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Because We're A Fan Site..THAT'S WHY! Why is Sister Wives A Hit?? Jon Gosselin Jumps on the Charlie Sheen Band Wagon

Hello Gosselin fans! Well I see those hate sites going into convulsions that I haven't had a new post in a while. Well kids it's called LIFE and I just like all of my commenter's have had alot going on. The second they don't see 200 comments they feel my site is a failure..uhh hello? All is quiet in the Gosselin front. Isn't that what they wanted? For the family to be living a normal life without cameras? So that's what they are doing. But apparently that's not good enough because they feel without the media following Kate's every step she's no longer relevant.. So which one is it? At the end of the day and after now almost 3 years on my site.. the yapping is all the same.. Kate's 15 minutes are up.. yada yada yada. Hmm didn't they also say that TLC was getting rid of Kate and the show? Wasn't the contract up this year? Well at the end of the day, Kate and her 8 are doing just great. Thankyouverymuch. Her birthday is almost here, March 28th. How do you think she will celebrate? What will she wish for? Well if I was her, I would wish for another year of her successful show, and peace and happiness for myself and my children. Ohh and perhaps hopefully seeing another hate site bite the dust? One can only xoxoxo BM

Jon Gosselin Jumps on The Charlie Sheen Bandwagon:

Charlie Sheen is probably off somewhere jumping for joy -- he has managed to create such an internet meme that even Jon Gosselin has gotten involved. In response to a new Us Weekly story that "details" his private life, the former "Jon and Kate Plus 8" star posted a message on Twitter using the "Two and a Half Men" actor's new catchphrase:
"Hey @Usweekly, it's not exclusive if you read my tweets, manipulate them, and embellish them to make a "story". Nice try though. #Winning"

Jon ultimately has a point here, since the Us story largely claims that he has a new job installing solar panels and that he loves watching "Jersey Shore" at night with his girlfriend Ellen Ross -- things Jon has been talking about for months. (Granted, you find out his hourly wage through the story -- but is that really enough in the way of new information?) Unfortunately for Jon, Us is still "winning" in that they can manage to make plenty of money acting as if some of this new information is indeed "shocking" -- it's just that not everyone has Twitter, and even the ones who do rarely spend the time to read over the tweets of random celebrities. Do you think Jon has a beef here?

Is "Sister Wives" a hit thanks to Kate Plus 8 being MIA?

"It looks like the news is all positive so far for TLC's newest season of "Sister Wives." After the Brown family was able to do their first real publicity tour for the show (as they were virtual unknowns the first time around), the show premieres Sunday night to a solid 2.2 million viewers and a 1.0 ratings in the all-important 18-49 demographic. If you want some sort of evidence of just how strong this rating ultimately is for cable TV, consider that Kim Kardashian's "Kim & Kourtney Take New York" -- which receives far more publicity -- only received a 1.1. Are these numbers below what Sarah Palin was getting? They are, but those sort of numbers were far beyond the norm for the Discovery-owned cable network. So what is it about this show that is fascinating? It may just be that there's not much else on TV like it at the moment like it."

What do you think? Do you think shows like this are only successful because Kate Plus 8 is not on the air? Do these people that many love to hate more than Kate herself only becoming popular thanks to controversial mom Kate Gosselin. Please share your thoughts in the comments section!


  1. I was going to write a post today, about how rediculous the GWOP posts have gotten. I hadn't been there in a long time b/c hardly anyone is posting there anyomre. Problably the same 4 over and over changing names. But another PennMommy or perhaps it's the same woman, came on the site going on and on how she was at the Food Bank. Kate was "mean, she did not want to wear her tee-shirts", the kids were "afraid of their mother" yada yada.

    I don't know who actulally believes this blatent lie. You can come on a site, make up what ever name you want then make up any story. How is this fact? It's not. I myself printed a whole bunch of stuff there once about how Kate was like Mother Teresa to see if they would print it, they didn't. So apparently only hateful crazy stories that cannot be checked are automatically true. Sorry, but what a bunch of idiots.

    At the end of the day, they are attacking my site there for not allowing the haters to post here, and the gifts of my blocking. Is this not a FAN SITE? Where have I not requested that people respect that? You don't have to be a fan to post here, but you can't attack Kate either. Whatever, I'm not interested in beating a dead horse like they

  2. I have a different take on the amount of posts in a blog. It is kind of like decorating a room. A few nice pieces of art and nick knacks that fit with the rooom looks a whole lot better than having every wall and table surface covered with who knows what that nobody even cares about or takes care of. Eighty well tought out positive posts makes a blog much better than 500 peices of jibberish that often have nothing to do with the topic for example attacking one of us on a post that is supposed to be about Dancing With the Stars.
    I agree with whoever said on the last post that Kate doing one on one activities with the kids would be awesome shows. They are old enough to help pick what they do. I also think a Kate birthday bash would be great maybe the older girls and her at the spa and somebody at home with the six setting up a surprise party for her

  3. Okay, I did a post and it seems to have disappeared again! I shall try again!

  4. Nice perspective on it tashapork.

  5. Well, that went through.

    Okay...first off, BabyMama...isn't Kate's birthday on March 28th? Correct me if I am wrong.

    I believe TLC owes Kate big time for putting their network on the map so to speak!

    I had never watched anything there til I saw the Gosselins. Kate and the kids drew me in.

    As regards the Sister Wives...not something I will ever watch. I strongly disapprove of the lifestyle.

    The Bible says that a man will leave his father and mother and will stick to his wife and they must become "one flesh"!

    No way that I am sharing my man with 3 other women! I saw a recent interview with Cody and his 3 giggling women all fawning about how they got along just peachy and didn't mind sharing Cody.

    Deperate housewives to a new level is all I got to say! And Cody is a major narcissitic male!

    I think the strong numbers on the show is due to the fascination people have with the odd lifestyle.

    Kate and the 8 being absent on air for so long of course prompts regular viewers to look for something new to watch.

    On Jon's "winning" remark...I think not. He's got a long way to go. Still a loser...this recent thing with Hailey is telling.

    I do believe he owes her big time. He needs to acknowledge the debt and start paying, even if only $50 a month! It would be another baby step he could take toward being a man.

    Funny how "government worker" was quick to deny story about her peeing dogs and come to their defense.

    But not a word from her defending Jon's honor about this enormous debt! Never a denial from Jon either.

  6. I think that people watch Sister Wives because of the controversy and train wreck effect. Its like the 10 million people who watched the divorce episode. I have watched and the thing I don't like is that the wives seem to be complaining all the time about something and complaining isn't my cup of tea. I would never go for that kind of a lifestyle, but since it is based in their religious faith and provided it doesn't do things like force marriages on children or force women into servitude I'd like to see them left alone. I think their premise is that just because they are polygamists, doesn't mean those other things are true.

  7. LindaO: not trying to start anything here, but I felt your post to Callie was a bit cold. If she took it the way I did you may as well of said go somewhere else, there are plenty of sites to post on. Maybe she heard this was a nice friendly fan site and felt like her opinion would be welcomed here. She stated she was not Pro Jon or Kate but Pro kids. I personally saw nothing wrong with her post, but was offended by yours as I am sure this Callie poster was. JMO

  8. Shortnsaszy - I'm sorry if you felt it came across cold. That was not my intention. I did add her to my prayer list.

    I did check her profile. From that, I was amazed with some of her favorites. But, I feel each are, everyone that is, is entitled to their own opinion. But if you are recovering from brain cancer and it hurts you to have a blog read to you, I want you to expend your energy getting well, fighting the cancer. My own mother lost her vision and that's why I also said that I hoped she was getting services for the blind, like the blind auto-readers because it makes you more independent.

    One of the things you are told in fighting cancer is to avoid negatives. Expend your time and energies with positive things to assist your own immune system in the fight.

    She said it hurt her to hear about Jon or Kate. She also said she hoped all the blogs would end so the kids would not one day read negative things. My hope, is that there will be at least one blog left standing that praises the children's mother for doing, not a perfect job, but the best job possible.

    With 830,000 listings, I think any hope of ending all Gosselein blogs is unrealistic. At least there can be some that are predominately positive, and always positive about the kids. Thank goodness Baby Mama has stood up to the khaters.

    If that offended you, I'm sorry. If it offended Callie, I'm sorry. I did add her to our prayer list at church and our prayer list at home. Of course the woman is welcome here.

    My mother didn't even know about services for the blind until we stepped in; and in volunteering, I'm always amazed at how many folks never even know of all the wonderful services available to them, if they but ask. I'm also hoping that somebody in her family is steering her to positive things and away from anything that is causing her to hurt.

    And of course, shortnsaszy, you are entitled to your own opinion and take on things. I do not find a difference of opinion distasteful.

    Happy St Paddy's Day and have a great weekend. :)

  9. I saw that Cake Boss Buddy is going to be in Reading PA in April. Since Buddy's kids are becoming more active on his show, I wonder if Polly will show up to tell him how wrong that is?

  10. Fired Up - I made a similar comment on Twitter last night. Even a token amount of $10 a week would help in the repayment. It would take about 384 years to pay it off at that rate (even with no interest). Ann_IW suggested a win/win if he gave up his cigarettes and used that money. That would be approx $250 a month and it would be a healthy alternative in his lifestyle.

  11. Linda no problem. I never check anyones profiles and if I did I probably wouldnt know what I was looking at or know what it meant. :)

  12. Shortnsaszy - clicking on somebody's name in their post takes you to their profile, if they've created one. It gives you a list of blogs they have listed as favorites. :)

  13. Well, Jon’s response to US Weekly leads me to think that US is no longer using Ellen as a source or is no longer paying Jon/Ellen as a source. I didn’t see him stand up against the rag mags when they were discrediting his children and Kate. Clearly he is in it for himself.

  14. What I find kind of odd is that Jon isn't denying Hailey's claim that he owes her money. He is usually the first one or his "source" to defend his honor and yet nothing but silence.

    Linda that's a great idea. If Jon gave up his habit he could at least pay Hailey back some of the money he owes and be a benefit to his health.

  15. Linda Cake Boss Buddy is going to be visiting the area surely as an avid child advocate she will surely be telling him what she thinks. You can be assured she will probably try for an interview with him. I just don't trust that what she writes is actually what the person says. It seems some writers especially gossipy ones) have a knack for twisting celebrities comments into something completely different than what they actually said or twist it into something that wasn't intended.

  16. I think Sister Wives is so popular because they struggle with the same issues everyone else struggles with: jealousy, inadequacy, work versus staying at home, what makes a loving relationship, what is love, and etc.

    I wasn’t interested in the show because I believe that it was oppressive towards the women. I felt that they were not in the relationship willingly.

    After hearing comments on this site and from my sister (huge reality tv fan) I thought that maybe I was wrong and these women were in the relationship with complete volition. I watched them on Oprah and my opinion did begin to change. I agreed that these women appeared to be making this choice willingly.

    Then I became angry and my opinion went back to my original assumption in that the relationships were not fair and equitable.

    When they were introducing the fourth wife, the first wife asked the husband if he would feel jealous if she wanted to bring in another husband and his misogynistic response was - that can’t happen, GOD wouldn’t allow it.

    Well, I was done after that comment. Sorry, the show is oppressive to women and those women aren’t in it willingly. This guy is telling them that he can be a polygamist but they can't because that is not okay with God. Sorry but that doesn't cut the mustard anymore.

  17. Linda thanks, I will check that out. No hard feelings? I mean we are the topic of RWA tonight so that must make us big time news right? LOL, Oh well can't please everyone, but I dont try to please those types of people.

  18. fascinated, the funny part of that is the 1st wife is the one that suggested he bring her in. I dont see how any charges could stick when he is legally only married to one. No different than a married man with 3 mistresses, except they all know about each other.

  19. Hello everyone! Waves to Shortnsaszy welcome. I don't get a chance to read every post, but I'm sue Linda never meant any ill will to a commenter on this site. I hope I was able to welcome Callie and hope that she knows I would love for her to come back & post more..

    Firedup4kate~ Loved your comment.. so sorry again you lost it. What happened? are we losing commens again? Thank you for catching Kate's incorrect birthday. I must check later to see if the blogs are a buzz that the #1 fan site can't even get it's Queen's birthday correct! lol

    Tashapork~ I really loved your post tonight. It touched me. You have been such a great part of this site for so long and I always appreciate your posts. I always thought of myself as a chatchke (sp?) vase while Linda was one of the finer art pieces. But she made me feel more important, so now I'm like the 14k gold plated Lladro my mother is so fond of :)

    I had a point with that comment, but sadly lost it.

  20. fascinated~ I agree on one hand with your reasons why the show is popular..

    But on the other hand, I forgot to mention that I hate Sister Wives. I feel that whole lifestyle is wrong and underground skeevy. But mostly sad that these women seem to promote that this is not even OK but downright great. But to each is own and this is JMO. I think my whole point was to say.. well does this kind of show become popular BECAUSE theres nothing to watch on TLC?

    Cause at the end of the day I would always change the channel lately then watch TLC. They have nothing good on anymore. And I think Kate's show not being on is making crap TV seem downright normal. "I didn't know I was pregnant?" anyone? lol

  21. Swat. Still can't follow rules, eh?

  22. Sorry folks. She just doesn't get it. Come here directly from trash sites...go directly back to trash sites...quote and paste from here to trash sites...that is against the rules.

    Amazing how some flies make the statement "don't worry, I'll never be back to break your rules again" then immediately come back right at 100 times in a day. Honey, you must be burning up that translator in Romania.

    Sorry, but I just don't have time to explain it in your native language. You've done very well with learning English. I commend you for that. Much better than my Romanian would be after decades or study.

    Let me say this again (henceforth you shall just be deleted with no further comment!) I wholeheartedly believe that you are entitled to ANY opinion you wish to believe!!! You just aren't allowed to express that hatred here.

    We do wish you and your fellow friends there well. We just, do not, want your posts here. You gave up that privilege by choosing the path you took.

    Now, move on... Where is Nadia Comaneche when you need her to translate???

  23. Shortnsaszy - Goodness no, I'm not upset with you. I have zero intention of reading at that trash site, either, lol. I get enough of their venom via email.

    The difference I see is that the little group you referred to are so embroiled in hate that they are incapable of grasping the concepts used here. There can be differences of opinion and perspective without the need to tear into each other, froth at the mouth like mad dogs, and resort to gutter filth language filled with expletives. My four letter word of choice is love.

    They also don't know that we talk on Twitter, etc. Hey girl, I even wish your basketball teams well in the NCAA, lol. At least until they face each other...then I'm pulling for my teams all the way!!! Sorry about that. :)

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  26. We regret any inconvenience that temporary blocking is causing to regular readers in Romania as a result of one stinky winky. I'm working to narrow it down. Play nice, play by the rules, and you are welcome.

    We continue to welcome longtime regular readers in a Hungary (Pest and Buda and others), Croatia, Ukraine, and other European countries.

  27. IF Jon Gosselin owned a conscience I'd agree, LindaO...he'd have made an attempt, any attempt to pay Hailey & his other debts off in good faith...BUT I do believe Jon's only line of defense, of the indefensible, is to ignore. Sadly Hailey's loan may be replete w. proof, but recovering thru' the courts brings in a burden of proof she may just not have. 'Loan' on a money order for $200k needs more than one lawyer, but a notary etc. Hailey had good councel, & I'm fearful she has already been told - Jon may just have the upper hand. WHO in their right mind would allow that kind of loss all the while claiming she was fearful it would 'take away from his children?' Noble, but not germaine.

  28. Shortnsaszy,

    Utah is a common law state, so since he is living with all the women, and they are using his last name, call themslves his wives, etc, they are considered married, hence the charges.

  29. I'm going to go with -- none of the above. Sister Wives is successful because it's interesting. Here's a facet of life most of us never hear much about or see. While this lifestyle would not be for me, I think these are educated, competent women who have made a life choice they are comfortable with. The children look healthy, normal, and most importantly, well-loved.

    People love to judge and point fingers at that which they don't understand. No one is being hurt here. If it's not your cup of tea, move along. These people are not hurting anyone nor are they advocating their lifestyle for anyone except themselves.

    I personally like the show and would advocate for any Mom doing what she honestly thinks best for her children. It's like saying gays shouldn't raise children. Who are any of us to say how someone else should live?

  30. I agree HB...something odd about Hailey not going ahead and collaring Jon legally for the debt.

    I have no doubt he owes it...she did a while back show a check written out to him for $88,000 I believe that stated "loan" on it clearly and indicated it was one of several written out to him.

    We know there were other creditors that he bilked during his wild party ride of 2009. Jon is hopelessly broke and in arrears to everyone he has probably ever come in contact with during that time.

    I'm sure Kate had to suck up alot of his debts on her credit card during that time as well. Kate finally got wise and secured all her assets and those of the kids so he couldn't get his greedy fingers on it.

    Accountability, owning your debt, and then making some effort to resolve it is something he has yet to do.

    Jon made that eloquent tweet a while back saying how sorry he was for his past mistakes...blah, blah, blah. Saying you're sorry means nothing if you don't lift a finger to resolve the problems and hurt you caused.

    The Sister Wives thing is just another "tip of the iceberg" example of how morally corrupt we have become. It's pretty much anything goes now and if you express disagreement with it you are labeled "narrow-minded"!

  31. I am one that belives that myself, and no other human is wise enough to dictate what is morally correct and best to do.

    I defer what is best and morally correct to my Creator. He made us and I do believe he knows what is in our best interests.

    I do not condemn anyone for choosing these lifestyles...but I do not approve of the conduct.

    Thereby, I can love and assist any human being without liking the way they are living. Just my opinion.

  32. Interesting and diverse opinions and perspectives. Guess that's why there's more than one channel. IMO you decide what's right, I guess.

    With marriage, I ask, is it legal? If not and you disagree, then work to change the law. There are many cultures outside North America where multiple wives are legal (such as a number of Arab countries) but gay relationships would bring a death penalty. Some countries and cultures gay is legal but polygamy is not.

    Not to be flip, but I have a question. So how do they deal with multiple mothers-in-law?

    I can disagree with somebody's choice of lifestyle without condemning them as an individual.

    But hey, I live in the only state that allows lawsuits against the "other" woman or man for alienation of affection.

  33. Linda,

    Funny question about the mothers-in-law, in the people magazine that interviews them (it's the one with Charlie Sheen on the cover I think), Kody said that the one thing he misses about Utah are his mothers-in-law. So take that for whatever it is worth.

    I agree with Jen that the show is interesting in it's own right. In fact, most of the people I know who tune in to watch Sister Wives, do not watch Kate Plus 8. I do though!

  34. Jen Santos & Ali great to see you again! Don't be strangers.

    Ali I think Kody says that to keep nice with those ladies. I don't know how they could be ok with a situation like that. I mean, didn't this guy up-root this entire family to Vegas or something? But who knows, maybe it's all one big happy family.

    Jen I loved your comment as well and I do agree it makes for interesting TV. People always love to peek into a different lifestyle. On a sad not, when I need to get motivated to clean, I watch

  35. Hi right back at ya, Baby Mama!

  36. where have you been Ali?? Keep me posted and feel free to e-mail me privately so we can catch up ;) XOXOX

    A girl named Kate sent me this link today which I found very interesting. It gives you all this random info you never knew for example...

    1. The average age for a woman to have her 1st child is 25.
    2. 4 out of 10 mothers are unmarried
    3. Frequency of multiple births: Twins 1 in 31,
    Triplets 1 in 723, Quadruplets 1 in 11,700

    For more visit

  37. Ali - I've seen so little of Sister Wives, that I really don't understand it.
    Couple more questions to help me understand.

    What's the difference between polygamy in Utah and bigamy?

    Are all wives recognized as legal wives or only the first wife?

    Should something happen to Cody, are the children of subsequent wives recognized as legal heirs to Cody? (in states with bigamy laws, it's my understanding that second and tertiary wives and children have no right of inheritance.)

  38. Baby Mama...your 'hoarders' comment gave me a good giggle. I've seen ads for that show & just a snippet makes me feel like a Martha Stewart - thank goodness I don't get Martha any more...SHE drove me NUTS!

  39. Hello, I posted this a couple times but it seemed to have gotten lost. I will try again.

    Hmm, I don’t think people are watching SW because there is nothing else on, unless that is the only channel they get. LOL

    I agree that TLC used to be one of the channels I watched; however, now nothing really interests me. And if there is a show I like, I watch it and then change the channel. TLC did seem to become more sensationalized television.

    By Sensationalized I mean, the title is meant to be provocative and grab your attention, but the provocation is based on rag mag headlines – I didn’t know I was pregnant (she went nine months and had no idea she was pregnant), Sister Wives (are we okay with incest or what do they mean by sisters), etc.

    I don’t buy rag mags and I definitely am not interested in tuning in to the same format. I think the media feels pressured to fall into the short attention span, negative grabbing headline, with the scrolling feed at the bottom type of viewing, to make sure that when your attention span leaves the show you are watching you are still engaged in the channel by reading commercials for the show coming on next. If I am that bored in the show, I would change the channel and if I am interested in the show, the scrolling commercial is distracting.

  40. fascinated - Sorry if you are having problems. I remember reading that post this morning. I have no clue why it isn't there now! I'll send Google/blogger another email. I thought that problem was resolved. So sorry.

  41. Fascinated, I agree that TLC is changing and I am not fond of a lot of the new programming. I love Kate Plus Eight, the Duggars, and the Little Couple. I also enjoyed LPBW when it was on and some of the other shows like the Hayes. I can't stand Toddlers and Tiaras or that new show with the 30,000 birthday parties. To me that much money in a savings account could equal a college education or downpayment on a home or pay for some high quality childcare or private school or several meaningful family vacations. I enjoy documentaries about Aspergers or other health or lifestyle situations, but the cake shows or watching people try on wedding dresses is boring.
    While I do feel that the parents genuinely care for their children on SW I feel that their show has far more potential to be exploitative than anything Kate's kids are ever on. It is a really fine line and with all the strong views about their parents lifestyle, I hope they don't get too drug into the fray. Having said that, I still believe that their parents are the ones best equipped to make that judgement within parameters of the law.

  42. A thought: Those who want to be critical of Kate and Jon... Jerry Seinfeld said, "Having a two year old is kind of like having a blender, but you don't have a top for it." Now imagine that...times 6...along with a set of twins!!!!

  43. Kate Goes Out With Friends Tonight For her Birthday!

    Kate Gosselin was all smiles as she celebrated her 36th birthday at STK in New York City this evening (March 18). Wearing a sexy little black dress, the media savvy realitywas a little premature in her celebration as her actual birthday is on the 28th.

    Meanwhile, it appears there will be plenty more of the Gosselin family in the future.Kate and her kids will be retuning to Kate Plus 8 this April on TLC.The hour-long season premiere will be about Kate and her kids’ trip to Australia. Fans will see Kate play with sharks, lay on the beach and try to talk to native Australian aboriginals. We will also see her freakout on her camping trip in Alaska with none other than Sarah Palin. Will you watch Kate Plus 8?

    For more photos of her & bff Jamie check out

  44. Kate is probably taking advantage of Jon's week end with the kids to celebrate great for her. She probably wants to save her real birthday to do something with the kids. I am soo excited to see her show.

  45. Good morning everyone! What do you have going on for this beautiful Saturday?

    Tashapork~ At the end of the day, Kate looks amazing. These photos taken just last night make it clear that the Khaters will complain about ANYTHING. No matter how incredible she looks, they can only wish they looked like that.

    I talk alot about jealousy. People say.. "ohh I would NEVER be jealous of her". Yeah right, they are all full of it. It's so easy for them to make fun of Kate and even me on other blogs. It's very easy to make up a random name thats not yours and go on and on attacking another person on a blog. But half these people wouldn't dare show their photos on the web out of sheer embarassment.

    So at the end of the day, if you look THAT amazing, then you can pass judgement on Kate Gosselin. lol

  46. Baby Mama said - "So at the end of the day, if you look THAT amazing, then you can pass judgement on Kate Gosselin. lol"

    The reality is that if someone looks that good, they probably feel good about themself and don't need to judge others. Low self-confidence often leads one to judge others.

    That is why your site is so fantastic, the women hear can celebrate other women because we are not competing for attention and we feel good about who we are.

  47. fascinated - excellent points!

    Since those women condemn Kate for getting even mani pedis, it would be doubtful they have any self confidence or self esteem. Sad. I went to a wonderful client meeting this week where the discussion was about how successful women, celebrate the accomplishments of other women.

    While the non fans rant about Kate's manicures, they are telling us that they really don't like themselves much at all. Kate's mani pedis cost less than Jon's carcinogenic cigarettes.

    A tip for these women: try one manicure. I'll bet you'll stand taller and prouder and feel better about yourself! Can't afford the $22 at a salon? Go to a cosmetology school and have one of the students do the manicure. The price at a school here costs a whole $5!

  48. Baby Mama - We had a record setting 80 yesterday but high today is only 62, but plenty warm enough for a great day outside, even if mom is mostly in the car shuttling kids from activity to activity. At least I can use the electronics while I'm waiting in car lines.

    We have a neighborhood picnic tomorrow. Let the barbecue season begin! Hope all of you are doing activities with family or friends! Have a great weekend!

  49. I know Linda is going to fall off her chair when I say this but I have to because it is so exciting.

    It is -4C right now and going up to 0C. I can finally start biking to work again. As long as it doesn't snow anymore. LOL

  50. fascinated - You're right about that! I'm in awe of your heartiness!!! I guess after your -30s it must feel just downright toasty to be at 0! Rock that bike! You go girl!

  51. There are plenty of beautiful women that I could care less for, that I channel switch right on past because I am not into what they stand for and the only thing in their lives going for them is their looks. It is all drama that they take no responsibility for or any effort to change and their lives are miserable. Kate is the opposite, she is a smart intelligent woman who goes after what she wants. Never once have I heard her complain, "oh poor me with 8 kids, Jon abandoned me and now we are miserable." She has beauty from within and it shines. I agree that the self confidence also shines through. You can put on all kinds of makeup or have all kinds of proceedures done, but it isn't going to help a lof if you don't care for the body from within, eating right, not pouring drugs, smokes, or other toxins in, and working out and Kate gets this and puts it into practice. When you look at the finances, a lot of people have spent more on drinking and smoking than she probably does on visits to the spa.

  52. Ah, my comments magically appeared from yesterday. I will delete the extra ones. : )

    I don't know if anyone watches Oprah's show Behind the Scenes. Recently, they showed the behind the scenes for Oprah and Gails trip to Yosemite (sp).

    After the first night Oprah said she would never go camping again. Oprah didn't have eight kids to look after, it was just her and Gail and she came to that realization.

    The response to Oprah's comment was, well Oprah doesn't like camping. Unlike the backlash Kate received.

  53. fascinated, I saw that. And Oprah had great camping conditions, too, and she still hated it.

  54. Don't watch and won't watch Sister Wives. I think that life style is digusting. But they are free to choose what they want. It's not mine to tell them how to live.

  55. Google/blogger said there is a problem with posts remaining in the background or something. It was, and is, very weird to me. It's obviously a Blogger problem. I'm glad the missing posts reappeared and hope that whatever it was, it is resolved.
    Hey Ziggy! ~~~ waves!

    Did anybody notice the length of Kate's LBD little black dress got photoshopped? Why would they do that? From one source to the next to the last, the length varies about 2-4 inches. I think that's funny!

    I understand it was Jon's time with the kids. Also understand Kate was in the city (with others from Discovery/TLC) to do promotions. So glad she got to do a little celebrating also! Good for her!

  56. Hi Kate + 8 peeps. Posting so haters will know that we are still fans. Just busy fans. Quick shout out to all ...

  57. I am here but i can't post more than a sentence so I am just going to say I agree with Jen Santos.

  58. Baby Mama - Have you noticed in the UKDailyMail stories on Kate, they have inset photos of "Get This Look"? It isn't the exact dress or whatever, you does show dress, shoes, earrings, bag, etc. That's a nice feature.

  59. Kate looks fabulous in photos, she is young and beautiful and the dress looks great on your body.
    I'm so happy when I see pictures where Kate is smiling, it shows that the haters do not interfere with anything in your happiness.

    Early Happy Birthday Kate!, and have a nice weekend Gosselin fans!.

  60. Holiday & Jaqueline~ missed you guys! Where have you been? Please don't be strangers!

    Ok so since my dear Craftymom couldn't post again, I made the decision to try something new. Were going all Gwop on y'all! This may take some getting used to but tell me what you think. Do you like this format better? Or did you like it how it was under the post?

    I think this lends to more free-flowing conversation. Hopefully this will fix the problems people have had with posting...xoxo

  61. For whatever reason it's working!!!! LOL I'm not sure you will have to leave it like this for long. I think it's just a stupid blogger glitch. Your blog isn't the only one that has had to revert to this right now.

  62. SAT, 19 MARCH 2011 AT 6:45 PM
    Kate Gosselin: FAO Schwarz Stop

    Kate Gosselin leaves FAO Schwarz with a large bag on Saturday (March 19) in New York City.

    The 35-year-old reality star shopped at the famous toy story with a gal pal and her bodyguard Steve Neild.

    The night before, Kate celebrated her birthday early with dinner at STK. Kate’s actual b-day is March 28! Late last month, sources dispelled rumors that Kate and her ex, Jon Gosselin, might be getting back together.

    “There is absolutely no chance of a reconciliation. They remain civil for the sake of the kids, but that’s it. It’s frustrating for Kate that people keep making up stories. They have both moved on,” a source told People.

  63. Wait...there was speculation that they were getting back together?? How did I miss that? Whoever published that must have had a really slow newsweek. That is definitely reaching. LOL

  64. Craftymomof3~I just have to to say this is so crazy different I'm just trying to get used to it. What I do like though is that I can see everyones photos better. Ugh I don't know if I can permanent keep it this way, but I will deal with for now. So that people don't get strayed anymore! Lo.

  65. Proof that blogger's screwed up....I am not getting the comment pop up box at all. It looks exactly the same to me. Totally messed up.

  66. I refreshed my page, but it kept looking the same. So, I went off the site and came back on. Now I see the difference. I like it the other way better, but what ever works best for you Baby Mama, I will get used to.

  67. I'm using the iPad tonight. So I can't put up the photos from today's shopping trip to FAO Swartz with Jamie and the Silver-haired fox. But I will have them up tomorrow. What is it with moms that are in the city without the kids. They feel guilty about being away.. And the first thing they do is go to FAO Swartz. My friends do that every time they come to visit.

    I'm thinking it's because it's more of an adult store, and you can't go shopping with your kids there without them driving you crazy lol. Kate looked like she had big bags!

  68. Shopping at FAO Schwartz is a given, lol. It's one of my faves!

  69. Thank you to anyone who added my wife Callie to their prayer list.Look at her profile & favorites all you want.Realize some were put there before her illness & may or may not be as of now.
    Why she reads these blogs is to find out any info about the Gosselin children. She was & still is though not actively a Child & DV Advocate so her capacity for caring is immense.Realize she will or I will post for her wherever & whenever I desire.She has limited activities & very litte time left.Months perhaps.As long as she isnt rude or disrespectful I feel no one should have a problem with her posting.Nor should it have been anyones business checking her favorites and questioning why she reads any blog good or bad.
    Sincerely her hubby

  70. Sorry one last add to my last post about Callie my wife.I was under the assumption this was a site for fans of the Gosselin Family not to pick apart the reasons other posters especially a terminally ill woman reads or posts on them.Guess 24 years in the Army didnt prepare me for everything. Callies hubby

  71. Last post re Callie as we are done coming here.Not because we tuck & run but because we dont want to stir cyber-arguments,cause problems etc.To the poster who felt it necessary to delve into my wifes interests & question her reasons for reading here,congratulations,you've taken away an enjoyment of a beauiful woman who has few outlets in which to express herself.Thanks for the prayers everyone.Maybe now the topic can get back to the Gosselin Family where it belongs.We wanted to add here not distract from the topics at hand.Some people I feel have too little in their lives if they need to have to question other poster. Callies Hubby

  72. Callie's husband - You are most welcome to post here.

    She was added to a number of prayer lists this week. Prayer for healing, alleviation of pain and peace.

    Each state has a division of services for the blind. Many will provide auto readers and other electronic tools for enabling as much independence as possible. Taxes have already paid for this equipment, foundations provide the maintenance and distribution.

    The blogs that are pro Gosselns children, tend to also be pro Kate. Use the positive comments about children and ignore the Kate ones if that causes hurt or pain.

    There is quite a history on Gosselin blogs. Many taken in by a poster called PennMommy who pretended illness to solicit money etc.. There have been others. Unfortunately, caution is required with new posters. Please understand that "favoriting" known hate blogs in a profile makes us more cautious.

    We wish the best to Callie.

  73. Oh, this is different! Well, whatever, just be sure you keep all our favorite pics up on the home page BabyMama!

    To hubby of seem a little offended! Please toughen up. No one said anything that I thought was offensive to your wife.

    Checking out someone's favorites is just normal as most folks like to know a little about the person who first comes on to post.

    If you don't want people to know your likes and dislikes...just don't list them.

    I protect my privacy because I have had some not so nice critics of Kate try to come after me and locate my home and family...just because I supported Kate and her children!

    We certainly don't mind different thoughts and opinions as long as they are respectful and not harmful to Kate and her kids!

    The blogging world is very kind and thoughtful here. You should go on some of the hate sites...there you will see vulgarity, disrepect and the most uncivil attitudes ever!

    So my best to your wife...and do stick around if you want to join some reasonable fans of the Gosselin family!

  74. BM - I'm going to step in here a bit and put my two cent in - feel free if you want to delete this, my feelings won't be hurt as I'm going to be very outspoken.

    To Callie57's husband - When one fills out their profile for an ID for posting, they can fill out as little or as much as they want. The info they choose to provide is for the very purpose of others to look at. Looking at one's profile is not 'delving into one's interest'. If one doesn't want one's interest 'delved' into then don't post any interest.

    You are attacking others for an action you wife took, for the very purpose of sharing information about herself for anyone who chooses' to look at her profile.

    As Linda described, there have been scams in the world of Gosselin blogging in the past people have good reason to be suspicious when something raises their suspicions as none wants to be scammed again. Often times one trying to stir up problems on a pro-Kate blog come in nicely then gradually start with the anti-Kate, attacking comments. Sometimes a profile is looked at just to gain a bit of information about that person as a way to get to know them as people who post regularly on the same blog developed friendships with each other. Sometimes the profile is looked at to see if clues can be gained to seek an answer to the question of is this someone to be suspicious of, or cautious of. People have a right to protect themselves - continued on next post -

  75. . If something doesn't mesh in the profile posted by the person with the blog they are posting on or what they are saying on that blog, questions are often asked in regards to that. Again people have the right to protect themselves from potential trouble stirrers and scammers.

    I seriously doubt anyone on this blog was attacking your wife, they were protecting this blog.

    Now, I'm very sorry to hear of your wife's illness. I know firsthand what it's like to live day in and day out with a dying loved one as my son is also dying, albeit slowly, from Muscular Dystrophy. It's hell on earth any way you look at it.

    One of the things my son and I find such relief in being able to use the internet and blogging is we can be treated just the same as anyone one else.

    No here took anything away from your wives' enjoyment. One thing which burns me up more than anything is when ones uses a illness and frankly, from your post here that is what I see you doing with your wife's illness, trying to guilt trip people. There is a HUGE difference between expecting empathy and guilt tripping people.

    Shame on you for guilt tripping people who are only protecting this blog.

  76. So Kate was rockin' the Big Apple again!

    Darn that gal looks good. Not many women can wear that little black number and pull it off so well!

    You need a "tight butt" for that mini to look right! And looks to me like she is in tip top shape for it!!!

    The haters are so insane with their reasoning. Saw a number of media sites lamenting why Kate doesn't have the kids with her?

    Blah, blah...she left the poor darlings at home again. She's never with them...blah, blah some more.

    Are these people just loco or what?
    It's a private adult birthday party and they want her to drag the kids along for that. Plus we know she combined the trip with some work for TLC.

    She's been with the kids non-stop for months. If she takes a day or two off they go bananas again.

    And of course, let's not forget that more than likely the kids were with Jon for his weekend of visitation.

    Whatever, Kate looks happy and I'm glad she had a good time. Can't wait til the new show!!

  77. Ziggy, my thoughts as well. It dumbfounded me why they took such offense.

    I thought LindaO was very kind and said nothing rude.

    You definitely need thick skin if you are going to blog in Gosselin land.

  78. firedup - Kate was rockin' the look, that's for sure!

  79. Another thing I've learned not just from my own, but from having others close to me die from terminal illnes is none, not one, has ever tried to use their illness, nor has any close member of their family, to try to guilt trip people.

    My experience has been those who expect an overabundance of sympathy and try to use an illness to guilt trip innocent people usually aren't ill at all, not physically, anyway.

  80. You hit the nail right on the head Ziggy, as always. :)

  81. Regarding Callie and her husband, your responses
    to them are terribly lacking in empathy and compassion.

    You have made an already sad situation into a
    debate and have intruded with assumptions of
    how Callie lives her life.

    Such mean-spirited words, under the guise of protecting a fan base, surely demand some reflection
    on the part of some posters.

    I read here but have never posted. Making judgements about one's loyalty to Kate Gosselin is
    one thing; how about some loyalty to humanity?

  82. That's excatly the next response I expected to be given.

    Simply put - if it looks like a duck, walks, like a duck and quackes like a duck, it's probably a duck.

    Callie sounds fake. From one who lives it.

  83. I stated that it demanded 'reflection'; this would
    entail some time and thought put into a response.
    Not a crude 'reaction'. I can assure you that the first
    and only time I 'met' Callie was the post from last

    And, yes, I winced at the response back to her. Today,
    to read of her husband's pain that his wife's motives should be so scrutinized, and, that today, there are
    posters who are blaming the hurt party, is just wrong on so many levels.

    The duck analogy does not apply in this situation, in
    my opinion. And to dare to use the word 'fake' is so
    risky that it has left me shaking.

    "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you" is a universal way of living one's life. Please
    leave some room in your lives for some others whose
    journeys may not be as smooth as your own.

  84. I think Kate looked fantastic. It just amazes me that she takes a weekend to meet with her friends for a birthday dinner, a little shopping and possibly promotions for the new season of Kate plus 8 coming up and it sends some people into overdrive criticizing her from head to toe. I believe it's Jon's weekend with the kids and even if it wasn't if Kate would like to take a little time off for some fun & work she has every right to do it just like all mothers do. Kate is with her children I'm betting quite a bit more than mothers that work 9 to 5 jobs so it's ridiculous to say she doesn't have a right to get away just like any other mother. As always Kate is obviously thinking about her lovely children so what is one of the places she goes to shop? Yep to a world famous toy store. I hope she found some fun toys for the kids. I spent many of my own birthdays shopping for our child as my birthday is right before his so it was typical that I actually found it more fun to shop for him. That's how I chose to spend my birthday and it looks like Kate may be planning ahead for her own children. That's what mothers do. Who knows maybe she was looking for some unique things for Easter for the kids too as that's coming up.

    Always live your life and don't let others try to decide what is best for you or for your family. Looks like Kate is one smart lady as she has moved on and living her life to the fullest along with caring and loving her children to the max because Kate is like most mothers and your children always come first.

  85. Whoa. Let's just chill out a bit here.

    Louise, you disagree with others. That is up to you. It is your opinion and you are entitled to it. Just, please remember others are entitled to theirs.

    You don't have to have the same opinions or take on things in order to post here. We can respectfully agree to disagree without attacking the person saying it.

    Many are newbies who have no idea of the attacks weathered in the past.

    So, please let's all just chill.

  86. As this is BM's blog, I've got one last comment & out of respect for BM that's all I'm going to say on this blog about this subject.

    My words were not crude. My words were straight forward. There is a difference. Don't make them out what they weren't.

    I stated my beliefs and I stand behind them. My beliefs from what I saw here was not a 'reaction'. It is from years of experience of dealing with real people with real, critical illnesses who've allowed their journey to teach them about greater good.

    I show compassion where it is shown it it warranted.

    People who have real pain don't use that to try to guilt other people. That's what I saw being attempted towards people who were only trying to protect themselves, this blog and this blogs assistant.

    The actions of what took place here in regards to Callie did not call for the attack her husband presented, most especially after it was explained why some questioned Callie's intent.

    It was extremely unfair & downright cruel of Callie's husband to accuse anyone here of destroying anything for Callie & essentially accuse others of stalking like behavior of Callie when they did nothing more than look at a profile she herself put up for public viewing.

  87. On several of the "gossip" sites I've read where Kate's birthday was being filmed. I'm betting that isn't taking place. I suspect it's yet another unfounded rumor started by an anti Kate person or by the reporter themselves as they knew it would "stir the pot". Nothing in that statement makes any sense. I seriously doubt that any of Kate's birthday celebration or her shopping was filmed. The show is about Kate and the children so it would come as a surprise to me if it was filmed but I'm betting it's just another tabloid rumor like the majority of the info is. Good for Kate that she is having fun celebrity her birthday. Good heavens her birthdays couldn't have been too enjoyable for the past two years with all the turmoil she has been through so Kate deserved this so for those criticizing her go stuff it.

  88. Linda, you stated, "We can respectfully agree to
    disagree without attacking the person saying it".
    I have no qualms with this statement; I do have
    worries about how it is applied, however.

    Wherever Callie and her husband are, and even though he said they were done here, I do hope that he can at
    least peek in to be able to read to his wife that there
    was (and hopefully more) of a recognition that
    some words were very harsh.

    It is not about opinions; rather it is about the way we
    express ourselves to avoid hurting. It's also about
    being able to hold another in an 'embrace' which
    goes a long way in making a difference.

  89. As far as Sisters Wives my opinion shadows yours Baby Mama right down to the last period. Since it's not my moral "cup of tea" instead criticizing it or taking it any further, I just change the channel. Just as I feel Kate and Jon have a right to make their own choices for themselves and their children the same goes to Kody's family and their right to live their lives as they choose.

  90. BM..

    I don't post here often but Clalies story last week sent warning flags up for me. The pro-Kate sites have seen this kind of story pop up every now and then.

    Ziggy hit the nail on the head. When you have truley lived in, you don't put it out there for all to read. We all deal with problems in life, some we share, some we don't. I can't believe her husband of 24 years of military service would think that a few sites on the internet would be that important if you did not have long to live. I would be enjoying family, friends, church and what really matters in life. IMO.

    As for Kate in NY- she rocks. I'll bet someone in PA is a little bitter as he has had to settle for the 5th woman in his life now, the only one who has not dumped him.

  91. OK and I hope this ends the discussion because sometimes to keep rubbing salt into wounds doesn't accomplish anything except to make the wounds worse.

    I happen to agree with Ziggy and Linda and there has been so much that has gone on in the Gosselin Blogging world that people who just read here do not have a real picture of what actually goes on behind the scenes in the Gosselin blogging world. Just like firedup4kate, Craftymom, myself, Linda, BabyMama, and others have seen and been victims of attacks and stalking by some people on the opposing side in the G world so yes call us over cautious, call us maybe a little quick to jump the gun, call us whatever you like but we have had to learn to be protective and cautious because for those that have never had to experience this type of behavior you don't have a clue as to what lengths some people will go to take their disagreement with you to a whole other level. Over a difference of opinion? Yes unfortunately that's the crux of it but if you have walked in our shoes you would understand and would not be judging us as harshly as you might be doing.

    The reply comments to Callie's original post in no way should have in no way been taken to the level it has today. There was nothing said to warrant this level of controversy.

    As Linda said and I whole heartedly agree, it's time to "cool it" as nothing is being accomplished. I will end this with saying that nobody absolutely nobody wishes ill will towards anyone else. For whatever pain you are going through our hearts go out to you for any pain you may suffer whether it's physical or emotional.

    Now can we move on as this is not the way to spend a Sunday for whic for many is a day of faith and certainly not a positive way to start a new week?

  92. Callie's husband

    Thank you for your 24 years of military service to the US, to protect the freedoms held dear by many. I for one thank you for your service.

    We've had many in the past who have come here to tell us why we are all wrong and stupid. Many here have contributed time and money to assist others who professed pain and or illness who were charlatans in reality. 

    Just as you, a military person, would be cautious if somebody appeared at the gates of your base, carrying cards from those who'd been against you, you'd be wise to be wary.

    I suggested that if reading at this blog caused Callie pain/hurt, you might want to find a different path. If battling cancer, she needs positive things, not negativity here or anywhere else. If blind, then hopefully her caregiver is leading and directing her toward positive things and services available to her.

    For all, we wish uplifting experiences in their physical and emotional struggles.

    Love, laughter, light, and peace.

  93. Lexxi you answered that perfectly. After all that has gone down we are very wary. I think we are a very tame group and very open minded.

    I agree. Let's move on to happier things.

  94. Kate looked fantastic for her New York weekend!

    Hope that Jon and the kids have had a great weekend together! How's the weather in PA? Hopefully they've gotten to do some outdoor sports type things.

  95. I hope Kate had a wonderful birthday dinner and a blast in New York. While she is probably having fun shopping and doing her own thing, like most mothers I'm also betting she is missing the kids.

    It's a beautiful day here and absolutely perfect weather so it's time to go out and enjoy it. I hope you all have a great day. Remember keep it positive and happy.

  96. For heaven's sake...we all tried to be real nice and apologetic and in comes someone else telling us we were hateful!

    I yield to the pros in this matter...LindaO and Ziggy sure know there stuff.

    Words well said Lexxi as well.

    I imagine Kate is back home by now and maybe has shared that big bag of goodies with the kids!

    I'd love to know though who was invited to that tight little party of Kate's! A fly on the wall named Firedup4kate would have been happy to hang out there! LOL

  97. Well Linda it looks as though your Duke is going to go past all of my teams. Oh well, at least they made it as far as they did.

  98. Shortnsaszy - Sent you a Tweet since I think you and I are only basketball fans here, lol. Aren't you going to pull for Ohio State now? :) I'll continue to wish your team well if you let me know whom you're pulling for now.
    (Sorry it was off topic Baby Mama - Delete both our comments if you wish. :)

  99. Hi Linda,

    I am so not an expert on the Utah laws, I haven't lived here too long...but with that said, I do know that Kody is only legally married to his first wife, Meri. The other three marriages are what they call, "spiritual marriages", so they believe in their faith that God recognizes the marriages, so they don't need or ask the state to.

    I know that both polygamy and bigamy are illegal. My guess would then be that the other wives wouldn't have a legal claim, but the children would...that is totally a guess though. I think that because it isn't illegal to have children with multiple people, even at once. But that is the extent of my knowledge and guesses on that. I tried looking it up but it seemed just as unclear to me then as well.

    Sorry it took so long to get back to you! Busy weekend!

    On a Kate note, I am looking forward to the new special. AND I am so sick of people ripping her apart for taking care of herself. If the situation were different and her children were suffering that would be one thing. Being healthy and taking care of yourself is something entirely different, not to mention healthy for mom and children!

  100. Ali - Thanks a bunch for trying to check. It's confusng when marriage laws vary so much from state to state.

    I agree about the ripping Kate apart for taking care of herself. Makes no sense. Looking forward to the new shows.

  101. Hello to all my beautiful ladies! I have some fresh paper ready for you all. Welcome to all my new commenters, I hope you continue to share your thoughts on my new thread...

    The scent of the day is the yummy smell of a hot cappuccino..I needed it as I rock my baby back to sleep. Enjoy! xoxox