jon will grow up and become responsible. Being an adult is fun! Spare me please from lifelong Peter Pans, or those who always need to be rescued from their own choices and irresponsible acts.

  72. Agree with ya MsGoody2shoes! You called it well. What you described LindaO seems to be classic Jon most of the time.

    A big hello to everyone! Nosey Neighbor is writing crap about Kate again...complaining endlessly because Kate isn't attending some small time Reality Convention that Eric Roberts is going to!

    Seems Polly still has that corn-cob placed "you know where" and it's still irritating her about Kate not doing what Polly wants her to do!

    Polly is crying because Kate won't be there to mix and mingle...don't ya know Polly would be heaven bound if Kate smiled, acknowledged her and gave her an autograph!

    Polly, Kate has 8 kids to take care of...she picks her venues carefully and leaves her kids only when necessary! Child advocate...isn't that what you always whine about!

    Kate's not being there is not the end of the world...I doubt TLC would want her to mingle with the likes of Eric Roberts after his insulting comments about her!

    Cry us another river Polly...Kate the Great is not bowing to your demands!

  73. Good morning everyone! I was expecting to come here and have over 100 posts by now. What the heck happened and where is everyone??

    As you may have seen on my Twitter, these past few days have even ridiculous for me. I was chosen to tape a special Dr. OZ segment about moms that will air next week (email me privately for details) that I had a blast with. I've also been working mean hours and busy with a few upcoming Girl Scout events. Regardless I'm always here at some point through out the day, and lucky to have Linda by my side helping as well. Please feel free to email me wherever you have a problem posting or anything related to this site..

    Luckily for me things will be quiet for me at the beginning of April for the start of the new Kate Plus 8 Shows!

  74. LexxI~ Girl I just got your email. I didn't delete anything Please try re-posting today. I have no idea what's going on. I would never do that to you! :)

    I also received several emails this week from children thinking I'm Kate. Just want to post here that this is just a fan site! I hope I don't break any hearts today :(

  75. I know everyone has had a problem posting but please try now. I want to know what everyone feels about Hailey starting her own advice blog. Is it totally making fun of Ellen? Do you find in funny or inappropriate?

  76. Baby Mama - Sorry I'm on the road and couldn't get phone call to go through.

    Google responded that you may need to close this thread and start a new one. That has helped with some blogs. I won't go into reasons here for the problem of lost and blocked comments. Will tryto call you tonight.

  77. Ok, BabyMama...I wrote a long post around 1:30pm and it has yet to appear? Let's see if this comment shows up!

  78. Guess we are in business again. Just wanted to mention Hailey is getting some revenge again. ROL has a video up and a not so nice commentary on Jon's awful attempt to set Hailey up regarding the apartment trashing.

    A lot of stuff will come back to haunt Jon. He has never treated women with respect...including his ex beautiful wife Kate.

    Appears that when Jon got caught cheating with the nanny while supposedly being madly in love with Hailey...he went back and denied the whole thing, begged for Hailey's forgiveness and then went out and purchased a very expensive bag for her....a designer original for $11,000!

    Hailey was really touched by it til she found out when she got her credit card statement that Jon purchased the bag with Hailey's credit card!

    Jon's insincere repentance and meaningless expressions of love are sick and so underhanded. What kind of man does something like that?

    I honestly don't know how Kate dealt with him for 10 years! She's a saint in my book!

  79. BabyMama...You are going to be on Dr. OZ!!!

    O please, just go ahead and brag away here about it and let us and the world know when this will occur!

    WooHoo...BabyMama, you are going to make Meana Nina oh so jealous!

  80. How cute BabyMama that some children emailed you thinking you were Kate. Congratulations on the opportunity to be on Dr. Oz. I would love to see it. Absolutely no need to apologize as Linda took care of it and with the fickle world of computers there are so many things that can go wrong no matter how hard you try to keep it steady.

    I don't think Hailey is poking fun at Ellen and I haven't even seen her mention Ellen on her twitter. I've seen the blog and it's Hailey with her sense of humor and fun and if she enjoys it then who am I to judge her? We feel Kate has a right to make her own choices and decisions and I feel the same goes for Hailey. She has a right to make her own choices and while she might be young for an advice blog just maybe she can answer questions for the younger set as she is definitely in tune to that age.

  81. FiredUp - Your 12:58 post was MIA for a while but back there now. Hopefully there isn't another missing post. It's been just weird. A post will appear, then it doesn't show, then it's back.

    Google tried to explain part of it...but their answer made no sense to me.
    March 16, 2011 4:53 PM

  82. Firedup4kate, I think revenge plays a little part but I suspect Hailey's intention it's more about clearing her name and just having some fun. Jon did after all trash the apartment himself and tried to blame Hailey for it as apparently what the police said was a publicity stunt Jon did for attention. I would be pretty upset too if I were accused by an ex boyfriend and have the police investigate you when it was done for revenge because she had enough of Jon's games and broke up with him and then to have the police determine it was done for a publicity stunt too was just an awful lot to handle from an ex boyfriend.

  83. It might be quieter than normal too because of all the news with the tragedy in Japan. It's awful and we need to pray for all of them. It turns out that it's much worse than they were first told and they are trying to evacuate as it looks like there might be a full melt down and there was another quake this morning of 6.6 to add to their troubles. We are seeing a tragedy on a massive scale and all we can do is pray for them.

  84. I will say that Hailey looks soo much healthier now that she is away from Jon. I am happy for her. It is really what I want for Jon too. Maybe I am way off base, but I feel if he could take a good year off of relationships with women working on himself and making himself healthy, then he could have a much better relationship. I know Hailey feels that people blame her for J&K breakup, but that notion has not once been spread by Kate. She has never blamed the split on any of Jon's girlfriends or interest in girlfriends.

  85. tashapork I've wished that from day one that Jon had just taken time by himself and pulled his life together. True we don't have any right to tell him what to do and I certainly have no intention of that but I felt from the beginning that it would have benefited Jon immensely if he had not been with anyone and pulled his life together before he started any other relationships. I would have said the same thing for Kate had it been her. Yes it can be difficult to be alone but sometimes that's what it takes for a person to find themselves first without someone from the outside influencing the direction you may need to go in.

    You're right, Kate has never blamed anyone for the breakup. How could Hailey be blamed for the breakup of their marriage since Hailey wasn't the first girl Jon had cheated with? It would be ridiculous to blame her in my opinion. She does seem to be very happy and getting her life together. She has a job she loves, a new apartment, great friends who support her, a very close relationship with her mother and even more important she has a goal and that's to own her own PR firm. All I can say is you go girl and I hope you are successful just as I would wish any woman success in the business world.

  86. I have never posted here before,nor at any other site regarding the Gosselin Family .I infrequently have these read to me by my hubby as I lost my vision to brain cancer 8 months ago.
    I am neither pro Jon Or Kate.Pro the Gosselin kids.I am a mother & grandmother so I value children & their feelings before all else. I am not in favor of these blogs as all seem to slam Jon and or Kate. Hurts me to know their precious chldren are going to be able to read these one day. Perhaps just really trying to understand why Kate and Jon have done what they have would be best & pray for them & above all their 8 children.Thanks for listening.

  87. callie57 - We certainly wish you well in your battle with cancer. Hopefully you will avail yourself of services for the blind, such as voice directed Internet searches and voice activated readers.

    Prayer is, in my opinion, one of the very best things one human can do for another. Personally, I would like to add you to our prayer list.

    May I suggest that we respect anyone's right to have any opinion that they wish. I would wonder, though, why, given your own struggles at this point, if a blog causes you hurt, you would choose to have it read to you, or the other fan blogs on children. You have a very big tool at your disposal: the off button.

    All here are pro Gosselin Kids. Most are pro Kate. That is the privilege of others, to choose to interact with others who share similar interests or similar values.

    Yes, one day these precious children will read many things about their parents. Things both true and untrue. None of us can impose our values on either Jon or Kate. They, just as all people, choose their paths.

    I certainly wish you well in your battle with your illness. I wish you well in other areas. At last count, googling "Gosselin blogs", there were more than 830,000 responses. That's a lot of folks who have pro or con interests.

    We know that many have attacked Kate. If I were a Gosselin child, I would like to know that there were some blogs who respected my mother, whom although not perfect, tried the best she could at the time.

    There are differing opinions even on this fansite blog. Some are more vocal than others. As a general rule, should those opinions become attacks on other bloggers, or beyond certain boundaries, they are deleted.

    Again, we pray the best outcome possible for you.

  88. LindaO--I had no idea that you actually saw the family in DisneyWorld. I always thought Kate was unfairly criticized for the "ice cream" incident. It seemed like Kate and Beth were trying to handle 6 crying kids with Jon no where in sight. Thank you for filling in your personal observation of the incident. I think I would have been pretty upset under the circumstances as well. This is not meant to be a personal attack on Jon -- while I haven't always liked his behavior, I've never doubted his love for his kids or considered him evil or abusive or any of the other attacks that are typically directed at Kate. But his actions (or inactions) during the ice cream incident sure explain alot.
    FiredUp--That's funny about NN complaining about Kate not attending the reality convention. Of course, you know if she did attend the convention, she'd be attacked for being self-centered and leaving the kids.

  89. We wish nothing but the best for the Gosselin children and we have to believe they will all grow up and have bright futures and happiness in their lives. I do believe that most of us here also wish nothing but the best for both parents. I hope that both Jon and Kate both move on successfully both in careers and love in their lives and they can work together in harmony in raising those beautiful children together even though they are no longer married. Nobody is perfect and we all make mistakes. We just need to learn from our mistakes and move on with our lives.

    Firedup4kate, maybe the neighbor is just disappointed that she can't get an autograph and meet her face to face formally without having to lurk in the background from her all time favorite reality star. LOL

  90. I must agree that your personal observation actually tells quite a bit about the dynamics and it does fit in with some of the behavior we have seen on screen especially Jon being more concerned about chatting with onlookers instead of helping with the children when asked. I do remember a time when the twins were begging for daddy's attention but Jon was more concerned with chatting at the fence despite repeated pleas from the twins that they wanted daddy's attention. Hopefully today Jon has grown enough and would respond much quicker when his children ask for him. Hopefully Jon has learned that his relationships come first before his "networking".

  91. Shirley - I spoke about it eons ago (a year or so), lol. I've always liked Kate's humor! At the same time, I was not always a fan of how she spoke to Jon. However, after viewing the edits of something we observed, it was given a very different slant from what we'd observed. It was portrayed as Kate not wanting the kids to get dirty (I share some of Kate's anal traits.)

    That may have been a small part of it. At the time, I truly felt it was more because it was hot as blazes, the ice cream was melting in rivers, it was obviously nap time, and she was definitely in need of more help. She was asking for help from Jon and wasn't forthcoming. At the time, I just wanted to cry with her. BTW, she was miked, and the whole thing sounds much louder on the DVD than it did in person.

  92. Linda never thought about it but you are right. With wearing a microphone anyone's speaking or yelling would sound so very much louder than it would be without one.

  93. Kate did say one time in an interview quite awhile back that Jon was a different person in when he knew the cameras were on him than he was when the cameras were off. She didn't say in what way, just that he was a completely different person when he knew the cameras were on him.

  94. As for any of the Gosselin children growing up and despite what some people say you can ask anyone that has worked with abused children but it's very rare no matter how badly a parent has acted or what one parent has done that children will grow up to hate that parent. As they say love conquers all and love will always rule first. So I believe that no matter what people say the Gosselin children will still love both their parents now and in the future and forgive them for what faults they may have. That's the positive thinking I choose to live by.

  95. Whoo hoo! I think so of our posts magically appeared! Yes I know a producer of the show that begged me to go on. Will let you know all know privately when it airs as to no haters thiking they can attack me like the od Kate. lo1

    Apparently I'm not a good Tweeter picture uploader person, because I tried to upload photos of Justin Biebers 2 tour buses that made me late for my own taping at Rockerfeller Center and they didn't come up..for you gals that care lol

    Callie57 that was a very nice post. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and I hope you do so more often :)

    Lexxi thank you so much for your great posts!

  96. firedup4kate~ once I found out Nina was the one that was helping her "friend" with that radio show contest, I wanted nothing to do with it. It was disapointing to say the least because I was excited to try out and see what would happen. But if Nina was going to help her friend judge then forget it.

    msgoody2shoes~ you mentioned Jon may have a passive aggressive disorder and I wouldn't doubt it. At the end of the day they can label Kate or myself for that matter whatever they want, but men normally are not labeled as much. These are the people you tend to marry though, those that are opposites DO attract..It's was just a normal young at the time couple that had the stress of raising multiples that just didn't work out, and an man trying to reclaim a time in his life he thinks was taken from him. He felt his own sense on entitlement by dating numerous women in less than a year, and had the balls to ask is own girlfirend for a large sum of money (if this is even true) he enver had the intention of paying back...

  97. Sorry guys, I thought I was up for doing a new post tonight but I'm freaking exhausted. So feel free to continue to post here till tomorrow morning when I will hammer it out. Suggestions are always greatly appreciated. Whatever you would like to see, do tell me!

  98. BabyMama just your own thoughts are always great and make a very good new post. You do have a way with words. Will be anxious to see you on the show. Just imagine how much you could sell those photos of Justin Bieber's tour bus! Bet if you are able to tweet the photos they just might end up in the top download list. Oh to be a teen again and have a crush! LOL

  99. One idea for a post is for people to give ideas for future Kate Plus Eight shows since it looks like we might get some semblance of a series back. Hip Hip Hooray. or to describe a reality show that we might like to be in if we were paid enough. Its fun to imagine sometimes. Kate's birthday is coming up, how might she celebrate?

  100. I think Hailey's advice blog is her attempt to hold on to her relationship with Jon. I don't know her well enough to see it as making fun of Ellen.

    If she is trying to make fun of Ellen, then I again think she hasn't let go of the relationship.

    Hailey, you are a smart woman. You have matured. Continue to move on. You don't need to pull yourself back into Jon's disfunction.

  101. Baby Mama, maybe you could do a "Where are they now" post. Provide an update on Kate, Jon, the pseudo grandmother that passed away, the brother and sister-in-law (I don't know anyones names, sorry), the babysitter. Not as a gossip blog but more of a, when the show finished, where did people go. I am always interested in following up on people, after the cameras are off.

  102. You go Baby Mama!!! Dr. Oz's ratings are going to soar next week... You better believe the haters will be watching, and keeping true to themselves and their jealousy, will say nothing nice, but who care what they have to say!?!? I agree with not posting the information here. Keep them guessing and watching!!!

    My husband and I watch Dr. Oz's show every day, so I'll know when you are on.

  103. BabyMama...So sorry, but I am rolling with glee over your TV appearance! Take that you haters!

    BabyMama...Kate's devoted fan site owner being on the tube herself. You rock girl. I knew when I heard you on the radio show, you were a winner!

    See, Meana Nina should have shown you some respect. Maybe she could have hung on to your coat tails and followed you to the Big Apple!

  104. I would love to see Kate and TLC revisit the idea of one on one parenting. Seeing Kate doing some individual time with each of her little ones!

    They have grown and are starting to show more individual personality traits. I would like to see how Kate relates to each child separately.

    Also as a post...just viewers comments on the attractive positive traits of each child! Who is starting to look like Kate? Who is starting to act like Kate>

    All fun and just positive looks at the family!

  105. Good afternoon all - Some great ideas made, ladies. I can't wait to see what Baby Mama comes up with for the next thread. My favorites are the ones she writes with her own take on things.

    I'd enjoy seeing Kate do another special trip with the twins. Maybe an update on the chickens. An update on the gymnastics and any continuing music lessons. Maybe how their chores are changing as they get older.

    I'm today for a few days, so enjoying the time with kids and the spring weather. Major dance-semi formal-for the Tweeners this weekend (daughter is thrilled and son is not happy at all about it.) Next week is spring break so hoping we can work less and play more (maybe the beach for a few days - tomorrow expecting a record setting 80 degrees. It will then drop back to upper 60s and low 70s so spring is definitely here in our corner of the world.)

  106. Confession too - Now that I found a free NCAA March Madness app for iPhone and iPad, I can be any where and get live feeds of the college basketball games, woo Hoo.

    Also, in answer to an email, the Linda posting at IW is not me. I read there but have never posted there. I appreciate the other sites but I just am too limited on time to keep up with posting... Thus I'm reading at Ziggy's and IW but not posting.

    Happy St. Patrick's Day! May the road rise to meet you and the wind be at your back...!!!

  107. Good morning everyone! Since the RWA crazies are hsving convultions that I haven't had a new post in 5 days (ohh her site is dead, yeah right!) I thought it is HIGH time for some fresh paper. Sorry trollies, I'm a busy girl, but never to busy for my amazing blog!

    Fresh scent of the day is the yummy King Ranch Chicken Casserole that my mom made for us for dinner tonight! YAY MOM! Want the recipe? Go below to her new fav. recipe site or see the actual dish below: